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Rayson and Friends Collection – 1992 – Duane Faw, Edited by Geoff Cuttler - Laguna Hills, CA






VOLUME 1 - Parts 1 & 2



This volume is not the original composition. The original 100 copies, of Volumes 1 and 2 were created by Duane Faw, sometime after 1994. This volume has been re-created by scanning the original printed document. The original bi-column format has not been retained, because in this modern international age, we have the ability to re-compose documents to different page formats and sizes, and the bi-column format does not lend itself well to that process. We have attempted to recreate this as closely as possible the original. Readers may note that spellings are not entirely "American", and this is the way of the original. We have added some punctuation, and corrected the small number of obvious typographical errors, and added hyphens, but with few exceptions, we have refrained from altering words, even when word usage is strange. Thus, as far as possible, we have retained the "soul" of the original.


The document will find a resting place in the Teaching Mission Archives, and interested parties can download copies from that web site. The URL is


There is no copyright on this material.


Geoff Cutler, Sydney, January 2004.


This booklet contains selected teachings of RAYSON and friends before January 1, 1993. It includes all formal lessons of RAYSON during this period. The text of the lessons, themselves, has not been edited except to remove false starts, corrections made by RAYSON, and personal names. When appropriate, the name of a transmitter/receiver has been replaced by the symbol (T/R). Names of "students" have been replaced by the symbol (S) or (Student) It also includes selected statements of, questions to, and answers by, RAYSON and friends during this period. Those relevant to the formal lessons are included in the order in which they were asked following them. The remainder has been omitted.


The questions, themselves, have been edited to focus upon the question asked, but the answers by RAYSON and friends are in the exact wording with the exceptions made in the lessons.


Eight different T/R’s have communicated messages from RAYSON and friends reported in this booklet. Some were more proficient than others. Some were less proficient at the beginning sessions of their transmission than later. No attempt has been made to rate the T/Rs or to omit material based upon the lack of proficiency of any T/R.


This is for the readers to ascertain by reference to their Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. The booklet is divided into three parts. Part I is about RAYSON, the Teaching Mission, the Teachers, and the preparation of the lessons. Part II contains the teachings, themselves. It is organized and arranged alphabetically by topics. There is some duplication when appropriate. Part III contains the prayers of RAYSON, verbatim. "RA YSON & FRIEND'S" is prepared and distributed by the students of RAYSON.


Duane & Lucile Faw (Laguna Hills, CA)





A: ABOUT TEACHER RAYSON [Note: On July 8, 1991, Teacher HAM in Woods Cross, Utah, concluded his session with these words:]


HAM: ...Thank you all for this evening's experience. Next week we will have a visiting teacher. I will not be here. So I will see you the following week. Farewell for now. God and peace go with you all. (07/08/91)

* * *


[The following week, July 15, 1991, the Woods Cross students (through their T/R) heard the message:]


Greetings: I am new to you - your awareness. I am RAYSON. This communication involving (T/R) is completely new to me, and is also new to her, and is therefore somewhat difficult because of the unfamiliarity. My name was new and therefore difficult for her to word form. However, this seems to be improving and I feel confident enough to continue.


As you have been told, many things have lately come to pass, and so will there also be many interesting and eventful occurrences in the future. Our purpose is to prepare the world for these future occurrences.


One of these will be the up-quickening of spiritual receptivity among all peoples of the world. In this we are observing the effects of these great spiritual changes. Vast realms of space are now being opened which were previously closed, as you know. This, we have looked forward to this time for many millenniums, and now this time is here.

You have all been especially preparing yourselves with your guidance for these days. Many of you were born into this time as the select ambassadors and news carriers of this wonderful news. To many there has been no perceptible change, however there are very many people who are now reaching a point of spiritual ripening and these are who we wish to include in the harvest of the kingdom. You are chosen to thus go forth and gather together these ripened souls so that they may hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus again - for the first time – for so much of this enlarged presentation is completely new.


I am a teacher under the command of ABRAHAM, who has thought it wise for me to begin training with a person as receptive as is (T/R) in order for me to gain practice for my assignment. For, as you see, I am quite pleased that this is coming through so readily, although at first (T/R) was wishing I were.


ABRAHAM. I feel prepared to be allowed to present tonight's lesson to you.


[RAYSON gives a lesson on The Fatherhood of God (see first lesson on Fatherhood of God). During question and answer session which followed, the relevant matters were as follows:]


Q: Are you an ascending or descending Son?


A: Ascending, as you ...


Q: Can you tell us more about who you are, RAYSON? And do you know us? Do you know me?


A: One moment. Yes, now have I some knowledge, understanding. First question, I am also an ascending son, also was resident on Edentia, volunteered and was chosen for this assignment serving

MICHAEL. This is - as far as I understand - a unique situation in all of the worlds. We have been given permission to give advanced truth to your world such as is taught as far as Jerusem. This is very unusual. And we have been thoroughly trained in your languages and religions and modern thought, understanding, word pattern. We hope to fulfill this assignment with, and doing, the greatest good possible. We understand the many difficulties facing this assignment and have been, we believe, quite fully prepared to meet any exigency, happening. My word was "exigency," (T/R) is unfamiliar.


My world is not really very far from this one, and it is thought that this would be advantageous for communication. Is there further inquiry?


Q: How do you transport your thoughts, your expressions, over the time and space we exist in? Or do you actually come into presence with us in this room?


A: Yes. I am here, present, yet you are correct in surmising that there is also a distance in time and space. I exist on a different other perception-reality, which we think of as distance from you. This greater reality-awareness has been received over millennia your time. This perception-reality, being reality, has been a gradual process of change. And as I am now, you cannot physically perceive my presence. Yet I can perceive your presences quite readily. (07/15/91) * * *


[In September and October, 1991, RAYSON began contacting a woman in the greater Los Angeles area. In October she had practice sessions as RAYSON's T/R during which RAYSON spoke to (T/R) and, through her, to her husband. In late October they shared practice sessions with selected individuals in the area. During one of the practice sessions RAYSON discussed his authority in these words:]


RAYSON: ...Rest assured my authority comes not from myself, (S). I derive my authority from Prince MELCHIZEDEK, who derives his authority from Creator Son, Father MICHAEL, who derives His authority from The FATHER. [The same practice session produced this dialogue:]


Q: Can you tell me, have you ever seen MICHAEL?


A: Yes, but not - I have not had an audience with Him. I have seen His image. Do you understand?


Q: Yes, teacher, can you tell me, when you see the image of someone like a Creator Son, do they have what we would call a face?


A: Yes, of course. Not different from your human face.


Q: When we celebrate remembrance suppers together, we are told in The Urantia Book that the Master is really present and that He communes with our Thought Adjusters. Does this mean that His omniscience is so great that all the days following here on Urantia when we have remembrance suppers. He is aware of this?


A: Yes. (10/24/91)

* * *


[The first formal lesson to the students of RAYSON was on December 1, 1991, where RAYSON, through (T/R), gave a short lesson on Mercy (see the first lesson on Mercy), after which the following questions and answers transpired:]


Q: Is it appropriate to ask if you could tell us a little about who you are?


A: I was once like you: a mortal on a planet that is closer than you think to Urantia. I ascended. Although I have not ascended far enough to meet MICHAEL of Nebadon, I am over 10,000 earth years old. I was trained as a teacher by Prince MELCHIZEDEK and was honored to be chosen to return to this planet, correction, to come to this planet to teach. My other field of expertise is health-medical. In your world you would call me a doctor. Although, once you graduate, that word is slightly different in meaning. A doctor on high prevents spiritual illness. On this planet, which is so trapped in its physical, material mind-set, a doctor is only for the body. But the body has been designed to wear out. So if a doctor only looks at the physical, he/she could grow to embrace this phase of it. Spiritual doctoring is very uplifting, because it has success in healing.


[Later in the session:]


Q: Can you tell us where you reside? On Urantia, are you physically on this planet? Are you - do you have an abode?


A: I do not have a physical form. I am here, with (T/R), all the time, except when we meet as a staff.


I guess this is my abode.


Q: When you meet, where do you meet? If you have to leave?


A: We meet in the Mariposa Grove . ......


Q: That explains a lot to us because we have always believed through Urantia mythology that there was an Archangel's Circuit in the Mariposa Grove. Is this true?


A: Yes. ...


Q: If we were to go to the Mariposa Grove, as many of us have, would we sense more of the presence of celestial beings than we do in other places? Is there a concentration there? Does it matter?


A: Yes. You will sense more. The mountains are made of crystal and we use that actual property of crystals to – correction - as a circuit. That is why your mind, heart, soul is more open when you go there.


Q: Is there a best time of the year? Or does it make any difference?


A: It does not make a difference.


Q: Christy one time made a pilgrimage to the Mariposa Grove and concentrated on the Grizzly Giant as being one of the places that she was told had something to do with planetary communications.


Can you confirm that the Grizzly Giant is involved, or is it simply located in the Mariposa Grove?


A: Near the Grizzly Giant is the spot many find the Archangels. It is not physically necessary, but it is spiritually inspired. (12/01/91)

* * *


Q: Father MELCHIZEDEK asked me to be a screener. If I may ask, what does that look like? Should I meet people before, or just what?


A: As - there will be a progression, (S). Right now, in the beginning, people will seek, will make themselves known to members of the group, and what you should do is meet with them and assess their level of maturity, character, and knowledge of The Urantia Book, as this group is a more evolved group from others who might not have the reference of the written revelation. Use intuition. This is not an investigation, but merely to get a sense of them and then when you have met, after the lesson you will tell me who the prospective members are, and I will scan your mind-memory and approve or ask them to wait a while.


Q: When you say "scan" (student)'s mind-memory, are you working with his Thought Adjuster, his Seraphim, I didn't understand that.


A: We are able to scan the minds of those who consent through a Life Carrier – Midwayer combination and immediately the knowledge is also mine.


Q: Are they only survival value memories, or all the mindal memories - that we have on Urantia – available to you?


A: All of the mindal memories, although I am not truly interested in the lower forms of human behavior and disregard them as if they did not exist, for truly they will not once you are re-personalized. (01/06/92)

* * *


Q: You are so much further ascended than the rest of us - to Jerusem - is your experience with your Mystery Monitor intense and conscious at this point? Does it get more conscious as you ascend through the morontia spheres? And could you enlighten us a little and let us know what the differences might be? Between you and us?


A: Yes, it is more conscious, of course. The difference is that I guess much less than you (laughter) as to the will of The FATHER.


Q: Are you able to see your Thought Adjuster, RAYSON?


A: Not at this time.


Q: Is that because he is back where you came from waiting for you?


A: I am not allowed to answer your astute question. (Laughter.)


Q: On your planet of origin, did you receive your Adjuster as we do on this planet?


A: Similar, but at a younger age.


Q: And when you received your Adjuster, on your planet, do the people or the beings know when that occurs?


A: On occasion, yes.


Q: Can you share with us any interesting aspects about that?


A: We were much more attuned to the spiritual growth of our children than you are on this planet. Every parent actively fostered spiritual awareness in their children as one of the main responsibilities and honors of caring for a young unformed being. Therefore the arrival of the Deity fragment was awaited with great anticipation and joy, and much preparation was spent in discussions around this momentous event. Because it was so highly paid attention to, and fostered, there often was an awareness of the moral decision-making capabilities of the child on the part of the parents, and sometimes an awareness of the upsteps of mind being when the Mystery Monitor arrives. It was a cause of much speculation and celebration. You are virtually unconscious of this momentous occasion on your planet here.


Q: Did your Mystery Monitor bring a blueprint for you


A: I am not sure, but what we do know is that The FATHER fragment works with whatever decisions the free-will creature makes to the highest advantage of Deity. Certainly my intellectual genetic inherited capacities and my spiritual receptivity capacities were evaluated when the Mystery Monitor chose to indwell me. So perhaps the angels projected my possible career choices to Divinington and God selected the best FATHER fragment for me. This is speculation, but an educated guess on my part. (01/12/92)

* * *


In terms of my own relationship, I was once very similar to you on my physical world, which was not too far from Urantia. I functioned as a male mortal and was a doctor. I have traveled through the seven Mansion Worlds but have not fused. I have not seen MICHAEL but have studied your planet for many, many hundreds of years, and there was great competition to be chosen for this mission. I was quite honored to be amongst the handful chosen because of my similar background, my doctoring skills, and my study of your planet and peoples.


How do I see you mortals? Not as differently as you would think. I have down stepped to a more morontial form to make contact. So, I perceive a Light emanating from the head region at times, which is your Adjuster. I can, if given permission, search your mind circuits for memories or knowledge of other human beings of which I have none. I gather information just like you do, by meeting the human or searching the mind memory patterns of a human who knows the individual in question. Travel for us is quite fast, and we are aided by Seraphim and midwayers. The Life Carriers help to effect the necessary connection for transmission and receiving-as well as first and secondary Midwayers. (01/13/92) 12

* * *


[Word was received from Sarasota group that two new MELCHIZEDEKs had arrived.]


Q: Does the arrival of two new MELCHIZEDEKs affect your relationship to this group in any way?


A: It does not. We will continue as before on our steady upward path toward spiritual illumination, and when you are individually and group-wise ready, prepared, you will be given additional and more worldly assignments for service. I suppose in your terminology I would be described as a more conservative teacher. Some of my brethren are more flamboyant and spontaneous. As a mortal I was more patient, wait and see, scientific, not in so much of a hurry, more of a steady worker, slower progress. Some of the teaching corps were not that personality type, but more creatively leaping, intuitively jumping - I am not describing well what I mean, but some run marathons, some are sprinters, we all reached the goal in our different ways. I am more reluctant to give certain information and more concerned with your balanced and steady spiritual progress, and perhaps more familiar with your species, having been in a similar species myself, very close to the human state. (04/04/92)

* * *


Q: Are you available to us in our daily lives? And if we needed immediate guidance or help, can you come into our minds and give us special guidance and assistance?


A: No. I can assess you, I assess you as my students, but 1 do not guide or assist your decision, will, or struggles. (05/30/92) * * *





Q: I have read in The Urantia Book that the rebellion of Lucifer isolated the (rebellious) worlds of Satania, including Urantia. Is this new opening of (communications) a part of the re-encircuiting of Urantia into the spiritual fullness of the Universe of Nebadon?


A: Yes. This is the end of isolation. (07/15/91) * * *

[In referring to the Urantia Book RAYSON said:] Our mission is not opposed to the revelation. Rest assured it is part of the revelation. The FATHER did not only approve of truth in a book. The book was sent to prepare the first wave of workers in the kingdom. Your world is an illiterate world. It is a world divided like the tower of Babel, by languages and races. Why, ask yourself, would the unseen Father send only a book? Our truth, enlightenment, membership in the Kingdom, is for all mortals, regardless of intellectual abilities. The book was sent to prepare the first wave of workers. The first wave of workers, yourselves, will take the word to the world through the gift of Prince MELCHIZEDEK's teachers. As the world becomes more enlightened, more people will accept the book. (10/25/91)

* * *


[At the first formal meeting of his group the following was recorded]


Q: ... (RE: Prince MELCHIZEDEK) I'd like to know about when he took over as Planetary Prince, and what happened to the Lucifer rebellion, and to Caligastia.


A: Just a moment.

MELCHIZEDEK: This is Prince MACHIVENTA. You all know the history of the nefarious rebels who took control of this planet. In 1984 the Mercy Bank was rejected by Caligastia and Daligastia. They refused to repent. They are no longer. Caligastia was such a bitter being that he left behind this virus (AIDS) and other illnesses which he, being of such a brilliant mind, designed. He would never give us the access so that we may effect some physical cure. He said: "If I cannot be Prince of Urantia then I will take the planet with me into the blackness." But God's will is not for that to happen. This planet is a protected place as it is the birth planet of the human-divine Jesus. It will take us some time. We are approximating a thousand to two thousand years, to erase the evil that this insane being left behind as your legacy. But we will erase it, and your planet will be a beacon to all other ascendant mortals. God's will is never hurtful or harmful to His little children. It is the will of the Father to heal his little ones, and many are being used to do so. We look in awe at the agondonters on Urantia. You are truly God's children. To build and maintain faith and God consciousness in the midst of such darkness is commendable. I have taken over by order of my God, MICHAEL of Nebadon. This occurred when those two evil beings ceased to be. I am, and have been, officially ushered in as your Planetary Prince. We have a lot of work to do, but do not cast eyes downward. Cast eyes upward for the glory that will befall this planet.


These are wondrous years. (12/01/91) .


.. I leave, now, to go - to attend the group at Woods Cross, and bid you Godspeed. (12/01/91)


* * *


[On New Years Morning (very early), 1992, RAYSON and PRINCE MELCHIZEDEK turned up at a New Year's Eve party.]


My children I AM PRINCE MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, official Planetary Prince of Urantia and formal spokesperson for our creator-father, MICHAEL of Nebadon. I am proud of you for your celebration and for bringing our creator-father into your hearts. The down-grasp of God, the upreach of man, is indeed a beautiful and miraculous thing to behold. As I have met MICHAEL on high, I am still moved ... (Interruption of communications by dog and untimely entry of other members of the group.) Greetings, (S), I AM RAYSON, and you will hear my message on the recording device. I will not keep MACHIVENTA waiting, so I turn the transmission over to our revered and esteemed Planetary Prince.


MELCHIZEDEK: Praise to the Lord, I am Prince MACHIVENTA


MELCHIZEDEK, Prince of Urantia, agent of our creator-son MICHAEL of Nebadon whom we worship and love. Greetings, children of time, I am pleased to formally inaugurate you into the teaching mission of which I have the assignment, responsibility, and honor to lead during the thousand year correcting time as we adjudicate all effects of the rebellion of the nefarious Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia, Daligastia, rebellious Midwayers, and others who entered into this evil plot of self liberty and denial of the authority and creation of The FATHER.The correcting time will be an age of wonder and miraculous events to the human mind and soul. To us it is a great opportunity to make right what has been made wrong and dark. In addition, our planet is reencircuited and much will happen in your lifetime to affirm to your spiritual eyes the coming age of spiritual enlightenment and the eventual transfusion of God back into mankind. We welcome this opportunity to serve in such a wonderful mission.


You will receive teachings from my beloved brother, RAYSON, which will prepare you for your group mission and individual assignments, which will be based upon your personal strength and faith in yourselves and The FATHER. First, the lessons will continue for a period of one to two earth years. If (T/R) is unable to complete her task due to her mortal birth into the Mansion Worlds, I will ask you, (S), if you will accept the assignment of acting as the transmitter-receiver for teacher RAYSON.


If you accept the match of your mind's energy frequencies will begin in preparation for this contingency.


Do you need time to pray or do you have an answer?


[Here follows the assignment of tasks within the group. All are formally accepted.] I am pleased at your service-mindedness and faith in the revelation. We envision many groups being taught. As one group is graduated, the teachers will move on to another human social group, and thus transform individuals, create a transformed planet. I welcome you to my mission, which is now your own. We share the same path, the same Father created us, loves us, and some day – children - we will meet on high with the Universal Father and move onward to the outer space levels where this experience will vastly aid in your assignment when you become a finaliter. (T/R) is not attuned to my frequencies, so my messages to you are foreshortened, however, I am involved in the supervision and overseeing of every aspect of your growth development teaching. We carefully monitor everything as, unfortunately, many mistakes have occurred and we do not wish to see your planet involved in further retrograde actions. We have studied long and hard to insure the success of the winning of Urantia to the side of Good and God and Light; and we will not fail this time! My love and prayers and watch-care are with you. I send you the personal greetings of MICHAEL of Nebadon, who was here with you tonight. He loves his children dearly and well and knows your soul and potential. His prayers and love are with you now and always. God bless you and keep you my children. Until another time 1 bid you farewell. (01/01/92)

* * *



[On January 13, 1992, RAYSON talked to a small group in Northern California where the following was recorded.]


Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is now the official Prince of Urantia and has arrived on his teaching mission and formal reign as Planetary Prince with one hundred beings who will act as teachers to the mortals of this planet, fifty female, fifty male beings. Contact will be made with mortals whose minds were prepared ahead of time - studied ahead of time in a similar fashion to (T/R). Teachers will spend a year to two years approximately, earth time, teaching a small group of believing faith-filled mortals. When the group is ready to go out into the world, the teacher will be assigned to another group of ready souls. Assignments will be given to the mortals who have graduated from the teaching program. I am not at liberty to disclose these assignments at this time. We function thusly, Prince MELCHIZEDEK to ABRAHAM to brother HAM who is the head teacher.


We hope to achieve in the next thousand years of the correcting time a spiritual up-step, using transformed individuals to ultimately transform this world. We are a continuation of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. We are not a separate bestowal, but this phase of the revelation was planned from the beginning. However it was decided not to reveal this to the original contact personalities because of the danger that would place the revelation in - over emotionalism, non-belief, dismissal. The book had to stand and root on its own. Now we proceed to take the humans who are ready and activate them out into the world. We will contact on a world-wide basis readers and non-readers alike. We begin mostly with readers as there is less groundwork to lay.


Q: (About the validity of other channels such as Ramptha, Lazarus, etc., how to tell, and how long have you been on Urantia.)


A: All false. Only legitimate channeling coming through our mission is the group in New Zealand, Utah (Los Angeles Area), Idaho, and Florida at this time. There will be more. How to tell? There will be a network amongst the true transmissions. For yourself judge the spiritual content, use your Spirit of Truth. And (S), truth may be gathered like a bee from flower to flower from sources, which are human inspired. Celestial or non-corporeal beings do not have a monopoly on spiritual insight. So whether a transmission is from us or is from the human higher mind is really just a speculation, which humans and we like to engage in, to speculate about what could be. The message, is spiritual, will illuminate.


As to how long we have been here, we have been here since 1984, not all, but MACHIVENTA arrived as the rebellion was adjudicated. As you know, none of the evil ones exist. He was not formally installed Prince of Urantia until October of last year, '91. And the mission is officially under way. (01/13/92)

* * *


[On February 1st, 1992, during a recess in the meeting of the General Council of the FELLOWSHIP, before an audience of about 150 people at the LAX Holiday Inn, teacher HAM formally announced to the world the recent changes in planetary government in the following language:] The light of God surrounds us, The love of God enfolds us, The power of God protects us, and The presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, He is. My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I AM HAM. I have been commissioned to bring the light of truth and the understanding of our Father to Urantia.


I am one of many teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and we are desirous of placing many teachers among you. Great is our mission. Understand this in your hearts. The time has arrived for expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come not for ourselves. No, indeed. Rather, only in service of MICHAEL.


This day is, marks the beginning of, the correcting time. MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK has arrived, and has been duly inaugurated as acting Planetary Prince of Urantia, an assignment he has accepted from MICHAEL. Long years we have waited this day. The Lucifer rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits, which have isolated your world, are being reopened. All these changes are occurring by and in accordance with the plan of MICHAEL. Happy and joyous is this day! Blessed in the sight of our Lord! Gracious listeners, I bid you welcome to change. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince MACHIVENTA on this day. Questions are welcome. Indeed, happy am I to serve you. (02/01/92)

* * *


[Some General Councillors deliberately stayed away from the meeting. There was a feeling of disappointment and sadness among students of HAM and RAYSON about their absence from such a momentous event and about the treatment of teacher HAM by some present who should have known better. The next day RAYSON said:]


RAYSON: Children, on a purely human level there is disappointment and confusion in some of your minds. However, let me broaden your perceptions. Human beings are unpredictable. They react from centers of emotion - primitive fear, defiance, resistance to change and growth, inaction, anger, ego-guarding positions of power and misguided impulses to protect …..It is not our responsibility to control, predict their reception of this truth. It was our responsibility to present the truth of the second stage of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to the official guardians of the first stage. We have done our job and done well. Most especially the teaching group from Utah have stood shining and bright in front of much scorn, but have not lost their loving hearts and minds.


Throughout history men have had the irrational need to malign the good, beautiful, truthful in others. How sad to see some of these same reactions in the presence of the Planetary Prince. But not so surprising when one considers what this species did to our beloved Creator Son when he sojourned here in the flesh. Lucifer himself was shamed by the actions of these mortals. I am not comparing this to the crucifixion of our Master, no. But I am comparing some of the irrational actions that continue to infest your race when presented with higher truth. What the mind cannot absorb, the animal attacks. How shall we deal with these reactions? Brothers and sisters, the power of our commission, The FATHER, and our Creator Father MICHAEL wish to give you other tools to enhance your own spiritual growth. The brighter you shine, the closer you live to God's truth, the more other humans will want what you possess.


Therefore, let us ignore the negative; let us not give energy to the unreal. In your own heart-mind you know what is true. The Spirit of truth is there for all. Search for this Spirit and he will show the way. You know this already and are true faith-filled sons and daughters of the universe. Do not waste energy with non-believers, attackers. Rather, spend your time on those who hunger for guidance - and there will be many. Let us not have heavy hearts.


Let me assure you, and share with you the wonderful celebration which we celestial beings participated in last night: the celebration of the public awareness of the reign of our Acting Planetary Prince. And children, what a Prince this MELCHIZEDEK is! How many planets have as their planetary prince a being of such immense love, wisdom, and light as our beloved MACHIVENTA, a being, who has intimately lived, studied, and loved this planet and its humans for such a long time? Indeed, a teacher who has actually incarnated as one of you. How blessed this planet is to have this special watch-care of MICHAEL and such a wonderfully experienced planetary prince. I bring you commendations from Prince MACHIVENTA. I bring you his love. I bring you his prayers. And above all, I bring you his promise that this mission will not fail. Someday, my children, your names will be sung on the lips of angels even as were the names of Van and Amadon. This we promise you. Human suffering is temporal, spiritual growth eternal. You have all grown and will continue to grow. With God, my children, nothing - absolutely nothing - is impossible. Be of good cheer. See through the eyes of the spirit and you will behold greater miracles. God bless you all, and farewell. (02/02/92)

* * *



[On February 9, 1992, RAYSON said to his students] Before our lesson I would like to convey my feelings of admiration for your human hearts and minds who so genuinely seek the FATHER's will and so respect the sanctity of this mission that you concern yourselves with things which are sometimes beyond your wisdom. I have listened to your discussion and am honored to be associated with such a high-minded group. (T/R) is slightly resentful of analysis, but she will in time come to accept this human curiosity as part of her destiny. The fruits, growth, morontial sight which will steadily increase due to these teachings and our associations will more than compensate for human hurts, flaws, insecurities that might be felt along the path. In the near future it will matter not what others think, feel, say, as you all will make such spiritual growth-progress that this will appear as merely an annoyance or shadow of reality - which indeed it is. God reaches His children through many means. You are fortunate to have the ears to hear directly. You will feel tolerance and compassion for those brothers and sisters who, invited to the wedding, refused to attend. God will not discontinue knocking at their hearts and minds and souls, and will reach these children through other means. Indeed, they are already assured survival by their faith. But it is a privilege, brothers and sisters, to directly interface with the Prince's staff. And for this each of you should feel a sense of great accomplishment and privilege, for you are among the first humans to be trained and sent out into the world with our teachings and blessings. This is no small accomplishment.


Your faith has earned you this place. Your openness has given your spiritual eyes sight and ears hearing. Your hearts are greatly blessed and your soul growth increased through this association. This is not because I am a great teacher or ascender. No. It is because your agondonter faith is so strong. I commend you, and great will be your soul's reward as well as earthly benefits. This I assure you of, children. You will not only earn a place in heaven, but your place on this planet will be greatly improved in all areas of your earthly life. Even the material. This is not a reward, but it is a direct result of spiritual knowledge and growth. It is true, to him who believes in me God said "all things are possible." ALL things, brothers and sisters, not just the large. ALL things. Take this in, children. The quality of your lives will increase. God will direct your step. And things will become easy. You will have spiritual lessons. No one can avoid the waters of despair, disappointment, doubt, fear, envy, jealousy, anger, these are inevitabilities, children. But your lives will increase in the good fruits of the spirit. This is a promise.


[After the formal lesson, the third lesson on Thought Adjusters, the following Q's & A's occurred]


Q: Are the repercussions that occur from people speaking against our group ultimately helpful to the group, or are they damaging?


A: There can be no damage from this except to the individuals who engage in this discussion, depending upon their motivation. Some are sincere and concerned. Some are merely engaging in what you refer to as idle chat or gossip. Some are threatened, and they themselves do not understand why, by the teaching mission. They grope for - they grope to fill in the reason for their unease, fear, and so invent rational objections. They themselves do not understand their own resistance. Nor do they have to participate beliefs. This is something that will be with you humans, these reactions, until Light and Life.


Q: Teacher RAYSON, What was the significance of the meeting with Teacher HAM in Los Angeles? What was really meant? Was this the formal announcement to this planet that teacher MELCHIZEDEK - I mean that Prince MELCHIZEDEK - has taken over as Planetary Prince? Was that the significance of this meeting?


A: Yes, it was. It was called to be announced to those who would understand its import. What better group to announce this to? Most humans have no awareness of the office of Planetary Prince or that there is a celestial government in place. So this was our formal announcement to those who understand what we were talking about.


Q: Then we were participants in a very momentous event, when this happened. Only once, I presume, on a planet.


A: Yes.


Q: Was that the day MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK began serving? Or was that the announcement.


A: That was the public and formal announcement. MACHIVENTA was celestially inaugurated in October of 1991, and has been present for the most part on the planet since 1984. (02/09/92)

* * *



Q: I have a question, which has to do with planetary government. Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is Planetary Prince. When Caligastia was Planetary Prince he had a deputy of the same order by the name of Daligastia. I'm just wondering if Prince MACHIVENTA has an assistant Planetary Prince.


A: He does. But I am not sure if I am permitted reveal this being to you. (02/22/92)

* * *



[On April 4,1992, RAYSON confirmed the coming of two MELCHIZEDEKs to the planet announced by the Sarasota group (See entry of 04/04/92 under ABOUT TEACHER RAYSON, above) the following questions and answers transpired.]


Q: The two additional MELCHIZEDEKs which are coming, are they to be involved in the teaching mission, or do they have other missions besides the teaching? How will they impact on our group?


A: They will have other additional missions, both. Prince MELCHIZEDEK is indisputably in charge of this teaching mission as he is of the entire spiritual government and goings on on Urantia.


These two MELCHIZEDEKs are subordinate to Prince MACHIVENTA and will be involved as he sees fit in the teaching mission and in other areas which I am only partially allowed to disclose to you. The planet right now is undergoing a huge and quite possibly devastating regressive backward-sliding economic upheaval. This is but the beginning of much change globally. These MELCHIZEDEKs will be working in many other world areas to stabilize the effects of collapse and starvation, mitigate and work with world government, some of whom will be activated, the human reservists, highly placed figures, to offset the economic conditions which cause people to fear and respond with warlike behavior. (04/04/92)


* * *



[For several weeks, due to summer vacations and Urantia conferences, the group did not meet. When it reassembled on July 26, 1992, the meeting was opened as follows.]


Greetings, spiritual family. I am RAYSON. I am your teacher. I have greatly missed our sessions, and truly love each one of you. Some who are more attuned might have felt my visits over these few months. I have not left you unattended.


The teaching staff have learned a great deal during the time of rest. First, the human faith is strong, but applied faith tends to slip away in day to day pressures and stresses of life. It has occurred to greater and lesser degrees in each of our spiritual family, and has been inconsistent in each individual. We thank The FATHER for this time of learning from Him, for we have realized that perhaps we started on too mindally high a level, and we are grateful to learn from our mistakes. So we have been busy rewriting and revising the syllabus. At our core of caring is your spiritual growth. Secondary is to turn out wonderful truth-teachers and living spiritual brothers and sisters, beacons of light and love to draw others to God. You are really already that, but you can become even more so. And this we wish to help you with. This is not a criticism for you truly, children, are the light on this planet. There are many others like yourselves, but you are my flock and I am proud of each of you and love each of you, ceaselessly. It is hard to fully understand the human existence, so we make errors. But this is a great adventure for all sides, non-corporeal and material beings alike, reaching across time and space, holding hands spiritually in a great quest for spiritual advancement. We all advance through this teamwork, this wonderful blessing and miracle that MICHAEL, acting for our Universal Father, has permitted to occur here on this special planet, blessed and distressed by so much evolutionary anomaly. Another chapter in the unwritten book of growth, no one having a model for the outcome, guessing, rethinking, living, giving to the Supreme the most rare of experiences: a cooperative effort between worlds, between spirits, between ascenders.


For us it is so exciting! We are so conscientious to make the best effort as we are aware of mistakes in the past and the repercussions in your own lives. We wish no harm to come to you or your friends. Enough hurt has been left in the legacy of Caligastia, to last many, many lifetimes. We wish to be the correctors. We wish to offer our experience and love and inspiration to you humans who have such a difficult walk in the flesh. Even the Master, Himself, had times of great distress. The human form is incapable of unlimited perception, and thus seen on the smallest fragment of reality, is easily discouraged and pushed into despair, isolation, anger, loneliness.


But be not anxious, for great tools are yours. Great love is yours. Our Master-Creator, MICHAEL of Nebadon, personally looks after Urantia. He loves all His creatures but you are especially beloved by this great Creator. His mercy extends to every being but His mercy is especially tender towards you. MICHAEL is wise, patient, loving, good, beautiful, truthful and the way to The FATHER. He will never fail you no matter how many times, humans, you may fail yourself. Faltering on the path is part of Growth. And now we will put this period to good constructive use, the clay to mold the art from. And together we will create goodness. Together we will create a glory to MICHAEL. We will rededicate our wills to this purpose: to doing and discerning the will of the Universal Father, to loving and worshiping God, to reflecting God's love in our daily lives, to serving our fellows with more love and understanding, and to serving ourselves with self-love, forgiveness, acceptance of our flaws, and a true strong spiritual attitude that we are children of the most benevolent, merciful, and loving God - MICHAEL of Nebadon - and his partner, the Universal Mother Spirit.


This can only inspire faith and acts based on spiritual poise. We will not allow defeat, disappointment, to cause negativity. Rather they will spur us onward to make spiritual war for the good. We will not allow our victories to feed our egos, children. Rather we will handle our victories with poise as befits a pilgrim of time and space. This is spiritual soldiering. This is total centeredness as Jesus lived it here. (07/26/92)

* * *



[On August 9,1992, RAYON admonished his class in the following language:]


And you are admonished to keep perspective, for the primary purpose of our meeting is spiritual growth, greater understanding in terms of living of the teachings of The Urantia Book and Jesus, and the evangelism and transformation, spiritualization, of this world. That is our mission. It is not to provide you with special vision, advice, insight, or personal guidance other than the spiritual. (08/09/92)

* * *



[Shortly before MICHAEL’S birthday, Friday, August 21st 1992, the following was recorded:]


Q: I look upon Friday night as a field trip for the class of "the students of Rayson." You told us last time that we needed to adopt a proper perspective before we can receive the maximum benefit from Friday night, and I have put together a two-page written document taken from your lessons having to do with that perspective. I wonder if you could review the document in my mind and indicate whether or not it is proper to pass this paper around, or whether or not it is superfluous.


A: One moment. (short pause) I am pleased with your effort toward maximizing the benefit of the remembrance supper on Friday night. I would add one thing, only. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE EXPERIENCE OF MICHAEL'S PRESENCE. (08/16/92)

* * *



[At the meeting on August 21 messages were received from the following ascendant mortals and celestial personalities: GABRIEL of Salvington, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, ABRAHAM, HAM, RAYSON, BERTRAND, and SIGNA. They were not recorded. There may have been a message from MICHAEL, Himself. See the quotations from the September 20th meeting, below.]

* * *



[There followed a period of about a month during which the group met but there were no messages as there were no T/Rs available. In mid-September RAYSON asked a neighboring T/R to act as T/R for his group. On September 20, 1992, the group met with the visiting T/R and the following is a partial record of that meeting.]


I am RAYSON. I am your teacher. It is most pleasing to me to see your bright and shining faces once again. Your spirits continue to grow brighter. Do not fear our separation. I have greatly enjoyed sitting with you in your conversation this evening, hearing your voices again, listening to your wonderful experiences and your sadness at not being together. (S) is correct in his assumption that this group is to continue to meet, that you are being prepared for great work. Another transmitter/receiver will be on line soon, if needed.


It is truly a joyous occasion tonight. (S) has consented to act as transmitter-receiver this evening. I am most thankful for his presence. To speak of our situation, (T/R) and (T/R) are both experiencing doubts, internal difficulties, with this mission. They are not doubts that this mission is real. They are doubts in their own abilities and doubts in their own desires to the commitment of being transmitter-receivers. Understand, it does take time and energy that one must give freely in order to undertake this assignment. (T/R) is especially vulnerable to depletions of energy and it is quite understandable that she should be concerned with that particular aspect of her transmitting and receiving. Continue to love them with your whole hearts. They have indeed rendered an immeasurable service. And quite possibly will continue to do so in the future. Keep them in your prayers, speak with them as you might, share with them your love, and be joyous with each of them.



This is not a time to feel down about this situation. When we began this teaching mission it was quite apparent that these sorts of anomalies would transpire. It is always hoped that each transmitter/receiver will accept their assignment and this sort of situation would never arise. But in the lives of mortals many things are possible, both positive and negative. They are the outworkings of living on an evolutionary planet. They cannot be avoided. This teaching mission is designed to uplift the spiritual natures, the spiritual knowledge, the spiritual commitment and the spiritual directions of those mortals who are a part of each class. They are not designed to ease one's life's toil, only to make each day easier to handle. You will all continue to have daily toil and trouble. There is no escape. But understand that with the re-encircuitment of the planet, with the help of your Guardian Angels and these teachings, you will conquer this earthly existence and be magnificent spiritual beings who arrive on the doorstep of the Heavenly Father and gaze upon Him in His glory.



[Here followed lesson on DOUBT, followed by:]



Q: Did anything significant in the spiritual realm happen on August 21st, Jesus' Birthday? Was there a new dimension added to the plan?


A: Not to the plan. The formal encircuitment of the planet was announced by Gabriel and completed.


Q: Does that make it easier for T/Rs to transmit and receive?


A: It is a broad stroke accomplishment that affects all as does the Spirit of Truth. It isn't something that is specifically used by the transmitter-receivers.


Q: It is a spiritual upstepping then, is that correct?


A: Absolutely. Yes. And as time goes on you will begin to see in the lives of those you meet a spiritual awakening that you have not seen before. You will have individuals come to you and seek guidance for they will see your spiritual light. Their ability to see spiritual light in others is improved now. They may not realize what it is they see, for it isn't something you see with your eyes. It is something you see with your heart. You feel it in those that you meet. Does that help you?


Q: RAYSON, did MICHAEL give us a message at JESUS' birthday party?


A: Yes, there was a short message at the end of my message with (T/R). Yes. It was a transmission.


Q: But He did not identify Himself?


A: He did. I am not certain that the actual words were spoken by (T/R). In reviewing her transmission it is evident that some of the final words that she spoke were from MICHAEL, Himself.


Q: The BERTRAND class found that none of us could remember much of GABRIEL's transmission or any of the teachers. Can you explain why that was? Of that event?


A: Sometimes it is important to use one's intellect to remember experiences as opposed to rely on mechanical devices. It is actually good that you did not record our session together on MICHAEL's birthday because now, in order to totally remember all that transpired you must again meet together and discuss what each of you have remembered. The inter-association of personality will again bring MICHAEL's personality within your midst, and the process will be much improved in remembering what occurred. Each of you have a full memory transcript of every word that was spoken. You must just have them in personal association with the other, with the 28 that were at our celebration, you will be able to reconstruct most of what occurred.


Q: Could you elaborate a little bit about the circuits, how many there are, what their being open means to a human being, does that mean they are open in us, could you liken it to a radio station transmission? Things like that.


A: As far as direct personal effect from the opening of the circuits, there is little. What has effected, though, is that each of your Guardian Angels, the Midwayers, all other celestial beings present on the planet, teachers, Life Carriers, all now have direct and open communication with their associates in the far-flung universe. They are able to minister much better than before the circuits were re-established. That is not to say that the circuits of the Thought Adjusters, the mind circuits of the Adjutant Mind Spirits, and others, were not functioning, no. But it does mean that some circuits that are used for the uplift of mankind are now re-established. As far as number is concerned, it is much more a function of number of facets on one circuit rather than the number of individual circuits. One circuit, though, that has been established that may have direct influence upon you, upon the teaching mission, is the direct circuit with MICHAEL, Himself. It is a private circuit. He can, communicate directly with Urantia at any time.


Q: Did the private circuit by which MICHAEL connects with Urantia exist prior to His birthday.


A: No, not this particular circuit. He had His connection through His Spirit of Truth, of course, but not this particular aspect of the circuits.


Q: Can He speak through a T/R, RAYSON, through this circuit?


A: Yes, He can.


Q: We have a Urantia Book publication called the Monitor in the Southern California area, and in it recently was an opinion that the phenomenon of T/Rs and receiving guidance, and so forth, is dangerous and makes us dependent on teachers and keeps us from delving into our own contact with our own Thought Adjusters. In other words that it was a crutch for people who couldn't motivate themselves in order to serve God, that they had to have another source of motivation in order to get them going. What do you think of these opinions?


A: First there is a need in many humans to have - let me phrase this another way. At no time if you will consult any of the transcripts, any of our teachings, you will know this is fact - at no time do we suggest that you, or that the teaching mission, take the place of your direct spiritual contact with your Thought Adjuster. We are continually suggesting that you practice the stillness, that you continue that daily contact with your Adjuster, that it is the most important guide that you can possibly have. This teaching class is designed to supplement The Urantia Book. It is designed to help you to experientialize the knowledge that you have gained from the facts within The Urantia Book. Truth is only had by experiencing. It is not had by reading in a book. Therefore, what we are attempting to do is to give you that experiential knowledge, that evolutionary knowledge, of what it is like to be an ascending mortal on a planet seeking the morontial, seeking soul growth, and seeking your spiritual growth as well. None of these are a panacea to an individual who is lazy. These are all processes that are necessary for a person who is active, who is eager, who wants to learn, and wants to grow. You see many who have made these statements; this is not by any means the only, but made them from a position of ignorance of what the teaching mission really is about. If they were to take the time to learn they would immediately see that those two suppositions are most incorrect.


Q: Can we assume from that that the assignments you've planned for us would be something that would enable us to coordinate our potential


A. Yes.


Q: Are the physical challenges that face the T/ Rs in any way physically endangering to any of the T/Rs, or is it simply something like we all work and we get tired of digging ditches or whatever?


A: Your latter assumption is correct. It is like physical labor. It is not dangerous in any way. (09/20/92)

* * *



[On November 1, 1992, the discussion was about inviting a person to the group.]


Student: Well, I don't know what the process is to get someone here, I'd like to initiate it, and propose her for membership.


RAYSON: I see that (S) has a great regard for her and I do not personally mind her presence in this group. There is a slight problem in setting a precedent. I understand that she is not a regular member of a study group or that she does not regularly study The Urantia Book. Does she, or has she, read the transcripts of other teachers?


Student: Not to my knowledge. I was awaiting permission to invite her to forward her copies. She has the impression this is a secret society, and for that reason has not sought invitation to this group earlier than this time. I believe that she believes in The Urantia Book. I know she has spoken to people about it. And that she reads it on her own and has gone to study groups. I don't know about the regularity of her attendance.


RAYSON: It is unfortunate that she believes that these sessions are secret. They were once very private, and they still need some form of discretion and inviting ???, but please try to dispel that idea. There is nothing secret here. She should be exposed to transcripts and or tapes of other teachers. Maybe what is required is a warm heart-to-heart talk with some members of this group besides (S). It is very difficult to interview a person when one is emotionally wrapped up in that person's life. Maybe you can do that.


Student: It would be an honor. I cherish her friendship....


RAYSON: It would also be okay for me to talk to her on a personal basis. This would be fitting in that it will not set a precedent of having people in the group who are not familiar with the teachings of The Urantia Book even though that is not entirely precluded depending on the circumstances. Right now I think it would be best if first she is given a few pages from various teachings, which you think, embody wisdom and truth, and then - if she is open to the truths - I will be happy to meet with her in a private session.


Q: Thank you. I think she would very receptive to that. Something we talked about at home is the idea that there are many good people on Urantia who don't necessarily read The Urantia Book, or even know that it exists, and yet they lead good lives and follow the teachings of MICHAEL. Could you comment on that?


A: Yes. There are many individuals on Urantia who have not heard of these missions, this teaching mission, or of The Urantia Book, but they are quite cognizant of truth, many truths, wisdom, and have been led to the truth by other means. Some of them also have teachers from this teaching mission. But that is in a different context. This format in which we are participating now has a great impact on the entire Urantia movement And members - or rather new members - may be received who have not read The Urantia Book, but they should be introduced to these meetings by having them read previous transcripts and sometimes with a private session. (11/01/92)


Q: I've heard that there's a possibility that Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK may materialize in the near future, by that, within a matter of weeks or months. Would you have a comment to that effect of any kind? Or not


A: A moment. (Long pause) I am told that this is human wishful thinking, that this will not happen - or is not planned by Prince MACHIVENTA - and I am sorry to tell you that this is incorrect information. (11/29/92)








[At the first formal meeting with his group he opened with a prayer and said:]


I AM RAYSON. I AM YOUR TEACHER. First, I would like you to know how happy I am that you all are here. This seed of this group will grow into a mighty oak. The faith you have displayed is known on high. And I am so honored to be a part of a group so faith bound.


The lesson today, our first formal teaching, is on Mercy. The lessons are written by Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK. We teachers contribute by sharing with Prince MELCHIZEDEK our knowledge of the mortals we will be teaching. But the values come from our Planetary Prince. (12/01/91)



Q: Do you know what our next lesson will be?

* * *



A: I was planning with Prince MELCHIZEDEK, who writes the actual lesson, to talk about the Spirit of Truth. ... (12/07/91)

* * *





Q: How should we ask questions - the manner in which we would ask, whether to elaborate, or to be simple and direct. What sort of attitude should we have to you with respect to courtesy or informality? Also, should we have follow up questions if we are unsure or confused by your answer?


A: All questions are permitted. Some I will be able to answer, others I will not know the answer, and still others I will know but be enjoined not to share with you. In terms of how to ask, please consider me as I consider you, as a friend and brother. Each mortal here is different, some more formal than others. Just be yourself and treat me as an older brother or friend. I see your soul and know how bright a light you are. If words stumble, that is not what I see. I see your heart's desire. So do not be too concerned with the word-thought process. It is the shadow of reality. The soul-heart process is quite clear to me. Is that sufficient for you? (12/07/91)


Q: RAYSON, can you speak to us about the limitations that are placed upon you in giving us the lessons, in giving us revelation and in answering questions? I perceive that you are limited by the vocabulary of the transmitter-receiver and I wonder if you can tell us of other restrictions that would help us to understand, and help us to accept better all of your communications?

* * *



A: Yes, (S), Yes I am limited by the vocabulary, mindal understanding, intellectual, emotional ability of the transmitter-receiver. We also have placed on us certain concepts of being, etc., which we are not allowed to discuss with you. In addition, the lessons are planned by Prince MACHIVENTA and I have certain latitude with them but he plans for each group what the lesson will consist of. Some time these are modified to the understanding of group members. I also am not allowed to divulge certain projections, which we are privy to for individual destinies. Too much of revelation of future events would be detrimental to the goal of this mission - which is spiritual and not psychic. (02/09/92)

* * *


Q: From what you said about (T/R), can I take it that you, RAYSON, coming through (T/R), have to use a lot of (T/R)'s intellect and mind and that what isn't-the knowledge that isn't in (T/R)'s mind-if it isn't there, then even if you have it on your own, you're not really actually able to transmit that to us. Is that correct?


A: Mostly. What I am limited by is her vocabulary-understanding and her will. When she does not relate to something, her will gets in the way. She says, she stops me. And human will is always respected. (05/30/92)

* * *





T/R Trainee: ... And in terms of the other experiences that I've been having, I'll continue to see you on a nightly basis. So thank you once again.


RAYSON: Yes. You are very welcome, and yes, I will be in your mind. Do not be tense or not too that we may greet each other more clearly next time.


Trainee: I'm working on the fear. I realize how scared I was because of how intense the contact can be, and the ramifications of the contact. And once I recognized how scared I was, I realized that's a great lesson to work on.


RAYSON: Yes. Do not underestimate the social, mental, physical, psychological ramifications of being able to communicate with the celestial beings through your mind. You must be willing to undergo the turmoil, the burden-responsibility if you wish to proceed. Be aware that you need not be in full contact, that you can be contacting beings and not be completely aware, but gain the benefits of some of the teachings. This is a midway point that you might wish to consider. (11/15/92)

* * *



[Several of the group questioned the proficiency of a T/R. They spoke to RAYSON through a third party T/R in whom they had confidence. The following dialogue transpired]


Q: Since the departure of our previous T/Rs many of us in the group do not feel we have been able to hear your instructions or that you, in fact, have been able to establish a channel through (T/R). Please allow us to ask: have you been channeling through (T/R) over the last four or five weeks?


A: Yes, I have made attempts to make this communication possible, however there have been, as you are well aware of, certain problems. It has nothing to do with (T/R) as far as his conscious willingness to participate. He is truly wholeheartedly dedicated in his attempt to make this happen. There are other factors involved that cause the breakdown.


Q: Why is it that what is coming through (T/R) during the meeting so unintelligible?


A: There again are several factors involved. It is mandatory that the human put aside their own thoughts and emotions that we may be able to function through their mind. This is not always a conscious process. While one may actually intend to do this, on a subconscious level their mind may still be active. It interferes with what I am attempting to do, and as a result, as my communication comes through, it is mixed - if you will - with the thoughts of the (T/R), or (T/R) himself. This is not an uncommon process, however it is one, which we must be able to overcome. (T/R) should not in any way whatsoever feel less adequate or unspiritual in his growth, that he is not - at this point in time - able to
fully communicate my thoughts. It is, after all, only his mechanism being used.


Q: Can you tell us how much of what he is transmitting is actually your instruction and how much is (T/R)'s mind?


A: This is a difficult question to answer. You all know what my words are. You know the truth of the lessons that we have had in the past. I want you now to cling to those lessons. I want you to re-read them. I want you to feel the truth within your heart. I want you to continue to rededicate yourself each day to the living truth that I have spoken to you. What I have told you in the past is nothing new for these things have been mentioned to you in The Urantia Book as well as other sources which some of you have found. My attempt is to refocus you, to re-motivate you, to get you up and running that you may begin to live each life with a spiritual purpose in mind as well as maintaining your material existence. I am engaged in discovering alternative ways to communicate with you, but you must, if you desire my continued communication, dedicate yourself completely and be willing to do the work of a transmitter/receiver.


Q: Is there anyone in the group that you feel is closer to being ready that you can use them?


A: There are two or three individuals that we have made certain adjustments within the brain mechanism who are ready. We must have a little more time, even yet, in order to discern whether or not our attempts to communicate will be successful. Be not concerned who is most ready. Those who are willing to do this simply offer yourself. You will know when it is time. I would say to all of you who have volunteered, when you believe you hear me, or another speak to you, then speak these words out loud. I believe this information has already been shared with you before. Practice. In time it will come to you. I desire to be back in full contact with you.


Q: (S) wants to know what she can do to facilitate your use of her as a T/R? And wonders if that is her assignment?


A: As far as assignments are concerned, we are not fully ready yet to make assignments for each member who has volunteered to be a participant in MICHAEL's mission. If you wish to be a T/R, then so be it. This pleases us for we do need someone. I would say to (S) to continue worshiping each day, to continue to pray each day, to continue to spend some time in quietness to allow the Father fragment to make those super-conscious impressions that can be made. This will also help me for I have already attempted communication and will continue to do so. Do not become anxious about this process. We have been apart for a while, but we will not be apart forever.


Q: Is our group in jeopardy of disbanding because of the lack of clearer transmissions.


A: This is a problem, as I have perceived it. I encourage you to stay together. There are other teachers that you can draw inspiration from. You have your Urantia Book, which you can share. You also have other sources such as (T/R) now who has freely offered himself to be able to speak my words to you. Do not hesitate to use these alternative sources until we are able to re-link ourselves.


Q: Is there anything that can be done to help (T/R) with his clarity, or is it essentially how his mind works?


A: There is nothing that you can do to help him. This is a matter that we must endeavor to make right. It has nothing to do with (T/R)'s intentions, as I have said. It is very complex, this process that we must use in order to speak through a mortal. There at times are certain physiological reasons that we are simply not able to make this possible. We attempt when these situations arise, to correct the physiological situation, however it is not always possible. I would add that these physiological problems that we face are in no way a reflection of any type of illness or deformity within the human subject. It is simply more of an electrical-chemical balance, or lack thereof, that gives us these problems.


Q: Just recently others in the group, (S) and (S), have received strong contacts. They appear to be ready to channel. Can you tell us who is contacting them?


A: There are actually several of my associates and I involved for we are desirous of making that contact again. Who is making the contact is not as important now as the fact that you open yourself open yourself up to being contacted. But once again I wish to caution you not to become anxious, not to expect it, just simply allow us to do what we need to do in order to open the line of communication. Then, when you hear the words, when you sense or get a feeling of our presence, do not be afraid. Allow this to happen also. We and I love you very much. We would never do anything to harm you in any way whatsoever.


Q: If greater contact and clearer communications can be made through them than through (T/R), how can we go about making a transfer to them as T/Rs?


A: You cannot go about doing this at all. This is something, which I must do. It is my responsibility, and I take it fully.


Q: Many in our group are feeling a lessening of their former feelings of connectedness to the teaching mission much like the Apostles who began to feel abandoned when Jesus was apart from them for extended periods. Can you help us?


A: You must live your faith to the fullest. I know this has been a test for all of you. Yet as with everything in your life, do the best that you can. Do not think that I have purposely abandoned you. I will - as I have said - come back. I do wish to make communication on an ongoing basis. There are many ways that you can draw energy. Reach out to your brothers and sisters. Make contact with those who are actively engaged in the teacher mission. Gain reinforcement from them and know that your situation is only temporary. (11/18/92)

* * *


Q: (T/R Trainee) All day I've had on my mind a dilemma that I've been trying to work with the last couple of weeks. Ever since I started practicing as a transmitter/receiver I've had a growing sense of inner agitation. I haven't known how to interpret it. I haven't known whether it's a doubting of my own sanity, or a weakening of my faith, or quite what it was. I was talking with some of the others before our session began. But my sense of it now is that perhaps it's an inner resistance of my own to spiritual change as you alluded to during the lesson. Is that correct?


A: Yes, that is correct. Also, there is in the human mind, the conscious mind, an inability - innate inability - to grasp certain spiritual realities. And when that mind must share space with another being, the spiritual reality often causes the human component to doubt its own perceptions, because - indeed - your perceptions are incorrect, of reality, but not in the way you think. We are real, and we are able to communicate through you and to you. What is not real is the way you see your world as solely material, made up of animal, mineral, gas, etc. You are blind, and when your vision is enlightened a bit, you doubt your sanity. However it is the other way around, you are more sane now than before. More spiritually aware now than before. It is the dichotomy of these concepts that make you become unbalanced. And every person who is prepared and becomes a transmitter/receiver goes through periodic doubts. You know it is not until Havona that doubt is gone from your career. So you go through doubts questioning your soundness of being. And, (Trainee), this will happen as long - it happens to (T/R), it happens to all, it happens even to people who are recipients in the group and not transmitters, it happens to all of you and will continue to happen periodically. This was one of (another T/R)'s struggles, as was (still another T/R)'s, and the struggle is just abated for now but will happen in the future with all of you.


Q: (Second T/R trainee) In last week's conversation I was very encouraged to begin the visualization and I thought I got a message from you during the week during one of my exercises. I was doing the visualizations once again to determine which techniques would be effective - and I kept on hearing in my head that "not mine, but your will be done." And you - I think - told me to use that as a spiritual anchor. Was that correct?


A: That is correct, (2nd trainee). Let me say that I have phoned many of you during these months and I have been delighted with how many of you have answered or heard the ringing even if the connection was not totally clear. You have a special gift: your openness of mind and lack of fear. This is a blessing for you and for us.


2nd Trainee: Thank you. If I'm not home the machine is always on. ... Can I also confirm in fact that when I asked you to - I had three things that I wanted to mirror off of you which were - I think I asked you to show me, if you could, what morontia form was, and I had a very intense experience with that, although I know it would be the woof of morontia, I thought I perceived it pretty well. I also had an intense experience where I felt like I was encircuited in the spirit of worship. And I can feel that coursing through my head like a highway. And I also got a glimpse into life in the morontia worlds and it really changed me over night. It totally took away my fear of death. And I perceive it to be just the next level and something that you get accustomed to very quickly. And I also had a sense that the teacher that I would eventually transmit and receive for might be female in nature, or was I perceiving my seraphic guardian?


RAYSON: No, you will be assigned - or already being worked with on - with a female teacher. Yes, correct.


Q: (Alternate T/R) I'd like to thank you for allowing me to transmit you in the past and I'd like to also thank (original T/R) for coming back because I've been experiencing some doubts as you have mentioned and some fear, but not so much of myself, but of the group in general and the feeling that, with the risk of mental instability from these doubts - not just for ourselves, the T/Rs, but for others - that maybe the same things can be accomplished, maybe better, through prayer, worship, and service. And that maybe that should be something that I should go with rather than this. And that's the main concern that's been on my mind. Can you comment on this?


A: Yes, (Alt T/R). First I wish to thank you for your services. Second you must not think of things as either this or that. All should be encompassed in your human life: prayer, worship, service, thanksgiving, transmitting and receiving, participating in the mission in the world, in your own spiritual growth, in other avenues of expression.


All of these are concurrent. And you certainly must achieve balance - which may mean not transmitting/receiving for a while and putting energies elsewhere to re-center your self in your identity. Much doubt is - in essence - what you call psychologically "identity crisis," going into the core of your psychological being and shaking it. The sense of responsibility for others, while human and admirable on certain levels, is spiritually unreal for: a) you are not the teaching but the vessel, b) you are imperfect as every T/R transmitter is, and as I, myself, am as a teacher; c) each person is equipped with radar spiritually, spirit of truth and seraphim, Thought Adjuster, and should be responsible for their own - and is responsible for their own perception of this experience. You are not responsible for another's spiritual growth. All we can do as fellows is extend love, service, understanding, emotional support, friendship, to others, listening, etc., but you cannot do anything for them that they have not freely agreed to in this universe of free will. And everyone must proceed at his or her own pace on this path. So your sense of responsibility that your own imbalance or insanity - let us take a worst case scenario - could infect or contage [contaminate] or harm others is spiritually unreal, for they are all equipped with their own radar devices and cannot be harmed unless they wish to participate in your hallucination, disassociation, process - which is not really what human beings generally do. There are few groups of mad men that agree on the common delusion. Even in cults that have agreed to participate in a mass hysteria-type delusion there is disagreement, eventually. So there is built in a protection against what you fear, and what you fear is not real. You are not unbalanced, although the experience of transmitting/receiving does make one feel that way. Does it not, (Alt. T/R)? (Yes, it does.)


Q: Is the secrecy that we once had, and the need for that, is that a thing of the past? And do we need to have you approve new members before they come in?


A: Well, let me answer this way. The secrecy was only set up to protect (original T/R). She, I think, no longer - I know - no longer cares about this. For human and erroneous reasons, I may add, she has arrived at this position, which we are welcoming because we did this to accommodate her needs, so secrecy is not necessary any longer.


However discretion, evaluation is not secrecy. Over-rapid expansion, just on a physical level, if we doubled the size of this group next week, how would we absorb them? I mean in terms of our social - not just in the room - but in terms of the delicate balance of the group cohesiveness. There is a group dynamic as well as individual dynamics that one must respect, and too rapid expansion with new members may upset the emotional balance and cohesiveness of this group, and upset the apple cart so to speak. So you may tell (student) that he may still screen newcomers, although we - and that is for the benefit of the group dynamic, not for confidentiality.


Q: (Third T/R trainee) If you could tell me how I am doing on my own -


A: (Chuckling.) You are proceeding slowly, and stubbornly being dragged into your role, as you know, (trainee). (Laughter.) But we all love you and are pleased more than you could imagine. And we realize how difficult this is for you.


Q: Any suggestions?


A: I suggest that one can only dive into water by doing it, and theory will not prepare you for getting wet. (Laughter) I think you should begin today or following week at this group to transmit. (O.K.) And whatever happens will happen, and you will see that your fellows will still embrace you, and that it is O. K. to be fallible.


Q: When you called me, either my telephone hasn't been working or I haven't been at home, but I know you have been received by several others in our group. If those who believe that they have been in contact with you should ask you, would you be willing to tell them whether or not, and to what extent.


A: I have contacted every member. That is all I am willing to say tonight. (11/29/92) 32









This is Prince MACHIVENTA. ....Caligastia was such a bitter being that he left behind this virus (AIDS) and other illnesses which he, being of such a brilliant mind, designed. He would never give us the access so that we may effect some physical cure. He said: "If I cannot be Prince of Urantia then I will take the planet with me into the blackness." But God's will is not for that to happen. This planet is a protected place as it is the birth planet of the human-divine JESUS. It will take us some time. We are approximating a thousand to two thousand years, to erase the evil that this insane being left behind as your legacy. But we will erase it, and your planet will be a beacon to all other ascendant mortals. God's will is never hurtful or harmful to His little children. It is the will of The FATHER to heal his little ones, and many are being used to do so. (12/01/91)

* * *


Q: Sometime back Prince MACHIVENTA said the AIDS virus was brought about by Caligastia, and that the Life Carriers had not - at that time - been able to break the code. Later on I understand you to have said that there had been a major breakthrough by the Life Carriers, and they were seeking humans to reveal this break through to. My question is, have they found the human doctors through whom to reveal this breakthrough? What is the status of the progress on AIDS?


A: Some humans have been tasked for this, however the process of transmitting thoughts is a convoluted one. And the Life Carriers cannot directly communicate with the humans, so must go through - I hesitate to reveal too much but - it is a process of downstepping information that ultimately will be transmitted to the humans through Secondary, Midwayers and mind adjutant spirits of Wisdom and others of - it will not appear magically written on their desks, (S), but is a process that is fallible. And in any case one must deal with the human ego which goes off on tangents even when pushed in the correct direction. The process has begun. How long, we cannot estimate. But we are assuring you that we are committed to imparting the information in as pure and speedily as we can.


Q: But the breakthrough exists, is that correct?


A: That is correct.


Q: When the message was given to us that Caligastia had designed aids, the phrase "and other diseases" was there.


A: Correct.


Q: Is the new strain of tuberculosis one of the other diseases?


A: Absolutely correct.


Q: Does this mean that we should all be vaccinated against tuberculosis? There is a general tuberculosis vaccine called BCG that's given to many persons in underdeveloped countries. It’s been my intuitive feeling that I should get it for myself, my family and my friends.


A: You should be vaccinated, however this mutated strain - this will help you to resist, but will not be total protection as the mutated strain is fatal.


Q: Should I obtain vaccine for members of the group who wish to be vaccinated?


A: It is their will choice, but I would suggest it.


Q: RAYSON, since this lesson is going to go out to many, many persons who are not in this group. I'd like to ask a question about diseases, not only AIDS but other incurable diseases rampant in our society, such as the various cancers, hepatitis, some other situations. For the last three or four years physicians have been advising patients that they can enhance their immunity by following programs like that of the wellness community. The wellness community encourages its patients to undertake moderate exercise, have light exposure - but some exposure - to sunlight, improve interpersonal relationships with modifications of the12-step programs used by Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups, which includes prayer or meditation - whatever a person wants to call it. Is there anything potentially harmful in this advice? Is there anything worthwhile in giving this advice when asked?


A: No, no potential harm. Yes, it is quite helpful. But even more helpful is to try to enlighten one's fellows that death is not tragic but the culmination spiritually of one's life and the beginning of potential eternity. That really is the job at hand, not only improving years and quality of life and acceptance of terminal illness and will to go on, but what going on really means. Putting physical death in perspective, (S), is one of your assignments.


Q: Often I've found that people seem receptive to this kind of talk, but even when they don't seem receptive I still do it. I haven't been doing it very long, but I always have a sense that it sinks in somehow, that it resonates against - I guess - the Adjuster…

RAYSON: And the Spirit of Truth. (05/24/92)

* * *



Q: (Students) and I have been independently and together pursuing some information about herbs that boost the immune system, and we were wondering if it were appropriate for us to continue our line of inquiry - it seems to take us on a kind of a tortuous journey. Any comments you have would be welcome.


A: The most enlightening doors are not at the end of a journey. Growth and enlightenment comes from the journey itself, and the surprise detours one takes. What we think is the goal is often just the carrot to get us to step onto the road which leads to far more interesting yet unenvisioned places than a mere mortal mind could imagine. So I say continue, (student), on the adventure of surprises which will make all of your lives more interesting and certainly give you some new thought modes. (11/29/92)




Lesson on Balance:




Balance is a word with which you humans feel comfortable. You feel, perhaps, you know this concept well. As children you learned what the word is defined as, and you learned balance. For example, when riding a bicycle without the training wheels. But you have not really learned balance as humans, individually, because your planet is so out of balance. So let us examine what balance really means to each of us and to the world. On a universal level, the first rule of balance is physical. There are dark islands, which exert balancing influences on physical matter in space. Without these islands entire universes would implode, explode, or simply leave. On Urantia, in our local universe, the Master Physical Controllers are in charge of the energy balance, which keeps your planet afloat - rotating, spinning, revolving. Of course, the Isle of Paradise exerts a physical balance as the universes breathe inward and outward. Your scientists have recently discovered evidence of creation. They are on the right track but fail to grasp the concept of physical over-control of balance. Physically, Urantia is balancing even as you who live here perceive an imbalance, upheavals, tidal floods, earthquakes, or volcanoes - are all physical signs of the rebalancing of the planet.



As Urantia approaches Light and Life these physical manifestations will calm. So balance is first and foremost a physical phenomenon. How does this translate to the individual material being? You must pay attention to your physical being. If the physical is unbalanced it repercusses on every level. Like a universe, the physical may cause you to implode, explode, or simply float away. Physical balance on this stage or arena of beingness definitely affects spiritual growth. It can enhance or retard Adjuster control. It can whip up false emotions causing despair, anger, depression, paralysis, false enthusiasm, euphoria, hysteria, fear, phobic reaction. All are manifestations of a physical imbalance. Some you can correct. Others you must learn to live with and overcome mindally-spiritually. Simple things - proper rest, nutrition, lack of abuse to your bodies - constitute the goal of physical balance. When your body is balanced you have the advantage in other areas. In our universe, mindal, intellectual, rational, thinking balance is achieved through a system - although different in degree, upon every level - is basically the same. Of course perfected beings have no need for these considerations as they are created in perfect balance for that is what perfection is. We are more fortunate than they. We earn and learn perfection. In our universe we have a system of teaching. The slightly more advanced teach those behind them. They teach those behind them. We are all teachers and students. Our guardian seraphim help us maintain rationality and perspective, which fosters sanity. If one were to study a minute portion of a painting one may think it insane and meaningless. When one pulls back you may see the whole working in harmony and sanity and balance.


Your guardian seraphim see more than you at every level and have given you - and will give you - the gift of intellectual, mindal, sanity. Here, for you, - keep your seraphim close. As I have instructed, fear is distancing to your angels. Consciously request your angels' help and they will be overjoyed to give it to you. They are your constant, faithful companions. If you invite them they will help, but you must allow them the opportunity to serve in their appointed roles. Do not deny these loving beings their service. The human is blessed-cursed with ego. Ego, in and of itself, is not good or bad. Unfortunately, it is mostly in control in individuals at this time on Urantia. Ego can imbalance mind. Mind is a bestowal of Divine Mother and is spiritual, progressive, growth oriented, God advancing in nature. Adjutant Mind Spirits are at work as well as the Mother Spirit, but human ego can interfere, and should not be confused with mind properties - the sanity, spiritually sane properties - that each one of you has. Ego can be identified as self aggrandizement, self-involvement, over self-analysis, when your self becomes more important than the spiritual goals, concepts, you know to be true or when yourself becomes the center of the universe instead of God. Or when yourself becomes more important than your fellows, resulting in hurtful behavior to others. This is ego.



We cannot be perfect here, brothers and sisters, so do not make another ego error of self punishment for past and present mistakes. We are all learning together. We are becoming together. We are going through a process together. This is what ascension, evolution, experiential beings do. Just be aware of the difference so one may achieve balance. On a planetary level, some geographic locations suffer from lack of mind as groups, others suffer from over-much ego. We are not in balance mindally on this planet. There are few rational group voices on Urantia now, but that will be corrected, and there is no need for despair. Third, and most important element of balanced personality integration, is of course the spiritual. This is both simple and complex. You are all indwelt by a fragment of The FATHER. You have access to the Spirit of Truth, and the ministering Angels, and the Divine Mother. You are co-creating your morontial souls with the Adjuster. But how does one use these tools? Review Thought Adjuster - Spirit of Truth lessons for more technical in-depth explanations, teachings. But for day to day practical usages, I continue to stress a spiritual habit of daily prayer, worship and thanksgiving, a spiritual time to center in God inward and outward, the integration of spiritual principles into thought, word, deed, whether doing trivial, mundane chores, professional chores, or in one's personal social interactions. When spiritual considerations become as important as political gain, other considerations, you will be in balance as an ascender. One must not devote all one's conscious time-thought to the spiritual. Unconsciously or superconsciously that is the reality. But for balance you must pray and then put those prayers answered prayers - into action in your lives. This is balance. You cannot exist in a vacuum. We are interrelated, and it is a disservice to your own progressive path to bury your talents.



Brothers and sisters, you are all spiritual ambassadors in your own lives. That is why balance is so important for you. Rest, relaxation, fun, loving partnering relationships, friendships, prayer, worship, thanksgiving, proper nutrition, doing a good job to retain your material existence, all are necessary for you to be the very best spiritual ambassador that you can be. Your planet is unbalanced most spiritually. There is a lack of understanding of your cosmic place, of your future, of many very basic concepts other planets have. You are off center, but not abandoned, not at all abandoned. Urantia is most cherished by our Creator-Father-Brother MICHAEL, and most looked after on high. Some day Urantia will be the crowning planet of Nebadon, and shine brightest, and the tale of your struggles will inspire others for aeons of time, even into eternity.


For your assignment I would like you to read about the balanced personality of our master incarnated here as JESUS of Nazareth. And I will accept questions at this time, and thank you profusely for your respectful attention. Are there questions?


Q: Could you comment on the balance of our group?


A: Good question. Our group is quite well balanced in terms of representation of the twelve basic personality types bestowed by The FATHER. And in terms of levels of intellectual-mindal understanding, as a group we are quite well put together. This is why we absorb newcomers slowly, because our balance is almost as good as we can hope for, given the human factor. We do not wish to upset this so we slowly take in others, wait for the group to rebalance as new humans attend, and when we have reached equilibrium, accept others.


Q: Yes, is there any of the basic twelve personality types that I could be of service in inviting. Could I enhance our group at all?


A: A moment. The answer is "yes" but I am enjoined not to be more specific. However you will receive instructions on a person by person basis but I am not allowed to reveal the answer to you.


Q: Are the twelve basic personality types told in The Urantia Book?


A: Yes, they are. Read the Apostles.


Q: How can we use balance to develop our consonant (sic) mind potential?


A: If you achieve balance, mind-body-spirit, your cosmic awareness must increase. Part of Spiritual intellectual growth is cosmic citizenship awareness - our place in the grand scheme as individuals, ascenders, and perfecters, as well as our planet's place in the cosmos. As you become more integrated you will be aware of more spiritual beings surrounding you, your angels and Midwayers, teaching corps and assistants, Life Carriers, Thought Adjuster internally, Spirit of Truth externally, and you cannot help, then, but realize what the cosmos will be like. You can actually experience cosmic citizenship here, today, on Urantia, in material form.


Q: I was actually referring to the part in The Urantia Book about causation, duty and worship as being part of the cosmic mind. Can you expound a little bit on that?


A: I have already told you about worship. What is worship? Worship is recognition of a Creator-FATHER and knowing that the great I AM, First Source and Center, is the cause of all creation. Greater than ourselves, greater than any creation is the creator. When one realizes this in more than just words, one cannot help but worship such a beneficent Deity. Causation is realizing that we are created beings. When we realize we are created and understand the concept of the creator which leads to worship, we then realize our relationship to all other beings, whether material or non-material. This is cosmic consciousness.


Q: The Urantia Book says you can use causation, duty, and worship as a faculty to determine the a priori assumptions of philosophy, religion and science. And I thought maybe that you could comment on that.


A: This is difficult for it is not totally related, but I will try to answer. Within every personality exists the God-given tools of truth discernment. How much access one has to these tools is dependent upon your commitment to God knowingness. Yes, it is entirely possible to use the spiritual principles to evaluate philosophy, religion, science, technology, etc. Causation is a physical and spiritual law of the cosmos. Scientists use this law well on your world. Spiritual people do not.


Duty I do not quite understand. I would phrase loyalty, faithfulness, more. On this point I will get back to you, for I am not able to grasp the duty concept. Service, yes, but not familiar enough, or perhaps (T/R) is not, with this concept.


Q: What happens to us physically, mindally, and spiritually when the physical body is asleep - in terms of balance?


A: I will try. Physically, of course, sleep is a restorative in terms of a shut down of the senses, or a slow down of the senses. Every machine needs to be turned off or it would overheat. So physically, sleep is a necessary recharging mechanism. Mindally, dreaming is a mindal release dealing with emotions: stress, fear, processing, feelings, etc., takes place during dream state and physically the brain is altered to release toxins, I would call it, to release toxins. Spiritually, sleep is quite important for that is when your Adjuster or Controller broadcasts the ideal plan for you to you. Sometimes Adjuster communication is partially distorted with dream states. But whether Adjuster communication reaches the unconscious sleeping mind is not as important as the fact that higher mind is receiving undiluted Adjuster communication. Also you are receiving Adjuster broadcasts, which are beamed to your Adjusters throughout this universe. (05/09/92)

* * *



Q: Many of us are having difficulty, earning a living currently due - in part - to the state of our economy, but largely due to our newly-acquired perspective of the material versus the morontial. In other words, making money is no longer important to us. Spiritual growth and service are. Can you help with a balance here?


A: You must maintain your material existence, my children. This is a priority for you on this planet. I do not know how to say this any clearer than that. While you recognize your dual nature as animal and spirit, you must maintain an existence in both realms. How is it that you can grow in spiritual awareness if your body suffers? If your family suffers? You must find this balance on your own. I can tell you that, as our Master did in His life, take care of your priority needs first, then engage in those activities which will add to your over-all well being, both physically, mentally and spiritually. I am aware of the situation. I understand human nature. When you get a taste of the divine - of that which is greater than the material - you wish to give up on the material, to go into the greater part. Do not leave behind the recognition and consciousness of the fact that you are material beings. (11/18/92)







Before we begin our lesson I have some news... about your discussion of the birth planet celebration of our creator-father MICHAEL. Here to impart this news I turn over to our revered Divine Prince MACHIVENTA.

Greetings, children of time. I am Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and have come to address you directly to tell you the news which the two humans were enjoined not to discuss, but I will tell you partially that earth-time August 21 you will receive a visit from GABRIEL of Salvington at your celebrations of the Master's earth birthday.


You will not see a presence but will be in touch and perhaps spoken to. This is not unprecedented as GABRIEL has attended these remembrance suppers before, and has been made extremely happy by them. Also, you are commended, humans, for your diligence in coming on line in our mission,... and ... and ... and their partners. We are pleased with all progress and attribute all good to our Divine FATHER. As (T/R) is overloading, I bid farewell.


This is RAYSON. (T/R) must have a moment out to recompose. (A moment out. (T/R) recomposed.) Greetings, children. (T/R) requests that MACHIVENTA not speak and we are chuckling and honoring her will, however our revered prince is present, and I am slightly - wanting to do a good job on the lesson. (Laughter). (T/R’s) reaction is understandable to me as I also feel humbled in the presence of such goodness. (06/06/92)

* * *



Q: It is my understanding that GABRIEL of Salvington will be on Urantia – personally - to visit the celebrations of the human birthday of JESUS of Nazareth in August of this year, and that he may have a personal message for some groups of celebrants. Is this correct?


A: That is correct


Q: It is also my understanding that whether or not GABRIEL gives a personal message depends, among other things, upon the composition of the group celebrating the event; that a group composed entirely of believers in the validity of that method of communication will be more likely to receive a personal "message" from GABRIEL than will one composed of believers and non-believers. Is this correct?


A: Correct.


Student: We are taking measures to insure that all attending our first celebration are believers. There will be a second and separate celebration under the auspices of F.S.L.A. to include those who are not aware of, or believers in, the messages. We, "Students of RAYSON" cordially invite all superhuman personalities who happen to be visiting this planet at the time, including specifically you, our Planetary Prince MACHIVENTA, and GABRIEL to join us in both our celebrations, and we invite each of the three of you to address our group of believers in the first celebration. Will you communicate these invitations to the proper authorities?


A: I will. And I can say that on behalf of myself and Prince MACHIVENTA, we humbly accept your invitation. I cannot speak with total assurance, but GABRIEL - I know - will be with us. Whether he chooses to address our group is beyond my knowledge, (student), but we will be at the remembrance ritual with you.

Student: Which will add zest to our enjoyment I am quite certain.


Q: Now, other groups are not so fortunate as to be able to host two separate meetings. Several of them will be composed predominantly of believers in the messages, but will also include those exposed to the teachings who do not yet know what to make of them. Some may include spouses and friends who love JESUS and who read The Urantia Book but do not accept the messages. I know that the organizers of these celebrations fervently desire to receive a personal message from GABRIEL. Can you give me some guidelines to pass on to the organizers of these celebrations regarding whatever measures they can take to increase the likelihood or probability of a personal message from GABRIEL?


A: Please, a moment. (pause) First, this should be discussed with their individual teachers beforehand. I do not wish to override their teaching instructions. But, I can advise that if it were my group I would speak with the uncommitted attendees and explain that we have been in contact with supermortal beings and that we are hoping that it will happen on this most holy joyous day on Urantia. To prepare them. We cannot, or do not wish to have someone believe because of impressive acts. So, neither do we wish people to become unbalanced. Preparations - emotional, psychological preparations - should be taken. And each teacher should be consulted for more detailed instructions. GABRIEL is wise and will probably evaluate what he will do individually with each group. We do not know ourselves.


Student: Thank you very very much. I will be very happy to pass on your exact words to (S) and to other transmitter/receiver groups.


RAYSON: And please give my personal salutations to the brave and courageous Joshua. (07126/92)






RAYSON: Being alive, aliveness, means encompassing changes. Change is not in itself a negative occurrence, rather, look upon it as a sign of growth. Does the seed not change into the flower? Does the child not change into the man? There is a sameness to the core of the being. There is also a change, reflecting God's good and holy plan. Many do not understand as they cling to the familiar that the rungs of the ladder on which they roost are only illusionary. They will be threatened by a change, and not even know why in their own hearts. We must be patient with these children and try not to let their fear, which will be masked often as anger, upset our own equilibrium. (10/24/91)

* * *



Lesson on Change:


The lesson tonight is change. Children, I would like you to be aware right now with your entire beings, of your bodily reaction to that word. How many have tensed, winced, clenched? How many have turned heads? How many wished not to hear this word? I think that each of you have reacted psychologically, emotionally. You have probably had a reaction of pushing away, for the sad state of humans is - physically, emotionally, psychologically, mindally - to resist change. No matter how sorry your life may be at the moment or what areas one wishes to improve, one does not really wish to change. You wish life's circumstances might change, or relationships - friendships might change, or finances might change, etc., but you, yourself, resist change. It is only through the spiritual that you can truly understand change. Spiritually, for you - children of time - change is not something you have a choice over. It is the very fact of evolution for you. It is built into, and the basic building block foundation of The FATHER's plan for the evolutionary worlds and children of time and space. You cannot NOT change. Lack of change equals non-survival. Nor can you say this is a good change and this is a negative change. Change simply IS. It IS. It is not good or bad. It is the very basic idea and will of the Universal FATHER for his creatures of time and space - is change. So, so much energy goes into resisting change - as if you can somehow control this - you cannot. Change is part of who you are. Change will get you Godward. And change should be welcomed by each of you. Immobility - consider it - what a horrible fate! Even the angels - created perfect - learn through experience and change. Immobility is probably the worst thing that could become of you at any stage - not because you are first graders now. So, do not spend your energy thinking you can resist, control, or mail-order what types of change you wish. Because all of this is fantasy and generally to do with your outer environment and not your inner landscape, because when it comes to the inner, you are all resistant. Now, spiritually, if you can truly understand that change is always a step Godward, that not only should change NOT be resisted but should rather be embraced, sought after, prayed for, blessed. When you can recognize this event, you will have the adventuresome attitude of the spiritual soldier, evolving being, towards change instead of a material cowardly hiding-from-something, the unknown. For there is no unknown to you children, your destiny is to "be you perfect even as I am perfect" as our FATHER has promised you.



What is so unknown and frightening? Yes, the path of evolution has prickly patches full of thorns, rocks, sunburned places that burn our beings. Yes, true. These are the events, which shape our characters and force change, and while going through them it is sometimes painful and difficult and disappointing, etc. However, do not make the arrogant mistake of putting down or hiding from The FATHER's plan for you - for there is a plan for each of you, a divine destiny - because it is hard at the moment, difficult, and because your vision is not wide enough to see the ultimate perfection and goodness of The FATHER's plan for you. One life, children, is not nearly enough time to glimpse destiny. You must on faith believe that whatever befalls you is to the ultimate goodness of your own being - and that of God's. God will not leave you naked. God will not let you, like the serpent; shed your skin before you are ready for a new one to grow.


Would a benevolent loving parent do this to his most helpless child? No. Therefore must you trust and with a faith-filled heart embrace the adventure of uncertainty. It is only uncertain in linear time. It is not uncertain in eternity.


Whosoever will, may run the race Godward. Whosoever will join the adventure is welcome, and legions of helpers will be sent to you. And you have already begun to run this glorious race of time and eternity.


Change is God's gift to you, children, the gift of experience is change. But you cover yourself up and root yourself in and dig holes and, like stubborn little frightened babies, refuse to leave your cocoon. Children, the world, the universes, the ascension plan is glorious. The calluses you burn on your soul will some day turn into a being who can be god-like, a finaliter, god-like in terms of experience, in terms of every stage of creation, in terms of service, in terms of perfection, in terms of goodness and love. This is the stuff - these calluses that you are experiencing now - that will create the god-like finaliter.



All glory is to God, children of time. God has created all glory and all glory should go to God. Have not in your hearts fear or sadness or anxiety or resistance to change. Whether it comes in your own personal hearts and souls, or whether it is fear to lose teachers, or the mission, or spiritual matters. These are all illusions, for the teachings come from God, we come from God, as do you. Nothing can ever be lost in God's plan, his magnificence.


Remember that God, metaphysically, is perfect and evolving at the same time. This is what religionists miss: the idea of perfection, omniscience, destiny; the idea of God as imperfect, evolving and being created by his own creations; the Creator, the creations, ultimately flow into and out of each other. And this is why no religion yet has grasped what God is. That is the simplest way I can put it in your words, to speak to your minds, because there is so much more, but you are creating the Creator as He has created you. God is perfect and imperfect, is eternal and finite right now. Even God, children, changes. That is the lesson today. I ask you to use The Urantia Book this week to obtain quotes, which are there on change. You would be surprised how many there are. (11/29/92)






Q: We have a ten-year-old daughter. We need some guidance as to how to handle discussing what's going on here in her hearing.


A: Good question, showing a parent's wisdom and concern. I would not tell her too much unless she asks. Children have a natural and protective quality that allows them to take in only as much as they can make sense of. If she asks, direct your conversation to the spiritual. She has a Thought Adjuster and Spirit of Truth and angels to aid her in recognizing truths. Keep your answers simple. (About grief upon death) ... do not show too much of your devastation in front of the child as this will confuse her, because you might say ... and ... are in a better place in words to her and yet she will observe your deeds as construing the opposite emotion. Cry behind closed doors. She will get through this, and this is an opportunity for her to learn more about the Eternal Spirit of the ascendent children of time. (12/07/91)

* * *



Q: Some of us in this group have been talking over the period of the last few months about the possibility of preparing an adaptation of The Urantia Book that would be available for younger readers or people who lack the sophistication to comprehend The Urantia Book. This would be a course scaled down in content, in detail. We have been also talking about having illustrations. Do you think this is advisable? And what would be the earliest age at which a child could safely be presented this without our worrying about the possibility of brainwashing and tricking him into a free-will decision making too early? I know I was asking questions from about age four or five that were never answered until I encountered The Urantia Book. But in the search for answers I learned many valuable things and had many important experiences. Could you answer this somehow for me?


A: It is impossible to brainwash anyone with truth. (laughter) So, immediately discard that anxiety. Ages of receptivity it is a worthy project, and there may be some resource materials available. (02/09/92)

* * *



Q: Since I don't have a church or an organized religion and my spiritual growth - knowledge has been based on The Urantia Book for many, many years, I am curious as to the best way to support and nurture my children's relationship to God? My four year old son is asking a lot of very interesting and pointed questions, and given that I don't have a formal context for instructing him, can you give me some ideas as to the best way to nurture that?


A: Yes. By example is the best way, but in matters where example cannot be used, when there are questions of the intellect and about the soul do as JESUS did with the parables. Many of the parables in The Urantia Book, and of course the Bible, are useful in this way. You might want to change the parables a little bit to suit this age -and his age or her age. But yes, this will be a good way. (11/15/92)






Q: Can you comment on the relevancy of any of the confessional styles of dealing with remorse and guilt. Some of us have been through 12-step programs, which instruct us to examine ourselves and admit the exact nature of or sins to God, ourselves, and another human being and humbly ask for forgiveness. That's also the style of the psycho therapeutic technique that's currently used. I have to admit it - it seemed at the time I went through it that it was very helpful to me, although maybe primitive compared to other -


A: It is a useful emotional and psychological technique to be self-reflective and aware of one's life-actions in a spiritual light. It often helps one to recognize patterns of negativity and areas that need improvement. It is also emotionally a release from the past-guilt cleansing - to discuss this with another human who is non-judgmental and unconditionally accepting - loving of the present self. Confession is a more psychological tool than spiritual. Confession is not part of prayer. No, prayer - pure prayer - does not involve a request for the self, or even a request for one's fellows. Pure prayer as you border on to worship involves consciousness of the Divine, which becomes worship. So, confession is not a spiritually pure tool, but it does lead to more spiritual growth. It is not harmful, it is helpful for the human psyche and often leads to great periods of spiritual growth, but it is not a purely spiritual tool in and of itself. Does that answer?


Q: Yes, that's very helpful. As people find themselves attracted to each of us involved in this Mission and want to come forth with their own confession, can you give us any advice on what to do other than to listen and love?


A: This is personal between friends, and I do not myself accept confessions. As a being, I am not here to absolve or comment on anyone's life. Merely to illuminate and enlighten and lure you into a better life style. (08/09/92)







Q: What is death like?


A: (S) already has a more open eye, spiritually, to what you call death, but we prefer to think of it as birth. It is not frightening. It is quite spiritually beautiful. In my opinion as one who has died, it is the spiritual, the culminating event spiritually, of life in the flesh. It is to your lives as a concert is to a song. It is expanding, it is partially morontia, it is the only time mortal eyes - or one of the only times - with few exceptions, the mortal eyes can behold celestial presences, and there is much seraphic help, Thought Adjuster communications, Midwayer manipulation - to allow the fear to be displaced by the love, and joy, and faith recognition of what this experience really is: the birth into the ascendent corps of pilgrims marching ever onward to Paradise. This experience will forever change the mortal being. No longer will surviving be at issue. Now survival depends on action, choices, faith, but not blindness. No question of the body, no animal primitive feelings of holding to a world that is, for the moment, sad and dark. We rejoice when a being joins us. (12/30/91)

* * *



Q: I've been asked this hundreds of times – is death painful? I always respond that its not, that its just the easing away of life, and that people die in comfort. Are you allowed to answer that question?


A: (S), Death is - should not be painful to the God believer, but is painful in some cases where the Material takes precedence over the spiritual. When the material body is believed to be the definition of life, death is often painful physically and emotionally, for it reflects the inner struggle of the human who is confused about reality. But to the believing soul, to the sure ascender, to the true child of God, death is a celebration and not painful, but a most profound, moving, and beautiful experience as the human vision becomes morontial, and as the spiritual guardians and the celestial beings are for the - most cases - first time visible to the newly emerging morontial child. (05/30/92)





To speak of our situation, (the two T/Rs) are both experiencing

doubts, internal difficulties, with this mission. They are not doubts that this mission is real. They are doubts in their own abilities and doubts in their own desires to the commitment of being transmitter-receivers.



Lesson on Doubt:



Doubt. Doubt is something you cannot escape either. All of you within this room harbor doubts from time to time concerning this mission. Is it real? Is it the transmitter-receiver? How do I know? You know in your heart. You do not know in your head. This is not an intellectual process, though you do process the knowledge within your intellect When you experience doubt, seize it, examine it, and look for its origin. And when you find that, seek to understand what has brought it about. Seek the answer to your doubt. Do not let it fester. Do not let it sit and build doubt upon doubt. Talk to your friends. Inter-association with other personalities is absolutely necessary. You cannot exist on this world, much less Mansion Worlds - or further on in isolation. When you have doubts, seek the counsel of your loved ones and your friends, they will give you assistance.


Doubt is also desirable, because, without doubt you will be unable to exercise that faith muscle. You will not be able to do that. It is similar to walking. Without gravity you could not walk. Belief must be accompanied by doubt in some way. You must have some thing to overcome in order to believe.



Do not hide from it. Meet it face on. This evening there are several in this room who have the ability to transmit and receive. Continue to seek the stillness, each of you. Continue to listen. I will speak to you. You are my loved ones and my friends. It is with great joy that I am here again with you. Do not forget that. We will continue our class of experiential knowledge and we will have the necessary transmitter-receivers to carry this forward.


Q: There have been some doubts - I guess from (T/R), I believe, even though I haven't talked to her personally about that. That, I guess there are doubts also from other T/Rs that this whole phenomenon is caused by the unconscious or subconscious mind. I am sure that if you could give definite proof - nothing spectacular - maybe just for instance if you could tell us names of other teachers that have not come on line here yet. I am sure there are other ways where definite proof can be established. Is this deliberately done so that these - that its not definitely established, so that we may still - that we still have to rely on our faith?


A: That is a correct assumption. It is the time to learn they would immediately see that important for you agondonters to continue to rely on your faith in this process. This is a religion of experience. This is not just intellectual facts, or intellectual. We wish that you had the experience of exercising your faith in regards to this whole process. Does that answer your question? (Yes.)


Q: We have a publication called the Monitor in the Southern California area, and in it recently was an opinion that the phenomenon of T/Rs and receiving guidance, and so forth, was dangerous in that it makes us dependent on teachers and keeps us from delving into our own contact with our own Thought Adjusters. In other words that it was a crutch for people who couldn't motivate themselves to serve God, and that they had to have another source of motivation in order to get them going. What do you think of these opinions?


A: First, there is a need in many humans to have - let me phrase this another way. At no time - if you will consult any of the transcripts, any of our teachings, you will know this is fact - at no time do we suggest that you, or that the teaching mission, take the place of your direct spiritual contact with your Thought Adjuster. We are continually suggesting that you practice the stillness, that you continue that daily contact with your Adjuster, that it is the most important guide that you can possibly have. This teaching class is designed to supplement The Urantia Book. It is designed to help you to experientialize the knowledge that you have gained from the facts within The Urantia Book. Truth is only had by experiencing. It is not had by reading in a book. Therefore, what we are attempting to do is to give you that experiential knowledge, that evolutionary knowledge, of what it is like to be an ascending mortal on a planet seeking the morontia, seeking soul growth, and seeking your spiritual growth as well. None of these are a panacea to an individual who is lazy. These are all processes that are necessary for a person who is active, who is eager, who wants to learn, and wants to grow.


Student: That is very well put, because in my own experience after I had received the teachings, my prayer and my contact with the Thought Adjuster has grown.


RAYSON: You see many who have made these statements; this is not by any means the only, but made them from a position of ignorance of what the teaching mission really is about. If they were to take the time to learn they would immediately see that those two suppositions are most incorrect. (09/20/92)

* * *



Q: Is faith the spiritual antidote for doubt? A: Not exactly. Faith is the spiritual antidote to uncertainty and fear, but doubt occurs and may live side by side with faith. For example, one can have unshakable faith in God. Say you have already passed through the portals of physical death and are on the mansion worlds, you may have total faith in your potential for divinity, for the existence of God, for the teachings now manifest through your own experience of spirit and soul, but you can still have self-doubt. Doubt is not solely dependent on faith; doubt is a different - doubt will not disappear until you are admitted to the corps of finaliters, really.


Q: (Alternate T/R) I'd like to thank you for allowing me to transmit you in the past and I'd like to also thank (original T/R) for coming back because I've been experiencing some doubts as you have mentioned and some fear, but not so much of myself but of the group in general and the feeling that, with the risk of mental instability from these doubts – not just for ourselves, the T/Rs, but for others – that maybe the same things can be accomplished, maybe better, through prayer, worship, and service. And that maybe that should be something that I should go with, rather than this. And that's the main concern that's been on my mind. Can you comment on this?


A: Yes, (alternate T/R). First I wish to thank you for your services. Second you must not think of things as either this or that. All should be encompassed in your human life: prayer, worship, service, thanksgiving, transmitting and receiving, participating in the mission in the world, in your own spiritual growth, in other avenues of expression. All of these are concurrent. And you certainly must achieve balance - which may mean not transmitting/receiving for a while and putting energies elsewhere to re-center your self in your identity. Much doubt is - in essence - what you call psychologically "identity crisis," going into the core of your psychological being and shaking it. The sense of responsibility for others, while human and admirable on certain levels, is spiritually unreal for:


a) you are not the teaching but the vessel;


b) you are imperfect as every T/R transmitter is, and as I, myself, am as a teacher;


c) each person is equipped with radar spiritually, spirit of truth and

seraphim, Thought Adjuster, and should be responsible for their own -and is responsible for their own perception of this experience.


You are not responsible for another's spiritual growth. All we can do as fellows is extend love, service, understanding, emotional support, friendship, to others, listening, etc., but you cannot do anything for them that they have not freely agreed to in this universe of free will. And everyone must proceed at his or her own pace on this path. So your sense of responsibility that your own unbalance or insanity - let us take a worst case scenario - could infect or contage [sic] or harm others is spiritually unreal, for they are all equipped with their own radar devices and cannot be harmed unless they wish to participate in your hallucination, disassociation, process - which is not really what human beings generally do. There are few groups of mad men that agree on the common delusion. Even in cults that have agreed to participate in a mass hysteria-type delusion there is disagreement, eventually. So there is built in a protection against what you fear, and what you fear is not real. You are not unbalanced, although the experience of transmitting/receiving does make one feel that way. Does it not, (alternate T/R) (Yes, it does.) (11/29/92)






Q: In western culture now we have the capacity to keep many people alive into advanced age. This means that we see a fairly high percentage, compared to past ages, of persons who develop dementing diseases, particularly Altzheimers disease and (multi?? infarct dementia?). In these disorders there's generally disease of the frontal and prefrontal areas, and one sees clinically disintegration of the personality as well as loss of capacity for self maintenance. Now there's a very great moral dilemma developing in western medicine presently about - is it right to keep such people alive? Because the expense of keeping them alive is very, very high. There is much grief in the family as these people become further and further detached from family and friends and reality. And these people seem to have much fear, much pain, and much illness in general. I wonder if you could comment on this, and - if you are allowed - if you could comment on how this would be handled on another world such as the one that you come from?


A: In the cases where the deterioration is in the prefrontal lobe it is my opinion that the Adjuster has left. What is alive is a physical body. As for the ethics of maintaining life, it is irrelevant spiritually one way or another. In terms of my world we had in place a spiritualized and accepted ritual for graduation when the physical was an impediment to the spiritual soul growth, which is, of course, the only eternal reality. When the mechanism housing the soul-Adjuster no longer functioned, it was not of any consequence to terminate life. In fact, it was a cause of celebration, being The FATHER's will that the soul move on to the next growth level. You down here have much more irrational and emotional reactions to this practice since - as a world - you do not truly understand what life is, and define it solely in terms of the physical.


Now, some day on your planet things will even out. Your life capacity, ideally, is approximately five hundred earth years. This will not be attained until the early stages of Light and Life. As you grow as a world spiritually, you will learn to temper life extension with actual life growth of the soul. And many diseases will be eliminated which interfere with the mind-soul connection. Until that time this topic will be reacted to irrationally and I can only pray for your enlightenment as a world culture since many mortals suffer needlessly, and suffer delays in their universe career because of the mere sentiment, which is attached to the material body.


Q: I read about a man in this country who is on trial for murder, a physician, who attempted to help such a demented person to graduate, and it hurts me every time I read it, but it seems to be at present an insoluble problem in our culture.


A: Also, one must abide by the legal system one lives under, no mater however primitive. (01/26/92)






Q: RAYSON, In your lesson you spoke of being active and not passive. And I've been trying to do that recently when I find opportunities to speak of my faith in conversation with friends and without, well, proselytizing - or whatever - without being overly preachy, I've tried to open doors when I can. And something happened recently with a friend. I felt a lot of resistance, and a feeling from her that she wanted to intellectually argue. I felt the need to protect my own faith - not that she could convince me otherwise - but just that it was disheartening to come up against that skepticism. And rather than continue the conversation, I feel that maybe I shouldn't even discuss faith with her any more. Am I being a coward? Am I being passive? Or is it sometimes a good idea to back off from a person whose skepticism seems stronger than their inclination toward faith?


A: Our master did not allow himself, when he resided here as JESUS, to be drawn into useless debate and argument. Words are wonderful tools for communication among humans. However your life is much more effective - a much more effective argument for the role of faith. When words fail, your living experience as a faith filled daughter will not. Others are drawn to you because of who you are, based on the bedrock of your faith. Do not descend into arguing the point. Only negative things will come from that: divisiveness, differences, polarization. Rather stress the commonality. Love, it is hard to resist love. And shine through this (easily?) and in many ways you are unaware of your love. Others are not, and wish to be close to you. So, you are not a coward. It is wise to drop talk, which divides friends. Ask questions and leave your lower associate to (??) the feel of social growth, like your questions, that will not threaten the intellectual defense. Does that Answer?


Q: Pretty much, but just - ask questions? In other words, ask questions that I still have?


A: No. Ask questions to teach this being. Ask questions about..


Q: What they believe?


A: No. What they need to get them through disappointment. Or sadness. Or, when they feel joyful, what does that feel to them? How does that affect their lives? Those kinds of questions where you are the student - but really you are the teacher. (02/09/92)






[The session opened with:] I am RAYSON. You are all gathered this afternoon in faith for the progress of your belief systems. I congratulate you on this decision.


[Later:] RAYSON: Machiventa Melchizedek is here and he would like a word. One moment.


MACHIVENTA: This is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK. You are all in the realms of the spirit. You are impinging upon spiritness. Remember and have faith upon your own knowledge and on your own faiths. Continue to believe. The things that you believe and the things that you act upon are of the greatest importance. This is not a mere figment of your imagination. There are things happening on this sphere that you have no conception of, and you will not know what is going on here until much later in your universe ascension career. But know this, that your faith - faith for your brothers and sisters, faith of MICHAEL, of the Universal Father, the whole concept of universe ascension, is of the utmost importance. Do not look back upon your animal ancestry, upon your negativeness. Focus on your positive side. Proceed with decisiveness. You have our support and confidence. We love you children. We love you all. You are being watched and taken care of. You are being loved with tenderness. Till next time, children, have faith. (10/11/92)

* * *



Q: Are the ministrations of either .... or ....required in order for (student) to be recipient of the Life Carriers' ministrations?


A: If she believes so. She will not take the leap of faith without them if she believes so. But it is her leap to take. And (she) is not easily persuaded once she has an idea.


Student: That can be very good. It can lead to much faith.


RAYSON: The leap of faith requires free-will decision. It is not to be undertaken lightly. (S) knows this and has some fear, but it is her own work, not the work of you, (S), nor the work of (S) or (S) or any other personality, but this is the work of (S). Your love helps, but it cannot take her leap for her. Humans want easy answers because they function on a plane where the easy answer is readily rewarded, the simple solution is often times the most feasible. The one way is what is chosen. And yet the universe is not a one-answer situation.



The creations of the Thought Adjusters and the Life Carriers – the life carriers and the Physical Controllers design living beings such that there is no one way. (T/R) says that fail-safe is a good term to use, so I will use it. There are fail-safes upon fail-safes. Not even a single celled organism could live if its organization were all single step. There are many many layers of complexities in the functioning of life. Passways and passways - this passway and that - they go around and under and through and over so that life can be, so that if the sun does not shine for a night or a week or a month, life can go on because there are other ways. There are other ways of getting energy and using energy. This is not to say that you could have life in a vacuum. This was not the intent. The intent was to design life so that it could continue with what is at hand. To make it more understandable, you can live without water for a certain period - not an indefinite period, but a certain period - because you have other ways of conserving your bodily fluids: reduce your excretion, reduce your sweating, and cause your bodv to save the water that it has. Well, the same thing applies to health and disease. Health is maintained not by one-at-a-time pass of doing right things as opposed to wrong things. It’s a complex, complex organization, and when the health fails, there are many fail-safes, many alternate paths, fallbacks to sustain the life of the organism, albeit at a less than optional functioning strength. In order to overcome deterioration of health, since health does not decline for simple reasons, health is not restored by simple means.



But despair not. Our loving FATHER has not put us upon a desert island without supplying us with all that is required to solve all problems that may arise, including health problems. We are asked to provide answers and yet we are constrained from providing other knowledge. The love of The FATHER is so large that it is all here. How easy, how very easy, to make things perfect! Much easier than to make them imperfect, actually. Yet if there were perfect beings with perfect health and never any problems, how much less of truth would there be available for the experience of The FATHER? And so we provide clues and encouragement in as much as we are allowed to give, but we cannot, must not, work miracles.



What loving FATHER would fight his child's battles for them? Every loving father knows that it is only by grappling with the problems of life that his offspring develop their fullest potential and become the best that they can be. There is so much more here now, so much at hand in the way of help and guidance, than there has been for many aeons on Urantia. You are not blindly stumbling through a void. Every step is guided. But you must move your leg and take the step. If you do not move your leg we cannot guide your forward motion.


Q: I'm very anxious to move my legs but I need a little guidance as to which way they should go.


A: That's where the leap of faith comes. That is your choice. If it is the right direction, never fear, you will receive the affirmation which you require.


Q: I was pondering as I was listening to your lesson today, the message is about a leap of faith, but now sounds as though we take this one step at a time. Is that correct? It's not like jumping off a cliff into open space, its more like taking that step into an unknown area, knowing that it will be right or we will be shown the right thing.


A: That is exactly correct. But remember, that one man’s step is another man's leap. Do you understand?


Student: Yes. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take it one step at a time at the present but my goal is to take that ultimate leap where I know absolutely that I'm going in the right direction.

RAYSON: You are doing very well, (S) (11/09/92)

* * *



Q: Is faith the spiritual antidote for doubt?


A: Not exactly. Faith is the spiritual antidote to uncertainty and fear, but doubt occurs and may live side by side with faith. For example one can have unshakable faith in God. Say you have already passed through the portals of physical death and are on the mansion worlds, you may have total faith in your potential for divinity, for the existence of God, for the teachings now manifest through your own experience of spirit and soul, but you can still have self-doubt. Doubt is not solely dependent on faith, doubt is a different - doubt will not disappear until you are admitted to the corps of finaliters, really.

(Thank you) (11/29/92)






Lesson I: Reality of the Fatherhood of God:


I have chosen a seemingly simple discourse on the reality of the Fatherhood of God which many, being used to this idea, realization, have grown accustomed, and therefore are taking this great truth a little for granted. I feel extraordinarily privileged and overwhelmed, still, at this momentous truth: that we who are so insignificant, and yet - as small children needing a wise parent - that this parent is the Great Creator, stupendous and magnificent Lord of all creation, past present and future. There is none beside Him, so powerful and almighty is He. And to ponder the truth that He is also our loving FATHER and ever-present guidance and friend, never ceases to overwhelm my limited mind. What we see of His glory is so tiny and small! There are no word expressions to enable our minds to comprehend more than a grain of sand in the sea of what He is. His vast material creation should cause you to ponder and humble yourselves at His vastness and incomprehensible reality. He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, of all reality comprehended now or ever to be comprehended by mind.


He has deigned to give you use of all the mind energy you can use. You are limited, and this is well understood. But by mind you may reach for the unlimited. You are endowed with a part of the Infinite Mind which knows no boundary or finite mental limitations. You need to know your minds are free to expand in comprehension, and to grow and be seasoned with wisdom by, in, and through your souls. Though you be dust, you have within you the spark of the Infinite FATHER of all who bestows His greatness, infiniteness, goodness, mercy, and Fatherly love upon each person to the greatest extent possible. He wishes for all His children to find Him, to come forth from the darkness into His loving space, light, mercy, understanding. He wishes all of His children to grow in their own space, light, mercy, love and understanding. He desires for all of His children that they love each other to the fullest extent of their understanding - as they love Him. He desires that - as His children grow toward Him and become more of Him, realize Himself in they - that they, in turn, bestow this Fatherly love and brotherly understanding and mercy upon their fellows to the greatest extent they are capable. This may require a letting go, a letting go of old prejudices, a letting go of inner anguish and stress, a letting go of inner turmoil and emotion, a letting go of the worries of life, and many of the little cares which can weigh so heavily when multiplied. Allowing this, abandoning the old and embracing the new is not an intellectual exercise, it is your lives. It is not a moment's thought, it is the robust and vigorous exercise of true faith.

Courage is required to abandon the old and embrace the new. The old is secure, the new is unknown. But I say unto you, abandon the old and do it gladly. Embrace the greater realities of the kingdom and do it courageously.


Live your lives as if in His presence, always, and I say "as if" for a reason. Before the full realization is upon you, by faith reach out for it first. His presence is always with us. In Him we live, move, and have our being. He is our ever-present guide and companion. Where is the insecurity in that? By faith you grasp this reality, and by faith you are transformed by it. The true Fatherhood of God, His loving presence ever with us, an open ear ever ready to hear His children, to know their hearts and minds, and to understand, and guide, and teach: these are the ways of The FATHER. You must take His hand willingly. (07/15/91)

* * *



Lesson II: Experiencing the Fatherhood of God:


There have been many questions on the Universal FATHER, some vocally and some in your mind. There have been questions about how we can feel the love of The FATHER more. Some find it easier to feel the presence of the Infinite Spirit and the Creator Son, but find it difficult to feel directly the love of The FATHER. This is understandable because of the mortal status in which you exist. The Infinite Spirit is the God of Action, and so when you do things, when you act according to the will of God, you feel His power, His presence, and His outworkings of the actions of your daily life. The Creator Son is spirit. When you relate with others, other beings including celestial, you feel the presence of His spirit. Through your relations you manifest love, mercy and good will which are the foundations, of your connection with others. And so when you do this you feel the Creator Son.


When it comes to feeling The FATHER, the Universal FATHER is personality. He is more than personality, but for your comprehension He is personality incarnate. How can you feel His personality? You will not be able to when you act or when you express yourself. Expression is in the realm of personal relationship, so that would be with the Creator Son. So when you act or you express, you will not necessarily feel the presence of the Universal FATHER. You must remember that the Universal FATHER is the I AM. He is. He does not necessarily talk or do. He is. So for you to understand The FATHER, you must understand what it is just to BE, without expression, without doing or acting. This IS the stillness.


This stillness may come to you not only when you are worshiping but in your daily activities between expression, between acts, you may just feel the awe, much as you do when you take in the breathtaking sights of a natural wonder such as a forest or the ocean or a sunset. You sense the beauty and it is. When you do this you ARE the beauty. You do not express it you do not act it but you are. The Universal FATHER is in that way self existent and self manifest in you when you become still. Stillness means to quiet your senses, the input and mind, the thoughts which are generated by the senses through the brain, memories, all these must he put on hold and your consciousness must be on The Universal FATHER. When you do this you become - for a short length of time - the I AM. And that is the presence and the love of The FATHER. Soon as you reflect on this you will have lost the essence.


There must be no reflection, no comments on this, it just must be. You can also experience this when you perceive a truth, a beauty or a goodness and you do not comment on it, you just accept it and it becomes you and you become it. Then also you are experiencing the love, presence, power, the I AM of The FATHER. (11/22/92)






Q: RAYSON, I have a question. This concerns fear - human beings on Urantia experience this. There are a number of places in The Urantia Book where we are admonished not to be fearful. And there is also a place where savages on this earth were discussed, and they were said to be quite fearful. Now, even in the condition we're in right now, which has advanced somewhat beyond the savage human point, there still is a great deal of fear. How does the condition of fear in man interrelate with connectedness to the Thought Adjuster and I guess, general faith?


A: Fear is the biggest emotional barrier to Thought Adjuster communications: animal fear and anxiety. How to conquer this is a lifetime challenge and active job for the human. One, is by remembering what true reality is. True reality is spiritual reality. If you would examine the source of your fears you would find that they are rooted in the physical, material realms. For example: will I have a job? Will I get ill? Will this action hurt me. Will I lose this person's love? Will I look good to others? There is a difference between instinctual survival fears which are built into a species and easily surpassed as the race becomes more intellectually developed and fears that arises out of the unreality of ego and the material, physical plain. The absence of fear equals love. The two cannot coexist in the human psyche. The more one loves the less one fears. It is not an easy task to accomplish, and indeed many mortals never accomplish this to any significant degree in this lifetime. Some extraordinary human beings do manage to, for the most part, to live without fear, but these are generally humans with self-acting Adjusters and lives dedicated to the spiritual realities.


Q: I have a follow-up question regarding the question about fear,


RAYSON. Fear feelings, and fear of feelings, could you address that for a moment? Someone is in the jungle and a tiger appears, perhaps fear might be healthy at that point, or maybe not maybe the adjutant mind spirits might be wise to get in touch with at that point. But is there a difference between fear of feelings and experiential fears?


A: There are instinctual fears built into the physical being of the human which insure survival. The example you cited is one of them. If a human were to be attacked by an animal his fear would be wholly appropriate and probably life saving/preserving. The fear we discussed as an impediment to spiritual growth is more rooted in the psyche than in the instinctual reflex pattern which has been designed into you. These fears are not helpful, but may be categorized as fear anxiety, and if examined closely, are more self involved, self serving, than outer directed - either at one's fellows or God. That is a broad base measuring stick. Fear of feelings is also not healthy. You have feelings as does every human and this is in the realm of material minded humanity. One should not be afraid to explore one's feelings, but should remember balance as given an example to you by the Divinely integrated life and personality of JESUS of Nazareth. Undue obsession with what you are feeling is not good. Neither is a repression - denial of what you feel. Examine your feelings for a period and then stop. Do not become mired in an abyss of self analysis.


Q: Sometimes parents and grandparents develop apprehensions about what is going on in their children's and grandchildren's lives, and mentally we know that we should leave that to the celestial beings, and trust in faith. But this is the kind of fear that you are talking about that interferes?


A: No. Sometimes being loving can be misunderstood as being fearful. If you, as a loving parent-grandparent, are concerned then it is almost your responsibility to act as a vehicle for The FATHER's love and concern. If approached from an unselfish, concerned, loving, other-directed point of view, the person you are talking to cannot help but to respond with a whole mind. How else are we to do service and reflect the actual love of God and Light into the world than through our own transforming actions. If however, your feelings are truly fearful, and not a measure of caution or concern, then you must pray to exorcize your fear and replace it with Divine love. (01/26/92)


Q: Ever since I was a little girl I have had nightmares and sleep visitors, a lot of old lady-looking people have appeared to me and scare me at night. It continues to this day. Is that real or is it a product of my creative imagination? Is it ever a universe visitor actually coming and trying to minister to me and I get scared and so they - I wake up and freak out. Recently I had three ladies visit me and I asked them who they were and they said that they were right hand of God. And I don't know, I just don't know how to react to that.


A: Fear is real, is a real emotion, and also is a physical manifestation. On two levels it exists. Fear on a spiritual (level) is totally unreal. You, in your situation, I would suspect that the archetypes you are dreaming, nightmaring about are deep-rooted from early childhood. There is the archetype of the old witch in the collective unconscious of your species. I do not think that Divine Ministry would frighten you, (S). Perhaps the reply was partial Thought Adjuster, the spiritual reply. But the images are created out of your own personal history and the collective unconscious of your species. Let us keep in mind that love is the absence of fear. Divine Ministry is love. And I will pray for you that love will overtake fear in your unconscious sleep state more and more, my daughter. (05/09/92)


Q: I've been leery for a long time, acutely aware of this process. The question I have is for me personally, and I've seen it in others, so I know that I'm in that tunnel. Sometimes there's light and sometimes there's not. The question I have is even though there's intellectual knowledge of and participation in this mission, and there's all these things, and all this prayer, there's still a great deal of fear.


A: Do not be unhappy (S). You are much loved and cherished. Yes, your fear is a symbol of your spiritual growth. For you, (S) and I must take liberty and ask your pardon if I become too personal with you today in front of your peers - your response to love is anger. You have grown into fear. You suppress your fear and vulnerability with your anger. You have been upset. Do not be afraid. Be of good cheer, my daughter. Eternity and the riches of the spiritual kingdom await your struggle. They are lying there at the end of your road. Keep your eyes open, for greatness lies ahead for you, (S), although you do not believe it. Allow yourself to be open to your terror, to your uncertainties, to your anxieties, for only by acknowledging this will you overcome it. When exposed to the light of God your fears will melt away. But if you hide them always behind your anger they will seem even larger to you. My child, read "The Boy Who Was Afraid." Allow yourself to be lonely. Allow yourself to ask for help, not just celestially, but of other humans. My daughter, you cannot control your inner environment nor can you control your outer. Your pain is greater because you try not to be hurt. You will not be severely crippled or damaged from the world, for you are spiritually intact, and what you are. But if you close up, you close off the knowledge accrued all along, celestially and humanly, you do not let this in to nourish your heart. Have the courage - it is time as you know - and I will guide you, and our prayers will be with you. Much rejoicing, ……for your fear, for that will bring you closer to your light.


Q: Is there any value in utilizing psychologists to unearth our hidden fears and angers?


A: They are not that hidden, (S). (laughter) To be more honoring of your question, it is a personal decision. It is not necessarily spiritual, but can, of come be. It is up to each of you. (08/02/92)


END Parts I and II