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Will - Choice and Grace - Nov 24, 1991 - Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee, Florida


Various Group Questions about Choices, Grace, and Private Meetings

NOVEMBER 24, 1991

WILL: The love of God surrounds you. The love of God upholds you. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are, He is. I am Will.

My greetings to you all as you gather here tonight. I have listened to you talk. I have listened to you share your thoughts and your concerns. I can tell you that all are trying and I would tell you that you can rest assured that you are all being guided. If you can, relax, and let the Father guide your thoughts, guide your lives, and rely upon Him in all that you do. He will lead you in all things, and you need not be concerned for the future. All things shall come to pass, and you will know your part in these activities as they progress. I am here tonight to share with you that all things are possible to those who continue to have faith and those who rely upon Him. You must continue to work together and to rely upon each other as you meet and as you are able to get to know each other better. The fact that you have come so far and have shared so much brings you together, and gives you great strength to build your group. Be not concerned for what lies ahead. Be only concerned for today. The future will take care of itself, and you have enough to deal with today. If any of you have questions, I can answer them now for you. Go ahead.


JUDY: Teacher Will, this is Judy. First of all I would like to thank you for being our teacher and making contact with our group. This has been an exciting, yet disturbing week for most of us with Rich being contacted. It gives me hope that we all may attain a higher spiritual awareness and sensitivity. In fact, it seems at times we want this too much. And the disturbing side was I was the one that we suggested that we inform Jim Mills, a lifelong Urantia reader and former member of this group, that he be told about our group and that our group was given a teacher. He seemed to express doubt about the authenticity of this contact or this experience. Can you help us understand Jim's reaction and whether or not we should share the transcripts with him.

WILL: Jim is concerned that none of you be led astray. He has worked so hard. He feels responsible for bringing you to this point and he feels responsible for the growth of this group because of the work that he has done. It is of little matter to be so concerned about his reaction. As you have already mentioned before, it is his loss, and there is little that anyone can do at this point to convince him otherwise. Jim is only reacting in a way to protect you, and he seeks nothing other that. You need just to give him time. There is nothing more at this time to do. Another question?

SOLDETTE: Hi Will, this is Soldette. I have one of the puny mortal questions. I am afraid I don't know if it has any spiritual value. I am pursuing a career change, and it is going to involve some sacrifices for my family, and I just wondered if I should do it.

WILL: My daughter, these types of questions only you may answer. These are choices that you must make on your own. You know what will make you happiest and what will satisfy you the most. I cannot make those choices for you. If something means that much to you, then you must go after it with a full heart and with all your energy, but only you can decide what means the most. Anyone else?

JUDY: Will, this is Judy again. Soldette asked a question that was weighing heavy on my heart as well and that is, how do we know when we put so much time and energy into careers, which paths will be most productive for other people spiritually and which will be a distraction?

WILL: In our lives, there are many choices which may be made. You on the human level cannot know all the ramifications of your choices. You can only do the best that you can do, and if you do it best, then you worry little about the outcome. Just strive to do your best.

TOM: Will, this is Tom. I was wondering if it would be beneficial at this time for individual members of the group to have private sessions at a different time, or are we rushing things?

WILL: Altogether you sit here tonight and you listen to me talk and you read the lessons that have gone before. I ask that for now you study what you have, and later we will have what you call individual lessons. You have already more than you can possibly absorb. Keeping studying and in the future we will talk again of this matter. I ask that you remind me.

VINCENT: Will, this is Vincent. Good to see you again. We missed you last time, but I wanted to know if we are each going to talk with you. We have been discussing this. I am sure that you have heard it, and Rich has a theory that we will all talk with you at one time or another, which would be nice and I would like to know if we can anticipate that being the case.

WILL: The contact that you all seek will be available to those who are able, although it may not be available to all. It simply is not possible. There is within the mind of certain people a chemical makeup to be able to make such contact. There are those of you who do not have this, and you should not feel sad about such. It is simply the way it is. But much good can come from those who can. Be not concerned.

RON: Will, this is Ron. The Urantia Book really doesn't address the concept of grace in any great detail. Can you define for us what grace is and how we can obtain it?

WILL: It is that contact with the Father that allows each of us the ability to go forth in our lives completely in tune with His will. It allows us to go forward daily, mindful of His thoughts, to do what is expected of us-to go forward in the midst of strife, to go on when we want to give up. It is best expressed in those qualities the man Jesus presented when he came to your earth, and his personality. It allowed him to spend time with his disciples and those people around him. To so cherish them, to work with them, even when they did not understand him. He always had patience with them even when they might possibly, on a human level, not have deserved such incredible patience. That same grace you are asked to express with your brethren as you are asked not to strive with them but to love them as Christ did. Behold the man, behold the Christ within him. Behold his teachings. Go forth to emulate him. Outside of the tuning of your will to the Father's, there would be no higher duty. We ask that you patiently pray each day for the ability to do so. Wait quietly. Walk with God and allow Him to guide you in all your relationships with all mankind. And His grace He will shower upon you so that you may show upon your brethren. I hope that has answered your question. If the channel is closed, it cannot possibly be there and input so that you may feel His presence. Again I say, find a time each day. Anyone else?

TOM: Just as a matter of curiosity, the chemical factor involved in our individual abilities to make contact, is that a genetic inheritance?

WILL: At this time, I will not answer any more questions concerning contact. I ask that you be content with what information you have. Please understand.

VINCENT: Will, this is Vincent again. I know everybody here is interested but does not want to ask and since I already have a spiritual name, I am going to ask you if it is appropriate for you to just tell people their spiritual names? Or do you want them to ask? Or if the time is right, will you of your own act tell them?

WILL: The spiritual names will be given over time. There is no rush into such matters. Melissa has been given hers merely as a protective device to protect her anonymity. It would be most unfortunate if her name were to be given out. You all realize. I ask that you be patient. All names will be known in time. It should be of no further concern at this moment.

JUDY: Will, this is Judy again. This group has stayed together over the years because we have been touched by the teachings of the Urantia Book. I have friends who are spiritually receptive, but have never read the Urantia Book. Instead they have chosen to express their spirituality through other means, such as East Indian religions. My question is, will the spiritual mission that we are to fulfill come mainly through readers of the Urantia Book, or are other people who pursue other spiritual paths to be contacted as well?

[Break-Vincent crunching pretzels distracted Melissa here.]

WILL: How wonderful it is for me to watch all of you being able to laugh together. It is so important as you work together to remember to be able to do so. There are times as you go through your daily lives when, because of the toils and the strifes that you face, the humor in a situation is difficult to find. It is only upon looking back upon the situation that the humor may be found. The light side of life is difficult to face in the midst of the valleys. And sometimes it is important to step away in order to find it.

Be mindful of what comes, and try always to stay attuned. Be aware of His goodness in your lives. Be aware of His presence. Be aware of His strength that He lends you daily and be aware that you are not alone no matter what the circumstances may be for always will He be there to uplift you. You need not feel at any time that you walk alone. Call upon Him. Call upon those who care about you. There is not a time when you should feel anxious or concerned for the future. Anxiety is a wasted emotion draining strength from you. If you could focus your lives upon Him, you would increase your strength and be able to do so much more than you are able to do now. Draw strength from Him. Draw strength from the words of the text of the Urantia Book and from my teachings. Draw strength from each other. Draw strength from your prayer times and let not your minds be troubled. I realize that you do not know what lies ahead, but it should be of little concern to you. What should be of most concern is now, how you react to it, your prayer life, your relationship to each other and to your fellow man. Melissa has just asked me if she is getting this for real and I have assured her that she is. What you hear is my message to you and I ask that you listen carefully. I keep emphasizing that you pray, that you spend time daily. Please remember this for all the days to come. We will stop for now and I will talk to you another time. My peace I leave with you.