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Tallahassee Florida Group


Unknown: Tapestry We Seek To Weave

November 26, 1995

T/R # 1


The love of God filters down upon us from on high. Fills our hearts and minds with the desire to do His will. The beauty of God is in all of creation, is within us and our world, given to us as a visual inspiration to lead us closer to Him. The power of God surrounds us and lifts us up when we falter, cradles us when we have need, gives us the energy and the internal power that comes from Him, to carry us through our lives and all of our greatest difficulties are made lighter through this gift He gives us. Wherever we gather in all of creation, He is.

Greetings, beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

I especially enjoyed this evening listening to your conversation. I do always enjoy being able to listen, yet this evening I was especially overjoyed that you have considered yet one more project of outreach into your community. For it is through these gifts you give that the Father works through you, that the loving energy that flows through you is able to reach out, move out into your community. We have many guests here with us this evening. The gallery, if you will, is once again filled to capacity.

All of the Teaching Mission groups are being infused with additional energy. You have the ability to pick up and sense this energy. It becomes available to you on levels you do not yet perceive consciously, yet understand that you do indeed, access and utilize this energy. You have already discussed several times having felt the energy as it begins to work through you. Making an effort to better discern the ways in which the energy is felt within your individual environments will eventually help you in the future when you will be given greater instructions in working with these new energy levels. You may be effected in any number of different ways, some will feel the energy as movement within their bodies, almost as a vibration, others as Analeise has already mentioned, will feel a tingling. Your emotions may also be effected, wherein you may find yourselves elated one moment and on the verge of tears yet another. This is not cause for upset. It is perfectly normal until your individual life vehicles become more accustomed to these new energies. Do not concern yourselves overly at this point, but simply become aware and open yourselves to a finer discernment. That, in itself, will be enough for the moment. As was mentioned last week, we move slowly, yet we do indeed, move forward.

I will be with you when you go to work on the Covenant House. There is indeed, much afoot. Many there are who are becoming connected to this Mission and with their teachers. Many are connected, yet have not yet recognized the role they play, yet we are moving into a time when their eyes will become more opened. Continue to work in your outreach to your siblings, touching their lives in whatever way you may to open them in small ways to the Father’s heart and the love that is available to them through Him. I will close for this evening for this student is having difficulty maintaining this connection. Go with my love and blessing. Shalom.

All: Shalom

T/R # 2

An unnamed guest:

Greetings to you all. Tonight I would like to speak with you regarding the tapestry we seek to weave. This tapestry is made up of many threads, each unique, but based in love and tolerance, in community spirit, in selfless service, in the love between brothers and sisters. This tapestry once woven will cover the world, will warm the hearts of all beneath it, will protect and nourish each of you and each person on this planet. This tapestry is held together with the Father’s love, but it is a product that is cooperatively created. Each of you has a strand to place in the tapestry, and each of you acts to draw others to make their contribution to the tapestry’s completion. Although completion of this project will take many years, it immediately begins to provide warmth to those who participate. For this world is at times cold, and many seek shelter in such (lost word) covering. They will not be disappointed for although it is not yet complete, it will cover all who seek it. Now go forth with this inspiration. You will be contributors to a great tapestry which represents all of the good, all of the beauty, that is available to all. Your mark will be an indelible feature on this tapestry. And you can assist in its completion, indeed, part of your mission is to move this tapestry towards completion, and you will do so as you reach out to your brothers and sisters in love. And they will take your hand and pull the tapestry to their chin until they too are warmed by its light. And then they will reach out and the process will continue until each has woven their own piece of the fabric and has moved the tapestry further and further over more and more of their friends and neighbors. It is a beautiful sight to see, and we appreciate your active participation in the creation of a cloth so beautiful, so wonderful that once completed this world will be changed. Don’t lose the vision of what you are about. Step forward and be leaders and comforters to those in need. I leave you with my love and my appreciation as we all join hands in a cooperative effort for the upliftment of this planet. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


There was talk of angels among you, and indeed it is so. While there have always been angels assigned duty on this planet, more recently they have been more active. It should come as no surprise to you that in this period of the Correcting Time celestial personalities would be more active in the affairs of men and women. More and more people feel the leadings more clearly than ever, and although many people will never be conscious of meeting an angel, many will suspect that they have been brushed by angel wings, so to speak. There is an undeniable intuitive perception that many get in everyday life and some will listen and respond to those leadings while others may not. Still and all, there is more activity and more people than ever before are cognizant of it and are responding to it.

From your perspective it provides the tinder for the spark that you can offer, to ignite the spirit to move within another’s life. They are out there and they are ready and desirous of hearing the good news. This is all part of our intention and desire to make spiritual advancement available consciously to each and every person on this planet without the need of intermediaries or priests. We encourage each person to have a direct personal contact and relationship with God. We do what we can to encourage that relationship, understanding that our efforts are slight when compared to that of God Himself residing in each of you on this planet. And yet we may be able, at times, to act as a catalyst to this desire to form such relationship, and you too may at times be the spark that will move one of your brothers and sisters toward this personal relationship with your Father in heaven, First Source and Center. And so yes, there is great celestial activity on your planet at this time. Some will experience it through angelic hosts perhaps appearing to them in the guise of another mortal, some will experience it through an intuitive consciousness, others will experience it when they come into contact with you, or your compadres.

We want to make as many paths available to all people as possible, for our intention or desire is to reach every person on this planet and we will do so in whatever fashion is most effective for the person involved. This is a long response to a topic of inquiry that was discussed among your group tonight. I hope I haven’t gone on too long. Yet I felt it important to remind you that we work cooperatively with each of you in this mission. A mission directed by Michael and designed to bring light where there was once darkness, faith where there was once fear, and love where there was once hatred and intolerance. It is a grand mission and we will not fail. Shalom.

All: Shalom. Thank you.