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Conference - Snow Mountain 1997 - Thought Adjuster; Michael; Machiventa - I AMThe Divine - Conference

Sunday Morning Session:

Teachers: Christ Michael, Indwelling Father.

Thought Adjuster: I AM THE DIVINE


August 24, 1997

Michael: Brothers and Sisters this is Michael. I talk to you in the respects of being together as brothers and sisters. Because, is it not written that where there are three or four together I will be there also? This is my promise to you, to be as we are. I am grateful to you in the works that you have brought forth, to gather together and be discuss and trade those efforts that each of you have done.

At this time I, your creator, would like to commend you on your efforts regardless how small or large that effort may be. You, all of you, are my messengers of truth to those folks that seek the truth that dwells within them. They know that the truth is there they are searching for you to express the truth that you know.

My friends that are of this force that I creating this method of communication with you mortals, it is be in a position where we can talk and commune with each other. When you go in to your source and you commune with us, your creator and your mother, we are very proud that we have those such as you to be in the position to know that you can commune with us and rest here on high. We are proud to be in association with you. My efforts at your disposal. Whenever you meet doubt all you have to do is ask. And we, your teachers and celestial friends and myself, will be there to help and work...your request.

It is a marvelous thing to be in a position that I am in to stand here beside this individual, using his voice, to...all of you and say thanks for your efforts that you have brought forth in the past. I am your creator. And I will be here when I am needed to bring to you the courage and enlargement of your insights of thoughts and knowledge of truth and understanding.

We, I am speaking of my Father and myself, are at a loss at some times to say what we truly feel to you as mortals because of the effort all of you are trying to bring forth. We understand these efforts, and we are proud of these efforts; but we ask you to carry on with your determination and love for us and my fellows. You all are the messengers of mine that go forth in this dark world to enlighten those souls that walk in the darkness and seek each one that bears the truth as you know it.


The text that you read is a text of light. It is a text of hope and enlightenment, so read and understand the words that are there. Because they are the words of us that wish to enlighten you and bring about the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the words that I spoke many, many years ago. It seems as though it was just a four day that I was amongst you and walking with you in this mortal life that all of you are now in.

When the time comes for you to put your bodies to rest and join us in our world in the long ascension careers that each of you will go through, in becoming more in the way of thoughts, in the way of truth and understanding - the knowledge that you will have will far outreach that of which you have at the present time. There will be a limit to this tree of knowledge that you will seek because this is a part of the ascension career that each of you will go through. So, when you join our world to be as you ought to be I am proud to be with you in your efforts.

It will be a...decision when you decide which way you wish to go, with us or not existent. This is your choice. But I am certain from looking on your faces that each of you are desperate in your efforts to be with us. This is a great feeling to know that you mortals are trying to be and project light through to those others who walk in the darkness.

I know also that your paths have been long and rough. You have endured many things, but regardless of this your faith has carried through. And with this faith that each of you have, we will be there willing and able to help each of you progress to the next step in your efforts that you are undertaking.

I, your Creator, have at the present moment the sadness of bidding you adieu until we meet again in the future. My hopes and prayers and my peace be with you until that time we are together. So, with you each, and those listening.., will go forth as you have in the past and carry my works to those that seek you out, and I will be [up to you?] at will.

Your numbers and strength is growing. Not the way I would hope it would be, but it is slowly but surely increasing, and this is what makes the foundation of this effort that we have brought forth. Your efforts in this mission is great, and I know your goals are heavy; but you, each of you, has reached that destination that you wish to reach and be a part of. But there is still a lot of work that must be done, and with all of us placing our efforts in this great movement we will win over the obstacles that lay in our paths.

So, with you and all the rest that are of this great mission I will say to you with all sincerity to carry my peace with you where ever you go. Your peace of heart is a feeling I wish for all of you, to be up with the understandings of what we are trying to bring forth. And like I said before, with your efforts this will be done because you are my messengers to those that seek you out in darkness that they walk in.

I have longed for moments as this to speak to you and encourage you to carry on as you have. Don't falter in your love and understand- ing of us, because we are those you can rely on to bring to you the hope and the encouragement that each of you seek. I know...spiritualization of your hearts.

So, I am proud again to be with you in your efforts. And with this, my brothers and sisters, I will close for now and return you back to your mission.

Machiventa: Hello...This is Machiventa. It is wonderful to have the person that has just spoken to all of us to stand and comment on our efforts that we so desperately try to bring the world back to the relationship of...But it is going to take all of us in our efforts to do this...that he wishes. We all are, and each one of you, have at least...that lies before us...

So, with this thought in mind I will close for the time and wish you all a very safe trip to your respective areas where you live, and may each of you...a safe journey home...

[Thought Adjuster-Father]: I am the divine and presence of light and love within each and every one of you. Representative of the primal, eternal, and infinite presence of the First Source and Father of all. I am the presence of light within. I am love with this first messenger of light. I am now. Open you hearts. Breath deep. Feel the presence of this love within and between each and every one of you. Release the weight and feel the heart, and stand in this presence of love and exude this presence as it goes out penetrating all beings, all souls, all conflict, and all obstacles. And as it penetrates and forever roams until it returns home to the Presence of Paradise.

I am your life, your beingness. I am your will and source of strength and courage. Feel within and stand in this presence as a faith son born of the spirit of truth, representative of the divine beauty, and made of the goodness and grace of the divine presence. Go forth now as representatives and stand firm in the presence of love. From this position all will be corrected, all will be given, and all will be made true, beautiful and good. - Father.