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Good evening. This is your friend and teacher Welmek. I am glad to be here with you this evening. I have an interesting lesson prepared for you tonight. This is on a topic we have not discussed before. But yet it is all a part of the human condition - so much so that it warrants a discussion or two on this topic so that you can begin to transmute that which is in you related to this to a higher level of understanding and appreciation of your evolutionary nature. The topic is grief.

As I was listening to your earlier discussions, it was mentioned that suffering is part of your human experience. And you know this to be so. And so you carry within you an imprint of grief that dominates your thinking, because it keeps you in a state of fear and does not allow the natural expression of fear to move into the realm of trust. And it is this very grief impression now lingering within you that must be released in order for you to access the deeper levels of faith that are calling you to higher spiritual growth and a life of service in healing your planet.

Each of you carries within you some level of grief that you have not yet expressed. And I ask you tonight are you willing to allow Michael and Mother to transmute this grief for you into a higher expression of your personality that will release you from fear and add new depth and meaning to your life? I will not lead you on this experience unless you are all so willing.

Students all agree.

Welmek: Thank you. I thought you would all be willing. But I did want to elicit your heartfelt cooperation in this endeavor.

Think now in your life of where you hold grief, and what has caused you to grieve. Is there more one experience? Is there one particular one that stands out in your mind? Go within; ask your spirit to convey to you that episode of grieving that no longer serves you and you wish to transmute now. Take a few moments to let that come to the surface of your consciousness, and we will continue. (Pause)

Student: You are saying that grief is suffering recollected in tranquility? I have one that I would like to share. I was abused by my brother for about 10 years, physical and psychological abuse, and he ended up in a federal penitentiary and committed suicide. And he sent me a letter, in which he asked for a pencil and to write to him in prison. I didn't do that, because I was feeling the effect of his treatment of me. I've been grieving over that for many years. I sometimes tell myself that had I written him he might be alive today. I thought I would share that to you all.

Welmek: I appreciate your words, and understand the way that you have felt this upon your soul. There are many heavenly helpers here tonight who are ready to assist you all in this transmutation of grief. What I would like you to do now is to call Michael and Mother Spirit into your body, into the very place where this grief resides. (Pause) Ask them to heal this grief within you, to a new level of understanding, according to their will, and let yourself be healed. (Pause)

There will always be occurrences in your life that cause you regret, sadness, and other emotions of pain, suffering, and remorse. You cannot escape those real and palpable feelings that weigh heavy upon your soul. These are all part of life experiences on a turbulent evolutionary world, where imperfect human beings treat one another with disdain and hatred.

In coming to a deeper understanding of why you grieve, know this: there is one who understands, there is one who has drunk deeply from the cup of human sorrow, and there is one who knows how to transmute the grief that you feel into understanding and compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

And so you only need to go to Jesus and ask for His loving hand to take that which burdens your soul and to heal it. It is this simple, my friends. The pain that you have carried deep within your heart does not have to fester and become an open sore. Let His healing balm of understanding and forgiveness reach deeply into each area where you have been retaining any minuscule feeling of grief, and let Him completely bandage this for you with tenderness and compassion.

Search within you. Ask Him to continue his ministrations within you, to bind up any wound and to make it well it whole-to present it back to you as a new understanding, and a deeper level of empathy within you.(Pause) Ask Michael to go into all of the dark places that you cannot even yet see, to shed His love light on them so you can be healed of all the grief, all the sorrow, of all the life experiences that you carry within you that have held you back, that have kept you from living in pure child-like faith. (Pause)

This tool I have given you is to be used frequently. You will always, for many years to come, run into those situations where you find that the sorrow of living on this world still can weigh upon your soul. But you do not have to carry this load alone; and you only have to ask Michael to help you understand and to give you that vantage point that only He can give you to see this with greater eyes of understanding and compassion and mercy.

So I encourage you all tonight, as you go through this exercise within you, to make a deeper commitment within you to use this to ameliorate all of the problems that grief brings into your life. Do not settle for these feelings to fester within you anymore, to dominate you, or to wound you. Make a commitment in your mind to outgrow, to liberate yourself from them, that you can walk with more faith confidence of where the Father is leading you in the unfolding of your true life as His child.

I will pause now and invite you to share your experience with me, in allowing Michael and Mother to heal these feelings of grief within you. (Long pause)

Student: I want to express my appreciation for this gift, in knowing that I need not suffer more. I have the means to share and be healed. So I want to say thank you.

Welmek: You are most welcome, my brother. The gift that you have been given is the gift that Michael shares freely with each child. You are not alone. You do not have to walk this earth life with feelings of isolation or abandonment, being thwarted in your attempts to feel faithful, by this grief. Let Michael carry your burden for you. He knows what to do with that which is too ponderous for a young spirit child to bear. Were you able to sense any amelioration in your inner grief this evening, R.?

Student: Yes!

Welmek: Continue to allow Michael to take any experiences where you have been hurt, and just offer this to Him and know He will heal every area within you that has been punished with grief. Thank you for sharing your experience with us this evening.

Student: Welmek, I can't find much grief. But I think of two experiences where on the death of my parents, where after a very short intense period of almost like panic, I just felt like, was overcome with an enormous presence, so that at that moment I didn't feel alone in this enormous awareness of what I was going through. And very shortly afterwards, in a matter of an hour or so, it gave me a great sense of triumph. I tried to express t hat at my mother's funeral by saying, "Don't worry, she's off to a good start." It was a transmutation of grief into something absolutely triumphal, triumphant, but also a sense of presence of not being alone in those moments. I am very thankful. Very wonderful.

Welmek: And is this not liberating, my brother, to know that no matter how difficult life becomes, there is no need to carry any burden on your own; and that every hurtful, harmful emotion that you feel has potential to be transmuted in the victory that Michael instills within you? Want liberation! How does this allow your spirit to soar and your faith to deepen, and to know with assurance that everything is made right in a loving and orderly universe under the Father's hand and watchcare! There is no greater joy than this, my friend, and I honor that which you have felt within you, and know that you will come to even deeper levels of understanding in this as you experience life more richly and fully in the spirit.

Student: Thank you, Welmek.

Student: Yes, Welmek, there are two situations that I have experienced grief. One, that, as you know, has lingered since November of last year. And what I notice in this particular grief is how the pain and the suffering and the fear and other emotions kind of seeps into my consciousness from time to time and take away that joy - and how it kind of pervades my being at that moment. And things can happen any time, and there is even a sense of unsavoriness about it. And try as I may, it still lingers in my heart, weighs heavy on my heart.

The other grief I have been experiencing is over my son; that he is becoming a man. And it's like I'm grieving in losing him. He's growing up, and there is so much I want to do for him; because my love for him is so deep. And he has experienced recently grief in that a friend, very close friend of his, committed suicide. And he had a hard time talking about that. In fact he didn't want to talk about it. And so he is growing up and experiencing pain and the stresses of becoming a man in this world. So in a sense I am grieving for his lost youth. And there is so much I want to do for him.

Welmek: In the exercise, were you able to sense Michael's love for you, and how much He wishes to do for you, helping you to understand life?

Student: Yes, I'm feeling it right now.

Welmek: And so what you feel and wish to have your son experience is very natural and normal. And so you have, in a sense within you, a dynamic of relating to Michael as your father and you are his son. and the capacity to relate to your son as the father. Draw more into Michael. Let Him prepare the way for you to counsel and respond to your son by allowing Him to relate to you those experiences that help the father know how to deal with the natural growth process of the child.

For on one hand you know that you cannot protect your child from the difficulties of life beyond a certain age; and that they must go out into the great world and experience the light and shadow, the good and the evil, the joy and the sorrow. What you can do for him is to offer a perspective; and to counsel him that he has a source of peace and understanding within him; that no matter how difficult, troubling, or painful any situation he experiences in life, there is One who knows and One who heals and One who can offer him a greater understanding and capacity to see life through more eyes of love and understanding. And this, my friend, is the greatest gift you can give to your son: to know that he is beloved, and Michael is his Father in the same way that he is yours. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, yes, very much so.

Welmek: Help your son deepen his faith by sharing your inner life and the love you have experienced from the Father. And while these are just words at some level, your heartfelt expression will plant a seed within his soul; and the more you water it with your love and compassion it will take root and grow strong within him.

Are there any other comments on the experience this evening? (pause)

Student: Well, for me, I have done what you asked to do, and reviewed an awful lot. And the request for giving a report on what was felt, I find that I don't have a feeling to share. I sense a little bit that this tool is working. I don't have the verification, however, of the feeling. I wonder if you could speak on that.

Welmek: What did you sense within the exercise? Do you feel comfortable in sharing that with me?

Student: I do. I felt that I covered a lot of ground; that I touched on very basic key areas that you encouraged us to do. And so my sense of completeness in that regard is there.

Welmek: The invitation of Michael into your being is the catalyst for the healing of grief. It is as if all of your wounds are being gathered and bound together-that Michael, as He heals through His loving ministry, reconfigures this place within you. And so they are made right, and He gently inserts these experiences back within you. They are still a part of what you have lived in your life. But they will not affect you as to your behavior or your attitude regarding them.

Some people will not consciously experience this to the depth of it actually being a feeling mechanism or response. But you will know whether or not it has been healed by the outward way in which you respond to a situation, or if this memory when it comes up in the forefront of your consciousness causes you pain.

I would say that these deep levels of spiritual correction occur at a level within the soul that is so deep that you may not always feel what is happening within you, but that there is a quickening of the spirit. And in time you will know the validity of what occurs when you invite Michael into your being for healing.

For now, use this tool often and with greater assurance that your healing is well underway; and that Michael is lovingly ministering to you whenever you ask, whenever you come in sincerity to be healed of all that causes you pain and heartache. And all that has kept you from living more faithfully your spiritual life. Does this clarify this question?

Student: It helps. I recognize that the grief I'm focusing on is very long term-that it represents my whole life in this physical body, such that I found myself living as someone who I'm not, every since I began this life. So I guess it may take a little more time and more applications of this process, to more fully dissolve the -the word 'phoniness' comes up to me now, the phoniness that I have presented to the world, because I felt obligated to fit into molds of being that were of other people's values, and not what would deepen me. And I did that, because I sensed that I would not survive if I was myself, that I had to live somebody else's image of who I was, in order to stay alive.

Welmek: My brother, the values of your world are not the values that you have sensed within your soul - the values of spirit. And so you have access to the One whose spiritual values and ideas and ideals are yours to share. (tape ends and some words are lost here) Michael of Nebadon, as your Creator-Father, and draw on the life of Joshua ben Joseph, the human being who lived through mortal existence. He, too, lived a life that no one understood. So He well understands the challenge that you have faced.

Go into Him. Ask to understand, 'How were you able to stay loyal to who you are in the midst of oppressing rejection?' There is no one who was rejected more than He, my friend. He will share all the ways in which He could remain loyal and faithful to who He was in the midst of being so humiliated and put to the death.

You, in some ways, have faced a certain death, a death of the old self idea. Now come to a greater understanding of who you are, by asking Jesus to show you how to remain loyal in the midst of living on a planet that rejects truth and honors all failure systems. Do you understand?

Student: I understand. I'm anxious to move on ahead and let go of even more of whatever is holding me back.

Welmek: And if you appeal to Michael, in appreciating His perspective on this, will you further distance yourself from the idea that thwarted your growth. You will find a new sense of liberty and joy in coming to love the beautiful person that you see emerging in the child that was created, the child that you are in the Father's image. Walk in this light, my brother, and see what glorious destiny is awaiting you.

Student: Okay! Thank you.

Welmek: Do you have any further comments or need for elaboration this evening?

Student: Only that it seems to me, more and more, that the consciously recognizable communication is appreciated, and not always discerned. So I wanted to do what I need to do to be most receptive to that, and to make the request that comes through clearly and immediately, I guess may be the right word, in a way that I can catch it. I don't want to hang out, wasting a lot of time or energy not quite being sure. I want to be more certain that I am connected in getting that input, and feeling it 100% and acting on it, therefore, that way too.

Welmek: Well, you have made a tall order for yourself, have you not?

Student: I can't do anything less.

Welmek: Be patient, my friend. Know that all good things are being added to you incrementally. Spend time communing with Michael and the Father, and know deep within your soul that you are moving forward, you are being guided with devotion and love. Let yourself enjoy how you are being transformed. It is a somewhat slower pace than you may imagine or desire at this time, but I say to you that there is wisdom in this slow transformative process.

And so, in adapting more of a patient pace, you will gain more assurance and confidence and clarity of thought and connection with your spiritual source that this is truly happening in your life. And you can certainly ask for the perspective of wisdom that you need to see your growth in this manner. Do you understand?

Student: Do I understand that patience is required? I am willing to provide patience on my part, and that you confirm that it is acceptable and desirable to ask for the clarity, and that it is going to happen. So I think everything that needs to be attended to is in the process of happening.

Welmek: And so it is, my friend.

Student: Yes, thank you very much.

Welmek: Are there any other comments? (Pause) I invite those who have not shared to not be self conscious and speak up, for your concerns can help others as well. And this is a place to share your feelings in security and openness.

Student: Welmek I'd like to speak to you now about the grief that I feel almost on a daily basis within my family, the family dynamics and how we relate to one another. The grief that I felt the other day. When I lost my patience and my temper with my son and the resulting action.

You spoke to me before about the language of love being my greatest discipline. And I listened to you. I understand what you mean by the language of love. I understand to ask Michael to pervade my being so I may speak this language with my children. It doesn't seem to happen when I would like it to.

So there's been much grief in my life, but this grief now is daily grief, is what I'm working with and dealing with. You have given much advice already this evening, and Michael and Mother, on what needs to be done. And that's why I haven't spoken about it. I share this with you now.

Welmek: Again, I ask you to share with me if you were able to detect an amelioration of the grief within you during this exercise.

Student: Yes, I was. As I thought about all the different events in my life that have caused grief, as they came to mind I gave them to Michael. I felt lighter, much lighter in my heart, much lighter in my soul and being.

Welmek: Then my friend, if you wish to speak the language of love to your family more, allow Michael to continue to alleviate your burden in every area where you have retained any pang of grief or sorrow. It is this simple. My words of counsel will only add more confirmation to that which you have already learned and are now incorporating.

And so now is the time for you to experience. Experience the healing of Michael's hand within you. Experience the relief and the release of this burden that you have carried within you for so long. It is the experience now that will pave the way for you to more naturally allow your best intentions, your heartfelt motivations, to trigger those actual behaviors that you can speak and be the hand of love to your family.

Words can only go so far in healing these deep inner wounds. Now is the time for you to trust Michael more than you already have, and to open your entire being to Him and let Him heal every wound within you. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, yes I do. Now I will try to do that.

Welmek: To speak the language of love you must be love. And where there is grief, love cannot prevail. So allow this grief to be taken from you and transformed into compassion and understanding, tolerance and mercy, respect and kindness - and then, my friend, the language of love will flow from your heart and your lips into your family and be a blessing to all of you.

There is one more response I should like to hear.

Student: Welmek, you guessed my grief. Sometimes it is so deep it is so hard to bring up. It is such a feeling of loss and aloneness. When I turn it over to Michael and Mother, I do feel better. Yet to touch it, it is still so painful. I guess I just keep trying to push it out of my life and not deal with it.

Welmek: My dear sister, trying to hold the grief at bay is something that your small arms cannot do. The grief is much larger than you can energetically control. Do you understand?

Student: Yes.

Welmek: You are trying to maneuver your life around-away from the deepness of sadness within you. And it follows you wherever you go. And so there is only one thing that you can do now: ask Michael and Mother to walk you through this grief, and thereby releasing yourself from it. It is the life of liberty, trust and hope, and confidence in a better tomorrow. There is no other way, my sister. And to continue to try to avoid this will only deepen your sense of pain.

Ask Michael and Mother to accompany you through each one. Let Them know how afraid you are. Tell Them this is more than I can bear, and I need your help so that this does not tear my very soul from me. And They will tenderly and gingerly guide you through this. I know this is difficult, but you can trust Them.

This is one way that you will absolutely deepen your capacity to trust in Their love for you. I would say that you have not tested Their love for you enough yet. And so for you to walk through this sorrow that you feel will only give you a greater appreciation of how much you are loved by your Divine Parents. How devoted they are to your well-being and to your happiness and to your joy. Let Them prove this to you by going to Them and asking Them to skillfully and lovingly guide you through your sorrow. My sister, you will be so enthralled with how They feel for you. You will feel a new sense of self-love, self respect, and self liberty. Does this help?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Welmek: Is there any other way in which I can assist you this evening?

Student: No, you've been most loving. Thank you.

Welmek: I would like all of you to now gather around S., while we invite the presence of Michael and Mother more fully into her being, to surround her with love, and to help her feel safe and secure in their embrace, if this meets with her approval. (Yes)

(A long stretch of time in which the other students and the T/R surrounded student to support Michael and Mother's process).

Welmek: I appreciate all of your participation in the healing with S. tonight. And I know this has not been a particularly joyful experience. But through your walk of faith into those valleys of darkness and shadow, can you only truly walk into the light and be embraced by the love of the Ones who are devoted to you.

On behalf of those who are gathered here, we honor your willingness to take this walk of faith. And we encourage you to continue to be willing to walk through this valley, and to know and to feel and to see the light ahead and to trust that it grows ever brighter with each step you take. You are only in the darkness for a short time, my friends. Take the hand of the Ones who love you, bind yourself to our beloved Michael and Mother Spirit. Let Their grace and love for you fill your being, and walk forward into a brighter tomorrow. Good evening.