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Part I of 2 Parts Included

AUGUST 16, 2002


Good evening! This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. I bid greetings to our visitors this evening, and hope you will find this evening's lesson helpful in your spiritual growth.

All of your life's journey is a walk of faith; coming to know the Father; coming to a greater understanding of the person you have been created to be in the image of God, in the very image of perfection itself. And so over these last several months the lessons have been offered to you to give you a greater glimpse of staying steadfast in this faith-walk you are now firmly ensconced upon.

And so I ask you now to take this idea of "walking in faith" into the stillness, and to think about what this means to you. And I would like you to speak to the spirit of God that lives within you and ask, "How can I stay more steadfast on this path. What is the one thing I need now, to keep me moving forward in my development?" Spend a few moments, and if you feel so inclined, please share your insights with me in a brief manner. Thank you.

Student: My greatest need is faith. I need to deepen my faith!

Welmek: I would ask you to take this into the stillness and ask your Spirit how you can deepen your faith.

Student: What I got was "trust".

Welmek: What do you trust in? Where do you place your trust?

Student: I need to trust what happens; and not make judgements about what happens.

Welmek: Do you have a sense within you of how much you are loved? And how much you are appreciated by the loving creator parent whose image you have been created? I would ask you to go within and sense this idea now that I bring it to you to feel what this means within you: "Do I feel this love? Do I feel I am loved? Can I trust in this Love? Can I have absolute assurance that this love upholds me and protects me and strengthens me and guides me?" I ask you to take this now into your being and let this sit in your mind for a few moments. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Student: Welmek, sometimes life deals us tough hands and difficult situations, and I'm thinking it's hard to feel loved at those times. It's too bad we have to go through difficult times to test our depth; feel the capability to feel loved. It's quite a challenge here!

Welmek: So would you say that your biggest obstacle in your faith-walk is your ability to feel this love that offers you a sense of perspective of why you must encounter challenges in your life?

Student: It's difficult for me to feel loved, it seems, but easier for me to see the wisdom of being fearless, somehow, and that's difficult without faith, so I think I have a faith that I'm not even aware of, maybe, because I see the value of letting go of fear, and the importance of having a clarity of mind - sort of Buddha nature, so to speak. These are lessons I've been seeing the last couple of days so they may be off topic and to some degree.

Welmek: All of life is a lesson, my friend, and there are lessons in the many things that you do throughout the day. They have the capacity to stimulate your thought processes, your ability to analyze and synthesize information that pours in and through your consciousness. But there is something deeper within you that affects you even greater than your ability to think. And that is your ability to sense the spirit presence of the Father within you. And that is not just a feeling of being peaceful. It is an unequivocal feeling of being a beloved child. For in spite of all the difficulties that you must endure on your planet, feeling loved is the surest protection you have against the feeling damage that it can wreak within your soul when you are in the midst of a spirit-threatening circumstance that will diminish your sense of who you are and who you were created to be.

If this is a sensing that you have not fully developed, I would say then, it is advisable to take this idea into the stillness and ask to feel the Father's love for you. That it is no longer your desire just to feel these feelings of peace or what you might consider to be the Buddha consciousness, but to feel how deeply and devotedly you are loved by your Divine Father Mother God.

This is the best way to deepen your trust, for when you have faith in their love for you, you know with certainty and with assurance that all things work for the good, and everything that happens to you in life is there to teach you another aspect of God's nature, to help you love and serve your brother's and sister's more, and to help you understand yourself and all of the beautiful qualities that you are growing. Without feeling this love, you will not activate that faith to the fullest degree that keeps you on your path with assurance, with confidence, and with the ability to love with the depth and a breadth than you have heretofore experienced. Does this help?

Student: Yes! And there's some question in my mind about how opening my heart would cause me more pain, in a sense, to be connected to the level of suffering that exists on this planet would be overwhelming. So it seems like kind of a challenge to be able to open my heart to love and yet not be overwhelmed by the suffering around the planet, and all of the levels of suffering and all?

Welmek: You have within you a truth-sensor. It is the Spirit of Truth that has been given to you by Jesus - by our beloved Master. He, who experienced the fullness of this world, knows how to communicate the feelings and the range of feelings that you experience in life to help you move forward. Do not be afraid of experiencing pain; this pain of the world, as you say, for in that feeling of understanding the sorrows of this world comes the unbelievably rich experience of divine empathy, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and most of all, love. The love that passes all understanding in its revelation of the Fatherly love that Jesus bestowed and administered to all who came in contact with Him. And you have the same capacity to achieve this, my friend, if you rise to the challenge. Let Jesus show you how He achieved this. Let Jesus guide you into this realm now if you wish to activate your faith.

It is important now for each of you, if you are willing to take upon His cross, as you say, and to heal your world. But you must understand the depth of human sorrow so that you can effectively administer to it, and help people to find the way through it to the love, to the understanding, to the mercy that they so crave in their souls, and hunger for in their hearts. Is this challenging work? Yes, without a doubt! But you are not alone; have not we been here to guide you, and to nudge you along this path? And you have the very presence of the Father, of Jesus, of Mother within you to guide you and to foster this potential within you. Do you dare to challenge the faith within you to capture your imagination and your spirit and let your soul soar, let your light shine, let your heart open wide to the greatness of this love within you? Are you up to this, my friend?

Student: Well, perhaps we need a lesson on discipline; at least one of us does. That seems to be an aspect; is a weakness to just watch TV or get lazy or fall back into old thought patterns, various hindrances. Welmek: I would say that if you are willing to walk in this faith more steadfastly, then all you need to do is to ask your Spirit to challenge you now, and you will feel yourself being, well shall I say, pulled up from your couch of complacency and moved into a dynamic of living that actually stimulates your appetite for more growth opportunities and challenges. If you would like this, then you only need to go within and ask your spirit to activate your faith more, and you will be giving many opportunities. Will you be comfortable on your couch, watching television when you have the faith-lure moving you along? There will be a time when you need to replenish your spirit; this is true. And then it is time to rest and re-nourish your body with sleep, proper diet, exercise, and rest. But once you activate your faith by asking your spirit to do this for you, once you make that conscious decision there is no turning back. And whether you realize it, you are moving forward even though you feel those times of spiritual indolence. Recognize them for what they are, and allow your spirit to continue to move you forward by saying, "I am feeling a little bit lazy today, and I ask for an opportunity for stimulating spiritual growth". And then see what happens! Do you understand my meaning? (Thank you.) Do you need further motivation on this point?

Student: Well, I hope not? I'm not sure? But I certainly have enough to absorb and powerful tools.

Welmek: Is there anyone else who would like to share at this evening?

Student: Welmek, I feel that I have a good motivation but I just need further instruction. Maybe what my natural, what my abilities or my genetic limitations might be or what is the next best thing to work on, whether it is to pray for Jesus' mind or more skills or a little more training. But I feel very lucky that I've learned this much about the universe and God's plan, but I feel that I should ask for maybe guidance?

Welmek: You are being guided. You are being nurtured, and you have been given many opportunities for service and ministry, have you not, to others? (Yes, I have.) I would only add tonight that you continue your practice of asking for the mind of the Master to become your mind. This in and of itself is a noteworthy and lifelong exercise of exchanging your mind until you feel the seamless fluidity in your thinking that affords you this incredible sense of communion with Jesus, so that His words are the words that flow effortlessly from your lips, and His love is the love that penetrates from your heart into the person you are ministering to.

When you ask for this, and you are given an opportunity to share your love, to share the Masters' wisdom with another person, I encourage you to spend some time in sensing within you what does this feel like? What does the Spirit presence in me now reveal within my body and in my mind? And let each fiber of your being resonate with that to the degree that you become the living ministry of the love of Jesus.

I sense within you that you are beginning to do this more, and the ideas are coming more into your mind, but it is also important to let the awareness come into your body, and to permeate each fiber, each cell, so that you are not only communicating with your words, but your very being becomes this highly magnetized presence that draws these individuals into the bosom of Jesus. For have we not said that it is not so much the words that you speak, but it is the fragrance of your spirit that attracts other people to you. And this is not conveyed with words; it is conveyed with your spirit. And for you to feel this essence now will help you to remember what it feels like when you are using the mind of the Master. Do you understand? (Yes I do, and I value that very much!)

In your stillness practice, I encourage you to spend time, not so much with words in your mind, but feelings of your heart, and letting the essence of the Master overtake your being - that you are feeling this presence within you - luxuriating in it. And let it conform all around yourself and create a more magnetizing presence within you. Spend time each day, and if you can, several times a day in practicing this, so that when you are in ministry you will know when you are in that flow, and you will develop it to become an automatic response. Does this help?

Student: Yes, it does. And I feel that it's been my goal in life. It's very pleasing to hear these aligning phrases and be able to maybe, re-read them, I believe?

Student: Why is it so hard? I'm just whining again. It sounds like the most desirable, easy thing in the world. We seem to get in our own way, I guess?

Welmek: What would you say still prevents you from breathing in the essence of Jesus and the Father and our Mother? Where do you sense this tension within your being that may inhibit this essence from fully overtaking your heart and mind?

Student: It's often the restless thoughts, and tension in the forehead and shoulders and etceteras; physical symptoms - feelings.

Welmek: When you sense this tension, allow yourself to breathe into it, and just inviting your parents into your being and saying, "Your will be done. It is my will that your will be done in me." Is this something that appeals to you now? (Yes, very much. That's very beautiful - elegant.)

You do not need to resist or fight the tension within you. It is all a part of your mental thought-streams that are not yet in alignment. And so when you invite their presence in and ask for their way in you to become manifest, you are allowing that tension to gradually dissipate. And you will sense that it shifts and moves in different places in your body. And all you need to do is to breathe, and then to invite them to align wherever that tension is within you and make you more lovely in their image.

 The simplicity of this does not necessarily mean that you will always remember to do this, for it is a constant repetition of asking for your will to be transformed to God's way. For the more you can just relax and breathe and invite their will to become more real in you I think you will find it a little easier to stay on track.

Student: I suppose feelings may still arise like, fear or different old enemies? (Yes.) They seem to dissolve at some point?

Welmek: Yes. But if you just ask them to have Their way in you, and not worry about where this is coming from, or how much fear do I still have left in me, and just allow yourself to be with it while they are working within you, you will find that you have more incentive to trust. And then, as you go through your daily life and you feel this exchange coming in of Their presence and Their will for yours, you may find that in time how faith-fulfilling this is for you. Make this easy on yourself. Let the essence of who you are and who you are becoming be a gradual and enjoyable undertaking. (Ye-ha! Thank you.)

The walk of faith is the walk toward eternity - the walk toward God - the walk toward the perfect love, perfect alignment, and perfect melding of your will with God's will for you. Each day, as you live your life, think about the steps that you are taking in faith. Think about how it is that God works within you - that God is working within you. And sink back, if you will, into the loving arms that are always holding you as are being gradually propelled forward. In spending time in stillness, ask to feel these arms embracing you more fully. Ask to feel the strength and protection that you need to go about your daily tasks, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Over these last several weeks, we have had many exercises for you to use these tools, and I encourage you to study and spend time in these exercises that you read in your transcripts. And do not just read them once, but read them many times, and let them become a part of your daily habits. For as we said, the process in and of itself is simple, but you must spend time in repeating this over and over from different standpoints. And you have been given many assists along the way to do this.

I will pause now and entertain your questions on this walk of faith or on any other questions that you may have this evening.

Student: I would like to know what my primary focus should be?

Welmek: I would recommend that you your primary focus be that of allowing the Fathers' love to flow through you, and to let it overtake your being so that you can share this love with others, in loving service, so that you complete this circuit that you are living in in receiving the love of the Father, in loving others, and in letting others receive that love from the Father. You have been giving many insights, many ideas to consider over these weeks of your spiritual instruction with me. When you spend time in the stillness, open your heart and just ask the Father to lavish His love within you.

In time, all of the manifestations of the Spirit working within you will harmonize. It is important to keep your process simple so that you do not diffuse your intention in too many areas. In your stillness practice, ask to receive the love from God. Spend time each day in loving others. It is this simple. Do you understand? (Yes! Yes I do! Thank you!)

I would like to lead you in an exercise, if you are all willing? (Yes we are. Yes!)

Join hands. (All join hands.) In your mind's eye, I want you to visualize the presence of Jesus in the very center of this room - in the center of your circle. His presence is here! Call into it; speak into it and ask for His love to penetrate your heart. (Pause.)

Now when you have felt this love in your heart, let it overtake your being, let it fill you up, so that it is not only in your heart, but all around you, in you, outside of you. Just let your body take it all in. There is enough to go around, and more. (Pause.)

Now in your mind's eye, just take this feeling and just send it to the person to your left. (Pause.) And then bring it back to your heart's center. Bring it back into your heart and let Jesus to continue to permeate your heart with His love. (Pause.)

And now send this love to the person to the right of you. (Pause.) And bring it back to the center, and ask for more love to permeate your very core. (Pause.)

As I leave you tonight, spend a few moments before you begin to speak with one another in just letting this presence of Jesus fill you - saturate you, and leave an indelible impression on your minds, in your heart, and deeply within your soul. Good evening!

END PART I of 2 Parts

PART II of 2 Parts


Greetings everyone. This is your friend and teacher Welmek. I am so pleased to be with all of you once again. It is such a joy for me to instruct you, and to serve as a pathway and inspiration on your Walk of Faith. For as we began last week, I wish to provide another evening's instruction on this topic, because some of you were not able to attend, and I view all of you as having particular challenges now that you may wish to discuss with me more in depth.

You who are so accustomed to planning and plotting your course of life are now restarting to move in the direction of living in faith, and this is using another set of sensing mechanisms, as it were. As your society teaches you, you have grown up with the idea of having a career, a goal, a game plan: a set of ideas that you feel that you must implement in order for you to find happiness and to achieve success in life.

The Walk of Faith is different. The Walk of Faith is not about planning and plotting. It has to do with living, achieving, and being. I know that each of you have found this Faith of Walk to be challenging, and even difficult, and perhaps even disheartening at times. Would you all agree with this? (All agree.) I thought so. And you felt frustrated, and you felt that you were not heard or seen as you were calling out for the lifeline, and nothing came in. There were those moments, were there not? (Yes.)

But then there have been those times when you have felt that burst of faith, and you have been able to move forward, and you have experienced the goodness and the love of the Father. And you felt uplifted and encouraged, and taken under the wing of God, as it were. And I sense that within you there is this striving now to achieve even greater levels of this, or you would not be here, and you would not be so diligently trying in your inner lives.

So I ask you now: what is it that you think you still require so that you can begin to emerge from the walk of materialism - sensing your life through your physical eyes and your outer environment - into the realm of living your life in faith in your inner environment, where you are walking cooperatively and alongside the Father, joined hand in hand and moving ahead in light.

This is the exercise we practiced last week. And I ask you now to go into the stillness, and ask your Spirit where you are being held back in your Walk of Faith. And when you are ready, please share with me what it is that you feel is preventing you from moving ahead more fully.

Student: I'm inherently held back by my impatience, and by my lack of faith, and I'm not focusing on what I have but what I have not.

Student: Welmek, I guess you were asking a question that I might have answered prematurely, but I think that's the essence. More from oneness inside, but I think by sincerity, yet by somehow not losing a certain love of complexity in all these odds and ends. So I guess I see sincerity as giving up too much.

Welmek: What is it that you think you would be giving up?

Student: A certain aspect of character that does come out as somewhat immoral. As things get a greater moral dimension, there is a certain level of rebellion or orneriest, or whatever, that seems like making a sense of humor about things. But I don't know that I am taking myself too seriously here? It might be a certain level of irresponsibility, which I know in order to grow I must respond.

Student: To me, Welmek, (Statement was indiscernible).

Welmek: Do you have any awareness within you of how that impacts your (indiscernible)

Student: It doesn't stop me from moving ahead, spiritually, (undisc.) and it doesn't stop me from moving toward effectiveness and success in these other realms as well. And so it's just a matter of keeping at it, so to speak (indiscernible).

Welmek: In these things that you aspire to achieve or to come into you, would you say that you have faith that these will eventually prevail in your life?

Student: It gets rickety at times, but the fundamental force is there. I think I have endured somehow or other, despair?

Student: Welmek, as we know from the conversations earlier it's these barriers in my home life that seems to be holding me back in my personal life.

Welmek: Would you say that you have still a glimmer of hope within you?

Student: There is definitely a glimmer of hope.

Student: Good evening, Welmek. I think that my spiritual hurtles in my faith-walk arise when I have these preconceived ideas of what my destination should be or could be. And then they do fill me with great inspiration and a great movement forward and then I find myself falling so short of where, or what I felt would be happening in my life that I begin to question my own self and then what I've been conceiving my life to be about. And I find it small instead of finding my life large, and be willingly to go out, and find that I've become reclusive.

Welmek: What I mainly heard in your answers was the idea of what it is that you either expect, or want to be, or have in your life. And while you have free will, it is very normal for you to have your own ideas about how your life should be. Whose vision of your life do you want to aspire to now? I want you to seriously consider this idea. You certainly are entitled to a life of happiness and peace - fulfillment. But whose idea of how your life should look do you want to call your own? Do you wish this to be your idea? Or are you willing to consider what the Father's idea for your life is? Think about that for a moment. (Pause.)

Your choices now are important to your spiritual growth. The walk of faith is predicated upon your ability to choose that which is the Father's will and the Father's way. But if you are unable to know what that is, how can you possibly choose that? Would you say that is something that you have struggled with in your own inner lives? (Most say yes.)

And so, my friends, how do you overcome this? You overcome this by asking to see yourself from the Father's eyes. To begin to see your life from the Father's perspective, and what He feels and knows and wants for you, that is actually carried within you in the loving embrace and the careful guardianship of your Thought Adjuster. Your spirit has your ideal and divine life plan that was given to you as a gift, for you to enjoy life in the universe, and for you to reach Paradise perfection. It is in you! It is all within you.

Continuing to see your life the way that you envision it will be fine if you feel that you are making strides and affording your level of satisfaction that you want. But if there is something else within you that says, "There must be more. I am not completely happy. I want to feel better," then would it not be advisable to see your life and your self from the higher perspective of the one who knows you better and loves you more, and can guide you infinitely, perfectly, so that you can feel and achieve the happiness and the success that you desire in your soul?

The Walk of Faith, my friends, has within it this intrinsic component - of attaching yourself to the idea of following the plan that God has in store for you - and to lay down your plans for your life and exchange them for His plans for you. He will show you where you are now, what you can be, and what is important for you to understand now. There are those endowments within you that will help you achieve certain understanding and to experience a fuller depth and richness of life.

Career paths are narrow, and rigidly confined so that you fit into a certain economic position in your society. But life in the spirit is much greater and more satisfying, and you do not need to limit yourself to such rudimentary and undefined mindsets the way you have been so conditioned by your culture.

So I ask you now to take this idea into the stillness and say, "Father, I have had my own ideas about life. And some have worked out and some have not. But now I am very interested in learning about what Your plans for my life are, right here and right now. I am not so concerned about the future as I am concerned for this moment and where You want to take me in the unfoldment of my life."

I ask you to spend a few moments in the stillness now. And when you feel that you have an idea of what God is trying to convey to you about your life, I would be willing to hear what that is, if you feel inclined to share that with me. (Pause.)

Student: Welmek, I just feel a sense of peace and wholeness.

Welmek: Would you say that you would enjoy living in that feeling space for the rest of your life?

Student: Now, I guess so, although (indiscernible) I'm addicted to a lot of noise and(indiscernible) and excitement, but I'm not sure if I become bored or something is my concern, but it's certainly a wonderful feeling. I'm not sure I can maintain it with the challenges, but it's certainly a great place to be to start from and for whatever else, I guess?

Welmek: So do you feel that this would be a good foundation for your life?

Student: Yes, very much!

Welmek: Do you feel that this foundation would provide a springboard for greater opportunities for you to go out into the world and to love your brothers and sisters with more compassion and passion?

Student: Yes, I feel that would allow me to have the ability to put my attention on them, and energy and calmness to help them. The process forever would be helpful.

Welmek: Then would spending time in stillness, asking the Father to show you how your life should be at this moment, provide a solid foundation for you to build upon a new life for you so that you could move forward in your present state?

Student: Yes! (indiscernible.)

Welmek: But in this exercise, did you feel that you were asking the Father to directly show you what your life should be like?

Student: Welmek, I'm not sure, but I think it's more visual and (indiscernible) just experienced more of a physical-experiential state of being rather than a plan or a projection for the future.

Welmek: I understand, and what I am commenting on is not so much the visual depiction but showing you those feelings revealing those things - instilling those feelings within you of how He wishes you to live, and what your life can be like when you live in that state of being and state of feeling.

I am suggesting that if you were to take this request into the stillness that the Father will have more of a chance to instill within you the greater anchoring of love and peace that you need to use as a springboard as you begin to become more visible to the outer world in your life.

It is sometimes difficult for you, and I would say almost impractical at times, to try to process or manufacture these feelings without going to the Divine Source. And if you feel that this exercise has afforded you a higher degree of proclivity to that which is the divine well of peace and well-being, that you continue to ask the Father to bestow that which He wants for your life, and to make that truly, truly a part of human life. Do you understand my meaning?

Student: I just feel kind of prayer to ask for that presence on this world - to ask for it in silence, at any time in the day? Or just ask for it in words and take a moment of silence, or doing this actively during the experience?

Welmek: You can do several things, and try in your quiet moments of meditation and in your active moments of the day to be silent in your spirit, and to say, "Father, it is Your will for me at this moment." It is more palpable when you are in a relaxed mental state. And you can certainly practice this in the active state, but it might take some more time for you to feel this the way you might feel it now when you are far from the stress of daily life. But I certainly encourage you to continue to try this both in the quiet and active states, for this is how it becomes more fully integrated into you, so that it becomes an active habit to remember that you have removed yourself from this state of grace, and this simple, heartfelt prayer, as you say, that will restore your spiritual equilibrium. Does this help? (Yes! It seems pretty helpful.)

Student: Welmek, our last meeting you mentioned the word 'rhythm', a living, dancing back and forth, and I've said I was getting polarized. In one way I have a good feeling about a greater moral sense of almost everything: a compass pointing that this is a good thing. With that polarity you suggested that maybe it's a dancing back and forth. So I can always think of, the impression I just got during this exercise was being more supple, more alive of - then I thought of a red Madrone tree that gets all brittle and very red but very brittle, then it cracks open and you have this pale neon green living skin again. And I actually feel myself at times doing that and the world agrees. The people around me smile and the tools I handle talk to me, and they follow the line almost on their own.

Welmek: Each day, indeed, each moment has the potential for you to be renewed. So this sense of suppleness and flexibility, and I would say even childlike innocence and joy can be experienced.

Student: Welmek, my life's such a delicate balance because the child wants to smoke cigarettes, and do other little things that are just annoying because they are so petty.

Welmek: Do not be discouraged by those moments of your human rebelliousness. Are you not finding in your own life that these moments are having greater periods of space between them? That there is more distance between them now, when you feel this rebelliousness? (Yes!)

And so as you grow, and as you aspire to Father-likeness, these moments will eventually disappear. As I have encouraged you many times before, strive to become that which you feel the Father is guiding you. And do not become so distracted by those little bumps and imperfections you see in yourself. When feeling this newness and this suppleness, you will eventually develop the love for this so that it increases your capacity to do good - to do right, and that which is misaligned in you presently will fall by the wayside.

Do not beat yourself up about your rebellious human nature. The balance comes in knowing that it is there, and striving for the inner core of newness, freshness, flexibility, and that sublime sense of innocence that always triggers the imagination and sparks your creativity. You let the Father, in how He wants to unfold your life now, to have more access within your mind. He is not so concerned about your rebellious nature, as you might think, but he knows what you (tape ends.) . ...this time, and these moments of accepting His plans for you, the desire for rebelliousness will fade and trouble you no more. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, I do understand. Even the rebellious part of me understands. It's kind of like sentimentality, I guess. Somehow, transmuting all that rebelliousness so its not lost - maybe the good half of it. But there's certain charming aspect to it.

Welmek: You will find that everything is charming and endearing with you stays. And those elements that do not serve your mental and spiritual and physical health will recede. The Father only keeps that which is good, so you only get that (indiscernible)

Student: I find myself feeling so out of sync with my life right now. And it seems that I have, and I don't have a way to embellish the words, I've come up gripping on things that I really wanted to do, and then they just fade, and I find myself kind of not moving - not moving forward; not moving backward, but just not moving. And when I asked to see what I'm bothered with, I still feel I'm at just in the same place.

Welmek: There is, I perceive within you, a very profound, very sincere, and very deep call for service. Would you agree with this? (Yes) Do you feel that the Father wishes for you to express this in your life? (I hope so.) In your times of higher meditation, do you ask for the inspiration to be harmonized within you that your talents and abilities can produce the most beautiful fruits? (Student's comment indiscernible)

Welmek: Your own talents and qualities are very important to the (indiscernible) You will not feel compelled to move forward when you are feeling disjointed and scattered. You will feel that you cannot move forward because you have not been knit into a useful server of His love, even though you have a tremendous capacity to love and serve. It is as if all of your energy were put into a broken vessel and the vessel leaks water all over, instead of being able to be poured on that person to love them. Spend time in asking the Father to make your abilities, your qualities, come into a harmonious unit of loving devotion, then ask to be pointed in the direction for those abilities and talents that you innately have to be best put to use.

It is important now that you begin this harmonization within you so that you do not allow these feelings, for you have had your energies scattered, to continue to dominate your life. You have an enormous capacity to give. And that must be put to good use, but only if the vessel is full and well integrated, to do the work. Do you understand the meaning of this? (Yes, I do). Do you understand the significance of what this means, or do need further elaboration on this theme? Student: (Not right now.)

Welmek: You are most devotedly loved, and it is important now to let the Father continue his ministrations within you, so that He can use you for the healing of His children. (Thank you.)

Student: (Seems to be asking for what God's plans are for him.)

Welmek: To try to determine what the Father's plans for your life are will prove to be very difficult, if not impossible, at your level of development. I would suggest that you instead focus on asking to see yourself the way the Father sees you and to become more attached to that depiction of yourself than the one you have in your own mind of yourself. The Father does not see you as ill. You do. e Father does not see you with some of the burdens you have been carrying. But you do. Would it not be advisable to you then to see yourself how the Father sees you, as well and whole? What picture of yourself will you attach yourself to and come to fully appreciate: yourself or the Father's? It is not so much that you understand what the Father's plans for you are, as that you begin to see yourself how the Father sees you. And there is a very large distinction here that I am making so that you can come to understand better in your mind that it is who you are and not what you are experiencing that is important. Do you understand my meaning? (Yes, I do.) Do you have any further questions or require further clarification on this idea?

Student: No, I guess I would like to practice within, as seeing myself as my Father sees me so that I can practice that on a regular basis.

Welmek: In the exercise this evening, did you feel that you sensed in some way the Father's love for you? (I can't say that I have.)

Welmek: Then I would suggest that in your stillness practice to simply ask for that, and then wait and be patient. And as you said earlier that you feel that patience is something that would help you to achieve a greater capacity to be in your walk of faith. (Yes.) Patience is something you must exercise, and you get that by allowing yourself to be in the moment and not to expect anything other than what you are experiencing. I know this sounds a bit disconcerting to you, but patience is an exercise that you must practice. And you must at some level be willing to let the frustration of the moment be acceptable so that the patience you need will be able to gain a greater foothold within you. Patience comes by acceptance. Patience comes in increments. You build on it, each decision that you make. Yielding to the sense of frustration will diminish your feelings of patience and leave you dissatisfied, disquieted, disheartened. Acceptance will grow your ability to be patient, and eventually, in that patience, that which you seek will begin to emerge within you. Do you understand? (Yes, I do. Thank you.)

Welmek: Do you think you can be patient with this idea that I gave you this evening?

Student: I don't think have any choice.

Welmek: All you can do is try. And try your best.

Student: I need to become, as you say, in (little bitsy increments?).

Welmek: Most of your growth you will find comes in this fashion. Allow your walk to be in these small steps for now. And even though they are small steps, they are assuredly pointing you and moving you in the direction toward the Father. (Thank you.)

It is not a race. And you can be, well I will be redundant here and use the word patient, on your path. And to just accept that is your pace for right now. (Thank you.) You are most welcome.

Student: Welmek, in one of the exercises you suggest should I visualize long enough the set of plans that I have, how I expect things to be, burning them, and putting out a new set of plans and (indiscernible) the Father's plans. (indiscernible) that different thoughts are beginning to unfold under the events that have taken place over the last several months of what the Father's will is for me in the different areas and in the different directions, and it seems I need to focus more on the immediate problems at hand. Perhaps I'm just not quite understanding what His will is for me, and I'm going in too many different directions at once. Can you comment on this?

Welmek: Do you think the caterpillar wonders about what life would be like when it becomes a butterfly? All you can do, my friend, is ask for the Father's will in this moment. You have the plans. You have the destiny. You have an incredible span of experience to amass in your life. What does it matter how it unfolds if you know that what the Father has in store for you will be beautiful and thrilling and rewarding and satisfying. Staying true to His will for you, in the moment, is the best you can do. Projecting your energy into the plans that you have, as you know, has scattered your focus. When you address your idea to the Father of how He wants to enfold your life, you will begin to lose your taste for this endless speculation and projection of where you think you need to go, or you should be headed. All you can do is know, and trust, and sense that where He is taking you, right here, right now, is where you need to be, to experience, and to learn and to grow into where your life should be going in alignment with His will and your divine plan.

Did not the Master Himself say, "Not my will, but Yours, be done." And so He did this in the moment, and that is what gave him His strength, His courage, His patience, His compassion, His understanding. The more you assert your intention to live in the moment, the greater will the Father have to bestow to you that which you need to live more successfully. Do you understand?

Student: Yes! Yes, I understand. I love the way put things so clear, concise, and just filled with a great beauty. And I appreciate that very much.

Welmek: Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate very being able to share my experience with all of you. Are there any other comments before we conclude this evening's instruction?

Student: Welmek, I'd like to thank you, above all, I want you to know that your love is truly palpable to us. Thank you for your respect!

Welmek: I appreciate your sentiments, my friend. For you are all so valuable, and it is my dearest hope that you begin to see yourselves more fully as the lovely, precious, important, and priceless treasures that you all are. I know the difficulties of the world, although I cannot say I have experienced them. But I see you and I feel within you the depth to which they have so insidiously affected your sense of self-value. But my friends, I say this to you this is not the real you and it is not who you are. Your Walk of Faith into the light is so important, not only for yourselves, but for your whole planet. For you are the torchbearers for your generation, for your brothers and sisters who are still mired in the muck of human misery and the darkness of the spirit. Our Father, who has such immense and all this love for you, only wants what is best. Let yourselves be so thoroughly in love with His plans for you, that you see nothing less than this. The goodness and the beauty of His plans for you will absolutely free you from all that has been built up over the years of the rebellion, of the insidious evil that has affected you and all of your brothers and sisters.

This plan within you is real. It is who you are. Take this plan. Clutch it tightly to your bosom and walk forward in the light, boldly and proudly, that you are a child of God, a child of great value and great beauty. Hold your head up high and walk into the light. And see where it takes you! Good evening.