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Coronas (resident Archangel)

Machiventa Melchizedek


For Father Michael

February 22, 1998

* Elyon (Sarah TR): This is Elyon. As far as a monopoly of being the group's teacher, I really have none. There are a lot of teachers waiting here for someone to call upon them. Teachers are surrounding all of you all the time. Michael says he has sent many, many teachers to you and that you choose to ignore them. It would be a good exercise to watch each day the spiritual plain on which you are riding, to look for and appreciate all of the help of celestial beings that are close, that are watching along your way. Man has been taught to ignore these magical moments, and that people would really question your sanity. I would really like this week for you to stop and appreciate and to feel the essence of God in your life, the feeling of someone holding you in their arms and giving you more love than you can possibly handle.

Man makes such big things out of small (things) that mean nothing. If you would get the peace and serenity, you would be able to tell this, that a great joy would be in your life. You are spiritual beings, and since you have freewill you can choose to be lightweight and joyful or the opposite. This will not be one man making choices; you will be seen as a way of life on which you (demand?) the serenity, and you simply don't allow a lot of negativity into the brilliance of light where you stand. I will step out now.

Sandy: Elyon, I forgot to introduce Wes. You like us to introduce people, don't you?

* Elyon: Yes, I do.

* Coronas (Jonathan): I likewise greet you today and embrace you with love and acknowledge our camaraderie as brothers and sisters and as citizens of this unique planet. Mankind is not the only creature that must face uncertainty, incompleteness in understanding. There are many of us who must make our decisions without a complete picture and act on faith. But it is through this experience that we each enlarge our sense of surety. This certainty is an experience more than it is an understanding, a comprehension. Let me illustrate. Some of you today have arrived here, making the journey with uncertain landmarks in order to arrive at your destination.[For a change, we met at Tom's near Sandpoint] Even now, having arrived, you do not necessarily have all the details to provide certainty to another making their first journey. But you are certain of the destiny; you are certain of your ability to arrive at your location. The information held in your mind does not have to be complete for you to be assured. This certainty I speak of is a certainty of the soul, of the personal will center that you are. Understanding is a wonderful experience of the mind, but every attainment of understanding leads to increased perspective that only encourages questions for greater comprehension. This is a beautiful process inherent in consciousness. It is a self-perpetuating mechanism of mind that is extremely beneficial toward soul progress. Forever will your mind be stimulating you. Along with this perpetual movement you have the capability of resting assured in soul of status, of standing in this universe, of your relationship with the Father and all His children. There is great peace of mind to know your status, but there is an equal sense of soul tranquillity to know that you will invariably be propelled forward in your growth. Never will you face the doldrums of stagnation because bestowed upon you is an incredible intelligence system that will ever cause you to look for higher and broader and deeper meaning. This sense of certainty is a dynamic one.

Faith, as it has become known on your world, embodies this same dual quality: one, that uncertain trust; the other, that certainty of experience. Faith is likewise a propellant as well as a stable platform.

It is of great interest to my order of being to provide what we can to mortals resident here that may allay your uncertainties without diminishing your vigorous pursuit of greater attainment. You know from your own experience how important it is to allow one of your younger ones to experiment, to make mistakes. All the while you are keenly interested in providing guidance. We likewise are in this same position; as much as we would desire you to be in full possession of the understanding that we have, we know that this would only undermine the true and rich experiences that lie in store for you. I therefore encourage you to be less apprehensive and more enthusiastically accepting of events in your life that you cannot neatly rein in and understand or control. For having passed through these experiences, you will enlarge your feeling of certainty, even when the information before you appears incomplete.

I am Coronas, resident archangel. I visit with you, and I do enjoy your striving and your sincerity. Thank you.

* Machiventa (Sarah): Machiventa here, of course. I have been standing in the wings for a while. As always I would like to talk about love. Sometimes I see . .. your love to one another as a very serious, solemn affair. I say to interject a lot of fun and laughs and happiness to the point you will be unable to even see events that are sobering. I have a problem saying this because it seems that you have the idea that I am an old fussy teacher. So include me in when you are fun loving and acting quite crazy. I am not with you at all times as is Michael, but his job is far easier than mine, I think. So, hey, you guys, love each other as much as possible which is that unconditional love that I have been preaching about. Keep trying, you might get it!

Thanks a lot.

Evelyn: Not being so solemn reminds me of what we read of Elyon saying to be original. We avoid being original because we are afraid of being crazy. If we replace crazy with original in our thinking we would be more inclined to do that and we would have more fun.

* Machiventa: Thank you.

* Sharmon (Jonathan): I, Sharmon, am here, and I want to share with you a midwayer report. You can, no doubt, with the knowledge you have gained, understand our excitement when we heard this world would be graced with the presence of the Creator Son two thousand years ago. We truly had our hands full when this mission was underway helping Michael be about the Father's business on this world. We had quite the influx of local universe visitors, far more than is ordinary on a world like ours. It was a thrilling time. We undertook all our projects with enthusiasm. We enjoyed turning water into wine at the master's request.

But I would like to let you know that recently we have celebrated the infusion of this new revelation to your world. The celebration was not over the decision to present truth once again to this planet or even the episodes when truth was encapsulated in your word language. We are celebrating today its dispersion in and among you all. Our work was done when Michael ascended to his universe headquarters. Our work will not be done for a long time in this epochal phase. This is the source of our delight, a project of great proportions describing universe levels that even my order has yet to experience. All this left in our hands to help you and hope that you help others. We who live on this planet are now the custodians and the disseminators while those who brought this information to us have undertaken other tasks. So, even we low on the ladder of created beings are given great opportunities and solemn responsibilities. We accept these with great delight.

I share this with you because I know that many of you are aware of your universe standing, your personal involvement with the affairs of this planet. Though these words appear grand in scale and imply a burden, in reality each one of us small critters is deemed worthy. However you may go about expressing truths that have been brought to this world, you are thereby an active participant in planetary affairs. You may not set forth the decrees of the epochs, but even acts such as those are fleeting and momentary. It is the long string of cumulative little actions that sway the course of the world. It is always a pleasure to be with you, and I will remain here today.