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Be Energized To Search For The Father’s Will

New Class - Session #7


***Solonia (T/R Daniel): Greetings dear friends. This is Solonia. It  is indeed the measure of one’s spirituality that is reflected in the way  that they handle the disappointments of human life. It is an accepted,  though unfortunate, part of human societal culture at this point in time,  for people to desire the validation of their disappointments through  having others share in feeling sorry for the apparent failures of human  desires. It appears to be the natural state of accepted response, to  share how sorry they feel for you when things do not go according to your  plans. People feel that it is being sympathetic, and hence somehow  helpful to the discouraged individual, to be verbally demonstrative in  relating their impressions of how insurmountable, how unfortunate, was  the outworking of those undesired circumstances. The more Spiritual individual will rather seek to discover the new pathway that is opened  due to the blocking of another path.

The step of Faith does not routinely bring expected results, rather it is  far more likely to reveal new and previously unrecognized perceptions.  The discovery of our Father’s will is often made possible through  actively finding out what indeed is Not His will. Disappointments,  rather than putting you into a place of inaction, should rather stimulate  you further to step again; to continue your forward motion; to seek to  discover all of those things which are Not the will of our Father, thereby revealing by process of elimination what indeed, truly Is His  will. Do not let the fact of results which appear to run contrary to  your expectations, stifle the exuberance of your seeking. It is natural  to take a moment of reflection to sort out your feelings of  disappointment, and indeed it is also healthy, for in so doing is the  next step made clearer to you through a better understanding of how your  will may more closely co-inside with Father’s Will.

Be energized; be spurred on; be excited by the potentials which always  seem to be just beyond your reach. For these experiences do in fact,  provide for you not only increased growth and maturity, but also a better  and more clear concept of what it is that will truly serve you in the unfolding of your highest dreams. You are truly the architects of your  dreams. Father, being perfect in wisdom and understanding, will reveal  the more Divine way for them to unfold in order to serve the greatest  number of people in the most beneficial and satisfying way. It is only  when you cling too tenaciously to your own perceptions of what the  results Should be (by Your standards), that discordance occurs.

I would suggest to you that you continue as would the little child  hunting for the Easter Egg. The successful child is not disappointed  when it picks up a stone and discovers that there is no egg there.  Rather he runs to look under the bush, or behind another stone, or in the  tall grass. He does not become overly concerned about all of the places  that he does Not find the treat. Rather he knows and trusts that he Will  find it, and More, if only he continues to press onward and look in  previously undiscovered places. At the end of the hunt, he will have  much that is pleasurable in his basket, because he did not quit looking;  he did not sit still while others continued in Their quest. He held  firmly to the spirit of excitement in the discovery of the next.

You are becoming more and more like that little child on the Easter Egg  Hunt. When you discover that your dream is not to be found in one  specific place, that indeed it Will be found in another. You are getting  close to finding another Treasure. You may consider us and those whom we  work with on This side, as the adults who initially placed the treats for  you to find.

Grab hold of, and never let go of the excitement of the Search. The  Journey will be fondly remembered even moreso than will the arrival. For  you, when once you arrive, will very soon discover that this arrival is  but the very first step in a new and Higher Journey. What you see now as  your Goal, will eventually in retrospect, be recognized as one of your  initial baby-steps. You have potential Far beyond what you can even  Imagine at this point. Of that we are Certain.

Stay excited, stay active, and stay focused upon discovering what truly  is, and is Not, the will of our Father. We will continue to cheer you  on, and to offer encouragement as you continue in your steps of Faith,  Hope and Love.

Those are my words to you this evening. There is yet another who would  address other issues which are also pertinent for this evening’s lesson.

***Levona (T/R Jill): Greetings. This is Levona. It is a pleasure to  share with you again. Expectations cannot only be a thrill—that  anticipation of knowing something good is going to happen—like going to  grandmother’s house for the week-end. Having expectations and knowing they will happen are joyous expectations. But having expectations when  the result—the outcome—is not known, is not a guarantee of excitement or  joy. That is when you may end up feeling devastated, discouraged, or  sorrowful. Expectations are a human concept. They are tied to ego  consciousness. Your ego wants “things” to feel secure. It wants to feel  loved. You set yourself up for disappointments with these longings when  it is not God you look to, to give them to you. The spiritized person  ceases all expectations because the only moment that matters is the moment he or she is in. It is not a consciousness that you are expected  to develop 100 percent while you are in your earthly bodies, being humans  in process of spiritization. I did want you to understand the  difference, however, so that you can continue to find more and more spirit-consciousness, joy of living in the moment, and less and less  dependence on expectations of something to come. If you live fully in  the moment, every need of yours will be provided for in God’s time. For  you see, our Eternal Parent knows all, sees all, and He is ever with us.  So never doubt how fully He is working to provide you with everything you  need, when you need it. And to fill you so full of Spirit that all you  ever want is what He sees that you need. That’s kind of a tricky little  statement. It might be food for thought for this next week. Chew on it  for awhile. I love you all. Peace and Joy.

***Malvantra (T/R Daniel): Good evening, class. This is Malvantra. I  would like to commend you all on the time you spent with last week’s  assignment reviewing grief and grieving. Many of you progressed, not  only in your personal understanding of the subject but also in reaching closer to your own personal healing. I have but a few more words to say  this evening and that is about this coming week’s assignment; that of  reviewing and being aware of the expectations that you each carry with  you. I would caution you to not let go of those wonderful things that  you can naturally expect as a beloved child of God. For our Father’s  Love and watchcare, you may always be excitedly expectant. The  expectations, however, are those demands of the human self which we are  asking you to assess and leave behind. Expect love and expect Father’s  Will to unfold in your life. These things, my dears, you can always  count on. I bid you good night, and thank you all for your diligence and  your openness that you have all demonstrated as we move forward with this  part of your education. Thank you, dear ones. We are expectant that  great things will manifest through your desire to serve and your desire  to heal yourselves and others. Thank you for your participation. Good  night.