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From Susan Kimsey

To T/R or Not to T/R, Is That a Question?

Half Moon Bay

September 20, 2001

Hi O...,

As far as glands are concerned, Olfana explained that part of this transmission process, on the physical level, involves the PINEAL gland, which is located in our brain. I think this gland is more directly involved in transmitting than perhaps the pituitary gland is.

Here is info I got from WEBMD:

The Pineal Gland: a small, conical structure attached by a stalk to the posterior wall of the third ventricle of the cerebrum, believed by many to be an endocrine gland. In certain amphibians and reptiles the gland is thought to function as a light receptor. In most mammals, including humans, it appears to be the major or unique site of melatonin biosynthesis; the effect of melatonin on the body and the exact function of the pineal body remain obscure. Called also the pineal body.

Olfana told me, in 1995, in a joking manner, that if they ever did an autopsy on me, that they would find I have a larger than normal pineal gland in my brain, and that was one of the reasons she picked me as a TR. :-) She likened it to picking someone with a good musculature, if you wanted to train them as a gymnast. Olfana is the only person I know who values me for my gland......

Love, Susan

T/R, is that a question?


The teachers have been saying that not everyone (in a group) is going to T/R -- not necessarily because we are hesitant and not ready, but because it apparently takes, as Will said way back, a certain chemical to be required in the brain to make this extraordinary process probable.

I wonder if Abraham was talking about the same topic:

Practicing the stillness is a wonderful way to uncross your wires. To disconnect yourself from the world and reconnect with Father is a time for further instruction and understanding from Him. This sensitivity can be physical in the ways of electrochemical within the brain. This is perfectly common for this world that is now out of isolation and for the first time discovering what it is like to have full spiritual benefits. You see, the circuits and the electrochemical transmitters in the human brain all tie together. This is Father's original plan. This is how it was supposed to be all along. -Abraham, Woods Cross, Utah, USA: 11/13/ 01

Then, I came across this section from the Urantia papers (my emphasis):

3. Spirit-reception series. There are three groups of mind design as related to contact with spirit affairs. This classification does not refer to the one-, two-, and three-brained orders of mortals; it refers primarily to gland chemistry, more particularly to the organization of certain glands comparable to the pituitary bodies. The races on some worlds have one gland, on others two, as do Urantians, while on still other spheres the races have three of these unique bodies. The inherent imagination and spiritual receptivity is definitely influenced by this differential chemical endowment.

Of the spirit-reception types, sixty-five per cent are of the second group, like the Urantia races. Twelve per cent are of the first type, naturally less receptive, while twenty-three per cent are more spiritually inclined during terrestrial life. But such distinctions do not survive natural death; all of these racial differences pertain only to the life in the flesh. [UP 49:5:6]

So, what are those "glands comparable to the pituitary bodies"? And what for the plural form: "bodies"? Don't we just have one? The encyclopedia says, "The pituitary is a small bean-shaped, reddish-gray organ located in the saddle-shaped depression (sella turcica) in the floor of the skull (the sphenoid bone) and attached to the base of the brain by a stalk; it is located near the hypothalamus. The pituitary has two lobes-the anterior lobe, or adenohypophysis, and the posterior lobe, or neurohypophysis-which differ in structure and function. The anterior lobe is derived embryologically from the roof of the pharynx and is composed of groups of epithelial cells separated by blood channels; the posterior lobe is derived from the base of the brain and is composed of nervous connective tissue and nerve-like secreting cells. The area between the anterior and posterior lobes of the pituitary is called the intermediate lobe; it has the same embryological origin as the anterior lobe."

So, there is the anterior and the posterior lobes (plural), and the area between, the intermediate lobe.

"The Pituitary Gland is called the master gland, the pituitary secretes hormones that control the activity of other endocrine glands and regulate various biological processes. Its secretions include growth hormone (which stimulates cellular activity in bone, cartilage, and other structural tissue); thyroid stimulating hormone (which causes the thyroid to release metabolism-regulating hormones); antidiuretic hormone (which causes the kidney to excrete less water in the urine); and prolactin (which stimulates milk production and breast development in females). The pituitary gland is influenced both neurally and hormonally by the hypothalamus."

Let's look briefly at the hypothalamus which is "important in regulating the internal activities of the body. Although the hypothalamus constitutes less than 1 percent of the total volume of the brain, it has an important influence on many of the body's functions, including sexual behavior, emotions, hormone production, and the autonomic nervous system.

"The human hypothalamus weighs about 4 g (0.14 oz) and is found behind the eyes, directly below the brain's thalamus and above the pituitary gland. The hypothalamus is divided into several distinct nuclei, that is, aggregates of nerve cell bodies. These nerves connect the brain with the hypothalamus and the hypothalamus to virtually all regions of the nervous system. The hypothalamus also receives nerve inputs from the erogenous zones (the genitalia and nipples), the viscera (internal organs), and the limbic system (concerned with motivation and drive).

"The hypothalamus controls a wide range of functions. It directs the "fight or flight" response of the autonomic nervous system. Fear or excitement causes signals to travel to the hypothalamus, which triggers a rapid heartbeat, faster breathing, widening of the pupils, and increased blood flow. The hypothalamus monitors blood glucose levels and the body's water content to regulate appetite for food or drink. It regulates sleep and sexual behavior."

And not a word about T/R-ing! ;-)

This inquiring mind asked the teachers, and low and behold, a Mighty Messenger answered:

Oliver: I would like to know your name and I would like to know if what Will said long ago is true, that it takes a certain chemical in the brain to become a transmitter.

Teacher: Thank you. Yes, to the second question, but I wish to say to you that you are always changing and you are always capable of change. There are no limitations that can not, if it is God's will, be surmounted. It is no special demarcation upon an individual should that person, as your beloved T/R did, suddenly begin to speak our "language," as you might put it. So my friend, you are concerned for your chemical imbalance, but I must think that you are equally concerned that you are not worthy, and fear that is why you hear not, see not, speak not.

What I wish to tell you, Sir friend, you are making progress. You have such a facility for "wagging the bone" She says I don't have that correct, but I think you understand you chew on things. You worry, worry, worry. This you learned quite early. This you would gladly surrender. Let your gladness come through to me, and I will help you. It is no sign of your inferiority. It is no sign of your hopelessness in life that you have not heard your teacher speak to you in such a way as you can step forward with confidence and have him, or anyone else, speak through you, as I now speak through your beloved transmitter. Continue, please, to surrender the burden of your life to us, so that you may demonstrate the joy that is God's gift to everyone, even in the most trying of planetary circumstances. There is no God-given reason for you alone to be excluded from this.

And my name is Tar-al-hakim. (Oliver: Would you repeat that?) Oh, how you stretch her. (Oliver: Sorry.) (David: I think she got it on the recording, don't you?) [There continues to be some interaction regarding the correct pronunciation of the name.] [09/10/ 00]

Well, I am still "wagging my bone", obviously. But there are some more voices. And how is it for you, sister or brother?

Transmitting and Receiving is a "meeting of the celestial communication that uses the instrumentation of the mortal's neurological circuitry and mindal thought patterns".

Daniel: Transmitting/Receiving [T/Ring] has been a topic which ebbs and flows in interest and concern. Because every one of us is different, morontial and mortal, no two interactions between celestials and mortals are identical. The T/Ring process involves for some the literal hearing of words, individually or by phrases, which they repeat. Some have seen words which they read. Most are given concepts presented as pictures and thoughts and the individual T/R's mind is the blending and mixing place where the meeting of the celestial communication uses the instrumentation of the mortal's neurological circuitry and mindal thought patterns. Always remember that the mind and the brain are not the same. The mind uses the brain as an organ; but the mind is far greater than even this most marvelous instrumentS -Daniel, Pocatello, Idaho: 03/30/ 01

We are providing the concepts, but you T/Rs are providing the equipment, the thought processes, the memory banks.

Alana: I am Alana. Again, as Daniel has said, every connection that we make with you mortals results in a different experience. By this I do not suggest that experiences are totally different, no. There is much in common. But there is the fine edge of distinction between one connection and another. When we say that it is best for the T/R to be out of the way, this has often been misunderstood. Some people have assumed that this was a wish for you to become a channel, a mere tube through which the information flows, wholly unconscious and out of the process; an automaton, a robot, a mouthpiece. However, that is not what we desire at all! This is an experience of duality, partnership. We are providing the concepts, but you T/Rs are providing the equipment, the thought processes, the memory banks. It is more or less exceptional for a T/R to speak that which (s)he has no knowledge of, although it does happen. Now, have I further muddied the waters and confused your minds? Or has this clarified? -Alana, Pocatello, Idaho: 03/30/ 01

Beginner's Advice: Yes, my friend, this is another one speaking. Keep your journal, fill in the empty places. Your goal is to sit each day and wait. When you remind yourself that you have not given that I-time to God, you increase your discipline by listening to your own reasons and forgiving them. Forgetfulness is the habit of non-communication. Continue to wait and listen, we are here and giving you every benefit of our love. The doubt is yours to pierce through like the airplane through the cloud that may tremble but does not waver from its true course. We will help you overcome those moments of doubt and fear and reluctance. -Alana, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica: 06/11/ 00

T/R’ing is not for all It is important to remember that many people will never hear a teacher's voice within themselves. It is not the goal of the mission for you to hear us. The goal of our mission is for you to receive our message, receive God's message through us. There are many ways of doing that. For some it has been important that they are able to hear us so they may transmit our message to others. Many people will find their place by listening to the mission and incorporating it and by doing God's will as opposed to hearing it only - Jar Ed, Acadia, California, USA: 10/15/1992