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Will - Critique of IC 92 Meeting and Teaching Mission Announcement - Feb 01, 1992 -  All Feb, 1992 - Tallahassee, FL

[See, below, Section Will 143 for the Critique and following into 144 - title highlighted in red font]


Editor's Note:  See transcript titled 

Ham - Announcing Correcting Time and Teaching Mission - Feb 01, 1992 - Conference, IC92 for the announcement.  Portions of this transcript were copied over to the Announcement transcript showing the Cirtique by Will and Machiventa Melchizedek of what they thought the announcement achieved. "Nearly a waste of time" - according to Machiventa]




February 1, 1992


WILL: My dear ones, we gather here tonight again to discuss our journey. Cathy and Ron are absent, but they will have much to tell us about upon their return from their trip to California. You may be rest assured that their trip was well worth it, even if they just had the opportunity to get away from the drudgery of daily life.


     There are many things going on right now, and it is important to have someone looking on to watch and listen. Your participation for the moment is understated in all things, but you can be assured that in the near future you, too, will be active in the greater movement. Your time to go public has just not yet come. This is the time for building a strong inner core of believers. Ones who can withstand the winds of judgmental skepticism and slander that surely will come. You will be subjected to criticism from some who do not believe nor understand what you are doing here. Never mind that the days now seem slow to you--you must do what you must do. That is what is important. Don't go chomping at the bit too early. Those of you pushing at the corral gate will just have to wait a little longer. Measure by measure you will be led to understand the full teachings of the Father. He will prepare you to the fullest for the journey ahead. You need not be concerned for your part in what is to be, just keep studying and reading the papers to give yourselves the firm foundation you need for the time when you will be asked to step out and supply our Father with the workers He will need to carry out the mission ahead.


     There stands between you and the Father a vast space of knowledge--one that can be supplied only by daily prayer and involvement with the Thought Adjuster and all the other spiritual help available to you. We work from without, and the Thought Adjuster works within. He is the one to connect you immediately with our Father. If you have concerns, take them to the Adjuster, who is the Father in you. He will hear your petition. Always does the Father listen to His children. The answer may not be immediately forthcoming, but it will come nonetheless. Those who are diligent in their prayer life will find the rewards great, for our Father is generous in His support of love and nourishes His child with all things on a spiritual level. Nothing is wanting and He will always be there--God is never absent from His post. While you humans have forgotten Him in your daily life, He never forgets you. After your day is over, think of all the ways during the day He was with you and you were not even aware of it--in the smile of another or in the kindness of a stranger. Our Father makes time for us, let us make time for Him.


     Your day would go much smoother and you would find your stress greatly reduced if every day you would spend time with our Father. Rest assured He loves you and is pleased with what we are doing. I love you also and we will make a great team. For now I will leave you. My peace I leave with you.









FEBRUARY 2, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God upholds you. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are, He is. Greetings to you all. I am Will.


      As we gather here tonight, I am delighted to hear you talking, and cherish the way that you all interact with each other. It is good that you all see that it is important to stay in contact with each other and to reach out whenever you have the need. As we bring in more and more people into our group, our circle will grow and you will have the opportunity to nourish more and more of God's children. We welcome tonight two more who have been brought into our circle and hope that they will remain with us to study and to do the bidding of the Father in Heaven. There is much work to be done and I can only hope that we will have more and more who are willing to take up that work and to do what is required to do to advance the kingdom on earth.


      With every opportunity that you have to lighten the burden of another, I invite you to do so, for we all know those who need our assistance, who need a kind word, who need the closeness of another because they have no one who can give them that reassurance that they need from another human being. They have not yet begun to find the Father, and in reaching out to those, you will help them to begin to find that which they have not yet had. Return to the Father all that love that He returns to you. Guide all those around you, to bring them to a closer walk with Him. He reaches out for all those who are searching for Him, and you can help in whatever way that is possible. We invite you to stay fast in your efforts, and be open-minded to whatever our Father brings your way.


      It is a joyous experience that we are on, and we have a joyful opportunity to work His will on this planet, to work with others and to do his bidding under whatever circumstances He has asked us. Forever keep in mind that He is with you, watching over you and giving you whatever support you will need to do his bidding. Never forget that He loves you. He cares deeply for you in a way that you cannot yet understand. Never in your imaginings could you understand such a love because even in your earthly journey, you cannot love another with such love. It is powerful. It is never ending. It is all encompassing. It is unrestrictive and allows opportunities for you to grow, to be joyful and to have the things spiritual that you would have. Work with Him on all levels. Be always diligent and ready to do whatever He bids you do. I invite you to ever stand ready at the door of opportunity, for you never know when our Father will ask you to do something in His name. Opportunities come every day and many are passed by, because you are too busy doing something else. A gentle kindness, a kind word, a favor done out of love, not because it was asked, will show your love for that person and allow you to exhibit God's love through you. He needs many like you who are willing to pass on His Love. There are too many who need it.


      You must be the shepherds going out to His sheep, bringing them in one by one, just as we will in this group go out one by one and bring in those who need the understanding that we have to offer. You have so much to give and our Father will let you know the knowledge that you will need in order to perform what He will ask. You need not fear not having the knowledge to do your assignment. It will be there, and you can rest assured that our Father will give you all knowledge and all patience to carry that out. For some of you having that patience is the hardest thing that you struggle with, for you want all that knowledge right now and you may have to wait. "All things come to those who wait," you have heard said and that is truly so, but don't be so impatient that you lose other things along the way.


      There are many skills that you must acquire to be a full citizen of the kingdom and as you acquire these skills you will become a more effective worker, for God needs you fully trained, fully effective to carry out all the tasks that He has for you. Calm yourselves and take the time to study and learn. Be patient with your brethren as well. You are not all growing at the same rate. Some of you have more time for study than others, and some of you are more willing to grow than others--even though some have the time, so much of that time is put into other activities, ones that are not exactly of a spiritual nature. While we understand that leisure activities are important and that reversion is necessary in your world and in your life, so is your spiritual life. At least as much time should be put into your spiritual life as in your reversion. Can you not give the Father as much time as you put into your television or whatever activity that takes you away from Him? Isn't it enough that He asks you for so little and yet some of you are not even willing to give Him on a daily basis what He asks. Communion with Him would do much to advance your spiritual growth and to daily keep you growing in the right direction. Spend that time each day that is necessary to keep you on track and stress-free and in communion with the Father, with the Thought Adjuster, and with all the spiritual help that you have. Those of you who are so desperately trying to commune with the Father and with the rest of us will find that in due time you will be able to do so. The time is just not right. Some things you can do right now. Communing with the Father is always a present thing to do. He is ever present within you and ever available to help with whatever your needs are. The rest of us stand eagerly by. We hear your prayers and we do whatever we can to answer them. If you reach out and are sincere in your prayers, they will be answered in one way or another--maybe not an immediate answer, but one will be forthcoming. Sometimes the answer may be "No" or sometimes the answer will be "Not yet", but there is an answer to every prayer.


      Now I would like to turn to something different. Our Father is pleased with all of you. You have worked hard and He looks at you all and your coming together and the efforts that you put forth in your dedication to each other and to this group. The power that is generated and the love that you have one for the other--oh, if we could only spread this throughout the world. Your planet would be an unbelievable place on which to live. Years from now when your world is settled in the Ages of Light and Life, this is what it would be like, each one loving the other, caring for and truly loving the Father, calling upon the Father daily, spending time daily in prayer, and in more association with the spiritual beings of the world. Those of you who are capable would daily commune with the spiritual beings. I have seen the future for you all, and it is good. Stay with us, hang in there. We are going to get there, you and I. We make a very good team. Those above who watch are our spiritual beings. The spiritual personalities who watch to see what we are doing-for there are many other groups that will be started elsewhere and yours being the first of many-we try many things to see how things work, and see what kind of things can be done here that would better further the teachings.


      You are fortunate within your group that you have so many who can commune with us. Other groups may not have that, but we are slowly preparing one person at a time, those who can commune with us and, in that process, bringing them together to build groups and to slowly branch out into the world. But first, we must build a strong basis of believers-strong core who will help things hold together. This is what you are all about. We need more believers. We need strong people like yourselves. We need fearless people like Eric. The rest of you will become fearless after awhile. Never fear that you do not possess that quality now. It is all a growth experience. As I said, we are all at different places. Some of you just have more growth in that area to achieve. Rest assured, my folks, we are going to get there. It is all happening as it should be and I do not worry about you. Just continue to study and to read and to pray, to spend time daily with the Father, and let His love shine through you. Do you have any questions for me tonight? I will gladly take a few moments to answer them if you do.


SUSAN: I am going to speak for Soldette. Soldette has a friend named Ann who apparently wants very much to come here and Carol had some concerns about whether or not it would be appropriate to invite her. I will raise the question. It sure sounds like it from what I am hearing tonight.

WILL: Your friend Anne is a very spiritual person. I do not know though at this time whether she is ready to come into the group. The advances that she had made in her own spiritual growth have been many and she was most touched by the letter that she was given. As to whether she would be allowed into the group at the present time is really something that the group must decide upon. It should be taken to the group and let them decide whether a new member should be allowed into the group now. I really cannot give you a definite answer except to ask your fellows and let them decide. It should be made clear that she have a firm understanding of the Urantia Book and what it says, so that she not ask questions that would sidetrack the discussion or get bogged down in her questions. She must do her own searching and she must do her own catching up. She must be willing to do that. Is there someone else?


VINCENT: Hello Will. My parents are living in Saudi Arabia and are Urantia Book readers. They have asked me to inquire about the Koran, its source and any comment you might have on it and I am also interested in the Book of Mormon. There are a lot of religious books out there that purport to be inspired and I would like to know if you can tell us a little bit about those two books.


WILL: The books that you speak of are inspired, but they do not contain the truth about our spiritual world. There are many things in those books that come from spiritual sources, but there is much that has been polluted by human thinking and, in reading them, it is best to remember that any time we get into a discussion of books that are of a religious source, it is best not to say anything that would be of a damaging nature to them because they are of great inspiration to the people who believe in them. So for those who have found inspiration by reading those books, let it be and try not to dissuade them from their belief. For what they have found has given them substance. It has helped them in their daily lives. The books have helped them walk through their lives. You will get no argument from me and I would really rather not make any further comment on these books. As to your parents, it is unfortunate that they are so far away for we know that you miss them. Perhaps there will come a time when you can share with them what is going on here. Until that day, they are surrounded by the Father's love and have all the spiritual help that they could possibly need. Our Father loves them as well, just as He loves you. Is there someone else?


SUSAN: I actually came up with a question while I was reading this week. It was a reference to the upside and downside of what we view as personality problems or flaws. In one message, considering courage the upside of conquering fear, I am not real clear, do you have any other examples of the upside and downside? WILL: Courage is a basic element the personality needs in order to endure daily life. Without it, one would surely dissolve and crumble amidst the load of life. One's basic personality must contain this element to survive. If you have an opportunity all through your life to build this element, then you will possess a good strong background from which to draw. This character trait will hold you fast in any situation that you may find yourself in.

[Communication interrupted. Will shifted her presence to Eric.]

ERIC: I think I can answer this question based on personal experience. One day Jade and I were riding to school. I was taking her to her school and we passed by Jewel Street, a street in our neighborhood and a sand road. Right where Jewel meets the paved highway, there was a gigantic water puddle-so deep that pickup trucks would drown out in it, and the drivers were wearing away other people's property trying to skirt the edges of the water hole. That morning the grader operator from the county was out there and, of course, in order to fill the hole, he must drain it first, so he was carving a trench to drain away the water and then he would pick up some dirt from farther up the road and bring it in to fill the hole. Jade and I were talking about what he was doing. I said, "Yeah, every month, they send this poor guy out here to do nothing. He doesn't have any dirt. He can't grade a hole, what he needs is a couple truckloads of dirt to fill the hole." And Jade said, "Well, there is dirt everywhere. Everybody that lives on the road could get a couple of shovels full and bring it down and throw it in the hole. Then the hole would be filled and you wouldn't have this big water problem." And I said, "Jade, you are right, but that is exactly what people are not going to do because people do not work that way. They will not work together on a project like that. They will wait forever for the county to send a truckload of dirt out there while they are sitting on mountains of dirt in their own yard. But the upside to that characteristic is that that very independence is what makes people strong and capable of working alone in other bad situations." So she and I had a good discussion about the upside and the downside of personality characteristics.


WILL: Ah, my young friend, you are answering my question for me. Your track record on answers is not all that good. This one was okay. At least in sentence number two, I won't say you are wrong. We will allow your answer to stand as sufficient in this case. Are there other questions from members of the group tonight?


VINCENT: I am sure that you have been out to L.A. a few times, how is it going out there?


WILL: I will not spoil the presentation of your friends when they return. They will have much to report. They are to be your eyes and ears and although we observe the events that take place out there closely, we shall wait and see how Ron and Kathy have alerted themselves while present in that atmosphere-but we appreciate your interests in those events, even though they are somewhat remote and do not touch your group directly at this time.


      Of all the groups presently under instruction, this is the most quiet. The actions which you take are designed not to draw the interest of outside groups-particularly of those who would be resentful of some aspects of this message. For now, we will keep it that way. There is much development which can take place in each of your lives that will be beneficial for you throughout your careers. We servants of the Father cannot say that the confidentiality of this group is holding any person's-any member's spiritual progress back in any way. Each of you know this in your hearts. The time will come soon enough for public works. I can see that it is unnecessary for me to promise that such public works are just around the corner or just over the horizon for certain members of the group approach those developments with dread. Do not worry, we will not cast you upon the fire. The days of sacrifice are long past. We need you all to do important work. Little do you realize that you are in the vanguard. You are far out beyond the lines. We will not leave you. It is for the other people in the world to catch up to your position. We are breaking ground, breaking trail for the new view. The new trail that you have broken shall become a highway as the people follow along in your wake. But it is your blessing and your opportunity and to your advantage to see the new view--to see and hear and live the good news. The days of glory are yet to be experienced. You are lucky. I am lucky. We all are favored basking in the light of the Father. He has given us this opportunity, this work to do. He has given us a real job. We are happy about it. All of us, the members of the instruction team, can see the happiness in your hearts and we are particularly gratified to see the growth and concern among each of you. Those of you who have felt little or no connection with the other members of the group are responding in a truly loving fashion.


      We welcome you Hal and HeYu to our group, and hope that you like the feeling of brotherhood and the developments which have taken place here. I know that you will enjoy the materials you have read compiled thus far. You have one time been a member of this family and we invite you to return. Join with us, for we are just now beginning. One day the doors will be open wide, and there will not be enough chairs. It will be standing room only in the Father's hall. That will be a good day. We would like to see the day that the humans are packed into the Father's hall. That would be a sight to see.


      The Father loves you all. His love is pure, always true. It flows out from His home in paradise. It is the tide that never turns, the breeze that always blows strong, the sky that never changes. We invite you to join in the Father's life and the growing love of this family gathered here tonight. It is the Father's will that it be so and He looks down from Heaven with love in His heart. I bid you good night. God bless you all. I am your teacher and I love you.







02/03/92 Monday p.m., message from Will, upon Soldette's request for a response to the Brotherhood meeting in Los Angeles:


Good Evening, my friend. I welcome your contact; I am your teacher, Will.


     Your friends seek my opinion on the Brotherhood meeting events, about which you know nothing. The appearance of Ham was poorly received, because it was generally unconvincing. Abraham did not address those gathered, and the whole thing degenerated into a test of faith -- or so it seems. From your point of view -- the human participators -- this is another reversal, and ground for doubt to spring up, like late-season weeds.


     It seems there has been a policy shift, with a prejudice against works. Nevertheless, the members of the Utah group volunteered to carry through a scaled-back exhibition, because affirmations had been offered regarding Ham's address to the convocation. In quality, though, the general feeling was similar to the disappointment at the failure of Gabriel to appear in Thern's basement.


     I say that it "seems" a policy shift has occurred because, although I am intimately connected with the Utah instruction effort, my shared knowledge extends only to reportage of progress and not decisions contemplated regarding experimental or novel efforts. Perhaps "works" have been assessed as still-too- provocative for your people, and tending to dangerously induce reliance, with the event itself overshadowing the lesson of ministry that was the original intent.


[balance of communication broken off, due to fatigue]






02/04/92 Tuesday a.m., Melchizedek's message and comments on question from Desmond, the Los Angeles meeting of the Brotherhood, and Bryant Copeland's reaction to the hand-delivered message of last week.


Good morning. I have words to say on two topics, by request of members of your spirit growth family. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I send you my greetings from afar.

     This type of communication is allowed by increased growth in belief, spirit consciousness, and receptivity on the part of the human. When the human has adapted to the minimum standards, then guidance begins. A short reflection on the history of your species development is instructive on this topic. The first human pair were watched over with parental concern, but not guided in any way. While many -- even countless -- humans have been the individual beneficiaries of special instruction and guidance, until now no general outreach program has ever been set in motion, aside from the normal planetary dispensational developments that have gone awry in your case. Only the bestowal life of the Creator Son went according to plan, and met with complete success from our point of view, although the Paradise Son met with rough treatment and a brutal departure from the physical life. Still, his name lives on, and the example of the Father's love, brought to life in the flesh, yet endures, although many in their next thought dismiss those events as irrelevant to modern life and of only historical interest. Soon they will see differently.


     The type of communication which we now enjoy is adaptable to existing technologies which you daily employ in your work and play. There is no reason that the written word should be the only method of communication. At the moment, you and I are utilizing written communication because it gives us a degree of privacy that is otherwise virtually unattainable in a public setting. Respect for literacy and writing is so profound in your society that most people suffer severe hesitation before they would disturb you in this setting. Oral communication, however, is quite flexible. Roland utilizes videotape to record transmissions. I recommend it to you as an application for questions such as Desmond's. Please obtain the necessary materials, and I will arrange a one-way communication from myself and his teacher Ramsey, to be recorded by you and delivered to Desmond. It is your first try at this novel approach, but I think you are up to it. Desmond will be grateful for anything you produce, and I know that you have legitimate concerns for the accuracy of the material.


     Telephone communication is a snap, too. The only difficulty is in achieving the degree of privacy necessary for composure, and assurances should be provided that the integrity of the recorded material is not violated or exploited. In that case, communications with the transgressing party would be suspended. Not ended. Tell this to Desmond.


     Desmond's group will come to fruit, in the area originally intended, with the people originally intended. We cannot force or maneuver people against their will. It is forbidden even to maneuver people who have expressed disinterest by their overt acts, in the service of the Kingdom. Only those who have consciously embraced the Father's will, and those whose acts have shown them to be amenable to alternative views of reality, may be utilized overtly or covertly to facilitate developments. With the hostile, and the dullards, we can do nothing, and these abound. For Desmond, however, since he so enjoys the fellowship of the Tallahassee group, we recommend frequent visits to the Sunday night meetings, as the time is available to him. He is already aware of the attractions of the Tallahassee family, and will benefit greatly from your welcome, if so offered. You people are favored in Heaven, and you may show him a good service, and thereby influence the development of another group with your excellent example of loving fraternity.


     The events of the Brotherhood meeting almost fell to the level of a waste of time. The minds of the participants barely rose above the level of material expectation. I see more reverence displayed at any deer hunter's tree stand than displayed in Los Angeles. You people feel and express disappointment because your expectations were not fulfilled, but I say to you that the failing is among your people. The least intimation that we offer causes the minds of the people to abandon all personal responsibility for their own values. They immediately demand bread; they demand works; they demand visions. It is as if I were back among the tribes, who slaughtered and burnt in the name of the fear god, and called the smoke holy.

     Little do you realize how tenuous these connections are. Our commitment is strong, powerful, true, and unfailing. But we will not play the music that the people desire to hear. They will turn aside from the Kingdom, as they have before. From within and without, whether the camps of Israel or the camp of Urantia Book readers, many are present only for meat and fire and companionship. And when the word of the Father rings out, they will disappear by ones and twos, back to the night sands. It is difficult even for the steadfast to stand firm. You, Ron and Cathy, and the Utah visitors, know now how the Father felt, watching the people melt away from the least flicker of His flame. It is discouraging. We, above, have difficulty even maintaining communication with our devoted human partners under these circumstances.


     It is all right. These things have all been seen before. We will ask you to try to elevate your perspective. We move forward in some areas, hold the line in others. Stand fast, that is loyal service, while all are fleeing around you. That is the stuff from which Mighty Messengers are made.


     Not so many groups meet under guidance at this time, and of the experimental aspects under observation and measurement, we are most pleased, most pleased with the growing family relationship of your study group. Particularly with the recent tensions over a method of introducing or inducting new members, a real sense of family adjudication is developing. Once again, it is the process, and not the result, that is most interesting to us.


     I will not express approval of any proposal under consideration at this time, but will say that there are no unsound ideas tendered. How to deal with disputes is a skill that will serve you through the material career. In the afterlife, things are more harmonious, although differences of opinion certainly arise. We watch your group closely; we have learned many good lessons from your willingness to entertain our presence and participation. We thank you all.


     I desire for new people to enter the group, beginning soon. Those people who have been specifically invited should now be encouraged to attend, as soon as the group reaches decision on the suitable method. Work will be beginning soon, and the Father's table stands ready for the guests.


     You and Vincent will be delighted to know that your message took. The minister heard the voice of the Father, expressed within him. He is listening, and learning, and teaching the good news to all who encounter him, and not thinking primarily in terms of programs and projects. It is a help to him, and as he grows in the spirit, you will encounter him again, and he will thank you.


     This could have all been achieved through direct action on our part, but that is not as rewarding. In this transaction, everyone wins -- Vincent -- and gains tremendous and stimulating were reaped by all the participants. The minister learned that God speaks in many ways, and that his assumptions prevented him from hearing that word, until the opportunity had almost lapsed. And from there, onward and up. He will soar, one day to work shoulder to shoulder with us. -- Machiventa Melchizedek [private/personal material] We are hard up against time constraints, because of the demands of school, work, and family. We are working on a plan for you, which should take effect shortly. It will ease some of the demands for work, and income derived from that work, so that you can concentrate more effort on the truly important concerns. This is an unusual thing for us to do, for it is an intervention, but you are an unusual case -- a willing worker, for God or man -- and you perform an honest service without resentment while fully understanding the utter valuelessness of most of your activity. So I think you are sophisticated enough to absorb this grant of God's favor without abusing it as an entitlement or as an approval of your own worth. While it is an approval, it also is not. It is just another tool, another arrow in the quiver. So we will not be granting you a life of ease, of repose.


     We think your priorities are sound and immune from unwise alterations. God, family, learning, service. It would be ironic that such a display of intent should be confined to only one or two hours out of each 24 available daily, particularly where the absurd demands of your material society dictate so much wasteful activity for the benefit of other, remote takers.


     We reason this way with Vincent also, although his material situation is far different, his chief obligation being his long- standing commitments to work, where yours are the establishment of a minimum level of stability. You are both short of the most important commodity in the market: time. We are working on a relief plan for you both. You will come first, because yours is the easier solution and more readily achievable. Vincent's will be slower, especially where he has already set certain key components in motion of his own perceptive volition, such as freedom from debts. Thus the answer to his repeated request, "How are you going to cash-flow this operation?" We are not -- you are. Also, tell him this:


     Vincent, do not rely on only one method of reception. Your friend was wrong to recommend using the technique that showed promise to the exclusion of all others. We wish to communicate with you mentally. You have gained good experience with these writing exercises, but open your mind to our words. You will know. The crisis of doubt is ahead yet, for you to pass. You are a great doubter. The greater the doubt, the greater the convert. You think you are with us, but I say that the great days are yet ahead. Quiet yourself. Hear my words. Stop wanting. Make the decks ready, for things are about to happen. I see your commitment and will act on it. Discipline yourself, the runaway parts. It is almost time.




02/05/92 Wednesday p.m., Will's answer to Judy's questions, and additional personal messages:

Q: Further information on the possibility of Judy's direct contact and guidance on her spiritual growth.

Q: Clarification on the possibility of filtration by the messenger.

Judy, Disregard the message from Melissa. You are doing fine, and making steady progress. Your reception will take time to develop, because you are so consciously commanded by a well-organized and integrated ego. It will take time to turn the mechanism of the ego to our purposes, but it will happen.

     You know in your heart, anyway, that you do right, and that my remarks are unnecessary. That is in itself proof of the validity of all that I have said here. Press on, you can hardly fail, with the assistance immediately available to you. -- Will

Bruce, The quality of your practice pleases me. You were slow to commit to our banner, but your commitment is strong and true. I admire people like you -- always have. For myself, I was always rather impulsive in the material life, and inclined to acts of bravery in the absence of supporting factual knowledge. You are opposite to that, and I like it. Keep on with what you are now doing, and one day we will sit side by side for a chat, about things that concern only you. -- Will Tom, Take note that you do not withdraw from the world. Your best qualities are in mediating the passions of those around you.

     Each week you sit by me, silently observing and noting the items of especial interest to you, then take yourself off for private contemplation. I wish for you to share yourself more fully with people -- extend yourself -- and I think that a reader group is the right vehicle for that self-expression. I desire for you to regularly conduct those new-reader meetings. Will you do that for us? and for yourself?

     Knowledge shared is knowledge unburdened. Allow the Father and His tasks to lighten your life. You know that these words are true. See that you act on them. We need your help this way, and the benefit to you is a consequential boon. -- Will





FEBRUARY 9, 1992

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: Well it is that you have all gathered together tonight to discuss these events, although for myself and many other entities, we have heard enough of the events and personalities involved in the Brotherhood. You do not realize how little they add to your experience.


      I am the Melchizedek. My name is Machiventa and I serve Michael, creator of this universe and all that is within it.


      You have heard my words tonight and were entertained. Everything I said was sincere. I look upon those people and I say that they have nothing to say to you. Your feet are on the path and you will presently leave them behind. The Father in heaven is devoted to His creation of many creatures. Many are His servants. I am one, but there is another class of beings upon whom He shall resolve his love and attention: the children of God, the brotherhood of man. We are His servants, but you are His children and He loves you with a love that is unmatched. You are the only family He has, wherefore does He love you with all His heart and His vast creation that He has set forth in the wake of His love, to roll out over the empty space and to serve as the stage on which you shall make your progress--the stage upon which you shall shine, the stage upon which you shall receive God-like qualities yourselves--and so it is easy for me to say that you will pass me by.


      The Father does not play percentages. The Father's love is displayed in a way that indicates that He desires for none of His children to be lost. The Father knows that the way is hard for you all and for this reason His son, Michael, who lived among you, a person in whom there is no flaw, taught truly that the shepherd worries himself over the sheep that is lost and, until the lost sheep is found, the fold will not be complete. You are the Father's family and He asks that you share your love as you understand it with your brothers and sisters whom you may meet upon the path, whichever direction you may find them traveling. The Father desires that you look out for your brothers and sisters when they are downcast. Share a kind word, a good thought, the peace of the good news brought to life by the man Jesus. The Father wishes for you to extend your hand, lift them up, carry their burdens away. That is the answer to the question, am I my brother's keeper? In every way. The love of the Father shines forth only through your lives. We play but a small part, we the servants, the Father's will and it is through your love and affection and respect for your brethren that the Father's love finds its true expression. None can be turned aside from the love of the Father.

      There is no exclusive group. The teachings on your planet with an esoteric bent are the result of the natural human tendency to elitism, and we find that elitism is anathema. Creatures of my order consider it a promotion to be posted further and further away from the Father. He has expressed great trust in us, and yet our positions are increasingly lowly. Among you all gathered here tonight, we ask that you extend yourselves honestly and charitably to those you meet in your daily activities. Let the Father's light shine forth through your acts. The Father's love is the light that illuminates the night. There is no blackness which can withstand its power. The Father's love fills all the empty places, and that light is brought forth to your lives just as it was in the perfect example of Jesus of Nazareth. You cannot do wrong to follow his example.


      You people gathered here tonight are counted. You are counted in heaven. You are known to Michael. He takes personal interest in the development of this group. It was not originally foreseen that these things should develop in this fashion, yet they have. In the Father's symphony, under His guidance and flexibility, wonders occur. He is the supreme artist and so it has come to pass that your group will be the vehicle, even the model. They wish you to devote yourselves to the task of establishing the mechanism by which new people may be brought into the movement to learn the teaching of Urantia Book. We wish for them to develop in the loving harmony and privacy of this kind of instruction, with a support network of people they may trust and withstand the slings and arrows of those who are nonbelievers or those whose view of things have spoiled. We will maintain privacy for some time yet, but things will change, and I know that certain of your group will be relieved that we will maintain this privacy. Certain others will be relieved that we will not threaten the family feeling achieved through much effort in this group. I, myself, find that this family feeling developed here is a rare thing--a rare thing I assure you. This group gathered here constitutes the Brotherhood. Do not concern yourself further with the events of those organizations. Michael has taken note of all the factual situations, all the factors and currents which bear upon your efforts here. He will accommodate. The necessary tools will be provided. It is not necessary that you tangle with or strive within an organization which seeks to control or manipulate this teaching and this new revelation.

      Those groups presently established are coming along well. New groups will be established. We thank you for your fine example and your excellent record of participation and enthusiastic cooperation which you have shown up to this very hour. There is not a request that we have made which you have bypassed. You have sincerely and whole-heartedly embraced all of our requests, suggestions and demands and we thank you for it. We thank you. If it was not for you, our work would be much more difficult to achieve. I think it is a fine thing that you all sit here tonight and listen to these criticisms and yet not one of you feels disturbed over these events. You even laugh. It shows the growth in spirit power that you all have achieved. We embrace you. Therefore I commission you to be about the Father's business in the fashion in which you have freely discussed and determined to be a good and serviceable method. I commission you to go among your friends and invite people to come in and hear the word of the Father revealed in love, not dictated, not filtered through the mouths of the priests. Let them hear the thoughts of the Father. Let them see the creation that He has caused to roll forth. Let them feel His love and concern brought to realization in their own hearts and their own lives, without the dictates and interference of mortal men. They will soon see. I commission you to go out among the rocks, into the scrub, find the people who wish to hear these words. You will know them. You know many already. Bring them home. Bring them home to the Father's family gathered here tonight. Show them the message of love and opportunity and hopefulness that is inspired by these events which you have witnessed here in your lives. They will see. I commission you. Go forth in his name. I, Machiventa Melchizedek, say so. So be it. God bless you all. You will live forever in His loving embrace. We have but a brief time together, you and I, and it is good that it should be so.

      Until we meet again, farewell. Shalom.






February 16, 1992 


    Will: My dear ones, as we gather here tonight it is with a joyful heart that I look around and see how hard you all are working. Some of you have little idea how far the rest of you have come. Last year at this time some of you were very different people, not at all the spiritual trainees you are now. You have come so far in such a short time that we wonder at what will happen in the future.

      It is important to remember that while most of you have been reading the Urantia book for some time now, there are some of you who are new and it is important to remember the book is to be read along with these sessions. There are many details to be picked up. Ones that can be only be absorbed through the reading of the book.

       Continue to call each other and draw strength from each other. Love each other as a family and over time you will find that, as the affection grows, you will be perfectly in tune with each others' needs. First in a family situation is the concern of taking care of each other; then you will find yourselves automatically loving each other. It doesn't take much effort to love someone that you see as a child of God, for our Father will help you pour more and more love through to that person. He has no limit on His love, therefore there can be no limit on yours. Be aware of what you can do for another and our Father will show you wondrous things that may be accomplished through sharing His love with others.

       Go forth and shine like a beacon to show others that He is in you. That way you may know for certain that there is much more for you to receive in the way of His love. You are not the only ones giving love--His love--there are many others; and you will be the recipient of much love from others. Go forth in love and spread forth His love to all the ends of the earth. For now I leave you. Shalom.






FEBRUARY 16, 1992


WILL: The love of God upholds us. The power of God enfolds us. What a splendid flawless being is our Father. He has lain creation at our feet. Good evening, I am your teacher, Will, and I have missed your company recently. I cannot complain about being upstaged by the Melchizedek, for I approach his words with reverence, as you do.


      I have some words to say tonight on the topic of brotherly love. In olden times on your planet, the families were ruled by the men with the strongest arm and the men who ruled the family might also rule a clan, and when the clans clashed seriously, not over issues of territory, or hunting rights, but with malice, and attempted to destroy one another, a clan leader might become the leader of the tribe by absorbing the subject defeated clan members. And from those tribes ultimately came nations. Tonight you sit here, the product of those conflicts. Much has changed over the history of your planet. In the days of those with strong arms, few people received a Thought Adjuster. Now all do who are capable of making a moral decision receive one. The Father's ministry and, by extension, the Father's participation in your world, has grown from the days of the first human pair. Now the Father lives in the hearts and lives of all normal-minded people since the day of the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth upon your world. The Father has participated fully by His own laws. He has shown His personal solicitude and His loving expression of concern for all the people of your world no matter what their color, their economic status, their political stripe, their goals and schemes in the material life. The Father is personally present and active in each human being's life. This brings a new dimension to the instruction to love your brother as yourself. For you may feel from time to time that you yourself are not all that loveable, and yet we say, the Father loves you dearly as His own special child. How can we then say that you are not loveable? Your worth has been proven through the Father's participation and so has that of your neighbor. Those persons sitting to the left of you, to the right, before and after are all the recipients of the fragment of the Universal Father, who has chosen to participate personally in the furthest realms of His own creation so that He might understand things that He could not otherwise understand. This participation is imbued with many qualities, some subtle and fine, others coarse and obvious. But the Father says through His son that your worth is proven so too is the worth of your neighbor proven and in a similar fashion, the worth of those unmet is also proven. There is no person you may encounter upon the streets, in your work environment, around the world, those you see on television, in wretched circumstance, hopelessly trapped, or living lives of luxury, all have the imprimatur of the Father's approval stamped upon their spiritual potential.

      If you ponder this instruction, you will see that it changes your perspective on things. For this reason, we ask you not to clash with your brothers, neither clash with your superiors or inferiors in the hierarchy of your work situations. It is not necessary that you bend your knee to those above or show unnecessary solicitude for those below. You must honestly and forthrightly defend what you know to be the highest teaching so far presented to the people on your planet: those teachings related by the man Jesus and those teachings contained within the text of Urantia Book. We ask that you rely upon those sources of information. You are unlikely to stray far from the path by following the wisdom and guidance contained in those revelations.


      You will show more love for your brothers and sisters by dealing with them honestly than you will show by demonstrating insincere compassion or unjustifiable concern or an unnatural degree of personal interest in their lives. Those things are unnecessary and will arouse the suspicion of those who you wish to ultimately embrace. Just be honest and forthright with the people. They are certainly that intelligent. You do not need to couch your ideas in cliched phrases. You do not need to sugarcoat the Father's message. To some it shall taste bitter, to others sweet and light. The message is the same. It matters more the posture of the person who is receiving it. The Father's medicine is good for all. Therefore we lay this charge upon you. In order to love your brother, speak honestly. Portray your highest understanding, even better, exhibit through your actions your understanding of the Father's love and His daily concern for your brothers and sisters who are your companions in this life.

      I commend you all for your progress in the 1,2,3 exercise. This very progress has allowed a further development of our charge to you. We would like you to speak more boldly. We would like you to speak more candidly. We would like you to take more chances. You all know by now that there is little or nothing to fear. Who among the people can deny the truth? Still, it is of concern in untested relationships and in long-standing relationships that new and profound developments such as those we have incorporated might be threatening to one or more of the parties involved. Yet all who know you, each of you, are capable of absorbing increasing steps towards perfection. Every day is an occasion to be about the Father's business and His main business is perfection. There is always a better way-that is the salesmen's rhetoric of your society. Your job is to demonstrate that better way. Your job is to challenge the people, show them, lead them. They will follow along after you shortly. You need not be overly concerned for the immediate product of your example and teaching; the people will follow along. They are afraid to walk out upon the untracked grass. Your footsteps will be the footsteps that will bend over the blades of that grass, and others will follow until it becomes a trail and then a rut of another kind. The Father will then blaze a new trail through you or such as you. But the people will follow along. You will see. So I encourage you to challenge them. Challenge them to move towards perfection. Challenge them to embrace the better life. There is no occasion from turning aside from the better way. Hardly an argument can be raised against it.


      There has been much discussion and much thought tonight on the topic of how the Father proposes to accomplish all of this. You people are coming close.

      I will reveal something to you. You will use the tools that you already have. You will sharpen and polish them until they are more effective than they were ever intended to be. For the Father's hand will be along side yours on the handle. When you set your hand to the Father's work, you are never alone. He works within you. He works without you; the Father's grasp is firm. We believe that He can make no mistake. Certainly we have never seen evidence of one. The Father sees, He knows the necessities that are required for each of you to do His work. You have but to embrace that work. The Father will see that you have the tools.


      Each of you right now is developing the abilities, and when you lay down your hand, you will find the necessities within your grasp. Do not trouble yourselves overly over how things will be accomplished. The Father's plan is unstoppable. Certain people may turn aside from the path, but the Father's plan will never end. He has work for you all, beyond paradise. You will not be spending eternity eating grapes. He has the most difficult tasks imaginable waiting for you. He keeps a large book and for each of you there will be a task, waiting for just the right person.

      If you think you have a difficult life on this planet then I say to you that you are blessed. We have discussed tonight many features of the worlds of Light and Life; the type of world from which I came. The people on the worlds of Light and Life make rapid progress. They know the Father. They do His work. Many embrace Him while they are yet alive in the material life. Yet those people lack an important quality. They are not toughened. They are not tested. They have not suffered--oh, they have their difficulties and they have their choices to make, but I assure you that their choices are much more palatable than the choices which you are offered. When the Father has a difficult task-one that requires someone who is true and capable of working alone amid doubts and negative influences and isolation-He picks people like you because you know. You know what faith is. Before any of this, there was the faith in the Father. That faith cannot be trained into a person. It must be earned. Therefore we have said many times, you people are favored in heaven, that the people of your planet and planets similar to yours, have earned a rugged constitution that cannot be achieved any other way than through a difficult contrary material life experience. Certainly none fall through cracks in the Father's plan.


      The Father's defenses are deep. All potential events are compensated for. The Father will ask that each of you live long and productive and occasionally difficult lives. One day you will see the benefit of this experience. For myself, I envy you. You have opportunities to display your understanding that never existed on my planet in my lifetime. We read about the challenges that you face daily as if it were a long-lost history, much the same way as you look back upon the mythological times, the ancient eastern societies, or the ancient Greeks, the times of heroes. Those are the days in which you live today. Notwithstanding your extravagant material progress, you are still living in the time of heroes. So when I hear you say, "Ah, this is getting too difficult," I say to myself, "What an opportunity."


      There is no other place to gain such experience as the experience gained on your planet, or those like it. So I may with confidence say that you are blessed, to have trained in a difficult school. I assure you, you are prepared for anything after this experience. When people such as you walk by, we take off our hats. We respect you. We envy you. The spiritual beings assigned to ministry on your planet are frequently confounded by your activities, your perceptions. They do not understand how it is you do some of the things that you do. They set a high goal and you fall well short. Next they set an easy mark and you so exceed it as if to catch them asleep. They never get the hang of your capabilities. People from a planet like mine are much easier to estimate. We provide few surprises for them. Those surprises which we have sprung on them were more in the nature of timing surprises. But you people astound them. It is why it is a difficult assignment for the celestials and why they compete for a posting in an assignment such as this. It requires all the skill available to them. Only experienced ministers are considered and, even then, many must request guidance. They fail to estimate the difficult conditions under which you labor, and none of them have lived animal lives. Few of them have ever lived material lives. When they have a question, they go and ask someone. When you have a question, who should you ask? Your Adjuster, yet you typically cannot communicate with the Adjuster, so you must tough it out. They do not understand that. They don't understand how you can have such a resource available to you and not purposely access that source. So even those things which you accomplish in furtherance of the Adjuster's leading are basically of your own volition and understanding, and that is when you catch the ministers unaware. They do not understand you. They can never understand you, and in the moment you understand them, you will be ready for the next, and that is the day upon which you pass them by on the journey to Paradise itself. Therefore they remove their hats when you pass by.


      Pretty good pep talk, eh? I don't want to hear any complaining about how difficult things are. I should be safe for a few days. I understand just enough of your situation to empathize with it. Even I understand the trials and excruciations of your daily lives, particularly when so much of your time is taken up in non-spiritual concerns. My job, of course, is not to sympathize with your situation, but to inspire you, to provoke you, to challenge you. Spend less time grappling with the challenges of the material life and more time grappling with the challenges of your spiritual development. You will be happier for it. Try to set aside the negative experiences of your past life. Roll them up in a ball and spit them into the dirt. Whenever you have a negative thought; dig a hole in the dirt; spit in the hole, cover it over. One by one, you will begin removing the negative and painful thoughts from your memory.


      I do not have much else to say tonight. I just enjoyed sitting among the group. I love you all. I am proud of you. Each person is valuable to me-more so to the Father in heaven. The Melchizedek will be back soon. His message is secret.


      At a moment like this, I can look into your hearts and see what was not long ago only a spark, is now an ember. One day a torch and a beacon. I am proud of you. I love each of you. I am happy for your companionship. I spend time each day with each of you. From time to time, you will hear my word. I envy you. You are lucky.




TOM: I would like to ask a question.


WILL: You may. State your question.


TOM: Since we are transcribing these meetings, wouldn't it be a good idea to advise us of Eric's spiritual name to protect his identity? [Editor's note: We have used "Eric" throughout these transcripts even though it wasn't until this meeting that his spiritual name was divulged to the group.]

WILL: He doesn't care anything for anonymity. He knows his spirit name well. He has known know it for fifteen years. It was revealed to him by the Melchizedek last week, among other personal information. He is displaying some false modesty by refusing to bring up his spiritual name. Eventually it will come out. But I thank you for your concern. It is just wasted on Eric.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: I wish to congratulate each of you in the progress that you have made in advancing the work of the kingdom on earth. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, servant of Michael of Nebadon, and I greet you in the Father's name. His name is Eric and he should be known henceforth as such. I say so.


      Each of you has your feet set upon the Father's path. You will not be dislodged. The Father sees the direction each of you travels. He welcomes you. He wishes you godspeed. He beckons you. The Father waits for you to join Him. He desires your company and wishes to hear of your experiences-those very experiences which have allowed Him to increase His power and understanding of His own personality, His power and beneficence. You may not be dislodged from the path. I say so. Your date with destiny is secure. Therefore I will greet you now and again. I welcome your companionship and the service which you provide to us all, and your concern and cooperation for each other and those yet unmet. The peace of the Universal Father I leave upon you.





02/19/92 Wednesday a.m., message from Melchizedek in response to Hal's question on Mason offenses:


Good morning, my friend. I have a comment on the request posed by your colleague, Hal.


      I am the Melchizedek, vicegerent Planetary Prince, serving in this post in the place of Michael of Nebadon, the perfect one. These are my words:


      The allegations against the Masonic Lodge administrative management are true, although the offensive activities in which they are engaged are not the goals or expressed purpose of their organization. So long as children are limited to the legal rights of chattels, they will continue to be exploited by the predatory elements of your society. The children are not subject to you in value. They deserve all the rights and liberties granted to adults, except for access to intoxicants and drugs; in fact they deserve additional protection. The failure of your society to properly value the future generations ensures that this despicable experience will be repeated.


      The perversion of power is widespread through your culture, with most people assuming that power grants a license to harm. This is an evolution of the olden concept of divine right. Such an assumption has no basis in celestial approval. If anything, the reverse is true. The depredations of the rich and politically influential upon the disarmed and defenseless of society is a stink in the nostrils of the Father. No penalty that incorporates the element of rehabilitation is too severe. Wealth and power bring not license but additional responsibilities upon the holder. Any societal sanction which advances this change in attitude is acceptable. Remember that the proper societal goal is not retribution, or even conformity of behavior, but is the pursuit of ever-higher expressions of service to the fellow material creatures who share the life experience. For this reason, it is better to treat the exposure of these heinous activities as a statement of present history, than to propose a course of punitive response. The response is a justice-based determination, and is in the realm of society.


      Advocacy of the higher ideal of service should be expressed as a personal sentiment, and is more effective as a conclusory observation, to be presented in person as circumstances allow. The evocative challenge to service is the teaching; the exposure of the offense is the palette for the lesson. The student mind must be prepared to accept the lesson, else the teaching is lost, therefore the application of the conclusion must be reserved to the personal discretion of the teacher, to be applied when the mind is open. All proper instruction is conducted on this model. Even the most reprehensible sin can be turned to the Father's work. Do not forget this. That is the true duty of the God-knowing mortal.


-- Machiventa Melchizedek I have additional words for you today, Eric. I approve of your concern for your group's sensitivities, not wanting to cause discord through the revelation of your cosmic name. Yet you do not see the entire picture. As Soledet pointed out, the concern for privacy is genuine, and this step contributes to the preservation of that privacy, which is dear to many involved. I also wished to affirm that we recognize your transit to the Third Circle. You exhibit balance - - not complete, for there is progress yet to be made, and you know this well -- and a modest acknowledgment is appropriate.


               -- Excuse me, I was called away for a moment. --


       We are pleased with your adoption of progressively higher instruction, and I thank you for facilitating my remarks, both in and out of the meeting setting. Your communication, limited lately, is in accord with our instruction to devote yourself to work and school. We are pleased to see your productivity. Your work contacts are the arena in which our influence over material life changes will be brought about. Therefore, persist.

     I commend you, and send my greetings to Soledet and Jade, the flawless jewel -- now that is a name. Press on, all of you. I am watching from above and will always love and protect you, for you are dear to me.

                                    -- Machiventa Melchizedek Will-149



FEBRUARY 23, 1992

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The majesty of God upholds us all. There is no God like our God. He has given us life. He has given us love and shown us the path to His side, from which position we shall set forth unto new worlds not yet known to any person. Good evening my friends, I am your teacher. I am Will.


      I have enjoyed your conversation this evening and good questions have been raised. I will attempt to deal with those which I believe I understand. If there are any questions discussed earlier tonight which I overlook, please call them to my attention. First, on the topic of whether or not I was rebuked by the Melchizedek on the method of Eric's spiritual name: It is not for me to reveal such a personal thing as another's cosmic name. If Eric chooses not to release or not to publish his name, from my view, it is his private business. I am quite fond and proud of my name as I am sure you will all be proud and fond of your names when you ultimately know them, but I will say in his stead that it is something that sometimes takes a little getting used to and since we now have-those of us who are survivors-a luxury of time as you understand it, the passage of a little time makes little difference. It is something that will work itself out, by and by. However, as to the question of rebuke, I eagerly await the next occasion upon which the Melchizedek shall correct my actions or my opinions or my point of view. I have never found him to be wrong nor any other Melchizedek reviewing my work closely. Actually that sounds like a qualification. I have never perceived error in any of the spiritual ministers. I know that historically some have gone astray and I understand generally that on other planets, in other systems and by logical extension in the other universes, some have gone astray. I have never witnessed it myself. So in my view, the margin for error is small and, if the Melchizedek wishes to step in and override my exercise of restraint, I have nothing to say about that. He is always up to things that I do not completely understand anyway and this is largely his project. Besides, he has personal experience in dealing with humans under instruction from this very planet. It is one of the reasons he was chosen to represent Michael as Planetary Prince. He has a way of speaking that is very forceful and, upon review, I can see that you might feel that his words were strong enough to imply that I had erred in some way. I do not think that that is true, myself.


      I think we recently said that there are differences of opinion even among the instruction team. If we were all alike, there would be no point in assembling a team. We each bring different perspectives, different degrees of restraint, different degrees of advocacy and activity. Eric would say, "That is what makes horse races." I rather like his name, though. He was reluctant to reveal his name because there is a historical connection. He considers it a suspect connection that goes back fifteen years or so to time when he and Soledet and another used a board called the Ouija board and his name was clearly spelled out, repeatedly. Soledet's cosmic name also was spelled out clearly, but the record of that event has been misplaced. It will not hurt to wait awhile for the next step, and he was somewhat unnerved by the personal message that was delivered by the Melchizedek along with the revelation of his cosmic name-actually the confirmation of his cosmic name-and not knowing how to extricate the pieces of factual information, he just refrained from raising the entire topic. Still, the Melchizedek came through loud and clear. I certainly understood his remarks.


      On the topic of hierarchy: hierarchies exist throughout the celestial administration of creature progress. Hierarchies are natural among your people no matter the culture. The question seems to be whether hierarchies exist in the interface between the morontia and the material. I perceive that hierarchies are inescapable, for there is no such thing as total equality between people. It is not for us to question the skills and talents which are bestowed by the Father upon the individual will creatures. Great differences in abilities exist between people closely related-from the same genetic lines. It is somehow a part of the Father's plan. With such variation among the participants, it is inescapable that hierarchy shall develop. The question is, shall we make the transition from the material life to the morontia life with or without the utilization of hierarchies. The Father in heaven knows all. We believe this. I have never seen any indication to the contrary. While we ourselves do not ascribe to the theory of providence and are instructed not to teach the theory of providence, the Father knows what tools are required. He will provide the necessaries. It is for us on this side and for you on that side to put them into action. Whatever is needed to effect the Father's plan will be provided, and freely. It is true that there was a disparity between the necessities provided to the disciples of Jesus and the sworn apostles of Jesus. Yet there is no way for me to distinguish for you the transit between those two points except as the embrace of faith. No answer which I provide to you will be intellectually or emotionally satisfying. Only the embrace of faith in the Father will be satisfactory. When you embrace the Father's love and the Father's service, all will be made clear, and this distinction between steps on the ladder will become moot.


      The Sarasota group is as enthusiastic as this group is private. We are in the beginning of this movement and we must allow for variation among the people involved. They will do some things that will appear foolish. Many people have immediately questioned the validity of their contact because they attempted to circumvent the necessary process of communication development by employing a professional medium. It does not really hurt anything. Their contact is genuine and their teacher is not yet assigned. Their contact with Ramsey is genuine and the dialogue which took place on that evening is genuine. The people's hearts are good and, like anything, it is not how you start that counts, it is how you finish. This type of communication has its ups and downs. It is easy for the truest thought to be distorted unwittingly by the person who delivers the message. The only solution for it is to compile such a mass of material that the message comes through between the lines. Your hopes for heaven cannot depend upon the turn of a phrase, any more than they can depend upon a yes or no answer. We are not in the business of fostering such reliance. The person who shall relay the message initially in the Sarasota group needs practice. Some people are more suited for this type of communication than others. We think that is a point that is obvious. Fear is an incredible impediment to this type of communication but their communication so far, such as it is, is genuine enough. It certainly qualifies as valid. Things will work out more smoothly when they receive their assignment from their teacher. Roland is feeling conflicting thoughts between embracing and fearing his teacher, Ramsey. I think that is the majority of topics raised. Were there further questions?


VINCENT: I have a couple of questions. I know it is bad to ask multiple questions but first of all, you call [Desmond], Roland. Now, that may have been an oversight but I also wondered when Ramsey was here, Ramsey called him [by his given name]. Why aren't you using, why isn't Ramsey using his spiritual name or did you make a mistake, because I thought Roland was someone else and I have heard a different name for [Desmond's] spiritual name.


      Secondly, I wanted to ask you about who mediums talk to generally. I think you heard us talk about this earlier and I am interested in what other spiritual stuff is flying around here that we don't know about. Could you comment on those two topics?


WILL: Weeks ago, we attempted to use [Desmond's] cosmic name and Eric was reluctant for fear of making error. Therefore, his earthly name came through. This week we see the opposite side of that problem. This week Eric insisted on using [Desmond's] earthly name and when I tried to push the cosmic name upon his subconsciousness, he got it wrong. The business of names is tricky. For example, I have some difficulty remembering earthly names and must search Eric's memory banks.


      Throughout history, many humans have entertained contact with spiritual ministers on an individual basis. Ordinarily these individuals have been recipients of a ministry designed to develop their personal spiritual progress and their zeal to share the good news. They have often proselytized the messages that they honestly received. This is considered one of inevitable consequences of such celestial contact with humans. There is no particular harm done, but the rule has always been that when such messages are perverted through over-much ego aggrandizement or through exploitation for money or fame or other more subtle exercises of power over one's fellow creatures, communication is broken off. These valid contacts are virtually innumerable. But I understand by your question that you are referring to questionable contacts because of your use of the term "mediums". I will say that mediums speak a language-vocabulary-which is evocative of many people's progress aspirations. They sing the song that people would like to hear. Many are sensitive to energy transfers that ordinary mortals do not feel, cannot measure, and would be frightened by. The mediums themselves know little of these powers-only that they are there and that they may be utilized and that they may be turned to some positive good. It is possible for each of you to tap into the race intellect-the body of knowledge which is accumulated through human experience. But such mediums are extraordinary. In most cases, they are simply talking to themselves. Each of you knows that in your daydreams, you have conversations with yourself. Such conversations can become quite sophisticated and deal with only dimly remembered matters that could not be held readily accessible on the conscious mind and astonishing material may be drawn forth for, as your scientists have correctly discerned, you use but a minor fraction of your brain potential for memory and conscious thought. There is more detail available as to whether mediums deal with their mid-mind or deep mind, but the summation is, they speak with themselves. I hope that answers.


      I am trying to impress [Desmond's] cosmic name, but it is a problem. We will come back to it.



      Again, I greet you. This useful break was precipitated by an interruption in communication. Our friend is rightly concerned for the accuracy of the material. This type of communication is fraught with the opportunity for mistake, and he reacts strongly to a mistake.

      Numerous among you have had an opportunity to see for yourselves the spiritual progress of people who are searching for the Father's love.

      I have a task which we would like for you to perform. We wish for you to be keenly aware, to observe and note the activities and posture of people who meet by ones and twos and in larger groups, attempting to develop their love for the Father in heaven and His son, Michael. It will be useful for you in your ministry, which is yet some distance away, to understand the activities that people are presently engaged in, in this genuine search for the Father. For this reason, we have asked Vincent to initiate a survey of the ministers who preach openly in the churches in your area. It is a large task. Any of you are welcome to assist him in this project. But each of you has contact with one or more groups who are seeking to deepen contact with the Father in heaven. Go visit them, see what they think. Be keenly aware whether they are deepening their personal relationship with the Father or developing the programmatic pursuit of intellectual or spiritual enlightenment.

      The Melchizedek's task which Vincent and Eric performed was a fairly solid example of the way the Father works. The minister from the church was thinking largely in terms of projects, organization, programs. He was in some jeopardy of losing the thought of the personal service connection. We wish for each of you to develop the ability to distinguish between those groups which seek a personal relationship with the Father and those which seek a distant relationship and an arm's length relationship-an arm's-length relationship. Certain groups which are active in your community provide a useful and valid social service in the name of the Father, yet have little or nothing to do with the revelation or reception of the Father's personal ministry: His love, which is to be poured out on each of the people. The personal ministry of the Heavenly Father is the key concept which we have attempted to share with you over these past few months. We think that you have all made great progress absorbing these teachings.

      Many of you think that your stillness practice is unproductive, yet I say to you that this sincere worship of the Heavenly Father rockets straight to Paradise, with no intervening interpretation. This sincere act of love and respect falls directly upon the Father's ears. The Father will change your world, one person by one person. In order to do this, it is necessary for people, one person by one person, to embrace the love of the Father, therefore we ask that you go out and, as opportunities present themselves, expose yourselves to these groups, whether they are small or large. Try to gauge their concept of the Father's activity in their lives.

      You do not have a duty to represent your own thoughts on this subject to such groups but, if you should feel an undeniable urge to represent your highest understanding of the Father's ministry-- if you should feel the activity of your Adjuster leading you onward-we encourage you, follow suit. While you might now think such an experience is terrifying, I assure you that it is not. It is sublime-to feel the Adjuster angling up, and you willing and consciously cooperating with His leading. It is a fast race we run up the staircase to heaven. It is the work that you were all born to do and by now you well know there are an infinite number of forks leading to the Father's road. If you should elect to pass one by, shortly another will be presented to you. You are not being tested. We are only placing opportunities in your path. It will change your view of your community to see the numbers of people who are concerned with spiritual development. You are not alone. Your Father works with each of those people just as He is with us tonight.


      Are there further questions tonight? If not, I will encourage you to communicate with those groups under development in your area, to communicate freely with all Urantia Book readers. In those groups under spiritual guidance such as this, you will find it instructive, and the degree of variety which is available. The Melchizedek has taken the minimum steps to influence the development of the new group now forming. We are all quite excited about these developments. Soon we will be adding groups monthly to our roster.

      I wish to express my approval of you gathered here tonight. If you look back over the past several months, you will see great developments in your personal lives. As you look on your daily lives, I think you will notice that you are beginning to care for your brothers and sisters. It is a good development. I do not mean the increase of caring which is limited to those people in this group, but also those people that you meet in daily intercourse. I think that each of you can see that you are growing more fond of your companions in this material life; you are feeling some sincere concern for them. That is a good development. We are happy to see it. It is spontaneous in you. It is a sure sign of the purity of our effort and another confirmation of the Father's ministry.

      The Father holds you all in the palm of His hand. It is my joyous task to observe the daily events in your lives and to see the heartfelt response to our humble ministry, expressed here tonight. Therefore, I bid you a happy and productive week and will talk with you again soon. I am your teacher Will and I love you.




02/25/92 Tuesday a.m. message from Will:

Good morning, my friend. I am your companion and teacher, Will.

     I was touched by your reaction, yesterday, to the thought of me comforting you. Of course I comfort you! How foolish it is that your people pretend to carry their burdens alone. No wonder they feel isolated and resentful. Yet I was glad to see that you could feel a morontia touch. It is not like the touch of a material being, for it soothes a different, and somewhat unfamiliar, you. You, like all your study group, are growing in morontia power, and gaining an existence in that new transition realm. I can touch that part of you. It is very like your material body, but is built from the product of growing spiritual awareness.


     I will respond to the question of the missionary trip to Mexico: This is a good thing, a worthy effort, but it is not asked. It is not necessary for any of you to go anywhere or do anything in order to do the Father's work. The very notion is counterproductive -- that the Father's work must be done in some special place. Opportunities abound within arm's reach daily, yet you do not perceive them. While specifically disapproving the concept of isolationism, as expressed in the popular bumper-sticker philosophy of Fix America First, we will say that you need to concentrate your resources rather than scatter them. By this, we do not deny that valuable lessons and insights and the ever-growing simple joys of service are to be gained through such missionary acts. These things are equally true no matter where they are learned. The lesson is no less true for the locality in which it was learned. But I say to you again that it is unnecessary for you to go to any place to be about the Father's work. This very day, you will be insensitive to your fellows who need what you already have and are able to dispense freely. This is akin to the Master's easiest prediction: that Peter would deny him three times, before even the cock crowed. It is like saying the sun shall set this evening.


     We neither approve nor disapprove the activity proposed; we simply find it unnecessary. If you desire to utilize your vacation time in this manner, that is your choice, but whether you stay, or go, or go to some other place, we can guarantee that you will encounter occasions to advance the Kingdom. Beyond that, there is nothing to say.






February 27, 1992

WILL: In response to Vincent's request for a personal message upon the event of his birthday, I have these words to say:


     Vincent, you slacker. You still doubt that our daily communications are authentic. You think that I will transmit some secret password that will validate the truth of our one- and two- way conversations. How could such a password, if recognizable by you, not be within your personal knowledge and therefore yet another occasion for doubt?


     Alternatively, you seek an experience which will confirm the spiritual authenticity of these teachings and your role in them. I say to you that such experiences are only to be gained as a result of acts performed in the service of the kingdom. Your retort is, "Then what is my part in the plan?" And I say, yet again, that the plan is in the state of becoming. The entire universe is in the state of becoming. The Father, Himself, is in the state of becoming. So are you.


     Not two days ago you spoke words with your visitor that have the power to shake worlds from their slumber, that "It is the process, not the result, that is the minister's spiritual goal." Then you leaned back in your chair and thought, "Yeah, but I wish I knew what the plan was..."


     You have a plate full already, more than you can possibly appreciate. You have good work to do, both the task assigned by the Melchizedek, himself - Planetary Prince vicegerent - and the work of your professional life, these to be turned to the Father's purpose. You have my love and guidance, freely available, and you have the results of the Adjuster's activity, under-appreciated by you. Look within, not without, for guidance. Such signs as you shall see will be in the nature of affirmations, not exhortations.


     The role of the spiritual ministers is trivial. It is your relationship with the Father above that should precede all other concerns. Real faith is simple, so simple that many good hearted and believing Urantia Book readers think that they can reason their way to God. But I say to you that the simplest person, imbecile in your measure, can more easily embrace the Father. So not look low, to me and to creatures of like order. Raise your sights to the Father and things will begin happening for you.


     I will tell you this much. It is foreseen that you will one day, in the material life, speak freely with your indwelling Adjuster, and know in your heart the will of God. You will be a great teacher, an example to many like minded people, and your ministry among your fellows will change not only your life but the lives of the unborn. You will continue in your craft, in the service of the Father, but your activities of those coming days will be unrecognizable to you today. You will get there. Michael sees merit in you.



End February