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Student Has Trouble With The Opening Process (Will attempts to understand)

January 14, 1996

Tallahassee, FL, USA

Will:  Greetings dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. Your conversation this evening was one that filled my heart with much love and pride. You are indeed, a most loving group of becoming spirits. The energy you spoke of is certainly within the realm of possible for you here gathered. Whenever the heart center is consciously opened and the love and energy that is yours to give, is sent forward in concert with the love of the Father from within, there is much that becomes possible. We would encourage you to begin giving these gifts you have proposed.

I would like to ask a question of you, my loving group. I purposely did not open this evening as I wanted to propose a group exercise. We have in the past, or I have in the past, twice asked for your participation in this opening exercise or opening prayer. I gain much when you open your hearts and hold my hand as it were, and allow the energy of love and thanksgiving to move around the circle. There may be some resistance, and if there is, I would like us to put it on the table and talk about it. This is certainly not something that I would suggest each Sunday, however it is an exercise that is found to be both beneficial for myself, as well as for yourselves.

There is indeed, design in most of that which we ask of our students. Oft times, the design may not become apparent right away. You will discover, you may have already discovered, lessons that we gave you perhaps a year of two before, suddenly become clearer to you, as you reread it.

And now I would like to ask you if there is a difficulty in sharing the opening exercise with me, or opening prayer?

Helen: Will, I have a problem with it. It seems it gets to be a formula? And perhaps overly long? At times. the pre-meditation, I’m usually doing my own praise, and uhm, it just seems to me to be too ritualistic to have an opening and a closing to our little meetings.

Will: So you are suggesting Helen, that we don’t have an opening at all?

Helen: Not a formal, “now I will open the meeting” because sometimes when we have...we operate within the framework of...the “let us begin” but when we find ourselves every week doing the same repetition of an opening, and then at the end, a closing, of “and now I will formally close the meeting”, uhm, it begins to be like uh, a structured, more of a structured format and somehow, diminishes the free-flowingness that might be there, because I know two of us have said at times that the meeting was closed when we were thinking that maybe we were ready to speak or say something. And uhm, I don’t know, it’s just my opinion that I really hope to stay away from a fast ritualistic formal opening and formal closing to our meetings.

Will: When you say vast....?

Helen: A fast..something that happens every week..(owned?) By a fast constraint. Sorry! But you asked!

Will: Yes, I most certainly did.

Helen: And you , I mentioned to you privately too, that the opening seemed at times to get overly long and uh, waxed uhm maybe too poetic? For uh, I don’t know...when we have just spent five minutes or more in a private meditation and praise, it’s nice to voice some of it, uhm...I don’t know. I’m sure I’m way out in left field on this and won’t fight any concert, asked.

Will: I certainly did. Perhaps the times when I waxed poetic, and I would apologize it they were uncomfortable for you, but they were indeed times when my heart was so filled with love and thanksgiving for the Father that I had a need to express that joy and that thanksgiving. I was referring this evening, not to my own participation of praise to the Father, I was suggesting...the two times that I did ask for -your- participation and we went around the room and each person added their own sentence, as their individual this something that is also a difficulty for you to accept?

Helen: It’s not difficult for me to accept it, I rather don’t like being...uhm...

Will: It puts you on the spot?

Helen: Right. Called out, if you will, by not participating, because I like to reserve the freedom to participate if I, like you, at that point am feeling an overwhelming of praise, to speak it out, but if I’m not at that point, to not speak out.

Will: I can appreciate that. The one time that we had a group participation, and you did not speak out, did you feel as if you had been put on the spot?

Helen: Uh, we discussed this at length one evening, uh, and I had voiced at that point, yes, I most definitely had.

Will: Do we have any other comments; any other feelings?

Analeise: I don’t mind adding a sentence; I don’t feel left out if I don’t get the opportunity, but I don’t mind doing it either.

Will: This is your group meeting. Granted, I have been given the honor of being one of your teachers, and it is my preference that -I- begin these meetings with at least a few sentences of praise, however, I am not so set in my ways, that I would not bow to your wishes. If I am hearing that you wish that we do not have an opening, such as even in the past, “the love of God surrounds us, the power of God upholds us...) a brief prayer such as that, I would be willing to forego my needs, to see that yours are met. And that is the purpose of this discussion this evening. So may we have a consensus?

Nadine: I have to speak up and say I’m not so sure if I’ve ever participated in this opening that you’re discussing. The opening that you’re speaking of Will, where you say your praises to God at the beginning; as soon as I sensed your presence here tonight, that’s exactly what I heard in my mind again; “the light of God surrounds us, the love of God uplifts us....” and if that is indeed your prayer, that has always preceded our meeting, and I have no problem with that. I don’t have enough understanding of the other opening to . .

Will: Well, perhaps I could share a little. Over the past several months perhaps, I have changed my direction, in so far as my opening prayer was concerned, and I felt moved to not stick with ritualistic..., (using Helen’s word), in keeping to the same prayer each Sunday. And I allowed my own creativity to well up within my heart and spoke forth the words that I found filled me and gave me a sense of loving connection with the Father. The pat prayers no longer did that, and so each week the prayers have been different; they have been -my- words, rather than a set formula.

Nadine: And then people were also joining in?

Will: I did ask on two occasions to have group participation, to allow my group to send forth their own prayers of thanksgiving and praise to the Father as our opening.

Nadine: and then Helen was saying she was already in that mode, silently in her own head...pre-silence seeking, she was praising?

Will: Correct.

Helen: Will, I’ve attempted to discuss this with you, just me and you, uhm, am I not in contact with you when I ask for you? Is there something missing here that I’m not...I -feel- your presence, and I speak to you , but, it’s true that I don’t really hear most of the time, I get a message occasionally, but I’m not sure who from.

Will: I do often visit with you Helen. The purpose of this group discussion is so that it may be laid out on the table for the entire group.

Helen: Well the night we all had dinner, we had a very long discussion on this subject; on -my- feelings, I guess, -I- had a long discussion about my feelings on the subject. And saying basically what I’ve already said tonight.

Will: And as your group teacher, I still feel a little perplexed, in that I’m not quite certain in what direction this group would like to go. No one person, and I don’t mean to pick on you Helen, don’t, please don’t misunderstand me, but no one person in any group, uhm, it’s difficult most often to please everyone, is my point. And so we look for consensus. Uhm, perhaps I should ask it by saying would you as a group prefer that I go back to the format of the simple, several sentence formula of our past, “the Light of God surrounds us...” Or is a more free flowing prayer acceptable to you? And or, do you not ever want to be asked to participate on occasion; I need direction -from- you. For this is -your- group, and the direction of this group will be more and more in days to come, turned over -to- you.

Helen: I realize I’ve already had my chance to input, but, I see it more as -our- group, yours and ours, because you’ve been with us so long, and I enjoy it when anybodies heart is overfilled to praise, however you choose, uhm and inviting those of us who wish to speak, is fine with me too, so, that’s...

Will: And now I am confused! (Transmitter, also transcriber, admits freely, that this sentence may be coming from HER!)

Loren: Will, what would you suggest to a problem that bothers me when we have these mystery speakers that have a certain opening that I know is not from you people have a rule against identifying yourself at times?

Will: Yes. Not a rule, per se, however there are times when it is decided to hold back certain information, and the powers that be have their own reasons we do not question. I do not question. And there are other times when simply, it is for your best interest to not rely so much on names, for names are nothing more than labels, it is not the name that is important, it is the message you are given that is important. And we do at times, have to remind you of that by purposely leaving out the names.

Analeise: Back to the question that seems to be before the group, uh, I enjoy an opening praise, uhm, I like the variations on the “love of God surrounds us” rather than the same fixed formula every week. I like the spontaneity and the inspiration that I think is behind the changes. I have enjoyed the opportunities to contribute to that. I don’t know, I understand that we feel reluctant sometimes to speak out when it’s in a spiritual forum like this. I wish I had a concrete suggestion to offer; and if this is an exercise in deciding the direction of our group, then I think we’re kind of feeling our way in the dark here. I don’t know if a combination is possible, that sometimes you do it, and sometimes you begin and then invite us to contribute.

Will: And in fact, Analeise, that has been the pattern, that I have already chosen.

Analeise: Yes it has.

Will: And yes, you were correct. This -is- an exercise in group process, if you will. Learning to talk about our feelings, our likes and our dislikes, openly and honestly, making compromises. This you will be doing more of in the future; hopefully, we will reach a point in our group process, (and I felt the energy and the love), the camaraderie that was here this evening is the catalyst, if you will, that will move you beyond a level of, this word is much too strong, but is the only one that comes to mind at the moment, moves you to a more connected loving relationship with one another. As you spoke of this evening, the circuitry that you build among you and between you becomes stronger, as you reach out to one another in love. And when you reach out to one another in love, you must also be willing to reach out to one another with your disappointments, with your problems, either individual problems or problems you have with one another. You will reach a point in your evolution of this group process, wherein you will feel safe to do so with one another. And while initially, bringing up something that causes anxiety in another, as in “-I- have a problem, with -you-” and you lay the problem on the table, the person with whom you have the problem, may initially feel resentment, anxiety, a welling up of low self esteem, and yet you have reached a point in your development where this now becomes possible. For it to quickly move from that first act of anxiety level to one of understanding, to one of reaching deep within ourselves for the reasons why the problem existed in the first place. And this, this evening was the beginning. I appreciate Helen, your honesty, Analeise, your help, all of your participation has been appreciated. And based on what you have said this evening, I will continue with the format that I have already put into place, with I believe, your blessings. And I thank you. Does anyone have a question they would like to ask before we close this meeting?

Helen: Yes, I have a question about the uh, tapes that I’ve heard. Is there, could there be a physical substance available in food stuffs or in any other fashion that would enhance our receptivity, and our uhm..our circuitry, enhance our ability to be -in- the circuit of hearing and knowing God’s will and hearing the teachers?

Will: Because of the electro-chemical combination that you are, as well as the fact that you -are- interconnected with all of life, the foods you eat do most certainly effect you on many levels. Most important, means of spiritual linkage, if you will, with the circuitry has of course to do with your own part, in concert with your Thought Adjuster. However, setting that aside for the moment, yes, it is possible for these levels to be enhanced if you will, by other things.

Helen: Thank you.

Will: You’re quite welcome. Are there any other questions?

Nadine: Will, you mentioned at the beginning tonight when you first started speaking, about our thoughts about directing our energy and it sounds like you’re very much behind us giving that a try.

Will: Most certainly.

Nadine: Do you have any suggestions for us? On how it could best be accomplished? Should we be say, holding hands in a circle and all concentrating together...does it matter if there’s physical touch between us?

Will: When you say does it matter, if you’re suggesting that the energy itself might not have the possibility of expression, then that would be incorrect. However, it is enhanced when you do hold hands or touch physically, for it is another way of become “living” circuitry when you connect like that, and so the power that is generated has the possibility of becoming much stronger. Does that answer your question?

Nadine: Yes, I view the energy transmission process as being like a liquid beam of energy that could be possibly used to help that person, and can actually be transmitted, for their benefit, to Joan who is ill and to Gary who’s in dire need of energy.

Will: Yes, this is certainly true.

Helen: I have a question that relates to that. Would there be an advantage in our achieving a focus on the person to whom we desired to send the energy or to whom we desired the energy showered on, to have someone as a proxy for that person, in our presence?

Will: Quite often physical persons, quite often, Helen, excuse me if I interrupted, quite often, because individual mortal’s ability, or lack of ability, as is often the case, of visualization, it is helpful to those people to have a proxy, yes. To think of that physical body that they look on, that they focus on, as being for instance Gary, or Joan, as the case may be. It is not necesssary for someone who is adept at visualization, but it is helpful to those that cannot do that well. Does that answer your question?

Helen: So truly is a matter of attaining a focus? To have a proxy?

Will: Yes.

Helen: So a chair, or just a space in an area or something might also do it?

Will: If the person....I’m not certain Helen, that that would have the same effect for the person who has difficulty in visualizing. What I am suggesting as part of the process, when you focus, you visualize, it is the visualization that works hand in hand with the energy as you send it out. You visualiize where it’s going and if you have difficulty in visualizing then I would suggest one might also have difficulty in visualizing a chair as being Joan or Gary, where a person, because it has the same shape and the same aura, if you will, would be easier.

Helen: What I am getting at is a focal point for all of us in the room as being more beneficial or less than each of us using our own individual concept of that person, uh to have a focal point for the energy at that point in time when we are attempting to open up this energy flow toward that person.

Will: I understand. No, then I would say no, it is not important to have the kind of focal point that you are referring to. The focal point that I was referring to, was the purpose of the energy flow, the final resting place, if you will, for want of a better term; -where- the energy is going. It’s helpful for the individual people that are part of this circle to be able to visualize in their own minds, where they are sending this energy, in other words to be able to -see- Gary in their mind, or to -see- Joan within their mind, and if in fact they have difficulty doing that, then I would go ahead and suggest having someone in the middle of the circle that they could look at that person as being Gary or Joan. Are we clear on this?

Helen: Yeah, I think so. So uhm, I am, . there more advantage to our doing it collectively, in the group then, than there would be for us to do it at a specific point in time, not collectively.

Will: I would say so, at least in the beginning. Yes, because this is something have a power within you, each of you do, all of mankind does...most are not even -aware- that they have this gift, from the Father within them. You are beginning to reach out and explore this that you have and as, in learning any skill, for it is certainly a skill, as well as a gift, it’s cumulative, you learn to focus the energy, you learn to channel the energy, uh, the same as the circuitry that you build between you is cumulative. It does not start out in the beginning as strong as it will end up in time, and so too, does this that you propose to do, increase in time as your ability increases, as your -awareness- increases. You learn to direct it, as you work with it. Has this answered?

Helen: Yeah, I think so, I’m still my visualiztion, I’m sending , I’m focusing -toward- Gary, uhm, you’re using a word sending...I’m not sure how, uh, sending towards...I think you said...something that meant that to me, and I might attempt to channel towards Gary that would be an opposite direction, if we’re talking about on a physical sending towards...whereas if it’s a central focus, even in our own consciousness, rather than a distance focusing, it seemed it might be a little clearer that...if we’re working together that that might help.

Will: I think the understanding of what I meant when I spoke of channeling the energy toward, you’re thinking physical, when I’m thinking more metaphysical. You simply in your mind send the energy to Gary, the Father know where Gary is at all times, and when you work here, gathered as a group, as you are suggesting, the energy that is created here among you is stronger and your ability to move it out along the circuitry with the Father’s help -to- Gary, becomes enhanced simply because of the love between you as you work together. It is a propellant that adds its own power to what you do here. One more question, if there is one before we close.

Loren: Does the energy we send to Gary have a physical effect or it it more metaphysical?

Will: The energy that goes out in love from one individual or many individuals to another, may effect on -all- levels, and yet may not. You have to understand that Gary is a freewill child of the Father. He has within his own psyche his own blocks, and so I cannot say difinitively whether what you propose to do will in fact dramatically effect Gary. I -will- say that it may. Does this answer?

Loren: Yes.

Will: And now beloveds, I wish to thank you all for your participation this evening, for your patience, for the love that you each allow to flow out to one another for it does my heart good to see that expressed amongst you, between you. I would ask you to please remember the lessons we’ve given in the past, most especially your recent one of seeking the Father in mini-stillnesses during the day.

Loren: There are uh, different opening phrases provide me a good visualizstion of the many paths that the Father has to uh, connect with us. And I appreciate that.

Will: Thank you Loren. And now go with God and my blessing. Shalom.

All: Shalom