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Wil153                                                        March 1992

03/01/92 Sunday p.m., Will's message on the exploitation of the time of the people -- including us:

Good afternoon; I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.

     It has been days since our last communication by paper and pen, but I have enjoyed our interaction. You have acted upon our suggestion to return your attention to work and school, yet you may have less unscheduled time than anyone else in the group. Yet all of you are busy, far too busy, for ideal mental health. No matter what your pursuit may be and no matter who has engaged your services, it is inhumane to run yourselves so hard. No compensation is enough to justify pressing yourselves to the brink of exhaustion.

     In your material careers, you must learn to say no to many temptations. When work demands become unreasonable, you must likewise learn to say no to that also, else you will be ensuring a repeat demand on the morrow. Your North American civilization has progressed so far in so short a time chiefly on the contributions of its casualties and not on the abilities of the successful. This unrestrained consumption of the participants, typically labelled social darwinism, is better named by its more virulent critics: dog-eat-dog. This is no path for aspiring or enlightened seekers to continue to tread. While it is useless to rewrite history, it is equally useless to repeat it. We say to you that it is fundamentally inconsistent with the true search for the Father to tolerate or contribute to the exploitation of the people -- and this is as true where you yourselves are exploited as it is of your brothers and sisters. There are only so many days allotted to each and it is piracy to take away all of the people's time.

     For months now we have requested you, generally and specifically, to make time in your lives for the Father. Only 10 minutes of daily silent prayer has been asked, although those with spirit minister communication will know that such dialogues typically consume triple that amount of time. Finally, after months of interaction, we see that you are all practicing daily -- for the most part -- and that is good to see. Yet it can also easily be seen by all involved that there is insufficient time available in your lives to engage in the Father's good work, if such an opportunity presented itself. It is enough, then, to say that problems exist over the horizon.

     We ask that in order to prepare for the time of activity, you begin to decrease the time demands on your daily lives. This will not be easy for any of you, but it must be done. If we never exchanged another word, by letter or meeting, a decrease in your time commitments would still be necessary. This development is yet in the future for your world, especially your modern societies, but it will come to pass.

     You people are too precious to this ministry to allow your daily waking moments to be completely consumed by the demands of the material experience. There is no solace in it anyway. Think on these words, and we will discuss this matter again.



March 1, 1992

The love of God surrounds you. Your love of God upholds you. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are, He is.

     My greetings are extended to you for this is the first time I have had the opportunity to talk with you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek. It is of great importance the work that you are doing through your group. You do not yet realize how important, for you are one of the few who can receive my message and carry it forth to the world. Through your group you will find that the philosophy of the Father will ring out throughout the world and we will work together on many levels before we find the one that best works for you.

     You are fortunate that this method of communication neither effects you negatively nor positively, it just occurs. You have learned to take it very matter of factly and that is for the best. One can not afford to get wrapped up emotionally where the issues of pride or conceit play a part in the kingdom. It will be the downfall of any of God's children when those emotions play any part in the plan. We are here to work together. There is not any who is greater than the others--we are all the same. Many of us have had much more experience than the others, but it all comes out the same in the end. We work for the common good.

     For now we work within the group because that is the best way to accomplish what we seek to do. Later as all of you have strengthened your skills, you will be asked to go forth into the world and reach more people. For the moment, however, it is sufficient that you pay considerable heed to the messages delivered.

     There is much to learn and you all have very busy lives. It is good that you are taking time out each day to attach yourselves to the spiritual realms. You cannot do anything effectively without the Father's help. You may think that you can, but in the long run, you could have finished things much more smoothly with His help.

     My congratulations to you all for the time spent concentrating on the steps of 1-2-3 that we have requested. It is a part of your character that should be ingrained over time and, with practice, will be come permanent facets of your personalities. We here look forward to that day because we know that the task that we have set out to do is being accomplished.

     When we began this adventure, we had no idea how you would respond. Now it has become clear to us that you were eagerly awaiting the challenge. It pleases us that you were at such a point that it made our job so easy. Continue as you are and measure for measure, your rewards to you will be great, both as individuals and a group. Already we see the changes in many of you. Because of the strides you make in your personal lives, you are affecting your work atmosphere.

     Like a pebble in a pond, the ripple goes out and carries with it the wave. So too does the love of the Father emanate from you. Go forth in love. Go forth in peace with His Son at you side in a loving way. He surrounds you with His love, it is there for your taking. Peace be to you all from One who loves you.




MARCH 1, 1992

WILL: The love of God surrounds you. The love of God upholds you. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are, He is.

      Greetings to you all tonight. I listen to you as you come together tonight. Your humor is much appreciated for it lightens the day. It lightens your cares, and we all know this is needed as you go about your daily lives. On behalf of the Father, I welcome you. We come together to meet in our little group. We come together to concentrate on His words, to listen to His challenges and to focus on what He would have us do. The plan that we have all set about is in full motion and, within time, we shall all see that all is being carried out just exactly as it should be. You need not be concerned about anything, for all is as it should happen. I am here to help you. I am here to lend whatever assistance that I can and whatever help; I am available.

      Many of you are beginning to understand the full message of what we were all about and, for that, we are grateful. It is most essential that within our plan, we all learn to cooperate and work together for the greater good, for it is in doing so that we provide a way for the greatest connection between the Father and all of His children. By being available to lending help to all who come within your contact, you pass on help to those around you. Some of you have already begun to experience within your daily lives the opportunities that you have to show forth the Father's love, yet within those times, there are opportunities which are missed and I urge you to seek even further for those small opportunities. Be aware for even the slightest ways that you can show forth the Father's love. It does not take much and those you come into contact with will know that there is something special. I have given you this message before and I will continue to give it until it becomes such a natural part of your daily lives that you no longer have to think about it.

      Express love daily to all about you. Walk with God on a daily basis and find an opportunity each day to live within the laws of our Father. Don't let any temptation pull you away from that which the Father has given you. Working within the realm of the Father requires many responsibilities. It requires the setting aside of the time for your meditation. It requires the treating of others with love. It requires the time spent reading and studying and in association with your fellows here. You have all been asked to call each other, to support each other and you are beginning to do that. We look with pleasure upon the times when you are in need and you call upon each other. A witness to the Father's love moving in your lives is the way each one of you is changing. You look at how you were even just a few months ago and compare you to the way you are today. Some of you have made grand strides in areas we never would have thought you would have made. You are to be applauded. In others, there is still more work to be done. You know more than anyone what that work is. I do not have to tell you. All that we ask is that you continue to strive, to continue to do your best. To continue to love the Father above all else in your lives. By loving the Father, that will naturally put everything else secondary and everything else will fall into place. By putting the Father in the primary place in your lives, all the other problems that you have had will find a way to work themselves out. You need not be concerned with anything. There may be things that you do not like the way they go, but you will be able to handle them just the same. There may be people that you do not like, but you will be able to get along with them better. There may be days when nothing seems to go right, but because of your new attitude and the help that you will receive from the Father, it will not seem to matter. This change of attitude will grow stronger as you attune more and more to the Father. For surely, it is His will after all that is more important, not ours, for your ultimate prayer should be, "It is my will that Thy will be done".

      My will for you is that you live the life of peace, one of joy, one surrounded by the Father's love, one surrounded by the love of your friends and the communal spirit with the Father. He will show which direction to go. You need not be concerned about that. Some of you have many questions that we will put off until another time. For now, just continue focusing on the assignments that you have been given. Reread the literature that you already have. Read the Urantia Book. If you can, attend the study group and never, ever, forget your private time with the Father each day. That is of utmost importance, for in doing so, you keep open the channels between you and the Father and the more those channels are open, the easier it will become for you to know the will of the Father in your lives. It will be easier for you to find peace, to free yourself of stress during the daytime. It is such a short time, but I urge you to spend that time each day. Some of you know what it is like to neglect that time, so you know how important it is. Only the results from this connection with the Father can be known over time, but I can assure that the results will be well worth the time that you spend now. The Father awaits you. He is ever at hand to embrace you. All you have to do is reach out. For tonight I leave you, my peace I leave with you.



Monday, March 2, 1992 Ann,

      There is time yet in life. You are not alone. The comings and goings of those close are in themselves opportunities to learn of the importance of living in the Father's love.

      The material world is a harsh school. Many lives are broken -- although not irretrievably -- primarily because of the failure of concern for the fellow creatures who share this life experience. Your world will continue as a world of suffering while the people refuse even the idea of the common good. Yet blessed are they who embrace the Father's love, and show their understanding by attending their brothers and sisters. Indescribable joys can be experienced in even such a place, for those who tread the Father's path. It is an anomaly, but it is not an inconsistency. Life is not destined to be a veil of tears.

      By service, you will meet them, your companions, and learn to care for them, and love them. There is no reason to avoid them, for they will be known to you in the afterlife. This experience continues, indeed, it is the only work worth doing. We shall all grow together in the afterlife, and in that realm there is only family, for we are all His children, and He loves us alike, wherefore we have always called them Brother and Sister. By devotion to each other, and in the abstract sense the common good, we pay respect to our Father, who loves us in a special way. We are His family, as the spirit ministers are His servants, and He knows the way is both long and hard.

      Seen in this light, categories begin to look artificial, for the Father has performed a feat of alchemy. He has breathed life into the mud of the material universes and we are the result. We could not begin our climb further from the Father, but we are destined to see the entire range of creation, as part of our travels. There is no profit in discriminating between degrees of mud. We must turn our eyes to the light and for company we shall have each other, the members of our family. Let us then begin to treat them properly, and tend them, and love them. -- Will Will-156


March 7, 1992

Greetings my child. I have heard your cry for help and as long as you are open to talking now I will take some time with you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek. If you have time we will begin. I would like to dictate a message to be carried to the group on Sunday night. Please begin.

Welcome to you all. I, Machiventa Melchizedek, am glad to see that you have once again gathered together. We are moving ahead as scheduled and I am glad to see that all of you are working so hard at the assignments given to you.

      In between the times we meet on Sunday evenings you must do much studying, for there is much to learn. You will be surprised at the amount of facts that you have forgotten. It helps to refresh your memories. Continue to read and you will be surprised at how quickly it will all come back to you. You haven't been given the whole book to re-read, just certain portions. This is because it will help you understand how the ministering spirits work with you and you will gain a greater understanding of how you can best work with us. If you have that understanding then you will be a greater asset to the kingdom. Everyone has a time when they can be of greater service, this is yours.

       Dreams do not come true unless you are willing to work to make them come true. It is hard work, but you will find that the rewards are great. I wish you well in your endeavors. Pursue your dreams and you can only have positive results. You may not get exactly what you dreamed for, but it may open up other doors that you never thought possible. One never knows. If you never try you surely have no hope of securing any results at all.

       I am a firm believer in taking a stand for what one believes and sticking to it. In our fight for the declaration and understanding of the Father's kingdom on earth it takes much energy to be the kind of person who refuses to be swayed in any way whatsoever. Stand firm on your beliefs and let all around you know what you stand for. They will know you by those beliefs and respect you for them.

       It takes much time and energy to allow yourself to be that open with people. Your society does not naturally lend itself to sharing of religious beliefs. One has to go out of their way to make those thoughts known. Be prepared to take the risk. You lose nothing and the other person might open up to you. You have been asked this before and some of you are still rather reticent about doing it, but I can assure you that in the long run you will gain much.

       You may not succeed every time, but then neither did the Master. There were those who turned away from Him and missed an incredible opportunity to hear His words. You on the other hand have all the tools you could possible need to share with others the message of the age--Christ Michael's words to them now. Be ready to work at any given time. Hold nothing back.

     Our Master was willing whenever asked to talk to people, to say words of comfort, and His words spread far and wide for they were carried on to many other people. You have the opportunity to do the same. Be not shy in sharing truth. The truth has its own opportunity for settling into the minds of another. Be only the deliverer of that message and let the Spirit of Truth do the rest. Let the message be recognized within the mind of the person. The Adjuster will know it, the Angels know it and eventually the person will know it.

      Do not concern yourselves about how long it will take for some to see the truth. Some will naturally take longer than others. This is of no concern of yours. It is only your responsibility to sow the seed on the ground and as in the parable, some seed will grow into flowers, some will fall on barren ground, wither and die. Beyond that you can do nothing. It would help, however, if you could be available to nurture these fledgling plants. Once they see the sunshine, they will need continuous watering and fertilizer in order to continue and thrive. If you are there, their journey would be much easier.

       The Father knows you hold back from reaching out, yet He gives you the strength to move ahead. You need only to rely upon Him in faith. You are not alone in your efforts. You have all the spiritual help you could possibly need and you will never want for anything. Whenever you feel a twinge of self confidence waning remember this--if you stay God centered, then you should have no problem with this in any way.

      This is why you have been asked to pray each day and to find that quiet time with the Father. Let Him feed you from the well springs of His font of knowledge and give you the words to use when coming in contact with other mortals. He is always there close at hand. Just reach out and ask for that guidance that will never fail you. For now I leave you. My love I leave with you.




03/08/92 Sunday a.m. Machiventa Melchizedek's message to Virginia on the afterlife

-- And now the people live by the magnificent ocean, because they realize the ocean's power to soak up problems. Yet the people still have problems. They think the ocean is a tool, a resort, and fail to see it for its true symbolic value.

      The Father is like that ocean: vast, imponderable, enduring always, stabilizing. Yet He is personal, and it is puzzling to Him that the people are so stubborn. The people think they can do everything, be everything. They think they can control the world. They think they can ignore the world -- and act with impunity. The people think that they can control the very quality of their lives. They do not realize that such things are beyond their control.

      The life force that the Father has set in motion is too powerful for the people to stand alone against it. They must work together, in pairs or in groups, else they will be crushed by the ordinary events of daily life. But they do not do even this much, because they are rugged and stubborn and enamored of their independence. So it is then more important that they do what is not required, but most desired, and work with the Father. Daily communion with the Father will do for them what they sensed in the ocean. He knows that life can be too hard, and its problems too great. He desires your company, now and in the afterlife.

      Not all the things in life can be accomplished in the material life -- that is why there is an afterlife. Just as the Master, the anointed one, said, "I will take it up again in three days," so will you take up the life force again, for there is still work to be done. Life is not over for you.

      You think that your eternal survival is in jeopardy because you have not done enough, but the Father is not through with you. You have much work to do before you are ready to stand in His personal presence on the Isle of Paradise, for your first meeting. It is a grand experience -- just you and the Universal Father, with no courtiers or servants, no angels, no pomp or ceremony. It is a personal interview, person to person, to review the events and decisions of your spiritual progress -- a meeting between you and your God. You people have a name for it: the Last Judgment, and it happens the instant that you are fit to communicate directly with the Father. You are then truly a Paradise citizen.

      To reach this point takes a long time. Each of you knows in your heart that you have a long way to go, before you are ready for such an event. But you are not the first to travel this path, and you are not alone. For just these reasons, He sent His Son to live among you, and show you the way. And the Son said, "No one shall approach the Father but through me." He will be your guide through the afterlife, and all of this is made easier by your companions in the heavenly progression. Do you know who peoples heaven? Your friends and family -- all of them. The Father has ensured that nothing is lost. You are yet children in the spiritual realm, and you will all grow as family, each one destined to stand before the Father. That is the purpose of life.



MARCH 8, 1992

WILL: My greetings to you all tonight. As you gather together, it gives me much joy to see you, to hear your laughter and to share with you the love that you have each for the other. I welcome you. I am your teacher. It is not necessary for me to go into the formal ritual that we have of greeting each other for you to know who I am. I am Will. When we meet each time, it is such a grand occasion for I do not have the opportunity during the week to talk to most of you. That is why these times together are so important and I am so glad to see that most of you are here. This dedication to coming each week is more heartening for it shows that you have above all dedicated yourselves to doing the will of the Father.

      This program that we have begun is of utmost importance and the paths that we have begun will pay off ten-fold as we continue to nurture all of the experiences that we have together. Begin by examining the life that you have, looking at what you can do in your life to get rid of the things that keep you from being close to the Father. There is so much of your daily life that is spent in excess activity that does not help you to become more spiritual. While we are well aware that you need time for recreation and time with your family, there are also opportunities to let go of those things that take you away from Him. Each one of you in your own lives must examine those things and begin to make the choice. Our time together is so precious and I offer you the opportunity to share with each other the love from the Father and in sharing that love with each other, you build greater power with yourself and in the whole group. You do not yet realize the importance of the work you do. Later on down the road, you will find that this ground work was well laid for it is important the relationship that you have. It is important that you know each other well and that you learn to rely upon each other. Whenever you have the opportunity, reach out just as some of you have begun to do now. For some of you, it is not normal and for some of you, you say you do not have the time to do so, but I can assure you that if you took the time, you would be better off. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time, just a little, and that time spent will well connect you with the other person. I realize that your days are busy, that your lives are full of other activities, and much of the activity is meaningful, but try to do as we ask and you will find a great difference in your life. Some of you who have been willing to reach out are noticing that difference and I invite you to strive even more for it is in doing so that we really open up and let Christ in our lives. The opportunity for His love to flow through us comes from practice and that practice begins within that little group. We spread the skills that we learn here onto others. It is not easy at first and some of you hold back and are afraid to try.

      Take a moment and evaluate where you are, where you personally are, not within the group, but how you relate to the Father and to your fellow man. If someone approached you today, how would you handle it? Would you reach out and give them a cup of cold water for Christ's sake or would you close up not allowing that water to flow through you? What a great opportunity would be lost, for the Father may have set that time up for you and you would have let it pass by. It may have been a good learning experience for you. There will always be opportunities and there will always be people to reach out to. Be aware of every time that opportunity comes your way, for just as the water flows from the Father, it flows from you to another. Hold back nothing. Remember always to put forth every effort to communicate with another person that love that the Father has given to you. Examine your lives. Build on what you have and be willing to pass that along. It is of little consequence for you to hold on to what you have and not share it. Love is for sharing and the Father's love knows no bounds. Only you can create the barriers that would keep the love from going any further.

      Tonight I look upon our little group and I love each and every one of you. Each one of you is so special and you have been given much. You have been given every opportunity to go forth from the Father. You have been given all that is necessary for you to go forth and do the will of the Father.

      Immediately upon my request, I would like for you to do the following: From this day forward, I would ask that you look upon each person you come into contact with as a child of God. See that person as nothing else, but as someone who needs an avenue of love to them. React only in love and display yourselves as persons of tolerance of love of a high spiritual nature, one that the Father can be proud of. You are citizens of the Kingdom and with that carries tremendous responsibility. You can no longer afford to be lazy of thought, of mind, and certainly not of character. You cannot afford to let anything go undone that you ought to get done. There is too much work to do. We all need to work together and henceforth that cohesiveness will begin. It will take on a new energy of its own, but always remember, you are not alone in any of the things that we ask you to do, for as you have been told, the Father walks with you. No matter what you are asked to do, you have His guidance, His thoughts, and His energy to carry you all the way. You are full of His love. Some of you do not yet realize that, but it is true. Do not dwell on the past. Do not dwell on those things that you cannot change. Look forward to the future. Look forward to what God can lead you to.

      Our basic tenet henceforth shall be carrying the message to others, to those who cannot read it for themselves or do not have access to it. Talk to those around you, and for heavens sake, do not be reticent about what you know and what you have been asked to do. As Machiventa Melchizedek has told you, only good can come from this. You are not to be concerned with the outcome, just do what you have been asked to do. If the harvest is to take place, there must be many workers and the workers must be willing just as the planter goes out into the field, you must work hard, and you are asked to do the same. In working hard, you will find the results that you seek by getting rid of those things in your life that really do not bring you closer to the Father, then you will have more time for reaching out and doing the Father's work. How much better your lives would be if we could all remember that. Some of you naturally have such busy schedules, especially those of you that have young children. It is harder for you and we understand that, but if you can, make whatever time you can. Allowing yourselves to be open to the Father's leading will at least allow yourselves to be in His presence throughout the day. Be willing to work for the Father at any given moment. Work for the Father with great joy in your heart for coming into the Kingdom is a joyful occasion. Work and working for the Father can be fun because the rewards are so great. You have already discovered that even sitting in your group the laughter that is so nurturing to your souls. You need this. Our world is far too serious with all its problems and as you gather together once a week, the laughter is a very important part of your nurturing. I invite you to continue doing this. Don't feel overly concerned about being irreverent. We understand. We find it amusing and you needn't be concerned about hurting our feelings. We know you do not mean it. We know it is in jest and when you say "having a Big Mac attack," believe me, Machiventa Melchizedek takes no offense. He is very, very amused. So, we laugh again. I think upon that note, we will close for tonight. Go out light-hearted. Carry your message to the world. Remember the Father goes with you and I love you.




03/09/92 Monday a.m., Melchizedek message

My dear student,

     I relish these times we have together. I like the way that you speak with strangers. [These remarks followed an exchange with the waitress in a breakfast cafe.] Every one of them knows that there is something different about you and they often wonder, later, what it is.

     We know. It is the power of the Father's love. You have often felt failure over your neglect of #2 in the 1-2-3 exercise, but I say to you that you do not need to consciously perform that which is already incorporated by you. That would be overkill and would tend to transmit as insincerity. It is fine if you are consciously aware of this process, as you are at this moment, but application of force will spoil it. That is why we used the term "conduit," so as not to imply force on the human's part.

     I like your use of the term "cosmic grant of invincibility." That is appropriate to a Celtic warrior. I approve of your close reading of the Midwayer paper. The term referring to the series of revelations was purposely chosen for double meaning, although you have by now observed that phrasing of Urantia Book's text is generally unconvincing. "Straining at gnats" is an apt characterization.

     Go ahead and question the Davie group on what they have heard. Do not present the story of these developments as a group exercise; relate it as the story of the development of an individuals' spiritual progress. Tell your story up to the point whereupon I adopted you as student. They will enjoy this tale. Then see what happens. I will accompany you.

     Relate to Soldette and Susan the remark in Paper 77 about secondary midwayer power over material things, even beasts of the realm. It will do much to allay Soldette's fears for her only and precious child. We have things in mind for your Jade. Any day now she will walk and run in the company of a seraphic pair.

     You have handled well the guidance of your earth mother through this difficult decision-making process. Her gratitude is genuine. You have an ability at gently penetrating her stubborn denials and at laying her fears out in the bright sunlight -- where they are not the ogres she imagined. Your job here will be complete when you follow through on these arrangements and publish them, for the information of all concerned parties. God bless you.

     I will have another message for Virginia before your visit ends. We will leave her a letter that provides solace and a doorway to the life beyond. She will make it. Her survival is assured. When she is called in the dispensation, you will be her orientation counselor. It will be the second-best service that you ever provide her. This present service is better.



03/10/92 Tuesday a.m., Melchizedek's parting message to Virginia on the eve of Eric's departure from the Fort Lauderdale trip:

      Many modern people think that the Heavenly Father is remote, that thousands of years ago He was active in the people's lives, but following a series of remarkable events He has withdrawn from the world. They think that perhaps His test is complete and now all that remains for the people is to pass His muster and meet in heaven. This is far from the truth. In fact, the Father's participation has increased in the world, although it is also true that if the lives of the people are consumed with worldly things and selfish pursuits, then it is difficult to find the Father. He lives in and through each person, a direct participant in the decisions and consequences of your daily life. He does this for two reasons. First, although He is omniscient -- knows all -- there is a difference between knowing something and experiencing something. You well know the advantages of experience compared to theoretical knowledge. How much more so for our great God! You see, the Father has His own unique problems. He made everything, including the power of free will choice, which not even He will overrule, and choice means that error is possible, even sin. Yet He cannot know either error or sin, because He is all good. By intimately participating in your life, then, He can experience the consequences of error -- and occasionally, sin -- and thereby know what is going on in His creation. You are actually providing Him a service, and allowing Him to become more understanding and more powerful.

      Second, although He has created the ranks of the angels, cherubim, seraphim, and others, to perform different functions in the administration of heaven, those creatures are fundamentally different from you. They are created in perfection and even though they grow in experience they do not basically change. You are not like them. You people evolved from animals. Each of you passes the full range of life progress in the gestation process. Upon conception, you begin as a single-cell organism, and race through all the stages. Your scientists have observed nearly all the steps in this process, and can easily estimate the remainder. You pass through multi-celled, fish-like, amphibian-like, reptile-like -- all the pattern forms of animal on your world. Each of you is an example of evolution unfolding in its mystery. Each of you begins as animal and evolves into human. You could not be less like God, except that you have a quality that is especially dear to Him. The angels and other spirit ministers -- the perfect ones -- are His servants, but you are His family. That is why He calls you His children, and calls Himself Father. You are His family, and He has no other.

      And because He loves you, and wants you to grow and succeed, He sent His son, Jesus, to serve as an example and to serve as a bridge between the perfect and the imperfect. The son Jesus lived a fully human life -- the complete range of creature experience -- just like you. Therefore he can now say that none approach the Father, except through him. The life that Jesus lived was perfectly pleasing to his Father. He traveled about, teaching that the people should love one another and he called all people Brother and Sister. He taught that the kingdom is freely available to all. No person is barred. This disturbed the religious authorities, who had only a dim idea of the afterlife. All the Jews, even the apostles, expected the Messiah to restore the earthly kingdom. So the authorities schemed against him, and caused him to suffer an agonizing, humiliating death. He endured the entire terrible ordeal, to prove that it could be done; and he arose again, to prove that it could be done. So too shall these events take place for you, for God has not abandoned you. Far from it.

      Each day He awaits the time that you spend together, in prayer, and He has asked His servants to arrange help for you in the difficult times, especially the passage from this life to the afterlife. The Father is never too busy; He always has time for His children. He is a good father -- the best that could ever be. Each of you must make this transit to the afterlife. This body is holding you back. Look how much time has been thus far spent in supporting this body. In the afterlife you will have a glorified body, like the body of Jesus after his resurrection. Some of his closest associates failed to immediately recognize him, but it was him nonetheless. There is a point in life where you realize that this material body is an impediment to you, that you cannot soar while chained to this earthly body. It is not a matter of deciding to die -- it is deciding to live! That will set you free. That moment, that decision, is the beginning of your new life, and the ministers rush to your aid. You will be working with them a long time, accompanied by friends and family, in the embrace of divine love and guidance. That is true freedom.



March 15, 1992

WILL: Good evening. I greet you. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. At the Father's request, by Michael's design, according to the Melchizedek, I am your teacher and I have enjoyed the time that we have spent together. You have raised a number of questions this evening that I will address in the beginning. If it is all right, I will deal with a number of topics at once. Eric has raised in the past concerns about the remark made by Rayson about a teacher serving for two years only and then the group abandoned and the teacher reassigned. I will tell you that I will be your teacher for the foreseeable future. This group will meet for years. This group will not be disbanded. People will come and go, but the core of this group will not change. We will all grow and develop and live the life that we now aspire to. Your assignments and your missions will change according to the developments that take place in your spiritual life, but as far as can be seen into the future, we will be together. We would not turn our backs on you. We have just begun. Our friendship has just passed the formulation stage. It would be silly to break off contact. We hope to develop personal, individual communication with each of you, through one spirit minister or another, according to your abilities. Aim high. That is my message for you tonight.

      There are spirit ministers assigned as teachers all over your world. There are thousands of humans under individual instruction. Some follow the leading of their indwelling Adjuster, others are instructed by external spirit ministers. Fewer yet follow the ethical leadings of their society. There is a line that will be crossed by some which invalidates the celestial assistance of which they receive. It is possible for humans to perform miracles utilizing celestial assistance even though works and signs are disfavored. These works and signs performed by the human are tolerated. They are not contaminative of the message which we seek to relate to the common people. They are distracting and we think that each of you has seen the potential for error which exists whenever signs and works are employed. The toleration is practice in the celestial administration of these programs, yet there is a line of demarkation. If the line is crossed, both the participating human and spirit guides instantly know that the message has indeed become terminated and, at that point, the assistance will be broken off. There is a line of demarkation for people who represent the teachings of the spirit ministers and call themselves teachers. This, too, is tolerated for a human to call himself a teacher. Indeed, we have even suggested that certain of you shall become teachers. Looked at in one way, it becomes a matter of labeling, but the essential ingredient is the purpose for which these acts are undertaken. If they benefit the people, it will be tolerated withstanding some potential or experiential harms which are incurred as a result and there are many teachings, many leadings and degrees of validity among all. For me to become involved in saying, this one in genuine, that one is not so genuine, a third is less yet genuine quickly descends into an exercise of classification of the world when in fact each of the situations is changing moment by moment. The most interesting things for the celestials in dealing with humans is that they are always pushing the limits. Humans push the celestials hard. The celestials' instructions are to be tolerant. When we error, it is on the side of tolerance. That is our only guideline. As we have remarked before, you must analyze the spirit of the teachings and it will either fly or fall flat of its own accord. I don't mean to evade your question, but the Father's plan favors variety over conformity. It appears to be a policy.

      Closer to home, this group progresses. We are most pleased. It is good to have all gathered together again. It makes us feel that the circle is complete. I greet you all in the Father's name and I love you as my companions, not only as my students making graphic progress, clambering up the slope. I commend you. Your daily activities show a growing appreciation for the message which we humbly bring to you week by week. Better yet, I am gratified to see that you follow some of the suggestions which we place in your minds from time to time during your daily activities. You act on the opportunities which have been arranged with your earthly brothers and sisters by other ministers working through those people. It is a good, good sign. The day will come when our instruction is not so formalized. The day will come when you have reached the end of the formal instruction which is presently under development. The day will come when you turn to us for advice, for decisions, but mostly, for strength to perform according to your own conviction and your own understanding. In that sense then, this instruction has an end, however our association will continue. I look forward to a long and productive relationship. The day will come when the only type of instruction that you are capable of receiving is so personalized as to be not particularly useful to your companions gathered here tonight. However, the results of your deeds will be freely shared and uplifting to all. We will blend into the area of action as opposed to instruction. How is that Vincent? I will have more to say upon this topic later.

      Let's take a short break for Eric. Eric is feeling some physiologic discomfort. We will call back to order in a moment.

[Eric visits the bathroom.]

      The light of the Father's love shines freely down from heaven and upon all of the creatures which inhabit your planet. They are not insensitive to the Father's light. They thrive upon it, yet they know not from whence it comes. Once you all each merely reacted to the Father's light, now you know more. You know now that you are capable of reacting to that light. You know from which direction it arrives. You know that it has an effect upon your fellows. Please notice that the Father's light shines equally upon your brothers and sisters. The Father works within and without. His love is shared freely with all. It is not for you to pick and choose who might be more or less a recipient to the Father's love and grace. You are not fit for such a task. By practical necessity, you must presume that all are capable of responding to the Father's light and to the Father's love. You are capable of discerning whether they react to it or by their fruits they shall be known. Look then to your own product and see that it in quality reflects the purity and generosity of the Father's love so freely shared with you as with all other men. Those are my words of counsel for you tonight.

      The Father's light shines upon saints and sinners alike. What will you do with the gifts of the Father? Well, the short answer is, you will honestly represent your understanding at the time of the event. We are each growing in our understanding. I am happy to see that you are all progressing. There are no lagers. Try to focus a little more awareness each day on the opportunities that are presented to you. You are not being tested, but you are being presented with opportunities to demonstrate your understanding such that it exists. There is no such thing as, how to put it, an insufficient level of appreciation. Everyone has an idea how the Father would like for them to react. That is what we wish you to act on. You do not need to think about it. You need to act. You worry too much about what kind of job you are doing. That puts distance between you and the other person and, by definition, that puts distance between you and the Father. The Father is operating through that fellow human just as He is attempting to operate through you. He is trying to bring His spirit into force and to vitality and to direct contact and all will benefit. So don't rationalize over much about what it is you might do, what you should do, what you could have done, just act. It is an irony that in your language the closest expression is, try to be spontaneous. If you were trying, it could not be spontaneous. Just act. Following the leading. It is subtle. You can feel your Adjuster pulling you like a magnet. Just act. Make the contact. Drop the defenses. Step forward. That act of trust will inspire a mutual reaction and then things can happen. You will be surprised. We are certain you will learn to like it. That is all I have to say. We will meet again next week and discuss some things. Let's meet and discuss the events, the people that we have met. The chances that we took. These will be fit topics for our meeting. God bless you and keep you. He holds us in His hands. He hung the stars. He made His light shine upon each of us.

      Shalom. Will-162


March 17, 1992

WILL: Let us begin. I feel that you would like to talk tonight. It is kind of you to take the time. Tonight is a time when you could be doing other things, but you have chosen to be available to take a message to the group. That is greatly appreciated. You will learn much if you continue to talk with me, your teacher, and I will teach you as much as I am able to.

      Consider the topics we have already covered in the regular group sessions. We do not try to teach only on one subject, but rather give a broad overview of many. The texts that are received are for general consumption and merely reflect wherever people are at a given moment. There may be times when people are not in the frame of mind to hear much more than we can deliver. Other nights things are different. We are aware of this and try not to lay too much on you at any one time.

      Much of what you perceive as admonishments are merely suggestions as to how to carry out your daily lives so that you may during that day, be most attuned to the Father. If you were not attuned, then your lives would be much more difficult. It stands to reason that with such support from the Father, you would be able to maintain the balance in your lives to a much greater degree. Rest assured we are aware of this and even though you clearly want more than you are receiving, you can only proceed in tiny increments. You develop at a rate that allows you the understanding to absorb what we teach. Any faster than that would bring about an illusory effect at best. It is best to follow as directed and let the teacher be the guide. Be patient in your development--you have eternity. If what you want is not achieved here it will be achieved elsewhere. Patience is, after all, a virtue--one not unlike the patience you are asked to show for others.

       Be kind and let not yourself be absorbed in your own path, but rather continue prayerfully resting assuredly that the Father knows what He is doing. You don't have to know everything to be a true child of God, but you do have to have total faith, for without it you will never know the real joys of the kingdom. The best is yet to come. Enjoy what you have and don't become overly concerned about the future, it will take care of itself. If you are true to what you believe now then everything else will just fall into place later.

       You need not concern yourself about what you perceive to be deficiencies in your character, you will in time cast off these and they will be replaced with more spiritual thinking. In time all things eventually become spiritual. It is the natural way. You will come to understand this in time as you see the changes in yourselves. You will begin to cast off what you do

not need in favor of higher values and thinking. Only the Father can make this happen with your cooperation.

       Invite Him into your life and into your thinking to so uplift and spiritualize your thoughts that you see from this day forward the changes in your life. The difference will be evident to those around you, but you should not be overly concerned. Over concern with your own spiritual growth would tend to bring unnecessary fodder for the ego and unnecessary tension between you and the Father, neither of which is needed.

      Take each day as it comes and do the best you can. That is all anyone can ask of you. You will not be able to perform at your best every day, just do the best you can. Anywhere there is joy to spread, spread it. Anywhere there is love to be sown, sow it. If you can lift the burden of your brethren, lift it and show forth the Father's love. If you only knew how it makes the Father feel when He sees the good works that are being done in His name; there is love and He knows it.

      Walk with Him on a daily basis and be ready at any given time to do whatever it takes to minister to one of His other sheep just as the Master did when he was here on earth. He was always ready to do whatever it took to spread forth the word of God. He treated all within his care with such tenderness. Whenever it was appropriate, he was not afraid to rebuke those who needed it, but it was still done in love. He always remembered that he was, after all, the creator son of this local universe. He could have abused his power at any given moment, but always was he aware that his power was given to him by the Father to be used in love, therefore was it so used.

      We entreat you to do the same as you go about you day. Keep in mind that you have the same kind of power to go about spreading joy and love. Do so and watch the reaction. Most people don't take the time. Watch for opportunities daily, there are many and many are passed by. Be aware of peoples' reaction and you will be surprised.

      Relax and find opportunities to be children of God. It's fun. Play with it. Don't consider it a chore as something else you have to do during the day. Smiling should make you feel better, too. Think of it as your spiritual vitamin. Each day this wonderful pill, filled with enthusiastic living, can be swallowed to give you energy for the day ahead for all the many problems that you face.

      It is not easy being human, I know for I once was one. I know whereof I speak. There are many pitfalls, but you always know that the Father is with you in everything that you go through. He is your maker and counselor. Bring your burdens to Him and let Him lift them from your shoulders. Too many of you try to carry on alone, and you do not have to. All you have to do is to ask for the help you need and it is there. We are always here as well--as close as you can imagine and we are able to help.

      The time spent in prayer each day draws you closer and closer to the Father. That is why is so necessary. Without it you won't progress as quickly spiritually and you will be left behind. Those may sound like harsh words, but your group is moving forward now very rapidly and we need everyone on board the ship. We have sailed off on an incredible adventure and all aboard are hailing the time when we see the fruits of our labors. We eagerly await times like this together when we are able to pass on what we can to you. We implore you to continue your studying and reading of the papers you have already been given. Your association with each other is important. Love each other as I love you and we will go far. For now I will leave you.




MARCH 22, 1992

WILL: Again tonight we meet together and it is most agreeable with the Father and with all who care so deeply about you that all of our efforts and all of the time spent that we are seeing the results of all the hard work. We plan from time-to-time that all of you have the opportunity to be directed in individual ways, to move ahead in your own spiritual progress and, in this way, can achieve the most growth possible. Only in this way and by following the Father's plan can we grow and prosper. Even if there are times when you feel like nothing is happening, we ask that you be aware that things are happening even though you are not able to see them, for it is in times like these that you must rely completely on your faith that God is indeed moving things as they should be, so you should not be overly concerned.

      Trust yourselves and trust what has happened for only in this way would you be able to be a true child of the one who has brought you upon this journey. Once in a while you will doubt yourself, you will doubt your abilities to do what is required of you, but that is all a part of human nature and, if you can set those doubts aside, you will find that, indeed, in time they will fall away and be replaced with the certainty that God indeed moves in your life and gives you the ability to do whatever it is that He has asked you to do. Take heart in this and fear not for all is as it should be.

      Our group is fine. You are fine and as you come before the Father each day in your time of meditation, remember that He is, after all, as close as anyone to you and that closeness should serve as a reminder that you are never alone no matter what your problem, He is there. No matter what you face, He walks with you. Trust in His care. Trust in the agreement that wherever you are, He is. Our Father ever provides all that we would need. Earthly things are taken care of, but the spiritual are even more important. Those are achieved through the longing of the heart and the striving to do the will of the Father. The strong urges that you feel to seek the Father's will and you pray . . . . They are within you by nature and they serve to bring you in touch with the highest part of yourselves and with the Father within. Strive always to find that longing, to carry it out and to heed its calling. There should be no reason to ignore it. When one has given full attention to our Father in heaven, then He has the greater opportunity to reach out and touch that life. A greater opportunity to open up avenues of spiritual growth, a greater opportunity to bring that person in contact with other spiritual beings and, in doing so, release that person from lower emotions that do not need to be held on to. They are replaced with those of a more spiritual nature; ones that are refined and are refined again until, finally, they are completely spiritual. In the Urantia Book, it talks about morontia mota. If you will read these, you will find the more spiritual thoughts and thinking. Strive for these. They should ever be a focus of your spiritual growth for in reading them, you will be reminded of where you should be going. You will find it on Pages 555 and 556 of the Book. I invite you to read, study over these and see if they cannot help you. Only good can come from this. My admonishment to you to continue your prayer time. I love you and, as we grow together in a group, I want to see us to continue to work as fast as we can, but within reason, so that whatever we learn together is firmly implanted within our minds and our hearts. We cannot move too quickly, but we can strive to be the best we can each day to take those steps that are necessary for our work.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: My greetings to you for I am Machiventa Melchizedek, vicegerent planetary prince of Urantia. It is with great joy this evening that I talk with you, that I have been given this opportunity. I look upon this group with great admiration. I know that you are working hard and I congratulate you for that work. You do not yet realize the opportunity open to you and some of you have failed to take advantage of all the opportunities that we have given you. I urge you to continue your reading and your studying. We are on a journey that is exciting, one that has no end, but to uplift your planet and bring about changes that are monumental. You have the power within you to help and we urge you to continue and work hard. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Whatever time you have to spend with the Father, you are urged to spend it. He knows your life and He knows when you take time with Him. That time is valuable and should not be wasted. I speak to you as one who knows for the Father comes to you in love and He returns that love to you ten-fold. Whatever you give to another, comes back to you. Be generous and use your time wisely. I am aware that many of you are striving that doing the will of the Father is the most important thing in your life and it is as it should be. Doing the will of the Father is the highest of all journeys of any spiritual being or human and carrying out that will should be the third and should be done in every part of your daily lives. While it may not be easy, you should strive for it nonetheless. I will leave you now. My peace I leave with you. My gratitude is with you. Continue as you are and love one another. Shalom.

WILL: Our lesson from Machiventa Melchizedek was short tonight but nonetheless meaningful. I leave you as well tonight but know that I love you and I go with you during the week. Remember all that we have said, all that we have taught you and let the love of God flow through you.




March 24, 1992 Benjamin,

      I think you understand our method of interaction, so you will not be surprised when I say that we do not interfere with your medical process unless it is clearly wrong. You are making progress. You already know this is so.

      I will say this to you: You will one day leave this problem behind -- and I do not mean by departing this planetary lifetime. One day you will realize without external commentary that your recovery is complete. You will need no approval to confirm the certainty of your own analysis.

      Now I will address the elements of your question, in order of priority. Your imbalance does not reach the level of interference with your indwelling Adjuster. Were this so, we long ago would have counted you among the lost. Yet you grow daily in your spiritual appreciation and by your enthusiasm for the present pursuit demonstrates that you are willing and capable of following the urging of your Adjuster.

      Communication had been promised for each of you. This is not without its problems. I will tell you that communication simplifies nothing for the mortal. Rather, it adds another level of complexity and uncertainty to life. Communication is not purposed on guidance for the receiving human, but upon facilitating service to that person's companions and acquaintances, so to advance the kingdom in men's lives. The benefits to the receiver are incidental. Do not pray for this development. It will come when you are more broadly arrayed for the duties imposed. It lies ahead.

      Stillness practice is as varied as the people who attempt it. No one can set the parameters for relations with God. Any normal-minded person is capable of stillness practice. I look upon your practice and see nothing that departs from the standard of normal. Keep in mind, though, that the test for normal covers virtually 100% of human capability. The system favors variety. There is no one correct way. There is nothing the celestials can do to assist you with this problem. It must develop by itself. It is like describing to a blind man how to set sails on a sea-going craft. The experience is too large to lend itself to reduction without descending into absurdity.

      I look upon you and I am pleased. With each review, I see progress. That is what we thrive on. My peace I leave on you.

                                    Machiventa Melchizedek Will-165


MARCH 29, 1992

WILL: Good evening, thank you for gathering together tonight. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you all, and I am pleased that we are together once again. It is good to see that you are working many of these questions out for yourselves as a group. This is a desirable development. It is unnecessary for you to pay excessive deference to our leadings when you are perfectly capable of deciding things for yourselves. Because you have not invited me to decide, I will suggest, on the topic of compiling a number of the papers which we have recorded up to this date, that you select ten or twelve or some such number of those papers which you think are the best representative of teaching, and assemble your materials based on those papers. For myself, I would like to see you use materials which show the unique aspects of this group: conservatism, good-natured humor, long-standing familial relationship and, of course, the papers which you disseminate to other groups should demonstrate an increasing spiritual awareness and an increasing ability to focus your thoughts and deeds upon the teachings upon which we have humbly offered. That is my opinion. I offer it because it is necessary for you to reach your own determination. You are perfectly capable of reaching this decision without my help, or anyone else's. You may arrange your materials however you please. It is probably wise to remove people's personal names and family names from the record. If you so desire, we will assign names, monikers, for you to use in place of your earth names. Think on this and sometime within the next two weeks, we will respond to your decision.

  I wish to say a few words on the rapid and astonishing developments taking place with the Sarasota group. These people, like you, are long-time readers of Urantia Book and they approach the prospect of further developments with a different component of eagerness than those assembled in this group tonight. Since your Sarasota neighbors are so willing to cooperate and promulgate these teachings, there have been some unforeseen developments in that area. I recall saying to you sometime past that we never know when the Melchizedeks will act, and that many decisions are made at a level far above my own. The administration of heaven has no rumor mill; we find out about things when they happen. It is not disturbing or surprising to me that those involved in the instruction of the Sarasota group would be taken by surprise that Michael would appear or deliver a message personally, but I will say that we have come very close to this in this group in the past. Those events, like the Sarasota developments, were told to me only after they had occurred. It is left for us in the administration to puzzle out exactly what it is Michael intends to do. He is apparently responding to changes in circumstance and it is not known to us exactly when he intends to put his new plan in operation, but it does appear that Machiventa Melchizedek will reincarnate and once again walk on the soil of your planet. I am astonished at these developments. None of this was forecast. Only the roughest outline of the plan which we originally followed has remained. In the details, very little has proven to follow the original forecast. It has a very vital feeling to it all. The Melchizedek will establish a school, as he did in ages past, with many students with a broad range of ability. Now let us stand by and see if there is further commentary on these events.

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK: Michael has this to say. You are not the elect, you are the "select" and he is pleased. Each of you is known to him from the beginning of this effort. Each of you is thoroughly examined and found ready for this task. You are known to him and you will soon stand in his shadow. Your world is scheduled for a change of more than epochal dimension. He proposes to take human form and walk among the people, and gather them to him and reveal himself to them in all his glory and in the name of the Father. Michael's light reaches into every corner. There is no place to avoid his power. You cannot shrink from that which surrounds you on all sides. He but has the thought and the event is achieved. Many are his servants. Your world will be blanketed with his shining example. I know whereof I speak, for I am a Melchizedek in his service. My name is Mantutia Melchizedek. It is my honor to prepare his way. Malavatia Melchizedek and Machiventa Melchizedek and myself will precede him, and Michael himself will usher in the Trinity Teacher Son who will follow in his stead, and God's wake will wash across this universe. It is the tide that raises all boats. Your world will be changed as much as the difference between night and day.

      Michael's sun never sets. A new day will dawn for you, our friends and noble companions. You will be called. Make yourselves ready. Clear the decks, the time of action is here and not many days hence. You will see these events transpire with your own earthly eyes. Make ready. The table is set. I bid you a fond farewell and look forward to meeting you, embracing you, each one of you. So be it.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: It has been decided that the instruction groups, while a sterling idea, are not the method to reach the majority of the people, not only on this continent, but around the planet. Therefore, we have turned up the fire. Michael has said so. I am happy about it. I look forward to this. I do not long for the burden of the material flesh but it has its compensations. There are days when the smell of the air makes life worth living. We desire that you enjoy the things of the material life which help you appreciate the great God's creation. Therefore, several of us are asked to take on human form. It is cumbersome, but in many respects rather fun. I anticipate this. In not many days from now, we shall look upon each other as brother and sister. I have enjoyed your companionship and fellowship up until now. It has been a joyful experience for all the members of the instruction team.

      Mark this lesson, for it should serve you well: Opportunity leads to further opportunity. We are on a grand adventure. I look forward to seeing the planets hang in the night sky, the sky lightening before dawn, the heat and the bugs and the dogs. I thought I had set these memories behind me. Now I find that I have another opportunity to relive these experiences and correct those few mistakes which I made - this time with Michael as my companion- what a joy. I will be happy to be rid of the burdens of office. I prefer to be myself, Machiventa Melchizedek, your companion, your guide, your friend. Many are the conversations we will have together. I welcome this.

      Well, we all have work to do. The day will arrive. You will know. Everyone will know. What a grand development. I will speak with you again before this transpires, but I must return to the party. Goodnight and God bless you.

MELISSA: I just kept getting this message over and over again, like he was trying to break through completely separate from what you were doing, and it was just so powerful. He just said this is a greeting, blessing to you, "This is a conversation long overdue. Blessed be the name of the Father, the Son, the Spirit, I am the son, the one called Michael". Then it just kind of blanked out after that. I could not hold on to what he was saying. It was all internalized and I started crying. It was on a completely different level. That is when I didn't know if I should start talking or not and I held back. It was really quite a powerful experience.



March 31, 1992

WILL: The love of God surrounds you. The love of God upholds you. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever He is, you are. As you suspected, the greeting that I give you at this point is not necessary, but just to give you the assurance that I am with you, I offer it to you.

     I can recall when you would have not taken well the assignments given to you, but that was long ago. Now you react to the challenge in a most different manner. It is for us to determine how much you can handle, but you still have the right to say yea or nea of anything that you are asked to do. We want to make this perfectly clear and you must understand.

       Affairs of the kingdom move ahead at great speed and at times we can hardly believe it ourselves. We had hoped for some response from the group, but nothing like what we witnessed last week. You have no idea how the group was effected emotionally when you began describing your encounter with the teacher son Michael. You did raise their hopes and spurred them on to the highest of spiritual feelings. Those could not have been achieved in any other way other than being there. Your own emotional reaction was very convincing even though you were not actually in the presence of Michael himself. He was, however, close by and you were able to pick up on his presence.

       The message you received was one from his own mind as he came to you from a distance. He is very aware of your sensitivity and had he been any closer you could not have handled it. He is very powerful and you must be aware of that. You may continue to believe just as you do now that Michael was actually with you, for indeed he was. The spirit of truth is always with you just as he is with all mankind. As you grow spiritually, you will find that the more spiritual you become, the more you will be able to pick up on the appearance of any other spiritual beings.

      Be not disillusioned, for the day approaches when all men will walk with the Father as the incarnate son returns with the Melchizedek at his side. It is not far off and all will be changed. Of this you can be assured. We realize you still have your doubts about the incarnation of the Melchizedeks, but we can assure you it is true. It shall not be years as you suspect, but only days. In the twinkling of an eye all will be changed. All around us will become renewed as those who have taken on this task begin their teaching in earnest and begin to contact those who will help him. You will not be left out in the cold, for there is much work to do. Wherever there are souls to be saved, there is much work to be done. Act accordingly and He will show you the task to be carried out.

     As you suspect there is much studying to be done. Read over the material you have already been given. You need much more knowledge than you already have. The others need that as well and in time they will learn this. You, above all, appreciate the accumulative affect of knowledge and it is with utmost importance that you begin to apply what we have taught you, especially in terms of trusting God to take care of you. You still waiver and have doubts.

      Last night's lesson in trust was a good one for you because it is something you need whether it is with a friend or with your heavenly Father. Trust is the essential factor to faith. Faith without trust lacks the very essence to bring about spiritual change. Without trust we begin to hold on too tightly to things of the material world and are afraid to let go. God has a plan for us, but if we are constantly lacking in faith and are unable to get past that hurdle, then it will become very difficult for future growth. I can tell that you are beginning to tire. Please think on these words. I love you and want to see you grow in every way possible, for you are needed in the kingdom. Onward to Father's kingdom and let the Lord be praised. Until we talk again, Shalom.



March 31, 1992

WILL: The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. It rests upon the soil hoping to be germinated and bear fruit. At times we all must reach beyond ourselves and find that seed that is ready to bear fruit. It is an act of faith that brings that seed to full season and replenishes the supply for another season's growth. Over and over again the cycle is repeated until the cycle is completed and the plant withers and dies from old age.

      Mankind is like that in that you all have a season to be born, to reap the harvest and a time to die. Within that time, there are many opportunities to furnish the life cycle with nourishing seeds of understanding and growth. We live such a short time as humans, that every opportunity is precious. If we lose a chance there will always be another, but why waste the ones we have? It is fully nourishing the spirit of the Father.

     He provides all your spiritual needs and walks with you all the way, whatever your cares. You need not fear, for God is with you. You need not walk alone, for our Father walks with you. You need not ever want, for the Father is able to provide all things necessary for your spiritual life. You need not awaken to any temptation, for the Father will heal you. You will grow daily, those who place their faith in God, for He will provide the way to walk. His path is made clear to all who care to take it up. Only look to those around you to see how your faith can be expressed. See all God's children as just that, an expression of His love. It matters little your human conception, for truly in God's eyes they are blessed. We are our brothers' keepers. Our Father made us a family and created the family concept as the highest order upon which to found the kingdom.

       Father, we thank thee for all your many blessings, for all those gathered here. For all those who have chosen to follow on this path. Give them strength, give them wisdom, offer them your peace in all that they do. There must be harmony in all things and to that end will we all work. While the rest of the world strains with it's problems, in here, at least, we will have our time together in total compatibility. We will come together in your name and for this purpose we ask your continued love and guidance.

      We who strive to do your will understand how important total dedication is, for without it we have not truly cast our selves upon the path we choose to walk. Without it we have not totally dedicated ourselves to the doing of everything to further your kingdom on earth. As your children we need your love for the tough times we face. There are times of doubt, times of discouragement, time of assurance that we have your love no matter how we have behaved. We too often become caught up in our own lives and forget that you are there - that you are bigger than the petty things in our day.

       Help us remember to turn to you every day when we need help. We need to know that we are not alone. How often we forget that you are nearer to us than we realize, ever ready to lend a helping hand. All we have to do is ask. Let us remember to turn to you first before any of our problems get bigger. We need your love. We need to know you are there. Please help us to remember that your love is forever in every way. Thank you Father. Amen.


End of March, 1992