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Will - The Jesus Family & Projection by TR - Dec 25, 1991 - Tallahassee, FL


The Jesus Family


December 25, 1991


NOTE: Will's personal Christmas message to Soldette, her daughter, and about the family of Jesus, plus the T/R’s personal projection experience following this session (113).


My daughter, Soldette,


     Eric has requested, as a Christmas gift for you, a personal message which he can deliver. He is becoming adept at this, and we are pleased with his progress -- especially his willingness to assist the other group members in sharing the messages which he receives.


     We look upon your life with approval. You have truly blossomed as a person, particularly so since dedicating yourself to your marriage. Although your adolescent years were filled with doubts about yourself and those around you, you have now left those doubts far behind. Your eyes are turned to the present. Gone are the days of resentment for the many small slanders which you endured as a girl, and you are learning quickly to live less in the future, to concentrate your resources on the one phase of time which you can actually influence -- the present.


     It is a good feeling, for God too lives in the eternal present. You cannot fault the company. We approve of your capacity for independent action, best exemplified by your determination to adopt when it became clear that conception would not be productive of the child you so dearly wanted. We admire your resilience and resolve, and it allowed us to quickly give effect to enriching your life through the miracle of children. It is sometimes difficult for us to work toward this type of action when the human requestor adopts what amounts to a posture of private wishfulness. It leaves the majority of the burden of action upon us. Where there is an overt and publicly stated desire, it is much easier to move other human players into the realm of decision-making. When the wish remains private and unexpressed, the human requestor often gives up the hope as an impossible fantasy and then we have nothing to work with.


     Your determination was so frank and confident that we were able to connect you with the first available child who happened to need a loving family. Looking back, it seems as easy to us as it does to you, almost enchanted.


     Your girl will be a person of great spiritual power. Her fierce qualities will serve her well in the work of the kingdom. She is as stubborn as you and your husband together. So far, we are aware of no deficiencies in her character. The only possible dangers which we can foresee are dangers of excess, not deficiency. Your older years will be filled with pride, for her accomplishments and qualities.


     She will be one of the first solid links in bringing the message to the Chinese people, so we ask that you not neglect her training in language and culture. Even though it sometimes seems silly -- to the point of ridiculous -- to pursue Chinese language and culture study in your present geographic situation, that is easily overcome by the ease of travel in your society. There are advantages to working in a small Chinese community [like Tallahassee]. The people available are concerned for cultural integration and less with economic exploitation and it is possible to experience a good selection of people, yet still know them on a personal basis.

     You are blessed with friends wherever you go. People like and admire you, thinking that there is some glamour to your life, not understanding that what they see is the outworking of simple, fundamental happiness. As a girl, you never dreamed that such happiness and tranquility were attainable. It is somewhat unfortunate that your later childhood was subject to much disharmonious effect, but the good benefit was that you learned to value the genuine, the rugged, the honest, and the simple. Eric too has lived through this experience. It is not always pleasant, but the result is good.

     You are fortunate that you have found such a steadfast, reliable mate. Your character traits are truly complementary, and it is a union to which we see no threats, internal or external. If you look back on the developments in your marriage, you will quickly see that at a certain point you put aside your long- cherished doubts -- doubts that you had nurtured so long in life that you thought they were integral to the very center of yourself. Now it can be seen that they were not central, in fact they were peripheral, even silly. And having jettisoned these non-productive feelings, you were immediately swallowed by the whole, unqualified love which you had always held in reserve. It is unusual to see such an unconditional, wholehearted love expressed on your planet. Although such an event was relatively common in past societies on your world, the modern situation works more toward selfishness and immediate gratification of individual desires.


This effects a retarded -- even regressive -- circumstance more often seen in the pre-human era of your races, where selfishness worked to ensure the survival of the creature to reproductive maturity. It is with dismay that we have watched the retrogressive development of the selfishness tendency in the modern cultures. It is clearly, logically counterproductive, yet it is common to all cultures, most especially the materially enriched societies. It is a failure of not knowing how to use the benefits of success. Not being possible to dampen the vitality and aggressiveness of the modern peoples, much negative precedent is now in place that must be corrected. The modern peoples cannot be led. They are too independent-minded, and that is a good development that will serve them well in their universe careers. They must, rather, be guided to a higher vision of the products engendered by the efforts of life.


     A return to the pre-eminence of the family is the prescription for continued progress. But by this we do not mean to go backward in either time or intention, for the glorious days are in the future, not in the past. Although we wish to see the structure of the past family re-instated on your world, we do not wish to redevelop the social milieu of centuries past. We wish to incorporate the strength of the family -- the primary building block of society and essential school of all mankind -- with the upward-looking spirit-guided love of brother and sister, in order to forge a type of family which has never existed on your planet. We wish to forge a family relation which will lead your planet directly into the ages of light and life, the ultimate in social development and the living embodiment of the divine plan.


     Some few households have existed on your world which provided a tantalizing hint of the riches which the future holds for men and women who truly live and work for the benefit of all. The best- known, at least to the greatest number of mortals, is the family of the historic Jesus of Nazareth. Sadly, apart from the chronology related in the text of Urantia Book and the inspired musings of earthly novelists, nothing is known by the common people of the home life of Jesus.

     The maiden, Mary, was enchanted by the young craftsman Joseph, while he worked at a wage-earning construction project on some outbuildings owned by her clan. Though bold in later life, she was yet shy, due to her age, and it was unseemly for a girl of her age and station to speak directly to a tradesman. She satisfied her curiosity by watching Joseph from a private vantage point in her free moments and grew to greatly admire his patience with the many setbacks which naturally occurred in his work, for the construction materials of the day were neither regular, nor reliable, nor consistent. As the days passed, she grew aware that the time of parting was drawing near and she had yet to speak even a word in his presence. So she schemed to serve him a refreshing drink one afternoon, to which she had added the juice and citrus oils of a lime. Joseph noticed the flavor of the drink, but did not suspect that any special attention was directed at him. Mary realized that the fresh water, available to all, was too imprecise a message, so she drew another draft and carried the dipper to Joseph, offering it directly to him. He could hardly refuse without giving offense and when he looked directly into her eyes, his captivation was half-completed in an instant.


     In all the years of their marriage, he treated her with respect, even through arguments -- usually over the boy -- and never once said a harsh word against her to any man, although she vexed him greatly from time to time.


       Their early matings were vigorous, but tender, and though their sex activity lessened in time, it remained as gratifying throughout. Mary, particularly, yearned for a child from the moment she left her parents' home. Her life had been filled throughout with children, and she truly was unfulfilled without child noises and demands, tears, laughter, and the myriad joys associated with the companionship of the small ones. Notwithstanding her love for Joseph, Mary desperately wanted an infant to hold against her breasts, skin to skin, and to sing and rock to sleep.


     So when she felt the first intuitions that the child had been conceived, her heart leapt with joy. It was not until later that she remembered the visit of Gabriel, which she had put out of her mind for some time. In fact, while Joshua was a babe, she thought little about any role he might play in the future, for although the term "child of destiny" was meaningful to her, her child was just like any other, only as dear as life itself. Throughout all the dramatic events of the boy's infancy, Mary spent her free time showering the babe with love, watching him in his sleep, playing with him, reading and telling stories from memory. She used to take him out onto the rooftop of their Egyptian apartment and show him the night sky stars -- offer him to the stars -- and describe for him the constellations, telling him how they would look in the nighttime sky over their Palestine home.


     The boy watched, wide-eyed, at the wonder of the nighttime sky. And when Joseph called to them, awakening to find himself alone, Mary would return with the child and describe how alert

and eager he appeared to be, while all the town was asleep.


     Mary was a dedicated mother and with her first child she was so attentive as to almost smother him with affection. Even while he was toddler, she would hold him captive in her lap, kissing and petting him until he resigned himself to wait for a break in her attentions, whereupon he would squirm free and make his escape. Yet the boy was equally affectionate and nearly always preferred to sit close enough to one of his parents to maintain constant physical contact.


     There was a cat which visited their apartment during the Egyptian sojourn. A street cat, it was looking for an easy meal. The Egyptians tolerated cats in much the same way that Hindus tolerate their sacred cows, allowing them unrestricted access to all places. Mary thought this impossibly foolish, for she knew the cats as foragers of the streets and dumps and she worried about disease and filth. But the boy tamed this street cat with his gentle touch and Mary often found the cat beside Jesus and shooed it away and out of the house.


     Upon the return to Palestine, the house was always full of stragglers, human and animal alike. Because the Nazareth home was on the far fringe of the village, many travelers stopped to ask directions, or for water. The boy found many opportunities to visit with strangers from faraway places. He frequently had to ask [Joseph] for instruction on the location of placenames he had absorbed. It was this early experience with travelers that inspired his travels before he began his public ministry.


    Even after the birth of other children, Mary often reminisced about the early years in Egypt, much as you think back on the time you spent in China, when the world was all fascinating and exotic, and full of love and time.


     I hope you have enjoyed these words. They are my gift to you on the celebration of Jesus's birth. You should know that we look upon you with love and approval. We have been watching you for years and generally like what we see. There are many parallels between your family and the historic family of Jesus. I have tried to illuminate some of them for you, even things not discussed in Urantia Book. We are gratified to see the depth of commitment which you and Eric openly express toward each other and we expect you to provide a loving springboard for your Jade to launch herself onto the world scene, next for her to take up the work which you have so recently and ably begun.


     The future is bright -- even brilliant -- for you all, and the company could not be better. God bless you and keep you, your happy family and friends. Merry Christmas.






Wil114 - A Projection by the T/R

12/30/91 Monday a.m., following the Sunday night meeting, upon listening to Soldette's doubts, reassuring her, and laying my head on the pillow:


     I saw two brilliant lights, off to the far right corner of my field of vision. I waited. They said, "Come with us."


     I replied, "Who are you?" They answered, "Seraphim." I said, I request that you help Soldette struggle with her doubts." Their response, "She is well-enough equipped. No one can resolve another's doubts for them."


     They paired off, one on either side of me, and we took off, rising. Their companionship was agreeable, though we said no more. They took me to a world, with a palace, to a reception hall, into a small chamber. There, on a simple throne, sat an old man in robes. Neither of us spoke or communicated, but I felt he was a Melchizedek. I stood there, quietly, before him.

     Then I drifted off to sleep.


     Next time, I must remember to ask his name, and thank him for the transportation. I have a feeling I will be seeing him again.