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All of May and June of ‘93

The Importance of Communicating With People


May 9, 1993

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening and greetings to you all. I am your teacher, Will, who so loves you.

I learned a lesson tonight watching your interaction immediately before your stillness practice. I took my observation to the Melchizedek, who is in agreement. The observation was: look at the amount of time and effort expended upon the recordation and compilation of the historic meetings and messages delivered to this group. To what end will these materials be used?

My lesson for you tonight is the importance of the connections between people. What have these recordings to do with the connections between people? The teachings advanced by our mission are designed to be put into operation. Recording adds nothing to them. The transmissions rendered through your human conduits, accurately and inaccurately, are designed not to persuade, certainly not to command, but are designed to motivate only to put this teaching into full participation to the extent allowed by the circumstances of each member of this group so that others may see what this teaching is about. True, we teach you. You teach others. The hoop becomes wider. So I cajoled the Melchizedek for an exercise, a plan. Here is your plan. I think you will like it. It is like hunting for eggs in the grass, something which should resonate with the genetic memory of your races.

During this week each of you will encounter two people who are amenable to the teachings of this mission. Two people who will pay attention to your example. Two people who will wonder what it is that motivates you to do the things that you do and to forgo the opportunities to do certain things which they would do. Two people who will be touched by the living faith and confidence expressed by the embrace of our message. The Melchizedek has one caution. He instructs me to explain clearly that this is not a prediction (laughter), it is a promise. Therefore, maintain the state of mind, being alert. No dozing off on duty. This world will not approach the oncoming age of light and life through the collection of audio tapes. We exhort you to be ready for the two. This is my much modified message for tonight. We have time for questions. Are there questions tonight?

VINCENT: Can this world be changed by small acts of kindness? [Group laughter - this is the same question Vincent asked Olondo, the Rochester teacher, while Vincent was in Naperville recently.]

WILL: I commend you, Vincent, for your constancy. You are like the hammer. Do not overlook the power of the simple repetitive message. It is foreseen that at some time in the transmissions, the ability to impart our message imploring hitherto unused expressions, notions and examples might actually be exhausted and that at some point we might begin to repeat ourselves. Particularly is this so when we have a simple theme. Our message, however, is not diminished by repetition and a continuing expectation of new and clever renditions of the same simple message is itself a form of presumptuous expectation. You are onto a good theme. It is water of great depth. That is my long answer. You will like my short answer. Act and wait for the results. They are there for you to see. Next question.

LOREN: Will, will we be given spiritual perception to see our progress?

WILL: For many generations on your planet, the Heavenly Father was seen as a celestial scorekeeper, tallying debits and credits. People lived in fear of the status of their balance sheet. It was a powerful motivator for good behavior. Now, in a more secular time, people fear not their God and it is to their detriment for His teachings are mighty and the force of His desire flattens the cane, but it is true enough, our God counts only the talents - the credits. You people these days live in a situation that you can only dimly value, for by faith you survive.

None of us promise that you will see the results of your work. None of us promise that you will see the value of your work. Faith is asked for this faith which will serve you. When you are so moved by the inspiration of the Indwelling Adjuster, you may demonstrate to the Father the strength of your faith by service to your brothers and sisters. And so I can say with confidence that the Father keeps a tally, not for your benefit, but for His and in some way it assists Him in His participation in the creation. But to answer your question more directly, it is necessary for soul progress to realize the valuable steps made and so, at some point, yes, you will have the insight necessary to incorporate the lessons you have learned. Is that satisfactory?


SOLDETTE: Will, I just want to understand this week's exercise. At some time we will come into contact with two people. Do we just begin to speak of spiritual matters or are they going to be affected by the way we handle situations?

WILL: They will hear your words. They will see your deeds. Your job is to identify them and make soul to soul contact to the extent possible under the circumstances. You will follow the rules we have followed for more than a year. You will speak and act as if Jesus stood by your side and that you take that occasion to demonstrate the depth of your understanding of his teachings. You will do these things not concentrating on your own role and your own interaction with your companion but allowing the situation to develop naturally according to the Father's will who intends to use you as a method to shower love upon your companion. And, last, that you do these things in a respectful manner that does not diminish or degrade the intensity of the occasion. Clear enough?

One more question.

HAL: Will, I was wondering what the relationship is between our practicing the presence, that is trying to keep the awareness of the presence of God in our minds all day long, and the opportunities that may arise for ones we approach this week. Is it just that if we are in that state of mind we are more alert or do we actually somehow help things happen if we stay in that place?

WILL: Life in the Father's light is usually recognizable by two phenomena. First, it is tremendously invigorating and, second, it is a feeling of sublime happiness which gives to the human a kind of confidence that cannot be purchased through other activity. It is like the eagerness that a baseball player on a hitting streak feels before he steps into the box. It is like an eagerness that a gambler feels on a lucky streak in a game of chance. It is like the eagerness that a lover feels before meeting that special one yet again. [With] this kind of attitude [it] is not necessary to work out any type of advance approach. Things will unfold naturally. Your duty is to do only a reasonable job for these are learning experiences for both parties to the transaction. We know you are up to it and the closer that you can get to the knife edge of spontaneity, the more freedom and celestial power you will feel in the interaction.

Perhaps you remember in an earlier discussion we spoke about the business of thinking while engaged in stillness practice and my advice was to you then as now was - don't think. Don't not think. Don't think about thinking or think about not thinking. Just relax. All of you have the skills necessary for this assignment, the Father has seen to it. No sign will be given to you.

This week then, opportunity. It is our desire for you at your next gathering to report on the two and your opinion of what progress was made. Good luck and no thinking. That is all I have to say. Until we meet again, I will be with you and the seraphim and the midwayer and the Melchizedek and the visitors, observers and spectators.




May 16, 1993

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. His love forever supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening and blessings upon you all. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.

Two points tonight. The philosophers of ancient times exhaustively explored the relationship between man and the cosmos. But those insights were not applicable to the living circumstances of the majority of humans alive on the planet then or now. It was for later generations of thinkers to explore the relationships among men and the relationships of man to science. Popular education however neglects the conclusions of the teachers of antiquity and concentrates only upon those thoughts which enhance the productive capacity of human beings through science and materialism. It is for your generation and those which follow to harmonize the insights of the ancients with the insights of the moderns, for neither can stand alone. Human vitality will have its expression. It is clear that, properly organized, humans are capable of tremendous productivity. Now, in large measure, the industrial societies have great productivity yet lack the necessary communion with the Father which is a precedent toward communion and communication with one another.

Second point, on a more practical level. We recommend to you the teaching technique of the master who responded to the people he encountered by virtue of their needs, not his and whose goal was to provide the maximum opportunity for spiritual insight and advancement which was achievable by that person at that moment. That is service. If you do your best to adapt yourselves to this technique, you will not do wrong. Go forward then and continue our exercise. Your progress is approved. That is all I have to say.



END OF MAY, 1993


WILL, JUNE, 1993


[out of date sequence - Wil229 is 6/2/93- Wil229 is on the Celestine Prophecy- Redfield]

June 6, 1993

WILL: The love of the Father enfolds us. The love of the Father upholds us. Wherever we are, He is.

Good evening. I am Will, your teacher, who loves you.

This will be a time of growth for all of you. A new beginning. With, perhaps, some false starts. We commend Nadine on her willingness to try this. [Her first time to communicate for Will] It is a path that will grow easier in time. For now it suffices that we are trying together.

My message for you tonight will be short by design to allow Nadine to become more familiar with the process. I would say that great love flows in this room amongst the members of your group. There exists in this world - [long pause] - divine sense of man's ability to communicate with the Heavenly Father. There are those who hold the belief that God is something far off and, at best, can only be petitioned, to hear man's cry. You know, of course, that this is not so.

This is my message to you tonight. That the Adjuster lives within all of you and, by that, you are, by design, a conduit for the Father's love. Seek to allow this to be so in all your daily comings and goings to allow the Father's love flow through and, in so doing, you will be filled with His love. That is all I have to say.



Wil229 - SAMPLES of REDFIELD beliefs w/comments by WILL on them - - - -

June 2, 1993

James Redfield, author of the acclaimed Celestine Prophecy, came to Tallahassee to speak. Several members of the group went to hear the speech. What follows is not meant to be a summary of the speech, but a sampling of concepts he threw out for discussion. We have also attempted to accurately transcribe Will's comments made contemporaneously with Redfield's comments in the face of Eric's cryptic scrawlings on the back of a napkin. There is a margin of error.

Redfield: Humans are only energy. Everything is only energy.

Will: Humans are personality creatures with the potential for survival that inhabit a material form through a unique spiritual-material chemical bond.

Redfield: Energy and matter are essentially the same.

Will: Matter has its own inherent vitality.

Redfield: Humans can see auras.

Will: You don't need visual perceptions to identify with material reality and the morontia energy that accompanies it. Emotional identification is a valid indication of universe connection.

Redfield: Humans gain energy by hijacking it from others.

Will: Don't lose sight of the conduit function. Humans cannot trap more energy than they already contain because of personality characteristic restrictions.

Redfield: Humans can somehow store/contain energy.

Will: God's love is truly given to you, to be freely shared with your sisters and brothers. Supply is inexhaustible. The only restriction is the human's ability to recover composure upon surprise and disappointment of self-failure. Recharge is constant - most expedient way to recharge is to give away - potlatch (Indians of the Southwest have a 'potlatch' when they take all of their material goods and gather together and give everything away and end up with other stuff).

Redfield: People are responsive to special natural manifestations of energy.

Will: Humans identify with nature because of the pull of the ages. Because humans are primarily animal with spontaneously developed human characteristics, the attraction of the animal world is rooted in desire to extend potential for perfection into the terror of animal existence.

Redfield: Humans employ dramas to capture energy.

Will: [?] stillness practice to re-establish bond with the universal source center and rebalance perspective of human role in development of universal reality.

The basis of manipulation is genetic heritage from prehuman development, amenable only to conscious control but this is exhausting. By focusing on service to others this problem goes away.

Redfield: The examination of our past and family circumstances can reveal our purpose in life.

Will: On the morontia worlds, only learning experiences are revived as and echo of the material life. Review of decisions leading to spiritual advancement is the accounting of cognizable events in the spiritual realm. As humans become progressively real, crossing over into morontial reality, it is possible to approximate this post revival review of the material life lessons.

Redfield: That connections between people can be harnessed.

Will: The connections between persons are Adjuster inhabited harmonies of the universe. The drive for association is a type of Father magnetism, distinguishable from spirit gravity and truth bestowal.

Redfield: Synchronistic events have special meaning beyond the event itself (ie guidance).

Will: Synchronicity is opportunity which humans have the capacity to recognize. You swim in sea of opportunity, courtesy of Adjuster compass and seraphim dedication. Because the element of exploitation is absent, there is difference between opportunity and manipulation.

Redfield: That a conversation should be conducted in the "best way".

Will: [This is a comment about the desire of certain of the people who were asking questions of Redfield.] Desire for a leader is a fear based behavior. Group has identity separate from collective membership. Concentration of attentions creates multiplier effect of stair-step growth through ratcheting mechanism.

Redfield: That reincarnation or "heaven" will occur on this material planet.

Will: The humans cannot violate or suspend natural law. They can, however, take on additional characteristics of morontia existence which supersede certain animal characteristics of magnetism fluctation and telephathic communion.

Redfield: That the $49.95 reinterpretation of astrologic principles is available.

Will: There is no spiritual progress that can be either bought or sold. The market place exists but it functions exclusively through gratuitous transfers between persons - it can only be shared, not given, taken, advertised, vended, franchised, incorporated, titled, or licensed. Only shared.



June 20, 1993

WILL: The love of the Father enfolds us. The love of the Father uplifts us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening. I am Will, your teacher, who loves you.

There is doubt coming from within Nadine as to her abilities to authentically transmit. I reassure her now. There will be times to come where things will flow easier, but the beginning is something akin to learning to fly. Rough bumpy landings and takeoffs. It is helpful to use the steadying influence of the Father.

To walk in His light is to be strengthened. He ever upholds us in His arms. It has been said that where you are going, no man has gone before. The truth that has been revealed to you is indeed universal truth, but the presentation is new. We understand the fears that exist in your minds when consideration is given to how the world thinks today. The concerns you have must be weighed with your personal conviction to do the Father's will. Turn to the Father and He will give you strength. When you doubt, pray. When you fear, turn to Him who understands your fear. His love and strength will flow into you and you will feel more ready to handle things with Him by your side. Lean not to your own understanding, trust in Him. He will provide for you. When the time is ready, He will make known His way.

That is my lesson for you tonight. I have a request that each of you find time to set apart to speak with the Father. Your lives will be much improved for it. That is all I have to say. Until we meet again next week I bid you all shalom.



June 27, 1993

WILL: The love of the Father surrounds us. The love of the Father enfolds us. Wherever we are He is.

Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.

There is a songbird singing, yet many do not hear him. Still he sings proclaiming his song to those who would hear. Many long to hear this song yet do not put aside time. The song still is there. There is a difference between wanting to hear this song and actually acting upon that wish.

In your world you see many things you want to have changed but feel that there is nothing that you can do. There are steps that can be taken, plans that can be formed, and yet so few choose to do so. It is easier to recognize the need for the change than to recognize your ability to help change it. The collective will of mankind can exert a tremendous amount of assistance in this matter. The strength that each of you possess, when joined with others, has a much stronger impact than if you act alone. Remember this. Reach out to your fellow man for help when you need it. By strengthening and uplifting another, you are also strengthened and uplifted. There are many small steps that can be taken to start the ball rolling.

Sometimes you feel it necessary to stand alone. Remember that you are never truly alone. The Father is always with you and He is ready and willing to help. There is more strength in Him for you to draw upon than you can imagine. The Father knows each one of you and loves you. He is there for you always. Take strength from this. Know it and dwell on it. And you will be helped.

There is a new one among us tonight and I would welcome her. We are always pleased to have visitors.

There is much afoot lately. We see great progress being made on the planet. We have been encouraged. You have all progressed so far in such a short amount of time. We are pleased beyond our expectations. This is a time of great excitment and great spiritual progress. You will witness many things. Some greater than others. Others on a quieter scale. But all showing progress towards a more enlightened world. This is not to say that there will not be times of trial ahead. Many will fear the changes being made. Many will simply try to hide and their fears control them. We are here to help you move beyond your fears. To know the Father as the loving Father that He is. Have faith. Stand firm in your knowledge of Him. There is much work to be done. We are asking for your assistance. We are well pleased with the reports we hear each week from this group. It is apparent to us that you are all trying and succeeding in your attempts to do the Father's will. You are to be commended. That should be as pleasing to you as it is to us. Recognize your progress, each individual.

     [Remainder was lost due to Vincent's ineptness with the tape recorder.]


END OF JUNE, 1993 SESSIONS - END of May/June Transcripts