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Will - Personality- Materializations - Wills Home Planet - Dec 01, 1991 - Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee, Florida Group


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December 01, 1991

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God upholds us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we gather, He is. Greetings, I am Will. It is pleasant for me to see you all again in this situation. It is good that things are working out with some variety. Are there questions?

JUDY: Good evening Will, this is Judy. I wish to ask about the formation of personality. My concept has always been that personalty was shaped by environment, like families and experience and reflection on experience and added to that some maturity. Some of the teachings of Ham, however, have led me to believe that personality is more pre-determined by the Father. I understand that personality is unique, but I thought I had more of a role in shaping it. Can you help me understand personality formation better?


WILL: Personality is a gift from God. It is the raw material. From that raw material, we build what you would call character. There is no particular border between the area of character and personality. Since one grows from the other as the root, as the tree springs forth from the roots. [Pause] Eric is nervous about answering questions. Personality is a spirit phenomenon. When the Father bestows a gift in this fashion [pause] sorry, he is embarrassed-When the Father bestows a gift of love in the form of personality, what the creature does with that gift amounts to what you call character. In the past when a human acted, the personality sprang forth just as naturally as water exiting the ground and becoming a stream. Layer upon layer of social restrictions and formulations have caused the self-reflection mechanism to focus closely upon the response to the urges that a person feels which are rooted in his personality or her personality. Step by step, the human builds upon the reactions which are co-equal with the leadings of the personality and his own simultaneous reactions to the leadings of that personality. Although it is possible for a human to direct his own personality, in general many years are required for character to overbalance the power of the personality originally bestowed by the Father. Those mortals with strong conscious will power may have a greater hand in forming themselves than a more typical creature of their own. Does that answer?

JUDY: Yes, thank you.


KATHY: Will, this is Kathy. My mother and I have always been closely aligned in our spiritual outlook and goals and for several years, she has been under the counseling of a celestial teacher named Physician in Gainesville, Florida. His teachings are harmonious with your teachings except for the belief in reincarnation. My mother would like some clarification as to why there is this important difference?


WILL: Your mother has made great progress along the path. There is no justification for teaching the doctrine of reincarnation. It is not the word of her teacher. She clings to a notion of a spiraling deity whose circular tracks are so close to one another that they are virtually indistinguishable. This is very close to a legitimate view of one of the facets of the Father. Eric is slowing the delivery of this message for he is unfamiliar with the topic matter. The Father emanates love in a radial wave pattern that circulates in harmony with the superuniverses. Your mother is sensitive to this directional force. From this sensation she has extrapolated a continuous circular motion which, in itself, is true. It is not the entire picture. She is close to perceiving a reality aspect of the Father. Next question?


VINCENT: This is Vincent, Will. I have a couple of questions from the group. First of all, I gave the transcripts to a guy named Ernest Moyer. We would like to know if that was a mistake, and secondly, we would like a little bit more information on the January meeting and on the December 9th happenings in Utah. Especially whether Gabriel will himself visually appear in front of that group.


WILL: Gabriel will indeed appear. He has strong words for the people who will be assembled to hear, although many will have their ears closed. Some from unwillingness, others from skepticism, yet others will embrace his words wholeheartedly. It will be a modest- sized meeting. Few among your group are interested in actually going to this meeting, although the concept is provocative and it will certainly be entertaining. The demands for careful discussion will be taxing on those who are present. Most of the stress involved will be due to the appearance of Gabriel himself, for he is a powerful being and his words are equally powerful. For those of your group who elect to attend, take care to avoid ensnaring the lives of your brothers and sisters in a theatrical event.


      The man to whom you mailed your paperwork is cautious enough to stand by and wait. He spontaneously felt the fact that much is afoot these days. It was taking an unnecessary chance to expose your group prematurely to the close inquiry of others who have little to gain but may wreak much havoc with the internal harmony between you gathered here tonight. Next question.


TOM: Will, this is Tom. I just wanted to know, are there to be reading at this time?


WILL: It has already been mentioned that the thought adjuster papers and the Melchizedek papers are useful. In addition, those upon the topic of the midwayers and seraphic interactions are useful. There is a large body of information available. It is hard for me to assign relative values to truths. It is legitimate to use the Book to answer questions that arise in your daily lives, because the goal of these encounters is to increase the quotient by which you are spirit led. It is always useful to refer to the major text of the Urantia Book for information on which entities are most likely to be helpful, in any particular problems. However, it is equally true that you cannot go wrong by calling on your brothers and sisters. Speak with them as the occasion arises. They are your friends and confidants. Next question.


JUDY: Will, this is Judy again. This group has stayed together over the years because we have been touched by the teachings of the Urantia Book. I have friends who are spiritually receptive but they have never read the Urantia Book. Instead they have elected to express their spirituality through other means, such as East Indian religions. My question is, will the spiritual mission which we are about to fulfill soon, or some day, come mainly from readers of the Urantia Book or are there people who pursue other spiritual paths being contacted as well?

WILL: My answer to this question is short and not meant to be curt, for it says in the Book, there are as many paths to God as there are souls to walk them. It is a good try. Beyond those words, there is nothing more to add. That thought encapsulates all there is to say.


DAVID: Will, this is David. Your earlier statement that we are less activist than the Utah group, is this the way you would have it for now or would you rather we do something in a different manner?


WILL: The effectiveness of your group hinges upon your preparation for the work ahead. You are in a learning phase. The events in California and the events in Utah which have precipitated these occasions are highly instructive. Each group is selected with care and assigned tasks based upon the make-up of the individuals involved. It is to your benefit to wait and see and watch closely the things that transpire. Much can be learned about gauging the reactions of people you will meet in the future when your ministry begins. Another question.


MELISSA: Will, this is Melissa. This is a treat for me to be able to ask a question, as I am the one that has to sit quietly through the meetings. I feel a heavy responsibility concerning this group since I am the one that has to talk. Eric also has the task as well. What can I do personally to make sure the words you give me are pure, because that is certainly the way I want to give it to the group?


WILL: Greetings to you Melissa and welcome to the conversation. I had promised Eric earlier that I would make some preparatory remarks before he began to speak and I ambushed him with a direct engagement and your request for questions and answers. His ears were burning as a result, but for the purity for the delivery of the message, do not worry overly. Anything that we have to say may be said in a hundred different ways. The words themselves, while important, are nothing but the vehicle for the thoughts. It is the thoughts which are intended to touch the hearts of men. We will use any words necessary to reach the hearts of men. It is impossible for you to go about even your earthly duties without some shade of doubt. So much more so the duties which we have asked of you. There are two among you in addition to Melissa and Eric who are capable of carrying this message amongst the members of this group. Their time is a short ways off. We do not want to stampede anyone. I get to use a new vocabulary when I am speaking through Eric. It is colorful. (laughter) Another question.


KATHY H.: Since we are lightening up here a little bit, I notice that Ham once said that he toiled in the gardens of Edentia. Just out of human curiosity, what could you tell us about where you hail from?


WILL: It is not allowed for me to describe in detail the world from which I spring. I was born in the love of the Father in heaven and lived a short, pitched existence on a planet with much strife. I had a mate and a family, and my life was incalculably enriched by the love and attention showered upon me by the Universal Father. Many times I strayed from his teachings, like you. Beyond that, I found not much translates from my world to yours. Therefore I have been selected as a teacher for your group since I am incapable of imparting to you anything useful beyond teaching you of the love and respect and admiration which the Father has for His independently-minded will creatures in the far- flung regions of space. Next question.


JUDY: Will, this is Judy again. I have lots of questions tonight and on behalf of the group I would like to say that we are very happy you were chosen to be our teacher, and thank you for sharing that personal information with us. The question I have is about the Bible. As I was reading through the teachings of Ham this week, my first family was active in a Lutheran church when I was growing up and I also attended a Lutheran college, so I spent much time studying the Bible, which I found upon retrospect only occasionally inspiring. When I was introduced to the Urantia Book about 13 years ago, it did inspire and seem to lack the contradictions that bothered me about the Bible. The teachings of Ham and of you, Will, have inspired me even further. My question is, is there any value in Bible study or is there any value to passing the Bible study or the stories of the Bible on to our children?


WILL: In the light of succeeding revelations, the Bible most frequently employed by mortals on your planet may be thought of most accurately as a cultural document. Much truth is contained in it. Much truth is contained in the novels crafted by your insightful writers. The proportions of fiction are similar, but the essential message remains the same whether we speak of the Bible used on your earth or the Urantia Book or the substance of these meetings. The only error attributable to the concentration of religious training within the Bible is that it has a restrictive effect because of its charged symbolism. People in circumstances similar to yours experience the same communication but filter it through such highly formalized symbols as were imparted to them through the Christian Bible. Because of this, they miss much of the vitality of fellowship with God and become bogged down in ritualistic concepts. Although it is possible to have a clean heart and read the Bible, a person must exercise judicious discretion when deciding which parts are relating spiritual truths.


Now for you all this evening, the upcoming events with the Brotherhood weigh on most people's minds. Select with care those who will go from your group not as emissaries but as observers of the events which are about to take place in California. It has nothing to do with your group except to measure the responses of the words and sights which are beheld by those people on that particular occasion. You will find it illuminating, but it is only one of the experiences that we will ask you to observe closely. Kathy, we are happy that you have returned to the group.


Come as often as possible. Your fellowship is appreciated and your effort is noted. Otherwise, until we meet again, I leave my peace upon you. Shalom.