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Tallahassee Florida Group


LinEl: Mission Changes

October 15, 1995 

T/R #1 



Greetings students, this is LinEL, come to spend time with you once again. Your own teacher, Will, is not present this evening and has asked me to take over her class time. She will be back with you next week, if indeed you have a meeting.  


Your conversation, again this evening, was one that we found most helpful. It is very beneficial for those of us who teach you to understand your thoughts, as well as your areas that cause uneasiness. We were much uplifted in hearing your reports of your having taken Will's suggestion to heart. I would ask you to continue in this effort as the weeks go by. Will suggested that she hoped it would become an on-going practice and I would like to reinforce this idea. There will indeed come a time for each of you in this Mission to begin your individual task; each will receive the information as regards their preparation individually. The community outreach that you are beginning is highly recommended as a path of personal growth for each of you and as a means for (T/R: exemplify?..exemplifying?...) (Ed: LinEL continues:) exemplifying the Father's love throughout the community. I appreciate this receiver's willingness to use those words that I give to her that are unfamiliar within her own mind. They lie there, waiting to be discovered and used, and so I can utilize them in my talks, as can any teacher.          We appreciate her willingness to stretch.  


(ED: who also happens to be the T/R says: I knew that word! I just wasn't sure I heard him correctly. :) 


Much change is in process in and on your world, as your conversation this evening highlighted. The role you play is one for which you have been trained, and as you well know, your training continues during many of those resting hours when your minds are less active, and more easily worked with. As the time becomes ripe, for want of a better term, for more concentrated activity within this Teaching Mission the understanding will be given to you. You are only just beginning to understand the roles you will play, the level that your commitment has been received and accepted. Continue on the open, loving path you have begun to walk, looking first always within, clarifying and bringing to understanding within yourselves the lessons you have been given, and then bring them outward into your community. We have watched each of you in days recently past, as you have each begun a more active outreach, a stronger, deeper willingness to express all the gifts you hold inside and give them to your brothers and sisters along the way.  


For some of you, this is even now, an uncomfortable feeling. Do not allow your lights to stay hidden within yourselves. You are given these lights, you are given the love, the information, and energy so that you can bring the Father's love outward. Continue to work on allowing this process to unfold, from you to others. I appreciate your attentiveness this evening, and your ready willingness to accept my words in place of your teacher's. I look forward to future opportunities of serving your group as well as my own in Corvallis. Inter-group communication is something we are trying to foster. We acknowledge those times that you as individuals in your phone calls, in your writings, in your e-mail... those times that you are able to cross those borders and move from your group here locally to other groups across this land, each time this is done the network and circuitry between the groups becomes stronger. So we ask you to please continue to do so, knowing that more than one level is being served. 


I will close for now, leaving you with my blessing, and the understanding that I am available to each of you if you are so inclined. Good evening. 


All: Good evening. Thank you for visiting! 


LinEL: You’re welcome, thank you for being so accepting.  


T/R #2 




This is Abalonia, I am a Midwayer. I came to tell you this evening that we are also amongst you. You may come to notice more of our work in the days ahead. Handiwork, we should say, as a joke! As you pay more attention and your senses are heightened, we ask that you keep in mind our presence amongst you, for in time, indeed, you will know much more about us. I merely wish to make these statements and bid you adieu. 


All: Thank you. 


T/R # 1 


Greetings students, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. I have not prepared a lesson this evening, but would enjoy speaking with you if that is acceptable to you. 


Group: It is. 


Ambrose: I very much enjoy sharing this group time with you. I have come to love each of you individually and yet look forward to a more intimate sharing, and would like to take a few minutes, if you are willing to do some of this more intimate sharing. 


Group: (ED: Indicates their willingness.) 


Ambrose: I have shared with you on one other occasion, and told you a bit about my home planet, the planet of my nativity. I mentioned that I worked in the gardens as a horticulturist, working to develop hybrids of vegetables and flowers. Have you any questions that you would like answered?If you do, I will attempt to answer them. 


Loren: Were your plants chlorophyll based? 


Ambrose: The make-up of the plants on my planet differs in the molecular structure from plants on your world, and there is not the same correlation between the living structure and sunlight as you understand it here on your planet. Does that answer sufficiently? 


Loren: Yes. 


Helen: Does your planet have oxygen? 


Ambrose: Yes, it does. 


Helen: I did an amusing or whatever, analogy of the Indwelling Spirit, the God Fragment and oxygen. On this planet we take in, in every cell of our being, the oxygen and are dependent on the trees and that we're all just one ecology. Would that sort of thing apply on your planet? Or is it even valid here? To make an analogy between oxygen and the living God, or God presence?

Ambrose: Yes. That is a good analogy. The presence of God is everywhere at once, in all things is His presence felt, known...and when we speak of the love of the Father permeating your very being it is in essence partially that to which we refer, as well as, of course, your Indwelling Fragment. But there rains down upon this planet showers of loving energy infusing all of life with the love and the energy of the Father. We like your analogy, thank you.


Helen: Thank you. 


Allene: Ambrose, may I ask if your planet was a decimal planet? 


Ambrose: No, it was not. 


Helen: I'm a little concerned that Will isn't here tonight. Does that portend any change or happening, do you know? 


Ambrose: No. I do know, and no, it does not. All of the teachers within the Teaching Mission staff are given times of reversion, times to check in with friends and associates that are not stationed here, and it is that, that she is about today.


Helen: Good! Because we challenge her so much, I'm sure she needs reversion therapy! (laughing) 


Ambrose: Your teacher loves you dearly, and loves the challenge. 


Allene: Ambrose, the reason I asked if your planet was a decimal planet was the other evening I was watching some new computer sculptures, I suppose along the lines of virtual reality, although I don't know too much about it. It seems mind boggling, some of the things that are taking place, and I have been thinking and wondering about the potential with all of these changes going on, all of these new discoveries that we're making and all of the changes to come, what import would it be to us as a decimal planet? It seemed to me that this offers us a great opportunity to discover and explore as these things come about. 


Loren: Was your civilization advanced beyond ours on your planet? 


Ambrose: I would say considerably, yes. In answer to your question, Allene,the status of an individual planet as a decimal planet allows the Life Carriers freedom from the norm that they are not allowed on so-called normal planets. It give them the opportunity of experimentation, of developing different kinds of living flora and fauna as well as animal life.These strains are then at times developed further and used on other planets.Because you are part and parcel of this decimal planet, the opportunities that you and your researchers and scientists are afforded are much broader, yet they carry many more challenges for much happens on your planet that could not happen on a normal planet. And so there are always pros and cons; there are opportunities and yet much that would have been your birthright as a member of a normal established planet are not open to you here. Does that answer your question? 


Allene: Yes, it does. I am curious about your last question, much that was our birthright is not available to us here. 


Ambrose: Well, had you been born on a more normal planet, there would have been many opportunities available to you for spiritual growth, for instance, that are not available or have not been available to you on this sphere. 


Allene: Ah hah...yes, I understand. 


Loren: Does the correction time mean a catch-up to what normal levels would be?  


Ambrose: Over time, yes. Much depends upon humankind, and because you have been so stymied in your development, in your growth patterns, and in fact, even in your....the internal (T/R: machinations?) machinations of your (T/R: I can't get it, something to do about the brain)  

(Ed: Ambrose continues) : We will try from a different angle. 


Loren: Does cancer or heart disease decrease on a normal evolution of a planet? 


Ambrose: Can you hold your question for just a moment? The transmitter is trying to continue with the thought that I was working on. There is much that is dysfunctional....patterns within your (T/R: brains is the only word I can get) brains, that are a result of both the default and the rebellion. Ways of thinking, ways of processing thought, became twisted, turned upside down, and you have been, you have grown over time to believe that these kinds of thinking and processing are normal, and yet it will be seen in future times as you begin to be more and more open to working with those who attempt to teach you, that the thinking or patterns are in need of revision, are in need of (T/R: being looked at from another direction, is all I can understand) 


Allene: JoiLin and Ambrose, while you've been talking, I've been hearing brain wave patterns and what I've been along with static, almost as if the brain wave patterns have had this static that causes this malfunction.I don't know if this is correct. 


Ambrose: It is helpful, but not correct. 


Helen: Does being fear-based account for our altered thinking patterns? 


Ambrose: In many ways yes. 


Allene: This would be perhaps what I'm seeing as static in the thought process, because it's not clear, it's altered by the fear. 


Ambrose: Okay, yes.  


Allene: And other emotions I guess. 


Ambrose: We will attempt in days to come to begin working with you more along these levels, attempting to up-step your understanding, and we know that you will work with us as well as understand when your transmitter has difficulty in understanding these concepts. Her ability to open and understand will also be up-stepped in days to come, as will you all, as you begin to open more and more to this process. I believe your transmitter has had enough for this evening. 


(Group laughter!) Thank you, Ambrose. 


Ambrose: You're quite welcome. And I will bid you a good evening. Oh, I'm so sorry Loren, you did have a question that I asked you to hold, please repeat that question. 


Loren: Do our main diseases of heart disease or cancer, are these alleviated as Light and Life is approached? 


Ambrose: Yes, as you move more into the days of Light and Life, recognizing of course, that you are only now on the threshold, you have a long way to go, but as you move into it further and further, more and more of the dysfunction and the disease, the chaos on your planet, will pass away and be replaced with light and a deeper understanding of life itself. Does that answer your question? 


Loren: Yes, thank you for the preview. 


Ambrose: Your quite welcome. I'll bid you a good evening. 


Group: Good evening.