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Bertram - Read, Review, and Discuss Lessons to Prevent Discouragement - Dec 07, 1999 - Hamilton, Canada

Read, Review, Discuss Lessons

T/R: Tara

December 7, 1999


TARA: Is there a message this morning?


BERTRAM: Yes, little one. We have long awaited your return. We are indeed pleased with your rededication to Michael’s Mission. Do not despair. We will continue on according to our calling and according to the plan now set in motion for the reclamation of your planet home into it’s rightful place among the galactic brotherhood of celestial systems. Long have you been in isolation because of the now adjudicated Lucifer Conspiracy. Never was it intended that a planet of such beauty and diversity, suffer as it has, these many thousands of years.


Dear children of the Most High, indeed are you loved and adored by your Father in Heaven.

It is his will that you grow and prosper and be in health of body, mind and soul. He has so provided for you; that all his ways are even beyond finding out! Indeed you will need all eternity to explore all the wonders, truths, values and meanings of all he has created for you!


Do you not realize that YOU ARE CHILDREN OF GOD. He is indeed, YOUR FATHER and ever shall be.


Christ Michael, his Paradise Son, came to reveal his Father to you and to call you,


HIS BROTHER. Truly come to understand what this means.


You are all one BROTHERHOOD on earth, all having a common ancestral origin.


You are all SPIRITUAL BROTHERS, having the spirit fragment of the Father within you, just as do we, your celestial brothers, sent to you now to aid in your spiritual upliftment during this present era of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.


The Spirit of Truth is poured out upon you and is here to guide you into all truth as you remain living branches of the true vine through your free will, in seeking spiritual development.


Mother Nebadonia is here to comfort you and enfold you in her love; to spiritually comfort you and give you rest in her enfolding holy spirit of love.


In his love for you, has the Father sent you your teachers, to teach you as you are willing.


So dear children it is, indeed, important that we continue on in our lessons of the “Fruits of the Spirit.” Muriel has picked up the reigns of this responsibility, and we would ask you to rededicate yourselves to your lessons.


It is desired that you “become perfect as your Father is perfect.” Long have you heard this message and we are endeavoring to teach you how this is accomplished.


--- Review all lessons up to this point, absorb, study and apply them.

--- Discuss and share them among yourselves and apply them in your outer and inner lives.

--- Read and research your Urantia Book for more information.

--- Read and enjoy enlightening works of others, now being inspired by the spiritual energies now flooding your planet.

--- Listen to, learn and become a source of secondary works based on the teachings of Jesus.


Many workers are needed in the fields, many shepherds, disciples, apostles, healers, musicians, artists, writers, poets, . many needed to dissimilate the way of truth and the truth of our Master Son’s teachings to all the world; a world now hungering for this truth which has been so long lost from view; so long denied and forbidden to be taught; so long misunderstood and misinterpreted, misrepresented.


We are here to help you present his new and everlasting religion anew to all the world as he taught and lived it. You do well to continue on in your studies of his life and teachings as he lived it day by day, as recorded for you now in your Urantia Book.


The Correcting Time will go ever forward into the new age we have entered. The age of Light and Life is ever drawing nearer and as Machiventa has now told you, a Magisterial Son has been designated for Urantia in the future and for this too we must all prepare. Of this you will learn more in the future. For now, be at peace and open your hearts in loving service to all your brothers and sisters, being “lights of truth and love” upon this darkened planet.


May Michael’s love and peace be with you all as you ponder this message this day.


Your teacher and guide,