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Will - ObservationOfPeople - Dec 31, 1991 - Eric, Tallahassee, FL



Will’s Observation of People

December 31, 1991Tuesday

NOTE: Will's New Life message to us, with a surprise ending


ERIC: Well, here we are, 20 minutes to kill. Shall we have a chat?

WILL: Yes, of course. You are so pleased with yourself today, so smug. It is only gentle teasing. Your seraphim contact was provocative. Since you openly express a willing attitude towards increased cosmological knowledge base, they have seized this opportunity to begin instruction. Last night you passed inspection. Next time, the work begins. It is a good sign, that you are able to hold your tongue in the presence of mystery.


     Although we know you have a questioning mind, it is pleasing to see some indication of the hard-won results of discipline, expressed here (there) in your standing in unawed silence. Too many mortals begin at the bottom, demanding answers that they are not prepared to handle. The other thing is: You trust us. Considering that "bravery" and "fearlessness" are gradations of courage, and that although you have always, from youth, aspired to courageous acts yet had little opportunity to demonstrate yourself, we like your fearlessness. It sets you apart from many of your fellows.


     You have been puzzled for years, wondering why people shrink from you. Now we tell you: It is not the color of your eyes, not your costume, not your height, or self-confidence, or the way you use your eyes, it is your fearless quality that both fascinates and disturbs those around you. It is unsettling to them.


     You have said repeatedly, in the last few years, that people are not what they once were. This is true. There has been a disturbing, rapid degradation of the moral fiber and general ruggedness of people in recent decades, especially in North America. But then you spoil the ground you have gained with further petulant remarks, calling people "mealy-mouthed," and other pejorative terms like that. While these observations are true enough, you fail to consider the effect your words have on your listener, for they -- unlike you -- are not fearless, and their automatic and immediate reaction is to fear you, for all they know, you will turn the firehose of your criticism next upon them. You should have more compassion, although, truth be told, you can no more understand fear -- not possessing any -- than we can understand the passion for college football. It is a minor mystery, un-plumbable.


     Now you know. We expect you to conduct yourself according to your understanding, and cultivate compassion. Stick to the illuminative facts. Allow the facts to raise men's understanding. This is why we think you have potential as a teacher. People are positively inclined to listen to your words, if you don't run them off with your unwise, too-strong statements. Restrain the shock value of your comments. You yourself admitted long ago that no one can be won by argument. Neither can they be recruited, even to the best cause, by insult and rude comment, no matter how accurate or apt.


     That was a very good job Sunday night. You did not distort either my message or comments in any way. It was such a pleasant experience, that I extended my communion with the group several times. It is good to see that you are not anxious for me to wrap up my message. You and I have come far, from your first abbreviated reception. That anecdote is a continuing source of humor for your compatriots. They draw both solace and inspiration from your antics. It is good that you share my encouragements and criticisms of you with the others. They would otherwise have only imagination to help them guess what lies ahead. They are not yet tired of hearing of you, and your experiences. You are still new to them, a long-meeting group, and your battle exploits are yet fresh to them.


     We are off on a grand adventure, and it is important that none are left behind, not even those who resist or refuse the daily practice which we advise. At some point, their doubts will be overbalanced by the accumulated teachings we continually place before them, and the changes they see in the other participants' lives. Probably it will be the changes that are more persuasive, for the Master was surely right when he said, "By their deeds you will know them." Therefore, I encourage you to share instructions such as these received today, with your friends. We seek to swiftly build such a massive body of loving guidance as will irresistibly draw them into the current, get them swimming along, rather than standing lonely on the bank, watching the world rush past.


     And! That was a very neat trick with Vincent. We are sure you merely capitalized on -- not schemed to instruct Vincent on -- reception-by-writing. That was a great example of timing, and the rule of threes: First, he described the event to you; second, he presented the story to the group publicly; third --the perfect opportunity -- he raised the topic voluntarily. His mind was truly prepared at that moment. You correctly pointed out that he should pursue the most-productive path, and did so in a vernacular fashion that was most effective. I thank you, and expect that this will clear the logjam that is restricting our communication. I have much to say to him, and he has many questions for me. He thinks that if he has private communication, then he may freely ask questions tantamount to requests for predictions, risking only his own disappointments. Of course, he is consciously subjecting himself to a cycle of disappointment, for the pre-knowledge, or intellectual expectation, of the likelihood of disappointment is merely a shadow of an experienced disappointment. It doesn't matter. Vincent likes to find things out for himself; he is very independent this way.

     You will all find, as your universe careers progress, that the personality characteristics which cause you the most problems -- the stubborn, repeated problems -- are exactly the characteristics which will serve you best in the afterlife. It is simply an up- side/down-side problem. These troublous traits are you -- what makes each of you unique. They are God's gift to you, your sword and shield, your flint and tinder. Don't try to submerge or stamp them out; neither give them free rein. Control them; they are your tools, for eternity.


     Each of these characteristics has pluses and minuses to it. You know them well, and need no instruction on this topic. But the approach of looking to the up-side of what you may have formerly considered to be personality flaw is a very productive approach -- not only for your development, but also to develop insight into a higher plane of appreciation for your brothers and sisters. This is what I meant when I referred to "talents" in my message to Chao May. We hope that it is inspiring to you, rather than discouraging, that God's gifts to you all are not ready-made, like custom-tailored clothes, to be immediately exercised at full speed.


     Everything on the material worlds -- everything -- begins as coarse, to be hammered into rough and ready shape, maybe usable, maybe not. It is like being dropped off in a wilderness. Depending on the chance circumstances, some find themselves with a nearly complete tool kit, plans and materials at hand. Even then, among those so favored, many begin looking around for someone to build their house for them.


     Others, less favored, begin with only a crude idea -- some dim remembrance of the race intellect -- of which way to next proceed. Then they set about, roughing out the tools, the shelter, the life to be lived, and improve as they can with the spare time created. Among these too, some cast about for others less fortunate, to press them to an ungrateful and unproductive service, and exploit their brothers rudely.


     And last, there are the truly unfortunate, the defectives, the genetically impaired, those damaged in the tragedies of the outer worlds, with nothing in their kit but the spirit of life. They have the means to accomplish little beyond survival. Yet they are not adrift, no matter the unlucky chance of their circumstance, for the Father sees not the incidents of birth. He sees only the progress, the indications of new direction, and reception of his love and beneficence.


The voice of the Adjuster: The Father has planned well for the future of His material children. They started in the dirt, in the corners of the universes, not much different from the bacteria, except their ability to someday know Him. And this spark, this infinitesimally small spark, He will carefully husband, until it grows to a precious flickering flame, first yellow, then blue, then white-hot -- a torch, a jet, a cutting tool, a welding tool, a light that illuminates lives, worlds, and universes. A searing white brilliance indistinguishable from His own, for it is Him, of Him, part of Him, an extension and expression of His love and desire to share Himself freely.


     The Father invites all into His home. From the furthest reaches of space, those places and creatures yet unknown to us, He calls, "Come home. Come in, you have traveled far, and I welcome you. Come, sit with me, we will talk, over what you have seen and learned on your journey." Will-115