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Will -David & Eric_Practice Session LearningToTR - Dec 08,1991 - Tallahassee, FL

[This Transcript contains the narrative accounts of David and Eric, beginning T/R’s, of their trials in learning to trust a teacher connection and how to deal with the anxieties associated with transmitting a teacher. This Transcript also contains fragmentary discussions from the teachers themselves. - Editor]




Learning To Be A T/R


December 8, 1991

DAVID: I am reporting to you because I was requested to. This is something that started Monday morning after the meeting last Sunday night when Will said, through Eric, that there were two more in the group who were capable of receiving communication. I went home and said, "Well, okay, you know, God, if it is me, let's do it; if not, let's get on with something else."


So the next morning, I got up and what I have tried to do here is reconstruct a lot of this. I did not start writing it down until Wednesday, so I have recorded a lot of things just from memory. I got up Monday morning and meditated for a few minutes before I watched the morning news on television. I meditated from 6:15 to 6:25. I sat there quietly and nothing happened, as usual. I got up and turned on the television and the cable was out on all of the channels. There was nothing but static. So I turned it off and decided to meditate some more.


That is when someone started talking to me. The words came smoothly. One at a time in short phrases, making complete sentences, just as if another person was speaking to me. I have not experienced any mental attempts to produce any of those words or make up something to say to myself. If it ever stops, I just sit there and wait until it starts up again, which it always has. There is no audible sound. It is like a word, thought in my mind. They talked from 6:30 to 7:00, for a solid half-hour. It seemed to me like only a very few minutes. I use the word "they" because they used the word "we". I do not remember much of what they said, but I do remember a couple of specific sentences:


"We congratulate you on the way you decisively yanked yourself free from the downward drift of materialistic tendencies". Right in the middle of talking about other spiritual matters, they suddenly and without warning said, "You need to take better care of your body. You need to lose weight and get more exercise. You are going to be around a long time and you will be better able to do what is asked of you if you are in the best physical shape possible. You will have more stamina and feel more capable of doing the work." I started my diet that morning at breakfast with hard boiled eggs and dried toast.


As I have said, I do not remember much about the specifics of what they said. My general impression is that it consisted mainly of encouragement to continue to press on in my quest for further spiritual development. At one point I asked, "How can this be happening to me?" I have never had the slightest hint of a psychic bone in my body. They replied, "This is not a psychic phenomenon. It is merely communication."


I also asked, "How did you do that to the television?" They said, "We are not permitted to interfere with material communications. That was mere happenstance." I also asked, "Why is this suddenly now possible?" The answer was, "Your heartfelt declarations of readiness to do the Father's will, wherever it led, and your asking to do this if it is possible, helped to clear the final hurdles." It ended like it always has since, with them saying, "We will stop for now. We know you have to get ready for work. Farewell." They always say goodbye when they stop.

I got ready for work and had breakfast with Melissa, telling her about my experience and generally just trying to stay calm. After I got in my UPS truck and left the center, they started talking again. As I was going up the "on""ramp to the interstate, they started. I said, "Don't tell me you are going to try to do this, in this noise and visual distraction." I could hardly hear myself think, much less be able to be attentive to thoughts that I consciously had to listen for. It was difficult at first, but after a few minutes, all the sensory input around me faded into the background, and I was able to follow what they were saying with ease.


They talked for the solid hour it takes me to drive to Madison and, I swear, it seemed like ten minutes. I was concentrating so on listening to them that I do not remember the drive at all. I can recall only a couple of things they said. There was a lesson on beauty and goodness and the relationship between them. I remember the specific statement at the beginning: "When mortals think of beauty, they think of a sunset, a mountain, or the face of someone who meets a particular set of specifications that define what is generally accepted as beauty. In the spiritual realm, the concept of beauty is not confined to the appreciation of physical shapes or the combination of colors or sounds. It is also the observable result of goodness which is of behavior. More crudely put, beauty can be the aroma or atmosphere created by the actions of goodness."

They said much more about this subject, but that is all I can remember. I have since looked up beauty in the Concordex and can find nothing in the Urantia Book that described beauty in these terms. It is a totally new concept to me. There is one other statement from that morning that I can remember clearly: "Even a wrong moral choice has positive value if it is later acknowledged as such and rejected." The rest of the presentation is lost to me. I can recall so little of what was said early in the week because I did not start writing things down until Wednesday, after Melissa suggested that I get a notebook and start doing so. Before that I was so astonished and so intent on receiving the teachings, that I had not even thought of it. Coming home from Madison that night, I felt like there was an attempt to communicate, but I was so tired that I was unable to concentrate well enough to receive anything.


Some of this gets rather embarrassing to me but since this is what is going on and this is what was said, I will read it. Previously that afternoon Melissa asked Will about what I told her at breakfast. The following is from her notebook:


QUESTION: Is what David experienced this morning legitimate? Were you talking to him?


WILL: David is one of those talked about last evening. He does possess that ability. What he experienced this morning was certainly the same type of communication that you are experiencing now. His teacher, however, is someone else. We felt for his mind, he needed someone of a different nature to help him as he journeys through his life. Any communication he gets in the future will come through a teacher long ago known to you all. The is one of the teacher sons of your world, Melchizedek. Your husband has special needs you do not and so requires a different teacher. He will in time be able to communicate freely with the teacher son as he learns the lessons he must learn.


When I got home Monday night and read that, I was intrigued but incredulous. I am, by nature, somewhat skeptical and all of this was just a bit much for me to accept so suddenly. Tuesday morning in the den I received instructions for a solid hour from 6:00 to 7:00, twice as long as the day before. I cannot recall any specific statements made or even the subjects discussed, perhaps because a few minutes after it began they said, "And now we would like to introduce Machiventa Melchizedek" and then a new lesson subject was begun, just like that. No big introduction or preparation or anything.


I remember the message being direct and uncomplicated, plainly spoken, and very conversational in quality. At this point I began to really have some problems. Even though I was trying to pay attention to the lesson, I found myself thinking, "Next I am going to be hearing from Napoleon and Julius Caesar." As doubt and skepticism became stronger and stronger, I began having difficulty in receiving the words and the communication started breaking up. Finally there was nothing at all. I just couldn't accept that such a thing could be happening. I sat there for a few minutes trying to regain my composure and see if I could pick it up again. Soon they were back and finished up the time instructing me.


I was obviously more comfortable with unknown beings than with famous personages.


Again they communicated with me on the ride to Madison and it finally occurred to me to ask, "Who are you?" They replied, "We are your guardian seraphim. The same ones who spoke to you many years ago at the Woodcrest Apartments. You could have been receiving our teachings all this time, but you lacked the faith to actually believe it was happening, and gave up on it." I remember from that time period, sitting down one morning to try my hand at inspired or automatic writing, and I wrote a couple of paragraphs out. I remember one sentence that said, "We will not embarrass you or lead you astray. We seek only your spiritual advancement and will work towards that end." I decided that it seemed too much like thoughts in my head and got up and threw it away. This must have been in either 1974 or 1975.


As we continued on Tuesday morning, they gave me a lesson on truth. I remember it being very much like the teachings of Ham to the Utah group on the same subject. While I can't recall anything else specific from the teachings of that hour, I remember a very strong sense of fatigue as I neared the exit of Madison. I realized that I had been concentrating intently on receiving their words, starting straight ahead and could hardly keep my eye open. I had not realized that I had been expending so much energy listening to them.


As soon as I started my deliveries I felt fine, however. The ride back home to Tallahassee that night was much more memorable. My workload had been much lighter than the day before and I was ready to try to listen again. As soon as I indicated my readiness, they began. After a few minutes, they said, "And now we would like to introduce you to 'Man Touch.'" I was having trouble catching the name because it was not familiar to me. I finally got it to be Mantutia Melchizedek.


He began simply enough, "You have many beautiful and inspiring words of Jesus recorded, but I will now give you a teaching of his which is not the Urantia Book." As he began, I got a very distinct visual impression of sitting next to Jesus at night with some other men, their faces illuminated by a flickering campfire. It came and went in a flash but it was very vivid. It gave me a sense of warmth and companionship. He said, "When attempting to impart advanced truth, pay attention to how others see you, not that their assessment is necessarily correct, but as the means of measuring your technique for getting across what you wish to impart."


That is as close as I can remember how he began. As he continued on, it was obvious that he was talking about personal ministry of one-on-one or one-on-two; not speaking to groups. He expanded and clarified the concept for a few minutes. I got the impression of a very warm, friendly person speaking to me. I interrupted him suddenly by asking, "Are you always this open and friendly and approachable?" And his one word rely was, "Yes." And then he went right on with what he was talking about. After he left, the seraphim told me they had asked for a Mantutia to come and talk with me so I could get used to a Melchizedek instructing me, one whose name was not so emotionally loaded for me to see if I was capable of receiving anything from him.


As to my doubts about hearing Machiventa and receiving instructions from him, "Don't forget that he was a teacher before, who had many, many students. He does not have to serve as an administrator all the time." When I got home, I looked in the chapter on Machiventa Melchizedek and found the following: "Melchizedek taught his followers all they had the capacity to receive and assimilate, and to the rank and file of his followers, he made no effort to present teaching beyond the fact that the rulership of the Most Highs of Edentia, the Gods of Urantia. But to some, Melchizedek taught advanced truth, embracing the conduct and organization of the local universe, and to his brilliant pupil, Nordan the Kenite, and his band of earnest students, he taught the truths of the superuniverse and even of Havona."


Also that night I looked at the list of the titles of the papers and their authors to see if a Mantutia Melchizedek was in there. There were two papers in Part II, the local universe, by named Melchizedek, but they were Malavatia and Manovandet. In Part III, there were many papers by Melchizedek, but none had a personal name. The disappointment was beginning to rise up within me because I knew the last section, the Life and Teachings of Jesus, was put together by a midwayer commission. But then I saw the first paper of Part IV, entitled Bestowal of Michael On Urantia, and the author's name, Mantutia Melchizedek.

Also that night I read what Will had said to Melissa that same afternoon concerning what was going on:


"The others will improve their communication very quickly. We are especially pleased with Eric. He has progressed much faster than we could have possibly hoped. David will in time, although his messages will be on a loftier level because of who his teacher is. He does not deal as much with the mundane things of life and his mind soars to heights that the rest of you may never be able to achieve. It is nothing to feel badly about It is just the way things are. There are different gifts of the spirit and he will use his gift in different ways from the rest of you. Perhaps one day you will understand. I realize that you may not at the present time. It is of little concern."


As I went to bed that night, I prayed with tears running down my cheeks. I said, "Please, God, this stuff is too important to me to be fooling around with it. If what seems to be happening to me is genuine, I would really appreciate some help in dealing with it and accepting it. If it is not, I would really like to find that out right now." I got no answer at that time, but the next day, Wednesday, was one of the most exciting, inspiring and joyful days of my entire life


I got up the Wednesday morning and went into the den to see if the communication would keep coming. Sure enough, as soon as I was ready, they began. I had never used a prayer or declaration to formally begin receiving and they told me it certainly was not necessary, but was helpful to many people, to let them know that the communication was beginning.


Not long after they started they announced, "And now you will be taught by Machiventa Melchizedek." This time I was able to not react emotionally and could concentrate on what he had to say. He began,

"The Jesusonian concept of living one's life in accordance with the Father's will is not a difficult concept for mortals to grasp. The actual doing of it, however, is something else entirely. The Master's own life served as a perfect example of how many small decisions, beginning early in life, led to greater ability later in his adult life to unerringly choose the Father's way." He then described how the human will must be gradually shaped over a long period of time and how important early life experiences are for shaping future behavior, and that is why a good, stable family life is so important. The planetary authorities' main objective is to strengthen and improve family life on this planet. After he had finished, I felt very relieved and grateful that I had been able to accept his presence as no big deal and had been able to concentrate on what he was saying.


Later, on the way to Madison, the seraphim instruction continued along the life of taking small steps to build up the desired habitual responses that enable us to make ever-greater, more important decisions concerning our willingness to do what we perceive to be the Father's will on a daily basis. Another point they stressed was that they were talking about taking real, concrete steps, actually doing something, not just sitting around thinking about what it would be like to live one's life in accordance with the Father's will. They gave me as an example that I could conjecture about writing many pieces of music but until I got all the notes down on paper, had worked out all the details putting everything together, I had not really composed anything. I had only thought about doing it.


To further demonstrate what they were talking about, they gave me a three point assignment to do as I went through my day delivering packages to people. Number one, "Assume that Jesus is constantly standing next to you all day and you are demonstrating to him by every word, act, and thought that you understand his teachings of living totally in accordance with the Father's will." That is all. Number two, "Consciously spread divine love to everyone you come into contact with. It does not come from you, but flows through you to that person. It is a separate reality that you may channel a gift to that person." Number three-I took offense at this one-"Be totally sincere and direct whenever speaking to another one, that is, no wisecracks, no sarcasm, no teasing, just say as directly and clearly as you can what it is you wish to convey." [Note, this is later referred to as the 1-2-3- exercise.] I understood what they were saying, I was just surprised.


There have been many things like that, that have totally surprised me, something that I would not expect anyone to say. "Is that all?" I asked, already breaking number three. But as I went through the day attempting to do their assignment, it was an exhilarating experience. I had so much to think about, so many people to spread love to that I had no time to think any negative or depressed thoughts. It was one of the most wonderful days I have ever had.


That evening on the way back, in an almost giddy state of mind, I asked them, "Well, how did I do?" They say, "Oh pretty good, we will give you about a C plus." I got the distinct impression of mirth from them, and I smiled. I can't imagine an A. Then they proceeded to give me a lesson on obedience. They began,

When most mortals think of the concept of obedience, they think of their childhood experiences, when it usually meant doing something they did not want to do, or not doing something they wanted to do. This is reinforced in your culture by the scene of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, apparently being forced to do something that he does not want to do, to be obedient to the will of His Father in heaven. Spiritual obedience is not like that at all. It is a process of whereby individuals make value judgments by making decisions, and determining what is really the most important to them. As long as they continually choose their highest value choice, they will be progressing towards the behavior pattern that would be called totally obedient to the will of God. It was more important to Jesus to act in accordance with what he perceived to be the Father's will than it was to escape the cross. It was a powerfully positive voice. Does the man Jesus in the Urantia Book appear to be someone who has forfeited the power or the right to do what he wants to do of his own volition? And yet, as an adult, he was totally obedient to the will of his Father in heaven. Obedience to God is never demanded. It must always be freely given.


That is as much of the lesson as I can remember. There was more, but that gives you the general idea of the approach to the subject. What really struck me about the lesson was the oratorical, emotional nature of it. They began slowly and quietly, bit by bit, working up the scale of intensity until they reached the climax, very much like a piece of music. It was an incredible experience and left me in a state of joyous thankfulness. When I got home, I was walking on air. I felt absolutely no fatigue, only excitement, and an exhilarating sense of joy.


I then began to wonder what the Urantia Book says about seraphim as teachers. I had never thought of them as such before. I found the following paragraph on Page 1245: "Mortal man, subject to Adjuster leading, is also amenable to seraphic guidance. The Adjuster is the essence of man's eternal nature; the seraphim is the teacher of man's evolving nature, in this life the mortal mind, in the next the morontia soul. On the mansion worlds, you will be conscious and aware of seraphic instructors, but in the first life men are usually unaware of them." I went to bed that night a very happy, thankful man. I told my Thought Adjuster and my seraphim how much I appreciated all they had done for me without my even knowing about it and I thanked my Father in heaven for allowing me to experience such a wonderful day. even as a mortal man.


The next day, Thursday, was an entirely different story. I had a difficult time getting the subject of the lessons they were trying to give me. After awhile, I finally got it as Nearness To God. They told me to relax, don't tense up when they start to give me the subject they are going to talk about. They wanted to remind me that the Adjuster is God. He is as near to me as He could possibly be. No way off somewhere looking down on the action from afar. They suggested that I consciously acknowledge the reality of the Father's presence and get used to talking to Him as much as possible. They said to keep up the 1,2,3 assignment throughout the day because it was a very good practice. I asked them why more people do not make greater progress during their mortal lifetime. They replied, "Most do not have a good enough road map. While much progress is made almost made unconsciously, it helps to entertain specific ideas and thoughts which will facilitate spiritual progress." They said my early training in Christian Science, and the Urantia Book now, had helped me greatly in forming the proper context in which to work out my salvation for spiritual progress. They said they were delighted with the progress I had made and looked forward to a rewarding relationship in the future. They said, "You are no longer ashamed to be in our presence. That is a great step forward and a wonderful development."


When I first read the Utah papers and heard Vincent's tape of one of their meetings, the real possibility of actual contact with spiritual beings was presented to me, I found myself feeling like someone who had been caught asleep at the switch, someone who had been negligent in the performance of his duties, and I was quite uncomfortable about it. It was only after reading one of the Utah papers for the second time, where we are instructed to give up feelings of unworthiness because of not living up to an ideal standard that we have set for ourselves, that I began to feel more comfortable with the idea of actually facing spiritual beings.


Things went downhill after I got to work. I had an enormous, unreasonable amount of work to do and I was not happy about it at all. The subject first presented on the way to Madison was attitude adjustment. The gist of it was then we come up against an inability to believe in something, our intellect says we ought to, but we cannot do so, and it becomes a stumbling block.


We need to ask our Adjuster to help our emotional reaction match our intellectual assessment of the situation. When sincerely asked to do so, the Adjuster is able to change our attitude about something. Not change the facts, but our ability to believe. They then said, "We would now like to speak concerning Judy. She is a very desirous of more fully living her daily life in accordance with the Father's will, but is not quite sure how to specifically go about doing it. Please suggest to her to try the 1,2,3 assignment as she goes through her busy days."


That was the only time anybody else was mentioned. I said, "What? Who?" Next they said, "We want you to fully share with the group all you have experienced this week at next Sunday night's meeting." For some reason, they really upset me. That was all too new to me to go telling someone else about it yet. I became very nervous, butterflies in the stomach and all, and began to feel almost panicky. This was not something I had bargained for. They were really demanding a lot of me. No matter that I have since found that the Urantia Book says on page 339, "The entire ascendant plan of mortal progression is characterized by the practice of giving out to other beings new truth and experience just as soon as acquired."


They then told me, "Gabriel will appear to the Utah group this next Monday. He will not be overly wordy or bombastic, he will just say something that they need to hear." Now I was really upset. Absolute predictions are not my favorite thing to hear from inside my head. What if, and I do mean what if, nothing happens next Monday night? What am I supposed to do with everything that has happened this week? Disown it? Ignore it? I thought, "What a demand to tell the group that they told me that." I was a totally irrational outburst of fear and considering what had transpired the day before, I cannot explain how I could have gotten so upset so fast. By now, I was so emotionally jangled that it was impossible to get any kind of meaningful communication. I became disconsolate, suddenly sure I had somehow imagined it all and was now subconsciously calling it off . I was utterly miserable. My workday was awful. I was so depressed I could hardly speak to anyone, much less be a channel for divine love. It was as much a mirror image of the day before as it could possibly be. There was one final thought communication that occurred just before I got off the interstate. It was, You have a dragon to slay. You will not defeat it with physical combat but rather aggravate," no that is not the word, aggregate, but rather, "aggregate your faith experiences until you have tipped the balance in your favor."


I am astonished now that at the time that did not help me any. I have never used the verb aggregate in my entire life, but at the time I was so upset and unsure of it all that the best I could do is just remember it was said. The day was as bad as I feared it would be. I Finally finished work around 10:00 p.m. and was exhausted as well as disconsolate.


My salvation was a phone call from Eric, saying he wanted to talk over some doubts he was having about his experiences, and I told him about mine and that I was having some real problems also. He was over at my house at 6:45 a.m. ready to talk. We tried as rationally and logically as possible to analyze our experiences and try to decide whether it made more sense to accept them for what they appeared to be, or reject them as some act of unconscious creativity on our parts.


As upset as we both were, upon close examination, the facts did seem to more closely fit the first hypothesis than the second. After Eric left, he got a message from Will which said, (this is Will speaking to Eric on Friday), "Doubts are an inescapable component of work with material will creatures. There is no human who is totally doubt free. You must face your doubt squarely, and decide which voice you will follow. It is not an easy choice. You and David have done well.


Freely discuss your doubts and logical conclusions regarding the veracity of your recent experiences with spiritual and celestial contacts. Having confronted them in true honesty, you both saw that these doubts were not eh ogres you had previously imagined. Truly, you are not alone with your problems and we are gratified to see that you unhesitatingly called on and received each others' fond assistance. This was not a test, nor was it intended to serve as a lesson, although it is clearly a useful experience."


Of course I did not get to read the message until that evening, when he brought it over to show it to me, and said that his doubts had been resolved. That morning, as I started the long drive to Madison, I began to receive them again. At that point, I was rather rude and told them--either them or my subconscious- that I felt like they had blindsided me the day before. I was tired of playing games. They said, "You must believe we are here for us to be able to help you." So I decided to go alone with them. Then they said, "Yesterday was not our fault." That was very emphatically stated. They said, "You became upset with our request to share with the group, and your emotional agitation made it very difficult to continue, which upset you even more until it was totally impossible for us to communicate with you at all. Your doubts and emotions then fed themselves until you completely lost your balance and fell off the beam." Somehow the picture of me trying to walk on a balance beam struck, me as so improbable for me to ever make up that I was suddenly convinced again that they were really there after all.


They said, "We would now like to talk about 'arrow'." I was once again having trouble getting the subject word. "Aerobics". I asked again just to make sure that I had it right. Yes, they wanted to discuss aerobics. They went on, "As you know, an aerobic exercise in itself is a difficult thing to do. It is the many repetitions that build systemic strength. It is the same for spiritual aerobics. Many repetitions of a small action are far more valuable for growing spiritually than attempting one gigantic feat all at once. If, for instance, you hop up one step at a time, you will eventually reach the top of the Empire State Building. It would, however, be impossible to leap from the sidewalk to the top of the building all at once." "The quickest way to reach the kingdom of heaven is to start walking in that direction. Not the geographical sense, but in taking the behavioral steps that will get you where you want to go."


There are several other statements that they made in the course of further discussions. Here they are as I can best remember them, not in any context, just the statements themselves I remember. The first was, "Doubt creates a convenient path from spiritual responsibilities." And another, "Mortal ascenders are so valuable as teachers because they possess experiential empathy." And finally, "You must get accustomed to a new reality." They stopped about half way to Madison, and I was too tired Friday night to receive anything coming back. I did not do any communicating Saturday morning. I slept late, and puttered around the house, and then spent the afternoon working on this notebook, trying to recall the week. Saturday night, last night, I had a terrible time after going to bed. I kept waking up. I was getting cold feet. I was having an anxiety attack until my stomach was in knots. I finally got up at 2:30 this morning and they asked for some help.


I said, "I need some reassurance." They were there and they were very complimentary and encouraging. I was doing what they wanted me to do and they were pleased with it. After about 20 minutes of this, I felt much better. Their cosmic Pepto-Bismol had settled me down. I went back to bed and slept great for the rest of the night. I got up this morning and finished this. That is the last week.


ERIC: I, too, like David, had an agony of doubt for a while. I wrote a letter on Friday morning, I didn't sleep at all Thursday night. I stayed up most of the night and I wrote a letter that virtually resigned me from this group. As I told David earlier, I do not want to keep these doubts alive. Basically, I had come to some conclusions and I felt--just to knock those devils down one at a time-that at our last Sunday night meeting: my response to Judy's question was my own previously-developed, independent and insupportable opinion; my response to Kathy's question about her mother's instruction on reincarnation was the result of a desperate rationalization on a topic about which I knew little or nothing, and then, when I spoke to David earlier in the week, he asked me for the name of his contact.


I did so and received the answer, "His name, Savenka. This is a great development. We do not know when seraphim choose to act until they have done so." This name was repeated until I arose from bed and wrote it on a bedside pad. The following morning I mailed the note to David.


While I was on a break from my evidence exam on Wednesday morning, Will criticized me for injecting error into a discussion that she had had with Soldette, and then turned this criticism into a lesson on the importance of "point of view" as a necessary asset for work in law or spiritual ministry.


On Thursday afternoon, Will criticized me for breaking off contact without observing any formalities of manners, for example, losing attention or concentration while I was driving. She asked if I wish to stop the contacts. I replied, "No", and in a spontaneous message, Will later said, "If your own words and thoughts are sufficient to answer a question, there is no reason not to use them. We are not in the business of fostering dependence upon our words or terminology. The goal is for you to think with God-like mind. If you can do this, there is not essential difference between you thinking the thought, or another." "There are always additional dimensions to explore in any answer." So, on Thursday night, when I found that the name that I had quoted to David was incorrect, I began to experience this cascade of doubt. 


 I came to the conclusion, with a number of things all rushing on me at once, that I was "presenting my own unguided thoughts and falsely attributing them as the guidance of another, higher spiritual teacher." So I stayed up Thursday night writing this letter composing it, took it to David on Friday morning at the crack of dawn. He read it. I suppose the only solace was that David felt worse than I did. But we discussed it all, and we came to the conclusion that if we are going to do this, we cannot be held personally responsible for the message. There is just no way for us to personally vouch for the accuracy of everything in this. I felt much better.


I did not know whether David felt better or not, the but as I left, I wrote a couple of questions on my notepad on the pickup seat. My first question was a great lawyer question. I said, "What parts of our last-Sunday group meeting answers did I properly convey?" I thought this was pretty tricky because it would shift the burden onto Will to point out exactly the things that were accurately conveyed. But after thinking about it for a while, I wrote an additional question on my pad. This is hard to read because my writing is all over the page. "What explanation is there for the existence of error in the transmission of these contact products? And, how can we root out error and stay on the true path?" In response to these questions, later Friday morning, December 6th, I got this material. I will read only the part that David has not previously covered. [transcript of Dec. 6 then read]


MELISSA: Most of what I have down, David has already gone over, so I will just continue. I had some questions that I had asked her. There were some personal things that she gave me and then some questions that I asked. I asked Will where she was from. I did this on Tuesday and she answered.


WILL: A world much like your own. I had a mate and a family just as Eric told the group. I enjoyed the association of others and friendship and was a worker who helped my family economically just as you do. On my world, all people work who are able, unless they are ill. In that case, the government made provision for them. Our government was very much kinder to its citizens, and we had reached the point where we didn't have any more wars. It had taken our world eons to reach that point. Disease was almost nonexistent because so much of our tax dollars had gone to medical research. We had long since eliminated plagues that your world still struggles with. We had learned through many years of hardship to focus our attention back onto the family. Gone are the days of materialism. We, too, had gone through difficult days before we came to the realization that the family structure is the most important unit necessary for survival of all mankind. We weep when we see so many families falling apart on your world. If only humans would work harder, trying to preserve the most precious commodities that they will ever truly possess. So many let it slide by. Too many people become involved in other activities which take their energies away from the most valuable source of strength they will ever have, their family.


MELISSA: Then I asked, "How did you die on your world?. I do not mean to be morbid." Will said she died of natural causes. "We all lived a very long time because we had so few diseases and it was not unusual for many people to live to be over 100 years of age. We lived happy, full lives and stayed active until the end." And I asked, "Do you keep in touch with your mate and children from your human days?" Will said, "My mate still sleeps. He was not at the point when he died that he could awaken in three days. I was very fortunate. My children also are sleeping.


It saddens me that I do not have their company, but I know that one day I will. Until then, I know that they are well cared for. It is not for me to question when they shall awaken. Things are as they should be. I will see them in time."


And I asked, "I feel that I am so fortunate to have you as my teacher. I will try my best to be a good student." Will said, "I feel that you will. do not concern yourself with that. You have already proven time and time again that your dedication to the Father is the most important thing to you. Rest assured that I am aware of that. That is why you have been given the opportunity to have a teacher. It is the best way to have the fastest progress. There are not many people who can handle this type of teaching. You will be able to do so successfully. Years ago you were too young and had to mature. It was too soon. Now the time is right. we will be good together, of that, you can be assured. we will stop for now. I leave you. Shalom."


WILL: The love of God surrounds you. The love of God upholds you. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are, He is. I am Will.


Tonight as you gather together, I listen to you talk and all of you express your concerns. I ask that you be not concerned for the future, for the future will take care of itself. Be only concerned with today, for that is as much as you can handle. There are many days when your concerns for the future are overwhelming, but they need not be. You must learn to relax and let the Father's guidance be such that every aspect of your being is in tune with His will and He will guide you on the path that He would have you take. It is enough that you understand that whatever circumstances you find yourselves in, He is there to guide you, to bring you forth, to give you the knowledge that you will need to solve whatever problems you may face.


All of you have your individual anxieties and concerns for your own lives, but I say to you, hold fast to your faith. Hold fast and know that God provides for you a safe future. Struggle not with your doubts. Put aside all of your anxieties and concentrate on the leadings of your Adjuster, your seraphim, and all those who have dedicated their lives to bringing you forth out of your concerns, doubts. For they will lead you forth into a new and brighter day, one filled with new teachings, new understandings, new growth. If you expend your energies on worrying, you will not have the energy you will need to do the Father's will.


Spend more time focusing on the presence of God, not the present problems. He will take you out of your situation into a brighter light and show you a brighter day in which you will have no doubts for the future. Be not concerned. Respect your brethren. Love them with all your being. Follow the teachings of your Master, the teachings that he gave his disciples while here on your world. If you can only do that, you will have accomplished much.


So many of you have the need to know the future and it will not be so for you. We cannot deliver you from that situation, but we can provide you with the road map to allow you the assurance of knowing that your path is paved with guidance and the companionship of those here and those whom you will meet in the future.


Love each other. Call upon each other just as you have over these past days whenever you struggle with ideas. I have sensed within the group the camaraderie that is forming. That has never been before and this is good. Continue this path. Continue to pray daily and seek His guidance. Rely upon Him in all things. Seek only His will in your lives. Seek to suppress the human ego whenever possible, so that His love and His will more actively flow through you. It pleases Him that you have come together so dedicated to do His will. Our Father's light shines the brightest when the vessels are open to His leading. I urge you all to be the best receptacle that you can be for His teachings. For in doing so, you stand the greatest chance of receiving His love and passing it on to those around you. For tonight we will end because many of you have much to discuss. I will bid you farewell. My peace I leave with you.