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Bertram - Collection of Transcriptions - Jun & Jul 1999 - Cambridge, Canada


Collection, June and July, 1999

June 22,1999

URANTIA Will Surely Go Through a Severe Period of Trial, Cleansing and Correction.


TARA: I feel there may be a message for us tonight. I truly desire to get back on line once  more. It is good to be back home again.


BERTRAM: Little one, we have sorrily missed you and are glad to see you at your home base once more and ready to continue on in this mission work of the Master.


Yes, we do want to bring you this message this evening. We have told you so often that Urantia is heading into a period of dire correction and trials, and that you should not fear when you hear dire prognostications of a “doomsday scenario.” Michael’s bestowal planet will not be destroyed, of this you can rest assured. She will surely go through a severe period of trial, cleansing and correction. All this is needful in order to set her course anew on the path leading to Light and Life.


Many are now awakening to the need of change. The old ways must be changed and made new, with new ideals and concepts that lead to peace and prosperity for all God’s children everywhere.


It may seem that these messages are repeated over and over, and indeed they are, for we must press upon you the need of your preparedness, that you be alert and watchful in the days and months and, yes, years ahead.


You must all learn to grow ever closer to the Father, and come to know His will for you, now and in the dire time of trial ahead. We are sent in the service of the Father to guide and prepare you now.


It is needful: that you grow strong in faith, that you know whereon you stand this day,  that you will not be tossed to and fro in the chaotic and confused times approaching,  that you will be able to be that strong and faithful demonstration of HIS righteousness,  that you will be showers of the way into the new age of enlightenment.


Many are being called now into an understanding of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. More and more of God’s children everywhere are becoming aware of the Urantia Book, reading and studying it, embracing and believing it. The Master is needful of more teachers as you go into this new age coming upon you. Many are answering the call to service.


Do you realize the privilege you have to be alive on your beautiful Urantia at this time in the history of your planet?


The Master is calling out and preparing that special people to lead His people into the new age now coming upon you, those who will be leaders in the world tomorrow. These are the called and chosen leaders who will be the true spiritual teachers of the religion of Jesus, teaching all mankind the true Gospel of Jesus. These will teach again the truths so often brought to this world and lost from view in previous epochs of revelation.


Yes, you are all called to be teachers, each in your own way, right where you are; called to advance the Fifth Epochal Revelation throughout Urantia, in the service of Christ Michael.


So do we admonish you now, to grow in your personal relationship with the Father and truly come to know that YOU ARE ALL, INDEED, HIS CHILDREN and that ALL, ARE YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, travelling together on the ascension paths leading homeward.


Now do we leave you to think on these things and to set your feet on the path leading to light and life.

                                               Your teacher and guide, Bertram.



June 29,1999

Violence and Bad News Everywhere


TARA: Malcom, do you have a lesson on the aspects of joy? Why don’t we feel more joyful when we are so blessed to have knowledge of the Fifth Revelation?


MALCOM: Little one, listen to us. We will help you to understand.


Joy in the human heart is rare, indeed, at this most critical time on your planet. The constant struggles of life so often overcome the joy of the soul.


These are not the peaceful times that your planet should have now been enjoying at this time in your evolutionary development. Daily you hear of wars and rumour of wars, but did not the Master say “Let not your heart be troubled?”


There is constant striving and pressures in all your individual lives, in your national and global lives. The nightly news is filled with yet further reports of more violence on your streets, in your homes, in your global home. You hear of manmade violence and, indeed, violence of nature, also contributed to by man. Where is peace and safety for you and your loved ones in these last days of the twentieth century? Your children are not safe in their schools, on the streets or even in their homes! Indeed much correction and the teaching of new ways of living, relating and loving are needed in every aspect and every strata of your societies worldwide.


Is it any wonder you feel saddened at heart and feel heavy laden?


Little one, lift up you head in faith and teach others also, that there is hope and reason to rejoice. Your world does seem to be absolutely out of control. Bad news on your broadcasts far outweighs the good that is reported.


But now rest assured that mankind is now awakening and realizing that changes must be made on all levels of society. Long held secrets of moral decadence, decay and corruption are coming to light for all to see, and justice with corrections and changes are being made.


The worlds’ heart is indeed saddened by the atrocities now being discovered in Kosovo. Such scenes surely sadden your tender hearts but also elicit response to action. Change does seem to progress very slow indeed when you cannot see the whole picture of world events or even the events surrounding your own lives.


We would admonish you all, to have faith and trust in the outworking of the plan of God for your planet home. As that faith and trust grows within you, then shall you begin to feel more joy within your being.

Trust that all is in good hands and you do, indeed, live in a friendly universe and at this present moment in time, your planet home is being cleansed and purified and being brought to its rightful place in the universe circuits. All is in progression, correction and change.


You need not fear but truly rejoice that the Father is ever mindful and loves each and everyone of you.

Pray daily that the Father’s kingdom of peace and light and life will come upon your planet; that the present pain and suffering will cease for all mankind everywhere. Truly, it is the Father’s will that His children live in peace and safety and security, that they be filled with the true joy and peace that passes all understanding.


In your awareness, you are saddened indeed, but in your enlightenment, you shall find joy and reason for rejoicing for the Father’s will, will be done in earth as it is in heaven. In this have total confidence and trust.


Now, little one, I will bid you good day and trust you will find renewed joy and hope within.

Your teacher this day,






July 4, 1999

Be A Living Example Of The Truth


TARA: Is there a message this morning?


BERTRAM: Greetings, little one! It is our pleasure to be with you once more. We have a message you to bring to those in your immediate arena on Urantia. We want you who are now called, and who are aware of your calling, to now go with us to the next phase of this teaching mission.


There is a great and mighty work to be done on earth in preparation of the times ahead for your beloved Urantia. We need your visual demonstration of the Father’s love to all his children. Only through you and your loving actions does the world see the Religion of Jesus in action upon the earth. Pause in your daily rush in life to see, actually see, and understand and love your brother. Pause to take time with him, to share with him, to listen to him and to interact with him. One at a time, moment by moment, gently lead him into the Father’s embrace that you so richly enjoy. Help him to understand the Fathers’ love for him. Demonstrate to him the growing “fruits of the spirit” in your own lives through your loving service to him, your confiding trust and confidence in the promises of the Father.


Indeed, you are all Children of the Gods, and are in preparation daily for your eternal life to be shared with them and with each other. Now, must you begin to live in peace and harmony and in love with one another. You must take the TIME now. Time is what the Father has given you so that your experiences can take place in an orderly sequence of understanding, learning, and growth. As we have said before perfection attainment does not occur in an instant but is a continual growing process which will take eons of time in your space time environment and is purposely created for you and for this purpose.


Now must you begin to put into practice what you have been learning, as you learn, reaching back helping others in their search and quest for the meaning of life, now and forever. In like manner have we come “leaning back” to assist and aid you in your spiritual growth and development. Always on your ascension path, will you see this teaching method in action. Do you not remember how even as little ones, brothers and sisters, you were reaching back to help the youngest one learn the ways established in the earthly family unit. Your parents were also reaching back helping you in your growth to maturity. The principle has always been and continues to be the same in all walks of life where there is human, morontial and spiritual interaction.


But alas, not all family units or socialized family units on such a backward planet, coming out of rebellion, have had such normal experiences with positive influences. Negative influence is also taught in the same manner, to your present continual sorrow and pain. But even that situation is provided for in the plan of the Fathers, should lessons not be learned in this life time, they will be learned on the transition worlds of time and space.


So do we now call you to do your part now to further the Father’s will on earth. Be a living example of the truth now revealed to you, by the Fathers, to aid you in your spiritual growth day by day, so that you can be prepared to help others.


You must now put these principles into positive action in your daily and personal life. The world must see the Religion of Jesus in action, in service. You are truly His ambassadors of the kingdom on Urantia, prepared and being prepared to represent Him to His children in time and space. Therefore, let the ”Fruits of His Spirit” shine forth in your life as you exemplify Him to all you meet each day.


I now leave you this fine rainy morning to be about the Father’s work. Deliver these messages to those called, for their enrichment and growth in the family of God.




August 6, 1999

Develop Patience, Inner Trust, and Living Faith


TARA: Do you have a message for us this morning?


BERTRAM: Good morning, little one. It is our delight to be in contact with you this fine summer morning. After your very hot spell, these cooler nights and days are a blessed relief.


All things pass in time, renew and refresh and progress ever forward even when things appear to be confused and backward and distorted. Seeing the whole picture, the whole panorama of the plan of God is indeed difficult in one life time, in any one age, within the evolutionary progressions of time and space.

Indeed must you develop patience, inner trust and living faith. Such enlightenment, such understanding is not accomplished instantly, now, or in the resurrection halls of mansonia. Truth and knowledge of lasting and eternal value are acquired and expanded throughout your eternal career of sonship.


This life is but the beginning. Urantia is your “spawning ground,” your” world of nativity,” “ground zero.” Here, indeed, do you begin as the lowest form of “will creature” in all the Fathers’ vast domains. Great is His mercy and patience towards you, His little ones, indeed. You are as a “new born” in the Father’s household and we are your “nannies” and teachers, here now to nourish and teach you and to expand to you the concepts of truth taught by your Master and Lord, your elder brother, Christ Michael from the Paradise shores of the Eternal Isle.


We will endeavour to guide you in your studies of the “fruits of the spirit” in the coming months. Be watchful and alert and open for we will guide you into the lessons necessary for you, guiding you into deeper understanding and in application of these fruits, as you absorb them into your mind and heart, so that they become a natural part of your personality expression of the Father fragment within each one of you.


The Father wills that His little ones be trained and nourished in His love, and in the eternal truths He has sent and set before you this day.


Blessed are you to have the Fifth Revelation on earth today in its written form, a source of study and inspiration and guidance to right and prosperous and fulfilling life. It is your guide book, your source of expanded truth and knowledge for your planet home in the years and ages to come. It has not yet come into its own, into acceptance, as it will in times to come. You are among the earliest of mankind in this era to be aware of the Father’s Revelation on earth today in this written form.


The planet is indeed being made ready for the future acceptance of this Fifth Revelation to mankind. You are as “pioneers” leading the way, and we are indeed training you to do your part now. Many are being called and many beautiful talents and skills will be utilized in the Father’s work each one bringing their own contribution and talent of expression. New secondary works are needed in literature, music, the arts, science, indeed, in every aspect of living is there a need for the Father’s fruits to be expressed in multiple and diverse ways. Just as we are training you, little one, so are thousands of others being trained around the world to do their part in their many and diverse ways, even in the power of prayer and faith and good works.


Remember the apostles of the Master? He called his co-workers from many diverse walks of life each having their own special talent of service right down to the Alpheus twins.


Remember the service of John Mark and his family, believers though not apostles?


Remember the women’s evangelistic corps; the seventy? All had their service to perform.

Now are you engaged in a world wide service, with communications and networks expanded to reach nearly all corners of the earth. The entire planet will be reached, in time, and now are you in a Preparation Time, in a Correcting Time, in a time of seeking and learning and aspiring to greater heights and skill perfection.

Indeed, must it all begin with the inner man first, when you become child-like and willing to learn and to be of loving service to your brothers and sisters near and far.


Indeed, did we tell you much is transpiring and taking place world wide that you know not of now but all will fall into place and into perfect harmony in the years and ages to come in a world wide and global benefit for all mankind.


Indeed do the days seem dark and gloomy and distressing news rampant and distressing times may be ahead for you as cleansing and correction continues.


Do not be fearful or full of anxiety. Urantia is in good hands and you are indeed on the brink of a new age of discovery and expansion of truth, and the true realities of life as never before.

Always remember :



    after darkness comes the light,

    after spring comes the summer harvest,

    after trial and testing comes the joy of success and accomplishment if you do not falter.



You live on a beautiful planet of duality in all its diversity. From the lowest can you ascend to the highest if you so will, if you so choose, if you so desire.


I leave you now to again think on these things and so bib you have a good and prosperous day in your realms of service.



Your faithful guide and teacher,




T/R Therese (Tara) Logan

Cambridge, Ontario.