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May 20, 2004





The Training You Received Instrumental In Paving The Way For The Magisterial Mission

I am a cherubim, and What-About-Bob is how I identify myself. It is not my real name. However, it is what you recognize my personality by. I am honored to be with you this evening. There are other esteemed personalities in the vicinity of the circuit who would have no trouble moving into position if a question were to arise that fell within their purview.

I am going to broach a subject that is somewhat startling for Gerdean, but I will step aside from her concerns and address the concerns of the students of the Teacher Corps and those heavenly helpers who might be regarded as Teacher Sons, since Teacher Sons always accompany a Magisterial Son when one arrives on an evolutionary world.

We have had much remedial work to do with you, in advance of the coming of this mighty Son of God. The work you have undertaken in this Melchizedek University classroom has been instrumental in paving the way for the Mission, that it might be successful. The thrill of anticipation is upon us all. And yet, the thrill of anticipation is not as great as our anticipation of the immediate effects of all of you who are actualizing the approach of this Mission by your commitment and consecration to adapting yourselves to the reality that borders morontia reality, inasmuch as it is necessary for this to transpire before and as the Magisterial Mission commences and proceeds.

What does this mean? It means that, as you know, God does not suddenly change you from the creature you are to a perfected finaliter. What is necessary is the interim experience. By the same token, a Magisterial Son does not come to a world such as this and wave a magic wand and suddenly all is well. The Mission we all anticipate and are preparing for is an activation of the greater reality, the greatness of it consuming the world by its majesty; thus we need to up-step from common animals in their natural habitat to dignified sons and daughters of the living God in your natural habitat.

So far, it is still much easier for you all to sink back into the familiarity and comfort of your creature existence. And yet, those of you who have experienced "the Way" know that there is no turning back. The shadow cannot compare to even a fleeting glimpse of that which we know is in store for all of humanity. This gives you what you might call "fire in your belly" to act, to move forward, to, yes, "gird up the loins of your mind" and hold yourself forth as that which will be required. However, let me speak to you for just a moment about what this greatness entails.

Remember Jesus said, "He would be greatest among you must be server of all." The Magisterial Mission will call you all forth to continue as you have been doing, which is becoming aware, perfecting, and sharing your understanding of the divine in your life personally.

Yes. This may not require anything new from you, and yet it may indeed impel you to act in ways you would not have considered prior to being inspired by the path that we know lies ahead -- a path that opens itself to reveal the Way, even on a daily basis, often moment by moment. What is impressive to me about this upcoming phase of universe reality, is the demonstration that will be apparent of how well our Father provides. He does not only provide the good things; he provides the tools, the wherewithal. When you are sent out to do his will, you are also given the materials wherewith to make that venture a success.

The parable that lies in the story of when Jesus road the donkey into Jerusalem, he said if all the people were not there to cheer him, the stones themselves would have cried out and rejoiced at his coming. Indeed, the material worlds await the sound of his voice to awaken them to respond to the needs of serving his children. Things, people, opportunities will literally jump off the shelf, fall off the wall, land in your lap, become apparent because you are seeing with eyes to see the divine will.

When you see these things you know you have the keys of the kingdom. They will call to you to raise up your voice in prayer and thanksgiving. What a provider our God is. When they say the universe is abundant, there is such a pathetic limitation on their perception of abundance. The abundance is material, but it is more than material. It is emotional, but it is more than emotional. It is mental, but it is more than mental. It is spiritual in a way you have yet to perceive.

I enjoy how we are counseled in this university to elevate your perceptions of who you are to augment your sense of purpose in being here, and to draw forth from you a desire to be about the Father’s business. This is your elder sibling counseling and encouraging you today and awaiting your questions or comments as eagerly as I anticipate Monjoronson. Marty: I would like to comment about what you said about abundance. Just that the way in which the world’s material resources are withheld from people, and we have to watch people starve to death or live in the streets, and the coming of the new epoch is something to just anticipate with such joy because of the abundance that Father has and we will learn how to make it available to all.

BOB: Yes, indeed, but let me remind you that we are not yet out of the era of the Correcting Time. In some ways the Monjoronson Mission resembles a hardy homemaker who has a mess on her hands, who, perhaps, has gone to the neighbors to be of service while they are indisposed, and discovers a marvelous mess. "How can anyone make such a mess? How can they function this way?" she might say to herself, rolling up her sleeves, getting out her mop and bucket, her trusty rags and cleaning goods, hours later to fold her arms in abject satisfaction at the effort invested and the results evident.

In this way, too, the Magisterial Mission will be working with the Correcting Time. This orchestrated co-operative elevates Urantia to the next epochal plateau. That will take some time but we are being ably assisted by legions of angels, the Teacher Corp, the Magisterial Son himself! And all this effort is on behalf of your world -- the sentimental shrine of Satania, where the Creator Son knew his final bestowal.

It is perverse that so much work needs to be done before this world can be settled in light and life, but this is a part of the paradox, for he did come here to this strife-torn world, thus the pendulum swung both ways about as far as it can get in either direction, to now settle in the era of correcting and balancing the world so that we can regale ourselves and each other in the nobility that is our inheritance.

However, that does not eliminate the need for rolling up our sleeves and having the satisfaction of having done some very earnest work in some very needy areas. I know I need not dwell on the suffering that is on-going on your planet today, in the political arena, the war itself (and I say "war" as a singular occurrence rather than its various factions), the diseases that are blighting nations and continents – this is indeed the time to become great by becoming the servant,

There is much to be done, but do not feel you have this weight on your shoulders. While you share the responsibility with all of us, it will not be yours alone to carry. Remember, the Master has said, his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Perhaps perspective is called for here, but this perspective will give you an understanding of how earnest an effort this is.

Thus, when you find yourself relishing the beauties of this existence, the relationships you cherish, the wonders of nature, the delights and beauties of that which appeals to your senses, honor that abundance, even as all of us forge ahead in attempting to heal the wounds of Urantia, and allow it to come up into its own, as you have -- through trials and tribulations -- loyal now, tested, and found not wanting.

Are there other questions? Concerns? Marshall: Hello, Bob. This is Marshall.BOB: Hello, Marshall.Marshall: It’s a pleasure to be in your company tonight. BOB: Likewise. Marshall: Some conjectures here. For six months now, I’ve pondered on a statement of Michael’s I read in November, and I’m gaining greater capacity to understand and perceive such conjectures, I believe, and I want to go ahead and state what the issue is here. Actually it is what I got from him. This right here: "The many great beings are preparing for their entry back into this world."

Now, this, a question I posed to him speculating on some of the wild and thrilling possibilities that could be coming upon this planet with the Magisterial Son, such as the 12 Melchizedeks that will be accompanying him. I thought maybe the planetary receivers, of which Machiventa was one. Another thought I have been pondering is the loyal staff of the planetary prince that were translated, along with the Andonite contributors of the germ plasm. Another was the sons and daughters of our Adam and Eve who were deported to Edentia as wards of the Most Highs of the Constellation. Another was the experimental new order of blending morontia mortals here on this planet.

If you could just – and I’m not asking a specific question – I’m just throwing some conjectures out as to what some of these amazing potential possibilities that I’m pondering upon on this planet, What-About-Bob.BOB: Repeat one more time his exact words please.Marshall: His exact words were: "Many great beings are preparing for their entry back into this world." And he said further that it would require greater understanding, great information is available from mortals on this planet to hold valuable keys whereby I can reinsert pieces of my puzzle of information and gain greater clarity of insight. Many great possibilities. Of course, they require not my attention but he went on to say that as I understand more about how the morontia body and mortal body is blending and I’ll be more fully able to have the capacity to understand and see such conjectures.

BOB: I have a hard time sometimes understanding how it is that you humans cannot see more clearly what is to me so apparent. However, I rejoice in the insight I am able to reflect back to you, that being, the words I spoke this evening having to do with the greatest among you will be the server of all, is an indication of your own path and your own involvement with the world, which is unfolding before your eyes as your efforts to reveal the divine is made manifest. You are great. You are being made ready to be great. You are looking outside yourself, as the human always is inclined to do, instead of looking within for the answers – even the solutions to your perplexing questions about the universe.

But even so, I will honor your speculations, for I am not without speculations of my own; however, I have not the seeming need for them as you do. The Father (that is to say Michael) as Sovereign Son now has almost unlimited authority over his realm and Urantia is certainly a featured piece of work, over which he has taken liberties already -- in, for example, our Teaching Mission. I would be putting myself forth as being more far-seeing than I am entitled to see, were I to anticipate what the Master meant when he spoke the many great beings who would return.

But I can imagine the benefits of each and all of those you surmise, inasmuch as even those who had gone beyond are invited to volunteer to return, it is not for me to say whether they would be allowed to return or not. Whether the Council of 24 in fact would like to re-engage you, even beyond the degree to which they are engaging you as we speak is only a conjecture on my part. The walls which have separated you from your neighboring universes have come down, and the avenues are opening up, the streets are being paved, as it were, for galactic and celestial access and egress, as is normal. And still, even while we anticipate these enhancements to your existence, there is no need to hurry. They will all unfold as they should. Be amenable to whatever Michael would institute as a pattern or program of rehabilitation and re-encircuitment. When it comes, you will recognize it. By their fruits they shall be known.

I have been here and have experienced isolation as well. I have been able to break the barrier between my sphere and yours. This is a way of illustrating how it is that we are able to come to you. And there are greater by far than myself. Thus the natural sociability of the unrestrained universe is coming to Urantia, but it will not come before its time and without proper preparation. We are in the time of preparing. And as you feel stirred to act, know that others also are so moved, and in due course you will feel the effort of the Magisterial Son leading you en masse into those realms which will require great effort but will produce great results.

I will remind you that Abraham has often called you soldiers, and spoken to you as if you were in the Army of the Lord. His phrases reflect on his experience as a military leader and it was not so long ago. Today there are other examples of military action that rightly or wrongly are attempting to salvage the central core of reality without swinging too far to one extreme or the other. This is indeed a mighty effort. And many of these kinds of efforts will need to be undertaken. They need not be war, but there must be war on disease, ignorance, criminality and the like if we are to become the noble sons of God that we are destined to be.

[As the tape was turned, a student’s remark was evidently lost.]

Yes, my son, it is a great privilege. And as you learn to stand up for that right, honor, duty and privilege, your strength and courage will feed into the mainstream, thus shining the Light into the realm for others to be inspired by. This is how we shall move mountains – by working with the Spirit, united in purpose, advancing, ever advancing, into further stages of light and life, and then beyond, into infinity.

My companion and I are going to take our leave from you. It has been a joy. I am not always so serious. As you know, intimate relationships always allow for a bit of humor, laughter, and yes, commonality. It is not all work; there is a great deal of play in the fields of the Lord. But this evening I felt impelled to help prepare you for the Magisterial Mission which will indeed bring forth in you your own greatness, and that will be revealed as in your service to others. Good evening.