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The Faith Garden TeaM


Sunday 5-2-2004

Teacher: Solonia

Topic: "God's Word"

Solonia (T/R Daniel): Good evening my dear students. This is your sister Solonia and I am here this evening to speak a bit about God's Word, the Word of our Father, Through Us.

No matter how hard one may try to limit the Word of God to a scripture or to a text, irregardless of how true of a revelation it may be, it cannot be done because the Word of God is Ever in the process of eternal revelation.

The Master, Jesus of Nazareth was, and Is indeed, the embodiment of the Word of God. You do well to live in the Spirit with which he lived his mortal life. For in so doing, your soul may be the receptor through which you may in your heart---from the depths of your Soul---hear personally the Word of God. In truth, each of our lives---human, angelic, all manners of our celestial brothers and sisters---is to Be that personal revelation of God's Word to the Universe.

God's Word is available for all to hear and to experience. Recognizing it as such, is the beginning of a more mature Wisdom. How is it that you know in your heart the difference between wrong and right. right and better. better and Best? It is God's Word that allows you to know, and then it is upon you to make choices to incorporate His Word into your life. It is in the practice of Stillness that you may become charged and ready to listen for God's Word as you go about your daily tasks. God's Word is an understanding. And it is The Spirit of Truth from our Divine Son, that may aid in bringing it to our attention and comprehension. You have a personal and living connection with the Spirit of our Infinite Father, and at the same time with His Beloved Son who showed all the way when he walked this world.

The Word of God is Love. The Enactment of The Word of God, is Service to your brothers and sisters. Truly if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of the Spirit are being produced in your life through a Service of Love.

Listen with all your Soul. Listed with all your Heart. Listen with all your Being. for the Word of God. And if indeed what you hear reflects Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Love, then Indeed it Is of the Father. Seek God's Word in the pages of material revelation. Seek God's Word in All things. But most especially, seek the Word of God in your own Heart and in your own personal experience. For There is where your personal relationship may grow and prosper and be the inspiration for more and greater fruits. I will end now for this evening. My Love is with you. Goodnight.