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Tallahassee Florida Group


Rely On The Strength From Each Other

NOVEMBER 8, 1991


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. Our God upholds us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever He is, we are.

I am Will. Thank you for being here tonight so that we can meet together. I appreciate everything you are doing to achieve whatever spiritual growth you are able to achieve. It is most important that we work together to find the Father's will. Our working together will get easier and you will all find your purpose as we move ahead and achieve the purpose for which we have all been called together. Over time, you all will find it necessary to do whatever is necessary to carry out the Father's will and rest assured that at those times, you will find it within yourself to have the knowledge and the strength to carry that out. It is not necessary to have any anxiety concerning your part in the plan. It will all be made plain to you. If you are having any questions, I would be glad to answer them now and then move ahead with my lessons after that. Rich, you seem particularly to have a lot on your mind tonight. Would you like to talk?

ERIC: Yes, I feel certain that you know a number of the things that I have already been thinking about. We have discussed this evening already the experience that I had Monday morning. Most of them are silly human kinds of questions about who is speaking at what point, but of course, I genuinely feel that I had contact with my adjuster and it sure was a great feeling and it is a great incentive for me to work more towards that. I am satisfied with just asking for further comment from you on what happened that morning.

WILL: Often times we doubt what we experience as not being from the Father because we want to make it all too complicated but it really should not be so. What we experience is only a part of His plan. Your contact, whether it was from your adjuster or from us, need not concern you. You need only be concerned with the message involved. Listen to what was said and seek to carry it out. If you are able to do that, you will have accomplished much. Do not concern yourself with anything further. It is doubtful that any of us can in the long run know completely what we will be required to do but we must live by faith and let each day unfold for itself. Living by faith is the only way we can find our Father. You who live on earth are unenlightened as to the spiritual ways and it is therefore difficult for you to have knowledge beyond what you see. Many times we would like to reveal to you what we know but it is not within our realm to do so. It is only for you to live daily, therefore have faith that God will take care of you. Is there anything else?

VINCENT: Will, this is Vincent. I spoke to Desmond this week and he asked me to inquire of you how he can best facilitate the coming of Ramsey the teacher for his group in Tampa and what actions he can take to assist in that process.

WILL: Ramsey will find his group waiting and willing to work with him. They have been evolving for some time now and are ready to be brought together for further work on a higher scale. Be not concerned with how they shall work together. It all will be brought about. I am glad that you will have a chance to meet him this week. It is important that Urantia groups stay in touch with each other especially those who are beginning this kind of work. There is so much work to be done and the more you can support each other, the easier the task will be. Initially their group will have some areas where they will have to find their way and that will just all be resolved in time. They are all people trying to find their way and they must subdue their own personalties for the greater good of the group. They yet as a group have not done that as you have in your group. We will all be there for them and rest assured that we will be helping them all the way. They will get the best help that is needed. You need not be concerned. Another question?

KATHY: Will, this is Kathy. I have been working on this idea from the Urantia book that there are spirit poisons, anger being the one that I would like you to address and the role that anger has-that the Urantia book says that anger is like a stone thrown in a hornet's nest and that it is a spirit poison and yet that modern psychology encourages us to deal with our anger. I would like to hear your comments about that.

WILL: Anger indeed is a difficult emotion for humans to deal with. It causes you great difficulty in your every day life and can indeed be a poison which wreaks great havoc upon the body. Attempts should be made at alleviating this instead of turning it inward but at the same time, socially accepted methods must be found to release it. Merging these two are often difficult for you to handle. We find as we look upon all of you, not just here in this room, but the human race, there is so much hostility and anger and all of this is very difficult for us to understand because we who are spiritual beings do not possess the same ego problems that you struggle with. It is only by working daily to overcome these issues that you will be able to finally master them. They must though be released from the body and not allowed to be absorbed. It is necessary for you to understand that all emotions that are negative are indeed poisons and that the ones that are spiritual are necessary for you because they will always feed the soul and provide for you greater living patterns in your daily life. It is because of this that we encourage you to seek calm times throughout the day to be by yourself. It all goes back to what I have told you before that finding a time to be alone with the Father is the only way for you to effectively deal with your daily earthly life. It is the only way to master the drains you have upon yourselves. Find a few minutes every day no matter how busy you are. It just has to be done. Next.

RON: Will, this is Ron. I still think quite a bit about my two recently departed sisters and my question is, are they in a state of consciousness that allows them to understand what is happening on this planet spiritually, now?

WILL: It was truly unfortunate that you had to experience so much sorrow within such a short time. We know that it was difficult for you to handle. This was indeed sad. You must be rest assured that both of your sisters are being cared for. [short break] Melissa was overcome with the grief that you were feeling and tapped in on that grief. That is why she had to stop. Rest assured that your sisters are being cared for. Once the death process has taken place, there is no more pain. Only the sleep of rest. At this time, we are unable to give you any more information than what you know is already contained in the Urantia book. The sleep that they received upon their deaths will continue until the next dispensation. But I want to assure you that you need not grieve any more though we know you are lonely. Please be assured that you are being shown your way and you will find your place in the scheme of this as time progresses. Your way will be made clear to you.


Now I would like to talk with all of you. Listening to you now as all of you have talked together has been very heartwarming and shows me how far all of you have come learning to love each other. If only others-God's children around the world-could find a way to do the same, there would be little strife. It does take work but all of you, if you will only take the time, will find it in your hearts to learn about each other and love each other as God already loves you.

We are bound together by more than just your human nature. You are bound together by what will draw you forward and keep you coming back and that will be the finding of the Father's will. He will continue to draw you closer together so that as you face day by day the strifes of life, you may call upon each other and draw strength from each other.

This is important. It will not always be times when the day goes smoothly. There may be struggles ahead that some of you at this point in time may not be prepared to face but when you do come upon them, call each other, draw strength from each other and draw strength from God. That will help you get through those times. We will always be near you working with you on whatever level to which you will be receptive. You each have your own ways of receiving God in your own lives.

He reaches out daily to contact you and waits only for you to be receptive. If only you could see each other as God sees you not as merely mortals but as His children, just as you love your own children. Every day work to find His will. Every day work to find good in each other. Every day work to find peace; to be peacemaker and to resist the temptation to clash with your brother.

It is only in this way that you can find inner peace and begin to totally attune your will to God. He who reaches out to you can only find you if you are receptive and you who let your light shine must do so before all men so that they too may find the Father. In doing so, we may bring all men to God and work for a time when the whole world shall have knowledge of Him and be enlightened with the spirit of God.

We will stop for tonight. This has been a very stressful evening and I understand that you have much to discuss. Think about what I have told you. Find time during the week to spend time with your Father and love those around you. My peace I leave with you. Shalom. WILL-103