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Will, June, 1992


June 7, 1992

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The thought of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is. Good evening. I'm your teacher, Will, who loves you.

  It is good to see that we have visitors from another group. This kind of interchange should be encouraged. All of you learn things from personal interaction. You well know this - it is the essence of the teaching. How much more so that the groups should communicate in the same fashion rather than through the exchange of the printed word.

  I would like to continue tonight on the theme of listening. Before we begin I would like to apologize for the statement I made weeks ago regarding the erroneous report of imminent materialization of the celestial personalities. We used an Eric expression, as I recall - "It was a fun ride while it lasted". I apologize because certain members of the group found this expression insulting. It was not intended that way. I was merely commenting on the exhilarating effect that even error has on humans. It was a pleasant thought, was it not? But error nonetheless. It was not my intention to slight anyone. Remote from the physical ministry that follows in the wake of the divine plan it is natural that you should be stimulated by the prospect of other developments. I, too, am not immune from the exhilaration attendant on these kinds of circumstances. By my remark I meant only to say that I can identify with your situation to the extent of the exhilaration. I am not immune from it. I have long been a human. Error is an inescapable part of life as a human being. But we are all trying to better ourselves. We have a great deal of assistance. I meant no harm by my remark. Let us proceed then.

     Each of you has been alerted to situations and opportunities to actually listen rather than to pronounce your own opinions in conversations and meetings with your earthly brothers and sisters over this past week and that is good to see. Though you may oftentimes feel that it is necessary to stifle your own opinions when you feel such a circumstance has arisen, we call also upon you to exert your judgment. You should not allow the listening exercise to so take up your thoughts as to deny your companions in conversation and life experience the benefit of your own spiritual insights. We suggest that the wisest course for you to follow is to do as we suggested months ago and attempt to turn the focus of the conversation to matters of spiritual advancement. This listening exercise is an adjunct to the work that has gone before and it is not a wholly secular exercise. All of our previous instructions and suggestions are as valid today as they were in the past and more so. I simply point out that by listening and restraining your own ego based commentaries you are turning an encounter into an opportunity. We remain convinced if you allow your Thought Adjuster to make direct contact with your conversant's Thought Adjuster then something special will happen. I suggest to you that this event is worthy of observation. Your ability to concentrate your attention on the encounter itself and minimize the extraneous thoughts that arise with egoistic need as their source you will better to be able to discern contact between Adjusters. Regrettably, this is a rare species of event on your planet, although not unknown.

  By marshalling your resources we think the Heavenly Father will arrange for you to keenly observe Him as He reveals Himself by His favorite method. We think that you all realize what an unusual occasion this will be. We think you will like the result. We think you will enjoy the experience. We are confident that you will learn a great deal each time this occurs. Therefore we suggest that you rule yourselves as it says in the Urantia Book. He who can rule his own self is greater than he who takes a city. Prepare yourselves to see something momentous. By and by pursuing this course you will notice you have entered upon a new life. A life of the love of the Father made flesh in the life of His son known among your people as Jesus of Nazareth. So do not become myopic about this exercise. Use good judgment. That's what we've been working toward. You will make your mistakes. That is an inescapable aspect of life on a material planet. We are with you. Do not trouble yourselves overly about any possible damage that you might cause to your conversant by making errors of ineptitude. As we have repeatedly commented, progress is the way. Therefore go forth boldly and listen and apply what you have learned. If you listen closely you will find that you are always learning from every source. That is all I have to say. Now, as our last item, it has been some time since the opportunity was offered for questions. This floor is open now for questions.

JUDY: Will, this is Judy. I was reading in the Utah papers about Roland thinking of his Thought Adjuster by his spiritual name and I found that to be a comfortable thought because I haven't quite known what to do with my spiritual name since I got it. Is that an appropriate to proceed in terms of my relationship with my Thought Adjuster?

WILL: We think at this point that this is a novel and original approach of Thought Adjuster identification. So far as we portend, no problems are foreseen. If you find it useful, we encourage you to inhabit this notion. We will say that the only problem that we foresee is the interpretation under the modern standards of psychological and psychiatric personality divisions. That does not invalidate this as a technique. It is impossible for this movement from going forward without taking some arrows. Many of them will hurt, badly. There is nothing for it but to take it up with the Father. We encourage you to pursue this saying only that it is possible that this technique is easily misinterpreted by your fellow secular academics. Is that satisfactory?

JUDY: Yes. I have one other question. Many of us have been going to hear Reverend Holmes on Wednesday at noon at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. I'm sure you have been there on occasions. The message rings true as being a personal religion and yet there are some times where there are references to the devil, et cetera. It is easy to invite people to that, I suppose because it is novel. Is there anything that we should watch out for or could you comment on the service and the orientation.

WILL: So far as we have observed he is a sincere and spirit led seeker who is skilled in sharing his developing daily perceptions and spiritual growth patterns with those willing to listen to his words. I have no criticisms of him. We embrace him. Another?

VINCENT: Will, this is Vincent. I'm glad you're taking questions again. We always like to put you on the line every now and then. Recently we heard from Connie Lester who told us about an experience she had going to the sea of glass for a conclave with Gabriel. Do you know anything about this particular conclave or can you give us any verification of this experience?

WILL: I am loathe to comment on reports of events such as this. Here is the reason why. This type of experience is akin to the reality captured in a photograph. Two key components to photographic record are perspective and capture of a moment in time. What is valid at that moment may be more so or less so sometime down stream. I realize that this may not be satisfactory as an answer. We all hope that you will see. The Father is building a wall; His great wall, fit for many to travel upon. His laborers are incapable of sustaining their attention for very long. Some become enthusiastic, work alone or in concert, will apply themselves diligently far outstripping their brothers and sisters. You would use the ironic expression - "tear it up". Ten paces later, no foundation is laid. The Father takes advantage of whatever masons are at hand, wherever they happen to be. Your friend who visited the sea of glass is one such artisan. She is no more responsible than you are for the validity or meaning of her experience. It is just an experience meant for her. I can add little to it and, in general, by my comments would only take away from it. I hope that answers. I am fond of you and the type of questions that you ask. It is not easy to answer. (laughter)

VINCENT: O.K. Here's another one. We have had some dispute about this materialization thing and, while I am the first one to say not to make predictions because of the effect of them, we have had a series of communications. The initial one seemed to indicate the materializations were imminent. Later the Utah papers had indicated Abraham said that this was some time in the future but did not discount the fact that it would happen sometime. Tonight you apologized for a comment you had made which was somewhat offensive to some of us who had only heard your words about it. So I'd like you to gather together the opinions of these teachers and all of the others and tell us, without making predictions, do we still have a valid communication that the materializations will happen? In the Utah papers they said it would happen within Joshua's lifetime or whatever. I guess the question is, first of all is this still a valid item of the plan and, if it is, then is this something we should not worry about or is it imminent?

WILL: My friend, I will provide you a benefit and save you a great deal of consternation; materializations will take place some time in the future. That is all I have to say (laughter). So far as whether or not I shall survey heaven for a consistent opinion, you yourself know that the least exertion that such an expression of opinion would be no more valid than anything else that you are capable of substantiating upon your own efforts. Were I to do so it would have exactly the same meaning as your effort. Therefore, I decline. I know that your intention is pure. I am wondering myself but I do not have as much time to wonder as you. Next.

JUDY: Will, this is Judy, again. We began the meditation in our evening meeting to, as Joan calls it, "jump-start" some of those people that might have the ability to communicate with celestials. Is this still a productive time? I think that most people enjoy it but we don't quite know what to expect out of the time. Could you give us a little guidance on that?

WILL: You can do no damage to yourselves from the stillness practice, whether regular or intermittent. From our perspective, we find that the practice as presently perceived by your group is marvelously attuning. To seek more is to seek signs or works. We find that your short practice as tonight has the beneficial effect of concentrating your minds. Stilling your egoistic selves and opening yourselves as a receptacle to the Heavenly Father's influence. We'll use a human expression: "you can't hurry nature". Changes are taking place. No person here is walking backward. No person is standing still. The Father stands beyond, beckoning. Our job is to guide you through a road so happy you will feel it in your feet. So I can not say that the early meeting stillness practice is unproductive or that nothing is taking place. Our view is that willing workers have reported for duty at the wall. Next.

BENJAMIN: Will, this is Benjamin. Is tonight an appropriate time to ask for more spirit names? Eric's favorite task.

WILL: I will work with him on this. He shrinks from this duty.

VINCENT: Will, last week you told us that you had some visitors observing. You never really said who they were. I'm just wondering if you have any this week and, if so, who are they.

WILL: Last week was a large party of teachers not yet assigned and staffing personalities. Seraphim and midwayers who volunteered for duty. It was remarkable because there were so many. In excess of forty. Other questions.

VINCENT: What about this week. Is anybody with you?

WILL: Only us and Heaven looking on.

KATHY: I have a question about Eric reading this newspaper article tonight. While we all identified with it and laughed about it, the communication between male and female - I guess my question is - is this an inevitable part of it or is there a real need for growth in communication between the sexes?

WILL: This question troubled me greatly while I lived my material life. I often felt frustrated at the apparently complete failure of communication between my husband and myself on matters which I felt of great import and which he seemingly felt were trivial. I think that for your purposes, this situation is best described by the section on Morontia mota in the Urantia Book which states, if I recall correctly, that mediocrity seeks to preserve itself in standardization. Your people are only a few thousand years from hunting their sustenance from the forests and plains or digging for their supper with a sharpened stick. In less fortunate times, from subsisting from what is found dead upon the ground. Even today, more people than can be counted by you live at such a standard. It is not yet time on your planet to change the age old relationship between the man who looks out and the woman who looks inward. Much time will be consumed before these orientations fade into historic anecdotes. Strong socialization programs will go far towards eradicating some of the more fundamental differences between males and females on your planet with nearly all of the world and even most of your own society is not ready. Besides, when I surveyed the male members of your group, I see that they don't know what we are talking about. (uproarious laughter)

KATHY: I guess that is the second half of my question, do you have any specific advice for our group as opposed to the nation at large?

WILL: Relish the variety. It makes you strong. Well, the hour grows late. I have enjoyed your company, as always. I love you all. Until we meet again, I bid you farewell. Godspeed. Get out there and be quiet.




June 14, 1992

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The thought of God sustains us. If He were to divert His attention away for but a moment, all this would cease to be. Wherever we gather, He is.

      Good evening, I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. Upon due consideration and receiving further instructions from our leader, I have words to say tonight on your participation in the plan. We have sometimes described the celestial plan, the divine plan, in terms of music. We have described it as a great symphony with numerous pieces cooperating in harmony to produce a directed melody. I have also described it as divine improvisation, as if the Master were playing an instrument not perfectly in tune, yet he worked with that instrument and improvised, playing to its strengths and minimizing its weaknesses.

      We think that these are good and instructive analogies but we also realize that with your growing awareness and ability, it is necessary for us from time to time to have more to say about your prospective roles in the implementation of the plan. That plan which is not completely known to us. You will not change the world yet you will cause the world to change. There is no specific act or deed which will be asked of you that will cause the earth to turn in a new direction yet your deeds singly and in total will be the mechanisms by which we avert this world from its present course and redirect it into the ages of light and life. The deeds which you perform in the Master's name will be of the same quality and caliber as those performed by the Master in his life among the people. It will be your personal interaction, your ability to reach upward and outward to the Father's teachings and, by so doing, to lift your companions in the same directions that will be the deeds worthy of note in heaven. That was the essence, the acts of Jesus of Nazareth, to reveal his Father's love to each creature whom he encountered as he went about his daily business.

      How then will you know when it is time to act, you might think. After his betrayal, but before his trial, the Master spoke to Peter, his mercurial follower, and said," Before the cock crows, you will deny me three times". Now we say to you that before we meet again gathered like this, each of you will encounter three whose lives you will touch for better or for worse.

      You are gathering experience now and you are learning. We think that you are each able to clearly discern now when such an opportunity is developing. This has been the thrust of our discussion, our instruction, until now. Therefore when you alert yourselves to such an impending opportunity, use that opportunity to demonstrate to Michael as if he were standing by your side, that you understand the full import of his teachings and are capable of acting upon that understanding, and that you are prepared to act as a conduit for divine love to flow freely and unimpeded from the Heavenly Father to your companions and that you do so without minimizing this transaction in any way. You will change and the world will change as a necessary result. It is like dropping a stone into a calm pool and the ripples run out. You will get better and better at these kinds of encounters. It is the kind of situation that builds upon its own success. We know that you will enjoy even the most modest success.

      Each week as we gather here, you faithfully report those encounters that you have found to be productive. Those above look down and approve. We will remake this world one encounter at a time. There is no other way. Although the treatment is long overdue, it is not within the plan as we see it to come in and uproot societies and instruct people on the proper way to live, for we know from the most cursory reading of your history that such an attempt would be doomed to failure, not because the teaching was wrong, but because the technique is wrong. Many advanced teachings have flourished and failed on your planet, not because of any failure of their intrinsic worth, but because the technique was wrong. We are happy to say that the proper technique is the most excruciating, the most difficult, the most contentious, demanding and frustrating technique that could possibly be applied, yet it is the only way.

      This group will meet for long years. Each of you knows within your heart in your honest moments that great change is necessary even to help the three people you will meet this week. We have a luxury of time. The Father has granted us all the time that is necessary. He is lavish with His patience and His understanding. He will wait for us for an eternity. Who knows, perhaps even longer. He doesn't get in a hurry about such things; the progress is the thing from His point of view. Use your new listening skills to probe the people you meet this week. They will appreciate it and not find it invasive. They will be flattered that you care enough to hear them out and then you will have an opportunity that runs strongly to both parties for your mutual benefit in the glory of the Heavenly Father.

      I apologize for interrupting your stillness practice tonight, but the moment was right. We are gratified to see that you all move forward step by step with good intentions. That is all I have to say. Perhaps you have a question or two tonight.

JUDY: Good evening Will, this is Judy. When you talk about having eternity to change the world, that is very comforting, but we view political events and things that are happening with the ecology and crime, etc., it makes us feel like we would like a quicker answer. Can you comment on how we should view the events that are happening on our planet that seem disturbing?

WILL: The history of human action on your planet has largely been ecological devastation. However, until recently, such physical devastation was within tolerable bounds because the human population pressure was low enough that the people could move off the devastated areas which were then allowed to recover. Humans have greatly modified the face of the earth; not always for ill. But the present obviously non-sustainable destruction of the natural environment is chiefly attributable to avarice and ignorance. The avarice springs largely from the activities of the wealthier materially advanced cultures and their insatiable lust for profits which causes them to plunder the natural world. They have not learned to control their greed and ignorance is apparently shared by all humans. The worst effect is the impending crisis of overpopulation. There are simply too many human beings alive on your planet. Your planet cannot sustain these people. Your societies cannot sustain these people. The most skillful governments on your planet seek only to exploit these unfortunate masses of people. The only help for it is to speak truth. The only hope for it is to speak out in every venue and not only among like- minded fellows. The combination of greed and overpopulation has the potential for turning this planet into a chaldern. The Northern hemisphere's societies in particular have failed to properly invest the profits of their plunder. They have attempted to restructure their environment by considering only the human environment.

      Tremendous progress has been made in the scientific understanding of human nature. Yet this secular knowledge has had little benefit to the common people. Their material lives have been made easier, but their spirit lives are as empty as those of their animal brothers and sisters. They know not where they came from nor where they are going. It is left to you to solve these problems. We think that we can say that these problems will not be dealt with by the present leadership. That is as far as I am allowed to say on political grounds. I think it is clear that your government functions well where model programs have proven effective and those model programs are the basis for extrapolation and extension to the larger society. It would be useful to establish ecologically sound, rationally sustainable programs in your immediate area. We believe that some incentive exists already in your immediate neighborhood considering the recent reaction to the power generation in your city [Coal energy generation was voted down recently in Tallahassee - editor's note]. Perhaps a modest step forward could be made. This is a society-wide problem and it is difficult for individuals by isolated acts to greatly influence the thinking of corporations. They have largely shifted their responsibilities off on to the isolated individuals. They do not see that their choices have consequences. Their present mind set is that once the purchase takes place, they are absolved of responsibility. We do not think it is out of bonds to instruct them. Their present rhetoric is to encourage public participation and comment, so we encourage you to speak directly with your elected representatives and candidates for office and corporate vendors and planners. Tell them forthrightly what you think and why you think it. Another question?

VINCENT: I do have a question, Will. You heard about the discussion of closed societies and how other religious beliefs are not being permitted and you have also indicated that single isolated acts cannot necessarily influence large corporations and so I am wondering if individual isolated acts, like we are going about doing and meeting the three people and trying to influence people one at a time, is going to be successful in areas where we could be prosecuted for even suggesting other possibilities. I am just wondering how that fits into the plan?

WILL: I will deal with the second half of your question first, if that is all right. Perhaps I was not specific enough. By individual acts, I had in mind purchase transactions where no personal interaction was accounted. We think that the most effective tool available to humans is personal interaction. We believe that that is so. It is all that we stand for. Now the first part regarding closed societies, or those with state religions; we say this: it will not work. It is not necessary to overthrow any religion in order to bring people to the light of the Heavenly Father. Certainly enough common ground exists between all the world's credible religions for brotherhood to flourish. The straight jackets of all of the organized religions will fall away in time and the personal religion of Jesus of Nazareth will flourish and this earth will become a garden. Does that answer?

VINCENT: Yes, thank you.

WILL: I thank you my friend. You are always faithful and always have a good question.

      Now begins a new week. We think you all understand that probably more than three opportunities will exist. But it is a good number for starting. So let us begin fresh, as we do every morning and have our feet more closely fit the Father's path - even those sorefoot among you. You found such irony in my remark last week. [Laughter at Susan, who has sore feet.] We will meet again next week in loving fellowship. I relish your company. I love you all. I am with you from time to time during the week. I hope that you feel my company. Until our next meeting. Shalom.



June 15, 1992

WILL: Good evening. I am your teacher, Will. An earth teacher centuries ago among the Chinese people said, "There is no greater gift than that friends should come to visit from far away." We welcome your visit. I am open for conversations and answers.

PAT: Will, I am new at this and I don't know if my questions are appropriate or not, but let's proceed. Because of my son and the changes we have seen in him, my husband and I have been very much interested in pursuing the path he has taken. We are just not really sure how to go about it. We would like to know how one opens one's self to receive these blessings, these spiritual enlightenings, and so forth, that others seem to derive from these meetings and so forth.

WILL: It is not a complicated process. It is merely the discovery of truth. Wherever or however discovered. The Urantia Book is the book of truth. We think that the effects of the realization of truth we have seen in the changes in the reader's lives as you describe.

PAT: How about those who do not read the Urantia Book, who do not know of the Urantia Book, who don't know of the Christ, Michael?

WILL: There are no gaps in the Heavenly Father's plan. No soul is neglected. It is true that this is a hard world. For many, this life is cruel. Circumstances of their lives are punishing. Its joys abound; not only the philosophers but the common people are aware of this. All roads lead to the Father. It is not necessary that people should walk any specific path. It is necessary they should move forward. It is all that is required. The rest is in the Father's hands. His defenses have depth of field. It is not possible to slip past his attention.

PAT: In the Bible and, I believe, in the Urantia Book - I am almost sure that it is in the Urantia Book - that Jesus said that the only way to heaven was through him and that you must be born again. I can understand that this means to be reborn spiritually, but, number one, I would like to know again what about these people? Is this a true statement? How does one become born again spiritually, if one is willing, how does one do this?

WILL: The Master was absolutely right when He spoke those words. He is the gate. Yet these words have been used, misinterpreted and used to punish those whose circumstances have placed them in situations where they were not exposed to the essential teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. He spoke truth when he made that statement. He is the gate. It is necessary that all who will know the Father must first know him. He referred not to his life as human life, as the man Jesus, but as his role as a Creator Son, organizer and upholder of this local universe. Until each person knows him intimately and perfectly, there is no point for them to proceed further towards the Father for they will have exceeded their knowledge and understanding. The problem of misinterpretation arises due to deficiency of scope for as all threads of the scheme are gathered together, so must all those paths tried by all the people in all the planets in this local universe converge upon the Creator's Son before being gathered yet again at another level above. So when the Master said, we all must pass through him, its meaning is somewhat ambiguous, but couched in the language intentionally designed to apply to all people on this planet and within this local universe. Therefore, it was somewhat circumspect.

      Among the people on this planet, it does not matter whether pygmy, bushman, Aboriginal forest, Asian dweller, Chinese farmer, Buddhist, Sikh, Magyar, Turk, Ashanti, Tubetta, some few that immediately spring to mind, plus the known western religions, all must eventually stand, mind to mind, and embrace the Creator Son before they are capable of further knowledge and understanding. Thus, he is the gate.

      Now, as to the second half of your question. There is no answer to such a question. It is like asking a wayfarer, how shall I know beauty when I encounter it? How shall I know honesty? How shall I know truth? It is in the encounter. You will know. You have certainly been alive long enough to know when you know something as compared to when you think you might know something. It is a completely different field. You know when the truth rings true. Next question.

PAT: Can you explain the trinity to me, please.

WILL: One moment for reference, please. The answer. I am prevented by my counselor from attempting a restatement with the essence of the trinity. It is thought to be well explained in the Urantia Book. It drastically limits my ability to answer your question. Do you wish to rephrase it in some way?

PAT: Is the Creator Son one of the members of the trinity?

WILL: That is easy. The answer is contained in the Urantia Book. No. The Creator Sons are not personalities of the paradise trinity. Creator Sons come into being through a mechanism which is not completely understood by any creature of my order or even of my counselor's order, although he is a teacher. The Creator Sons, to paraphrase the Urantia Book, spring from the conjoint meetings of minds of the Paradise Father and the Eternal Son. When their minds meet in a certain way, a Creator Son is the inevitable result of that meeting of minds. It is the signal to creation that a new area is to be organized to the greater glory of God. Does that answer?

PAT: I think so, but I hate to be difficult about this part, but I am really trying to understand this better. Christ Michael was the Creator's Son. He is the gate to the Father. There are other Creator Sons. Are they also gates to the Father? And what of people who only believe in one God, no other spiritual beings, are they then to have a way to gain access to heaven?

WILL: The Creator's Son holds the reins in the local universe. It is he who took the disorganized matter and organized it. It is he who caused the dust to swirl in such a way that planets and moons and stars were formed. He does not perform these deeds in his own name. He performs these deeds in the service of the Father. It is what he was born to do. His life and his deeds are in service to the Father. There is great variety among the Creator's Sons. They are many. I will not attempt to impress numbers. They are easily discoverable in the Book; not to diminish the validity of such pursuit but great variety exists among the Creator's Sons. Each one is unique. Each one contains certain aspects of the Father just as each person on this planet is different. You know that even among identical twins, there is no such thing as perfect identity. How much more so for a creature that is as powerful and as grand as a Creator Son. Their methods of achieving their full bestowal powers, their full sovereignty are as varied as their personalities. We think that you are fortunate to have this Michael as your Creator Son. A most difficult bestowal for the Creator Sons is as a material creature of the realm. It is a requirement of their office that they live a creature existence first hand so to experience those creatures extant within their realm.

      The material life is the most difficult. I like the term used by a group member, Hal. In the study of Buddhist literature, he came across a term. He described it as spiritual alchemy. I find that notion useful. It is as if the Heavenly Father has breathed life into the mud of this planet and from that breath, a spark of life, came single cell organisms, they became multi-celled organisms which became colonial creatures which then became fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and up until we three sit here in disguise is all the Father's work performed by the Michael and his most difficult task was to drop his personality and his powers to be born as an ordinary creature of the realm. Born as an animal with the potential of becoming a human and, upon his first thought, his first moral thought, he, like every other inhabitant of this planet, received a Thought Adjuster as a direct gift from the Heavenly Father resident on paradise. A personal transaction he became an ordinary human and the Heavenly Father and from that point, Michael, then living as Jesus, went forward and showed by his every thought and deed, his life as a perfect reflection of the Heavenly Father's will. Does that answer the first half of your question?

PAT: There are other Creator Sons then, obviously.

WILL: Many.

PAT: But my question, are each of them a gate to paradise the way Michael is in this universe?

WILL: Yes, they are all called Michael. They are all the rulers of their local universe creation. Each of them has the same obligations, yet the manner in which they fulfill their obligations is within their domain. It is not dictated by the Heavenly Father.

      Now, the second half of your question. About people whose religious concept is exclusive monotheism. They are welcome to think whatever they think. We are not trying to insist that they think in some sort of way. If they find it as a productive road, they are welcome to think it. We, here, say that the reality is different for those who will trouble themselves to inquire. That is what Urantia Book is all about. It is for those who trouble themselves to inquire. It is not for everyone. No one is turned away. We welcome everyone's interest. We do not insist that their concept of religion involve celestial servants. It is not necessary and the purpose of the ministry of which I serve is to emphasize the personal relationship with the Heavenly Father which was felt to be not a topic capable of effective revelation by the printed page, therefore, the Book first, this ministry second. Does that answer your question?

PAT: No, Will, it really does not answer. What I am concerned about is not what I think or what we think about what other people believe, but about the fact that if, indeed, they must know a Creator Son, in our case, Christ Michael, he is the gate to heaven, and they do not have an opportunity even to read the Bible, much less the Urantia Book, yet they believe very much as you do, or we do, in a personal relationship with God. Their religion brags about, I am speaking if Islam here, their religion brags about the fact that there is nothing standing in the way between them and their God and that you do not have to go through another person. I am confused by these teachings that seeking a personal relationship with God, but we must somehow go through Christ Michael. I am concerned in my own heart. And my other question is, living in a country where this is a predominant belief. What about these people? Does this philosophy take them into account?

WILL: I will answer your question by saying that God will not be bound by the beliefs of humans. It matters not what people believe. All that matters is that they believe. I would be happy to leave it like that but I do not require it. One of the necessary consequences of the indwelling Thought Adjuster's presence is continued search for perfection. This is the source from which humans derive their natural search, their inquiry into things they do not understand. It expresses itself in every way in their daily lives, not only with the material, but certainly with spiritual concerns. Inquiring men have always sought to construct some mechanism whereby to know their God. We call those mechanisms religion. Those religions which are capable of adapting to new knowledge and new realization and new revelation survive. Those which do not adapt become husks.

      The Moslems are correct in insisting that there is no brokerage between them and the Heavenly Father. It is one of the strengths of their religion and, frankly, is a weakness of the organized Christian religions. The Master, Jesus, always taught against an entrenched priesthood and yet most of the Western Christian religions are, to a greater or lesser degree, subject to the interferences of the professional priests. This is the quality that recommends Islam by comparison. They are utterly right yet just as once you were a girl, and in the natural course of things, you became a young woman, a wife, a young mother and a grandmother. So, too, must each human pass through the necessary and natural steps. Spirit advancement to pass by the Michael is but one of those natural consequences. That is the path. If people insist that there is no path, they are welcome to insist it. It does not matter what they insist. We say that it is so. It does not matter whether they dispute it or not. They are saying that God will be bound by their interpretation of God and it simply will not be so. Michael is not a limitation upon that progress. Michael is the facilitator of that progress. It is purely human ego to insist that the teacher is a burden upon the student. They are welcome to contend that if it is necessary for their continued progress. We welcome their insistence. We are not constructing the world, we are merely attempting to describe it for those who seek a better understanding. Do not dispute their contention. Does that answer it?

PAT: Yes, thank you. Let me ask another one. The Bible is given credibility as a document that has been inspired by God. Mohammed said that the Koran was inspired by God. Was the Urantia Book inspired in the same sense?

WILL: Yes.

PAT: Since the teachings of each are not the same, how do we, as struggling mortals, sort out truth from each of these?

WILL: With your heart.

PAT: But if each is truly inspired, I don't know how we as mortals could make a distinction as to which ones have been divinely inspired, and if any have not, which have not, and they do not say the same things and in some cases are diametrically opposed to one another, how are we to judge if each lays out a path which we should follow.

WILL: Each person must individually follow the path to the Father. There are multiple paths available. All will get you there, but for each person, there is a path that is just right for them. The Redman called it, "path with heart". That is the path that we recommend. The path that has the right heart for you. You may pick one. You may experience one. You may blunder upon one. All will get you there, but the best path for you is the path with heart. You will know it when you encounter it.

VINCENT: Hello, Will. My mother said that I could ask a question or two, if you don't mind. I would like to know, after your discussion last night about one-to-one conversions or, at least enlightenment of people, and before I will ask the question, I will tell you that I have contemplated for some time perhaps writing a book about my experiences in all this and I have been reluctant to start it, because number one, I have not gotten to a point where I feel like it is time to write it, but secondly, I have been concerned about mass communicating when perhaps this should be more of a personal thing. Could you comment on that a little bit for me?

WILL: My dear friend, you should obey your own cautionary senses. When the time is right, you will feel an irresistible impulse to do the wildest things, yet you will know that it is between you and your Adjuster. He will provide the necessaries for such a transaction. You are not anywhere near the end of our ministry. This ministry will outlast your lifetime. So far as can be seen, this ministry has no clearly definable end except your arrival in paradise: a personal interview with the Heavenly Father. You will not be the first to so arrive; other humans from your planet have already beat you to it. My assignment is in regard to personal ministry. My assignment is not to counsel regarding public ministry. I have no orders regarding public ministry. I will tell you that based on my knowledge of your planetary history, public ministry is a cross of splinters. I know that you like difficult assignments. I commend you. My counsel is to obey your cautionary senses. You will not always be so. You, yourself knows that if you gather wisdom and advance in judgment every week, it will not harm anything if you wait awhile and see what happens. However, if you should elect to move forward, you are certainly welcome to do so and we will raise no impediments to your activities. One moment, please. Thank you for your patience. My counselor says that no difficulties are foreseen for our ministry if you should elect to pursue the path you are considering. We welcome your participation. For the moment, however, this is not asked of you. Next question.

PAT: My husband asked me to ask in the tapes which we are sent by Vincent, you frequently say that you are not allowed to answer that, or you can't tell them this or you cannot divulge this. Why is that? We think faith is wonderful but we have this need to know as much as we can and since you are here, we feel that we want all the information, why are you limited as to what you can tell us?

WILL: In this ministry there were only three personalities involved with first-hand experience as teachers on your planet, Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek and Abraham (he prefers the title "Sword of Yahweh"). Because so many personalities are involved and because of the necessary frailties involved with transmissions through cooperative humans of greater or lesser capability, it has been a policy not to attempt to restate or recalculate factual information presented in the Urantia Book itself or within the body of established science known on your planet. The primary justification for this policy was that because this information is both generally and especially available. For us to allow such things to be used as proof, proves nothing, because such knowledge could be obtained by any human. That is the basic restriction under which we work.

      Then, as Vincent will tell you, we have had a number of negative experiences with our attempts to accommodate the human desire for predictions and personalized instructions. We do not regret our participation but it is impossible for us to maintain any quality control on those types of transactions for the human heart is so hopeful that we have seen repeatedly the least intimation causes the human listener first to abandon all sense of personal responsibility for progress, individual progress, and second, to run away with the emotional wave of their most fervent hopes. So while we were willing to discuss a number of things, we do not think that the result has been especially desirable. It has been decided, based upon experience, predicted beforehand by the three personalities with first-hand experience on this planet, that the people are simply not ready. Therefore, there are many things that we will not discuss with them now as policy.

      We realize that it is a burden on you. We realize that more is necessary in terms of spiritual guidance and, most particularly, spiritual leadership in the material flesh on your planet. We know this. We are authorized that a quick perusal of the Urantia Book will demonstrate the harms in common upon variation by individual initiative from the Heavenly Father's plan. Although we sympathize with your situation, there is no way that any of us will break the policy on individual initiative. It simply proved to be unproductive. We regret the situation, but until we are authorized, we will take no action outside the parameters of our mission presently described. I hope that satisfies.

PAT: That is fine, thank you. Obviously, it doesn't satisfy because you still want to know regardless of the parameters, we still want to know. I understand what you are saying. In line with that, and you were talking about the parameters which you had in the hopes of the human heart, in early transcripts from Ham out in Utah, there was a great deal of discussion about healing and about offering advice to those who where quite ill as to what medical treatment to take and not to take, and things to do, and I was rather alarmed at that. Is this outside the parameters? I don't find this in any of the other teachings since then that I have had the privilege to read. I just wondered if you would comment on that.

WILL: Participants in that group, mortals of the realm, participating in that group, have some natural ability in these matters which we felt that we could capitalize on. However, it is so very difficult for the human to maintain the posture as a channel and no more, that the experiment went awry. A very innate ability of those humans just like the human participators you utilize in the transmissions for this group, their very willingness to cooperate is the same seed of contamination that allows the pollution of the message or for unanticipated errors to creep in. It is what I have described before, it is an upside and downside problem. For every plus, a minus. We felt upon observation that the apparent failure of the healing exercises had certain tragic characteristics. However, I would like to use this opportunity to reaffirm what we all know is truth. If known, of those lives that were lost, the tragedy is two-fold that those unfortunate persons lost the only opportunity that they will ever have to live in material life on a planet such as yours indwelt by a Father fragment and, second, that their companions were deprived of the pleasure of their company. It was certainly a sad event. There are no gaps in the Father's plan. His hands hold all and no soul slips through His fingers. However, notwithstanding the tragedy for personalities directly involved, it was seen that the experiment with earthly healing contained more possibility for harm than good and that the program was judged by its failures. I cannot dispute that. My knowledge on this matter is limited and my understanding is that that activity is suspended. That is my present understanding. Next question.

VINCENT: Will, this is Vincent again. I am going back to Chicago next week and the last time I was there, I met with Martin Myers and talked generally with him and I have had an urge to call him and take him to dinner and maybe speak a little bit more frankly about what is going on. I have had this feeling that maybe some of this was not mere coincidence that I was able to get in to him, but maybe there was some part of a plan that I should know about. For instance, should I work on trying to mediate the problem between the two factions? Should I tell them what is going on with the respective celestial teachers? Should I not even talk to the guy or is this something that you want to leave up to my judgment?

WILL: We have great faith in your judgment. However, in addition to a general expression of our confidence in you, we think that you will be well served to follow your present assignment. Listen. Engage this person. Allow yourself to be the perfect reflecting mirror thereby shining the Father's light unrefracted and illuminate his mind. He is capable of it. He is the right position. You must listen first, then your judgment will guide you and we will assist you. But as always, you must do the hard work, but you enjoy it anyway. Next question.

VINCENT: I have been giving Dawn different communications as I see fit to her personal spiritual development and I am just wondering if these are helping her grow spiritually or if you know.

WILL: I never argue against my own work. You should ask her. I have an equal degree of confidence in my own teachings. I find that it is suitable because it conforms with my charge as directed by Michael. You should speak more with her about the results. You are doing the right thing. If people say no, you know what to do next. You are certainly sensitive enough to know if they have had all that they can take for a while. We are not in a race here. Besides, establishing the bond and trust is more important. That is all I have to say.

VINCENT: On my birthday, you called me a slacker, Will, what do you think now? Am I still a slacker?

WILL: Flesh is weak, the spirit is willing. How is that for a tactful answer?

VINCENT: Good dodge.

PAT: I am sure you are getting tired. I am getting tired, too, but I want to know the relationship between this new opening of the circuits that is causing the celestial teachers to come down and the Urantia Book. If there had been no Urantia Book, would we have no celestial teachers? Are the two tied together? Where does the Bible come into all of this? Have we discarded it? Can you tie this together for me in sort of a finale unless Vincent has a question.

WILL: The Urantia Book is a kind of cosmology. It is basic factual information about the mechanisms of the creation, the Father's personal ministry and His efforts to blanket His creation with specific orders of creatures. His assigned duty is to perfectly respond to the necessities required by ascending creatures such as yourselves in order to make proper spiritual progress so as to ultimately meet one-to-one with the Paradise Father. I recommend that you read in the Book sections on the different mansion worlds. Pay attention to the facts described therein, comparing the levels of instruction which are provided in each of the different worlds. The worlds are but schools from which souls graduate one to the next and the next, to the next. This is a pattern of progress just as you yourself have gone from teacher to teacher, from knowledge to yet more knowledge. The Urantia Book contains a range and a selection of teachings drawn from different mansion worlds which are thought to be understandable by a cross section of people on your planet.

      The Urantia Book is a tool. It is an inspired tool. It is a Michael tool. It is a gift from us to you. It is just the kind of gift that we make you. You have to do a lot of work, but we believe that it is worthwhile. We do not say that the Urantia Book replaces some other book. We will say that it supplements other books. We will say that the section on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth qualifies as a restatement of the Christian religion although I . ... I should properly say a restatement of the religion of Jesus of Nazareth. Christianity, as presently constituted, has buried within it seeds of the religion of Jesus, but they are buried under the crust of dogma and doctrine. His living gospel has been stifled in general so we do not say the Urantia Book replaces the Christian Bible, the text of Hindus, and there are thousands of cuneiform tablets untranslated. The Urantia Book is not a replacement. It is a gift. I do not wish this book to be used as the Christian Bible has been used as a test of faith or a test of knowledge or as a tool of domination. It is just a gift. It is not necessary in the present ministry to revelation and expansion of the Father's personal interaction with His children on the material world. The Urantia Book has been a useful introduction and is a great assistance to us in our efforts for at least we do not have the burden of educating people to a completely new set of terminology.

      The Father's ministry cannot be stopped. It is like evolution. Once unleashed, it cannot be stopped. It is central to do what the Father needs. Our mission is only to illuminate His concern and His activity to assist those who are interested in direct one-to-one communication with the Father fragment which we believe is possible for all.

      Circuits are communication channels for the Father's servants and only have indirect bearing upon the situation of the humans alive on the material world whether circuits exist or not has no bearing whatsoever on the mechanism and the ministry of the indwelling adjusters. The circuits allow me to communicate with my counselors and my colleagues and our instruction team. They allow the counselors to communicate with Michael. I do not know exactly how circuits work between Michael and the Father. I believe that they are there, but I am not capable of experiencing it so I cannot say with certainty. The circuits are in place for the use of the Father's servants, but you, as His children, always have a direct access to the Father. That is what the stillness is about. We encourage you to daily practice at a minimum of ten minutes a day. When you are ready, two ten minutes sessions a day. That is how He upholds His creation.



JUNE 21, 1992

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God uplifts us. Wherever He is, we are.

      Greetings to you all for I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. We are tonight gathered together and there are two among you whom we welcome as not having been among us in our gatherings, one before, but one new this night. It is good to see that we bring others into our fold for the more we can bring into the service of God's kingdom and to share God's word, the more we will be able to carry the message out into the world. It is our job and surely yours to keep the message unfolding for there is much work to do. The work is great and the harvesters are few. If you at any time can find yourselves in a position of working for the Father in bringing more people into the understanding of His word, then it is by all means your duty to do so. If at all possible whenever you see these, His children, gather them into the fold, disburse whatever spiritual knowledge you possess and share it with them. Only in this way can our Father's word be spread and only in this way can we be about our Father's business as our Master did when he walked this earth. It is for us to set an example of those who will follow.

      All those who heed His word and follow His guidance will surely understand what He has provided for us in the way of spiritual nurturing. Master the skills that you have already been given. Seek daily the Father's presence in your lives. Daily pray that He be with you. Daily seek that you may be a conduit of His love, a sea of which the grains of sand may flow to those who need it the most and, in this way, His love shall spread to others. For of you who have had trouble reaching out, continue to do so. It is not all that difficult once you get the hang of it, but you must try. To some of you, it comes more easily. You have been asked over this last week to find three opportunities to speak of spiritual matters with people, some of you we have heard from have been more successful than others. There have been other opportunities that you may have missed. Others of you have had opportunities and you have little knowledge of the lives you have touched. Just by saying kind words, letting them know how much you appreciate them, these are all ways that you show God's love. It does not always have to be in direct talking about spiritual things. Some of you have had your three people this week and you did not bring it up in the discussion because you little knew of the lives that you affected. We ask that you continue this next week. Try to reach as many people as you can. Be aware more and more of the opportunities that you have of expressing God's love in your life. If you have the opportunity to talk of things of a spiritual nature, great. If not, lend what service you can in a kind way - a gesture, or a thought to those around you. If you run upon someone who is of a gruff nature, hold whatever good thoughts you are capable of in your mind. Show your kindness to them and see if you are able to disarm their nature. It is amazing how the gentlest, kindest word to someone else may disarm someone who is having a difficult day. Wouldn't it be nice if someone did that to you on days when you didn't feel well? How much it would change your attitude towards the events? That is all it would take: a little reaching out.

      Jesus effected people as he walked by as the Urantia Book says. Few knew what had happened to them. They just knew that they felt better having been in his presence. That is all it took and our Master was adept at handling people and seeing that their needs were met. For those that he could help, he did so. There were those that he knew he was unable to help and he did pass them by. But more often than not, he did what he could to help his children for they were those that he loved and loved deeply and wanted to do whatever he could to help.

      Our Father loves all His children equally. He is no respecter of people and when our Father says that, how can we be any less? How can we go around judging others? We must learn to walk in their shoes to understand their natures, to understand what it is like from their life experience. Only then can we truly begin to love our fellow man. It is of little concern what they have gone through or what they are enduring at the moment. Our only concern should be to love them in the best way possible and I have already listed those ways for you.

      In this next week, and surely for all the rest of your lives, be aware of what you can do to ease a fellow's burden. Watch your tongues. Watch your tempers. Those of you who have family entanglements, try to find a way to solve them because surely they are a waste of energy. There is so much more to be about than to waste our time worrying about things we cannot change. If there is someone you are having trouble getting along with, love them. Love them even though they seem difficult to love for God does and in this way, and hopefully within time, you will come to have a new understanding of this person. By nursing a grudge, by holding onto feelings that are not helpful to the situation, you cannot heal it. You will only keep it going and that was not the Master's way. He was a healer, and in our studies, we learn to be one also. The best way to be God's child is to be a child of love. That means putting aside all ego and demands for yourself and looking to the other person, not to be used by that person, but to understand him. Rely upon your good judgment but know that God is taking care of the situation. Our Father is always working His way and the problem, whatever it be, is in His hands. You do not have to solve it. Turn it over to Him. Whenever you face something that you find insurmountable, pray about it. Let God have it and then don't dig it up again to find out how He is doing. Just confidently know that everything is being worked out. It may not work out the way that you intended it to, but it will work out and it will work out God's way. Some surprising results have come about by turning our problems over to Him. Things have been accomplished that we never could have imagined. Solutions to our problems have come about and suggestions for the future and for our lives have come about that never could have dawned upon us. We are so limited that all we see is our time and our space. God sees all and in His sight, all is solved. There are no problems for God has already solved them. Call upon Him while He is near. Seek His gentleness. Have confidence that He is with you, helping you in all that you face.

      Rely not upon your own ways for surely you have help. You have more spiritual help that you can yet realize. You are aware of some of the spiritual helpers that you have. We have talked about them many times and you have had some visit you in our group but there is still yet more to come. There are more helpers coming to each one of you and, indeed, to your world. I was glad to hear the reading off of the names and the groups around our country for surely you need to be aware of the work that is proceeding. Our work grows by leaps and bounds every day as we look for groups who are ready to accept new teachers. There is much work to do and we are so pleased that things are proceeding at such a rapid pace. Before long, we will have many more teachers in place and many more groups as they are ready and receivers as they are trained to receive them. I urge you to practice your own stillness for indeed each one of you are capable of receiving us if you would just continue to practice. I know it must be frustrating but continue your practice, your stillness. You will not regret it. There are times that we realize when your lives are very active and you truly do not have time, but many of you are engaged in activities that, from the spiritual realm, are a waste of time. While you need your recreation, there are things that you could be doing instead of spending time, wasting time, you could be spending time with your Heavenly Father. All that we have asked you to do is spend fifteen to twenty minutes each day, twice a day if you are able. What a lighter burden you would carry if you would only find this time. The solutions that you seek to daily problems, the struggles that you hassle with, the relationships that seem strained will all be resolved and in their place you will find peace, contentment and a peace of mind that only comes from the Father. He dwells with you daily. The inner Adjuster helps whenever you are attuned; standing alert to help you in whatever manner you are able to allow Him to do so.

      Take that time. Go to the bridge of a spiritual nature. If you have that special place, wherever it is, find yourself in it and seek your Father's presence. All of us have from time to time things that we look back on and wish that we could have done differently but we cannot go back, we can only look to the future with hope and our dreams of things left to be filled. We can start a new beginning now. You all, each one of you, have the tools you need. Those of you who are new in our group can be coached very easily as to the things that you will need. It is not difficult. Find someone to help you. There are many here who have a spiritual nature. Most of you have dedicated your lives to doing the Father's will and, with a little urging, all it would take is a little effort to spend more time in that dedication. He is there all the time. Can't you but take some time for Him? I do not mean to scold you, only to urge you to look forward and spend that time together for I know the value of spending that time with Him. He loves us more than you could possibly understand and the gifts He has yet to give you are yours for the asking. All you have to do is work at it.

      In the coming years, there is so much more for you. We can't even yet begin to describe it. This group has a lot of growing, a lot of deepening of friendships and yet you have grown so much already. We look forward to the times ahead. We look forward to the teachings that we will have together, the lessons that we will plan by the committee, for we all look forward to teaching you as much as we know or are allowed to reveal to you. We realize that your understanding is limited, but we will do the best that we can by revealing one thing at a time to keep building on what you already know. We ask that you keep reviewing what you have already been given for only in this way can you maintain the knowledge that you have already. Reread the material if you are unable to retain it. You have already been given some beautiful lessons and, of course, the Urantia Book with all the chapters in it with such a spiritual nature. How can you help but not be uplifted? We urge you to read some every day. If you would supplement the time that you have been doing other things with rereading your papers or reading the Urantia Book, what do you think would happen? I can tell you what would happen. Your spiritual light would become brighter. Your problems would seem lighter. The Father's presence would seem nearer and the relationships with people would grow brighter. You have that opportunity. How can you waste it? If you have such a precious jewel in your hands, how can you throw it away? If one has been given a diamond, you don't hide it. You put in a beautiful setting and wear it about your throat or on your hand for the whole world to see and such is what you have here. Share with others for truly the Father has given you the greatest diamond of all, His love.

      Most of the papers are about our Father's love. Few of you have yet to begin to understand it. Those of you who have children have a slight inkling of what that love might be but that is on such a small scale. Our Father's love is precious and it grows within us each day. It lights up our lives. It lights up everything we do and, if we are open to it, we open ourselves for that love to be passed to us to others and we are able to spread that love when we come into contact with other people. We have said before to act as a beacon and let people be drawn to Him. Let that love flow to others to re-energize their lives and let the whole world be filled with His love. Our churches are trying to do it but there is not enough individual work that is being done. God's love is done on a one-to-one basis and such it must be so. So, lighten your hearts. Carry your day forward with love. Uplift your hearts. Lighten your day and carry yourselves so that your head is held high knowing that you possess something very special for God loves you as our Father loves all His children. He does not love you any more because you have the special knowledge and, because you do have this special knowledge, you have more of a responsibility. You can no longer be ignorant of His laws. You can no longer be ignorant of His ways for all that you do, you have to be responsible for. For all that you do, there is a price. There is no turning back, for at this point you know too much. Our Father has given you this opportunity. Do no waste it. Cherish it as you do a pearl. Use it to the best of your ability.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: Greetings, my children, for I am one who loves you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I have been listening to your discussion tonight, all the things that you have done throughout the week, and all your activities, and I urge you continue doing what you have done. As Will has told you, there are many opportunities to do the Father's will and we here offer you that opportunity. Take Him by the hand for He is there for you. In the weeks to come, there will be even more opportunities for you and we ask that you be alert to them. If you come across someone who needs encouragement, give him that. If someone needs a kind word, a gesture, a smile, what a gift you can give by being the one to offer it. The spirit of truth being the teachings of the Master for you is ever with you providing you the words to say to help another. It is such a simple thing to do. Do not be so concerned about your own lives for the Father is taking care of things. Don't spend your energy being anxious about tomorrow for the Father has you well in hand. Not one of you has anything truly to worry about. So with that in mind, you can go out and truly give to others. There is not one reason for you to hold back. Not one reason for you not to give to the fullest and to be there for all who need it. So put aside all concerns you have for yourselves, all your worries and focus all your energies on things of a spiritual nature. Rest assured that the Father is with you. You are left in good hands. I bid you goodnight. God holds you in the palm of His hand. For this evening, Shalom.



6/24/92 a.m. stillness exercise, following initial thoughts of tire service on Soldette's car, Machiventa Melchizedek initiated this exchange:

M: Greetings to you, my student. I am your teacher, Machiventa Melchizedek, and I thank you for your attention. It has been some time since we last conversed. I notice that your participation has diminished.

A: Yes, sir.

M: I note that you have lingering objections to the developments of this ministry.

A: You know my thoughts on those matters.

M: I notice that your objections do not outweigh your faith and your willingness to serve your fellows.

A: Yes, sir.

M: I note that you have placed your faith in the matter of the eventual establishment of planetary missions.

A: Yes, sir. . ..long pause...

M: Faith is always rewarded.

M: You are distracted by the animal and the intellectual, and neglect the spiritual.

A: Yes, sir.

M: It is not necessary that you see measurable progress, yet progress continues. You are unable -- even unfit -- to measure your progress, however you are fit to sense the movement consequential to progress. So I say to you, keep moving forward, and the servants of this ministry -- those within and those without -- can turn your momentum to the Father's purpose.

     We cannot move you. It is forbidden. You must begin moving, and God will do the rest. He says, "I will not leave you alone in the world."



JUNE 28, 1992

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The thought of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is. Good evening, I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. I thank you for joining together faithfully once again and I greet our visitors and hope that they will become regular members of our group. You are welcome here.

      This life is but a fleeting shadow. A moment irreplaceable in experience. Although no road is foreclosed, never again will any experience exactly the same be presented to you. So in one way, or one approach, you have but a single opportunity to pursue the work of the Father. Those of us who are fused mortals at one with the Adjuster look on your lives and wish that we could intervene. Indeed, even live your lives for you for we think that we know a better way, but it is not to be. We would live your lives in a fashion markedly different from the fashion in which you prosecute your daily activities.

      When you read the papers in the Urantia Book describing the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, you will quickly deduce that the Master was constantly aware of the passage of linear time. He was constantly aware that he had but a short time available to him to gain the necessary experience required to discharge his responsibilities. He well knew that he had but a few years and that his time was limited and would one day abruptly end in a whirl of events beyond his control. He had elected years before purposely not to control such events; to live out his life as an ordinary creature of the realm; not to intervene with his many supreme powers. Well he knew that his time was limited, that his days were numbered and he lived his life knowing that he had not much time, that every day was precious and a gift from the Heavenly Father.

      Each of you also know as well that time is short, yet you steadfastly refuse to act upon that knowledge. You dispute it. You deny it. You avoid it. You temporize. You makes excuses and have more important things to think about. All invalid. No man or woman knows when they will depart this life. Look upon those known to you who sense an imminent departure. See how their lives are changed. You would do well to live as if there were no tomorrow. Every moment is precious rightly to be turned to the Father's work for the door to the after life is a one-way door. You shall not pass it again. It is an extraordinary dispensation that any creature shall live two lives on the material planets. There is no school like this school. The experience gained here can be approximated; schools exist on the mansion worlds for that very purpose, yet this experience cannot be duplicated. This experience is a once in a spiritual lifetime opportunity. Oh, it is difficult, troublesome, confounding and vexing. We well know. We are informed by humans on a regular basis the difficulties involved. But you would be surprised, perhaps, to know that that is not the bulk of the information which we above receive. Many are the days spent in the glorification of life. The love of family. The concern for neighbors, friends and kin. The physical and emotional love showered upon the children, the fond thoughts for elderly parents. The longings for distant friendships. You know not how the Father counts that love. It is what makes you human.

      Now we are past the solstice in the cycle of nature. The days begin imperceptively to grow short. So, too, have many of you passed the half-way mark. The light is no less bright. The love is showered upon you freely. It is a well from which you can draw without end, but mark well, there will be no day ever again like today. No moment like this moment. No such person shall approach you again in exactly the same way with that particularized need that only you can satisfy. Yes, we would live your lives differently, but that experience is denied. We have said before that God can love you only in the present, not in the future. He is not bound by time, it is but one of His tools. Wherever He lives is the present. If He would divert His attention away for one moment, all of this would cease to be, yet He will not, for He loves us and He is fond of us despite all of our failings. He likes to see us progress. We are His children and He loves us. We should help each other like brothers and sisters sharing the benefits of our experiences with each other without attempting to replace our judgment and wisdom for that of the others.

      We are all family - you and I, those not present tonight and those unknown to us. But in order for us to know the Father intimately, we must forego our near obsession with planning for the future which may never arrive. It is not how well we have planned for some distant future that counts in heaven, it is the history that we accumulate living moment by moment in the present where the Father fragment can communicate with us. The Adjuster cannot inhabit the future. He can arrive only when we arrive. He cannot live in the past. It is a closed book. The Adjuster's realm is in the present, the right now, the this moment, in the thoughts and the urgings, in the deeds performed with His leadings. If you will make progress and you wish to know the Father, you must know Him right now. It is the limitation on the material life creatures. You are not time fluid. Those moments you spend living in the future and living in the past are lost forever. Pay attention to today. The future will take care of itself. It is in God's hands anyway. You can bring no great influence to bear anyway.

      We have spoken before about the operation of the Adjuster. The Adjuster can act only at the knife's edge, where it is risky, where things are not under control, where the sparks are likely to strike. If you back off into the realm of safety and failed communications, then you immediately raise barriers not only between yourself and your opposite number, but also between the Adjuster resident in you and that Adjuster fragment which inhabits the other party. Therefore, we have exhorted you to take chances, to speak candidly, honestly, forthrightly and genuinely with those you encounter for that is where the Adjuster will have his way. You can feel His pull. It is like a vortex. You are drawn up and forward and out. It is exhilarating. You must take the chance. We think you will like the experience. You must live in the present in order to do so. When you live in the present, you live in the realm that God inhabits. That way lies salvation.

      Thank you for you kind attention and your companionship. I will join you from time to time during this coming week, the better to share your experience and the peculiar individual strengths that each of you possess which makes you so dear to our Father.



End of June, 1992