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Will - Materializations and Will Seeks To Calm Group - Dec 10, 1991 - Tallahassee, FL


Questions About Appearance of Celestials


12/10/91 Tuesday p.m.,

NOTE: Response to Vincent's report that Gabriel did not physically appear at the Utah group's gathering, And a brief note on sharing the teacher’s messages.


It is not for you to know why Gabriel has failed to appear to the Utah group, despite repeated assurances. He is called away on a mission that required his personal attention, and he responded. He felt that the feeling of patience and brotherhood was strong enough to endure until he might return.


He is not a time creature, although he works in that realm, and has full knowledge of the status and predilections of each mortal present at that Monday meeting. But higher responsibilities called, and he was unable to deliver. It is not as though he had a scheduling error. Little do you know of the shifting priorities involved in the re-establishment of the communication circuits. He is charged with responsibility for smooth administration of a local universe. Where no damage accrues to any spiritually aware creature, under circumstances like these, he must go.

Your friend Vincent is irritated at these developments, and, under his logical analysis, rightly so. It is unfathomable, and I have no further information to sweeten this bitter pill. If it is any consolation, it is early in the effort, and the eternals view the disappointed hopes of mortals as simply a factor, a phenomenon, to be dealt with through continuing devotion and progress. I hinted to you only days ago in my remark that what is important to you may be trivial to the overall scheme.

It is true that the eternals care little for the material expense and time exerted in arranging the meeting of these concerned Urantia mortals in yesterday's Utah event. It is simply of minimal consequence to them. It is something they can understand only intellectually, never having toiled in the flesh on a material world. Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek, however, stand in different stead over these developments. Yet they will not break rank with their compatriot Gabriel over a disappointed hope. They say nothing, but it is clear that patience and humility are required at this juncture. Other than that (my personal observation) there is little to say.


I am speaking to Vincent constantly, as are other entities. He is becoming sensitive to our thoughts. This requires some change on his part. He is accustomed to considering only his own opinion, which he has heretofore valued highly. He is presently working to correct this situation. Any day now, I expect a breakthrough, so to speak directly to him. It will be a comfort to him, for he is greatly concerned for the reception of the teaching. He, like you, is at the juncture of personal responsibility. Now, a choice must be made: Will his ego identification need dominate? or his submission to faith? God knows things we do not, and we simply must have faith that he will work out these events to some ultimate good. It is not possible for a mortal to be personally responsible for the divine plan.


I agree that from your perspective, some of these events look less like plan, and more like play, but there are other ways to view these same events. Now is a good time to petition for a change in attitude, although this is the kind of remark that is practically guaranteed to cause humans to bristle. It comes down to the matter of "wanting." When humans want something, feel it is right, expect that it will be good, then that want takes on a life of its own. The humble origins are forgotten, and only the realization will do to satisfy. The original validity is immaterial to the human mind.


I sympathize with Vincent for his consternation, but it is just not that important. His assignment as a facilitator has been well and honestly discharged. It is a credit to him. But it is not a requirement that each exercise in which he participates be immediately productive. He is about to experience the mission for which he was originally recruited.


  That is all I have to say. (joke for Eric's benefit)


12/10/91 Tuesday p.m., in response to Ron's inquiry about discussions with persons outside our instruction group:

Use judgment in representing the spiritual events that have occasioned in your individual lives. Each of you meets almost daily with mortals whose lives would be vastly uplifted by this message of loving concern and direct ministry -- even by spirit entities. Never pass an opportunity to lighten your brother or sister's load in this life. It is the essence of ministry to respond to the needs of your companions.