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MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa Melchizedek who greets you this evening. I welcome the new members of this group and wish to introduce myself to you.

In the celestial overcontrol I am the reigning head, the Planetary Prince of this planet Urantia that you know as your beloved Earth. I have been mandated by Christ Michael, the one you know as Jesus, to sit as the administrative authority over the jurisdiction of planetary affairs. I say this to you to orient you to the nature and order of the correcting mechanism that is now in full swing to bring this planet into the ages of Light and Life, where life more resembles that of order, fairness, justice, mercy, but above all love - a planet that is dominated by love and the service motive.

There is an enormous correction that is occurring at this moment that will sweep through the hearts and minds of each individual on this planet in time, and transform planetary life as you now know it. And I address you this evening; for there are those of you who are here who have in some way in their hearts and minds, come to a decision to be of a higher service; to bring a higher level of social life into your planet. I honor you for your choices. This is a calling of the highest service, and I wish to acknowledge each of you tonight in what you have in your heart longed for and wished to see occur on your planet. You are the heralds of a new age. You are the pioneers and the torchbearers. You are called to a great duty, and we are here to encourage you, to teach you, to serve you while you carry out the task of individual and planetary transformation.

Is this an enormous undertaking? Yes, it is! But I believe that each of you, in your own way, is up to the challenge. And I wish for you to know that you need only to call on us for assistance; for guidance for those ideas that will move you and this planetary transformation ahead. There is no lack of spiritual support, and you are all now well connected, whether or not you are consciously aware of it at any given point in time. We love you. We respect you. We watch over you, and we are cheering for you.

I will not take questions at this time, for I am leaving you in the able hands of your teacher, Welmek, whose lesson this evening will speak to the topic of my discourse to you. So in taking my leave, I ask for our Creator to bestow peace in your hearts, wisdom in your minds, and perseverance in your souls. Good evening.


Welmek: Good evening, friends! This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. I am always honored to be able to follow our beloved Prince Machiventa in his lesson.

There is so much information to share with you my dear friends - my wonderful brothers and sisters - who are carrying forth the important and amazing work that is now beginning to unfold on this beleaguered planet. And so, tonight I have chosen a topic of "re-course" in your life - the idea of where is your focus on your life now pointed. I wish to address this topic with you more fully, and will give you a moment to spend in stillness, in asking your spirit about this idea of recourse, but I wish to offer a few words of perspective on this idea.

As we have observed human life on this planet, there has been a steady thread of the unfoldment of human life. And that is: you are born, you are educated, you learn skills and ideas, and fit them into career paths that have been pre-identified and traditionalized so that you can enter into certain jobs to earn a living wage to meet your material needs and raise your families. And all of life is so structured. This is, from our perspective, a limited way of life, for it does leave little time to enjoy those things that uplifts and ennobles the spirit, and fuels the imagination of the spirit to greater depths of expression and cultural evolution. This is about to change.

You are the first generation to bear witness to planetary transformation and I ask you, have you thought about what role you would desire to play in this - in being of service in your own way to further the course of planetary transformation? The role and unfolding of planetary transformation is something that will proceed now for many succeeding generations, and life will change with each generational imprint and become more harmonized with the divine plan for this planet.

Your lives, as you are beginning to see, are changing. You are emerging from the consciousness of earning your living and being fundamentally rooted to the material needs and requirements of fulfilling just your basic living needs, and emerging into the consciousness of making the world a better place. So how is it that you move forward in this new direction, while the very nature and condition that you find yourself in of meeting your material needs, is changing right in front of your eyes? And this is where the idea of re-course now comes into play. To take this idea into the stillness and ask for an expanded awareness of what this means, and what you can do, if you choose, to allow yourself to be re-coursed in life into the direction where you can be of highest service in this unfolding transformation.

And so before we take this idea into the stillness, I would ask you, do you have any questions or comments on the idea as I am presenting it to you this evening. This is somewhat of a new concept that I am presenting to the group tonight. But I do this because I sense that in all of you present, a very deep desire within you to live your life in this capacity. So I am happy to spend as much time as necessary in entertaining your questions.

Student: I have a question. I've been trying to do what you are talking about for some years now; trying to find a way to work for the benefit of the community, and for the benefit of the planet, and it's really been a struggle, and I have not felt supported, particularly, financially. And recently, all financial support has disappeared. So I wonder if you can - I'm feeling very disillusioned about it - I don't see any recourse in terms of going back to any other way of being. I don't really feel supported in this, spiritually or financially?

Welmek: My sister, I empathize with your words. Transitional times are difficult, particularly when you do not feel, nor see, where your support is. This is the time to make the commitment within your heart that speaks to your soul's desire to serve in this capacity. And I encourage you to extract the material needs that you have from your sheer, honest, and sincere desire to work in this capacity. This may not always be the easiest undertaking. But have you found anything, in your soul, that fills you with a sense of satisfaction when you align yourself with the ideal of what this potential means?

Student: I'm not sure I understand the question.

Welmek: Have you found anything else in your life to be as satisfying as working in this endeavor, if you were to extract out, the notion that you have not been financially supported?

Student: Well I haven't found the work to be that satisfying, in the end, which is troubling also. I feel like it's useful work and it's service, but it isn't soul satisfying to me, and that's been disturbing too. I feel like I haven't been able to feel the form of contribution that will be the most soul satisfying for me, and so I've been stabbing around in the dark, trying to do things that make sense, but I don't connect with them in a way that's very satisfying - it just feels like work, that's service oriented and useful.

Welmek: And would you say that this lack of connection is due to the conditions in which you were doing your work?

Student: Yes, I think partly it's because I'm isolated and working alone a lot. I think I would be better off working around people more. I also feel as though in some way it's not my work, that it isn't the thing, that somehow there's something untapped that I'm unaware of that would be more what I'm here to be doing. And that has been a lifelong issue-puzzle.

Welmek: And so would you say that it is possible that the connection that you seek has not been made or found because the appropriate pathway has not yet shown itself to you?

Student: Yes, I think of it in terms of my not feeling connected to myself in a particular way, so I don't even know what my hearts desire is.

Welmek: I would say that it is very vital at this time to spend some time in asking to see yourself from the divine perspective; that you are, as a child of God, a very beloved daughter with exquisite talents and innate gifts that will be well put to use. Spend time in asking to see what your gifts are; what your talents are. Ask to see yourself the way God sees you.

During these times of transition the pathway may not always emerge right at that moment when you feel you need it, because there are certain depths of awarenesses within you that must pierce your conscious mind in order for you to choose where you want to go. And it is very normal in the human mind to think that you are not getting any help when the venue you have been doing your work does not produce fruitful and satisfying results. And so, the tendency in human thinking is to think that you are doing something wrong, and to feel disconnected, and then to become even more frustrated and despondent.

And I say to you tonight, that you are deeply loved, and you are cared for and watched over in a very devoted fashion. You may not feel this at the present time, but if you continue to go into the stillness and ask to see yourself from your Divine Father's and Mother's eyes, you will be given a greater vantage point to view your life and yourself, and to see more of who you are and more of what your gifts are. And then a new awareness and new opportunities present themselves to you so you can continue to move forward in life.

It is important at this time, also, to spend some time in extracting in your heart the idea of what the financial support should look like, and just ask to be guided into those places where you can earn your material living to hold you in a state until your new path begins to emerge. How long will this take? I cannot say. But if you follow the leadings of your inner spirit and open yourself even more now you will be guided, and you will find that which you so honestly seek within you. Does this help?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Student: Welmek, I have a comment and a question. I really love this topic of re-coursing. I'm poised to truly have my life changed as I desire to serve Michael as it has been consecrated and valued for some time now. I'm finishing up some things that sort of needed to be finished, and I am grateful for the teaching and the empowerment that I have, and I am looking forward to fulfilling my commission. I'm very unsure about what form it will take. I feel pulled in several directions in terms of ministry. I was wondering if you have any advice that would be edifying for me?

Welmek: Your desire to serve is vast. And as vast as is this desire are your gifts. Spend time in looking at your gifts. Spend time writing down what it is that fills your soul with love, with joy, with lightness of being. Spend time after you have written these down looking at these words carefully. Take them into the stillness. Offer them to the Father, and ask for an expanded awareness of who you are and what that gift means in your life. You will have time in the new life that you are moving to; opportunities to do this. And I encourage you now, as you re-course your life, to spend some time in contemplation of this. The myriad threads of your personality are all being woven together in a harmonious and very beautiful dressing that you present to the world.

There will be many opportunities that will come your way to give of your talents, to show your beauty, to be of true service. As you come to appreciate yourself more, you will naturally feel the inclination to share it more. And the more you wish to share of yourself in loving service, the more opportunities will come your way to fulfill them to your hearts' content. (Does this help?) Yes, it does. Thank you. (Is there anything else you need to ask of me?)

Student: Do you know anything about the other races that live on the planet and their importance?

Welmek: I am not understanding your question.

Student: Well, it's definitely off topic, Welmek so we'll bring it up some other time. Thanks.

Welmek: I would like you now, if you are willing to take this idea of re-course into the stillness for a few moments, and ask your spirit to show you a deeper meaning of what this word means for you. And we will bring this word back into the lesson and I will ask you to share with me a thought or so, if you are so willing, of what you perceived in your stillness time. Please proceed. (Long pause.)

Welmek: Are there any comments or ideas that come to mind in this idea of recoursing your life?

Student: Well, Welmek, the most obvious idea is the idea of forming our resolve to live in God's world and to be about our Father's work, because this is what Jesus talked about being in the world but not of it, in the sense of our personal, or our being more of altruistic service rather than simply working for material gain. Trusting that our needs will be taken care of. Needs will be provided for at least this is the direction I've been going toward for some time now. It seems to be the message that has been coming through on lots of levels.

Welmek: It is as if your sights are focused on the spiritual unfolding of the ideal divine plan. And in keeping your sights focused on this, you are more free to enjoy - while you would use the word work, but it is not work, it is a joyful undertaking. And in this deep awareness of your needs are being met, and seeing that they are met, gives you a higher level of motivation, and the capacity to see the plan with clearer vision. And that continually affords you increasing levels of faith and courage and hope to keep you moving forward. Seek first the kingdom and all things lesser will follow.

This is the idea. And in this concept of re-course, you are resolving yourself to stay true to those ideal potentials within you that are now activated deep within your soul. It is a matter of refocusing and refocusing your gaze on the spirit until the spiritual realm becomes so real and so highly identified within your being that to see other than this would seem to be strange or foreign to you. And this does grow in time. It progressively increases within you, the more you consciously choose to see this. And the way to begin to do this is to ask to see all things - those things that you need to see - from God's perspective. And you are taken into that realm of deeper and broader spiritual awareness, and increasing your capacity to love, to be loved, to serve, and to be served. And this is all what you are now actively allowing to unfold in your life.

Are there any other comments or ideas?

Student: Yes, Welmek this is D. And I keep on getting this same message that I am at the threshold of experiencing my own magnificence, who I truly am. And it seems like I've always had this vision of how human beings ought to be living on this planet - in our true divinity. And I know I have so much to give and to share with others, both silently and verbally. And I know I have these gifts that I have been holding on, constrained to express, or have others experience. I also understand there's a time and a place for everything.

You alone know the challenges that I have experienced over the past year and a half, and am experiencing with my daughter right now. But it seems like with each new challenge that I get nourished, I expand, I evolve. I become more centered or focused in the vision of who I am, as an expression of God.

Welmek: And this is the unfolding of your true self, and you will continue (Tape ends.)..a unique way of showing our Father's love in the world.

The idea of re-course that I wish to ask you now is to take this word-idea-concept and to ask for it to blend with your awareness of who you are as a child of God, to fashion you into a stream where you can be of more service throughout the day. This is an expanded awareness of yourself; for as you know, when you align with the Father, He grows who you are, and He moves you into different streams of life so that you can express more of the beauty of yourself in different avenues, to broader ranges of individuals. And I ask you to take this idea now and to merge this into your awareness of what it is that you wish to do in life so that you have more opportunities to be of service. Do you understand what I am suggesting?

Student: Yes, I do. I feel constrained by obligations and sense of duty. And my physical work that I do in order to make ends meet, so to speak, and I get this, I don't know, I can't think of the right word, but just this cycle of - I work to pay bills, and then I keep working to pay - that kind of thing. And I'm just tired of that. And I want to re-course that. I want to move on to be who I am, to live, to uplift this, not only just myself, my little universe, but this whole planet.

Welmek: My brother, this is what I am suggesting to you now in this blended awareness of who you are, and how to re-course your life. You will find yourself being separated from the idea of your financial obligation. And I say this carefully: the more you separate yourself from the idea of being obligated, the more you will free yourself to be of service, and the more opportunities for service will come your way. You will be supported. You will not fail to meet your financial obligations, but you must begin in your mind's eye to see the bigger picture, so you can naturally be separated from the idea of the obligation. And so you understand my meaning, do you not? (Yes, I do. I understand very clearly.) Thank you.

I would add this note, as an observation of human nature. Strive for the ideal instead of focusing on what you need to let go of. For in striving for the ideal, you naturally allow your mind to attach itself to this. And when you attach yourself to a new idea, the old idea becomes easier to let go. And so, growth becomes gentle and more simplified, and this is the way we encourage you to always pursue your life, in this ease, in this flow. That is not to say that you will not be given challenging circumstances, but in always seeking the ideal, always will you be given the tools to meet your challenges and obstacles with hope and courage and strength and fortitude and perseverance, and every other good thing you need to be victorious. Are there any other comments?

Student: I just have one question, Welmek. It is, in my experience that, and often times in my life, I have not felt that I have been given what I need, and that I've been led very close to the edge of the abyss, more than once, to the point where I felt that, that was something that I'm meant to use later on - that experience of nakedness and shame or terror or vulnerability, confusion, to force me to rely on myself, without any help. So I was wondering if you could comment on that, because I notice that I'm, I have a quality of, sort of, vigilance. It's starting to lessen now with church connection, but yeah, it's still there. So I was just wondering if you had any comment?

Welmek: My dear brother. I say this with the utmost gentleness and compassion for your condition, and of who you are as a brilliant child of God. The abyss is not a place of fear, it is a place of unknowing. And in the unknowing, when you allow yourself to be in that darkness, and calling out for your Father, you will be embraced; you will be upheld. But the human mind does not naturally lend itself to being in the abyss, especially when it feels dark and terrifying. The human mind resists with forceful will, and does everything it can within the psyche to create that feeling of, "No! I will not go there." But I say to you, that this place is the place to go, for this is the only place where your faith can really be activated, and catapult you to a higher of understanding, a higher vision of who you are and who God is, and how God loves you and supports you.

The shame, the degradation is illusory, but it is a real feeling in human experience, and therefore the mind fights it because, at the level of your soul, you know that this is truly not who you are. But there is this vast chasm between total surrender and abandonment in this unknowingness and the comfort seeking desire of the fundamental animal nature. And so I say to you, my friend, ask for courage. Ask for faith. Ask for hope, and take a deep breath, and jump, and see where that takes you. (Thank you.) Does this help? (Yes?)

I sense great trepidation and doubt in your mind. (Not really?) How can I further assist you in this?

Student: I guess the only thing I might add to it is that there have been, during these times I've prayed, repeatedly, before I even knew the church now. And so, I felt nothing, really! So it's interesting that there is this relationship, and yet one can feel quite cut off at times. It's confusing to me - that to get a response from God is not as simple as asking, sometimes; there's more to it.

Welmek: God responds to every sincere petition of the human heart. It is not always an experience that you will be consciously aware of, however. And there are those mis-connections of mind and body that you perceive, I should say that, are perceived that circumvent the conscious recognition of God's presence within you. It is at this time of being in the unknowingness, where your capacity to have your being re-encircuited is the greatest, for your mind and your body are no longer resisting, and it can be reintroduced with those spiritual endowments that are necessary for the conscious recognition of the presence and love of your Creator Father/Mother-God.

And as I said, the human mind does not relish being in that place of unknowingness very much. And so when you feel disconnected, what impetus do you have to staying there? But I say to you, my friend, that if you stay in the unknowingness, and accept it, and be comfortable in the unknowingness, you will have greater awareness growing within you. And it will open you, and connect you in the way that you desire, and will feed your soul with joy and love and gladden your heart for many days to come.

You do not have to do this alone though; Jesus is with you. In your mind's eye, take His hand and ask Him as a brother to lead you into that place of unknowingness and to sit with you while you are becoming more familiar with what that means. Does this help? (Yes.) Does this satisfy you? (Yes.)

Welmek: Re-coursing your lives means change, means transition, and sometimes upheaval. And this is why it is fundamentally vital for you to spend time in stillness and asking to see yourself from God's perspective, and in seeing a broader picture of the divine plan. This is your foundation, this is your anchor, and this is your safe home while you are in the midst of this tremendous change that will happen to you individually, and as part of being a member of society. I cannot emphasize how important it is to seek the stillness and to stay in this place for as long as you can each day, and even several times a day - taking those breaks of five to ten minutes and to be still and to re-anchor yourself.

You are undergoing dual energy forces, a deeper anchoring while you are in the very midst of change. And this paradox will be with you for many years to come. So I encourage you to practice this, over and over, this idea of being in the stillness. Spend time in being in the unknowingness, so that when change comes, you are not restless in your soul, but firmly anchored in the source of peace, love, safety, comfort and security that will keep you strong, no matter what life brings to you.

We will discuss this more in-depth in the coming weeks, for there is more I wish to share with you on this idea. But for now, I leave you with my love, and the love of all of the celestial friends who minister to you, who watch over you, and who cherish you as our younger brothers and sisters. We love you deeply. Good evening.

END Part 1



JUNE 13, 2002

Welmek: Good evening. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. Thank you all for being here this evening. It gives me great pleasure to address you and to continue the instruction of spiritual growth.

For those of you attending at our last session, I began to discourse on the idea of re-coursing your life. And I wish to continue in this vein for the next several weeks, as we attempt to guide you in your internal introspection of what it is you wish to manifest in your life at this time. But for those of you not present, I would like to bring you up to speed on this idea of re-course. The term re-course has many connotations, and I am using the word for the theme of our discussion in the way that helps you to begin to think about your life and what it is you would like to achieve.

You have all been on a spiritual path for many years at various levels of intensity and study, but now you have felt the spiritual pressure, and you are now at a point where you wish to be more fully alive in the spirit. So your lives have changed. And they continue to change. And the idea of re-course that I bring to the discussion table, is to help you orient yourself now in this new life, this robust spiritual life that you are now striving for. And I wish to offer you tools and suggestions, and to be a place where you can bring your questions and concerns, so that we as your teachers can assist you to being more fully alive in the spirit. Are there any questions before we begin? (Pause.) Very well!

Each of you has been given a pilot to accompany you throughout your life. This is, as your text says or calls it, your Thought Adjuster. It is the spirit within that pulls you God-ward that has within it, your life plan. And it is by your choices, your decisions, and your God-centered thinking that moves you forward. You have been educated to the concept of this Though Adjuster pilot in your life, and now I wish to encourage you to be more fully cooperative so that you can be re-coursed in your life more consciously by your spirit within.

So let us take this idea into the stillness and ask your pilot now to guide you more assuredly into the path that the Father has planned for you. It is not so much that your pilot needs to move forward, it is your conscious and inner awareness that needs to be expanded. And this is the idea of re-course I would like to focus on this evening - for you to more fully feel, and to be more consciously aware of the blending that occurs when you are working cooperatively with your inner pilot.

I want you to imagine that you are the captain now on a ship. And this is a new ship and you are a young captain, but the pilot that has been assigned to you is very well-experienced and has tremendous knowledge of the waters that you will be navigating. And even though you have not navigated these waters, you know this pilot, you know the pilot's reputation, and you know the pilot is someone who is trustworthy and strong and courageous.

So I want you in your mind's eye to go up to the pilot and shake your pilot's hand. And look your pilot in the eye if you can and say, "I am aboard, and I trust you to accompany me on this journey to reach our final destination safely." And I want you to spend a few moments now in the stillness looking your pilot in the eye and sensing its presence within you. (Long pause.)

Now I would like you to continue this visualization exercise by being on a ship now, and pulling away from the harbor and taking the boat onto the high seas. And just let yourself feel the connection with your pilot, and ask for your awareness and understanding of the idea of the pilot and the idea of the captain to work within your mind. And spend a few moments in asking for this understanding. (Long pause.)

I am going to bring you back to dry land now, and ask you if you were able to get a sense of the relationship that you felt with your pilot, and to summarize that in one or two sentences, and we will continue our discussion.

Student: Welmek, my ship felt very sleek and new so I put the throttle all the way forwards, because I have complete trust in my pilot. And I feel I can bring every decision that I have to make to my pilot. I don't have to make any decisions on my own anymore, so I feel completely confident that I can go through these rough seas at the fastest possible way this ship can carry me, because of the great love I see on the other side, on the shores that I'm trying to reach. Should I take more caution, or shall I continue just bringing all my decisions to the Father - each and every one so I don't have to make, have the burden of, making decisions any more, on my own?

Welmek: I would say that this is advisable to do in many situations but there will come a point in your life when the pilot wishes you to choose and the decisions are yours and yours along to make. You will be given better insight and guidance as to some of the ramifications of your decisions but not all, for there is much learning in acquiring life's experience.

I did notice though, in your response that you wanted to go at full throttle. And to be at full throttle implies that you are in a race. And I would suggest to you to enjoy the journey as you move to your Divine destination; that there are times when the pace will be slow because you are in calm waters. And you might even want to drop anchor for awhile, and take a swim. And what I mean by this is, that you will gain much enjoyment of life if you savor those moments of growth and experience and let them become fully a part of who you are. You have a long journey ahead of you, and it is imperative that you have this trust strong. And it is commendable that you are now engaged in this practice of turning to your pilot for guidance in making your decisions. I would just add in this scenario, to allow yourself to enjoy where you are being piloted toward in all of your experiences, no matter where you are shown. Do you understand? (Yes, it was a beautiful answer.)

Student: Welmek, do you think I'm ready to start over?

Welmek: I would ask you clarify that a little more for me.

Student: I was thinking, hoping to re-course my life. I wouldn't think I'm ready yet. I thought I've got little bits and pieces of unfinished business. I'm just not sure when to actually say that I'm ready to on - start over again.

Welmek: My brother, this re-course of your life can take many shapes and be done in many different ways. The most important component of re-coursing your life is in your intention. I would ask you to search in your heart those places where you feel you want to move ahead, and to also search your heart, with sincerity, in those places where you still feel you have unfinished business that may be preventing from moving in the new direction.

When you are in those places where you must attend to this unfinished business, I would encourage you to have a conversation with your elder brother, Jesus, and ask for His advice and for His wisdom and for His understanding into the factors that are affecting your current mental posture. In this way you will obtain greater wisdom and insight, and you will have a wider range of options presented to you, and then you can choose where or not, and how it is that you wish to tend to your unfinished business. And in so doing will release you from the obligations you feel that prevent you from moving ahead in your life.

Does this help? (Thank you.) Do you need any further clarification on this? (Thank you very much, that was quite a good answer!) I encourage you to spend time with your brother, Jesus, and let Him mister to you with loving devotion and wise council. (Thank you, Welmek.) You are most welcome!

Student: Welmek, this is J. I just sense a presence. It has always been there, going back to being a very small little child. It's always there when, for some reason or other, I think about it or try to find its presence. But it's too much a part of me to separate, because it's there in every memory. It's part of every memory. But mostly it's the truth and I am just contradistinct as the will. And usually the truth is an awfully lot more than the will.

Welmek: The truth is the standard which your will will eventually envelope totally.

At the human level, the will is erratically trying to ascertain the truth of the Father. It only sees a portion of the truth, but there is something within you that does sense the greater magnitude of the truth. And you are, by each decision you make that is of the Father's will, digesting that morsel of truth. And the more truth you ingest, the more hungry you become for it. And as the Father's truth grows within you, the reception of this truth grows within you; so will your willingness to follow it grows, to the eventuality that there will be nothing but the truth within you; and the will and the truth will be as one. This is your destiny, my son. It is a grand and glorious destiny; do you not agree? (Oh yes! It's an awesome promise! Thank you!)

Student: Yes, Welmek, this is D. Right now I'm enraptured by my very own essence. Yes, it's a very - One! It's like when I saw into the eyes of my indwelling spirit, I saw myself. I saw absolute consciousness, absolute goodness, absolute peace, and there was a blending; there was no separateness. And my body right now is, it's just vibrating with I guess glory, or my own magnificence. I feel like I'm at the shore, but I am apprehensive to step onto the shoreline, because I'm afraid of power - spiritual power.

And what I experienced the other day when I visited with the counselor, I said to him I forgot how it was to be a little boy. And when I came into that feeling again of being a little boy, I mentioned, I said, I see this door that I have opened a little bit, and beyond that door was the light. But up until this point, I have been afraid of fully embracing that light. But now I wish to embrace it all, and step onto that shoreline, and live the truth here and now.

Welmek: Have you made that decision now deep within your soul?

Student: I feel it. I feel it welling up within me. It's like a fountain of light and warmth, in my solar plexus, just pervading upward through my being.

Welmek: And would you say you have overcome the fear to step into the light?

Student: I don't know? I still feel a little apprehensive, because the change would be so remarkable.

Welmek: Then I suggest to you that perhaps a little more soul searching is necessary.

Student: Yes. Part of it is because I don't want to leave my children behind. I want them to come along with me, and to share my rapture.

Welmek: I understand your desire, but I encourage you to think of them as on their own journey with their own ability to make their decisions whether or not that they wish to accompany you. It is not for you to bring them along with you, for this is your journey to make in pilgrimage of your own quest of finding the Father. I do not say this to discourage you, but I hope that you will see that you are a separate individual from them, and this will in no way truly diminish any kind of bond you have with them, if there is this deep love, true love that exists between you and your children.

I would advise you to look deeper into why you wanted this - them to accompany you. Go deeper into your heart. Go deeper into your fear. Ask Michael to accompany you there, and to show you those things within you that still retain the dark speck of fear that you are sensing. It is something that He will release from you, if you go into that place of sincere and earnest seeking. But you must present it to Him in a way where He can reach you and reveal Himself even more deeply than He has before. And that comes from the heart, the open heart of the son yearning for his Father. Do you understand my meaning? (Yes I do.) Do you have any other questions? (Not at this time. Thank you.) You are most welcome!

Are there any other comments on the experience of sensing your relationship between you and your inner spirit, as this internal pilot? (Pause.)

Student: Come on L, let's hear it! (I don't have anything to say. Thank you.)

Welmek: P., perhaps you would like to ask a question? (Laughter.)

Student: Well! My ship is like, you know, sort of like a ferry because, I came over on the ferry so it was sleek and white and shinny, and I was a dashing captain with black hair and young. And my pilot was sort of like, swarthy and shorter and older and like really strong and he was simple, you know; he wasn't a complex person, he was a simple person, and he did one thing, and he did one thing almost without having to think about it because it was just his whole being. And he had, sort of round little blue eyes; and the one thing that stood out was that he was totally dedicated to me. And the thing that he seemed to like best about me was my humor, and it delighted him. And that's what I remember!

Welmek: Thank you for sharing. And so your humor delights us all! It is always a joy to watch how you humans amuse one another with your mirth and laughter.

And so in this atmosphere of celebrating with the pilot, this lightheartedness and humor that you have, do you sense within you more of the joy that comes with turning your life over to your pilot with more assurance and, I would say, consistency?

Student: This is an open question? (This is a question to you, P.) Oh! I'm sorry, I wasn't giving it my fully attention. More consistency is the hook?

Welmek: Use the delight that you sensed in this relationship to foster a more deeply rooted commitment within yourself to follow the leadings of your inner spirit. It is true that the Father delights in all of his children. And so in delighting in their children, would it not be advisable for the child to want to please the Father? And what would give the Father more joy than for Him to show you how much He loves you, how much He admires those fine qualities that you exhibit. And the more you sense of this delight in you, do you not think that you would want to show your Father more and more how you can amuse Him? (Yes, that follows.)

The playful spirit that you have is one that is so necessary in healing all of your brothers and sisters, for their lives are filled with such burden and dread, and over-concerned for their own welfare. And the more you find how your Father delights in you, the more you will lift your spirit into that realm of self-forgetfulness and be more and more of service to your brothers and sisters through this most blessed gift of joy and humor.

I encourage you to spend time in allowing yourself to feel a deeper connection in how the Father relates to you in this attitude and energy. It will re-course you and heal you and uplift you, and feed that which has been troubling you in your spirit - to your soul's satisfaction. Do you understand my meaning?

Student: Well I can't say that I exactly do. (Please articulate a question.) I'm being asked to explore how I can understand my Father's part in my humor; and by the exploration of that, it will re-course my life so that, that humor can be used to uplift those people the Father brings to me for that ministry?

Welmek: I would rephrase that a little differently. What you related to me in the experience was that you sensed the pilots' delight in you. Is this an accurate restatement? (Yes.) Open yourself to experience this more. It is not a matter of understanding how the Father relates to you; it is a matter of feeling, experiencing the Father's delight in you. This is different. (Yes, it's a good point!) All you need to do is to feel this, and to let it expand and let it fill all of those places within you that have been harboring those other non-spiritual commodities that have been troubling your soul.

The more you focus on the Father's delight in you, the sheer delight, the uplifting delight, the more you will be re-coursed into your new life, and your new role of what your life can become in alignment with your pilot. Do you understand the distinction now? (Yes I do, and I appreciate it.)

My friends, you are all on a journey that takes you through troubling waters, turbulent seas. The course of life on this planet is not always smooth sailing, as you well know. And there may be times ahead where you will be very stirred up indeed by the conditions that you see before you on your planet. Now is the time to think seriously on this idea of recourse and to make a firmer commitment to be unified with your pilot.

Turbulent times are ahead. It is only in this alignment with your spirit, will you sense in yourself a new direction, a bold direction; a direction that is firmly rooted in peace, confidence, strength, security, direction, truth and goodness. Search your heart to see where are all those places where you have felt inconsistency or lack of interest in making this commitment. Ask for spiritual assistance. Spend time with Michael in asking Him to accompany you. Spend time with the Father and allow the down-grasp of your inner spirit to anchor you and give you the spiritual sustenance you need to motivate you into this commitment.

I cannot emphasize this enough, at this time. All of you have chosen this spiritual path, and there must be a reason why this is so. Go within; ask yourself this question. Allow the Father to guide you. Allow the spiritual agencies to draw near to you, to help you. Ask Mother Spirit and Michael to comfort you, to uphold you. You cannot fail when you use these spiritual tools you have available. You only have to ask and it is presented.

Before I conclude this evening, are there any further questions or things that I can more fully clarify for you?

Student: Welmek, I have a technical question that has been coming up with several of us, as Machiventa mentions that we're ready for cataclysmic changes. Is that going to be accompanied with this new hydrogen based energy release. This new technique of reducing hydrogen to "hydrinos" - yielding heat and stable (by-products) that would transform heating and cooling and transportation. Is that something that we should be becoming familiar with, along with the other cataclysmic changes?

Welmek: As the old ways give way to the new, there will be new inventions - discoveries - ways to capture the energies existing to use for the benefit of your planet. I am not permitted to speak on this particular topic, but I would suggest that if helping your society implement new ideas interests you, then this would be an area that you could study and labor in, if you so desire.

There will be many new technologies that will spring forth, but I cannot comment on what they will be, nor the time in which they will be implemented in your society. And I trust that you understand why this is so? (Thank you. Yes, I do!)

Welmek: You have been given much food for thought this evening, and I encourage you to study this transcript and to take this idea of recourse into the stillness, and allow yourself to be more fully aligned in the Father's will for the direction of your life. Good evening.




JUNE 20, 2002

Good evening. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. I am very happy to be again here with you this evening, and I welcome R to the group. I am continuing the theme of our discussion on re-coursing your life. The emphasis of this theme is to encourage you to envision your spiritual journey in what you would like your life to become as you grow more God-conscious.

  Last week we began our adventure. You were introduced to your pilot, your inner spirit, and you began to take your ship out onto the high seas for your experiences. I wish to continue this exercise if you are all so willing. For it is fundamental now, as you plot your course in this direction of finding God to, work hand-in-hand cooperatively with your pilot, who knows how to take you there, who will know how to navigate you through all of the waters - all of the experiences - that you will encounter on your journey.

  So please let us go into the stillness again; and as we use the imagery of being the captain of your ship, I would like you to envision yourself on this ship as the captain at the helm, standing next to your pilot, and you are now out on the seas. Spend a few moments in stillness and envision yourself in this scenario. (Pause.) See if you can sense the pilot's presence next to you. (Pause.) Feel if you can sense the pilot's command of the current of the water your ship is navigating in. (Pause.) Notice if there is a commandeering that feels secure to you; or does your ship feel like the rudder is unhinged? (Pause.) Sense if you can, the pace, and the hand of the pilot working in propelling your ship forward. (Pause.)

  Now I invite your comments on what you are experiencing, as you stay in this stillness state, being on your ship, working in conjunction with your pilot. Please share your impressions with me now. (Pause.)

  Student: Welmek, there seems to be a large storm that has come up, and as the waves crash over the bow, and as the howl of the wind is quite loud, I'm having trouble hearing the pilot's command. And because of this I made a little bit of an error, caused some damage to the ship, and I feel a little disappointed that I wasn't able to hear his commands. What do you say about this?

  Welmek: Actually, I am glad that this scenario was raised, for I had hoped to address this idea of being in turbulent seas this evening. This is a very common situation in human life, is it not? To be cast adrift on tempestuous seas. I would ask you, in this exercise would you say that the undercurrent you felt was directionless, or was there a sensing in your mind's eye of a deeper current, an undercurrent?

  Student: There was definitely a direction, and I very much wanted to go with that direction, but the wind was just too loud for me to hear my pilot.

  Welmek: And so the wind could represent the environment within your mind that still prevents you from hearing the leadings of your inner spirit in a clear fashion. And so it is up to you to spent time in the stillness, and listening for the voice of the Adjuster within you. As you know, it is faint, and the detection of the spirit-voice comes with practice, and learning to attenuate in a very subtle fashion how it influences your day-to-day activities.

  I would suggest in this scenario that your pilot was trying to guide you, but because you could not hear what he was trying to convey to you, that you lost your way and mis-communicated information. And so it becomes then a matter of allowing your inner pilot to guide you; and to be trusting that it knows the way, and can steer you out of the rough waters. In those times, it is important to relax in the midst of the turbulence and to allow your pilot to steer you in the proper course; for your pilot knows the undercurrent and how to find that undercurrent which will keep you in the proper direction.

  In time, as this relationship and trust grows, there will more of that subtle communication where you will not need to shout to your spirit about what it is that you want to do or where you should go. You will trust that where you are being led - even through the turbulent waters - will steer you and keep you on the course that you have charted, so that you will not wreck your ship, as you said, and then have to fix the damage that has been caused. Do you understand this metaphor?

  Student: Yes. Thank you very much! It's very, very helpful.

  Welmek: Do you need further clarification or elaboration on this? (Not at this time. Thank you.) You are welcome.

  Student: Welmek, this is J. My pilot seems to be almost like stillness itself, a compass, a kind of compass that's so still it tells me where I'm moving, mainly in terms of a kind of moral sense of - it points towards more - life - more experience - more growth - more people. And in this it seems that's just the general trend that life wants to go in itself, and it points that way. That I really have to consult it; it doesn't demand or require anything, it's self-sufficient. I have to take the initiative to look at the, remember I have this compass, and consult it. But it lets me know how I am moving because in these turbulent seas being buffeted every-which-way in many dimensions, psychological, and physical, and all kinds of ways, it lets me know how I'm moving, so I can tell whether I am growing or regressing.

  Welmek: I would add that the pilot serves a function that is beyond just a compass. That it is a partnership; for it represents an aspect of the Father with whom you have an intimate, loving relationship, whom you can come to know and love and trust. The idea of the compass is a component of the function of the pilot, for the pilot does know the course, but it is also in having this bonded relationship, that you come to appreciate the depth and the breadth of the pilot's skills and personality in and of itself. And in that relationship, you have a true union, to the ultimate goal where you and the pilot will one day become as one. And this internal compass and the loving and steadfast nature of the pilot will be yours, a part of who you are, a part of the individual that you were created in the image of the Father.

  So I encourage you to think about this relationship, and add this into your knowledge and experience base; and sense that loving presence, the love that the pilot has for you. You can be assured more fully than you are even now that you will reach your ultimate destination. Do you understand?

  Student: I think so Welmek. It's the same - not difficulty, but the same task I have with God, as that is to experience a personality there that I don't at the present time. And, even you seem to be suggesting I should sense in the pilot a purpose for me, other than just general growing, that I don't yet sense.

  Welmek: Your purpose is to experience life in the fullness - the depth and the breadth that life has to offer. What I am mostly suggesting this evening is to sense within your pilot the love that your pilot has for you, and come to know this pilot as a trusted friend, as a companion that you cannot live without. For this is your dearest companion, counselor, advisor, and the one in whom you can have complete trust at all times. Everything else will come in time, in sensing who this wonderful being in your life is. Does this clarify the idea for you?

  Student: Yes, Welmek, thank you. It's just a paradox, it seems to me, and yet it is "the other." But thank you, I will ponder this.

  Student: Welmek, my experience was that as captain, my duty is to be steadfast and to reflect the strength of the ship and to instill confidence. And I felt feelings of doubt and fear trying to creep in. And I felt that I could not allow myself to embody those feelings, as captain. And I felt that my pilot was very treasured and important, and that my relationship with him or her should be immaculate; and I should instill confidence in them and they should instill it in me. I found it a useful exercise. I wonder if you have a comment?

   Welmek: In the previous week, the scenario that was presented was that you were a young captain, and you had an experienced pilot, and you had a new ship. And in this exercise, I do not know if you were able to factor this into your experience, but I would add that the captain gains the confidence and the composure through many voyages on the high seas, will he not? (Yes.) And the more you trust your pilot to guide you and to navigate you through those rough waters - especially the turbulent seas, will you gain a sense of how He stays composed and confident, while maneuvering you through those times. And when you sense that you are in good hands, then you will gain the experience required to give those commands and to navigate more in conjunction with your pilot.

  You are greatly loved. You are steadfastly guided. The more you allow yourself to feel this, the more you will gain confidence in your own ability, and in time your pilot will know that the relationship that exists between you will be more on equal footing. Does this help?

  Student: I'm not sure what you mean by equal footing? I feel, as captain, even if I don't feel completely confident, its important to at least behave with balance and calmness, and not reflect any fears or doubts or negativity. As I grow in giving substance to those - to my confidence, to at least project it, I'm not sure how that fits with what you're saying? I can't hand over control to the pilot entirely? What are the captain's duties, I guess is my question then? If the pilot is so important then, and really in control of the ship, then what is the duty of the captain?

  Welmek: In the example that we are using, I would suggest that the captain is the one who makes the decision to take a certain course, and that the pilot knows whether or not that will be safe, or whether it will be headed for turbulent seas. And so the pilot must follow your commands. But if the pilot were to suggest another course of action, or another channel, as it were, because the course that you have selected or projected is turbulent, which one would you rather undergo? (The pilot's advice.)

 So in this exercise, you are coming to know what the pilot can do for you, and how you can relate to the pilot in trust. And even though you do not know the water that you are sailing on, your pilot does. And so, if in your inner leadings, you hear or sense another direction and yet follow your own voice, and you come upon a difficult situation, would it have not been advisable to listen to the internal, yet subtle voice of your inner spirit? (If I can learn to do this, yes.) And so you are. The more time you spend in stillness, the more you spend quieting the mental chatter within you mind, and asking to be led, and trusting that the pilot will always lead you to that place where you will learn the lessons to develop your confidence, courage, faith, hope, patience, and all of the tools you need to be a successful captain of your ship. Do you understand? (Yes, thank you.) Do you need further clarification? (I don't think so, thank you.) You are very welcome!

  Welmek: Did the rest of you have smooth sailing?

  Student: About our destinations; if we choose a goal or a place to go that's not going to further us, and will cause us to enter difficult waters, how shall we seek to correct or how do we find guidance for destinations and for our goals? It seems like the pilot isn't really in charge of setting the destination, only in achieving it once it's been set. So how shall we find guidance for direction toward proper ports?

Welmek: That is an excellent question. And I am very glad you raised that this evening!

Your ultimate destination is to the Father. What you experience along the way will be primarily up to your choosing at these, as you say, ports-of-call. You cannot always know when you sail up to a port what you will encounter, is this not true? And so, you do not know whether this will be a safe port or one that will be potentially harmful. I would say there will be those times when you are put into a situation where you might have the limits of your comfortableness stretched for a time, but no real harm would come to you because there would be experience that will grow certain qualities in you that will be for your highest good.

And then there will be those times when you are in a port-of-call that makes you feel alive and joyful and happy, and you wish to stay there forever, but you must journey onward. And then there are those ports where it would be quite harmful for you to be there, and so your pilot would try to steer you clear of that. However, if you insist, and resist the leadings of the pilot and steer yourself into that port, then you must experience the consequences of that decision.

It is helpful; it is advisable to spend time in stillness, for this is where you gain more confidence in the undercurrent of where your life is taking you. And this is the steadfast direction of your Thought Adjuster leading to those experiences that will add to your God-awareness. When you align yourself in this channel, this undercurrent, you can rest assured that everything is working to your highest good. But if you encounter a place that looked interesting to you, and then felt like the channel you were going in was bearing you in a different direction, then would it not be advisable to follow the leading of your pilot at that time? (Yes.) Does this help? (Yes! I will think about it.)

Spend some time meditating upon this and allowing the idea of having many experiences that will add to your personality to grow within you. Life is fully encompassing of wonders and joys and new people to meet and new places to discover. There is so much to see and taste and experience, my friends. Do not allow yourself to stay too long in one port, but stay there for a time, and when your pilot calls, get back on your ship and sail again, and experience everything that awaits you in this wonderful universe that has been created for us.

It is true, life can be very turbulent at times, but in this idea of re-coursing your life - know that this relationship you share with your pilot, is one that will always lead you safely, even through the most turbulent of waters, the most troubling of times. You have Divine guidance. The hand that steers you is strong and true, and knows the way (Tape ends.).. Would anyone else be willing to share with me what is on your mind this evening?

Student: Welmek, there is a question that I have that's a little bit different than what we've been talking about, but its come to my attention that yourself and other teachers are always available at any particular instant. I don't quite understand this. Can you be in more than one place at a time or the other teachers that seem to be available? Can you speak on this now?

Welmek: We do not employ the same communication methods as you, and while it is not possible for me to be in two places at one time, the range at which we can communicate is vast. And we use different circuits of communication. Think of a very long phone line, a circuit as it were, where we are able to transmit messages over long distances, and what you would consider to be an instantaneous manner.

And as you have been given celestial support to accompany you, you have everything you need within your sphere of operation to assist you. And if it is one of the teachers with whom you are more familiar, you wish to communicate, you only need to ask and it will be possible to communicate with us, if we are available. We do not have to be in your immediate presence, to do so. Does this explain this for you?

 Student: Yes, it does, and it helps. Thank you. Thank you very much!

Welmek: You are all rather quite this evening?

Student: I had something Welmek. This is D. Getting back to the topic, I guess? As you were speaking, I guess to all of us, but directed toward C., I felt these like spasms in my middle area on my right side. And in my visualization, Jesus was my pilot and we were going towards the sun, the big sun, the light. And the water was calm, and my first experience was extensiveness. And then I decided to jump into the water - swimming towards the horizon, and I was swimming at a vigorous pace. And then when I experienced these kind of cramps in my middle section, I started to remember to breathe, but then I realized I was working too hard, and so I just let the current take me, and to wherever the current is going. And now my body feels still, and it feels different as I allow myself to take the current, to be immersed in the current. Because this past week I have felt out of the current, and I didn't like that place. I felt, for lack of a better word, unspiritual. I felt really, I didn't want to be in this body; I felt so limited. But now I feel more connected again.

Welmek: That you feel this undercurrent is significant, for when you sense that you are out of alignment, you know what it is that you need that will remedy that unspiritual feeling that you articulated.

I would only add that there will be those times when you will be out of alignment, and there will be those times when you are in the current; and the flow of life becomes easier. And it is only a matter of refocusing when you are out of alignment, and asking for yourself to be placed back in the current. And you will be so guided.

The importance of recognizing this in the human life cannot be overemphasized. The unspiritual feeling is not there as a reminder of how unspiritual you are, it is only a reminder to help you get back into the flow of spirit. And that is your true home, the true flow, the true place where you belong. And it is that simple.

I encourage you in the coming week to see and sense within your mind if you can find deeper pockets of this current, to go deeper into the waters and to find those places where the current becomes stronger, so you will be so fully immersed in this current, that it would be inconceivable to you to ever leave it. And so this is the challenge in human life.

The water metaphor is not that you will drown in this current, but you will be taken in this flow to your home, to your destination, that place of rest, the stillness, the peace, the place - being with your Divine Source, the Father who loves you and gave you life. This is your current. This is your destiny. Immerse yourself in it, and see where it takes you.

Welmek: Are there any other questions?

Student: I have trouble distinguishing between the pilot and the captain. In fact I haven't really heard the pilot, so I'm usually confused about the direction I should take.

Welmek: Every example that we are working with for the idea of re-coursing your life, the captain is the part of you that makes your decisions and acts upon your choices. And the pilot represents the spirit of God within, who has your divine life plan and is charting your course in life to your ultimate destination. And as a young captain, the opportunity now comes to you to come to know who this pilot is, and to sail your ship, your life vehicle, on the waters of life's experiences. And coming to trust that the pilot within is guiding you on a particular course. And in this exercise, it was designed to help you see this relationship between you and the pilot in coming to know the nature and function of who you are and what your spirit is, and how it relates to you.

The pilot has your life's course. The pilot knows how to propel you forward. It is the captain's decision whether or not to trust the pilot's judgement, and to allow yourself to come to know in a personal relationship the love and the guidance the pilot has for you. And the practice of stillness allows this relationship to grow and build in time.

It may be that you do not always consciously sense where it is that you are being led. But there is an undercurrent that can happen in the higher levels of the mind that will eventually present ideas and concepts to you and move you into experiences where you are given opportunities to learn the ways of spirit, thereby adding to your overall spiritual enhancement and enjoyment of life. Does this help? (Thank you.) Do you need any further clarification on this?

Student: I see that I must spend more and more time in this stillness.

Welmek: This is where your pilot has more of an opportunity to present those ideas to you, to your conscious mind, that will eventually open the way within you to know and to believe in what it is that your spirit is trying to convey. This takes time. We ask that you adopt an attitude of patience and persistence, and be very loving and compassionate towards yourself as you spend time in coming to sense and know who your pilot, your advisor, your counselor - who your spirit is within you. Does this help?

Student: I hope to use stillness to help calm the rough seas and rogue winds. And I look forward to being able to unfurl my sails and say full speed ahead toward clear skies and calm seas and helpful winds, because I often feel buffeted by influences and events that are disturbing and don't seem to get me anywhere.

Welmek: There will be those times in life when you cannot avoid the turbulent waters and the high winds. And this is the time to rely more on your pilot, and to spend that time in stillness in coming to sense the undercurrent that is moving you through those waters, so that you can emerge on the other side into the calm seas and into the sun.

There is always quiet beyond the storm; and if you can ride through those times with composure, peace, and most of all trust to where you are being led, then you will always be successful, and always further your skills and the enrichment of your personality.

Are there any other questions before we conclude; questions or other comments?

Student: Welmek, this is S. and I've been quiet tonight because when I came in tonight I was exhausted from my day, and I'm having trouble settling down enough to really fully immerse myself in the exercise. I haven't a sense of it. I couldn't fully immerse myself. And so, what I'm wondering is that in these times when we're so busy doing, and we're busy in the events of our lives and our responsibilities, which I am often. When I'm in the exercise, I love the metaphor of it, and I have a feeling of being in the flow and in the current. And it's just a feeling. And then when I'm in my life and I'm busy, and I'm going from activity to activity, and I don't have the time often to slow down and sense that flow. I'm trying to look at how I know that I am in the flow. And what I sometimes notice is just an ease in the way things are happening, even if I am busy and I have a lot to manage. An ease of the events - that the next door opens very easily, and it seems to be leading me where I'm suppose to be going - towards my destination. And just in a practical sense, in terms of managing all that I have to manage, I'm just wondering if you could comment on translating the feeling and the metaphor into the activity and the doing?

Welmek: Sometimes in human experience you are on, as you say, automatic pilot. And this is an idea of the captain giving total control over to the pilot so that you are not even aware of what it is that is happening to you at some level. You may not always sense this deeper connection, as you do when you are in a more relaxed and meditative state. But you find a certain channel, a certain current that does seem to move you in the right direction. And all this is a more superficial channel of the deeper current of being in alignment with the Father. There are depths; and when you are in stillness, you are sensing new depths, so that eventually when you are on automatic pilot but in one of the deeper currents, you will be in that flow and sense that deep peace. This will come in time, but now that if you are in one of these more superficial currents, then you are in the right place, and you are moving in the right direction. And in time, you will gain a deeper sensing of that channel. Does this help?

Student: It does help! So would it be correct to say that, just to trust that the automatic pilot that is there, and operating - I guess to just have faith and trust that even if I don't feel the deeper current that I can still be in the current?

Welmek: I am suggesting that you are in the current, and that in time you will go deeper, and as I said to D., that you will be so deep that it will be unthinkable to be otherwise. This will grow. Be patient. Allow yourself to experience fully where you are, for you will sink, as you say, deeper into the current, the more familiar you are with where you are. And if the superficial level is where you can experience this mostly in your conscious mind, then allow yourself to fully be immersed in this, and in time, you will carve within your mind's experience that deeper channel and sink even deeper into the current. Do you understand? (Yes I do. Thank you.) Do you need any further clarification? (No. Not right now.)

Welmek: My friends, I encourage you to read this transcript several times, for all of you have experiences and personalities and ideas that are all cross-pollinating. And so it is important to allow one-another's experiences to add to your richness, and to your own knowledge. So spend the time in reading these transcripts with a meditative eye, and know that your channels will be carved even deeper, the more you spend in the stillness and allowing your pilot to carve these words deep within you.

On behalf of all of the celestial friends present tonight, we wish to acknowledge each captain here, and to say that we will be very glad to be passengers aboard your ship. Good evening!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




JUNE 27, 2002

Welmek: Good Evening. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. I thank you for coming this evening to continue our discussion on the topic of recourse in your life.

Tonight will be the final installment in this series. And I wish to use the idea that we have been working with in a slightly altered fashion. The term recourse has another meaning in your vocabulary. It means having access to something when you do not have an immediate response. I wish to apply this meaning now to the word recourse - the topic of re-coursing your life. We have been discussing the action of the Thought Adjuster - that inner spirit as the pilot in your life - as the means by which you begin to carve your life direction on another course. And it is good to use this metaphor in your own internal guidance as a means to identify and come to know more intimately the workings of your marvelous inner guide.

But the idea which I wish to convey tonight is this: What if, within your feeling mind, you do go down the wrong path and you find that you have made a mistake. What recourse do you have at this time? And it is in this vein I would like to direct our lesson for this evening. For even though the divine guide within is eternally and infinitely perfect, your awareness to recognize its leading is limited and, as you know, is subject to interpretation. So I ask you to take this idea of what recourse do you have now in life when you make a mistake into the stillness and ask your spirit, "What do I do when mistakes occur or obstacles occur in life? What recourse do I have?"

Spend a few moment in addressing your spirit with this question, and take a moment to listen for the reflected answer, and then you may share your responses with me when you feel you have ascertained a response. (Pause.)

Student: Welmek, this is J. It seems . . . [at] that moment of perception of a mistake; you have an enormous choice of rejection or acceptance. And even this has to be learned because sometimes we are - our culture and our family - raised in a certain kind of institutional rejections of the truth. But if you can accept the mistake - let it become part of you, then in a sense, it is a blessing, for you will have learned something; you will have grown.

Welmek: That is an excellent response! For in the growth you begin to discern that there is another answer, and you do not judge yourself as a failure, only that you are adding to your life's experiences. And so, what would you say is the recourse that you have in this situation, as you perceive it?

Student: The very recourse itself depends on, I think a kind of a tension, almost based on - it's a matter of character - a kind of equanimity of soul, a kind of attitude of experimentation. So no matter what happens, as long as you learn from it, like an experiment that goes wrong in chemistry, but it teaches you things you couldn't have anticipated. You're nose-to-nose with something new. And so your recourse is to be able, somehow, to not just react, but to act with this new thing and be creative in that moment. This is the recourse you're are creating, or co-creating the future.

Welmek: And would you say then, that you look at making mistakes in the same light that you would have say, ten or fifteen years ago?

Student: No, this ability is something that is a function of wisdom and experience. It's something that is also growing. By the way, in this situation, it is the Thought Adjuster that somehow provided the contrast by which you can perceive the whole dimension of whether it's a mistake or not. That whole sense of it being a mistake, and then dealing with it, to me, seems a function of that inner compass. And what you do with that is a function of your will.

Welmek: Would you not also say that perhaps the Thought Adjuster shows you that it is not really a mistake per se, but an opportunity to learn something, as you said; that you couldn't have anticipated that gives you a expanded sense of who you are, what your range of expression is, and how that manifests another aspect of the God within you? Are you finding this also to be of your experience?

Student: Yes, I think this is, in the deepest sense, the love of the Adjuster, because there's nothing so precious; there's no gift that we need more.

Welmek: And so then, would you say that, from what you have described to me, that there are truly no mistakes, but more often than not, just new ways to overcome challenges, make certain choices, and thereby continue your growth, and self expression?

Student: Well, very much so! A mistake is, in one way, just an emotional reaction, a perception of a mistake, is just an emotional reaction to a challenge.

Welmek: That is a very wise comment. Thank you.

Student: Thank you, Welmek.

Student: I'm feeling very weak and I feel like I'm fading. I have a certified question to ask. One, that I manifest shingles, ADD, and (undiscernible). Two, what can I do about it? And three, what is the teaching? What is the (U)?

Welmek: Human affliction is not designed to be a teaching mechanism as much as it represents an imbalance in the physical system of some genetic pattern that has been carried within you for some time, and it is finding an expression because of the body's inability to withstand a healthy environment that would limit its range of expressing itself.

I would caution you to look beyond the current condition of your body, even though it does trouble you and limit your physical movement. But you are more than a physical mechanism. You are a free-will child of God, of Spirit, and as such, your spiritual nature is the better part of who you are. You have access to this nature, even though your body may be in conflict. You have access to the capacity to free yourself from this condition when the conditions in the mind are aligned with the overall spiritual circuitry that exists within your operating system.

It is important now to begin to step outside the boundaries of your physical system and identify yourself more as a child of God, who has access to all the prerogatives that, that relationship entails. Good health, unrestricted feelings of love, support, guidance and nurturing are all available to you. The Father in Heaven does not wish you to be ill. And in certainty does not afflict His human children with various illnesses to teach them lessons. However, in your affliction, should you grow your faith to the degree you know you will be made well and whole, you will overcome this limitation and find that which you seek.

I will pause now, and ask if you have a question or need further clarification.

Student: I'll have to spend more time in stillness, and also to focus on my spiritual life with more frequency and with more intensity. That should be my major focus. Is that the truth?

Welmek: That is one aspect of the truth. The greater truth is to begin to see yourself more in the light as a child of God. That will give you the incentive to spend time in the stillness. For when you know and feel that you are a beloved child of an infinitely wise, loving, tender, merciful and compassionate Heavenly Parent, the more you will wish to spend time in stillness in furthering your perception as a child of spirit. It is very important now for you to attach your self-awareness to the idea of being in this parent/child relationship: you, with the Heavenly Father, and resting in that awareness that everything you need will come from this relationship. But this does take time, and I know that you are striving for this. And I encourage you, when you are in the stillness, to imagine yourself in some form or fashion as being a small child, and crying out - much as an infant would - for the love, for the presence of the Parent to come in and hold you to His bosom, and let yourself rest. In time you will begin to sense the supporting structure of Divine Love that is now enfolding and upholding you even now as we speak. It is incumbent upon you, from the human end, to spend time in this relationship, and asking for that connection to be made. And it is helpful in human experience, if you can feel love, and ask God to amplify that feeling within you. Does this help?

Student: How much time should I spend each day in stillness and focusing on my relationship to God as a child?

Welmek: As much time as you wish. There is no limit. Some days you will feel more needy and it will seem natural to spend a great deal of time in the stillness, in feeling this love connection. Other times you will feel stronger and may only wish to spend a few minutes in stillness. This is entirely your prerogative, but it is important to spend some time each day in letting God love you. Letting God bestow and instill that most wonderful and nurturing of all feelings: the love of a parent for a child.

Student: I find it difficult to stay in the stillness. My mind is very busy. I have great difficulty in quieting my mind. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can do that?

Welmek: I would suggest that you spend some time in meditative reading. Read a paragraph in a book that is particularly inspirational to you. Then, after you have read this smaller section, stop reading for a moment, and ask your spirit to magnify what you have read, and to help you incorporate what you have read into your being. It is as if you are chewing on the words and letting them digest within you. This might help you to divert the thoughts in your mind from random thinking to the higher level of spiritual truth.

Spend time in prayer, particularly for others. This is also one way to train your mind to be in the Spirit. Spend time in acknowledging that which God has given you - life itself and the things for which you are thankful. These are some of the things that will divert and refocus your mind into that higher level of consciousness, where your spirit is more able to inlay what it wishes you to know as part of your spiritual education. When you have done this, for a time, relax, breathe deeply, focus on your breathing for several minutes, and when your mind wanders, return to your breath. And then when you are so relaxed, invite the presence of the Father into your heart and say, "Father I am your child and I wish to feel your presence now. I am ready. I open the door to Your love, and ask You to flood that into my being." And when you do this, the Father will respond. Does this help? (Thank you.) Does this answer satisfy you, or do you have other questions?

Student: I think that is a good answer. And I am very clear that I absolutely and more intensely and with more focus must persist, so I become more receptive during the time of stillness. I like the idea of seeing myself as a child of God. It is very helpful. I think that has to be my emphasis from here on out.

Welmek: It is who you are and it is your destiny. And the more you identify with this, the more it will become real. And the more naturally you will seek to be in relationship with the Father, and your time of stillness will become more satisfying and meaningful to you. (Thank you.)

Be patient, and enjoy where you are being led. It is a time of great discovery. There is no hurry. Relax, rest in God, and let Him do His work within your being. I honor the spirit within you. And know that you will find much joy as you continue down this path.

Student: Welmek, I have an answer to the question you posed to the group. It may be of interest, and it may open a door for a lesson about, when we make mistakes. And the thought that occurred to me was that a mistake is a value-judgement we make when a situation doesn't turn out the way we would like it to, then we call it a mistake. And then, when we realize we've made a mistake, we've already learned a lesson. And it seems to me the most important element that's left is either to determine the determination not to make that kind of mistake again, or, and patience to be able to gracefully withstand the pain of feeling - of feeling that we've made a mistake. And, of course, if we can correct it, and go back and fix it, that's of course, the most ideal opportunity. But often times, we just have to move on, and with determination, not to repeat the kind of error that led to an outcome that we didn't desire, from a situation. Is this accurate?

Welmek: There are many subtleties in your response, and I perceive that you have gained much insight and wisdom into your own perceived mistakes. I use the word mistakes in the earlier portion of this lesson as a term that you are all very familiar with, for humans have a great tendency to look at their life as being full of mistakes. And we do not judge this as such. There is a harsh judgement that humans place on themselves and one another when you do things that make you uncomfortable, and cause you to experience unpleasant consequences. But I would say that the consequences are a byproduct of an expectation that did not come to be - that what you had anticipated was something other than what you experienced, and thereby causing the tension perceived as a mistake.

But I would say from the perspective of the universe, that there are only lessons and learning and experiencing. You see, when you try a new experience, and you do not attach any particular outcome or expectation upon it then, would it not be more enjoyable to find what life has to offer? There are times when you will be taken down a wrong path due to your own limited thinking. And the circumstances on your world are such that you will find judgment, even condemnation, when things do not go as planned. And so it is very natural that you would judge yourself and one another harshly in these circumstances.

But I say to all of you tonight, that if you were to live your lives and make decisions in consort with you inner spirits, and then do not worry about what the outcome will be, and to move ahead in faith. Then any experience that would come your way would add to your life's insight and wisdom, and enlarged perspective of how the universe works, and to see new patterns of God emerging through you.

And my dear friend, C, I think this is what you were intimating, in your response.

Student: Yes, I feel very blessed by your words that make me realize that we can feel blessed by all of our experiences in the big perspective, in the long run.

Welmek: I assure you, my friend, there will come a time when you look upon this veil of tears as one of your best experiences in life.

Human life on this planet does not have to be beset with the misery and the isolation that you all so have experienced in some form in your lives. Keep your faith strong. And you do this by spending time with the Father each day, and aligning your willingness to be led in harmony with that pilot that is so steadfastly and lovingly guiding you into the light, into the truth, into the beauty, and into the goodness. (Thank you.) Thank you.

Student: Yes Welmek, this is D, and in dwelling on the idea of mistake, initially I didn't have any response, but after hearing everyone speak, one of the thoughts that came to mind was that in making a mistake, it was a poor choice, at that time. But at the same time, it showed me who I was not, that allowed me to show me who I am, at this time. And because of some poor choices that I have made in the past - choices that were based on fear or feeling lack or limitation, or feeling inadequate or unworthy, or having expectation, or feeling that I needed something - or wanted something, but didn't really need or want. That's allowed me to be more of who I am, of being closer in communion with spirit, and has made me grow and evolve. So that when I do make a decision out of false perception, I realize that's not the truth, that's not who I am, and I correct it, or go into stillness.

And also how I react to my poor decision, influences whether it dissipates or carries on. Do I react angrily or feel unworthy? Do I linger in the anxiety or the stress, or do I see the mistake and say, I'll move on from there? Obviously there are different degrees of mistakes or poor choices. Some that linger, like financial mistakes, and some that you can correct right away. But, all in all, a mistake, or poor choice shows me who I am not, that allows me to show me who I really am.

 Welmek: And so then, my friend (tape ends).. in what you have shared with me, is that your recourse in making the mistake is to see who you are. You have recourse of the vision of yourself as a child of God.

Student: Yes - true! And what happens too, I noticed, you tolerate and are more patient with other people's so called, mistakes, or poor decisions because you know what they are going through.

Welmek: So you see, you always have recourse to something new and better, and something that teaches you a new and deeper spiritual value that, as you incorporate into your being, allows you to manifest more of the spiritual fruits that you find so desirable - that deepening expression of tolerance and patience and compassion and understanding. This is what you have recourse to and all of your so-called mistakes or challenges are able to be re-patterned and aligned in this way.

Recourse is not just a new direction that you move your life toward, it is also your ability to have access to those attributes of the Father Himself that deepen your ability to become Godlike. Everything the Father has - in personality - is accessible to you: His goodness, His compassion, His infinite love. You all have recourse to this. So there is nothing that you have experienced that has been negative or hurtful that cannot be corrected. And so I encourage you to think about this idea: What recourse do you have in life when things do not always go as planned?

Things, people, circumstances will not always adapt themselves to your preferences, your will, your ideas of how things should workout. And so when you feel that life has hit the skids, as you say, spend time in asking your spirit: What recourse do I need, what recourse do I have access to? And you will always find your spirit giving you an answer, and helping you find a resolution to all those circumstances and situations in life; to give you the victory over misery, over despair, and defeat. And in this, your recourse to joy and eternity. Are there any other comments or questions before we conclude?

Student: Yes Welmek, as you know, my daughter is going through, yet again, another challenging situation, especially with her mother. And I'm always trying to impress upon her, she's been through a lot of challenges the past two years, and I've always been there by her side, urging her on, seeing the essence of her spirit, because she is a beautiful child of God. And she has a lot to offer in this world. Yet she is experiencing much pain from her mother; and you know what the relationship is between her and her mother. What I ask how can I teach my daughter - or maybe even teach all of us - how to pray? How can we speak to God? How can I teach her to pray; and despite what her mother says to her, that there is love there?

Welmek: You daughter will find the words in her heart to speak the words of spiritual help that she needs. You can encourage her in this fashion to look at the tension between her and her mother, and to ask God to soften that attitude and their tone in speaking one to the other.

She, in and of herself, can also do a few things, and to recognize how it is that she shows respect for her mother, and in wanting to keep the relationship healthy. When she is in conflict with her mother, it would be helpful if she could take a moment to back away, take a deep breath and pray, "Father I am having a problem with my earthly mother, and I ask for You now to give me the words to speak to her that will soften the tension that exists between both of us."

This is a somewhat advanced idea, but you have planted many seeds in her, and now it is time to help her to bear good fruit. If she is more spiritually receptive than her mother, then why could she not be the one to spiritually uplift the situation by stepping back and praying during the tension? You may need to reinforce this idea within her several times before it creates that awareness in her to stop and actually step back and pray. But if you encourage her to do this, she will find this a helpful technique, and both she and her mother will greatly benefit. Does this help?

Student: Yes, very much so. I have been thinking along those lines because - two things, my daughter is in the process of re-coursing her life. She has had many great lessons or challenges, and she has grown a lot in her sixteen years of life on this planet. And secondly, I feel that it is possible that she is the one who has to show her mother how to love, because that's been talked about before in a previous meeting. Her mother has a hard time loving or expressing love, so maybe that's one thing my daughter can give to her mother - it's the idea and ability to love.

Welmek: When there is conflict in their communication, neither one will feel the love that each has for the other, and so someone must break the tension and elevate it to another level. And as you have more of the ear of your daughter than you have of her mother, would it not be wise for you to encourage her to continue and to try this many times over. (Yes, I will do that. Thank you.) You are welcome.

Student: This is D again. I came here thinking I was going to be quiet, but now I have all these questions. And this one has been kind of bandying about in my mind since C brought up the question, a few lessons ago about what we experience when we pass away - when we pass over. And you said we experience eternal joy, love - all that. And then I said, can we experience it here on earth - all that, and you said very few can. And then my question is, why are we here on this earth then? Why do we not just end our lives, and go right to God, and experience eternal joy and love and life that it is so hard to experience on this planet? Why are we even here? And I know it's a large question, and that you might want to answer this at another time. But with all the challenges that we face, you know, if there's eternal joy and love when we pass over, why not just end it and go onward? Or are there deeper ramifications, if we do that?

Welmek: Do not perceive in that answer that there was not effort, and what you might consider to be work, for the universe is patterned to be a place of experience. It is the attitude that you bring to life that makes the difference. And you can experience joy and peace now, by simply adapting an attitude of wanting to experience all of the good things life has to offer, as opposed to wallowing in all of the misery of the world. It is this simple.

You are a child of divine destiny. Remember this: first and foremost, all the Father is - light, life, love - is yours and you know it. And when you connect with that and feel that, does that not change your attitude? (Of course! It makes me want to live!) I say to you my friend, as much as you love your daughter - and you have been with her before she was born - and when she was born, you knew that she would cry and experience discomfort. But you knew that, that would be transitory, and that she would find love and joy and happiness. And so, all of the unpleasant experiences that she went through - have they all not given her the capacity to be in life, and to learn new things? And all of the good things have added to her life's enjoyment, and she has had to make choices, and suffered the ramifications of those choices, and to learn maturity, and to learn lessons, and to overcome obstacles and challenges. And have you not told her yourself, it is your attitude that makes life more enjoyable, that separates those who go through life in misery, and those who go through life with optimism and good cheer? And if you know, as a parent, that your daughter is learning things and coming to a greater understanding of herself, then why would the Father, who loves you more than you love your child, and knows you more intimately than you know your child, wish for anything less than for what you have already seen for your daughter?

You are all creatures; we are all beings of experience and growth. And this is part of the Divine Plan - our divine destiny - to grow into God-awareness and God-likeness. And it is a joy. And it is a privilege. And does not each triumph you have taste doubly sweet when you know you have overcome something difficult? Does that not make you feel full of pride and self-confidence? And our Father, who loves us so much, would never wish to deprive us of any sense of self-accomplishment.

And so we are given a great universe to work and play and explore and enjoy, and many new opportunities to meet people and see new places, and learn new facts, and to comprehend new meanings, and to incorporate new values into our beings. What a gift! What an adventure! And why would our God, who loves us more than we will ever know, wish us to deny anything so wonderful? Do you see? (Yes, very much!)

Student: Thank you, Welmek, for bringing us inspiration, wisdom, love, clarity, and freedom.

Welmek: My dear, dear friends, you all have been effected deeply by the conditions on this planet, but this is not life; it is not living.

Come. be with us in spirit! Lift yourself out of this misery, and come and be our playmates in this wonderful universe that has been created for us to love and enjoy and to grow. It is all yours for the asking and for the taking. How much do you want to have? There is no limit, there is only abundance and prosperity and friendship and love. And this is your destiny. Good evening.