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Will - Doubts You Have About Transmitting - Dec 06, 1991 - Tallahassee, FL



Doubts About Transmitting

December 06, 1991


NOTE: Friday a.m., after a dawn discussion with David about doubts, and how to deal with substantive errors in the material.


The power of God supports us; the love of God enfolds us; the majesty of God surrounds us. Wherever we gather, He is. Good morning, I am Will.


Here are my remarks about doubts: Doubts are an inescapable component of work with material will creatures. There is no human who is totally doubt-free. You must face your doubt squarely, and decide which voice you will follow. It is not an easy choice.

The choice is made more difficult by the fact that a system that is built upon free will choice is also a system which must withstand the inevitable appearance of conscious and unconscious errors. Particularly when you ask us questions that involve prediction of events on your planet, there is great opportunity for error to enter. The rules bar the pre-emption of any creature's free will. Between the prediction and the predicted event, an infinite number of creature choices may change the result of the chain of events upon which we relied in making our statement. "Chain of events" is an imprecise term to describe this process. Rather is the reality better described by the movement of an ocean current, like the Gulf Stream current in your immediate vicinity. Along its margins, top, bottom, and sides, there is continual interplay of waters, yet the whole is moving inexorably on to some further destination. Because of the changeability of fact sets, questions calling for predictions are disfavored, and only aggravate the human tendency to doubt. It is only secondarily because we fear that you will rely on our predictions that we hesitate to predict. The inescapable margin of error, and its consequences on the human mind, are the primary justifications for our distaste for predictions.


You and David have done well to freely discuss your doubts and logical conclusions regarding the veracity of your recent experiences with spiritual and celestial contacts. Having confronted them in true honesty, you both saw that these doubts were not the ogres you had previously imagined. Truly, you are not alone with your problems, and we are gratified to see that you unhesitatingly called on and received each other's fond assistance. This was not a test, nor was it intended to serve as a lesson, although it is clearly a useful experience.


You all live daily with more profound inconsistencies than these, for example, your societal concern with fairness and justice, contrasted with the actual reality of some of the more brutal effects of your commercial economy. We look with favor upon your loyalty to spiritual progress, your determination to press on, and especially your concern for the other members of your group.


It is true that errors will surface from time to time, and also true that none among you can be held personally accountable for the truth or error of the material which you convey. It simply must support itself. Many of you examine the compilations of your group word-by-word. Although this devotion is a sincere act of loving respect, always keep in mind that there is a certain relativity to both truth and fact. What is important to you may be trivial to the overall scheme of Creation. It is part of God's plan that both points of view are equally valid. God's plan favors variety over conformity, and where variation truly exists, conflict is inevitable.

Relax. You have done well. The Father loves you, and I grow more fond of you daily. I was there with you as you struggled with these most difficult feelings. It will happen many times yet to come. You are full of surprises for us, but remember well: The Father's plan does not exist to serve you, but you exist to serve the plan. By abandoning concern for yourselves, you will gain entrance to Paradise itself. The Father requires the most difficult things imaginable from His children, and the more able, the more impossible the task. You are gaining experience in cooperating with faith in the divine scheme. One day you will look back on these events and laugh, for the joys of participation are in themselves reward enough for the doing. I leave you in peace.