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Welmek - Healing the Heart

March 14, 2002

Welmek: Good evening. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. Continue to stay in your meditative posture, as I would like to lead you through an exercise that I am calling: "Healing the Heart."

As you live your life, you are placed in positions, in relationships with other people, where sometimes your feelings get trampled upon, and people say unkind things to you, and hurt in many unconscious ways. These thoughts and deeds pierce the place in your heart that longs for love and understanding, compassion, and acceptance. And so because of the open wound, scar tissue has grown over that place and made it difficult to sense the unconditional love that you crave as a child of God. And Michael, in his rehabilitative plan of correction, has now instituted a massive outpouring of his infinite, eternal love for each of you that can soften this scar tissue and heal all the places where your heart has been wounded and make that into the place where you feel loved, accepted, supported, and guided. And even though each of you has, to varying degrees, felt love and support in your lives, the time is drawing upon us now, when the healing of the human heart will continue to unfold and reveal new dimensions of the eternal wellspring of unconditional love that ever flows into you from your divine source, and from your Divine Parents.

So as we participate in this exercise, I ask you now to consider what this means in your mind. Is this something you wish to participate in? Does each of you understand my meaning? Let's just take a moment and say, yes or no, now to me. (All say yes)

Student: Well, I sort of missed part of it, but I will; I can catch up.

Welmek: What part did you miss?

Student: I don't know, I missed it (laughs)

Welmek: Open your heart to be willing to receive the love of your divine source and parents that will heal all the places within your heart that have been wounded or scarred. Is this something you would be interested in receiving? (Yes)

Thank you. I did anticipate your wholehearted cooperation, but I did want to query you so that you would step in and offer this in your own way. Very well, let us begin.

It is not necessary to know where exactly your heart has been scarred. But in opening and softening this scar tissue, what you are doing is inviting the presence of the Mother Sprit into your being to soften this tissue, through her ministerial application of love, through the mind circuits that penetrates that has the actual power to penetrate these scars and soften them. And so now what I ask you to do is to invite Her into your heart with her ministrations and that is all you need to do. And if you feel a pressure or a gentle release, allow yourself to deeply exhale and when each of you feels softened and opened, just speak that and say: "I am open" into the room and we will continue the exercise. Mother is here. Invite Her into your heart. (Some deep exhalations and all say, "I am open")

And now we call on the presence of Michael; Michael the healer; Michael the Divine Power of the universe, whose love is infinite, whose love is eternally yours. Call His Being, now, into your very heart center and ask him to heal and close all of those wounds of your heart; to find all those places where there is resistance, and to send his power and healing balm into all of those pockets and threads where your heart has been wounded.

And now I ask you to open up your being again to Mother Spirit to prepare the pathway for the deeper reception of Michael's healing love into those areas, deeper and deeper within you that have been hurt and scarred and wounded. And now, open your heart by saying: "Mother, there are these roots of pain within me that you know. I ask you to open those pathways and make them open and wide to prepare the way for Michael's love to go down deep into all those experiences where I have been hurt and have had pain. Open each pathway that has been scarred so that Michael's love can heal each and every wound of my heart." And Michael is in your heart and after She has opened the path, His Spirit will descend into your heart, even deeper and heal it. (Deep exhalations over several minutes)

Welmek: There is nothing so inimical to spiritual growth, as emotional pain, pain of the heart. To be in a place of trusting your spirit to guide you discloses the need for the environment of the heart to be in the state of openness, and you can only feel trusting when you are in a state of feeling loved and accepted. And these threads of love that now go into the woundedness of your heart will provide that catalyst to your faith to disclose the loving nature of Michael and Mother to yield to you, yield into you a new awareness of their ministrations within you. And now, ask Mother to send her encircuitment energy within you to bind the love of Michael within you as a solidifying agent within your heart, to make it strong and resilient; able to withstand the pain of living on a world where there is still such spiritual poverty and deprivation. Mother, you're in-filling in each son and daughter, strengthening and renewing the human heart to love, even more and even deeply than they could possibly have imagined. This transfers the ability to love with the love of a brother and sister to that level of offering unconditional love, the love of the Father, the purest of Divine love to their fellows.

 Yes, we are growing stronger hearts. This is the crux of the healing time of correction. And all things will be made anew according to Michael's plan.

I thank you for the opportunity to bring this exercise to you and hope that it has been beneficial. Please take a few moments to gather your thoughts and feelings and if you would like to share your comments with me about this exercise or questions as we continue the discussion on "Healing the Heart".

Student: I have felt part of myself opening up and some fear being replaced with completeness and wholeness and yet I discovered pockets of pain and discomfort that are slow to dissolve. I wonder if you would comment?

Welmek: My friend, you are discovering how deeply wounded you have been and this is very natural and a segue into greater levels of healing that will come to you as you continue to heal your heart and allowing Michael's presence within you to deepen. Healing the heart is not an exercise to be taken lightly and in a matter of a few minutes, and is a deep in-filling of love that must permeate the hardened pockets of resistance within you. Those pockets of resistance may not yet be ready to be opened for reasons unbeknownst to you in the deeper recesses of the deeply unconscious mind. If you do, however, wish these pockets to be opened which you have correctly identified, then in your stillness time, do this exercise again and say: "Mother, I've found this pocket deep within me that I didn't even know was there, and I ask you now to send your loving, opening, healing energy into me to soften that pocket of resistance. And, when you feel it open and soften, then ask Michael to come in and in-fill that with his love. Each pocket of resistance you uncover within you can be healed in this manner. But, my friend, you will be quite amazed at how many pockets you find within you. And, I say to you, be not discouraged by this, but be encouraged because now you have the key to release these wounds of the past and allow your loving Parents to heal and minister to you, the way loving parents minister to their beloved children. Does this help? (Yes it does. Thank you.) Do you need further clarification or has this answer fully satisfied you?

Student: Yes, it feels like a complete answer and I feel it's up to me now to make the time and make the space and allow for this practice to work.

Welmek: They love you more than you can imagine and so doing this in your time, you are just allowing yourself to receive that which has always been yours, the love of the Divine Parents for the human child. This is your birthright. This is your gift of love from them. How much do you wish to receive this? This is your choice. But every wound, every place that has been touched by pain or resistance to spirit will be opened and healed, if this is your desire. There is no limit, and you can only become more liberated and more truly beautiful as a child of God, the more you allow them to heal you.

Student: Does this lead to enlightenment?

Welmek: As the pockets of resistance and pain within you are healed, this creates a release of tension between that which you have experienced in your mind and that which the Father, in his Divine Mind, wishes to reveal to you as the better way to live, as the deeper understanding of the ways and laws of the Father in the universe. And so I would say this path will lead you to a great internal wisdom and bring great light into your being, a light that illuminates the dark pockets of the animal mind endowment. And so you will find, as you call it, great enlightenment within this dynamic of healing and tension release within the mind. If this is something you desire, I encourage you to make it your secondary goal, as the goal should be the union of the child with the parent, the identification with God's personality as something so beautiful, and so desirable, that this is what you crave in the deepest innermost core of your being. And the enlightenment will be a natural, should I say, treasure of this Divine union of parent and child. Do you understand the distinction I am making here?

Student: It's beginning to sink in.

Welmek: Is they're anything I can help to clarify you further?

Student: No, I look forward to tuning into my state of wisdom and love, higher intuition. I see this as a path. Thank you.

Welmek: I would add one additional comment. Identify in your mind that which you desire most in a loving parent. And then in your time of stillness, ask the Father to reveal that characteristic to you in your heart, so that you can begin to identify that is something desirable to achieve within you. It will be given, and this creates the deeper bond in your mind to find out more of who is this universal creative parent that we call Father. Does this help?

Student: Yes, I feel stability and I feel like I'm looking forward to fearless love.

Welmek: I like that term! Yes, that is most aptly named. Thank you.

Student: Welmek, I just had a few moments of revisiting. The moments of pain that came to me were the loss of Summer. Most often, a lover, someone whom we thought we were going to share the world together and some outrageous beauty, and then it all goes. She's gone. I'm alone. And yet now, looking back on it, all these wonderful dear souls I've know; there they all are. It's like a time we get so overwhelmed by the loss of the moment, that we forget that it's the enormity of what we've shared together with this other person, who temporarily leaves us, that somehow or another the continuity, or a thread of our personality; whatever this is that, takes this all in stride and keeps going; whatever that is, is so enriched.

As, maybe just in growing in maturity, by the time my parents died, with my father I had just twenty seconds of just pure absolute panic, of loss. But then his whole life just hit me. I just felt so absolutely, absolutely wealthy. I was in such a joy, just walking around and; This was a man! And with my mother I had such a wonderful, wonderful feeling at her funeral that; this was a woman! She's off to a good start. So I thank whatever that power is to give us the ability to see that part of us that's growing, for all these beautiful, absolutely amazing souls we've known. I feel very blessed.

Welmek: That which blesses you is part of your soul identification. Each time you have these feelings of pain in your memory, this is an opportunity for your spirit to craft a counterpart that is an exploration of a deeper meaning and value of the Father's love, and the Father's grand scheme, and how even life's seeming sorrows work for the overall good. And so you have the capacity to let each experience then, to be held to the loving light of the Father and purify a place within your soul that will give you a deeper experiential awareness of the goodness and the mercy of our Father in Heaven. And so by describing this and the way that you have shared with me, you are uncovering those places within your soul, you have now identified, as being enriching and ennobling. Each experience you have had in your life has the capacity to enrich you in this way.

This is an amazing time of soul purification or I should say experience purification, so that it can be deposited in the growing morontia soul that you have now given birth to as a child of God. Do you understand my meaning, my brother?

Student: Very much, Welmek. This is what I meant by saying that, although being overwhelmed in the moment with the loss, shall we say of, just because this is part of the Father's way. This is reality. We are absolutely intimate and sharing everything with a person and then we part, a fact of life. But there is a way in which nothing is lost, I can't explain it, but it's just a deep, deep knowing that nothing is lost. That person which you shared is now a part of you and you are part of them. And that, to me, is the most absolute treasure.

Welmek: It is awe-inspiring though, is it not, to feel so full of treasures. You are so rich, my friend. You are so blessed. Spend time each day in counting the treasures within your soul. It will give you such enjoyment and such fulfillment. Your cup of happiness runneth over deeply. Enjoy these treasures each day and your happiness with be boundless my friend, infinite. (Student - Amen! And Welmek - Amen!)

Student: This past week as I've been coming to D's, and experiencing meditation and stillness. Remember last Monday, I mentioned, that I felt like my heart was restrained. There was sadness in my heart over not having my daughter in my life, I mean physically, here with me. And the situation that I have been experiencing, and some other things, that I wasn't fully experiencing or allowing myself to express the love that I have in spirit. And then, we worked on that and then last night, I came to D's and we did the healing work, where Jesus was involved and experienced a great change within my being, and regarding the situation that I have been experiencing since last year. And I was sitting here, I experienced that I still feel wounded and still have felt restrained and then I actually felt the pain. And I felt myself getting drawn into that. And as I was doing that, all of a sudden, I saw like the cross, the crucifixion. And all of a sudden, he kind of realigned me again, right here and now, to raise me from that state of being, restrained. So, it's like, I open my heart to people and so may times it has been trodden or missed. towards, or not looked at or seen for what it is. But there is no other way for me to be, because I'm not a whole human being, if I have to shut my heart down.

Welmek: And the Father would never ask you to shut down your heart. What you are experiencing, my friend, is a deepening of the capacity to love. The more you open your heart, you see the pain of the world, and your capacity to understand the depth of woundedness of your fellow humans on this planet yields a deeper level of compassion and mercy and understanding and love. And, is this not what you have been praying for, my friend, (Student: Yes, I have) to be so full of love? And so, to be full of love you must go to the fullness of that which allows the love to flow. And that is total understanding, total, complete and replete acceptance. This love can only be fully experienced when you take upon that which our Master experienced. To know the soul yearnings of His children and to go into that place and say, "I understand, I am here to lift you out of your misery, to heal every place of pain and suffering." And so my friend, you are just discovering deeper pockets within the collective whole, that you will experience from time to time as you delve into the realm of the love of the Father for His children. And is this not a privilege, to be able to feel that, so you can help to heal that in them? (Student: Yes.) What greater service could there be, than to lead a fellow human to the Father and heal their pain? What greater help could you be to them, than to ease their suffering? I know not of any greater service, my friend, and I have lived many long years and I say to you there is none. (Student: Thank you) If each person on this planet were to take this step, and to save one other person, to show them the way, this planet would be healed almost instantaneously.

Welmek: Are there other comments or questions that I may address for you this evening?

Student: And I find that each day I have been blessed with meaning because of wonderful encounters with new people in my life. And I'm so open to receive them and yet what seems like the communications are just on the very light, easy level. And I wish to create deeper, more meaningful friendships and relationships. And I also find that at a certain point I just pull back, only out of fear. But, I find that I'm trusting more now than I ever did. And having contact with the angelic realms has really been so wonderful and is something that I want to be able to share and enlighten other people's lives with how immediately close we are to our Divine Parents and our angels. It's a different kind of love than I've ever really experienced.

Welmek: I perceive the pockets of fear, that those paths of fear within you, that you described are the actual pathways that will lead you into deeper communications experiences with fragrant people in your life. And so for in order for that to occur, your pathways must now open to meaning, unfolding exploration of the new relationship. And so to do that, it only becomes a matter of asking Mother and Michael to clear the path for you that will move you into deeper levels of relationship with these new people. You must understand that in human relationships, when you meet new people, there is initial connection, albeit at a superficial level and then there are these areas underneath the surface where people's natural fears and resistances start to, I would say, bounce off one an other. Do you understand my meaning on this? (Student: Yes, I do.) And so, if you wish to deepen the relationship and the deeper levels, what we would consider to be, spiritual communication, then something must yield to allow the connection to deepen. And that would come from you more likely than not, because that other person may not be able to do that yet, nor understand the dynamic of spiritual communication. So to do this I would suggest that before you go into the encounter with a new individual, that you invite Mother Spirit to come into you and to clear the pathway that is creating fear within you and then when you feel that opening, to ask Michael to come in and to penetrate that pathway within you and make a connection within that other person and their pathway that will solidify the relationship and allow a new level of communication and discourse to unfold. It is as if you are allowing Michael and Mother to pave the way for you in this relationship exchange. Are you following the picture that I am presenting before you?

Student: Yes, I am.

Welmek: And you can even extend this further, and say: "Michael, I would like to have this conversation with my brother or sister, and this is your child. You find the pathway that will bring the connection in a solid union together, and You bind us together in Your love and Your communication. And when you sense that connection, then you will know the words you need to speak. Does this help?

Student: Oh yes! What a beautiful way to do it.

Welmek: Does this answer satisfy you, or do you need further clarification?

Student: No, it's very satisfying, very nurturing. Thank you.

Welmek: You are most welcome.

Student: I just want to thank the Father for being of service to a friend because it's quite and honor and joyful to help this man out whose been through so much over the past few years. Of the stories he has told me, it's like mind boggling what human beings can do to other human beings. But, like the other day I came home and he was just lying on my couch watching TV and he looked so content, like he felt safe. And that's what I offer him, is like sanctuary. I asked him one day, "Why do you have your light on in your room all night?" Because, he told me, he gets nightmares at night. And then he told me recently he hasn't had the nightmares anymore, because he feels more safe. And so I just feel appreciative that I'm able to give service to this man and to be a mentor to him and a brother to him. It seemed like he has come a long way, just in the two weeks he's been in my life and in my place.

Welmek: Michael well knew that you would care for him, and you have been acknowledged, and appreciated. It is no small matter to open your home to a stranger and to offer that place of sanctuary in the manner that you did and you are commended and recognized for this. (Thank you.)

Student: I do have one other matter that I couldn't bring up last week and I talked about afterwards with the group. And this is just a matter of a physical thing of sleeping. Where I go to bed tired but usually around 2:30 or three o'clock I wake up and I'm kind of like antsy. I can't fall back asleep. This has been going on for a few years. So, is it God's way of telling me to get up and do something or, cause I don't need a lot of sleep, but I'm just wondering what I need to do something at that time, to write or something. What are you thoughts?

Welmek: May I have permission to scan you body? (Student: Yes you may.) One moment please.

I perceive there to be several interesting factors at play within you that may be creating this sleep disturbance. One is, as your body undergoes change, as you like longer in a body that has been subjected to your environment and certain stresses of everyday living there do occur those changes of physiology and metabolic. I would say it is a gradational change in the way your body is able to handle the hormonal influences, and so there is some disruption in the natural sleep cycle. This can be addressed by including in your diet those foods that foster greater relaxation within the mind and the body prior to resting at night that would smooth the rhythm patterns, as it were, within you. You may other a period of a few weeks, keep track of what it is that you eat and when you eat. And, notice those foods that affect you adversely and those that would foster more rhythmic sleep patterns. That is one thing you can do.

The other element that I see in this sleep disruption comes in the workings of the indwelling spirit to create the spiritual counterparts within your mind now that will open those pathways within your understanding and in your body of the better way to live the Divine Path. And at a certain time of night when you are at your most relaxed, your Thought Adjuster is able to convey a more inspired picture within your mind and can at times create an awareness in you so deeply that it sends a recording message into your mind that says, "This is important, I need to remember this." And sometimes you are awakened so that you can in your own time bring this into the forefront of your consciousness. So this is a great time of development and information processing, as it were. If you can go through your day with minimal discomfort and feel that you still within the bounds of reasonableness, being able to maintain your daily activity without being overtired, then I would not be overly concerned. But if you find that you do wish to have less disruptive sleep, I would advise you to look carefully at what it is you are eating and at what time. Find those things that will be conducive to more rest, and so when you are awakened through the impulse of spirit you can do your recording, if you wish, and then return to sleep. Does this help? (Student: Very much so. Thanks very much.)

Welmek: My friends, I do honor your participation in this exercise this evening. The human heart is so fragile, so delicately tender and yet it has this amazing capacity to give, to yield, and to be open to share its love with another individual.

In this coming week, invite Mother and Michael deep into your heart, into places that you have not yet experienced and let them create in you new paths of love to share. Good evening.