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April 22, 2004




Worship Is the Act of Alignment. Prayer Is an Act of Adjustment.

T/R: Rick G.

(Due to technical glitches, this session wasn't taped due to battery malfunction and so it was typed as well as can be. The transcriber was disconnected from the phone a few times, however, so there are gaps.)

* I greet you today, this is Elyon. I recognize our fellowship beneath our Father Son Michael and our Mother Spirit Nebadonia. We have much to be grateful for in this local universe, for our Sovereign Rulers love us so deeply. All activities across Nebadon lean toward our benefit as creature children who honestly and sincerely seek truth and welcome love.

(disconnect) . that being the Father's will. All three forces can work in harmony and in harmony bring into your life joy and peace and fulfillment.

You have control over your selection of goals. You have the assurance of the Father's attention and divine direction toward you and toward Him. You have some, though little, selective control regarding the activities and choice of your brothers and sisters. In order to attain and maintain association with your Divine Parent and not be distracted by the many influences of your daily lives it is of great importance to apply yourself to worship and prayer. These skills of creature mind and heart align you so that you . may proceed as directed.

If you take your course toward Paradise as if it were a road trip in preparation, it is wise to service your vehicle to make it ready for the long haul. Proper inspection and the correction of faults assure you of an uninterrupted journey -- one that will take you to your goal with the least stress and interruption.

Worship is the overall act of preparation. Prayer is an assortment of specific acts of servicing, a replacement of that which in your character you seek to correct, and installation within you of that which will improve your well being and your journey. By undertaking these two sacred engagements you are working with a divine agent of service.

Worship of God causes the alignment of human will toward Paradise. It creates a perspective that orients values, that prioritizes longing. It will assure you on winding roads and dark tunnels of your certainty of arriving at the house of God.

Prayer may be likened to an on board communication device wherein you may report how well you are progressing and when and where you are in need of assistance and service.

Worship is the act of alignment. Prayer is an act of adjustment. In the course of your journey toward God, your alignment will vary little as your purpose becomes steadfast in fulfilling the will of the Father to become perfect as he is in his abode and being. However, this place and time in space is an arena of great variability.

Many times.

.were clear, were focused, were steadfast in purpose and while this invariability of will propelled them forward, these same souls were ever ready and able to adjust their activities, to preserve their direction. The secret wherewith you may also be counted among these brilliant luminous personalities is to remember ever the Father's overriding presence and your solemn purpose to do His will. Awareness of this relationship brings strength to the soul and assurance to your self.

The many personalities within your daily lives, while at times proving difficult, seemingly to disrupt your intentions, and yet at other times, helpful, uplifting, and promoting of your purpose are likewise the Father's blessing to you. For the many, often extremely varied in input, bear upon you the result of strengthening your will, refining your understanding of truth, of multiplying your skill at embodying truth, of bringing it from the level of mind held belief to the higher level of personal enactment. It is natural to receive warmly the beneficial support of your fellows and it is inherently spontaneous of every creature to become upset with apparent hindrances and impediments to your purpose. However, these are the very engagements of one soul to another that brings you every closer to readiness for morontia engagements.

Your world Urantia is the training ground for a far more arduous journey in the realms of Nebadon. And while social systems and many other activities of morontia culture are better suited to personality advancement, the effort of the human soul to ascend through these stations of personality attainment are beyond the human ability to .

Today upon your world you are learning alignment. You are bringing into permanency your focus on the ascension to paradise. You are beginning to develop the skills of adjustment. .

.gaining skill in juggling these variabilities while maintaining your wholehearted purpose to be about the Father's business.

Assure yourself at times of exhaustion that you are becoming ever stronger and that much more prepared for the morontia phase of your ascension career. While there is much work to do upon this world of yours all things work for the good for those who love God and while the good may not be realized on your earthly sojourn, you will recognize your rewards in the realms beyond this life in the life that lies ahead. I have completed my comments. I welcome your questions, comments, and discussions.

Brendan: The dream states, I feel like some experiences I have in these states are just as real and almost as valuable as some of the waking experience I have. Can you shed light on this and how we can integrate it into our lifestyle?

* Elyon: The state of dreaming, that activity of the human mind while at physical rest, is a complex coordination of events that has been described as a dream. Just as when you enter into sleep and your physical vehicle begins to release the tensions of the day, to relax, to sleep, so does your mind unwind. The means whereby it does so is to freely associate and roll through your ever calming mind the tensions of intellect and desire and demands that you have experienced in your waking hours.

The Father is present with you at all times in His specific indwelling spirit presence. He will always work unceasingly for your spiritual welfare which is to assure ample morontia substance within your being -- that being your soul. The vividness of a dream, or the haziness of a dream, is the balance of these three activities of calming of body, of calming of mind, and of the coordinating influence of the Indwelling Spirit. If you are balanced in all three levels you are better suited to foresee dream sequence and to coordinate them into your overall spiritual paradigm.

If I may take, as an example, that of a film projector and present to you that that film projector is the work of the Inner Spirit seeking to reveal to you personal truth, truth that assists you personally in growth -- not truth of a universe context -- only that of relevancy to your progress. That picture, that presentation is projected upon your mind. But your mind and the health of your physical vehicle are like the screen upon which it is projected.

The vividness of spirit projection can be discerned inaccurately. Therefore it falls to the human being to cultivate a calm mind and a calm body, a happy heart and a healthy vehicle in order to receive clearly, spirit projection.

I will make another point regarding your sleep experiences. That is that as you develop an ever stronger spiritual presence you begin to function more often in the higher realms of mind wherein you are beginning to detect near morontia realities. Of these verities of the morontia level it's difficult for the mind to perceive, but the impression is strong and your Adjuster is active and you will, in an effort to make sensible your perception, encounter strong vividness, albeit overlaid with human contextual understanding. You will interpret this near association to the morontia level of being. The greater your anchor in God, the better your ability to adjust to this experience -- the more fear, the less the giving of control of self to the over control of God, the more likely for your interpretation to be disturbing. As mind expands and in stillness, as you deepen your mind, all levels of consciousness become more readily apparent to personality. Yes, your dreams may be! come as vivid as your waking life and the sense of the proximity of morontia will likewise become more vivid. I hope this has contributed to your pursuit of understanding.

Brendan: Yes, very much so. A quick follow up. About lucid dreaming, where people have control of their dreams, making decisions and taking action. Is this a higher level of development?

* Elyon: This functionality you speak of is an assurance of your attainment of functioning in the superconscious. As you become more real on the level of soul there is more of you that functions upon this level of superconscious mind. It is not merely the will of the conscious sleeping mind that acts in this manner you speak of. Every attempt you make to improve such deliberateness is not done so while asleep. Improvement comes through growth in spirit realities while awake. This enlargement of the soul makes you more capable of experience an these experiences come when .

Therefore it becomes unnecessary to concern yourself with forcible directivity while asleep. Set your primary focus upon conscious elevation of awareness while you live your daily life. The greater the content of soul reality, the more likely you will function within superconsciousness in such a way that you as a conscious mind will discern this state of function.

Bob: I've been pondering the effects of corporatism on society and wonder about the change toward a new system of societal development where people aren't working for a corporate bottom line, but are in cooperative enterprises characterized more by service and altruism, where the benefits are to the workers in the system rather than at a corporate level.

* Elyon: You will encounter throughout the universes many agencies that coordinate personalities for the accomplishment of a purpose, of a mission. This coordination is made efficient in a manner much like your corporate structures, for while ascending personalities are gaining the ability to be self governed, until such attainments everyone benefits by hierarchical arrangements. It is much like the presence within your human body of your brain, your neural structure and the various organs and tissues that make up your body. This corporate structure of a ruling head assures coordinated function within your being and as you have indicated, corporate structure is best applied in service. For if your brain was to lose its focus upon the rest of your body, all functioning would be disrupted in like manner.

Due to the prevalence of the disbelief in sovereignty of God and the sacredness of your relationship to God, corporate structure often reverses itself and seeks more to gain than to give. The dismantling of such structures on Urantia will not improve the world economy. The transformation of the individuals who make up corporate structures will bring about a social, political, and economic improvement. The secret wherein this transformation may occur is to realize, as a body of peoples, that every station in the corporate ladder is as important as every organ within your body. All acquirement of corporate strength is realized only in the well being of each level. As this is understood, the profit motive you speak of will be replaced with the service motive you hope for.

It is in the giving up of selfishness that the realization of the contribution of each level and its importance to the overall whole comes in. This is where service mindedness will begin. I hope this addresses your question.

Bob: Yes, thank you.

Marshall: This is Marshall. Could you elaborate more on what Machiventa touched on last week about this new experimental citizen comprised of mortal and morontial blending?

* Elyon: My first comment is to encourage each of you to review the statements of Machiventa, to ponder them deeply. My second comment is to bring to your remembrance the statement of Jesus to his apostles that they be in the world, but not of the world. This awareness, when fully realized, is a mode of functioning wherein any one of you may become qualified and trained to function as a morontia-mortal being.

And I also remind you of the agencies of the Master Seraphim upon your world who are assigned to specific arenas of human culture and civilization who also require the staffing of each of their groupings with mortal beings. You and those like you who understand and welcome these angelic presences are noted in their registries as ones who are qualifiable to become such transitional ministers in the healing of Urantia and the re-establishment in the normal course of planetary progress. This enlistment will function for the purpose of bringing Urantia up through the stages it has lagged behind in accomplishing.

Eventually worlds all settled in light and life are populated with human beings who function with this morontia-mortal awareness. These days on your world it appears to be fantastic, an unusual condition of human ability. And it is, as it is, applied as a special operation for the upliftment of Urantia, but it is a normal state of being on a world in light and life.

Marshall: It seems to me that Sondha [Sondjah] in Northern Colorado mentioned this about the likelihood..

* Elyon: My comment to that is yes.

Marshall: Very enlightening. Thank you, Elyon, so eloquently stated. Regarding this lesson that Sondha's [Sondjah] touched on is this idea of a spectrum of consciousness, and through this consciousness we can overcome the limitations of finite existence. It is feasible to accept that we can observe larger regions of the measurable universe. If you imagine a tall pole attached at the top with many cables and each cable stretched out and anchored to the ground, creating an array of cords in the shape of a cone, these cables where they are anchored at the ground represent those human beings you speak of. And at the top of that pole is the Father of all. Further developing your awareness of your relationship to that one great being, the First Source and Center, ever strengthens that cable connection. Every undertaking in the understanding of cosmic realities, every engagement in the outpouring of love upon your fellows in service, contribute to your enlargement of that cable connection.

When you draw ever closer to the Father in meditation, prayer, and worship, you rise in consciousness up this cable closer to the Father, and along the way you draw closer to those like you who are arranged around this pole and connected in their own way to the Father. It thereby becomes increasingly easy to recognize souls functioning in the manner that you pursue.

While you seek to develop further your human personality to develop the skills and the talents of such functioning the most important effort you can make is to draw ever closer to the original personality - God. One then begins to appreciate all beings and creatures. When one understands one's relationship.

(End of transcribed part)