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Sarasota Transcripts of Personal Sessions and of the Celestial Impressions Group

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WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 1993 (7:00 PM)


Dear Father and Heavenly friends,

Time seems to be whizzing by so fast! So much has dropped into my lap that I feel so guilty for time neglect to you.

I need your help in unclogging my mind so more of the good things comes into it. I am willing to do the Father's Will and be of service.


My Daughter,

You must come into the silence more to unclogged your mind You are a special person to me and I want to communicate with you more. I know you think about me all day, but I need more than thoughts. You are learning to quiet your life. That is good.

I am always here for you. I understand your inner most thoughts. I love you, My Child.

---Your heavenly Father.




THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1993

NOTE:We go into the stillness first and have a circle prayer of thanksgiving to the Father, invitation to the unseen helpers, and reaffirm our willingness to be of service.

Patije:This is Patije. I thank the Father for this opportunity to be of service. I offer an invitation and welcome to any unseen helper or teacher who wants to address us or teach us tonight. I thank the Father and all of our unseen helpers for all of the help we get and I offer my willingness to serve as unconditionally as is possible for me.

Drue:This is Drue. I thank the Father and all of my unseen helpers who eased my burden this week and I thank my earthly father's unseen helpers and all of the beings that gathered around. I appreciate your love and your support and your caring. I am willing and ready to serve.

Julie:This is Julie. I welcome our Father and my ???and all our unseen friends. I am willing to do unconditional service for the Corps. I also welcome Roy.

Mary:This is Mary. I would like to greet the Father and Michael and all of our unseen helpers and friends who have assisted us this week. I thank you for all of the help that we got. I am willing to serve.

(long, long silence)

Christ Michael:

Hello, My Children. I am Michael.

Voices:Good evening, Michael.

Christ Michael:

I have come to greet you and thank you for the diligence and faithfulness of your commitment to this time to uplift the Urantians. Your teachers have done an excellent job thus far. They are waiting for your numbers to be complete, to finish an important lesson on unconditional and unlimited service through Love. I come to you to reaffirm and reassure you that all is well and working for the plan of the Correcting Time. Do not look at appearances. Do not look at the illusions which surround you when you are in out-of-balance attitudes and emotional places. All is well! I am with you. (pause)

All is well. (Pause) There is much to do in this time upon the planet. There is much to do within your own community family. It rejoices those who look on to see the faithfulness of those who are participating in the mortal levels. There is much to do, much work, much discipline, and much faithfulness to attend to those assignments which have been given. We know this is not easy from a material point of view, but when you move on to a point outside of time and space you will they are but drops in an ocean which must be filled.

Each of you has a special, and unique, and important, duty and position in the community. Each phase or facet of the actions and the growth within your group is as important as every other one. Some of your members need encouragement. Some need more support than others. Some need appreciation. And, some need just a smile. But, all of you need to know that I am here, that we are here, that we rejoice when you remember who you are. When you know that you know and go forth in faith and when you continue to do the little things which are so time-consuming, but very necessary for the overall plan to survive. It is coming to a time when you will be moving into another phase of your process or preparation for this Correcting Time. It is not easy. It is not hard. But, it takes awareness, and alertness to continue to be vehicles for God's love, channels for God's energy, and hands for God's work.

The Father loves you. The Father knows you. The Father blesses you. We have you in our care. We know what each one needs. We know how to stretch and help you grow while comforting you in your weaknesses. When things seem to look difficult, remember who you are. Withdraw into the cosmic viewpoint and it will make your jobs and your pleasures easier to accomplish. (long pause)

My companion and co-creator is here in spirit to share with you her essence, nurturing and healing joy. Remain in the stillness and know her presence. (long, long, long stillness)

Creative Mother Spirit:

I greet you, My Daughters, with love. I feed your souls and your spirits upon true, peaceful goodness. (Pause) You are being prepared to move to the next level of your process of preparation. It has begun. (Pause) But, some work must continue at your prior level until energies of all members of your community have been blended and enriched. You are enriched with a new level of love energy. With that which you have learned over the previous weeks you will find yourselves moving in a different way -almost as if you are in a bubble, or have a space around you which is your cushion of love.

You have received the blessing of the work of the Infinite Spirit and will find your sonship, and your spirit, and your readiness to do the will of the Father, to blend more harmoniously. We are wrapping you in a cocoon type energy which will reach out to others in a way that may startle them. You will see a difference in those you encounter in your daily experience, but they will not be aware of it. It will be as if you are in on a secret and know something they do not know - and from this viewpoint you can minister to their needs without quarreling or reacting to any pettiness which their unsuspecting minds may try to act upon or against you. There are no secrets. All things which you have held gently or tightly within you - not to allow any of the energy of it to escape - has quietly moved into your energy field and only that which is good, only that with high intentions, only that within the will of the Father, will now be blessed upon those in your family group.

It is my pleasure to give this gift and know that your integrity, your sincerity, and your steadfastness will grasp this message in faith and know that you know its truth. That is all, My Daughters. I bless you. I love you.

Drue: Thank you, very much.

other voices: We love you too, thank you, bless you, etc. That was beautiful.

(long, long silence)

Patije: This is Patije. I think I hear JaEl wanting to say something.

Julie: Welcome in, JaEl.

Patije: I heard: "My Mary, do you not hear me?"

Mary: I did not hear that. (long silence)

Julie: Welcome Ophelia, and Olivia, and Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, and VanEl, and VanEssa and LorEl and Aflana, and NorEl...and who have I missed?

Drue: I hear "Julia, I have missed you" I don't know who it is.

Julie: Whoever it is, I missed you too!

JoEl: (Drue)It is I who am of service.

Julie: JoEl!

Patije: Do you have a message for us, JoEl?

Julie :I am getting all different colored balls going around.

JoEl (Drue)Service is the message. Unconditional Service.

Julie:I got that too, Drue.

Mary:Umhmmm, me too.


This is Patije and I would like to ask the teachers to send my blessing - or my prayers for blessings - to all those that I had the privilege of corresponding with today in answer to letters and requests for transcripts. And, I ask that only good, only the higher good, will go out with that which was sent and that all those who are meant to be linked together, or yoked for service will find one another. I thank you for the time I have had to catch up on a lot of correspondence and ask that the last transcript finished tomorrow. Then, that I be told what is the next priority. Help me in my scattered distracted experiences!

Unseen Helper: (Drue)The next priority is service.

Patije:What do you call what I have been doing? (laughter)

Unseen Helper:It is a continuation of what you have been doing. This is service. We thank you for you willingness to serve and to fill the need...(fades)

Julie:This is Julie and I want to thank you for pushing me to come to Patije's to help her in her service in this way I have learned service, learned so much about the celestial through this service of serving her, serving you and serving our community.

Unseen Helper:And, we thank you for that service.

Julie:Unconditionally. It is my thanks to have me able to do it.

Unseen Helper:We thank you for your willingness.

Julie:This is Julie again. I was reading in the Corvallis transcripts about the teachers saying that you don't have to fuse now to know your spiritual name. And, I would like to know what my spiritual name is, if it is appropriate.

Unseen Helper:We thank Mary for her service through her work.

Mary;You are welcome. I am here to serve.

Patije:Does June mean anything?


Patije:I just heard the word "June."

Julie:For a spiritual name?

Patije:It doesn't sound like one to me.

Drue:I think it is more like "JuEN."

Julie:A teacher?

Drue:I...I just think it is JuEN, not June.

Patije:JuEn, JuEnnon, JuEN...

Drue:It might even be like ChuEN. or TzuEN.


Drue:Yeah, but with a "Chu" instead of "Ju"

Julie:Well, a light went on when you said that, Drue, so that might be it.

Patije:I heard "Meralie" the other day when we were having a healing session - like Meril lee or. Can you tell us what that means?

Drue:What I hear is "Merily we roll along!"

Patije:That's exactly how it came to me, to sound like that! I thought it might be the name of the Universe Mother Spirit, a guardian angel or even a spiritual name. I didn't know. I still don't know. What causes us to roll along?

Drue:I get that it is light and airy and with humor, whatever.

Patije:Full of love and nurturing...

Drue:Very light and very airy.

Patije:I was reading in the Corvallis transcripts that we can each name the Mother Spirit what we want to. I was wondering if Merali was her name for herself, or the angels name for her. I don't know.

Julie:Well, it is part of Mary too, you know.

Patije:It was not Mary Lee. I checked that out.

Julie:No, I mean a derivative of Mary. (short silence)

Drue:I just call her "the Mother"

Patije:Well you know, Michael isn't really the name of our Creator Son, that's what he is. There are at least 70,000 Michael Sons - however many universes there are, that's how many Michael's there are.

Drue:Well what is his name?

Patije:Jesus upon Urantia! (laughter) Eventod in one of his bestowals! (laughter)

Drue:Joshua ben Joseph.


Patije:One without name or number. (laughter) (short silence) I would like to ask that special blessing be sent to my earthly Father. He had tests today and I hope that everything is well. I see them as well and I ask that he be enlightened, that his fears be lifted. I send comfort to Wanda - a loss of a family pet is sometimes quite traumatic. We send our love to Wanda.

Drue:And to Ann.

Patije:And to Ann. And to all those members of our cosmic family that we either have not met or will not meet for a long time.

Drue:That's good! And even those we have met that we are not too thrilled about.

Julie:Or they are not too thrilled about us.

Drue:And, I would like to throw in my earthly dad too, for comfort, support and love.

Patije:And, I ask special wisdom in advising or counseling, or talking with my daughter in her challenges and our relationship.

Drue:You know what I heard right now - loud and clear, Patije? "Listen!"

Patije:That's good.

Julie:This must be JoEl speaking, because it is what I get from her all the time..


Patije:Listen to my heart, or listen to her.

Drue:Just listen. You know, Patije, lots of times when people are having a problem as they talk it they will discover the answers just by being a sounding board so they can get it out and get their thoughts straight they are answering their own questions. Even if all you say is "uhun, uhuh, uhuh" at the end they will say you have been so helpful!

Julie;This is true.

Drue:I hear and "we bless our Mary."

Mary:Thank you. Your Mary needs it.

Julie:We all bless our Mary.

Drue:Let's include all of us in this too. A special blessing to everybody who is here and their tireless and faithful service...

Mary:Bless Patije, Bless Julie, Bless Drue, Bless Roy

Drue:And our good friend, Shadow!

Mary:And throw my daughter-in-law in there too.

Drue:And everybody we live with!

Julie:And, Jody! With the little one coming along. And that little one.

Patije:And I want to send special blessing to Allene.

Drue:We can send them! Maybe she will get them and feel good. We send them to you, Allene, free and clear - no strings attached.


Drue:And, let it be that whomever we meet, whomever comes into our little sphere, is blessed, whoever we talk to.


I had a phone call from P--- and he and R---- have a special request. I wonder if the teachers could give us a special answer now. They know what the problems are. And, incidently, Paul has not had problems with his knees since he was here! He does is walking and they just don't bother him anymore! They have another challenge that is quite basic to their life style, their courage, faith and finances. They are looking for a little encouragement or discouragement about their line of action.

Julie:Maybe they will see the light.

Drue:I get that this isn't what they are here for.

Mary:I am also getting a negative.

Drue:They have to go within. Go within to find the answer. It will not come from without.

Patije:They have been told for over a year to go forward with this and they think Aflana and the Melchizedeks have been telling them to do it and now they seem to have hit a wall.

Drue:But how is this any different than ____ and ____ being told that they are supposed to do something. They are not told. They have made it very clear to us. The Celestials do not tell us these things. And, if they have been given these false hopes or whatever, they did not come from the celestials because this is not what they do! The answers are within. You have to go within. You cannot seek without. They have made this very, very clear about this.

Patije;They have what they need to complete and win this challenge, but the time is dragging out longer than they expected.

Drue:The Celestials aren't involved in these sorts of things. This is not what they do.

Mary:Let's send healing to them. Heal their hearts. What the Celestials will do is help them carry the burden - put the burden onto the Celestials so they can move on and do whatever they need to do.


Do you remember M____? She has a similar problem too. She is asking "Why, when I try so hard to follow the Father's will and I pray for them..." There are some other people who are having similar problems where they have bent over backwards to give service and more than what was purchased from them and are not getting their money and are faced with having to take it to the courts. It is like are we finally supposed to stand up to these people who are taking advantage of the legal system? Are we supposed to allow them to go on abusing and taking advantage...and profiting?

Drue: This is personal choice.

Patije:It is personal choice to a point...but is it not part of the Correcting Time to straighten out the kinks in our so-called legal unfairness law?

Drue:You know, Patije, we each have different missions in life and we each have a different calling. I think that these are things that they have to go within to find out. What is best for them? Is it diverting them from their correct path? Is it getting in their way so that all they can see is this conflict? They can't live because this conflict is so big?

Julie:What happens is they have to let it go and when they let it go the answer will come. I have been in....I found...well, I have found out that all of the time, all these things happen, but when you hold on to it, all it does is keep dragging you down. And, that is all you see is the conflict. The moment you let it go and you say I don't care, let it go anyway it does and it seems to resolve itself.

Patije:They asked me to ask the teachers, so I asked.

Mary:They are just concerned because if it drags on they are will be financially drained.

Patije:They want to stand up for right.

Mary:There is no right and there is no wrong.

Drue:I am sort of going through a little situation with a neighbor. It comes down to I can be right, I can be right, I can be right. They can be terribly wrong but it is affecting me! I can be right all I want but it rips out my guts! So I have a choice here: Am I going to let it rip out my guts and be right or am I going to say "OK, it really doesn't matter." I'll just close the door and pretend I don't hear, put cotton in my ears or something.

Mary:That is what I did and it resolved itself. Now things just happen.

Julie:You know I just got a cold chill all through my body.

Drue:Who is here?


Julie:Yeah. (long silence) Maybe you will appear to your daughters who love you and trust you. Even if you don't appear it is ok.

Drue:I was just going to say that! It's ok, even if you don't.

Julie:We will still love you.

Drue:We should like it! But it is not a requirement! (laughter)

Julie:I just got another chill.

Drue:Not a requirement. No body would believe us, but we would still be thrilled. They would just say: "Oh those Sarasota women, what a bunch of....." (laughter)

Julie:Just between us.

Unseen Helper: (Drue)Although you can not see me, I am with you.

Patije:I heard that as "I am often with you though you do not see me."

Drue:You are more poetic, Patije! (laughter)

Patije:But it is strange, it is beautiful, it is wonderful when it comes through like that! Affirmation.

Julie:I am getting purple, blue and gold.

Patije:Gabriel, Melchizedek and Michael?

Mary:I am feeling the energy so strong!

Drue:You bet.

Patije:I have another question to ask you. These flower essences are startling. Is there more we should do with them besides experiment as we are? Is it good to use these before we come into the stillness? Before we serve as TR?

Ruby:Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is! (laughter)

Patije:Thank you, Ruby. Thank you, Ruby. Thank you, Ruby! (laughter)

Julie;I love you, Ruby. I love you, Ruby. I love you, Ruby.

Patije:That wasn't the answer I wanted.

Drue: (laughing)Too bad! Too bad. Too bad. (laughter)

(long, long silence)

Julie:I have the feeling that we are getting a lot of healing, a lot of energy coming through. I am sure everyone does. I feel more than ever to be coming through the tips of my fingers and toes and the tips of my head.

(tape turned over)


I am Olfana. I come to you with greetings from Susan and wish to impress upon you to take heed of the teachings which I give to Susan. She has studied, and is in the process of learning more, about that which you ask. I have studied with the Chanti who have worked with the flower essences and this is another experiment in allowing you to find alternate methods of expanded consciousness. It is not for everyone at this time. But, because you have been exposed to Susan's enthusiasm, we will watch closely as you begin to try these for yourselves. Go gently, carefully, lovingly, and be not afraid. (long, long, long silence)

Julie:I am getting a picture of the letter Z. Just Z. And, when I get this, I think of what you said to me the other day, Patije, about Zon.

Patije:Ummmmm, I forgot about "Zon" energy.

Julie:I did too, but right now I see this Z - it coming, its going over you and over to Mary and then to me and we are forming a Z.

Patije:Who told me about Zon?

Mary:What about Zon? (other voice spoke "Darline" at same time)

Patije:She doesn't know "Zon", but she heard about "Zon" energy. She was given words like Horizon, and there were 3 or 4 other words with this zon on the ends of them and she suggested that I research "Zon" energy.

Julie:I think whatever we are getting right now is it. (long silence) It is a little different than usual. Don't you think? And, it drips...

Patije:It is different, it is coming from the bottom up instead of from up down. It is like drops of purple. Instead of a burst of purple.

Julie:I know what it is like. It is like Mary taking the eye dropper and putting the drops, the tips on our fingers and our toes and - you know?

Patije:But, what is "Zon" energy? We now know what it looks like. But, what is it for.

Julie:That is the question that we are asking. What is "Zon" energy?

Patije:I can't even think of the other words that had zon in them. I just though heptagon but that is gon not zon.

Drue:Horizontal goes with horizon...

Julie:Umhmmm. Zonkers.

Drue:I'm sure that's one of them, Julie! (laughter)

Julie:I'm just thinking.


Julie:Yes. But that ends with e.



Patije: It means?, big energy.

Julie:That's it. The light went on and I...when you said that!

Mary:I was kind of kidding. They used to call me that when I was a kid.

Julie:Forget the past. You want to know something - Amazon is wonderful!

Patije:The word "filters" came to me. Could "Zon" energy being filter energy? What is filter? That which purifies? Purifying energy...

Julie:Umhmmm. Purifying, cleansing... That's it!

Patije;What are we to do with Zon energy? (long silence)

Mary:If nothing else, we know that we believe.(pause) Ah! that's sweet. Somebody touched me on the knee.

Julie:I am seeing lots of faces but they are awfully hard to make out. They go whe-

Patije:Like they are in a train and you are getting a side view of them as they go by.

Julie;You are getting that too, Patije?

Patije:What is the train?


Patije:The train is what we are, for the correcting time.


Patije:The tracks aren't complete. must complete the tracks.

Drue:That's our job, to complete the track.

Julie:That's unconditional service.

Drue:Lay the tracks where we are instructed. (pause) So that others may follow.

Patije:I keep hearing "filters"

Julie:Filter out the impurities.

LorEL:Good evening, my friends and sisters. I am LorEl.

Voices:Good evening, LorEl! Welcome.


Greetings to you. (pause) It is true, I am trying to communicate about filters. You have participated in a process of preparation for some time now. You have been given many suggestions of new ways to expand your consciousness, encouragement to know that you know, and to act in faith as you go forth in your daily experience. (pause)

As you do go forth, in your daily experiences, living over and over those things which at sometimes become routine and boring, and other times frustrating, and still other times exciting, you have been using filters to view these circumstances. Your filters have been made up of past experiences, past expectations, past disappointments, possibilities and illusions. At this time, in your process of preparation, we want you to begin to open your thoughts to a new filtering process. Each morning as you awaken and open your eyes - or that time when you do awaken from your rest period, begin to see the world, the materiality around you, from your new perspective as a cosmic citizen, one well on the way towards your fusion with your Thought Adjuster.

You have been uplifted, and attuned, and adjusted, to a level slightly more broadening with a vast view not afforded by the material mind of those who are not prepared. On this vast vista of possibility and expectancy you can see with eyes and ears of a new level of adjustment. As you open those eyes upon the appearances and illusions, of those things which happen nearly every day of your lives, which have irritated you in the past, you will begin to focus upon the truth of them and they will fade from importance. And, you will slide over them as if they are but a crack in the walkway upon with you trod. (pause)

My sisters, truly I tell you to think on these things. Open the blinders. Open the shades, and look through the glass with these new filters. Each thing you behold, each moment of your existence, look at it from the viewpoint of these new filters, these filters of goodness, these filters of love...(pause)...these filters of true reality, not illusions of time and space. Know that when you meet your brother or sister on the worldly path that they too are changing, judge them not from yesterday's filters. Know then as they are. Know them in their perfection, and deal with them on the level where they appear. Know that you yourself are moving rapidly into a new space, a new place, where time and space are not a ball and chain to hold you fast, but rather a vehicle to transport you rapidly on your spiral towards perfection. (pause)

You each have a task, a responsibility, a commitment and a loyalty which enables you to do that which is asked of you. We commend you in your steadfast loyalty in your community to the perseverance and discipline which enables you to return even when it is inconvenient. To the inspired loyalty and commitment which enables you to see the big picture, the view of the goal, the purpose of the group, where only a short time ago, you might only have seen from your own self-centered needs and desires. (pause) You are growing rapidly in ways you know not of. Your consciousness has been expanded. Your level on the spiral towards perfection is ever moving gently upwards. (pause)

Do not look down upon those who are not moving with you. Put out a hand or a ribbon for them to grasp and follow. I tell you truly every action is repeated in the energy of love and brings many responses. At a time not too far distant you will realize the meaning of my words. In the meantime, know that each decision, each action, and each non-action is multiplied many times and the value goes forth with great results. (pause)

I am LorEL. There will be a new level of teaching coming to this group when it is restored to its fullness. You have not too much work left in the phase of the assignment where you have been working. You have drawn close. You have become friends. You are in consensus for the total goal. The small things which remain unsettled are minor and will pass as you go forth in faith, remembering always who you are and who each member of your family is, not who they appear to be. (pause)

We bless you. we will be with you. We encourage you to go back to your daily time with your pen and paper, or keyboard, or tape recorder. There is much to be done and this is but a moment of practice each day for what is coming in the future. We applaud your diligent loyalty. We encourage your continued responses. We bless you.

As you shower the Love energy in all that you do and all that you are, we grant you grace. As time elapse and events unfold, there is much to do, my sisters. It is in your laps. It is your choice to move forward, or to remain comfortable. We bless you. We love you. We wait to help. We urge you on your way to answer the call of our Creator Son, our beloved Michael and the Co-creator Spirit. I am LorEl. And, I bid you farewell, for the time being. (pause) Farewell.

Voices:Farewell. (long silence)

Drue:I wonder what she meant by, "when our group is ..."

Julie:Wanda, and Ann, I think...

Drue:...I sort of got the feeling that she meant a big group.

Mary:Me too.

Drue:Did you get that too, Patije?

Patije:I was totally at a loss and when I started to ask I began to feel the communication fade, so I pulled my thoughts back...

Julie:I got that feeling that it was Wanda and Ann... or just Wanda.

Drue:I just got the feeling of a really big group.


Well, I think I was assured that our core group will remain and if our core group is a community and we can rely on one another to always be there for us, we can bring other people in - maybe not into Thursday night, maybe Monday night, or another day, but socialize with them and begin their process until they reach that level where they can join us. But, we have to be always willing to embrace them - I don't mean ...I mean...

Julie:Welcome them.


...welcome them. (pause) Julie and I were talking this afternoon about how it takes just about 6 months for somebody to join a group and become a part of it. You know, we had this after the big group split. It took just about 6 months to begin to settle down from all the chaos and all...and it has been 5 or 6 months since Julie and Mary joined us. It has been only 3 or 4 months since Allene left us and there is still a hole in our community, and it will probably take 6 months for it to fill that missing energy. If she comes back, I wonder how quickly...

(tape ends - teachers never speak again.)




FRIDAY, MAY 14, 1993 (7:00 PM)

Dear Father and Unseen Friends,

I was very happy to be back in the group last night. I want to practice "unconditional." I am going within and getting some different insights. I asked for my Spiritual name, and I though the lessons was finished - later a name came out - Juen - Juenne - could that possibly be it?

I ask for strength and energy and wisdom and compassion.

My "love" - Julie (Juenne)


Hello my friend, This is JoEl. We have been sending in this new energy that is coming in from Zon. Zon is a combination of Love and Light from creative experiences. Some mortals can take more than others, depending on their age and health. More information will be coming in on this.

The flower essences are something you need to know. You have the knowledge of blending different things together and feeling the different energies from them. You should devote time each day for this as well as for your art and music - it is inter-connected.

Study the lessons your group has been getting each week and apply to everything and everyone. This is the thinking that clears the mind of petty and useless thinking. Talk to your plants and animals and apply essences to them.

You have a connection with Susan in California. Keep in touch with her. You have a lot to learn from each other, as well as Jane. We have connected a circuit to each of you, and they are thinking of you as well as you of them. We "love" you Julie, and are impressing many things to you - wanting to see if you can sort things out. We are experimenting in different things and ways to different mortals. Many are falling away, but many more are willing!

Everything is moving more slowly than we expected. We need more such as your group. You are all getting a piece of the puzzle. That's why it's so important to stay connected with each other. Each has to feel comfortable with their own thoughts and work things out to the best of themselves. Remember, there are no secrets anymore.

Love one another, UNCONDITIONALLY - go within for your answers and LISTEN Go into the quiet, Study the Urantia book. With all these things to do, there will be no time for idleness. Trust in Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

-Love, JoEl

Thank you, JoEl. I thought I was abandoned. I haven't had your picture for awhile. Now I believe you are always near. Thank you. Thank you. I love you.

- Julie




TUESDAY, MAY 18, 1993 (3:15 PM)

Dear Heavenly Father and Unseen Friends, I am here, Willing to be of service and for any lessons.

Love Julie


Greetings, this is your friend, JoEl.

The energies have changed again today. Everything is moving more quickly each day. As soon as your body acclimates to one, another one is stepped up. You are feeling it more because you are out of balance. Play with your flower essences in your own method. You should rest more and go into the silence more. We know that you have, but do it more. This way we can work on you more. We surround you with Light and Love Energy.


Thank you, JoEl. You are a dear friend, and I sen you Love Energy too.





THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1993

NOTE: We begin by going into the stillness after a circle prayer of thanksgiving and invitation to the unseen friends and stating our individual willingness to be of service to the Father.

Patije:This is Patije. I thank the Father for this opportunity. I invite and welcome any teachers and unseen helpers. And, I offer my willingness to be of service to the Father in any way needed.

Drue:This is Drue. I thank our unseen helpers for their love and support and all the help they gave me and my earthly father this week. I truly appreciate it. I too, amy ready to serve in any way that is appropriate.

Julie:This is Julie. First of all thank you for....I want to thank you for being in the company of my friends, and I want to thank you and welcome in our heavenly Father, all of our unseen friends, and I am willing and open and willing to serve unconditionally.

Mary:This is Mary. I greet my Heavenly Father, Michael and all our unseen helpers and friends. I thank them for all the help and the blessings that we all received this past week. I am ready open and willing to serve.

Wanda:This is Wanda. I also want to thank the unseen helpers for showing and thank you for the privilege of being in the group. I am ready and willing to serve in any ways that are needed.

Aflana:The Light of God surrounds you, the Power of God protects you, the Love of God enfolds and uplifts you. Wherever you are, the Father is. Good evening. I am Aflana.

Voices:Good evening, Aflana.


It is good to see you all here. We have missed having all of the complete group here on Thursday evenings. There is only one missing now isn't there? She is well. (long silence)

Dear Ones, I bring to you a message. It is not one I wish to share if unneeded. There are those who attempt to undermine the progress and the process of this preparation for the Correcting Time. Know that you are protected. Know that the Father knows and supports this Plan to bring Urantia into a new level of dispensation. Know that those who put forth their unbalanced and passionate pleas to find control over others or throw doubt into the ring of those who waiver and yet know that they know are many, but will be harmless if you retain your focus on who you are, what you are, and why we are.

Do not be alarmed, but do not become frustrated, or fearful, or full of questions when word of these imbalanced ones come into your awareness. Pray for them. Be loyal to your community and reach out to other communities and know that all is well.

It is necessary for us from time to time, to reassure those who so diligently and faithfully practice the teachings which they received, personally, through the transmissions of our communications and also through our textbook. You do well. Go forth in faith, in peace, and knowing. (long, long silence)

Drue:This is Drue. I just wanted to ask the group: "what do you think Aflana meant by that - about the people, the undermining people?"

Patije:Well, as Patije, I think she is just telling us that it is going to happen but don't let it shake us up.

Drue:Do you think within the Urantia movement?

Patije:I don't know.

Drue:OK. It's just so people don't get discouraged then, I guess is what she meant?

Patije:That's what I think it is. I don't know. There may be something coming our way which we haven't heard of yet.

Julie:Maybe there is going to be an upheaval in the whatever.

Drue;Aflana, are you still here? Or if somebody else has something they would like to add, we would like to hear it.


This is Patije. The thought came to me...they were talking about how we are getting ready to move into another phase. The phase that we were in, I believe it was Phase 5, I believe was supposed to bring us closer together and make us very, very united and reliable for one another and maybe Phase 6 is going to take us back into the community and they don't want us to lose that cementing/bonding or whatever it was that they did. I don't know, I am only guessing. (Pause) I probably work with this more than anybody else does and I begin to wonder what is coming from me, what is coming from one of the TR's I talk to, what comes from other transcripts, what is coming from the teacher - What am I putting together? Is this personal revelation? Is this my guessing? or, is this real? It is all mixed up somehow.

Drue:As long as it is loving, doesn't matter.

Julie:If it has truth, beauty and goodness.

Patije:I kept hearing those words "filters" again. Everybody I talked to today and yesterday have used the word "filter" in some manner - and that thing from last week was talking about filters.

Drue:Well, maybe it is to filter out what you hear. Only allow the good things to come in. Filter out the bad.


I don't have too much trouble with that. I usually have to be hit over the head with something to see it if it is not good. (laughter)

Are there any other teachers here that want to give us a message? (long, long silence)

Julie:I think we have to welcome Olivia, Ophelia and VanEl, VanEssa and Ruby, and...

Drue:And the Chanti

Julie:And the Chanti, and Rayson

Drue:And Anathia,

Julie:And all our friends.



Ruby: Me too, me too, me too!

Mary:I heard that. I heard that.

Julie: Yes Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! When I said the name Ruby, a light lit up three times.

Drue:Good old Ruby.

Patije:I'd like to know who Ruby is.

Drue: A little pixie.

Patije:There was something I was transcribing today and Ruby was saying "think a little more, think a little more, think a little more." (laughter) I was thinking she is here to remind us to...

Drue:Think a little more!

Patije:...impress upon us something - she repeats everything 3 times. Every time I think of Ruby I think of Ann.

Drue:I think of Ruby as belonging to Ann.

Drue:Why don't we have a little healing circle and throw ourselves in and everybody else that needs some healing and some energy and recharge of batteries.

Patije:I haven't heard from Dad yet, he was in the hospital over the weekend for tests they began Thursday and continued this week. So I'll put his name in.

Drue:I am going to put my Father, and me in, and my husband, and my family.

Patije:And the relationship between Roy and his daughter, and me and my daughter,

Mary:relationship between me and my daughter!


Drue:All relationships in.

Wanda: I want to request a healing for Carolyn and healing for my own self. I still need healing.

Patije:You may not want to hear this but I heard:

Ruby:You have it! You have it! You have it! (laughter)

Wanda:I heard (or hurt?). I heard. I heard. (laughter) I'm getting there.

Drue:I hear:

Ruby: (Drue)It is only in your mind, only in your mind, only in your mind, do you hurt.

Julie:I just got a feeling of so much love that just came down and surrounded us all.

(long, long silence)

Drue:You know this last week I have thought one time the teachers said "don't carry your burden, allow us to take it, allow us to carry it for you," and I've thought of that and oh! I have just been so much lighter.

Julie:umhmmm I see either a rising sun or a setting sun. The colors are beautiful plus there is like a rainbow...showing some sort of a symbol. I heard on the news today that there is going to be a partial eclipse of the sun and will be seen in the lower hemisphere. (long, long, long, silence)

Patije:I keep hearing "I am Welmek" but nothing goes with it. I don't know if it is me saying that or if Welmek is really here.

Julie:Welcome, Welmek.

Drue:Well you know as soon as you said that: "I hear: I am Welmek," I heard "the great provider" I have no idea what that means.

Patije:Are we supposed to do something more with the celestial list you had me put together? Are we supposed to mail this out to people since it is not being included in the Network News.

Drue:This is what I hear - I don't know anything about what you are talking about - but what I hear is: "You are supposed to work with it." Does that mean anything?

Patije:Ok, send it to those people who ask for it. Keep it current. That is what it means to me.

Drue:Does Conrad have it? Have you sent it to Conrad? I just heard Conrad needs it.

Patije:Oh, I'll send him an updated one.

Julie:Do we have a lesson? (long silence)

Drue:Does anybody else feel the pulsating flow of the universe?

Several voices:Yes!!!!!!! Yes. umhmmm

Drue:I wonder if that is our lesson today?

Unseen Helper: (Drue)

This pulsating flow runs through all...we are all linked by this pulsating flow...(pause)...those of us that are here and those of us that are not...pulsating flow runs through all of is the generator...generating the energy we need...and it works hand in hand with the energy of the universe. We are all in the flow of this energy. (long silence) Use this upon is always is always is always available to us. If you feel tired, or listless, or out-of-sorts, call upon this energy that is flowing through you...(long silence) It is a healing energy, a supportive energy, a loving is the energy of life. Tap into it as it flows through you and be in tune with the universe. (long silence) That is all.

Patije:Thank you. (long, long, long silence)

Julie:I am getting the color of blue. (long silence)


I am Welmek. I was sent to work with you because my methods are different than your teaching team's methods. You have done well 'ere long you have been faithful, but each of you has -while growing tremendously - become lazy about your time in the stillness. In some ways you must each practice the stillness more faithfully. It would help you if you would do this at the same time each day as a matter of discipline. You have teachers who are waiting as you would say, on pins and needles, to give you much personal revelation, but cannot do so when you do not go into the stillness as requested. You have come far. You are exceptionally students. You live what you learn, and you put into practice what you know. And, you are able to overlook the illusions and appearances and see through the filters of truth, harmony and eternal values. I urge you only to go back to your pen and paper, keyboards, or tape recorders. You have no idea how much you are being given daily, because you keep no record of it. It is suggested that you do this longer than 10 minutes once a day. When you are out-of-balance emotionally, or frustrated because of the matters that you must deal with in your material life, it is still a good practice to write this out, or type it out, or talk it out. But, record it for there will be a ribbon of enlightenment within the words- even when the majority seem to be your own. (pause) Do you have any questions about this? (short silence) Do not feel as if you have been scolded. We are gently guiding. This is a human fallacy or many humans display a laziness about going into the stillness. (pause) You have almost reached a point where you live in the stillness unless you are jarred out of it. This is good. But, do not let it rock you, or lull you, into a complacency of not recording the wonderful information which you are being given.

Drue:Welmek, this is Drue. I want to thank you for the very gentle way that you presented this to us and the way you are giving us a little gentle pushing, a little gentle nudge. I did not take it as being chastised, although I realize you are talking to me. You did it very gently. I realize I have to get off dead center and start doing this again. I appreciate the reminder and I appreciate the loving way in which you did this.

Welmek:Would it help if you found a time that you would all be doing it together - for the quality of reminding yourselves?

Drue:At one time, we did. We had several meeting times - one at 8:00 AM and one at 6:00 and another around 11:00 PM. I know that for me personally, at 8:00 I was very faithful. I was always there. If I was driving the car, I pulled over and stopped. So, for me, it was a good discipline - having a time that we all got together. (short silence)

Welmek:Why did you cease this activity? Did it not work for you? This is another one of the fallacies of the mortals.

Julie:I have a question. My mind never stops. I know I have to clear out. I picture nothing, and then I say to myself, this is nothing, this is nothing, this is nothing, my mind never stops and then I say this is the stillness, and then I say this is the stillness, this is the stillness. What can I do to shut up.


Be gentle with yourselves. There are techniques for busying the busy part of the mind, but when you are aware that you have wandered, gently bring yourself back, but be aware of what you are thinking. There may be a message. It may be leading you somewhere for a discovery. And, you have particular abilities to allow us to reveal information which would mean little to others if they received it. And, there are those upon the planet waiting for this information. (pause)

We have found in working with many humans around the planet that actually writing your thoughts is a clear way to discern what is and what is not communication. Remember to be gentle with yourself. This is not a law. This is not a rule. This is not a necessary "have to". This is a pleasant fulfilling growth and discernment of your perfection which is the result of this exercise. Never is there any error when you go into the stillness to be with the Father and hear your Thought Adjuster translate those messages which are being sent to and through you. (long silence)

Patije:This is Patije. Does anybody else hear that beautiful bird?


Drue:Yes, isn't he beautiful! That mockingbird is serenading us so beautifully! (long, long, silence)

Julie:He says a message is coming through! (long, long silence)

Drue:This is Drue. And, Patije, I keep getting the feeling or message that Conrad needs something. He needs something from you.

Patije:Hummmmm, well, lets send Conrad some healing, some joy and ask him to communicate what he needs. Maybe he just needs a letter saying "Hi, how are you?"

Drue:He needs our love, I think. (long, long silence)

Wanda:I have a question for the teachers, if they are still here. I want to know why it is so hard to get centered once we seem to get out of the circle. Is it because the Thought Adjuster is gone, a physical thing... or something mental?

Unseen Helper:

Have you not found in the years that you have lived in this material level that anything you have concentrated upon has filled you with either joy or consternation and anything you have forgotten lies forgotten until you are again are reminded to pick it up. Have you not found that when you have perhaps a distant relative or friend and you speak to them once or twice a year, the friendship goes on but there is not the immediacy of talking to them when you are full of joy or sorrow. Yet, if you talk to them often,it is like a habit. They are a part of you. This is true of all things. Habits are formed by those actions which we take constantly and consistently until we no longer think of them. And, when we move away from something which means a lot to us, we begin to pick up the threads of the experience we are going through where we are and the threads of those other possibilities tend to be -not discarded, but overlooked...

Patije:This is Patije: I was hearing the words "back burner" and I thought it was coming from me and I lost the thread there. (long silence) LorEl is here.

Drue:Hello, LorEl. Welcome.

Julie:Welcome, LorEl.


Good evening, My sisters and friends. Welmek has (tape turned over) I tell you truly many times have we told you, your decision, your choice and then action creates a place where the whole universe comes to help. As long as you remain in limbo or confusion, we are handicapped and can do nothing but wait. (pause)

Drue:LorEl this is Drue, and for the past I don't know, maybe ten years, my whole life has been in confusion. I feel as if I have been in limbo. I don't know how to get it going. I don't know how to do it. From my point of view, I've tried just about everything but all the doors are the doors that open so obviously I am not knocking on the right door.


It is difficult to move from one level to another level when you must spend a great deal of your energy in providing for your material lives. Each of you, My Friends, have been moving up the spiral into new levels of consciousness and if you could, but look back upon your progress as we can, you would see startling evidence of genuine growth. But, from your limited viewpoint - in that place where you must serve more than one master, the physical material and the spiritual morontial - you cannot see this. Your eyes are limited. Rise up in consciousness. Expand the possibilities of your thinking. Grasp just a glimpse of what is, what IS. Be what you are, not what appears on the material level, but what is in your perfection. You do well as consciousness of being one's best permeates the experiences which you have. You will come to know peace as the filters of materiality are replaced by the filters of knowingness, from your place as a citizen of the cosmos. Remember even that great teacher, Paul, taught that you should be in this world, but not of it. Have you not seen that you do not quite "fit" as others think you should? Have you not noticed that you always seem to be the odd one in a group, when you are not with your community.

This is why the importance of the community family. It is a place where you can be free of the "shoulds," free of the "druthers," free of the handicaps and inhibitions and you can be your potential and be a part of the community/family in a way that you will never feel comfortable in the material world. We do not wish you to turn your back to your material or your physical relationships, but we wish to provide a place for you to come and speak, and be, and think, and feel, without judgement, without fear, without a sense of success or failure. What you wish to receive from your community family, is what we ask you to give. If each individuals gives totally and unconditionally, then each will receive totally and unconditionally. If any hold back, if any resist, then it is not whole.

For many weeks now, we have attempted to bring you a lesson about unconditional. This is probably the closest we can come when we define the unit of your family community as being that place where you can be 100% individually perfect potential selves. Rejoice that you have this opportunity. Your loyalty is commendable. Your dedication is appreciated. Your commitment is praised. And, your beingness is guided, nurtured, nourished, and loved. (long pause)

Serving unconditionally does not mean you must become a doormat for the material world. It means that you will have as a result of your commitment, and your loyalty, and your faithfulness, an awareness of the reality of your place. Who you are, what you are, why you are, how you are, and be sensitive to this is all others. Sometimes, this will cause consternation or grief, or frustration, but if you remember who you are and keep your focus upon the Father and your potential you will survive and serve well.

The attitude of unconditional service is much more important than the deeds of unconditional service. We know in the human psyche there are many of what you call "hang-ups" and preferences and perceptions and opinions. We do not ask that you erase these completely instantaneously, but rather have the attitude that you are willing to see things in new light and develop ideas with love. Attempt to try those things which seem uncomfortable and know that you are doing the Father's will. And, that attitude will guide you into the world above the material world where you can be what you are more of the time, with all of your energies. (pause)

Do you not see the truth of these statements? Can you not know there is more in each level of thought. Everything which is presented to you, materially in your experience, mentally by your Thought Adjuster can be discerned in many levels of understanding and as you peel these layers away and go into deeper and higher thinking, your ability to perceive reality becomes clearly and greatly enhanced. (Pause)

You are creating that which you are becoming. And, each step, each decision of unconditional attitude brings you closer to the realization of your goal. I tell you truly there is none other which can teach you greater. Think on these things. Know that you know. Be done with those circumstances which have no eternal value. Do not find yourself chained to them through your emotions and your prejudices. Allow these to fall away and become enlightened by your knowing God's will is always for the greater good and is never for self-centered or selfish protectionism. An attitude of unconditional love is an attitude of accepting, not embracing, but accepting. It is an attitude of knowing that all is working for the good of the Father's plan. It is an attitude of knowing that nothing can cause you to fall except your emotional imbalanced attitude.

I tell you truly, this is your goal.

Drue:Thank you very much. (short silence)

Julie:That was a wonderful lesson, LorEl. (long silence)

Drue:Thank you for sharing that, Patije.

Patije:Sharing what?

Drue:What LorEl had to say.

Patije:I don't really know what she said.

Drue:You will really love to read it. I want to thank LorEl and Aflana and Welmek for their wonderful messages tonight - Very supportive, very loving, I really appreciate it.

Aflana:It is our pleasure, Dear One. When you come to us in expectant faith, you will always receive at some level. It is our pleasure to serve you when you try so hard to be faithful, loyal, and committed. Let us thank you. Dear Ones, go forth in faith.

LorEl:I am LorEl. Have you any question? Have you any comments:

Drue:Well, LorEL, this is Drue. All I can say is that I will really try to do much better. What can I say. I am very lazy and I will really, really try to stick with it and do it. Because I feel bad when I don't.

LorEl:That is no reason.

Drue:But I know it is for the good of the group. I know that it is for my own good, I know that it is for the good of Urantia. And, I will endeavor fiercely to do what it is I am supposed to do.


We have heard many in the groups speaking during study group times, in telephone conversation times, and working times, and we have also been meeting and talking on our side. Welmek was going to make a suggestion but left it for me to do. It would seem, that it might be something that you would want to try. But to take just one section, not a Paper, not a chapter, but just one section which is usually one page, in the Urantia Book to start out your meetings on Thursday nights, which would give you a basis for us to begin to teach. I ask that you discuss this and make a decision, and whatever you decide, we will work with you.

I am finished for this evening. I will say Farewell.

Drue:Farewell, LorEl. Thank you.

Other voices: Farewell. Thank you, LorEl.


I am Welmek. It has been a pleasure to be with you. I will also say Farewell.

Voices:Thank you, Welmek.

Ruby:Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! (laughter)

Drue:See you, Ruby!

Julie:That sounds like a very good idea.

Drue:Well, also Welmek brought up too, about doing it at a special time. What do you think about that? Remember when we used to do that?

(end of tape) Discussion followed and it was decided that all of us would try to go into the stillness at 8:00 for the following week.




FRIDAY, MAY 21, 19993 (7:30 PM)

My dearest Father and Unseen friends,

I feel energies are changing and so are we mortals. It was interesting at the TR meeting last night. Wanda, I think, is missing her TA and is going to take on natural healing.

Also that out of body experience I had. Mary's energy was not coming through. I feel a void somewhere, and I don't know what or where it is. The lull before the storm?

Patije and I talked over "Z0Lon energy" today - trying to figure out what it is. We came to the conclusion that it was (zonal?) perhaps in the astral or auric body or field. Also, in the earth's. Any comments on this?

I am willing and open to do the Father's will. Are there any messages for me?

-- Julie

My Dear Daughter,

Your sensitivity to energies - sounds and vibrations are now beginning to work for you. You are now putting everything in Love energy and understanding what is happening.

Your Father is always here for you, just come to me. I have the answers for you. I love you my child, and I am going to ask much of you, and I know that I can count on you. You do have a free will but you are willing to do my work. Know that I am here and you have the heavenly Father's love.

-Your Father in Heaven

Hello, Dear Friend, this is JoEl. Think hard on last night's lesson on unconditional love. You were surprised on our interpretations. You see, how we love you mortals?

You are correct in the interpretation of upstepping. You have a few more days of discomfort then a few days of acclamation and so more up-stepping.

Do not allow other's animal instincts to get to you - you are far above that. Just laugh to yourself and send them Love energy. Give these silly things to us to deal with.

Your next lessons is to be very proficient with the flower essences and get some others also. You have natural ability in growing things. Get back to your herbs also and put your knowledge into practice. We know you are shy about this, but we are pulling you out of your shell. Be yourself.

You have much studying to do and your creative ability should be used. these things are all connected. Heal your friends. We will work together. They trust you and are waiting for this.

Your friend with so much love for you

-- JoEL

Dear JoEl,

Thank you for keeping me on track. I will do my best to do these things. so much love to you.




THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1993

We begin our meetings with prayers of thanksgiving, willingness to be of service to the Father and welcome invitation to the unseen helpers. Tonight we began first with a reading from the Urantia Book - pages 1094 through 1096 about religious and spiritual growth before going into the stillness and our prayers.

Patije:This is Patije. I thank the Father for this opportunity and offer my services in any way. I offer an invitation and welcome to any unseen helper who wishes to be with us tonight to teach us more about His will, the Father's will.

Julia:This is Julia. I greet my Heavenly Father and our unseen helpers and friends - mortal and immortal, and I am willing to do any service for our Father.

Wanda:This is Wanda. Father, I place myself in your hands to be used in any way that you need me to be used.

Drue:This is Drue and I want to thank our unseen helpers for their guidance and their love and support. I am ready and willing to be of assistance.

Mary:This is Mary. I greet our heavenly Father, and Michael, and all of our unseen helpers and friends. I am ready and willing to be of service.

MarTineEL: (see last communication)

The Power of the Father protects us, the Love of the Father enfolds us, wherever you are, wherever we are, the Father is and all is well. Good evening, my loved ones.

Voices:Good evening!

Patije:This is Patije and I don't know who that was - it was neither Aflana nor LorEL.

Julie:Good evening, whomever you are!

Drue:We welcome you to our group. Do you have something you would like to tell us? (short silence)


I bring loving greetings from many - some whom you have known and spoken with, some whom you have not. There is much aflutter in the universe beyond your eyes and ears. Many are stirring hither and thither finding so many things to do while we wait upon the human mortal to hear our messages and follow our guidance. (short silence)

I am an associate teacher. I have worked with Welmek and LorEL. I was invited to come here this evening to share my outlook, my unique vision of the big picture - as some of you mortals say. I am female. I am fused. I come from a planet far away in a neighboring constellation. I greet you not only for myself, but all who are part of this teaching mission in that I find myself so joyfully participating. (short silence)

The human mortal involved in this time of calling, has little ability to recognize the significance and the gigantic proportions of the little bit which they glimpse. This is a Correcting Time upon Urantia. Although it began some time ago and will continue for many hundreds of your years, progress is being made and being made rapidly. It is not easy to guide and not step across the lines of free choice and free will. It is not easy to guide when a suggestion is made and is not followed. It is not easy to guide when we are limited in so much of what we can tell you and share with you. We want so much to share that which we are not authorized to do. All we can do in our excitement and enthusiasm is to shower you with big broad hints...(laughter heard)...

Drue:We need bigger ones! Bigger hints! (laughter)

Patije:This is Patije. I want to know who is talking!

Drue:Gee, what a nice message, wasn't that nice!

Voices:Yes, umhmmmm......

Julie:She wasn't finished... (short silence)


We have watched you. We have studied the process in this group, the association of personalities, the self-consciousness, the self-doubts, the reluctance and the enthusiasm. We have seen the withdrawals. We have seen the excitement! That which impresses us most, is your diligent steadfast devotion and loyalty to your community group. We know there are wrinkles in your associations with one another, but we rejoice in your ability to communicate, and love, and serve one another. It is refreshing for us to know human mortals who put aside self-centered interests and come together to learn, to share, to help one another understand, to help one another get back up and try again when running into obstacles.

The challenges which are presented to you as a group, and as individuals may seem insignificant, unimportant, sometimes ridiculous, but each plays a very important part in preparing you for what is coming very shortly. There is a slumping - as I have heard some of you mortals say - in the energies of transmission and communication. This is temporary. There is much happening at this time to enable each of you, in every little group around the world, to be able to see your teachers as well as hear them. This will not happen overnight. It will happen unexpectedly, and is a process very similar to the transmission process. First you must relax, then you must step out in faith and just speak - and then it happens! Then you must discipline yourselves to not allow the doubts to overwhelm you and deter you from your service. Visualizing your teachers is a very similar process. It will happen - what you would call automatically - when you allow it to happen.

You have discovered for yourselves that this is true of all things in life. You make the jump, leap in consciousness. You become aware of something on your mind. You express a desire to understand or correct, or move it. You whisper a prayer or the desire so that it is heard within your soul, and the self, the Thought Adjuster, sends this desire to wherever it is to be heard, and all of a sudden you become aware of an answer, a solvent, or a realization, or an awareness and you are inspired to stretch your faith a bit more and move into higher consciousness and realization of your cosmic citizenship. (pause)

There are many methods for enabling you to reach this level of higher consciousness, the level where humanity normally makes its progress is like a baby who is born and learns to crawl and babble. Then it begins to take steps and speak words. Then it begins to form ideas and make speech. Then it begin to explore the world in a new and higher realization of how it affects itself. You are but babes in what you are participating, but you are beginning to walk and talk and form ideas which work. We were pleased to see that you have taken our suggestions and have worked with them. You have implemented them into your own individual lives and you are working together as a group. This is good. This is the beginning of the process.

There is much to do. There is much to learn. There is much to practice. Each step on any of the paths whether it be challenges in your material lives, challenges in your physical health, challenges in your diet and nutrition, challenges in inspiration of ideas which you try to share with others, challenges in relationships, or more than one or all of these, you are moving towards your goal. Do not compare yourselves with others. Do not compare your group and what happens in this community family with what happens in other communities. Do not draw comparisons between yourselves, but know that each is a unique individual and personality chosen for that gift which you have in excess of others. We wish for you to implement that which you have that is unique - whether you call it a talent, an ability, whether you call it a handicap or a virtue, it is uniquely yours and it is part of the whole of your community, you community family. You will begin to use this, practice this, utilize this, stretch your abilities, find new uses for it and harmonize with the other unique abilities until you become a part of a working national, international, global corps of volunteers who are making progress in this process of Correcting Time upon Urantia. Do not fall away, sit back, or idle your time and think it was not working. Everything you do from reflective conscious thoughts to serving your fellows is helping you to grow in a way which you do not understand but will someday know. (pause)

I am trying to give my name to everyone in the community and each one of you will receive some part of it, if you relax and allow it to happen. (pause)

Drue:This is Drue, and what I heard when Patije originally said it was driving her crazy not knowing who it is, was like "Martine" or something like that. I don't know if anybody else heard anything.

Patije:Well I heard the "Mar" and I was trying to put it together with Mary or something like that - we were talking about Maimeri. Is it Martine... Martina... Martinel...

Wanda:I get an "EL" ...

Julie:El is rin...

Wanda:El is maybe....


Drue:Maybe it is MartinEl. (pause) Mar tine el.

Patije:I just got that!

Julie:I heard that!

Patije:She said I am Marteenel! (pause) She didn't say it quite the way I did, but (laughter) M-a-r-t-e-e-n-El?

Drue:I get M-a-r-t-i-n-el.

Julie:At first I got Martina, but then I saw EL in it too.

Drue:It might be three separate words Mar tine el.

Patije:Oh! Right! That is what it is. I saw the 2 "e's" in it and the two "e's" would be between the Martine and El rather than where the I is. Thank you MarTineEl!

Drue:Thank you. Thank you for the very nice message. Thank you very much! It is pleasure to meet you and to hear from you and to learn from you. Thank you very much.

Julie:That was a very good lesson.


It is my pleasure. You have taught me much by my observing your conduct and actions. I love to listen to your telephone conversations!

Drue:Uh oh! We're in trouble! (laughter)


On the contrary, you are not! I have watched you help one another think things through. I have listened to your ability to get to the heart of the problem instead of dwelling on that which keeps you out of balance emotionally. I have enabled at times, some of you to get a glimpse of inspiration which raises your thoughts to a higher level. This is good. (pause)

Julie:So she's the one!

Drue:Well, Mar-tine-El, when you said that you give us hints, we really need very big hints! That are very clear so that we truly understand what the hint is. Then we need a little umph - kick in the rear to get us going!


You have missed the point of my conv...



Patije:I "heard" conversation, but it didn't make sense. Now I've lost it. Give me a few seconds.

Voices: Sure.


We have authorization to share certain amounts of information with you. Our purpose here is to teach you to live Light and Life right now, right where you are, doing what you always do. We ar here to help you broaden your thinking about the concepts of that which you read in your textbook or hear from your teachers. We are limited in the amount of information we can give you over and above what is in your textbook.(pause)

But, that should not alarm you because you have not read all of the information in the textbook. (laughter heard) There is some information which some of you have read but not digested. Even your teacher has not really understood all of what she has read. We are not scolding you, we are enlightening you, to the very limitations which you place upon yourselves by not being ready and willing to read and understand all of what is there. (pause)

We have listened to your reasons, your excuses, and all of those nice little convenient diversions which prevent you from doing that which you know in your heart, you are called to do. This is a pleasant exercise when done in a family community group. This is work when done alone as discipline, but it is your choice. (pause)

There is much, very much, which could be expressed and communicated if you but understood what it was that was being taught. It is as if you were in high school and you were learning about electricity and you did not want to know anything about wiring. How then could we teach you about the conduction of electrical impulse if we did not have the basis of the wiring to use to demonstrate this power? It is as if you wanted to learn to ice skate but would not put on a pair of ice skates. How then could we teach you to ice skate? It is as if you wanted to be a good mother, but had no child. How then could we teach you the intricacies of the mother and the child? Do you not see the connection? (Pause)



There are many things in your experience, your life experience on the planet of Urantia which are distasteful to you, which is unpleasant for you, and which is just plain boring to you. We do not ask you to participate in that which is distasteful. We do ask you to discipline yourselves to some of the things which are uninteresting to you, only so that we can open new highways into higher learning for you! It is not necessary to understand. It is not necessary to be thoroughly versed. It is only necessary to have the words in your subconscious. From there we can pull from them and connect them for you in ways you know not of.

I am MarTineEl. I know what it is I am saying. I am getting what you humans would do across the room from one another, of shaking heads and cautionary fingers in front of the lips and this is not pleasant for me, but I want to urge you so much because your teachers stand by so willing to teach you, so willing to help you, and you handicap them by limiting your effectiveness. We



....reprimanded for doing thus. I love you. I love watching you grow. I love listening to your conversations and I love the way you minister to one another. I bid you peace, love, and many fruits of your faith. I know you will arrive at your destiny eventually. I want only to push you into moving a little more quickly.

This is my first time to speak through a transmitter and it is fun, exhilarating, but it is somewhat uncomfortable and insecure for me - too. (laughter)

Drue:Well, thank you, MarTineEl. We appreciate what you said and we do understand what you are saying to us. Thank you very much for having the courage to say it!

Julie:She did a wonderful job.

Drue:You certainly did! Thank you very much.


Before I leave, let me express my desire to see all of you communicating with all of us freely, and without any more self-doubts. And, you can do it! Farewell.

Voices:Farewell, MartineEl. I love you!

Patije:This is Patije and that was different! The otherness, the energy, was different - I almost felt like she was pulling stuff from my memory banks -- right off...I've never....

Julie:The energy was different

Patije:In the beginning I can remember when they would "scan our memory banks" and it was sort of like that, but it was different, it was strange.

Julie:You look different.

Wanda:She does look different.

Drue:And you sounded different too. Even now you look and sound different.

Julie and Wanda:Umhmmmm. Yes.

Drue:You know I had the feeling that - she said that she was a fused being, I had the feeling that she could understand us a little better than the other teachers - humanly understand us a little better.

Patije:Well, Aflana and LorEl come from a rebellion planet like ours...and they are fused.

Drue:But for some reasons, I just had the feeling that she had...

Patije;Maybe she is your personal teacher?

Wanda:No. Maybe that is what we all needed. Right now, the things which she said.

Drue:We needed a little push.

Julie:I think, didn't you get your personal teacher, Wanda?

Wanda:No. I don't know that I have a personal teacher.

Patije:Well, you do! It is only a matter of finding out who it is...

Julie:...finding out who it is.

Wanda:I knew I must have had someone today putting words into my mouth a couple of times...

Drue:...I had a very interesting experience today. We have a sculpture garden out back of the gallery. And, was Tuesday for a little bit - and I wasn't there yesterday and then today - there was a single crow...a great big black crow that would just come around. It wasn't like it was looking for a mate or food because there wasn't any body else. Just one single crow. I was trying to chase it away because it was scaring my other little birdie friends. I went out and talked to him: "Now listen. Do you have a message for me? Are you trying to tell me something? Are you one of our friends in disguise? If so, the form that you have taken on is scaring all of my little birdie friends." (laughter) If there is something I am supposed to know, please tell me what it is and move on because you are scaring my friends. And very soon the crow did move on! It was just very strange. I did have the feeling that there was some reason that it was here. There was just one and that isn't the way they travel - they travel in big packs...(laughter) is somebody trying to tell me something?

Patije:You have such a lovely way of working these things out! I would have gone out and "shoo!" "shoo!" "shoo!" (laughter)

Drue:I tried that too, but it kept coming back so I began to think there was another reason...

Julie:I'm thinking of Edgar Allen Poe and the raven...

Drue:Yes, I thought of that too. (laughter) It just wouldn't scare away, so I figure there must be something else going on here. Very interesting.

Patije:I feel so light hearted and joyful after that - and yet it was not a joyful message. It was like I picked up her feeling of doing something for the first time and it was successful and exhilarating and....a strange feeling of "Gee I did something for the first time and did it right! and, it feels good type feeling. Different!

DrueYeah, but really what her message was, was a very gentle kick in the pants. It wasn't'.....sometimes I get the feeling....there are a couple of teachers that are rather stern, I feel...their approach to us is stern.

Patije:LorEl used to be.

Drue:Their approach to us is stern like they can't, you know, they are just really stern. I felt that this was a very gentle kick in the pants. Very gentle. Loving, with her arm around us with a "Come on, let's get going, come on, let's go, come on..."

Patije:I think she must be your personal teacher. She is like you! Very gentle.

Drue:"You can do it. Come on. Come on. (laughter) Pay attention. Pay attention. You can do it.

Patije:I picked up on JoEl a few minutes ago waiting to speak to us. But she was waiting.

Drue:She had to hear the end of the crow. Ok, crow is all over, come on in, JoEl.

Julie:I welcome you in, JoEl. (long silence)

Patije:(relays a telephone message received a few hours ago about another group where 2 members spontaneously saw their teacher! Discussion turns to Julie's visualizations)

Julie:MarTineEl is quite charming. She looks ... she was like rosy...and ah...ah... trying to pick up...on Candice Bergen comes to mind... type...I see pictures, I can't vocalize well.

(further discussion about editing our transcripts to eliminate the conversations between teachers communications)

Drue:You know this week when we had the two different versions, to read and look at. I was so sure that I would like the edited version, you know, the teachers only. Then I read the long version, and I really liked that! (laughter)

Patije:You are no help!

Drue:I was so sure I would like just the teachers.

Julie:It brings our experience back into full focus, it brings back our memories. But, if you didn't know us...

Drue:But they know us!

Patije:They know us really well. You would think they are sitting here each week! (further conversation about comments received from groups outside of ours - about us)

(went on to conversation about the information gotten from Sadona and how so many people are telling us to continue because LorEl is one of the best teachers.)

Drue:Isn't that something when ego gets in the way. If we haven't seen this so many times. We just saw this in Waco, Texas. We see this all the time! When ego gets in the way everything stops.

Patije:There was a record kept of the differences between the actions and words of one person in another group who went out-of-balance versus that which is happening in all of the other transmissions. And this will be made available for all of us. Ego control must be avoided.

(CONTINUED DISCUSSION about being told to "come to Sadona" and "submit to proper authority")

one reported comment: Why would I want to leave this beautiful paradise where I live and go to Arizona?)

another comment:We can't go to Arizona anyway. We'd have another Waco and draw the attention of the government officials and we would have to be destroyed. We are supposed to be scattered out all over the place like yeast - or leavening in the bread!

Patije:Oh, JoEl wants to talk and so is Rayson here.

Drue:Welcome, JoEl, and Rayson!

Julie:And, so is Michael.

Drue:Welcome, Michael. (pause) Rayson, may we put ourselves into a healing circle and bring in other people too? (short silence) I'd like to put all of us in, and Ann, and our family members...

Mary:And, my daughter-in-law.

Patije:I thank you for my earthly father's good test results...

Drue:And, I thank you for all the work you have done with my human father.


Drue:How about those people that have the school?

Patije:Paul and Robbi. And Darline was having some challenges.

Drue:Let's put them in.

Patije:And Julie. Julie has done so much to help me to organize. She doesn't lift anything at home - she comes to my house to do it! Her back gave her trouble today.

Drue:How wonderful you help! We are all in the healing circle!

Julie:And Wanda, of course.

Drue:We are all there, we are all in the healing circle!


Julie:And John.

Mary:And Michelle.

Drue:Well all are here in this healing place! (long silence) I'd also like to thank Anathia for her help. And (softly) "My Mary"...

Patije:I wonder if that isn't your spiritual name, Mary. Meimeri, "my Mary," or...I think the paint set said it (the best watercolors available are from a company called Maimeri and Julie just noticed the name sounds like "my mary" this week)

Julie:That's right. I hadn't noticed until I said it out loud. Perhaps it is special spelling for Mary?

Patije:I think so too. Perhaps that is the way Mary should spell it.

Julie:Mai also means May in Italian. And Meri is like the sea. So many seas are with the i which is plural... (tape turned over)

Drue: I still think it is Mar-ee! (short silence)

Patije:JoEl, do you have a message for us? (long silence)

JoEl: (Drue)

Yes, my children. I love you!

Patije:We love you too! I heard Rayson say "Of course" but I don't know what he is saying "Of course" to.

Drue:Well, I had just asked if we could put ourselves into a healing circle.

Julie:A delayed reaction...

Mary:I am hearing him over and over...and I am like: "Ok, go ahead" (long silence)


Hello, My children, I am Michael.

Voices: Hello, Michael! Welcome, Michael.


Do you like my MarTineEL?

Voices:Yes, sure do. umhmmm We love her!


She is a flower of my heart. Not many can hear her as you did and do. Not many will heed her as I know you will. (laughter in background) You are all very special to me in that I am pleased with your steadfast faith and your diligent loyalty to me and to the Correcting Time. I come only to greet and share my love, and tell you these things. I will not stay long, but will continue to observe my flowers, my daughters, the garden in my heart. (long silence)

Drue:Thank you, Michael. This little rose needs a little fertilizer over here.

Julie:Thank you, Michael. That was so poetic and so beautiful.

Patije:Drue said that she is a rose. I think I am a sunflower.

MarTineEl: (Drue)

And as flowers in His garden we bask in his healing love to grow and to flourish...

MarTineEl:(Mary)And: ... with his tender touch.

Patije:Who was that?


Julie:I heard Michael.

Mary:I heard "Yes" I heard "Mi" and then "el" (laughter)

Julie:I guess that's where my Mi of Michael and..

Drue:Because he said of her that she was a flower in his garden too, and then that is what was said about us.

Patije:Oh, this is fun.

Drue:Yes, it is.

Mary:???? (to quiet to pick up) (long silence)


Good evening, Dear Ones. I am Aflana.

Voices:Good evening, Aflana. Welcome, Aflana!

Drue:Where have you been?

Aflana:Watching, serving, laughing, You are all so precious. It is time for us to play one of my games.


Aflana:Someone will transmit, or attempt to transmit through each one of you in the next few moments. I will be assisting them, so do not be bashful. (long silence)

Patije:This is Patije and I see a big beautiful garden and the game begins there.

Drue:Well, this is Drue and I am inside of an alligator's mouth (laughter) and I am peering out of the alligator's teeth and... heard: I think this is part of the game too. Another greeting from Aflana and then "Don't be bashful"

Julie:I keep seeing water lilies - maybe with the alligator coming around?

Mary:And I am seeing a sun.

Drue:All necessary elements of a pond.

Wanda:In the garden?

Drue;Yes, the pond is in the garden!

Patije:Wanda is in a shadow, what is she standing under? What flower is she?

Wanda:I see myself under an umbrella.

Patije:Must be under a daisy or sunflower! (laughter)

Wanda: A bright umbrella

Julie:Sitting in the garden.

Drue:Growing in the garden!

Julie:Or else she is a little flower under the big umbrella.

Drue:How about a lily of the valley.

Patije:You know, I saw little bells...aren't there bells on Lily of the Valley? And I saw the stem to one of the flowers was bent like somebody tried to pick it but didn't finish severing the stem...

Drue:Well, that's...Lily of the Valley has a bent stem with a little bell hanging on it and it is very fragrant. Beautiful little fragrance flower.

Julie:And that is the smell I am getting.

Drue:That's Wanda.

Wanda:I hear you all! (laughter)

Julie:And it blooms this time of year.

Wanda:I've been picking gardenias like crazy and taking them into the house.

Drue:We got our first one today.

Wanda:I picked our last one today.

Patije:We don't have any - our little gardenia bush died last year.

Julie:There is a bright little light going around and around and around us...a beam...

Drue:A sunbeam?

Patije;A firefly?

Julie:More like a spot light.

Wanda;I feel like it is a healing light. Since Drue asked for healing.

Julie:It is going around all of us and around the room and sort of changes colors as it goes.

Patije:I asked Aflana again, if we were each supposed to be transmitting something and I heard MartineEL say:

MarTineEl:This is a hint. This is a hint. What would your flower say if it was to speak?

Patije:Ok, Rose, what would rose say? Lily of the Valley, what would Lily of the Valley say? And you others...

Julie:Water Lily...(short silence)

Patije: The Rose would say "I am beautiful but..."

Drue:The rose needs a little fertilizer right now.

Patije:The rose would say: "I am beautiful and..."

Drue: "...and I smell wonderful, but watch out for my thorns." (laughter)

Patije:I heard "I am beautiful" and saw a great big thorn! (laughter) So what was the message?

Drue:Well, some things like thorns. Look at all the birds that hang out on the cacti! Isn't that interesting that is quite often how I see myself, all closed inside with thorns around for protection to keep others away. Isn't that interesting!

Julie:This is what came through to me.

Patije:I often see myself as a sunflower because I always face the sun and I move according to where the nourishment or whatever is coming from...

Julie:So what does the sunflower have to say?

Drue:The sunflower gives nourishment to all of the community. All partake of the sunflowers seeds. Thank you, Sunflower!

Patije:Pick the petals to say "he loves me, he loves me not..."

Mary:That's the daisy, or a buttercup...(almost too soft)...

Drue:No. The sunflower puts out all the seeds which are freely given.

Patije:Sometimes I see myself as a dandelion, which is just about the same. (laughter)

Julie:Yes, And, what does the Lily of the Valley say?

Wanda:We love you all.

Drue:Ahhhh, that's nice.

Wanda:And the buttercup is put under your see if it turns yellow.

Drue:What about the Water Lily?

Julie:Well, the water lily is very deep rooted and has a bulb from which the stem comes way out. It has many, many, many petals that open up and support the frog...

Patije:And the "very best way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live loyally each day as a tadpole...." (laughter) What flower are you, Mary?

Mary:I don't know. I didn't see any flower. I saw the sun and that was all. golden shafts of light...

Drue:Marigolds! That's what you are! I'll bet you are a marigold!

Julie:A marigold!


Drue:Yes, you are a marigold!

Mary:Marigold, ok.

Drue:They repel the insects.

Patije:And bloom in the hot sun.

Drue:They repel the invaders!


One time when I was a child my sister and I begged Mother for a piece of her garden so she gave us the strip between the driveway and the house which was very hot and had full blazing sun all day long! The only flowers that would bloom there were marigolds and I went out with my little watering can and faithfully watered my marigolds everyday. I can remember that. Bright yellow flowers. And my sister had...

Julie:Marigolds and zinnias.

Patije:Zinnias! That's what Chickie had on her part of the garden!

Julie:How are we doing?

Aflana:You know that you know!

Patije:I heard that just as clearly! (laughter)

Aflana:It is quite excellent, students.

MarTineEl: (Drue)You are doing beautifully, My dears.

Julie:You know that ball now...that ball of light...we are is like....

Patije:We are supposed to be like that ball that hangs over your piano, Julie, reflecting many facets of spiritual Light!

Drue:But is that not what we are and do?

Julie:Maybe that is the explanation of my seeing it.

Patije:Well, JoEl's message had something to do with water lilies...did you finish? I think I interrupted you.

Julie:I sort of got it. As we all are it is a plant of a thousand petals but it doesn't start out that way, it first starts out as 4 and then 8 and it is also symbolic with the chakras and I think I am hearing that each of's like going on the next the water lily keeps opening the lotus keeps opening up at each level...and then when it is in full blossom or open to the sun and all the different fragrances...I don't get words, I get my pictures my mean something...

(discussion of planting water lilies, some being planted, where they got them.)

Every one sort of realizes that the lesson time is over at the same time.

Drue:That was a fun exercise!

Farewell, teachers! (tape turned off.)




THURSDAY MAY 27, 1993 (10:45 PM NIGHT)

Dearest Father, Michael and Unseen Friends,

I still have this frustration of not getting anything done. I have so much of mine own, but I am helping others. Is this what I am supposed to be doing?

I hope that the flower essences will help Wanda. I am so fond of her, I feel a great warmth from her. I feel Mary is still withdrawn, but I still have fondness for her, but I feel her pulling away. It's her free will, I only wish the best for her.

I feel Patije is so wrapped up that she only sees such a small scope of the picture. She cannot do it all and I can't give all my time to this. Do I have a different calling? Or, am I dong what I'm called to do? I want to do our Father's Will. Your devoted friend,



My Daughter,

I know your frustrations and your desires to help and love those you love and know. You know in your heart that you are doing the right thing. You must give me your frustrations and doubts. I know you felt that what you are getting is not I AM or your teachers, but KNOW that it is true.

Your friends will work out their own problems and I am always there for them, and you be there for them too. Your mission is coming up, but you are being prepared for it now. Now you are gathering wisdom, and your feelings are true. Just know.

You are one of my very special daughters, and know that I am with you always.

--Your heavenly Father,

Father, this time I heard your voice and I KNOW. Thank you.


Hello, Dear Friend. This is JoEl.

I tried to get you to transmit tonight, but you were picking up everyone's pictures. Weren't they beautiful? I saw the Love energy you were sending to your group. You are such an interesting group. Your flower was a Lotus, not a water lily - there is a difference. As it opens its many petals it is an upstepping of energies and growth. Notice the understanding of circuits and keys now.

You are too tired to get another teaching lesson tonight - I want you to review all your lessons, yours and others and much will be revealed to you. You must go into the silence more.

You are doing the right thing by going back into your art, it will be revealing if we can work through you.

I must say good-night and say I love you my dear friend, I am but a sigh away.


I love you, JoEl. Thank you for visiting with me.





MAY 28, 1993


What a pleasure it was to meet Mar-tine-el last night! And what fun it is to think that there is an entire network of other helpful, loving beings out there eager to assist us to guide us to help us carry our human burdens. Thank you so much for all your love and support - even in the face of our direct opposition (at times)! It is a delight to get acquainted with you one by one.

I particularly felt an infinity for Mar-tine-el! I felt she was gently nudging us on to our highest potential in a vein of good humor. Thank you for your message, Mar-tine-el. I also want to thank all the other good friends that dropped in last night and especially those who spoke with us. Thank you.

My friends, do you have anything you would like to tell me?


Yes! (a resounding YES). We would like to tell you that you are loved. You can let down your guard. You can let an opening in your armor appear. You can just relax and be the real and loving you. You don't have to be afraid that we won't like you once we get to know you. We do know you and we already LOVE you, in spite of yourself!

Let your armor down around your husband, too. This is the man you have chosen to be with for life. He is your partner. Let down your guard.

Let go of your resentment. Let go of your frustrations. Let go of your anger. don't forget, we will help you carry any burden. Call upon us for assistance. We are only too willing and eager to help. You are not inconveniencing us. We love you and it is our pleasure and delight to serve.

Let go of your resentment. Let go of your hurts. Just let them go and live in the Father's all abiding love. It surrounds you like a cocoon. You are safe and sound in this cocoon of God's Love. Love conquers all. Love is in all. Love governs all. Allow God's love to flow freely in your life - in and through you: healing you and resuscitating you and bringing you back to life.

Feel that life force surging through you. You are greatly loved. Believe it. allow it to be. Live and move within it. Cloak yourself in it. Keep it for yourself and give it away. There is plenty for all! There is never an end to God's love. There is never a shortage. Use it and spread it around. Pass it on. Share it. Magnify it. Accept it. Use it. Use it. Use it. Never forget who you are. You are the beloved child of the Father. You are an heir to the Father's rich love. Freely inherit it. Freely use it. Freely pass it on.

That is all.




FRIDAY, MAY 28, 1993 (11:30 PM)

Dearest Father, Michael and Unseen Teachers,

I was so happy to hear from Deborah tonight, and hear that she is pleased with the flower essences. So good to have such comraderee again. I miss her so. Everyone else always criticizes me - makes me feel so inferior.

I am looking forward to solitude this weekend. I hope I can made some progress. I want to work on the banner and get that behind me. I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew.

I love you Father. I only want to do your will. I ask to help keep me on the right path. Nor, do I ever want to offend anyone.

Are there any lessons or messages for me?


Hello friend, this is JoEl,

I am glad that you are trying to get back into your habit of being with us. We have so much to teach all of you, and I see you are so sleepy. We will do this tomorrow. Sleep well.





SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1993 (4:30 PM)

Dearest Father and Unseen friends and teachers,

I don't know why I get so sleepy when I go into the stillness and want to be with you, and its happening again. I am willing to do the Father's will.

This is JoEl,

Your energies are changing and we are acclimating you to these changes, and sometimes you have to sleep when we do this. When you go into the silence it is the time we do this - don't you get messages? That is Love energy coming through.

We want you to think Lotus flower now and see different connections that it has. How it is planted how it grows, how it opens, and what it supports. These are little puzzle games I play with you. Keep up your humor - see how humorous all these petty, little things are. Look at it all, and if it has Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, then you know it is true. Always look to Michael and our Father. That is where you find true love - it is constant.

Re-read your lessons and read the Urantia Book. We love you, and know of your stick-to-it patience. Just call on me, I am here.

Your friend - JoEl

My dear friend, JoEl. I love you. I need to slapped on the back to get me going and out of this rut. Thanks for that message.



MAY 29, 1993 ( 10 AM at home)

Heavenly Father. This is Mary. I greet you with love and also my unseen helpers and friends. I want to thank you all for the work that has been done with and through me - some conscious awareness experienced brings much love and joy to my heart and soul. But, mankind has no vocabulary to cover these holy expressions!

I am conscious of Michael's presence and sometimes the Universal Mother Spirit energy. I love and treasure these experiences and pray that I have the necessary stamina to persevere with Truth, Beauty and Love always.


My Mary, you are doing well. I am well pleased. Go forth in joy and allow any sorrow to pass you, as it is not yours. You observe this, but it is not yours to hold to yourself. Ask not why you are unworthy, because the joy always returns. You are in process. Look not to that which is not perfect. Look always forward and upward. Lift up your eyes and see the Truth, Beauty and Faith through love energy and faith. It is holy. Doubt yourself not. I am with you. --Michael.




MONDAY, MAY 31, 1993 (1:15 PM )



Dearest Father and Unseen Teachers, again I'm so exhausted, I just want to sleep, but at my age I don't want to sleep my life away. I am willing to do our Father's will. Are there nay messages for me?

My Dear friend - this is JoEl.

I am so happy you picked up your pen during your busy day. I noticed how you are blending colors - there are all vibrations on tones and keys. Notice how some harmonize and some don't blend well together, but if you use a intermeaning color it will blend nicely. This is true of relationships.

The energies are up stepping again. The higher you go, the more you are effected - because the higher you are on the spiral less the pull. Think of a mountain. The higher you go, the purer the air, the harder it is for you to breathe - at first. We want you to go into the silence more, so we can teach you more. Think on the flowers that your group was given. You all have each one of the qualities. You have all those personalities of each - each one of you.

We love you and are having fun experimenting with you, as you are with us.

Thank you, JoEl. I love you all, also and look forward for my next lessons.


My little lamb,

I am well pleased with your progress. I am always with you. I am watching your progress now and seeing how you are practicing your lessons. I am happy how disciplined you are.

--Christ Michael


I am pleased that you had a message for me, Michael. I love you.





MAY 31. 1993-JUNE 1, 1993 (1:25 AM at home)

NOTE: Just talked to Rene' about Conan


Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I humbly await your pleasure or a message from my unseen helpers.

I thank you for my returning health and stamina. And, for the help I receive daily with my lessons in relationships with my group, fellow employees, and family.

And, dear friends, a special thank you for the assistance I receive within daily occurrences with Michelle and Matt. Please let them feel comfortable here at home - even while they are considerate.

It would be a joy to be able to go into the silence again and get the messages to share.


My Mary, your dear heart is so precious. I rejoice in your unselfish growth. Go forth in joy, knowing that you are what you are and this is good. Be what you are. Be love. Love begets love, always. Harbor no ill will, as this too, begets more ill will. Sow only seeds you wish to harvest in your life experience. Spread seeds for the Father in this Correcting Time, by expressing love, just as you are. I am with you. -Michael




WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 1993, (10:30 PM)

Dearest Father and Unseen Teachers,

You know what is in my heart. Bill is getting better in his attitude. I feel that he's my friend and not my continual challenge. He has helped me to grow and see another side of the story. I will try harder always - to do our Father's will. Help me to stay on the spiritual path and get my old self back again. Are there any messages for me?

Hello, this is JoEl,

We do know what is in your heart, and we know it really is pure and heartfelt. It is time to fertilize the plantings that you have done. I see that you are trying with Jeannette. She is coming around. Seeds are delicate (as babies) and they need time to grow - be nourished and loved. Then they will bear good fruit. As with flowers and fruit they need bees and butterflies and other insects to pollinate them. See how everything works together.

The energies are changing greatly now in this Correcting Time, soon you won't recognize places where you have been.

Do what you have been doing, and live to YOUR potential. I will come to your group tomorrow night, as I always do. You are a good friend.


Thank you, JoEl. You are my very good friend.







We often read a short section in the Urantia Book and then go into the stillness after our prayers of thanksgiving, invitation, welcome to our unseen helpers and our willingness to serve in open, sincerity.

Julie:Ummmm boy! As soon as I closed my eyes I began to see all these pictures. They look like symbols - Mayan symbols.

Patije:This is Patije. I thank the Father for this opportunity to learn and teach and benefit from our Unseen Friend's help and guidance. I offer an invitation to the teachers to join us and offer my services to you as transmitter or listener.

Julie:This is Julia. And, I welcome the Unseen Helpers and teachers. I worship my Father in Heaven and I am so happy to be here among my family and I am willing to be of service to our Father.

Drue:This is Drue and I just want to thank our Unseen Helpers for all the love and support, the patience, the assistance, they've given me this week. And, somewhere tonight, I just want to ask if you are sending the crow!

Wanda:This is Wanda and I want to thank all the Unseen Helpers for the healing, for the beautiful messages, for the Truth, Beauty and Goodness that we are all learning about. I am here to be used in any way the Father can use me.

Patije:And, I would like to add a wish of "Happy journey" to Pat Amyx on her way to the Mansion Worlds and to ask for comfort and healing for Gene Strattmann and Loren Hall. (Gene had a heart attack and Loren had an attack of some kind and Pat left us Saturday morning, May 29.)

Drue:Ok. We are ready for you!

Julie:I must tell you that they are here holding our hands - one between each of us like ring-around-the-rosy! (long, long silence) I also want to add that my husband listens to the financial network and between 5:30 and 6:00 pm on their logo they had the blue concentric circles - just like the Melchizedek ones! It was blue and white and blue and white with white in the center circle.

Patije:Record it and get a copy to Kristen! She is looking for all concentric circle emblems being in use anywhere for any reason. I sent her the logos for Channel 8 and for WEDU Public Broadcasting station.

Julie:umhmmmm, ok.

(short silence)

Aflana: (Patije)The Light of God surrounds you, the Love of God enfolds you. Good evening, Dear Ones, I am Aflana.

Group:Good evening, Aflana.

Aflana: (Drue)

I've come tonight to bring you greetings.


Drue:I've been getting messages about Love all week. I also heard this person say: "And also about Love." but that could just be me.

Julie:I doubt it. Love is the energy. What is being said? (long silence) I've been seeing different beings that I haven't seen before.

Patije:It is very likely that they will have a problem using me tonight as I am not feeling normal - I can't say I am sick, I just don't feel like me - sort of butterfly-ish and unsettled like things aren't right with me... so please, if you are hearing the teachers, speak up.

Drue:Ok, bear with me, ok? I'll try. You understand my reluctance, right? Ok (silence)

Christ Michael: (Drue)

You are wrapped in Love (pause) and you are safe and sound. (pause) You can go nowhere but that Love is with you. (pause) You are safe and secure in that Love. (pause) And, you are always loved and always will be loved. (pause) There is nothing you could ever do that would change this. You are the beloved of God. (long pause) The Father has you safe and sound within his arms. You are loved. (long pause) Take that love and use it. Spread it around. Know that there is plenty of it. (pause) Plenty for you to use and to give away. Live in that Love. Be surrounded in that Love. It is at the core of your being. You are loved! (pause) No matter how many times we tell you this, you are reluctant to believe it. You are loved more than you can comprehend. (long pause) Live in that love. Function in that Love. Work in that Love. Play in that Love. You are loved. (long pause) Never ever forget this! That is all.

Group:Thank you.

Julie:Do you know who that was, Drue? (no) Christ Michael.

Patije:I almost said: "Thank you, Christ Michael" but I wasn't sure. (short silence)

Julie:Thank you, Drue. That was a good job.

Drue:I've been practicing all week.

Patije:I was ignoring them all day because I had so many calls and distractions. I finally sat down at 4:00 and that is when this dither/butterfly feeling began...I was unsure about the message...I don't know. I quit. Aflana did say she would be back tonight.

Julie:I send an extra healing to Patije. I call on our celestial healers to really work with her.

Drue:I think we should place all of us in that healing circle.

Patije:I don't think I am sick, I just don't feel like my normal self. I think it is an energy adjustment or something. My body just doesn't feel normal but it doesn't feel sick.

Drue:We should place ourselves and our loved ones, and anybody in need of healing in this healing circle. And, we will just expand the boundaries a little to encompass everyone. Everyone on the planet in need of healing.

Julie:Including the planet.

(long, long silence)

Julie:I am seeing 3 crystal spheres and melding into one - but it is crystal clear.

Patije:Are they balls?

Julie:Ummhmmm, spheres. (long silence) A golden light just came in to surround us and they are spinning. (short silence) I seem to feel the energy of the Universe Mother Spirit. (long silence) They seem to be adjusting us. Busy little beings going all around us. (long, long, long silence) I am getting all kinds of strange symbols I can't make out. They look sort of Mayan and Sumerians all mixed up. Circles...geometric forms...different colors...(long silence) I'm sensing - and I am not sure about this, but I am sensing that they are opening another circuit on us. (long, long silence) I think it is another kind of communication with those three crystal know the three crystals...transmitting...(long, long, long, silence) Who is considered a flame? (no answer to the question recorded on tape) (long, long, long, silence)

Drue:In answer to the question who is considered the flame?

Unseen Helper:(Drue)

The Lord is the flame. Our leader. With the torch he leads us on. (long silence)

Julie:That is who is standing in the midst of us.

Unseen Helper (Drue)

He is the Light of reason, the Light of wisdom, the Light of knowledge, the Light of Love, the Light of Friendship, the Light of Caring. He's omnipotent.

Julie:He is leading us through a tunnel of light.

Drue:He is leading us out of the darkness and into the light.

Julie:umhmm, umhmm.

Christ Michael: (Drue)

Let me light your path as we travel, Little Ones, My Dear Ones. Allow me to light your path. Do not question it. Just allow it to happen. Follow me. Let me light the path. (Pause) You must be willing. If you acknowledge that you are willing then follow me. (pause) If you have any reluctance, I will be thwarted. Let down your shields. Let go of that reluctance. Be willing. Follow me. Let me light the path. Follow me. (pause) Take off that protective shield. Do not hide. Come naked as you are. You are beautiful. You are loved. Clothe yourself in this love and follow me. (long pause) I say unto you: When you are ready, follow me. (long pause) Let the light of the Father shine brightly in your heart. Fan the flame. Keep it alive. Bring your light and follow me. (long pause) Never fear that you are alone. You are clothed in the light. Bring your light and follow me. (pause)

Julie:I see like the color wheel, gyrating; bouncing off the light.

Drue:Well this is Drue and I just feel so at peace, so calm, so serene. I think the message for tonight is: Follow me.

Julie:umhmmm....out of the darkness and into the light. (long silence)

Christ Michael: (Drue)

Put aside your concerns. Put aside your anger. Put aside your resentments and your bitterness. Put it all aside and follow me. (long silence)

Patije:There is a restfulness with us tonight.

Wanda:I kept getting the message: "You are being used to uplift somebody or something" but the message just doesn't go away. "You are being used."

Patije:There are three new groups meeting tonight.

Julie:Do you know maybe that is what those three crystal spheres opening a blending...the circuits, new circuits of communication coming in.

Patije:Maybe we are the link.

Drue:I think that we are the stabilizing and the calming aspect to help keep them on balance.

Julie:I am getting beautiful pictures. (long silence) You know, we are getting upstepped now... (long silence) Another circuit is being put in. (long silence) I keep getting an in and out picture of the Lord with us, the Light and the Flame, the hoard of people in the dark following into the Light, like world wide, like the whole world, just following...

Drue:I think that what he was telling us too, was to leave all negative baggage behind. Come free and clear. Just leave all that stuff that we've been carting around. Let go of it completely.

Julie:On this side of the Light is like a color wheel gyrating and is just gorgeous in his face. (long silence) I see ...putting us on like a balance scale, trying to balance each one of us may feel a little swayed to one side or the other for a moment... (long, long, long silence)

LorEL: (Patije)

Hello, My Sisters of the flesh! I am LorEl.

Group:Welcome, LorEl.


You have done well this evening. We have used your energy through the balanced blending with VanEl's help to strengthen and balance another group. This is another experiment although we have accomplished this before with some of the individuals of this group. (both tapes came to an end and nothing more recorded until the tapes are turned over. Some is lost)

Patije:I feel like somebody just smashed my head between two bricks! Wow!

Julie:The energy that just came through the tips of my fingers is incredible. (long, long, long silence)

Drue:We didn't' mean to interrupt you, LorEl.

Julie:Yes, please come back, LorEl.

Patije:I heard this tiny little voice say: "She was done. She was done. She was done." I thought I heard LorEl say: "I haven't gone far." (laughter)

Drue:What I heard was: "I was not interrupted, I will go on."

Julie:I don't know who it is, but someone went off and got sort of a scroll. It could be LorEl.

Drue:Who was our friend from last week, again?


Drue:MartineEl, yes. MartineEl? Are you here tonight? (short silence) I heard in a whisper:

MartineEl:Yes I am!

Julie:They all are here.

Drue:Do you have anything you would like to share with us, MartineEl?

MartineEl: (Drue)Yes, but others want to speak. I had my turn last time.

Julie:Well, whomever it is, is kind of returning with the scroll.

Drue:(laughing) I can't give a speech without notes, right! (laughter)

Julie:I saw in the background a scroll being held up and someone going back to get it.

Drue:Cue cards! (long silence)

Patije:You know, back a year ago when they first used me for transmitting, I often felt a rod being put down my back and tonight I feel like it only going so far and they can't shove it any further! (laughter)

Drue:Sit up a little, Patije. Sit up.

Patije:I am feeling the burden of all of this resting on me. And I don't want this burden, so please, anybody, speak up!

Drue:Remember what they said? They said: "Let them help you with your burdens." They will help you carry it. And, tonight in particular we have so many people here and they would love to help us. Let us just take a moment and give them all of our baggage just to free us up a little!

Julie:They are all running around picking up...taking these like, bundles from us...

Drue:The key is to be willing to let it go. I took a long look at this, this week and you know when it comes right down to it, we really hold on to those resentments very tightly, they are a part of us. And, we really have to be willing, be really, really willing to let them go.

Julie:We are all carrying a monkey on our backs.

Drue:Well, unfortunately some of us have taken that not only on our backs, but stuck it inside of us. I am willing to let it go and get it out. Get on with my life.

Julie:There is somebody who wants to talk to you, Patije

Patije:Well, speak for them, I don't hear anything.

Julie:It is not coming to me. I get the pictures, but I don't get the message.

Christ Michael: (Drue)

My Children, let this go and follow me. (pause) Rejoice. For this is a happy occasion. Come naked except for your torch. And, bring your light and follow me. (long pause) Your Father will clothe you in all that you need. (pause) Follow me. (pause) Decide right now to put down all those other burdens and merely follow me. (long pause) It is very simple. Just be willing. (pause) My Children, sit in the silence now, and ask yourself if you are willing to give up these material burdens and follow me. (long, long, long, silence - about 15 or 20 minutes)

My Dear Ones, let not your hearts be troubled. We thank you for your willingness. (long, long, pause) Take your light and follow me to light up the darkness. And, that is all. (about 10 minutes of silence)

NOTE: We all seemed to open our eyes and look up at the same time after a long time in the stillness.

Drue:I think they are finished.

(90 minute tape ended)

(back up tape had the following before it ended:)

Patije:During that last silence I kept hearing a sound like "Willinstra" but it didn't make any sense and nothing was added to it. "Will - in- stra"




FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1993 (12:30 PM)

Dearest Father and Unseen friends,

My thoughts are how can I get everything done in one lifetime. It seems that the older I am, the more I have to do. I know more is expected of me too. I really not feeling well. I don't think of it, but it thinks of me. I tire so quickly, and this temperature is getting to me.

Guide me and show me the way.



Greetings my friend, This is JoEl. You have ministering to others that you have no strength for what you are about. Remember the old saying, Charity begins at home. You have to heal yourself. Get yourself well, listen to your body. Get yourself a regular health program and stick to it. The flower essences are helping you. Do more yoga and stretching and drink plenty of water for cleansing. This will keep your strength up. Listen to your body - that is "we" helping you.

You instinctively know how to heal, but use it on yourself now, we will take care of your loved ones. Kim showed you other ways - use them.

Remember you are the Lily and the Lotus - study them and their fragrances. See how you always thought of yourself as a Lily? We are all intuitively knowing. Don't go to books or anyone else for answers - they are all within you.

You are to Look, Listen, and Love. Just stay quiet with others, L-L & L with them. Get back to yourself. Don't take on others' work and problems. Just listen - look - love - in that way you will help.





THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 1993 (2:45 PM at home)

NOTE: I am now on night shift. I need to sleep but cannot.


Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I humbly await your pleasure or a message from my unseen helpers. I thank you all for all the help I have, and am currently receiving, for my self and my children.


Greetings, Mary, beloved sister. I am Lutzia, your midwayer friend. It is with much joy that I communicate with you today and I thank you for acknowledgements and permission to work with you as you remain open. We experience much joy and watch with great interest at your work and accomplishments with "unconditional" Love. Your on-going experience is glorious to behold. You remind yourself how difficult it is to experience unconditional love in your somewhat difficult relationships - specifically regarding the aged co-worker who refrains from communication with you, while others grow tired of his constant communications about you. Keep up sending him love and surrounding him with light. Keep up wearing your light protection. Work more at being a "love" presence for him - in your loving heart.

And, remind yourself how easily you experience unconditional love with your blood family and how pleasant the unconditional love experience feels with your group family. You have done well and are doing well, beloved sister. You are to be commended for your release of the mother role and your learning of generous loving friend role, with your children. Your openness to them, and your loving protection and prayers for them, enable all of us to be of assistance to "all who dwell in your home." The love bonds and family ties are a beauty to behold - your gentle love is like a star shining for them all. Your lessons and caring experience with "unconditional love" for them, their partners and the grandchildren is such an accomplishment, beloved sister.

Feel the ripples of joy in acknowledgement from Chanti - who are having a wondrous experience assisting you through the great healing of your body, mind and spirit. You must observe your prayer goals being met. What a mother and friend you are! Speak up to all who will listen. Quietly teach by your example. Show mankind your constant ability to remain conscious of God and the universe - even in the face of "perceived adversity" show and teach that pure love for a selfless service to all mortals, and even to those who appear to hate you, or criticize you. Carry your light to the top of the hill. Know that you know through open hearted acceptance of all lessons and experiencing these lessons without complaint.

You perceive and understand the laws of cause and effect very well. Hence the outstanding results at "unconditional lessons." You were correct in your perception of energy changes and of my assisting with your energy changes. Why then are you so strict with yourself? Go easy. Be as gentle with self as you are with others - even those who rebuff you. Your thoughts are kind and generous to the aged one at work. Why not kind and generous for self??

You are not a failure because you are alone. You have become a treasure because you are alone. Your prayers are heard. You perceive yourself as failing because your prayers appear to be not heard. They are heard and in some cases are answered right away. However, remember: cause and effect - everything occurs for a reason, all things in time, balance -Truth, Beauty and Light.

You perceive and acknowledge your progress. You work avidly at response instead of reactions. You guard your thoughts and have taken responsibility for your life. Dearest sister, you are a gem (priceless). Much of the mind and body work could not be done were you in communal home situations. You are now in a family situation and showing how well you have learned in solitude and aloneness. You have learned well and joyously accept and love the communal living and you do not lose your daily routine or even your prayer time. That is great success. We continue to work with you and your families.

I am doing much energy assistance. Let go of self-judgement. You are accomplishing being non-judgmental and yet need to not judge self. Then all judgement will fall away. Keep shining your light and sharing your love. The energy work promotes changes in the healing ministry. We experienced great energy before. Now your body cleansing and self-sacrifice, and diligence will be rewarded - for through that great work, dearest sister, more healing energy work was afforded - way beyond expectations.

You have acknowledged all lessons. even the difficult ones. You will soon see what we have collectively accomplished - with your whole hearted co-operation.

More later. Know that you are loved and cherished. Your midwayer friend, Lutzia.



Thank you Lutzia. Love and blessing to you.




FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 1993 ( 5:45 at work)


Heavenly Father, this is Mary. Thank you and all present for all your asistance and patience with me. Are you speaking to me? I humbly await your pleasure or a message.

NOTE:Fell into a doze a few minutes. Felt attuned and able to finish the rest of my shift.




THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 1993 (4 PM)

Dear Father, Ok! Ok! Nothing is working easily for me and I was beginning to get a lesson earlier today and then was interrupted with an emergency errand, several phone calls and all. It seems I have been getting bad health news from all over the globe - I've counseled as far away as California today, heard about Loren's illness, Gene's heart attack, Pat's graduation to the Morontia worlds, Gordon's not coming to study group for the next 6 weeks and all the rest. Tonight is our TR meeting and I figured the lesson would come through then so I kept right on keeping on with what was set before me each moment of this day.

Now I can no longer concentrate on anything. Is there something you have for me to do? I am willing. I am at your service.



Dear One, you are perplexed and saddened at the turn of events. I tell you only that all is working together for good and one day you will see. Stand firm in your faith and encourage all those who are sent to you for comfort. When a dear one passes from your midst in the material world, even with all of the knowledge you have from your textbook, it remains mystifying and disharmonic to the consciousness where you dwell. Knowing that one is awakened on the Mansion World does not reduce the pain of losing that dear one. It only eases the mind after control of the emotions are regained. We understand. Be gentle with yourself. I, Aflana, know too well the shock of moving into different levels even when one is forewarned and comfortable with the idea.

I am being called away now. I will return for your meeting tonight.

Patije:Thank you, Aflana. There is a yearning deep inside myself for answers to something I don't even know I am asking. Is there an Unseen helper nearby waiting to transmit a message? Perhaps, one I am not aware of?


Greetings mortal sister of mine! It is a beautiful day and the sunshine and blue skies have called out to you all day, but you have remained at your computer desk and the phone. We are impressed by your stick to it attitude of service when the heart desires relaxation. It is difficult to not give you too much to do when you remain so steadfastly ready to serve in any way asked of you! Be gentle with yourself. Allow a break from time to time. We are pleased with your steadfast day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, and now nearly two years since you began your TR journey with us. Not many remain so truly in service. Human mortals tire easily and become bored easily. This is not true with you. This truly amazes us and perplexes us. We wish to understand why you are so willing to work so hard and long and still be ready to serve your fellow at any time it is asked. If this were understood, we could perhaps duplicate it in other people, other places, other ways. Alas, we find few who serve so unselfishly.

Your heart is saddened by the illnesses and loss of so many of those you count dear upon your mortal world of Urantia. Have you not discerned that something major is happening in many lives? It is true. Each have been called and some have misunderstood the call. Regardless of outcome, all can be used to further the truth, beauty and goodness of this Correcting Time.

It is quite regretful when a willing server is distracted into other pathways, but it is not a loss. Nothing is ever a loss. I tell you truly, all things work together for good. Some remain incomplete for awhile, but eventually fill their destiny. Do not look to the past for any answers. The past is an experience which you have completed and that which is in front of you is to be unfolded for further experience. Mortals tend to weigh the outcome of anything not understood by the random results of the past experiences. Be aware of this in that which confronts you. You will see new and different horizons when you look upon that which unfolds with eyes of new awareness in this Correcting Time. Nothing is as it appears. All is in movement. All is in constant change except the faith in Truth, Beauty and Goodness which is your basis of operation.

You are aware of an unsettled feeling - this feeling within yourself as you are confronted with the chaos of change upon your planet. Do not be alarmed. Be aware. Be what you are in what you are doing and see all things take their appointed place in the scene of destiny.

As you have seen when placing a spoon in a cup of water and stirring vigorously you can create much havoc and chaos which continues as long as the activity continues. You can allow the spoon to rest undisturbed and the water will also remain undisturbed. The qualities of the energy of the cup of water are different but unmolested. However, when the spoon is moved, the energy then is changed.

All things in the universe are in rhythmic flow of energies. As they flow without resistance they retain a pattern of perfection. When resistance is set up - naturally or artificially - the energy responds, or reacts, according to the interruption of the flow.

Your forms consist of electro-magnetic and chemical energies which are affected by much in your environment. Your forms are also energy moving in certain rhythmic pulses. When this flow is interrupted by the introduction of resistance, chaos develops. There is nothing evil in chaos - only in the resistance, or reaction to the chaos. If one remains in steadfast control of one's emotions, one's form does not take on energies caused by imbalanced and imperfect reactions to the chaos. When one loses control of emotions and becomes out-of-balance, and begins to cry out in alarm or excited fear for help, one's cries become trumpet blasts of alarm to all who hear. If that one who hears the alarm is imbalanced and out of control of one's emotions, then that one also cries out in alarm and excited fear for help. There then begins a ripple effect as each one hears and reacts and sends out continued trumpet blasts of fear! Chaos reigns supreme in the hearts of those whose fearful turmoil dominates their hearts and minds. They give their power of control away to others who may have the answer, or seem to have more control of their fear. They abdicate responsibility for themselves and their personal reactions. They would do better to respond with faithful assuredness and affirmations of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

However, if one who hears the one who shouts out in alarming reaction of fear, allows the shouting to pass undisturbed and remains in control of the emotions, faith can be called in to respond to the crises and the fears will be comforted and disarmed in nothingness. Remember, it is a law of the universe that the energy contained in the numbers of individuals gathered in harmony is much greater than the sum of the numbers themselves. This is true on all levels.

When disharmonious energies are gathered and send out a concerted cry of alarm -the effectiveness of the cries of alarm are multiplied more than the sum of the individual cries of alarm. Be aware.

At this level of consciousness, nothing unlike that alarm can prevail. It is as you mortals call "mob rule". When mortals gather in a mob, there is no more response, all become reactive to a force of energy which is out of balance and causing chaotic turmoil. The results of any action taken while in the state of "mob rule" can only be disharmonious to the level of electro-chemical flow of energy. There is no nutrition, nurturing, nor faith. It is only out-of-balanced reaction to that which is misunderstood and caused by prejudice or ego control.

If however, one becomes aware of disharmonious interruption of natural flow of energy and becomes responsive to taking corrective action, all thoughts held in consciousness become nurturing and comforting nutrition for the disturbed flow of energy and it is easily overcome by faith free of any fear.

Prayer is a basis of daily life experience. Prayer is communication with the spirit which helps retain balance and natural flow of perfect energies. When prayer is left to be used only in times of crises, or when alarm permeates your consciousness, you will have no familiarity with its healing and correcting influence. All natural electro-chemistry action of a mortal form can be disturbed by your environmental experiences, but then can be returned to natural flow easily when fear is absent and faith is all-present.





FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 1993 (5:45 A.M. at work)


Heavenly Father, this is Mary. thank you and all present for all your assistance and patience with me. Are you speaking to me? I humbly await your pleasure or a message.

NOTE:Fell into a doze a few minutes. Felt attuned and able to finish the rest of my shift.




JUNE 6, 1993 (1:00 PM at home)


Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I humbly await your pleasure or a message from my unseen helpers and friends.

I would like to thank you for all the wonderful work that is constantly done with me. I feel absolute love and the deepest of gratitude from what you permit for me. A very special thank you for Dear Lutzia, the midwayer, who has worked tirelessly all these months "synchronizing" the energies around me - as he has explained. Thank you, Father. So very much...


Beloved Daughter, Child of my heart, I come to acknowledge your continuous work as my emissary, and your success at maintaining a clear channel for my light and love. You bring me much pleasure, Dearest One. You hand me your burdens and allow me to refresh you. You keep your gentle heart brimming over with love for me and your sisters and brothers. What a treasure you are. Now you must share these lessons with mankind.

Show mortal man that it is not difficult to take up the cross and follow me. I truly promise mankind that I can refresh all. Teach by your example. Dear Child, work harder at speaking out. We all, and your family, hear your heart voice. But mankind needs a (mega phone) blast, for mortal man chooses to have deaf ears and to wear blinkers over the eyes because they are afraid to see.

Know that you are cherished and loved, my special child. Those who spurn or rebuff you, will have heard the message on an unconscious level. Seeds of love will have been sown. Therefore, they cannot hurt you. Share your loving heart more openly. Your humility at heart level ensures the clear reflection of my love. You will help my love light to reach shadowed places past the covered ears and eyes. You have sacrificed greatly and cleansed your physical and energy bodies, clearing the way for me to resonate and reflect at a level easier for mortal man to accept me.

See you how very treasured you are, my child. Know your worth. Know who you truly are. Lift up your head and carry my light afar. You will remain guided and assisted as long as you desire to be my emissary. You will be protected when you are about my business and when you go about your daily life - for which you willingly accept all responsibility. This too, you can teach by your shining example. Remember, not all who hear will believe. But love seeds will be sown.

Reflecting my resonation will begin the ripples of love cause - carried out through this universe. See you how much pleasure you bring me, My Mary? Ponder on these things. Learn to love yourself as you love mankind. Be gentle with yourself as you are with your children. Work always at handing me your burdens and allowing me to refresh you. I love you, Dear Daughter. --Michael



Michael, Thank you so much! My heart is brimming over with love for you. I love you so very much! Also thank you for the wonderful new healing energy that Drue and I experienced yesterday!


Greetings, beloved Child of God, Mary. This is Rayson. My energy is with you. It is good to communicate with you again. As usual, your mind harbored thoughts of failure, during the time of great energy changes and consciousness-raising, when communication in this manner was virtually impossible.

Much energy healing on all levels was affected. It was wondrous to observe you and your family and group family. All of you worked harder at being family even when you all perceived the energy as low. You all worked harder and for some of you even in the face of adversity. What a species mortal man is! We are honored and overjoyed at the chance to work with you all.

I love you. --Rayson (I felt your smile!)

Mary:I love you, too, Rayson.



Greetings, Mary. I am Lutzia, your midwayer friend. Now that you have experienced the new healing energy, what do you feel?


Lutzia, Greetings and love from this humble heart. I am awed at the feel of what transpired yesterday while working with Drue. I experienced great physical heat and thought I was detoxing! Then, I received your impressions. It was awesome!. I am humbled by the experience. Thank you, Lutzia. I love you.


Dearest Sister Mary, We thank you for all the work you permit. You keep such an open mind and heart. There was great joy at our joint success. You immediately accepted the Chanti's input of your new vision of energy as opposed to material vision which you had had. The healing energy is raised out of the material, which is only the final manifestation in the physical body.

You bring great joy to all of us, Dearest Sister - accepting great sacrifice of intake of manmade foods - the pleasure of which is taught to you at birth. We truly understand the magnitude of this freely accepted challenge - for the good of mankind. See you that we accomplished much - only by your diligence?

Know that you are loved, guided and protected. We all love you! And, we thank you.

- Lutzia




JUNE 7, 1993 (met MONDAY instead of Thursday)

NOTE: We open with our prayers of Thanksgiving, invitation to the teachers/ unseen helpers and our willingness to be of service to the Father/unseen helpers. This night we had a visitor who has never transmitted before who is now a distant member of our community (lives 3 hours away).

Patije:This is Patije. I thank the Father for this opportunity. I invited any of our unseen helpers and friends to join us and I restate, reaffirm my willingness to be of service in any way.

Julie:This is Julie. I honor our Father and Christ Michael and the Universe Mother Spirit and all of our unseen teachers. I am willing to be of service unconditionally.

Drue:This is Drue. I want to thank our unseen helpers for all of their assistance this week. I particularly want to express my gratitude for healing and for this deep feeling of peace and serenity that I have felt since our meeting last Thursday night. I give thanks for your friendship and your love and your support and your guidance. I am willing and ready to assist in any way that is appropriate.

Dawn:This is Dawn. Thank you for bringing me here. I am ready to serve. (long silence)

Mary:This is Mary. I wish to greet the Father and all my unseen helpers and friends, the teachers. I wish to thank everyone for the assistance that we have all received during this last week. I am open and willing to serve.

(long silence in the stillness)

Patije:I wonder if we have confused the teachers by having the meeting tonight instead of Thursday. (two couldn't be here on Thursday and Dawn was visiting and would be gone by Thursday)

Drue:Well, just before we started, I just wanted to give a little attitude of gratitude -as they say, and just give thanks for the individuals in this group: For Patije who was sort of our mother figure, who has given up everything for this movement. We certainly appreciate her! And, for Julie our little jewel who is always here helping and working, we appreciate her so much! And, for Mary with all of her healing energy and all that she is doing, we are truly grateful. And, we are so happy to have Dawn with us today too. Thank you for all of the people in this group.

Julie:And also for Drue! She keeps us "light"

Mary:And, yes, thanks for Drue, who is so kind to me...

Patije:... To all of us!

Julie:... And everyone!

Mary (continues) ...and everyone, yes!

Julie:She is so special.

Patije:Thank you for doing that, Drue! That was needed. It lightened the whole room.

Julie:It sure did.

Patije:I felt an instant "bonding" among us all right then. The Love energy went up, or something.


Julie:They are like sprinkling us with star dust.

Drue:Fairy dust!

Patije:Some "body" is pushing the back of my chair.

Drue:Maybe somebody is saying: "Get on with it, Patije!" (laughter) "Open thy mouth."

Patije:It is open. Put something in it. (laughter)

Julie:I think it is LorEL.

Patije:Maybe they just want us to be in the stillness for a minute.

Julie:Umhmmmm. I think so. There are more coming in. (Julie to herself: "Julie, Shut up.")

(long silence)


The Father's love enfolds, uplifts, and enlightens each of us wherever we are. And, wherever we are the Father is. Good evening, My friends and sisters. I am LorEl.

Group:Good evening, LorEl. Welcome, LorEl. Hello, LorEl.


It is my pleasure to welcome a new sister in the group. We are very pleased that she read the suggestions and made the decisions to make this journey, which was of great expense to her. She is a sister and is to be embraced in your community even though she lives at a distance. You have many bonds, many abilities, which can help one another. We are pleased. (Welcome, Dawn.)

We have watched the healing going on in the group this past week. It has been interesting to see the delight of the discoveries and your surprise and willingness to experience this. It has been difficult for us to help the humans, the mortals, in this Correcting Time, to begin to realize that all of these methods, the various types of human mortal traditionally ...(stuttering, pause) methods (pause) are as unnecessary as the mind and the acceptance and the faith. All that you now do with methods can be expressed with mind focused upon the Father and energy shared in complete love and total abandonment to any self-interest or having to prove or demonstrate any pet (pause) method.

Patije:This is Patije and I feel like I am getting this all backwards, or something. I just feel (pause) sort of scattered somehow..."method" doesn't seem to be the word and I almost hear LorEL say: "Oh ... "

Julie:No, you are fine. You are doing ok.

Patije:I wasn't coming through like usual. Did it make sense? I couldn't follow it.

Mary:It sure did!

Julie:Yes, it did.

Drue:Keep on. It is fine. We are getting the message.

Patije:Ok. I was trying not to question it and lose it. I got kind of hung up on "method" - there was another word but I couldn't figure out what it was.


Patije:I don't know now. I only know I finally used "method" and she said: "Oh well" (laughter) It is hard being elegant with somebody like me! (laughter)

Drue:It is only because you don't have your hair curled tonight (laughter) (Patije spent the day at the beach and her hair was still wet)

Patije:That must be what it is!?! (laughter) Are you teasing me?

Julie:She is very similar to Aflana.



Patije:Oh yes. They try to tease me into mixing them up all the time. They think it is pretty good that I know the difference. (laughter) Of course, I won't tell them how I know.

(long silence)

Patije:I would like to send our hellos to VanEl that we haven't heard from for awhile - and all of the other celestials who visit us from time to time.

Drue:VanEl, I got my typewriter fixed. (laughter and discussion)

(long silence)

Patije:We will expect lots of communications from you now, that you have your "fingers" back!

Julie:Also from Dawn.

Drue:There is something right here!

Julie:Yes, there is.

Drue:Right here. Right close at hand.

Julie:Yes they've been here all the time. In fact there are three of them going in and out, and in and out and...(fades) Feel it, Mary? Mary, there is one all...I think your Rayson is here too. I think some healing is going to be done too. Patije had an introduction to it. (pause) It is getting hot now.

Patije:I was just thinking that...

Voice:Shhhhhhh (long silence)

Patije:This is Patije. I would like to ask the teachers if having our meeting on Monday instead of Thursday is causing any problems.

Unseen Helper: (Drue)No problems.

Julie:I got: "So what is wrong with two times a week?" (laughter) (lots of coughing)

(long, long silence)

Julie:This is Julie and I also want to thank the teachers for giving me the strength and the knowledge of figuring out something that took me two weeks previously - and all I did was ask for the help and within 3 minutes I got the solution to it! And, doing the old method would have taken me 3 weeks and the new method took me 5 days.

Drue:Ummmmm! This seems to be a week for new methods.

Group Voices: Umhmmm. Yes! (and various other murmurs of agreement.)

Drue:Self-discovery, isn't that interesting?

Julie:And, I found a new way of "warping" up a loom too, instead of taking a whole day just to warp it, I did it in just an hour and I was able to finish up the project in a whole afternoon! (pause) I asked if there wasn't a better way.

Drue:They were waiting for you to ask.

Patije:I wonder if there is a better way to do all of those tapes that are stacked up in my computer room from 1992.

Drue:There is probably always a better way.

Patije:Well, I am open to receive it.

Unseen Helper:(Drue)Then you shall!

(long silence)

Patije:Is there anyway we can be of service to Dawn in helping her? (long silence) I heard the words: "Play the game." (laughter)


Drue:What I heard was: "Let her listen."

Julie:This seems to be my lesson all the time. It is to "Listen." Listen, and think! This is what comes through all my lessons. Listen and think.

Dawn:Is Aflana here?

Drue:Pardon me?

Dawn:I keep hearing Aflana.

Voices:Umhmmm, she's here.

Dawn:I keep hearing Aflana talking to me and they, I guess they are trying to get me to speak because I keep hearing the same phrase over and over again...

Drue:So just say it. Say what you hear.

Patije:Speak up!

Julie:Say it.

Aflana: (Dawn)

Rest assured that all who seek the creator shall find him.


Drue:Thank you, Dawn.

Patije:Thank you, Aflana.

Aflana: (Dawn)

Know that you can find peace, if you but seek it (pause) We are always here, always trying to impress upon your mind messages of truth and beauty. (pause) We shall always help you and guide you on the path. (long pause) Know that Love and joy are like a spring; it always gives out the purest of energies. (pause) Relax and go with the flow. (long pause) Listen intently. They are always whispering and calling. (pause) And, trying to motivate you toward higher vibrations and awareness. (pause) Growth is like a staircase... (pause) ...that never ends. (long pause) Continue to walk the path and you shall find enlightenment. (long, long, long, pause) Peace and serenity are like a pool of calm water. (long, silence) Lift your spirits. Do not let the material wall drag you down. (Long pause) (??) you see now, Peace, Light and Love... (long, long pause)

Drue:Thank you, Dawn, for your willingness to transmit.

Patije:thank you, Aflana for the message.

Julie:Umhmmm. It was a lovely message.


If you have but the faith to take one step, other steps will follow. And, as these steps grow strong upon the pathway, you will find that you are able to keep your balance and move much faster. The events will unfold quickly, and steadily and accurately until you are in your destiny during this Correcting Time.

Patije:Michael is here. I keep hearing: "Hello, my children, my children of the Most High" but that's all I hear.

Christ Michael: (Patije)

I have called you together to know one another, for you soon will be given an assignment and it will take your cooperation. Love one another. Love one another, My Children. Know one another. Operate freely within the group in sincere honesty and openness. Hide not yourselves from one another. Turn not away from comfort, withhold not any energies from your community - which is stabilized by the participation of each personality. There are many far and wide, and many very near. All being called into the Correcting Time. Many because they hear my call through your expressions. (pause)

Go forth in peace. Be of good cheer. Support one another in loyalty and commitment and joy of the heart. I am with you always. I am but a whisper away. You may call on me at anytime and I am there. I am there when you are downhearted. I am there when you are full of joy. I am with you always. Doubt not, my children. You are my own. I will not forsake you. (long silence)

Patije:This is Patije and I feel like there is a spotlight on us - I can almost feel the heat from it. (pause) It is like we are bathed in an energy of radiance. (long silence)

Julie:I feel as if I am spinning around. I don't know if anybody else has that sensation.

Voices:I do. Me too. I do also.

Julie:I am trying to... almost like... hold tight. (short silence)

Christ Michael: (Dawn)

Do not grieve over the loss of a loved one. She is fine now. The pain and suffering are over. She is now at peace and wishes you all well.

(long, long silence)

Julie:I don't know if those ear-candles (we talked about earlier) have anything to do with it, but I feel like my ears are being worked on. They are going around to all of us. Maybe it is a sign of "to listen"...listen to the new vibration. (short silence)

Drue:Rather than pushing out and feeling something out here...I really feel it from underneath and going up. I feel incredible energy. Do you feel it, Mary?


Drue:The feeling of going up.

Patije:That is the same feeling I had last year when I kept saying they were putting something heavy in my hands! Back then I didn't recognize it as energy.

Julie:Yeah. Also, I had a feeling like with my ears, like you are going in an elevator and you're going up so fast, you know, or like an airplane...

Patije:I was going to say: That's not an elevator, Julie, that's an airplane!

Julie:Either. Do you feel the energy coming in through your fingertips?

Mary:You know, I do.

Julie:Do you know what it is? Christ Michael is shaking all of our hands, holding our hands and joining, joining it with someone else, another being. (long silence) I think he is going to speak to us. (long, long silence)

Drue:Ok, well, I may or may not be the designated...

Patije:What is it you say to everybody else? Speak up!

Universe Mother Spirit: (Drue)

Good evening, My Children.

Voices:Good evening.

Universe Mother Spirit: (Drue)

I am here to speak to you about love - Love for one another, Love for your world, Love for interaction within your world. (pause) Love is all that there is. There is nothing else. And, until you learn this, your society will have difficulty functioning. There is nothing but love. The love in your heart is the love that you should express to all, regardless of whether you like that individual or not. Love is like a magic potion. Love changes all things. It changes your perceptions. (long pause) Test your love. Do you know what Love really is? I think not. You cannot begin to understand the love that I have for you. (pause) But you may work on this by expressing love among yourselves. Among the people you work with, among the people you come into contact with. This is how you can begin. And, it is so very important that you do this. This is laying the ground work for what is to follow. (pause) Be diligent in practicing this. (pause) I call upon all of you to practice, to use this love, to expand this love, to multiply it, and to pass it on. (pause) I charge you with this task. Go forth and love. (pause)

(long silence)

Julie:Do you know who that was, Drue?

Drue:Well, I am tempted to say: "Michael" but I don't know for sure.

Patije:It was, wasn't it? That's what I was thinking, but he spoke earlier and began again with "good evening" so I wonder...

Julie:The Universe Mother Spirit.

Patije:Ummmm, of course. (pause) She is still here.

Julie:Umhmmm. She's been here all this time. (long silence)

Universal Mother Spirit:(Drue)

Go forth and plant those seeds. Water those seeds. Grow those seeds. Harvest those seeds! (pause) The seeds of Love.

(long, long, long silence - maybe 10 minutes)

Drue:There is still a little bit more.


You are the seeds. You are my flowers. Spread those seeds. My Little Flowers of the garden. (pause)

Drue:Dawn, this is Drue. A little while back we had a lesson about flowers and what flowers we are. We just took a lesson to see what flower we are so if you feel that you are a flower, just think about it and see which one you are.

Julie:It'll come.

Mary:They'll show you.

Dawn:They talked about being like a Sunflower in a message about a week ago. So...? But they didn't say I was one, but that I should be like one growing towards the sun.

Drue:Well, Patije is our Sunflower. So it is a good example.

Julie:I got a lesson this week and it said that we are each of the flowers, that intermingle and become a sunflower, a lily, lily of the valley, the rose, the water the last one (Mmssage) was Michael. (pause) Drue? That was Michael. You felt that didn't you? (coughing)

Drue:No, actually I didn't. Thank you.

Julie:You were sort of intermingling both. (long silence)

(tape turns over)

Patije:...I felt they attached puppet strings to the back of my head, the neck level...and then I had a floppy neck - every time I tried to pick it up it just sort of hurt! (laughter) So, I just let it lay there.


Julie:Look at this. (unknown what she meant)

(long, long, long silence)

Julie:There are lots of rays of light...coming in the center and putting on each one of us, a very powerful light. It is like another circuit coming in that will ... we are getting more and more circuits each week. This one is like an iridescent white, sort of a is like coming in through the top of our heads. (long silence) We shouldn't resist it. It is opening up something...your brain...something...when the time is ready it will work.

(long, long, long silence - 20 or 25 minutes, perhaps that we remain in the stillness) (transcriber ran the tape at super speed for a long time, about 15 minutes)

Drue:They are finished with us tonight. Don't you feel this too?


Patije:I was seeing somebody hand something back and forth with someone else. I was trying so hard to get faces, but I couldn't. It was like a bouquet of flowers or a book or something was being handed around and I was trying to follow it.

Julie:I don't know if they are, if they are all gone. They can still watch us.

Drue:You know when you said that, Patije, what I got was that is what we are supposed to be doing with love.

Julie:That's what I have been doing. This is what I have been doing. I have been sending love. That seems to be the message for tonight.

Drue:It seems to be what the world really, really needs right now.

Dawn:Love, sweet love.

Drue:Well, you know. That's is what it needs!

Julie:You know what I was thinking when I was doing the banner? Touch the world with Love.

Patije:I am sure many will do that.

Julie:I know. It is coming from them.

Patije:Or, we could do another banner for the Celestial Impressions group If we can figure out a way to portray that.

Drue:Thank you for your willingness to transmit, Dawn.

Dawn:When I am typing it I just get one or two words at a time, this time I was hesitant so I would get a sentence, and then they would repeat it, and repeat it, and repeat it, until I would open my mouth and talk. I never had them repeat it before. But, of course, I wasn't this hesitant before either.

Patije:Right. You would just type it and be done with it.

Dawn:Then I would read it! (laughter)

Patije:After you say it (orally) then they give you the next one.


Patije:It is a slower process than writing or typing. Usually you get them 3 or 4 words at a time after you start, but you started right out with a sentence. You have been made ready for this - even though you had no group in which to practice!

Dawn:Even at my typing speed.

Patije:But isn't it an incredible feeling as you do it?


Patije:It is almost as if you are not there and you are watching yourself do it, and you know you are a part of it but you can't remember exactly what you did as a part of it ... I don't know it is just strange -good- feeling...

Dawn:My hands started just tingling.


Dawn:They got real hot.

Drue:That is what Wanda always says.


Patije:My hands started (getting hot and tingling) so I thought I would put them up here (on my forehead) and see if I can get a little more energy in my head or something.


Patije:I had an interesting experience at the beach. You guys can do what Mary says but I let it go all the way to my head instead of stopping it here (at the lungs) and I felt like my head was expanding and was going to blow up! You know, starting with the base and running the energy up to and feeling it in your lungs? I couldn't get it out of my head!

Julie:I am spinning.

Patije:I think they were blending our energies with hers for the Correcting Time. I think that is what that spinning was.


Patije:She is a part of our group now, even if she is a remote...

Julie:Look this is a Monday night, you know, I have been getting that. They say to blend the energies. Someone new should come Monday nights. (coughing)

Dawn:Do you want some water.

Julie:No. They want to speak but I don't know what to say, so I cough. (laughter)

Drue:You know it is interesting. I didn't feel like I was spinning around but my hand motion was going like this (spinning her wrists around one another while her hands were in fists), so that is how I was mixing it up.

Dawn:I vibrate a lot but I was really vibrating tonight.

Julie:Maybe that was putting in another circuit but they were doing it with all of us. Maybe it was for Dawn to be a part of this, a part of us.

Drue:That's what they said! They said that although she is not close to us geographically, they were...

Dawn:Patije and I have been friends for years, but we don't get to see each other very often...

Patije:...Once a year at the Florida conference.

Dawn:But, I always sort of gravitate towards her at the conference.

Patije:She said to me last year: "See you next year." And, I said: "I don't think so." and she said "Why not?" And I said: "I think I am going to be extricated from the group because I'm into the teaching mission." She said: "What is the teaching mission?" (laughter)

Dawn:She tells me about this about 5 minutes before we have to go. I thought: "We had all weekend and you didn't say a word." So she sent me the messages and I have been reading them. And, then she told me I should be transmitting also. So, I did.

Julie:And we know why she is also here too, don't we?


Dawn:Why is that?

Patije:You and Julie have to connect. You had to connect to everybody.


Dawn:Oh, yeah.

Patije:Dawn and her husband build and sell computers.


Dawn:Well, he builds them. I do more of the word processing type things.

Drue:I should have brought my typewriter to you! (laughter)

Dawn:Well, to him. I'm not the tech.

(further conversation but the teachers didn't come again.)





Patije:Dear Father, I come to await your calling. The time in the stillness was exceptionally pleasant this morning! Thank you. Is there any service I can fulfil this day? I am ready to do your bidding.

Buki (Thought Adjuster)

Hello, My SELF. Our time together in the stillness was especially lucrative this morning as much attunement was done while you were focusing on the Father's Love. There are many inspirations which will bubble from your unconscious into your conscious mind this day. You will see. Our cooperation is moving into richer areas. Go forth sowing seeds of love.


Good morning, Dear Sister and Friend of mine! It is good you have come today. Last night your community received many communications about love. I, LorEl, have more to say about this subject.

As you know Love is an energy, not just an affection. It is that within which impels you to unconditional service. It is that within which enables you to give your life if necessary for another's well being. It is that within which activates your awareness of others. It is that within which carries you by faith into unknown waters of life adventures, knowing that whatever confronts you, you are safe in the circle of the Father's care. It is that within which bubbles forth when you are in balanced emotional conditions and enables you to not only tolerate one another, but actually protect and understand one another - even when it is uncomfortable.

To practice love is to be actively loving. This is not little acts of kindness while wishing to be doing elsewise. This is little acts of kindness which fills you with a peace that passes any you can imagine. This is the ability to put self-centered desires aside and work for the whole good of the community where you receive your support, or those outside of the supportive community without thought of personal protention of time, talents or money.

Commitment to live your life experience in love energy is a deliberate exercise of the intention to focus upon Father's will and live Light and Life right where you are, in the midst of the circumstances you find yourself, regardless of emotional upheaval. Purge yourself from resentment, eliminate any out-of-balance emotions by confronting them and loving yourself and all those with whom you have relationships through them! Think on this. I tell you truly, it is humanly possible to lift yourselves out of the mire of worldly thinking. It is no longer necessary to say: "I'm only human." Human means that you are above animal levels of acting out your emotions. Human means that you have a mind and a personality working with you for eternal value and spiritual attainments of Light and Life - even while you are yet in this material experience. Awaken! Lift up your eyes! Look up to your potential! Live up to your potential! No longer listen to the drum beat of what others are doing around you. Follow your higher leading and step into the upward spiral of your own perfection! Your perfect personality is unfolding like a beautiful flowering bud, as you accept its beauty and get into the natural flow of unfoldment! This is life! This is Light! This is Love! Beauty, harmony, attractive sanity, all these you find in the unfoldment of perfection - life perfection, love perfection, Light perfection! Is not the flower beautiful - even in its budding stage? Does it not become more and more beautiful in the harmony of its progressive process of unfoldment? You, too, my sisters and friends, you too, unfold and become more and more beautiful in the harmony of that progressive process! Be what you are! Be what you are becoming! Be! Life is. Love is. Light is! Be that Light and Life by being active Love, enfolding yourselves in the cloak of the energy of Father's love!

Perhaps, in a way, enveloping yourselves in Love energy and expressing love in action is your only "obligation", your only "responsibility" your only "duty" - in this Correcting Time. Perhaps you have been called, harvested from among those willing to serve in this time, because you are appraised as capable of living this responsibility! Perhaps you have found that which you have searched for all of your lives? Perhaps this is your latent or assertive talent? I tell you, if you can find your personal, individual expression of perfect love and make it an active process, you will have succeeded in living Light and Life right where you are!

It is totally unnecessary to reform others, merely love them through their strengths and weaknesses. It is more than a mental act. The deliberate decision is to love when the feeling of affection is absent. The ability to love when the affection is present is but a "baby step" in living Light and Life. Real mettle of your faith is to activate love energy when the feelings of affection are totally absent. Even more so, when active dislike of the actions of the one who perplexes you can be set aside and love can be ministered! It is not easy.

Have you tried to spend just 1 total hour in love each day? If so, try doing it for 2 hours each day. When you can accomplish that, increase the time to 3 hours each day. Continue to increase your challenge to live love more and more, for longer and longer periods each day until you accomplish living in love energy 24 hours every day of your life experience. It is easy to do when you are alone. It is pretty simple when you are with loved ones. It is not too difficult when you are with friends and acquaintances, but what happens to your intentions to live love energy when you are on the highway in your automobile? Or, in the desperate hours of fear? What about those times when you are frustrated and angry with your life experience? Practice love at these times too. It is just as important to love yourself through these experiences as it is to love your fellows through like experiences. Sometimes it is easier to love your brother while he behaves unseemly. Is it as easy to love yourself when you become aware of acting inappropriately? Think on these things.

When you love yourself, or love others, when you practice this exercise of loving a few hours each day, remember that all known qualities of love are to be practiced at the same time. Do not become discouraged when momentary defeats are frustrating challenges come your way. Continue through faith to know that you can and will surmount those frustrations by loving the opportunity to become steadfast in your decision to be love, live love, activate love, express love! You can activate love by helping your adversaries, your downhearted, your depressed and strangers by seeking ways to help them react with the spirit of gladness and joy. If you seek to change them, they will react with opposition, and resentment and this creates friction. If, on the other hand, you love them in spite of their actions, and help them to feel joyous, they will be transformed, not after your idea or design, but after the will and intentions of Father! Trying to change others causes them to become deformed. Trying to change the circumstances which cause the friction, and create a joyous, loving response to them, will create reformed attitudes. Try this. You will see for yourself. You need not go far from your daily habitual experience to learn this and experience this truth! I tell you truly, not many lessons are of greater importance for spiritual growth, for eternal value! Practice sowing seeds of love. Practice loving others through difficulties. Practice allowing love to cast out fear, as your Master Jesus taught so many years ago upon Urantia.

Begin your days with love. Treat yourself to a breakfast of love first thing each day! Feel yourself surrounded by the Light and Love of Father - as you are. Become aware of the Light and Love which fills you! You can feel this as a warm inner glow - even in your material bodies! When you are upset with the frustrations of your life experience, relax and give yourself over to the love energies and the body and nerves will become altered and transformed instantly. The vibrations of love energy has an attuning effect on the entire being and influences those who come into contact with you! Can you not see, Love is sufficient unto itself. Love need not be verbalized. Love is an action. Love drowns out anything other than itself when applied liberally. Love overwhelms anything unlike itself, brings order to chaos, casts out poisons of the mind and emotions (fear, hate, greed, anger) establishes itself as order.

There is no defense for love. There is no offense when love is acting. There can be nothing but harmony, beauty and eternal value if love is present. It fulfills you. It fills all places when applied. The energy of love is able to swallow up all fear and release great joy in its place. Love is power. Love is life. Love is.

Before dealing with a nervous or ill person, before confronting an irritable person, treat yourself and that one with love. Affirmations of love will help bring the joy of love to every cell of your being so that it will be expressed in all ways, in any way needed, in the presence of anything. Remember evil is not greater than love. Recall the dissipation of any anger in the presence of love. Love overwhelms all that is unlike itself. Learn to practice love. Learn to give love. Learn to give of yourself.

Before any important events, treat yourself with love. Treat your children, your parents, your friends, your loved ones, your employer, your fellow employees, your customers, your enemies - treat all with love. None can withstand the overwhelming reality of pure love when activated in any place and any time, in any circumstance.

Love energy is the substance and reality which creation operates. It is the principle law of the universes. It is directed to the lowest parts of the universes from the center of creation, from Father himself. Move into the consciousness of Love. In the consciousness of Love you cannot be aware of petty irritations and upsetting quirks of the characteristic clothing of a personality. I tell you this from my heart to yours. Love is the highest energy of the universes. Love is not an affection. Love is an energy! Love really does make all flow in divine direction. Love is the oil of the engines of personality to allow the various "parts" of the being to flow in order.

If we truly love the Father, we can love our fellow beings. If we love our fellow beings, then we can truly love as Father intends for us to love. As we love one another, God dwells within us and his love is a perfecting energy as it is expressed through us. He that has no love in his heart or mind and has no ability to express love to his fellows is as dead. There is no life where love is not. Love can banish illness and dis-ease by attacking the evil of its source. Nothing can stand in the presence of love. Love can uplift weaknesses of character. Love can move your attitude away from failure and guilt and evil. If you will but decide to express love, it will infill you with all of life. By activating love in all that you do, you rise in consciousness above the average material life expectations. With love you can turn defeat into treasure. Love is the medicine of all that is unlike Father. Love brings industry to the tired and downtrodden. Love infuses the depressed with the zest of life. Love fulfills the dreams of all men. Resentment and fear can be cast out with love. Secret service to the one who perplexes you can fill you with love which you cannot imagine and until you experience it you will not really know. Try it. Begin now to live love in all that you do. See and become aware of the ministration of love action in all experiences of your material life. Within your mind and heart will come noticeable strength, confidence, assurance and joy! You will begin to experience little miracles. Unsuspected kindness will sow the seeds of a great harvest even for yourself. Goodness and eternal value will be reinforced. You will begin to become aware of new and stronger friendships. Long-suppressed dreams and desires will suddenly become possible. Sleep will be sweeter. Little surprises will become everyday experiences. You will find yourself inspired and full of joy in a new way. This is spiritual discipline and decision. Become love.

Your energies, my sisters, are moving into higher levels, and soon you will find new experiences concerning presence and absence of your energy - regardless of the physical presence. You will see and begin to understand this to some degree. Many new experiences in this universal law which reigns higher than material law is awaiting your arrival. Continue up the spiral of perfection as you unfold the power of love energy and move into total submergence of divine flow of love energy and unconditional service to one another. Begin within your community and in the harmony you have created within your supportive group move out into the environs of your material experience. Return to your community for supportive and inspirational motivation to continue upon this pathway of activated love expressed in every imaginable way. You will find new life. You will move into higher consciousness. You are moving into phase 7 of the process of the Correcting Time preparation of service in the Corps of Destiny. When affronted, do not retaliate. When abused, do not abuse. When angered, control the anger and activate love in its place. Retreat in danger and gather you love energies and go forth rejuvenated and full of joy! You will see miracles all around you as you live this. I tell you truly! Think on these things. Act on this love! Become what you are meant to be. Become what you are so uniquely created to be. Be what you are. Be life! Be love. Be!

Until again you call upon us, I will now leave you. Farewell, my friends and sisters. You do well. Go forth in faith and steadfast knowingness. All is well.





Patije:Dear Father, I come to await your calling. The time in the stillness was exceptionally pleasant this morning! Thank you. Is there any service I can fulfil this day? I am ready to do your bidding.

Buki (Thought Adjuster)

Hello, My SELF. Our time together in the stillness was especially lucrative this morning as much attunement was done while you were focusing on the Father's Love. There are many inspirations which will bubble from your unconscious into your conscious mind this day. You will see. Our cooperation is moving into richer areas. Go forth sowing seeds of love.


Good morning, Dear Sister and Friend of mine! It is good you have come today. Last night your community received many communications about love. I, LorEl, have more to say about this subject.

As you know Love is an energy, not just an affection. It is that within which impels you to unconditional service. It is that within which enables you to give your life if necessary for another's well being. It is that within which activates your awareness of others. It is that within which carries you by faith into unknown waters of life adventures, knowing that whatever confronts you, you are safe in the circle of the Father's care. It is that within which bubbles forth when you are in balanced emotional conditions and enables you to not only tolerate one another, but actually protect and understand one another - even when it is uncomfortable.

To practice love is to be actively loving. This is not little acts of kindness while wishing to be doing elsewise. This is little acts of kindness which fills you with a peace that passes any you can imagine. This is the ability to put self-centered desires aside and work for the whole good of the community where you receive your support, or those outside of the supportive community without thought of personal protention of time, talents or money.

Commitment to live your life experience in love energy is a deliberate exercise of the intention to focus upon Father's will and live Light and Life right where you are, in the midst of the circumstances you find yourself, regardless of emotional upheaval. Purge yourself from resentment, eliminate any out-of-balance emotions by confronting them and loving yourself and all those with whom you have relationships through them! Think on this. I tell you truly, it is humanly possible to lift yourselves out of the mire of worldly thinking. It is no longer necessary to say: "I'm only human." Human means that you are above animal levels of acting out your emotions. Human means that you have a mind and a personality working with you for eternal value and spiritual attainments of Light and Life - even while you are yet in this material experience. Awaken! Lift up your eyes! Look up to your potential! Live up to your potential! No longer listen to the drum beat of what others are doing around you. Follow your higher leading and step into the upward spiral of your own perfection! Your perfect personality is unfolding like a beautiful flowering bud, as you accept its beauty and get into the natural flow of unfoldment! This is life! This is Light! This is Love! Beauty, harmony, attractive sanity, all these you find in the unfoldment of perfection - life perfection, love perfection, Light perfection! Is not the flower beautiful - even in its budding stage? Does it not become more and more beautiful in the harmony of its progressive process of unfoldment? You, too, my sisters and friends, you too, unfold and become more and more beautiful in the harmony of that progressive process! Be what you are! Be what you are becoming! Be! Life is. Love is. Light is! Be that Light and Life by being active Love, enfolding yourselves in the cloak of the energy of Father's love!

Perhaps, in a way, enveloping yourselves in Love energy and expressing love in action is your only "obligation", your only "responsibility" your only "duty" - in this Correcting Time. Perhaps you have been called, harvested from among those willing to serve in this time, because you are appraised as capable of living this responsibility! Perhaps you have found that which you have searched for all of your lives? Perhaps this is your latent or assertive talent? I tell you, if you can find your personal, individual expression of perfect love and make it an active process, you will have succeeded in living Light and Life right where you are!

It is totally unnecessary to reform others, merely love them through their strengths and weaknesses. It is more than a mental act. The deliberate decision is to love when the feeling of affection is absent. The ability to love when the affection is present is but a "baby step" in living Light and Life. Real mettle of your faith is to activate love energy when the feelings of affection are totally absent. Even more so, when active dislike of the actions of the one who perplexes you can be set aside and love can be ministered! It is not easy.

Have you tried to spend just 1 total hour in love each day? If so, try doing it for 2 hours each day. When you can accomplish that, increase the time to 3 hours each day. Continue to increase your challenge to live love more and more, for longer and longer periods each day until you accomplish living in love energy 24 hours every day of your life experience. It is easy to do when you are alone. It is pretty simple when you are with loved ones. It is not too difficult when you are with friends and acquaintances, but what happens to your intentions to live love energy when you are on the highway in your automobile? Or, in the desperate hours of fear? What about those times when you are frustrated and angry with your life experience? Practice love at these times too. It is just as important to love yourself through these experiences as it is to love your fellows through like experiences. Sometimes it is easier to love your brother while he behaves unseemly. Is it as easy to love yourself when you become aware of acting inappropriately? Think on these things.

When you love yourself, or love others, when you practice this exercise of loving a few hours each day, remember that all known qualities of love are to be practiced at the same time. Do not become discouraged when momentary defeats are frustrating challenges come your way. Continue through faith to know that you can and will surmount those frustrations by loving the opportunity to become steadfast in your decision to be love, live love, activate love, express love! You can activate love by helping your adversaries, your downhearted, your depressed and strangers by seeking ways to help them react with the spirit of gladness and joy. If you seek to change them, they will react with opposition, and resentment and this creates friction. If, on the other hand, you love them in spite of their actions, and help them to feel joyous, they will be transformed, not after your idea or design, but after the will and intentions of Father! Trying to change others causes them to become deformed. Trying to change the circumstances which cause the friction, and create a joyous, loving response to them, will create reformed attitudes. Try this. You will see for yourself. You need not go far from your daily habitual experience to learn this and experience this truth! I tell you truly, not many lessons are of greater importance for spiritual growth, for eternal value! Practice sowing seeds of love. Practice loving others through difficulties. Practice allowing love to cast out fear, as your Master Jesus taught so many years ago upon Urantia.

Begin your days with love. Treat yourself to a breakfast of love first thing each day! Feel yourself surrounded by the Light and Love of Father - as you are. Become aware of the Light and Love which fills you! You can feel this as a warm inner glow - even in your material bodies! When you are upset with the frustrations of your life experience, relax and give yourself over to the love energies and the body and nerves will become altered and transformed instantly. The vibrations of love energy has an attuning effect on the entire being and influences those who come into contact with you! Can you not see, Love is sufficient unto itself. Love need not be verbalized. Love is an action. Love drowns out anything other than itself when applied liberally. Love overwhelms anything unlike itself, brings order to chaos, casts out poisons of the mind and emotions (fear, hate, greed, anger) establishes itself as order.

There is no defense for love. There is no offense when love is acting. There can be nothing but harmony, beauty and eternal value if love is present. It fulfills you. It fills all places when applied. The energy of love is able to swallow up all fear and release great joy in its place. Love is power. Love is life. Love is.

Before dealing with a nervous or ill person, before confronting an irritable person, treat yourself and that one with love. Affirmations of love will help bring the joy of love to every cell of your being so that it will be expressed in all ways, in any way needed, in the presence of anything. Remember evil is not greater than love. Recall the dissipation of any anger in the presence of love. Love overwhelms all that is unlike itself. Learn to practice love. Learn to give love. Learn to give of yourself.

Before any important events, treat yourself with love. Treat your children, your parents, your friends, your loved ones, your employer, your fellow employees, your customers, your enemies - treat all with love. None can withstand the overwhelming reality of pure love when activated in any place and any time, in any circumstance.

Love energy is the substance and reality which creation operates. It is the principle law of the universes. It is directed to the lowest parts of the universes from the center of creation, from Father himself. Move into the consciousness of Love. In the consciousness of Love you cannot be aware of petty irritations and upsetting quirks of the characteristic clothing of a personality. I tell you this from my heart to yours. Love is the highest energy of the universes. Love is not an affection. Love is an energy! Love really does make all flow in divine direction. Love is the oil of the engines of personality to allow the various "parts" of the being to flow in order.

If we truly love the Father, we can love our fellow beings. If we love our fellow beings, then we can truly love as Father intends for us to love. As we love one another, God dwells within us and his love is a perfecting energy as it is expressed through us. He that has no love in his heart or mind and has no ability to express love to his fellows is as dead. There is no life where love is not. Love can banish illness and dis-ease by attacking the evil of its source. Nothing can stand in the presence of love. Love can uplift weaknesses of character. Love can move your attitude away from failure and guilt and evil. If you will but decide to express love, it will infill you with all of life. By activating love in all that you do, you rise in consciousness above the average material life expectations. With love you can turn defeat into treasure. Love is the medicine of all that is unlike Father. Love brings industry to the tired and downtrodden. Love infuses the depressed with the zest of life. Love fulfills the dreams of all men. Resentment and fear can be cast out with love. Secret service to the one who perplexes you can fill you with love which you cannot imagine and until you experience it you will not really know. Try it. Begin now to live love in all that you do. See and become aware of the ministration of love action in all experiences of your material life. Within your mind and heart will come noticeable strength, confidence, assurance and joy! You will begin to experience little miracles. Unsuspected kindness will sow the seeds of a great harvest even for yourself. Goodness and eternal value will be reinforced. You will begin to become aware of new and stronger friendships. Long-suppressed dreams and desires will suddenly become possible. Sleep will be sweeter. Little surprises will become everyday experiences. You will find yourself inspired and full of joy in a new way. This is spiritual discipline and decision. Become love.

Your energies, my sisters, are moving into higher levels, and soon you will find new experiences concerning presence and absence of your energy - regardless of the physical presence. You will see and begin to understand this to some degree. Many new experiences in this universal law which reigns higher than material law is awaiting your arrival. Continue up the spiral of perfection as you unfold the power of love energy and move into total submergence of divine flow of love energy and unconditional service to one another. Begin within your community and in the harmony you have created within your supportive group move out into the environs of your material experience. Return to your community for supportive and inspirational motivation to continue upon this pathway of activated love expressed in every imaginable way. You will find new life. You will move into higher consciousness. You are moving into phase 7 of the process of the Correcting Time preparation of service in the Corps of Destiny. When affronted, do not retaliate. When abused, do not abuse. When angered, control the anger and activate love in its place. Retreat in danger and gather you love energies and go forth rejuvenated and full of joy! You will see miracles all around you as you live this. I tell you truly! Think on these things. Act on this love! Become what you are meant to be. Become what you are so uniquely created to be. Be what you are. Be life! Be love. Be!

Until again you call upon us, I will now leave you. Farewell, my friends and sisters. You do well. Go forth in faith and steadfast knowingness. All is well.




WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1993 (7:45 PM)

Dearest Father and Unseen Teachers,

I have been thinking about you, but like all foolish mortals, I didn't' take to the pen.

You know of my conflict - I only want to do our Father's will and live to my potential. Show me the way.

My Dearest Daughter,

Look within and talk to yourself on these questions. I'm sure you already know the answers to them. You are such a loving and generous person, but don't give yourself away. You are too precious a person. Be yourself, trust in yourself, and love yourself. The lessons are to Love one another unconditionally. Open up your vistas and see the whole and not a piece. To live the way and be at peace. You are so special to me and I am well pleased.

Your Father




FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 1993 (12:45 PM)

Dearest Father and Celestial Teachers, you know what is in my heart. I have also been wondering if it is ego or emotions or both with the shunning of my friends last week. I probably wouldn't have gone, but I wish that I was asked. I have let it go, but was I right or wrong to even feel that way?

I need strength and energy to carry me through all the chores that I have to do, and all the setbacks that have been occurring lately. Also I am so thankful for living here in "paradise" and having such wonderful kitties and companion. I am also thankful for all the lessons I had to learn and still learning. Also I am so thankful for finding the UB, and I will study it more thoroughly on my own.Julie


Dear One, this is JoEl,

As I keep telling you, look within and you know all those answers. We are well pleased with your progress and your acceptance and your devotion to the Corps. Yes, you may work alone, but still keep in touch with your sharing and energies. Listen - Love - and Learn for our Lily - L is your letter. Luen is your spiritual name.

Everyone causes their own problems. They are a "tempest in a teacup" as the saying goes. More positive energies are coming in and things have been changing. From where we are, we see by changes in the past year - but what will happen shortly is unbelievable in your eyes. Banish Fear. There is only Love energy. We are only a whisper away from you - just call.

Keep being our gardener and plant those seeds. What you are doing for Susan and Deborah are the right seeds. Susan is similar to you. You are sisters and will be together. You are a very special flower that has healing properties. Learn all you can on natural healing. Listen to all that you hear. Love anyone you come into contact with. Connect all those circuits. Bless you my friend. JoEl.

Thank you, JOEl for the lessons. I will really try to abide by them.






Dear Father, I am so happy lately! But, I am not remembering things like I think I am capable of doing. Today was my daughter's 10th wedding anniversary - and I forgot until an hour ago! It seems I have spent a lot of time on the phone this week and have received many incredible inspirations in those conversations as well as in the midst of other tasks I have accomplished - but no time to sit down and write these communications. At least 5 of those neglected 1992 TR sessions were transcribed this week as well as this week's TR session of our group! In the past month I have written over 50 letters, and even gotten caught up in my personal letter writing and business letters! In addition, I've had out-of-town company and several remembrance services for loved ones graduating to the mansion worlds. There was no time for all that has happened. It is incredible! Much was done, but most of all I have missed these hours with you and the unseen helpers.

Thank you for the time to "catch up" things! May I have some time this week for stillness and conversation with you and your helpers? Take my words and my actions and my intentions and let them work for good, even when I am unconscious of them. Thank you, Father. I love you and wish to always serve you, regardless of what else I am doing.

Bring harmony to the relationships around me. Somehow I feel my human helper's energy is off balance. She has accomplished a lot of art work - a banner, a receiving blanket for the new baby, and many other things - but she isn't her usual bubbly self with me anymore. I feel a conserving of energy. Is it protective? Have I offended? Bless her in her work and her creations. Heal her from the maladies which plague her so often. Thank you, Father.

If possible, nudge me a little when I become so neglectful. I know it is not from lack of interest. It is not because I wish to offend, or forget, or neglect my loved ones. I just seem to be in a different world, in a different vibration than this material world around me. Only a few can communicate with me where I am. So many bring me back to the material level and ground me when I want to soar in the clouds of inspiration! Few can speak of anything without getting wrapped up in the emotional and animal perceptions of material reality. It is frustrating for me. The work of transcribing the lessons and keeping my house clean enough to be healthy are enough materiality for me to deal with at this time. Perhaps by not spending hours in the stillness with you, I am actually doing myself a disservice because I am removing my energy while I am doing the material things which are expected of me? Is it possible that I am "not there" for those who expect me to be - not because I am neglecting them, but rather because my spirit is yearning for the uplifting time of the stillness? Teach me what this realization means. Thank you, Father.

Are there any messages for me? I am ready, willing and waiting.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: (Thought Adjuster?)

I know you are with me in your heart in all that you do and say by choice. You have become distracted but you remain in love energy and those who know and love you understand. They will overlook the distractions and know that you are about my business and help you to accomplish that which you undertake. Fret not, My Child. You are loved and your love supports where it counts.


Well, it is good to have some face to face communication with you My SELF. Welcome to our focused attention! Do you not see that I have had a handicap to work through your distractions these few weeks - and yet we have worked splendidly on that which was attempted. I share your pleasure in the accomplishments.

How many times was your attention drawn to today's date and yet you were unaware of its significance until a few minutes ago. You are allowing your focus on goals to become too literal and you are overlooking the small things which endear you to your fellow mortals. Eternal value has not been affected, but temporal material value has caused some challenges for others to overlook your distractions. Think on these and attempt to become aware of the now as you go about taking care of the work of yesterday and tomorrow.

We have accomplished much these weeks - not just in that work which you can see melting off of your desk. Also in the relationships with one or two of your fellows, you have made genuine gains while other relationships have been left on the "back burner" as you say! Time to stir them all up. You will see a difference, My SELF, as you stir these and bring love energy into them again.

As you see learning experiences in the lives of those around you, you will begin to see them in your own growth. It is hardest to see our own growth because we are out of focus when we look to discover ourselves. Think not that you are alone. Many have been gathered around us to help and nurture and care and love you as you work in this Correcting Time for the Father. Do not grow weary. Every action you take is helping someone, somewhere, and you and those close to you may never see the seeds, let alone the harvest of those many seeds. Keep on with the work you do and we will gain our fusion and continue to lead many others towards their higher potential. Remember always, I am with you. The Father loves you. Michael is with you. Mother comforts and nourishes you. Your destiny is assured as you remain focused on doing Father's will.

Others of your unseen friends await to speak with you. I will remain on guard and alert to translate misunderstood and unexplained concepts while you go on with your living experiences. ---Buki


Good evening, Dear One. You are feeling adrift and out-of-balance. Some grow weary of helping you because they are looking for something for themselves. Those who wish only to be of unconditional service to Father continue without a word. Do not misunderstand their intentions because they are silently working while accomplishing goals of their own choosing.

Guard well, your tongue at this time. Offense is easily taken when egos are sorely tried. Remember all is not as it seems, but no secret will remain hidden. Those who harbor secret agendas or silent resentments or manipulative actions will be exposed and will yearn for understanding when this happens. None around your experience mean you ill will. None intend harm. All mean well. Some make demands which you are unable to fulfill for them. This is their lesson. It is not only yours to be peacemaker and the one who smooths the way for all the others. Each bears a responsibility to share themselves fully - their feelings as well as their labor. Commitment and loyalty compel one to share freely, and judge not the possible results of those feelings shared. How can one minister to the other if one does not share that they are in need? This is your lesson. Each of you must learn this lesson.

It is yours to sprinkle seeds of awareness and incentive to grow to all who will listen to your message. Have we not warned you to listen to the message, not the words used to portray that message? This is true for all during this Correcting Time. If they will but listen to what you have to share of your insight and inspiration they will glean new perspectives of old attitudes. They will be all the richer for this.

Perhaps those very ones who are withdrawing their energy from you at this time, are in reality discovering themselves in a new way and after a time of retreat will be able to share themselves more fully when they return? Think not what is wrong, but rather what is right. Bless them for what they give to the community, judge them not for what they withhold. Stand silent and watch as this unravels. You will be pleased with the results. However, if you interfere you may feel unsettled and ill at ease for the awkwardness will increase rather than dissipate.

Dear One, you are so faithful. It is so sad to see your response when your awareness is awakened to anything other than unconditional loving and altruistic service. We feel for you. Guard against out-of-control emotional reactions. All is working together for good. Truth, beauty and goodness will reign in the hearts of all devoted members of the Corps of Destiny. This will come to pass. None can harbor ill will. None can keep secret resentment nor manipulative techniques. Those who are frustrated and feel pushed to extreme or feel abused, will fly away, or awaken to the truth when they have matured to that level. Fret not, Dear One. You are supported by the teaching team. Guard well, your tongue. Although you have not any judgement within you, your discernment is ill received and often misunderstood. Not all have risen in consciousness to see Truth in the midst of darkness, Beauty in the midst of chaos, Goodness in the midst of self-centered satisfaction. You see the difference. Try to find ways to allow your discernment to enlighten others while guarding against betrayal of confidences and bearing false witness against one who harbors no ill will.

One who feels misunderstood, is quite insecure and wrapping self in a protective outer layer of withdrawn energy. This one will awaken and realize she is doing this and you will again see her happy face and the song in her heart bubbling forth in eager willingness to participate in the community which is being gathered around her. Pray only that all are awakened to Truth, Beauty and Goodness and see only through the eyes of Truth Beauty, and Goodness.

I will depart for now, Dear One. Call on me anytime. I am but a wish and a prayer away from your consciousness at all times. -Aflana


Dearest sister of mine, you are tired and disappointed. The work you have is easily executed, but time is of the essence. You must not use your time to do that which others can help you with. It is important that you get those old 1992 TR meetings on paper for others to re-read and study. There is important information in them. The health of your helper will be corrected as she accepts the help and wants to recover. Avoidance of anything can cause much conflict and self-correction as one deals with the consequences of poor choices or manipulative practices of ego control. Fears of Rejection and harbored resentments of even imagined slights can cause much "instant karma" as you call it.

This must be, as the universal law gently corrects by returning to each, many times that which one projects into the world. If one wishes to spread seeds of loveless energy or material love, then one reaps many times that in loveless energy and material love. But one continues to yearn for love energy and spiritual love. But until one sows seeds of love energy, one cannot harvest fruits of love energy. Intellectually, the choice can be made to spread love energy, but it must be balanced with feelings of love energy, feelings of altruistic unconditional sowing of love energy. This means there must be no judgement of what you will receive in return.

Faith knows that the law will gather many times that which has been sent out for the one who chooses to do the Father's Will. If there is any other motive, that motive will overwhelm the choice to give and the good will be counterbalanced by the selfishness and therefore cancel anything which is received. That which is done for good in unselfish and unconditional service reaps much "interest" on the investment. That which is given in measured and apportioned amounts according to favor, is met with "service fees" and no interest is paid on the "deposit" of good. This still outweighs that which is done in meanness or self-centered interests which is "lost" and counts not as a "deposit" and if anything is reaped - revenge, self-satisfaction, vindication, justification and defense - then that is what is received many times over. There can be nothing else for that is all the ego expects.

Remember the apostle Matthew who was always there, always providing, always giving, and always dismissed as unimportant by the other apostles because he was formerly a tax gatherer. He wanted so much to hear the teachings of the Master that he gave his own fortune in the name of others so he could be present rather than out gathering for their support. By the time the Master faced the cross, Matthew had given most of his fortune and had very little left. Yet when he was sorely tempted to tell the other apostles, or Jesus, he refrained. Yet Jesus knew. Matthew reaped many benefits from his unselfish and unacknowledged giving.

In this Correcting Time of creating Light and Life, I suggest you go about your normal daily activities, giving yourself away in any little way you can! Yes, give yourself away. Help anyplace and everyplace you see help is needed. Think not what you will get, try to keep it secret that you have helped. Leave not your name nor your desire for payment. Allow it to be a secret between the Father and yourself. No one else is to know.

If all members of the community family will do this, there will be no more harbored feelings of hurt or abuse, or self-sacrifice. This is Light and Life. Giving yourself away. Your talent, your helpfulness, your kindness, your insight, your abilities. your love, your you. This does not mean any can walk on you, because they probably don't even know it was you who did it. It is your choice to give yourself to that need. None can make you give. Only you can choose to give. Learn this lesson. See how good you feel about yourself when you have done a good deed and none have guessed it was you!

See you not, the wisdom of this suggestion? Become aware of how empty you feel when you have done something for somebody and asked for recognition for that deed. Notice how many times your ego manipulates you into material emotions which cause you to demand your rights. Oh, you may say: "That's their problem" when you feel this way. In reality it is your problem or you would not be aware of it!

In your community group you will become more and more aware of those who need your help and you will become less and less able to help them by drawing attention to yourself. Your quiet, unpretentious, unconditional kindness will uplift the community until there will be no more misunderstandings within the space of Light and Life which you have created through diligent and honest practice of this principle of universal law.

I tell you truly, all must learn to think not of self - of what self will attain, or what self will endure, or what self will suffer - but think of what can be done to alleviate discomfort and encourage higher consciousness and develop altruistic service for one another and in teamwork, begin to do this outside of your community group. Much can be gained for the planet in this manner. The Corps of Destiny can begin to create Light and Life when each member can put aside the personal ego and unobtrusively and unassumingly give himself or herself away to any who has a need!

The Celestial Impressions group has come far. Many have been dropped away and some have become enveloped in the unconditional love which dwells among you. All have learned to live up to higher potential than they ever dreamed possible. Some had outside odds to surmount which are unknown by the others in the group. Some have fears and insecurities to overcome and their presence is like the penny put on the alter by the poor widow in comparison of the dollars put on the alter by the rich man. The more you have been given, the more you are responsible for. The more enlightenment you have, the more responsibility you have to live up to that enlightenment - even in the midst of darkness and chaos.

All of you have studied many years for this opportunity to come to you. Many times you have yearned to be working for the Father and knew not your ability or talent which was worthy of such service. Yet each of you yearned beyond your most imaginative dreams. Think now. Where are you? What are you doing with the opportunity? Are you dedicating all that you have been, all that you are and all that you hope to become for this purpose of serving the Father as you prayed for?

Are you still scattering the force of your energy by pursuing the Father in many places with different methods and peoples? Know ye not that he is right here with you. You need look no place else. He is within. If that search for him outside is causing any secretiveness, then re-evaluate its worthiness. Secretiveness of any kind in a community/family relationship causes the release of energies which in turn cause discomfort and uncertainty and insecurity among the other members of the community/family and they know not why. The one persisting in keeping secrets then misunderstands the discomfort and uncertainty and insecurity which the energy of the secretiveness has caused, and reacts by withdrawing participation on some level, which in turn causes distrust by the others and they react by being reserved in their relationship with the secret keeper and the malignant circle of deterioration begins and continues until someone becomes aware of the secret and exposes it. Then the damage is done and trust is difficult to re-establish once it is broken. Trust is important. Trust is a manifestation of your faith. If your faith is with Father, there is none who can hurt you, nor turn you from your destiny. However, if your faith is in your own ability to control the experiences which life deals you and you react by any means other than altruistic service and uplifting joy, then be aware of what you are becoming. I tell you truly, there is nothing more important than living a life of service and unconditional kindness. Begin to practice this and you will see for yourself how uplifted your consciousness is, regardless of the circumstances of your life experience! Help those you can, encourage those you can, pray for those you can, and do it without conditions.

Did not you long ago discover that he who loses his life to save another has found it while he who preserves his own life by neglecting the life of another, loses it? It is true. That which you do without thought for yourself, because it is right, because it is fair, because it is kind, because your motive is to help, reaps many times its value and gathers it to you, while that which is done in self-centered preservation of your desires, your physicality, your financial means, often reaps more disaster? There was a wise man upon your planet sometime ago who stated: "Thoughts held in mind, produce after their kind"

Actions taken wisely, gather like actions; seeds sown produce fruits of the same kind, those intending to cause harm, harvest the consequences of those intentions; those who unselfishly give, receive benefits unknown to even themselves; good living results in good experiences; The Father rewards in secret, is found in your Bible, and although often misunderstood, the wise men of olden days are not far from Truth.

You are tired, My sister. The mind is willing but the body has need of rest. Go now and rest. Return on the morrow after your rest period and I will continue this message.

Goodnight, my friend and sister


Good night, LorEl. Thank you for being with me. Thank you too, Aflana. And, Buki, I know your presence at all times. It is a wondrous realization to know that I now have recognition of your communications so much of the time. Rarely, do I feel the loss of your constant watch care and interpretation! Thank you.




SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 1993 (1:00 PM)

Dearest Father and Celestial Teachers,

Betty just called on the "death" of David at 6:05 AM I send him off into the journey of eternity. May her life be easier now. I am open and willing to do the Father's will.

My Daughter,

I am well pleased on your willingness, we need your devotion to do the wills and wishes of your Father. If you live to your potential and live in Truth, Beauty and Goodness, that is your Father's desires. Your happiness is my happiness. I am always here for you, for you are so precious to me. For all the love in world is yours. Your Father

Dearest Friend, This is JoEl

More and more people are being aware of this Correcting Time. The vibrations are being felt greatly now. The more mortals that are aware the vibrations multiply so much more - the time is almost ready now. This is why you don't feel well. The temperatures and vibrations are different. Sensitive mortals feel this greatly. You must rest more until your body adjusts to this. You need time to go within and find answers to all the questions you have. I am always here to help you. You will see me shortly, but you are not quite attuned yet. You feel the energy "vibrations". That is why we have you to listen what you hear - look what you see - be aware of the subtle differences and one day you will be surprised. You know so much but you have to understand what you know. WISDOM`. You are almost there. don't let the mortal absurdities get into your life. You are far beyond that. These things are of no interest to you. I am your friend - just put your hand out to me. I will help you keep on the straight and narrow. We love you, Luen. -JoEl

I love you JoEl and all my Celestial friends.




SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 1993 (1:15 PM)

Dearest Father and Celestial Teachers,

You know what is in my heart and thoughts. Do you have any messages for me today? I am open and willing.



This is JoEl, dear friend,

I am so pleased that you are going into the silence more. We are able to work on you then. Notice how you hear all the VM sounds in everything? Everything is in relationship to everything else. Colors - sounds - keys - circuits - etc. are all matched up with something else. There are so many worlds right under your nose. There is the microscopic world all unto itself. Insect world, they all see and hear things you don't see. The bird world, things seen at a different perspective. Don't you see the point? At some level you can connect with all these perspectives. See what joy and fun this all is. In love energy. -JoEl




SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 1993 (AM)


Dear Father, I am about to leave for the day to go to Clearwater for the quarterly meeting. Please go with me and help me to express you in all that I say and do. If there are those there who make any uncomfortable, allow love to replace resentments or insecurities. Thank you, Father. Is there any message for me? I await you.


Hello, My Self. You do well to begin your day with a moment away from material cares and spent with your Father. Love will go before you and all will be well. Enjoy your day and know that you are about the Father's business.


I didn't get back to LorEl yesterday. I'm not sure what happened to my day, but I spent it with Roy and in shopping and taking care of mundane material things around here. I am sorry LorEl. Is there a message for me now?


Good morning, Dear Friend and Sister. There is little time for me to communicate a lesson when you leave in but a few minutes. Go forth and enjoy your day. I will be here when you return. Sprinkle seeds of love energy and give yourself away in any way you can today. You will know why you have been led to go to this meeting. Fear not. Love. Be. Give. Rejoice. Life is full of little surprises and you will find your share of surprises today. Give them all to the Will of the Father and know all things work together for good for those who love. Create just a little corner of Light and Life today. We all go with you, of course.

Much is happening each day. Events continue to unfold and all experience is a process of the progress of the Correcting Time if you are focused on living your potential and giving yourself away in any way that you become aware of. This message comes from the highest consciousness. You are now listening to the voice of universal law, not material animal emotions. Do not misinterpret the suggestion that you give yourself away. This means to sow kindness, love, life, peace, harmony, inspiration, good will, in every place and in every way you can find to do so. Bring the Father's Love energy into focus within yourself and then bestow it upon all who come into your experience - from the clerk at the store to those loved ones with whom you enjoy an intimate relationship. Think on these things.

Farewell, until you return. - LorEl.




JUNE 14, 1993 (AM)


Dear Father, today is "Flag Day" - I wonder what that really means. What is its origin and significance? I began this communication with you at 9 AM this morning and now it is almost 2 PM this afternoon! All this time I have been interrupted with phone messages and things needing my attention right now. There goes the phone again.

later with Mary


JUNE 14, 1993 (5 PM)

NOTE: Energies are low and sad so we come together to contact the teachers in order to lift them.


Dear Father, I am still trying to be with you. I began early this morning and have not yet completed any sentence without interruption - yet any business I wanted... was interrupted again! Let's try once more:

Mary:Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I welcome you and my unseen friends and helpers to assist us in bringing through a message of light. I am ready and willing.

Patije:So am I.


I am here, my daughters. Your energy is already lightening from what it was a few hours ago.

You did well, My Mary, in ministering to the one who was brought to you for comfort. She will recover from her mourning. You were called and you responded. Your unselfish readiness to be of service gladdens our hearts. We thank you.

It is not often we find just the right person at just the right time in just the right place when this kind of need arises. You saw the difference in the nurturing for her grief by not having to apply the material means of medical drugs to alleviate her pain. That method is only temporary. What was done during the night of your sojourn with her was permanent and will give her strength to get through many of the trials and tribulations ahead of her. You may never know the good in which you participated, but even now the seeds are sprouting and beginning to take root to see her through the days ahead.

I tell you, Mary, dear Mary, that not often can we call someone out of sleep and put them on guard for so many hours and have them do so well. It is because of your willingness to do the Father's will, to be of service to the Father's love, to express the healing love energy so unconditionally that so much can be done quickly when needed, such as that which happened here. It is our intention to try to awaken many from the myriads of fields around the Urantia globe who will begin to prepare for this Correcting Time. It will take many hearts and many hands and many hours of patience, willingness, and loving to heal the planet. This community group has produced some who are ready. The process of preparedness has been well established among you and any one of you can now act in emergency situations. Some of you a little more efficiently, only because you have the ability to quickly set aside personal preferences and daily responsibility than others.

Community by community we are calling the sleepers to awaken. As they awaken they begin to participate in many exercises of faith to ready them for work in the harvest fields. There will come a time with the fields will be harvested and many must be ready to go out into the byways and empty fields to glean those who have fallen or have neglected the call. Will you be one of these?

Both of you, My daughters, quickly answer the call when it comes. It little matters what you are doing, or what your plans are, or who is wanting you to stop and play with them, you are focused on Father and you pick up your cross and run to meet the emergency when you are called. You my children, are like the emergency service with the red crosses and sirens and alarms on them. Only, you do your work unobtrusively and quietly and ask for no attention for yourselves. This is good. More can be accomplished. The fewer who know of the alarm, the easier it is to take care of the matter and put it into its rightful place before it escalates into out and out riot.

Do you not see this? Even in your small groups. That which is taken care of when it first arises in consciousness of any individual is quickly put to rest. That which is stifled and squelched, grows into an irritation, then a resentment and then disrupts the harmony and peaceful cooperation of the rest of the group. Let this be a lesson.

Do not become alarmed when there is unrest and misunderstanding. Deal with it. Push nothing under the rug as you so often say. Look at it. Become aware of its presence while realizing it as powerless against that which is real - Love energy does cast out anything unlike itself. Practice this. Practice it with intentions. Practice it with decisions. Practice it with your actions. Practice being Love.

There is much going on under the surface of the little reactions and responses which you are aware of in your experiences. No experience is all above the surface of what you see. Many experiences are like the ice berg which is mostly under the water and out of sight. There are so many influences and activity which does effect that which is seen. Know ye not that you are beginning to learn this.

The energy is important. When you are called to task it is important that you maintain your energy and keep your energy cleared from believing that what you see, but focus on what is real and what you do not see. In this you are healing. In the other you are encouraging the condition which is causing the chaos in the first place.

This is the difference between healers and healings. Some healing come instantaneous and others are slow and methodical. This does not mean that any are less important. It means only that different people can attain different levels and different personalities can respond quickly while others respond very slowly.

In your instance, Patije, when you see a symptom, whether a physical health symptom or a symptom of out of balance emotions playing on the scene, you quickly affirm its powerless state and affirm that which is stronger - love energy. Thus the symptom passes quickly.

In the instance of healing, Mary, you also respond quickly. It is unnecessary for you to spend the time diagnosing the condition and conjuring it up in your mind to understand the details of its various attributes, therefor you can get right to the task of alleviating it. You do not need methods and understanding of that which you are directed to do. You respond without thinking. Other healers may be unable to do this. Therefore they will have to have the methods of standardization and it may take lengthy times for them to affect a cure. Some of those who need healing will have to have much time to adjust their thinking and accept a possible healing. It takes practice to heal and be healed quickly!

interrupted ... continued again 1 hour later...

Patije:We have returned. Is there more?


Greetings, I am Anathia. I will continue this lesson. Michael was communicating about healing and why some are instantaneous and some are prolonged and why some never seem to dissipate. It is within your power. Think about this.

Michael began to tell you to practice healing and being healed. This sounded strange to you from your mortal viewpoint. But it is true. A life long habit of disregarding illnesses often makes one healthy while a life long habit of giving into every ache and pain can cause disabling conditions by old age. While it is true that in your culture, illness is an acceptable excuse for not fulfilling obligations and commitments, it is not in higher consciousness to accept this.

While some conditions really prohibit continued motivation upon the material planet, Urantia, most conditions are really irritations and cause frustrating emotions about the conditions. Sometimes we sub-consciously manifest symptoms of a "cold" because it allows us to take a few days to rest. Why not own up to being fatigued and allow yourselves a day of rest without excuses from time to time? This is one of the evolution errors we wish to change in the Correcting Time. To enable you to become aware of thinking about what you are thinking and feeling and acting accordingly. Take dominion of your own life experiences. No longer be victims of circumstances. Cast out the fear with the Love Energy which is here for you to use.

Begin practicing now. In any instance where you are aware of dis-ease, dis-comfort, immediately replace the sense of that disease, discomfort with an affirmation of knowing that it is powerless, unless you give it power. Real symptoms and real disease, can be distracted by realizing its inability to overwhelm you and those who know of it, if you but deny it power! Yes, those who know of it. It is best to deal with minute symptoms without alerting others who may become frightened at its power. Do not mention it until it no longer exists. When the symptoms are completely finished and have disappeared from consciousness, you will find even then to conjure them up and talk about them will give them energy and re-establish their presence if you are not alert.

It is ignorant to use illness and disease as any reason for shirking some commitment or loyalty. When you do these things, often the energy of the pretended illness will begin to infiltrate the wellness and soon you will manifest symptoms which were once only an imagined illness. You have the power to conjure up any illness you wish to suffer. When you talk to your acquaintances and friends remember they, too, have the power to conjure up the illness and you may find yourself having symptoms which you thought you had deferred but your friend has established, because their belief in a condition is sometimes stronger than your disbelief in the condition. Faith is powerful! Where do you put your faith? In the symptoms which seem to plague you? Or, in the focus upon God perfection which enables the love energy to dissipate anything which is unlike God. Do you not see?

Illness is real. Sickness happens. Many of the diseases which plague mankind are a result of natural forces. But mankind also has dominion. This does not mean that you can wish or pray the symptom away. It means only that you have the power to utilize love energy which is the greatest power in creation to overwhelm and cause anything less to disappear. FEAR is your only enemy. FEAR blocks the healing power of Love energy. Fear creates fertile ground in your imagination for manifesting that which you have no need of. Remember this. Love casts out Fear. Did not your Master Jesus tell this to the apostles at the time of ordination?

You must go soon and I wish to allow time for any questions. Do you have any questions?

Mary:I want to shake this energy I picked up over the crises at work yesterday.


It is your choice. Think about why you are holding on to it. Think about what you are feeling. Then let it go. It is not powerful. It is weak. It is not real. It is the residual of that which was allowed to fall away from the one whom you helped. You must now cease to sympathize with it. No longer identify with it. Your companion has not been lost from you as her's was. Your's is on the way. When you have both come to the same pentacle of life experience, you will discover one another. It is not far away.

Mary:I see. Thank you.




MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1993 (9:30 PM)

We go into the stillness after our prayers of thanksgiving and offering our services to the Unseen Helpers.

Patije:This is Patije and I thank the Father for this opportunity to be of service to Him and our Unseen Helpers. I offer my willingness to serve, extend an invitation to anyone who has a message for us.

Drue:This is Drue and I want to thank the Father, and Michael and all of our wonderful unseen helpers for their love and their support and their healing. I am wiling to be of service in any way that is appropriate.

Mary:This is Mary and I want to greet the Father and Michael and all of our Unseen Helpers. Thank you for all the help that you have given us during this last week and I am open and willing to serve.

(long silence)

Drue:This is Drue and I am hearing a little voice - I don't know who it is: "My Dears, my dears, my dears, I love you all."

Patije:I was hearing "I am Michael. I am pleased to be here with you this evening, my daughters."

Drue:Thank you, Michael. Welcome. (long silence) I hear that again! "My dears, I love you all. Now is the time to come together in my presence. Show forth the love that is being expressed. (long pause) Go in peace and carry my love wherever you go. (pause) Extend it to all you meet. (long pause) Use it, share it, and pass it on. You have done well and I am well pleased. (long pause)."

Mary:This is Mary and there is great healing energy in the room.

Patije:Yes, there is! Anathia is here too.

Drue:This is Drue and I would love to ask for some of the healing energy.

Mary:And it is just strongly wafting through all of us.

Patije:Can we send any of it to our missing members?

Anathia: (Mary)This is Anathia. Greetings, Dear Sisters.

Group:Greetings, Anathia.


You have requested and enjoyed healing during the past week. The request for healing to be sent to other members of the group is heard and is now being fulfilled. (Pause)

Patije:May I ask for a healing of the spirits and attitudes and the minds and emotions as well as the physical bodies of all those we deal with in our life experiences.

Drue:And, all of us, too.


This is done and will continue to be carried out.

Patije:Send my personal blessings to Julie, please.


Personal blessings and special healing will go to Julie.

Patije:Uplift her spirit, and help her feel accepted and wanted. Perhaps it is my imagination but I feel her withdrawing.

Anathia:The healing energy and the mental and emotional energies will be worked on and present and ready to be accepted by Julie.

Patije:Thank you, Anathia! I would like to ask for my Father's care tomorrow in the hospital be eased and nurtured and healed.

Anathia:Your father will have all the healing energies and be nurtured as is necessary and as he accepts.

Patije:Thank you. I think he truly expects to be back out tomorrow night after surgery.

Anathia:The healing energies are there for all to use, accept and share. New higher healing energies have been bestowed on this group, and should be experienced and enjoyed by one and all of you.

Patije:This is Patije and when we read about the "angels of the healing" tonight, I wondered if that is where we (our group) is working.

Anathia:There are many angels of the healings working on Urantia during this Correcting Time, and, also with this group... (pause)... through your unity and your love and the efforts of those among you.

Patije:You began, Anathia, to give us a lesson tonight on healing and finish Michael's communication from this afternoon. Do you have anything you wish to add or elaborate on that now? (long silence)

Anathia:As you understand more will be given later. (long silence)

Patije:Thank you. I was interested in more details about this quick healing versus delayed healing and what Thern said this morning about it taking 6 or 7 months before it kicks in exponentially. That has me curious.

Anathia:The lessons and explanations will unfold as the energies of the healers are stepped up. (long, long, pause) At this time there is much high energy healing taking place. Fear not. You will receive all the lessons in good time. (long pause)

Patije:Is there anything that can be elaborated on about this energy "withdrawal" and expression that we have been discovering the last week or two - where we can be present but our energy is not there and nobody sees us, or we can project our energy and not really be in the room? We have kind of accidently stumbled over this. Is this a new lesson coming to us?

Anathia:You will be receiving the lesson on energies as well as the lessons on the healing, on the kinds of healing. (pause)

Mary:This is Mary and there is so much healing energy flowing through me right now. It is like I am on fire. (long silence) This is Mary and do we have any other lessons or information coming through?

Patije:MartineEl is here.

Drue:MartineEl, Hello! Welcome. (long silence)

Mary:I heard:"It is a joy to be with you!" I don't know who it is.

Drue:It is MartineEl!

Mary:Oh, ok.

Patije:Do you have a message for us, MartineEl?

MartineEl: (Drue)I love you and I am with you. (long silence)


I heard: "Are you practicing the love - at least one hour every day?" I asked what she meant. (long silence) "Concentrate on love one hour exclusive... ultimate... complete... absorption in expressing love energy no matter where you are, no matter who you are with, no matter what you are doing - for one total hour each day." This is Patije and I think LorEl gave us that assignment but it hasn't been handed out yet - it was among my personal computer communications around the 8th of June, I think.

Mary:Is the energy too rough on you Drue? Are you feeling discomfort?


Mary:Ok. I just felt a high rate of energy just zip through me and I wondered if it was bothering you. Whatever it is you need, you are getting.

Drue:Thank you.

Mary:Patije is too.


Mary:Remember, Mary! Thank you!

Drue:I'm sending it right back to you, Mary.

Mary:Thank you.

Patije:I feel like my fingers are attached to your fingers - by strings or something. (We are at three points of the room with chairs approximately 3-4 feet apart and we are holding our hands up towards one another)

Mary:I am feeling totally attached to both of you. I thought it was just a healing energy.

Patije:Might be. But it is almost like it is tangible - tying us together. I feel it with Drue. But, every time I feel the hand towards Drue twist inward. I don't know what is causing that.

Mary:I think, I believe that this is just a powerful healing session.

Patije:I don't know of anything specifically wrong with me, but I'll take all I can get to store up for anything I don't yet know about.

Mary:I need my energy body healed. (Mary had a sorrowful 15 hour ordeal with the young wife and family of a young man who was killed in an accident during her last work shift as a policeman and has taken on the grieving energy and can't seem to shake it.)

Patije:I heard a "zip! zip! zip! zip!" (Laughter)


Patije:Like someone was zipping up all your zippers and everything is zipped up and you are fine - or else they were unzipped and everything escaped! (laughter)

Mary:Oh, ok, thank you! Wow. (silence)

Patije:Drue has to go to work on Mary. This is your part of the community job! Lift her up, lighten her, fill her with joy! (laughter)

Mary:You've gotta' lift me up.

Patije:Oh, I really see our community coming together in a cooperative effort.

Mary:Drue is receiving real healing energy now.

Patije:I can see that. It is green.


Patije:Like little electric lightening things...isn't that interesting? Our visualizer isn't here so I'm doing it! (laughter) We have to all pinch it for one another, I guess.

Mary:And the chatter. (laughter) I feel like little electric shocks coming out of my hands. Out of the palm of my hand and out of the finger tips.

Drue:I'm getting it out of your leg, Mary.

Mary:Oh, wow. Yep, I feel it. I'm just all excited about this difference in my hands.

Drue:I see green too.

Mary:Wow. (short silence) I'm seeing golden stars! (pause) Patije?


Mary:Are you seeing anything?


I was trying to hard to see them. They are probably there, so give me a second. My mind was floating somewhere else. (long silence) Yes, I see them now. (silence) It is almost like they are around a dome shaped thing - a hollow center. There is a shape there, and they are around the shape. (long silence) I feel the same thing with the souls of my feet that I am feeling with the palms and finger tips.

Mary:Yep! (silence) I am asking for healing for Patije and for Drue and for Mary to help us let go of our weight too.

Patije:Oh, I like that!

Mary:We need that - all of us do. We all work on it.


Which in essence means to be willing to give up excess baggage, which is not only in terms of the weight, but in terms of thought, feelings, resentment, hurt, slights, anger, all of this excess baggage that we just drop away."

Mary:Ohhhh, did you feel that?


Drue:And, I am willing to let this go.

Mary:I am willing to let this go.

Patije:I am willing to let this go.(pause) I am willing to be my perfect healthy shape and form, full of energy, enlightened and in service to the highest good for all according to the will of the Father.

Mary:I like that! And, so am I. (pause) I endorse everything that Patije has stated as my own request too.

Drue:I also endorse that.

LorEl: (Patije)Hello my Sisters and friends. I am LorEl.

Group:Good evening, LorEL.


It is an interesting combination of your energies this evening. You are in total complete consensus. We have rarely seen this, even among those who are close friends. You are moving rapidly towards Phase 7 in your progress in this process of preparation for the Correcting time. (pause)

Patije:Oh, my hands started throbbing! (laughter)


Patije:It feels almost like somebody is beating a drum on my hands. It doesn't just is distracting! (long silence)

LorEl:The energies at this time are very refined and extremely exquisite. (long pause)

Patije:I am picking something up and I am trying to deny it -- but I keep hearing something like: "You are the inner corps and you should meet together more often." Does anyone else pick up anything like this? Feels almost disloyal. I'm very uncomfortable with it.

Mary:I just know that I am feeling extremely bonded to both of you. Wow.

Patije:Better be careful or you are going to have us tied together. (laughter)

Mary:Did you feel that shift of energy too, Drue?

Drue;Something is going on. I feel very relaxed, very much at peace, very comfortable...and willing to move on to whatever mission...

Mary:Or special detail is what I am hearing...

Drue:...that it takes.


You have been selected from among your sisters. There is a special experiment, a special task...It is our request, if you are willing to make yourselves available for this. While we are doing (pause) the experiment you will be receiving healing energy and uplifting energy and will be learning about energy transference. And, at the same time there will be messages for you to guide you in this.

Because of the concentrated energy and the consensus of your willingness and the cohesiveness of your relationship, this will not take long. It is intensified. If it becomes uncomfortable we can adjust it. There is no reason for anyone participating in any of the experiments with us to become ill or completely uncomfortable. There is always some discomfort in moving from one level to another, but we assure you that it is not our desire to ever experiment into the place of disease, illness, or discomfort. (pause)

If you believe this, with your faith, we can accomplish much very rapidly. There is an event which will unfold soon, and we must have some prepared for this. There was a flicker of fear when this was relayed to you, but you need not be alarmed. No assignment will take you from your home, nor from your routine experience unless you desire it. (pause) Everything will be arranged around your personal schedules, around your normal trips, vacations. All things will work together in harmony, and with meaning. There is nothing you must fear. Nothing to cause alarm. Little to make you uncomfortable.

Are you willing, My sisters and my friends?

Drue:Drue is willing.

Mary:Mary is willing.

Patije:Patije is willing.


Then it is settled and will be passed on - this decision to our Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, and to Michael. You will not become an exclusive group. It is unnecessary to separate yourselves from your sisters. Only enhance your meeting times. It is not even necessary to meet weekly in addition to your regular meetings, but it is desirable. And, the length of time need not be more than a few minutes. (long silence) I go now but will return when you summon me. Think on these things until that time.

Group:Farewell, LorEl.

NOTE:phone rings and it breaks the mood and the conversation, because we realize it is nearly 10:10 PM)




TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 1993 (4PM)


Dear Heavenly Father, I am here. Today has been rushed and uncomfortable - did laundry, dusted, vacuumed, and took John to the MS meeting. What a day! I am tired and hot and ready for a nap. Perhaps some quiet time with you will calm me, for I have another hectic evening to get through. Why is it such work when I am in any activity other than with you? I am becoming reluctant to do anything but teach, read, study, work on the computer, communicate with the unseen helpers, be in the stillness and share with others about what is happening! This 2 hour program of possible cures and breakthroughs for MS should be exciting, but it is time consuming and there are better things to be doing. Talking with people - even patients, was fun, but so tiring to hear nothing but the latest symptoms, change of doctors, new medicine, and how hot and miserable it is. Help me, Lord! Help me project your good cheer in place of politeness, love in place of sympathy, and good news in place of good luck! My, I am in a foul mood! All that smiling and laughing and greeting and listening - is it practice for something? Sally wanted to know why I don't come to all of the in between drop-in meetings - what could I say? If you need me there for a reason I will go, but I can think of many things I would rather be doing! However, I live by Your will, not mine. So, send me where you will. I will try always to remember that I am your expression, not the animal-out-of-balance emotional bore I could be if I were not concentrating on being your expression!

Thank you that I don't live that circus everyday! Thank you for the work you have given me. I am busy, I am happy, I am content. Thank you, Father.

Do you have any messages for me?


Hello, My Self. You did well amidst your less fortunate fellows today. Seeing you doing well is good for them. Seeing your smiles and your loving attention to their conversations about what is wrong, plants seeds for the Father and promotes the good news in ways unknown to you. One day you may see some of the seeds you have planted. It is not what you say but how you are, and how you continue to be year after year after year, that makes the impression of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. See you how well your testimony is by just being among them?

You have accomplished much these few weeks. More of the distant cosmic family members are being drawn to you. Remember to always have time for them - the other work will get done.

I am always overshadowing you and interpreting the cosmic broadcasts and recording the eternal value which is produced by your busy fingers! Go forth in peace, My Self.



Thanks, Buki. I still have trouble with this Universal Father, Thought Adjuster and Michael communications. My trouble is that I don't understand the process. I only accept in faith. When I feel impressed within that it is Buki, I record it as such. If I "hear" Universal Father within, then that is what I record. And, Michael, I seldom miss the impressions of such love and power and energy! Thank you. I feel so very insignificant and so privileged and yet I know it is a natural flow of energy to and from our Source. Thank you.


Yes, Little One. You are well able to recognize my presence. It is as it should be. You have practiced the stillness from when you were but a child - do you not remember those quiet nights at the attic window looking out over the tree tops? Even then you were being prepared for this mission. Think of the many nights you sat up sleepless, writing in your spiritual journal during the years of your convalescence and days in the wheelchair. Think of the aloneness you felt when you moved away from all of your loved ones with a child in your care and you thought it was a financial reason (I had no money to do anything else) that you sat hour, after hour, after hour, and night after night, reading and studying the Urantia Book and writing in your spiritual journal.

Dear Child of my heart, you were always with me in those times. Always. You have seldom been afraid of life. You have seldom found fear in the unknown. You, early on, were ready to submit your will to the Lord of your being and spent a lifetime searching for the goal of intimate communication, which you have now found. Your lifetime experiences were part of the process of bringing you where you are now. Little do you understand the disappointments in your life, but you have been willing to set them aside and continue in search of beauty and truth, holding not onto the symptoms of sorrow and fear and hurt and resentment. You have earned the patience and the faith which you now project and express. I am well pleased.

Go forth in good cheer, and spread it among those fellows who have so little to look for. Make the decision if you will be available to those lonely crippled folk who receive so much help by just being around you - then if you are, many will come to you. One by one, you have a bit of influence on them although little change will be visible on this level, you know not what gains will be made for eternal value when they arrive upon the Mansion worlds.

I am always with you, and will never forsake you as so many of your human companions have done. These were growing experiences, and experience is the difference between faith and trust, which is very subtle. Putting your faith in someone, through me, cannot fail you. Putting your trust in another human can fail. Few humans are as faithful in service to a friendship as you have become. Few humans will put themselves into discomfort to serve a friend as you have done often. Few humans will dedicate hours of their days and days of their lives as you have done to be about the Father's business. You are not wasting your time. Your effort is not in vain. You will never know the myriads of good which you have done by being willing to share yourself - even with the strangers who will never meet you. You do well, My Child. I am well pleased. Never evaluate yourself as a failure or having wasted your time. I know you have been hindered and offended by the failure of those you trusted to be a comfort to you in your need. This is not the way material life works. You give to the Father - and any human represents the Father. The Father gives to you, seldom the human. When humans give, there are conditions and you have discovered this. Those conditions are sometimes tolerable and sometimes not. Then a decision is to be made about accepting the gift. I tell you to accept only the gifts of the heart. If they come in any other form or attitude, allow them to pass by.

There is one dear heart near you who grows weary. She has been a dynamic help to you for sometime, but she is growing tired. We cannot give her all she desires, but she has earned her retirement. We are sad to see her withdraw but we know all is working for good for the Father, and you should know that too.

If she leaves you, another will come. We are selecting those new comers very carefully as we have important assignments for your Sarasota community. As your energies are harmonized more perfectly, more will be revealed to you. Any who cannot blend their mind attitudes and soften their resistances and allow their energies to be blended for the good of the whole community will be led away into another project. I tell you truly, we desire not to lose anymore who have been advantageously a part of the processing and progressive experience of the Sarasota experiment, but alas even I, Michael of Nebadon, will hold none against their will. This is a full time all consuming attitude and loyal commitment you each give to the community we are creating. It must remain so to continue to progress. Altruistic Trust and Service must be present in all relationships where Light and Life is being established. Any who harbor any personal agendas, secretiveness, or resentments will drift away. Speak not of this to anyone. Allow them to read and digest these words and assess them for themselves. Each must make a personal decision. Even that which is uncomfortable must be sacrificed on the altar of willingness to serve the Father. Take not these words lightly. It is as I have said. There is no other way.

I must attend to the Father's business elsewhere. Go forth in joy and be of good cheer, My daughters. You do well.


I am LorEl. Hello my sister. I will continue for Michael.

Dis-ease and illness and a need to be comfortable is as much of a handicap as the handicap of the rich man of the Master 's experience. We will ask none to sacrifice health, financial security, nor relationships for this mission. However, we will ask all to risk dis-eased (non-health) bodies and fear-filled attitudes, as well as long held judgements and prejudices for this mission. Allow yourselves to grow out of yesterday's body and perceptions. Allow your friends and the individuals of your families to grow out of yesterday's body and perceptions. Allow all unkind attitudes and judgements to fall away and behold the new man (or woman) in Christ consciousness - higher consciousness than material levels.

Allow the material healers to heal in their time. Allow the method healers to heal in their time. Allow the instantaneous faith healers to heal in their way. All works together for good! Some needing healing will perceive the truth instantly. Others will need to believe in a system or method. Others will need much time to change their attitudes about healing so that healing can occur by any method. See ye not this truth? You must choose for yourselves. When you have made your choice, tell no other about your conditions, except for healing. Then tell only the healer of your choice. Report to the group your successes - in any method, but do not continue to sell your system to all. Some are not ready for it. Allow them space to be where they are. But, insist that all work for the good of the entire community. Any other energy is detrimental. Harmonize your attitudes of acceptance and encouragement and support for one another. Do away with any attitudes of defensive, offensive or emotional behavior not suited for the higher good of all. Challenge all that is unlike God immediately. Do not allow it to seep into, permeate and overwhelm any individual or group of individuals in the Sarasota community.

In the safety of this group, there is no need to nurse wounds when called to account for the energy which your are projecting to the others - whether defensive or offensive. Remember, this is your family. When you fall , this group is there to help you back onto your spiritual feet, so to speak.

This does not mean that you are to attack any other in the group. On the contrary, each is to go into the stillness with the uncomfortable feelings, project love towards the individual and write in your communication notebooks about your feelings. Get in touch with your real feelings. Be honest with yourself. Evaluate those feelings. Give them to the Father. Ask for an evaluation of them from your personal teacher. If this does not correct the discomfort of the group experience, then bring it before the group. Or if it is an individual in the group, bring it before that individual. In the privacy of love energy, communicate the logical explanation along with the irrational feelings. Do not judge. Allow each their feelings. Correct any misunderstandings or misinterpretations and then pray together. Allow it to go into the stillness and again seek the aid of your personal teacher. When this is done in sincerity and harmony, you will again be able to trust and serve one another without this secret resentment or judgement interfering with the Light and Life action within the group.

I say to you: Allow each other to grow and change - overnight! You are never the same after a session in the stillness or an adjustment in the group sessions! Never! Each bring remarkable shifts in energy patterns and vibration levels. The only way this cannot lift you on the spiral of perfection, is if you continue to harbor resentments and secret judgements. Then the rest of the group will gradually move up the spiral at a different pace and eventually you will fall away.

It is sincere willingness, steadfast discipline, altruistic service, non-resistive cooperation, and love expression from the intellectual and heart levels which promote true growth. The filters of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness will enable you to see meaning, harmony and eternal value as more valuable than the ego levels of animal emotions and perceptions. You will know you are operating on higher levels when you can sincerely and honestly recognize one another through only good feelings, harmony and peace. Then true understanding and honest love will be present and nothing can usurp or destroy what you have realized at that level! Nothing can stand against truth marching in love energy! It is Beautiful! It is eternal! It is reality! It is! You are! AT this level you have worked through material mind, animal emotions and inspirational joy to find Light and Life. Once you have glimpsed it for even an instance you will want nothing else. Before it, irritations become petty and unimportant. Before it, ego no longer needs to be right. Before it, true compassion and intuitive knowingness replaces fear and discomfort. Never mistake the psychic levels of guessing at truth for this knowingness of pure consciousness in Light and Life. Be alert. There is danger when you resort to methods of psychic energy. You are no longer at that level and using that energy can be detrimental to yourself and to your fellows within the community. All must rise above this. No longer deal with those who trade in psychic realms. All mind is yours in truth of Light and Life. All knowingness is yours in the truth of Light and Life. This cannot be adulterated nor prostituted in exchange for money or power or ego satisfaction. Any indulgence in psychic levels of energy will result in a fall from Light and Life and into discomfort and dis-ease. BE alert. Be aware. Be Light. Be Love. Be honest. There is no need for secrets when all are in Light and Life. There are no needs for secrets when all have intentions of moving into and establishing a community of Light and Life! There is none else required to move into the levels of Light and Life except willingness, commitment, loyalty, honesty, sincerity, and disciplined thinking. Any undisciplined judgements of others in the group becomes disloyalty and unwillingness to allow all to progress.

Practice the golden rule here. You wish to be allowed to change and grow and progress in your spiral towards your perfection in the Father. Allow others to change and grow and progress in their spiral towards their perfection in the Father. Be there to support and encourage when they are trying. Success is not required. Honest effort and disciplined thinking in sincere willingness to focus on Father's will is all that is required. Remember this. I tell you truly, this is important. Think on these things. Make them yours. Don't read these lessons and throw them into a notebook or container. Read them again and again and glean the ribbon of your progress from them. Each time you read them you will see more and more as your eyes are opened and your heart is opened and your mind is open to new levels of understanding. I tell you truly, to think on these things.

A more advanced lesson cannot be given than this one contained here which Michael began and I have continued. Not many will be given a lesson of this magnitude because not many are ready for it. Advanced students willing to complete the process of preparation for establishing Light and Life upon Urantia must complete this exercise and master the ability to live Light and Life. When you can live Light and Life within your heart and mind and actions, then you will be ready to go out into the world and help others create Light and Life in their places of experience. Do you no see this? Think on this. Remember to read the message and be done with excuses and word games and limited perceptions. Discard those disguises of evil and awaken to the truth of real living.

There need be no drastic change in the location of your residence, nor the work you do to support yourself. There needs to be only a gradual change within your consciousness to evaluated and think clearly about the results and consequences of the words, and actions, and thoughts, and perceptions, and restrictions, and limitations, you put upon yourself, your family, your friends, your employees, and your life experience. Open to Love energy! Open to Truth! Put on the glasses of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Live up to your potential. Live up to that which you are becoming! Learn to live in Light and Life. Practice Light and Life. Pick yourself up and begin again when you become aware of falling short of Light and Life in any thing which you have done or said, or any attitude you may harbor in the secret recesses of your mind and memory.

Be done with anything which has power to cause hurt to another. Be done with anything which limits your's or another's spiritual growth or realization of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Open the door to the new age of Light and Life! You are the foundation blocks of this new generation. It is your privilege to begin the process of doing away with that which cripples humanity and civilization and begin to build the blocks of that which supports and enhances the natural abilities and talents of each mortal upon the planet. No longer try to stuff information into the ignorant...realize instead that each has within a rich and vast storehouse of ability and talents and needs only information and opportunity to express it for the benefit of all humanity. The diverse talents and myriads of abilities are all to harmonized into a force for the unity of mankind to move towards Light and Life.

Evaluate your education systems. Are they bringing out from within the children their natural abilities and talents which when expressed will create a self-confident, self-supporting and useful member of society? If not, is it then supporting an indulgent, lazy system of getting something for nothing, which will eventually be supported by society?

Evaluate your industry, your business, your livelihood. Are they bringing our from within you and your fellow employees, their natural abilities and talents which when expressed will create a self-confident, self-supporting, and useful member of the society? If not, is it creating a repressed, depressed frustrated emotionally unstable people who may eventually supported by society?

Evaluate your prison systems. Are they bringing out from within the prisoner, their natural abilities and talents which when expressed will create a self-confident and useful member of society? If not, is it harboring resentments and releasing those who will again return as a taker of society?

Evaluate your religious systems. Are they bringing out from within the members of the congregation the natural abilities and talents which when expressed will create self-confident and useful members of society? If not, is it turning out bigoted and prejudiced opinions, or those who expect special favors?

Evaluate your home life. Is it bringing out from within the members of the family natural abilities and talents which when expressed will create a self-confident, self-supporting and useful member of society? If not, is it creating a person willing to allow others to support him, wait on him, remaining unable to live the golden rule?

Evaluate your entertainments. Is it bringing out from within the participants the natural abilities and talents which when expressed will create self-confident and self-supporting and useful members of society? If not, is it breaking down respect and honesty and self-confidence within the minds and attitudes of those who participate?

Evaluate your diet. Is it bringing out from within the eater the natural abilities and talents which when expressed will create a self-confident, self supporting, and useful member of society? If not, then is it creating a depressed, overindulged, lazy, blob which society will have to eventually support?

Evaluate your life experiences. Are you challenging yourselves to live up to your potential and move into discomfort long enough to attain new heights of awareness and knowledge? Are you disciplining yourselves to look for and become a useful member of your society, your community. Are you honest in all things? Are you sincerely wanting to be a member of a community of Light and Life. Do you know what Light and Life is? Do you want it? Are you willing to help make it happen? What is your priority? Are you willing to give of yourself, your abilities, your talents, your time, your effort, to create Light and Life right where you are?

Each has opportunity each day in all experiences to create a small bit of Light and Life. The seeds will grow. They will be nourished. You plant them where they are needed, where you are aware of them being needed. The seeds will sprout and will be nourished. Perhaps if you begin to sow seeds of Light and Life another will come along and see and join you - without ever knowing what it is they are doing! The benign virus of love is indeed catching. Pass it on. Pass it on to everyone you meet each day. Pass it on in every thing which passes from your hands. Pass it on in every thought you release upon the cosmic conscious. Pass it on with every moral of food and nourishment you offer. Pass it on with every effort and every action you take. Pass it one.

Do not judge those to whom you pass it on. Pass it on. Do not judge if the seed "took" just pass it on. Do not judge if the seed is growing, pass it on. Do not look back. Yesterday and yesteryear is gone. Live in the now and sow seeds of Light and Life in all that you are, all that you are becoming, and all that you say and do. Allow love energy to nourish and support their growth until you see fields of flourishing Light and Life plants everywhere you see. Cover the Earth with Light and Life seeds. Fill your words and your enthusiasm with Light and Life seeds. Select your entertainment with Light and Life seeds. Spread the benign virus of love energy wherever you are!

Patije:LorEl, thank you for this lesson! I have to go now but I know you have much more to say. Will you come back with more of this lesson when I return?


This is a continuous lesson and further series will be forthcoming as each are ready to progress in the process of growth.




WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16, 1993 (2:45 PM)

Dearest Father and Celestial Teachers,

With not feeling up to par and so many things happening this week, I feel as though this is the week that was.

I just got back from Betty's husband's funeral - the minister seems to be in the know of the U.B. Say hello to him for me in the morontia world.

There are so many wonderful things happening also. I want to say how greatful I am for the knowledge I am obtaining. I love you, my Father and my Celestials. Your devoted one, Julie. I am willing for any messages!


This is JoEl. We need you to rest more so you can be healed. I have been sending you messages about watermelon and cucumbers. This is the answer that you have been asking. This is what you need to start the fire in your body to burn the excess fat.

Consider the watermelon seed. It just came from the deserts in Africa. This seed was planted in the hot dry desert sands. There it became a vine with leaves to shade the wild life. Then it bore its fruits to yield food and cool water to travelers and nomads. Where did all this come? Cool water and nourishment in a hot sandy desert from a little black seed? Is this not a miracle? These are things to think on, these are the answers you are looking for and lessons to learn.

Re-read yours and others lessons they are becoming more meaningful to you now. We are pleased how you are progressing. You must rest more now. My love to you, dear friend.

Thank you, JoEl for this insight. A light went on every time I heard watermelon and cucumber. Now I know why. My love to you all. Julie




NOTE: We had an out-of-town guest. We started with a circle prayer of thanksgiving, an invitation and our willingness to serve before, going into the stillness.

Patije:This is Patije. I thank the Father for this opportunity. I offer my willingness to serve and invite any Unseen Helper for any messages they might have for us.

Julie:This is Julie. I am open, I am willing and I give honor to our Father, Christ Michael and all of the celestial teachers and friends. I welcome Maria to the group. I am willing to serve.

Drue:This is Drue and I want to thank the Father and all of our unseen helpers for their untiring love and devotion and support and assistance and nagging and whatever. I really, really appreciate the love, and the healing and the companionship and I am ready, and able and willing to be of serve in any way that is appropriate.

Marie:Good evening. This is Maria. I've made it. I am here. May I be of help and service in any way?

(long silence)

Patije: I am hearing: "Good evening, My Loved Ones." That is a new greeting and I don't recognize who it is. "It is Maria's teacher."

Maria:My teacher is holding my hand.


Patije:Will you tell us your name? (long silence) I am getting something like Minnar ...something, Miner... I am hearing something like Minerelli. But that isn't quite right. It is wrong. But it is something like this.

Julie:Drue, you usually hear something like this.

Drue:Well, I am getting something like Minner-va, but that isn't right either, but it is in there somewhere.

Patije:MinnerEl? (short silence) Minnerel?

Drue:Minerelva? MinerElva? (long silence)

Patije:Do you get anything, Maria?

Maria:It's Min - something! It was before. But the last part we can't get.

Patije:When is before? You mean when you were here before?

Maria:A couple of months ago.

Patije:Ok. I can't remember that. We didn't record anything that time. (short silence) Do you have a message for us, Min - whoever you are?

Drue:How about Minnera?

Patije:Manure? (laughter)

Drue:No, Minnera...Minora...three sections; Min-ur-ah.

Patije:MinnerEl. I think. Min - ner - EL

Julia:Umhmmmm, that's coming close!

Patije:Do you have a message for Maria, or for all of us?

MinaEl: (Drue)Yes, I bring you greetings.

Patije;This is Patije. We greet you with pleasure. Will you be able to work with Maria? Is she ready? (short silence) I heard: "The adjustments have been made. It is up to Maria" or something like that.

Drue:I hear: "It is I, Minnarella."

Patije:Ah....Cinderella....Minerella! I like it! I won't forget it anymore.

Drue:Ok, I have...I don't know if this is the right words..."I have come to give you my blessings." I don't know if "blessings" are quite the right word, but it might be used in terms of like greetings or something like that.

Maria:I just heard the same thing. (long silence)

Patije:If you want to try to practice and see if they will take over, might repeat that and then allow yourself to speak whatever comes into your mind. To introduce the teacher as I helps to get it started sometimes.

Maria:I am having trouble getting down yet...I am still too mindal...I'm working. (long silence)

Minnerella: (sp) (Drue)

Be open, be watchful, be ready. Be of service and be of good cheer. (long silence) It is I, Minnerella, who brings you this greeting. (short silence)

Patije:We greet you. We welcome you, Minnerella. (short silence)

Minnerella:It is my pleasure. It is my pleasure to serve.... (long pause)

Drue:Ok, Minnerella, speak up a little faster here! (laughter)

Minnerella:It is my pleasure to serve you.

Patije:This is Patije. Can you tell us if you are Maria's personal teacher or her group teacher? (pause) I heard: "Personal teacher." (short silence) Will they get a group teacher when they are ready to ask for one?

Drue: What I hear is "That I cannot say."

Patije:This is Patije and I am wondering if they have been prepared for a teachers because their first reaction was yes and then they had time to think about it and said "well maybe, if you can prove this is correct, to us." Is there anything you can give Maria to take back to them? (long silence)

Drue:Ok, I heard something like: "Go with your feelings. Trust your feelings. (long pause) They will not deceive you. (pause) So I think it is probably more or less a "know that you know" which is something we get all the time, Maria.

Maria;I heard: "Work with them. They are not yet ready. But, they will be."

Patije:Thank you, Minnerella. (pause) Maria has already asked if she has a spiritual name. Can you tell us anything about that? (long silence) We always go blank on that one, don't we.

Julie:It will come in later like mine came in an hour later, or something.

Maria:They may have to check the books. (laughter)


Maria:I hope they haven't gone to Patije's filing room. (laughter) Poor Minerella may not be back until next week. (excuse me.)

Patije:Help me, Aflana!

Julie:Not to be facetious, but like be aware, be all these things. And, then I was going to say: "Be prepared" -the Girl Scout motto.

Drue:You know, the name might not be Minerella, it might be Minervella.


Julie:That's it! The lights went on when you said that.


Maria:Oh, my goodness! That's right. I just got the tremendous pain where I got my healing yesterday. The energy must have connected it and it must be correct. A tremendous pain in my foot. It must be...(fades out)

Julie:I am seeing all sorts of like flashing lights ...ah... warm colors, cool colors. The energy is tremendous. There are a lot of celestials here. Seems to be a new group. (long silence)

Unseen Helper:(Drue)

I bring you love from the Father. I bring you peace. I bring you rest. (long pause) I bring you healing and health if you are willing to accept it. (long pause)

Patije:I'll accept it. Thank you.

Drue:This is Drue. And, I will accept it too.

Julie:I already said I would in my mind.

Maria:Aflana has just greeted me. (pause) Very warm.

Julie:You mean, Aflana.

Patije:Hello, Aflana, Welcome. Just about the time Maria said that I heard: "Good evening, Dear ones, I am Aflana"

Julie:Do you have a message for us, Aflana? (short silence)

Drue:I don't know if this is Aflana, but somebody is saying: (long pause) I forgot what they said! (laughter)

Patije:Will you repeat it please?

Unseen Helper: (Drue)

Be forthright in your ventures. Go forward into the unknown. Have faith. Know that all is well. (long pause)

Patije:Is that Minnervella?

Drue:Could be.

Patije:It sounded different than any of the teachers that usually speak to us.

Julie:The energy is different.

Drue:It could be because she started with "Be of Good Cheer" which is how she started the last time. (long, long, long pause) "Be willing to venture forth. Take the risk. (long pause) I think this is for Maria.

Maria:What is the risk?

Unseen Helper:"You have nothing to lose"

Drue:I think it is for you to feel free to participate in this, to really open yourself up to it.

Maria:You mean they are trying to get me to say what I am feeling?


Maria:I was trying to be quiet so I wouldn't interfere with anyone else. It feels like my own personal message.

Julie:You are supposed to say it.

Maria:I will try again. (long silence)

Unseen Helper: (Drue)

Take the risk. Venture forth. (long, long pause) Be of good cheer and know that we love you. (long pause)There is nothing wrong. (pause)Go ahead and say it, we will correct the errors. Venture forth.

Maria:How far must I venture?

Unseen Helper:Into the cold water.

Maria:I am afraid of water.

Unseen Helper:

Leave your fears behind. Venture forth. We are here to hold you up. You are buoyant.

Maria:Why water? I don't like water! I'm always afraid of water.

Julie:Fear not.

Patije:You are afraid of this too?


Patije:How do you get into the water? One toe at a time.

Maria:I usually fall.

Unseen Helper:We will hold you up.

Maria:What is on the other side of the water?

Unseen Helper:It doesn't matter.

Maria:Then why do I have to go into the water?

Unseen Helper:Take the risk! Venture forth.

Patije:Why did you have to give up smoking cigarettes?

Drue:It is just symbolic, Maria, of taking the steps. Being willing to let down your resistance, take the steps and they will hold you up.

Julie:Be baptized. Initiated.

Patije:You don't have to wait until you have a whole sentence. Usually you start out with 2 words at a time.

Maria:I feel like I am talking to myself. Does this make sense? I am answering my own questions.



Maria:I have been holding a whole conversation with me! I didn't think I could ask and answer my own questions.

Drue:Sure you can.

Patije:Of course, you can. We do it all the time.

Drue:It happens all the time. (laughter)

Maria:Of course, you didn't know what my questions were, did you? I have tears in my eyes, wait a minute. (pause) I know they are out there and I know I have nothing to fear.

Unseen Helper:Venture forth. We are here.

Maria:How do I venture forth. I am already standing in the water. I know I am being held. I am waiting for my next step.

Unseen Helper:Don't wait. Take your next step.

Maria:I move, but no one tells me where to go. That's what I've been waiting for.

Unseen Helper:You will know. Venture forth.

Drue:This is Drue. And, Maria, they just want you to know that whenever you are ready, they are ready too.

Maria:I know they just asked me to come into the Light, to step out of the water and into the Light. Now I know where I have to go. (long pause)

Drue:It is like the Light is calling you. (long silence)

Maria:It is like the Light is a whole new thing. It is not the Light of what we are thinking of, as far as the Light we have after the physical life. But, the Light of life - perhaps I've been walking in the shadow of life. And, now it is time to walk in the Light of Life. I'm not afraid to walk in it. I guess I am still waiting to find out what it is.

Unseen Helper:Don't wait. Venture forth. (long silence) Venture forth into the Light.

Maria:I hear the word Love, giving Love. (long silence)

Patije;How do you do this? (long, long, long, long, long silence)

Julie:I keep seeing a mask. (pause) Like the drama mask, the sad one.

Patije:Why is it sad?

Julie:You know the drama. I think it has something to do with Maria.

Maria:Am I the sad mask?

Julie:Maybe it has just come off.

Unseen Helper:Drop the mask and step into the Light.

Patije:Is there anybody I know that doesn't have a mask, it is Maria. What you see is what you get.

Maria:That's it, Bucco, that's it. Plain and simple, that's me.

Julie:Why am I seeing it?

Maria:Did you bring your mask with you today?

Julie:Maybe some one you know, has a mask?

Maria:Oh, I think I know many people with masks. (long pause)

Julie:Apparently it is looking at you, but it isn't behind you so it is not you, so it is somebody you know.

Maria:Somebody I know is sad?

Julie:Umhmmm. Or else drama.



Maria:Most of the people I know...

Julie:Comedy and tragedy.

Maria:I have a daughter in the middle of comedy and tragedy.


Maria:And I am watching the mask.

Julie:Umhmmm. And, I see your hand reaching out to is someone so close and your teacher wants to help you, is what I see. But, you would... someone wants to...

Maria:Someone I know wants my helping hand?


Maria:If I know who it is, I'll certainly give it. I'll give them both hands. Someone said: "Good that's the way it should be! But, don't jerk. Take it slowly." I've lived this before. I've heard these words before. With this hand and the pulling back.

Julie:Umhmmm. So now, Christ Michael is putting out his hand to you.

Patije:What does that memory bring to your mind, Maria?

Maria:I don't remember. All I know is that along time ago I was supposed to put my hand out and help. I think I did and I got hurt. That doesn't mean I never did it. (long silence) Could it mean that I have a fear of helping? (long, long silence)


Maria:A fear of being hurt?

Unseen Helper: (Julie)Have no fear. Christ Michael is here.

Julie:And whomever that is in between. (long, long silence)

Maria:I feel a bubbling. Like a thousand questions, but feel it... it is only up to me to find the answers.

Julie:Just ask. (long silence)

Maria:Will I be of service?

Unseen Helper (Drue)Only if you wish to be.

Maria:Well, I've always wanted to be.

Unseen Helper:Then it shall be done.

Maria:Now here comes my impatience: When?

Unseen Helper:When you are ready.

Maria:Oh, for goodness sake.

Unseen Helper:Be ready to venture forth.

Maria:Wasn't this my first step?

Unseen Helper:Be willing to venture forth. Be open, be ready, be willing. (long silence)

Christ Michael: (Patije)

I greet you, Children of the Most High. I am Michael.

Group:good evening, Michael.

Christ Michael:

I have brought, my daughter here, and I wish to answer the question in her mind about her first steps. You, Dear Heart, took your first step many years ago. You have consistently risen higher and higher on the spiral of your perfection and it has unfolded for you until you have reached the point where you can fulfil your desire to be of service to me. You are a teacher, My Child, you are a natural teacher. You have a flock even now being gathered. You will not be recognized perhaps, as the leader, but you are the seed, the yeast which will cause that bowl of dough to rise and all will become great leaders if they, but keep their minds open and pick up the seeds which you spread among them.

There is much for you to wonder and I know you do wonder, why you are where you are and in the position that you are at this time. It is actually caused by a division of loyalty and a division of desire and in addition to your free will it is very clear that your ability to teach , guide, and lead can be used in either of the choices you have before you. There are many places where you can seek to serve and like many others, especially in this group, you will find that you have many talents and many abilities which are even under the surface and which you have not recognized.

You my dear have done much this day to enlighten and clarify many of the questions in the minds of those with whom you have associated and you will learn much here, with this group - the Sarasota Celestial Impressions. I am well pleased with this group of individuals they are steadfast. They are all committed and they are all very willing to put aside their own desires, their own comfort zones and their own doubts in faith, serving where they are needed, where they are led, and where they are called.

Each one of you has many interests , many talents. You have the free choice to do that which is comfortable for you and still in service. My demands, My yoke, is light. All I ask is that you keep the focus upon the Father, doing his will as you go forth, spreading the seeds of Light and Life through love energy, wherever you are, whatever you do, whomever you are with. There is much to be done and the burdens we have placed upon each of you are hard but they are not difficult and if you keep your focus upon the Father and know that you know where you are going even though you cannot see the next turn in the road, you will do well. You will be successful. However, successful is not the goal nor is failure the wrong turn in the road. We gently correct all of the choices you make in your own time, your own willingness, your own loyalty and your own commitment to the Father and to your community family.

You , Maria, have a home in this group, but you can be used very much in the group in Jacksonville. You can consider this your home and you have a satellite and are able to function knowing that there is always support and always prayers and always help in anything you need. I have selected this group to be your mentors, your support, but you will far surpass any need, when you let go of any fear, let go of any need to prove that what you know is true. You need not sell this, you need not promote it. You need not defend it. Allow it to prove itself on an individual basis. Be not afraid to speak. Share that which you have, and make all available to anyone who asks. The teachers, the unseen helpers, and the angels as well as the Thought Adjuster, for those who are exposed will do the work. You are merely a catalyst, a place, someone they can ask.

Does that help free your spirit.

Maria:I think my question has just been answered and I think I answered it myself this afternoon. The spreading the living through his word is probably the key I was looking for, that I have been searching for. Though I have basically known it, I didn't know it. But, I think that what I thought and now with what you have just said, I think it is the key. And, it is through the living , it is through the living...

Christ Michael:

This is so, My Child. There is much to be gleaned from discussion and sharing of ideas, and talking it through with someone you trust. Do this. And, as you are alone or lonely in the field, and wish for someone to speak to, call upon your personal teacher. Ask the group teacher when one is assigned. Or, come back to your home group. There are many devices for getting support and sharing your doubts or your insecurities and in talking it over with your sisters in community that you will again regain your confidence and have the affirmation you need to go forth in peace - knowing that you know what it is you are to do.

I wish also to speak to my daughter, Julie, and assure her that what she has done for me in this group has been well noted. It is not easy to continue to do those things, those tasks which you have been asked to do, those which are not easy nor pleasant for you. We know what is in your heart. We know your desire and we also know your genuine willingness and your generosity and it is well noted. You are well known all the way to Edentia for your generosity. We know it is not easy when you live in the circumstances which you do, but you have done well in living the love energy. And, doing that which you know is your responsibility and then doing even more than that which is asked.

We call you to arise from your doubts, from your fears, and from your disappointments. Rise above them. Gather that which you know, and focus it for the good of your community family. Let this be your base of operation. Be kind, be loving, be generous, with all those I send to you. You are loved, and as you realize your love, any insecurity will drop away. And, as the insecurity drops away, so will that which plagues you.

I, Michael, say so. It is so. (long, long silence)

Julie:Thank you for those encouraging words. (long silence

Maria:I have a thought or feeling that says: "You, Julie, are about to venture on or take on or be involved in something greater than you ever figured on. I don't think it has to do with ear wax, excuse me, but it doesn't. It feels, I feel that you are going to feel something just very special in the future. (long pause) True?


Maria:I have a strange sense of humor...

Julie:No stranger than mine.

Maria:But this cannot be what the celestials are telling me. They wouldn't have my sense of humor.

Drue:It is coming through you, so it...if it comes through your personality...

Maria:Does it comes with my personality?

Drue:Yes it does.

Maria:Well, don't laugh. But you know how I picture you - excuse me, but I say this very fondly and with tears (laughter mixed with tears) and it has to be true: Let me wait...this is funny and horrible too. (sniff sniff)]

Julie:Is this for Drue?

Maria:This is for Drue. (tape turned over, some missed.)

Drue:Mooooria! How funny. Thank you, Maria! (laughter)

Maria:This is kind of funny.

Patije:I missed it to turn over the tape. What was so funny?

Drue:I'm a cow in the pasture and she is happy to see me as she goes by! Moooooria! (laughter)

Maria:It is a good feeling!

Patije:"Don't laugh at me" she says - so she laughs!

Maria:It is such a good feeling and it is warm. You can go to town and come back and you drive here and there, and there is that...

Drue:An old cow that knows your name! Moooooria! (laughter)

Maria:Oh, my poor Thought Adjuster must have a real time with me! (laughter or tears????) You can't.... (laughter)

Patije:What does "cow mean to you, Maria?

Julie:Serenity, doesn't it?

Maria:No. I don't know what it is. I only know what I feel when I see it. I love driving...this can't be my Thought Adjuster, this can't be my spiritual leader...but as I drive through the fields of Illinois or Indiana and the fields are just kind of open, and you can see the sky from your right and your left and the good earth, and things are growing...and there is usually a cow in the pasture (laughter)

Patije:The cow was a lot of the support many farmers had to feed their families...

Maria:The cow just stands there and really doesn't do anything...

Drue:Just minds its own business...

Maria:Just chewing its cud, you know...

Julie:And, giving milk and substance.

Maria:But look what it is doing... you get milk as you dare....(laughter and it is good eating (pause) when you are gone (laughter!)

Patije:You are nurturing...

Maria:No, I am just saying...I'm saying...there is a very good warm feeling, ok?

Drue:Thank you.

Maria:There is a very good warm feeling... have the cow in the pasture. have a cow in the pasture among all of the growing things that there are. Drue isn't corn...

Patije:...Security...And, you know what is always by the cow in Florida? There is an Egret...a beautiful bird...

Julie:I was thinking...

Maria:And it picks off the ticks...(laughter) I better go back to Orange Park! (laughter)

Julie:And then they...

Patije:Metaphysically, birds mean higher thought, higher consciousness.


Julie:Do you know I have....

Maria:Oh my goodness, don't put this in the transcripts...(laughter) Excuse me, I just lost it!

Patije:Now you know why we don't let the tapes go out of here.


I have an a blue heron. That is at my...that practically lives in my yard and I call her Twiggy. She has been there about 3 years and I do adore bird know...and sometimes I make a paint brush by putting the feathers and tying them up. And, I take a walk around my little pond road, circle road there and I look up and there are some little egrets nesting. One gave me a feather the other morning. And, then I came back and I said: Twiggy, you know I love you, I give you fish and cat food and everything but you have never given me a feather. Would you know that every single day for the past 10 days she has given me a different feather, a different know she is a blue heron and yesterday when I came home from the funeral, there was a feather at my front door! And, I have been collecting them...and so...while I was having dinner, she was on top of my bird feeder and she pulled out a red one which I haven't had and it was flying in the wind and I was trying to find it. I haven't found it yet. So...and...I've always thought they were very, very spiritual and when I first came here, one would always fly over the car and as I was driving and I would holler: "hello, my beautiful bird" And it is like she is giving me a gift, like she understood. And I always look up to the Father and say "I think there is something to do with this."

Unseen Helper:(Drue)Ask and you shall receive!

Patije:Affirmation of faith! Your mind is strong, Julie. Look at that. It responds.

Julie:And today, I said I'd love to have one of those long ones in the front that blows in the wind. (laughter) So we'll see what happens tomorrow. And, it follows me all around the yard.

Patije:This is Patije. Before we end I really want to offer some healing for Wanda...

Julie:And Mary...

Drue:And Maria...and Drue...and Ann...And Julie...and Patije...and our families. (long silence)

Patije:Guess what? I transcribed December 17, 1992 yesterday and Roy transmitted Michael 2 or 3 times! Does anybody remember that? I didn't.

Drue:Yes, he was sitting right there!

Patije:Drue, you told him it was Michael one of those times, I believe.

Drue:I remember! I remember. He was right there.

Patije:Roy doesn't remember it. I didn't remember it.

Drue:I remember. He and I made a pact to share whatever we were aware of. Then he did!

Patije:Right! You did.

Julie:Are there any other messages?

Drue:Now that I've gotten out of the barnyard?

Maria:Is there something....(pause) that I haven't heard yet? (laughter)

Drue:There is a lot that you haven't heard yet, Maria! A lot!

Maria:Well, I traveled a long distance.

Unseen Helper:And you will traveling more.

Maria:I am willing. I grant you there are some stumbling blocks as everyone has, but can I go back to Orange Park with one special thought to make that trip a little lighter? To make my work back there a little lighter?

Unseen Helper: Be willing to venture forth. Have faith. Know that we are with you, always.

Maria:Did anyone hear my spiritual name yet?

Patije:Well, I didn't hear your name, but when you asked that question, I heard: "Sing the song of faith and knowingness." And, you are to sing it, not speak it. Sing the song of faith and knowingness.

Maria:I have a song of faith and knowingness! Do you want to hear it?


Maria:This is personal and it goes: "He's ain't going to win no more, no more, I'm going to win from now on. I sing the praises of the Lord, ...." and I forget the last line because I haven't figured it out yet. But, that is my song. And, I just made it up a couple of weeks ago and it is my encouragement song for my own personal thing. So it is strange, I thought myself very foolish for singing this to myself. You had no idea and you just told me to sing it.

Patije:Sing it again.

Maria:"he ain't going to win, no more, no more, I'm going to win now on. I sing the praises of the Lord..." And, I keep wanting to say the Holy Spirit is in my soul or....I sing the praises of my Lord and I have had 2 or 3 more lines after that but I haven't settled on the end...

Julie:Well, keep doing it because it will come.

Maria:Well, mind you, I didn't put this to melody because you really don't want to hear me try to sing...but those are the words.

Patije:Those are the words. I almost had the end of it but I lost it...

Maria:Did you want me to sing it again?

Julie:Sing it, not speak it.

Maria: (singing) He ain't gonna win, no more, no more, I'm gonna win now on. I sing the praises of the Lord... (that's it)

Drue:(continues singing) And, I move on and on!


Maria:Thank you!

Julie:I used to sing all the time, since I'm a child until about 10 years ago. I used to sing all the time. All the time I would sing. I haven't sung in all that time.

Patije:Maybe that's a lesson for all of us. Drue is our singer.

Drue:I sing all the time.

Patije:I know you do. We used to close all our meetings with a little song. I guess none of us felt like singing or something.

Maria:Oh, I love to listen to music.

Julie:I was singing the hymns at the funeral and I was sort of in the back and I was reading the music and listening to it. Since I am a high soprano, I was singing the high notes and I didn't realize that everybody was singing the low notes and I was the only one among about 400 people singing the high notes! Everybody turned around and looked! (laughter) I felt embarrassed.

Patije:"MartineEl greets Drue." And, I heard: "I am her teacher! She should know that"

Drue:Where have you been, MartineEl?

MartineEl:I am only a whisper away.

Julie:Is JoEl here?


Julie:Hello, JoEl. You should know how much I love you.

Maria:I think I met JoEl. Did I meet JoEl or was it LorEl?

Patije:Well, you have been reading the transcripts and they are all there. JoEl, JuEl, JaEl, and JunEl and JanEl, and LorEl and VanEl ...

Drue:MartineEl. (laughter)

Patije:I heard JoEl say that she waits for you to speak for her, Julie.

JoEl: (Julie)

Greetings, everyone. This is JoEl.

Group:Greetings, JoEl. Welcome.

JoEl:It has been a pleasure to see what has been happening in this group. We have been noticing all your growth... (pause) and how one had been abiding by all the lessons that has been given. (long pause) Have faith. Have no fear. For we are always here. (pause) What you have in your mind, this is true. (pause) Have no doubts. We are always with you. We are all your dearest friends. We are proud and happy. (pause) We also love your mortal sense of humor. Also, your tempests in tea cups! But, we teachers are proud of our pupils. And always remember to call on us. We are there. Just put out your hand. And, we will help guide you. All you have to do is be willing. And we will show you the way. (long pause)

Patije:Thank you, JoEl.

JoEl:It has been my pleasure. (Long pause)

Patije:We hope you will come again. We are pleased that Julie transmits you.

Maria:Is Julie and JoEl...Is JoEl Julie's...

Patije:JoEl is Julie's personal teacher.


Maria:Will your teacher visit other people?

Julie:If you call on her you will...I give her...I mean, you know, I am pleased that she would go to you.

Maria:You answered a question for me and my doubt comes back. (pause) I guess there should be no doubt. You answered it. Ok. (short silence)

Patije:Well, I am Patije. My ego wants to ask if Michael has a personal message for me. I would like to hear it from somebody else - not through me. I did not transmit it a while ago because I don't feel sure of it. Did anybody pick up anything from Michael? (Long silence)

Julie:I see him. I don't know if that means for me to try. Drue usually does.

Drue:Well, ok, here we go: "Let your heart guide you and you will know the way. Follow me. Let me guide you in the right direction. Let not your torch be hidden. (long silence)

Patije:This sounds very egotistic, but...well I'll just ask it. Am I becoming so spiritual (I hate to use that word, but Michael I think you'll understand what I am asking, - wrapped up in all of this - that I frighten people, that I am no earthly good?

Drue:I didn't hear what you said...

Patije:That I am no earthly good ...that perhaps people don't want my kind of life, and therefore they are... I don't know what I am saying...

Julie:I know what you are saying.

Drue:Ok, this is what I am hearing, Patije: "Follow me. Follow me."

Patije:Well, I do follow you.

Julie:I am also hearing that, Drue. And, I also got an echo that: "Follow me and others will follow you."

Drue:I heard that too!

Julie:And: I'm seeing a "Follow me on the yellow brick road into the Light and others will follow you."

Drue:I sort of get the picture of the Pied Piper.

Julie:Exactly! (laughter) On the yellow brick road into the Light. That is exactly what I had and: "Through you they will find Christ."

Drue:They will find their inner Christ.

Julie:...their Inner Christ.

Patije:Well, I had this question I have been asking him. I feel torn between being materialistic and being spiritual. But, some days I feel like I am so spiritual and I am doing what I am told to so completely and I don't understand why the job doesn't get easier, why it doesn't get done, doesn't get caught up. I don't have the money to do what I need to do! I wonder why I have to struggle so hard to do what I'm so willing to do - without any questions, and without any handicaps - I just do it! But, why do I have to jump through hurdles or fall over files to do it? (pause) I'm using literal words but my heart says: "Why is it so hard? Why is it so hard?" (nearly in tears)

Julie:Nothing is easy. But, then it isn't difficult.

Patije:Someone said to me today that I have a reputation for never calling anybody and it kind of hurt my feelings. I don't take time to call people over and over when I can't get them, or get a busy signal, or I wait for lower rates because of the cost, but I am always here when they call me. Once in a while I am busy and I tell them, then I call them back. But, I'm 100 % willing, ready, and able to do what I have before me to do - but why is it so hard!

Maria:Hard for what? To do the work?

Patije:It is not hard to do the work, but it is hard to get it all done and I don't have money to hire somebody to help get caught up. I don't have all of the equipment I need. It is a real handicap not to have a photocopy machine. Having to run down to the photocopy store and all of this stuff. Then I get somebody like Julie and I wear her out because I can't... I can't... do it myself and I don't know where to turn! I just want to ask Michael: am I doing what I am supposed to do, because I am really giving 100%. But, it is just so difficult to keep it up. I really, really rely on Drue, to keep me light hearted. I really, really depend on Julie to keep me going and I really, really count on Mary to... to give me a healing when I need help, and well, I am so dependent on the group. But, why doesn't the money come? Why doesn't the equipment come? Why doesn't....I hope you guys don't think I am being....I just don't see any reason in working all of my friends to death, I just don't see any reason in asking my friends to finance stuff. I don't see any reason in begging for help. Why do I have to be put into this position. Why can't they just give me a couple of thousand dollars, a copy machine, or something? (pause) (laughter mixed with tears) I'm saying it very literally but I'm feeling this in my heart and I don't know how to ask it the right way. (short silence)

Julie:He is standing right in front of you, Drue.

Patije:I know he is. He is standing right there!


Julie:Christ Michael.

Christ Michael: (Drue)

Rest assured all will be well. All is going according to plan.

Patije:Thank you, Michael.

Maria:Excuse me, again this may be just personal. But, I get this feeling of: "Why don't you come with Maria and enjoy her pasture for just a little while?"

Patije:I don't have time.

Julie:Make time.

Patije:I'm just beginning to get caught up. I think with about 3 or 4 more weeks of intensified effort, I can get on top of this.

Christ Michael:Fear not, My Little Ones, All will be well. (long pause)

Patije:I know that, Michael. I just get impatient sometimes when I see how hard I work somebody who comes to visit me...and I just feel bad about that...

Julie:...maybe, maybe you have to get away from it for a few days? (long, long silence)

Maria:I keep seeing: "Come pet the cow in the pasture."

Patije:Drue! Can I come pet you! (laughter)

Maria:"Come pet the cow in the pasture."

Drue:Moooo! Moooria! (laughter)

Julie:Just be careful where you step.

Maria:But I do, I see a piece there, it has nothing to do with....

Julie:...its a pastural thing...and perhaps it is very comforting, very quieting, a place to grow and a place to be very close to God. Of course, you are close to him everywhere, but it seems, things seem to open up aren't bogged down by what you see has to be done. It clears the mind. Smell the...nature. In all its forms it's wonderful. Even to smell horses is wonderful.

Maria:What I was trying to say seriously, as you travel in your car from this point to that point doing your thing from here to there, remember to look out the window and see that quiet loving steady peaceful cow standing there that is a beauty all by itself. It does nothing, but it is there, for you to decide to see it. (long silence)

Julie:Do you feel someone taking your hands, Maria?

Maria:Someone is pushing both of my hands down.

Julie:Umhmmm. That is your teacher.

Maria:It grabbed hold of my hands and has been there ever since.


Maria:And, I can't remember my teacher's name.

Group:Minervella... (several different pronunciations.)

Maria:That is beautiful. And, I am sure that is the name, Patije was picking up several...about 5 or 6 weeks ago.

Patije:I don't remember.

Maria:That's ok. I do. Has Minervella... has Minervella been pleased with my process, my progress?

Minnervella:I have been very pleased.

Maria;Has the last 2 weeks been a leap? (short silence)


You have moved somewhat up the spiral of perfection. You have further to go and will be amazed at how rapidly you have progressed in the few weeks ahead.

Maria:Thank you, I think I understand.

Julie:I have a question. As usual, it is a strange question. I don't know how to explain this, but I feel different, strange, ah...I just don't know. I don't feel like I am the same person.

Christ Michael:

You are not! (pause) Things are changing very rapidly. You will be caught up in a whirlwind - not of activity, of mind movement. You will finally arrive where you know, and can perceive with assurance, that you are above and outside of psychic realms. You have much experience. You have been exposed to many ideas. You have known many people. You have been among those who are fortunate enough to follow your heart and do that which excites you, interests you and compels you to venture and try. Not many have had these opportunities as you have. You have, however, allowed these experiences, this knowledge, this exposure, and many of the people you have met in your past searching to scatter your energies.

It would be to your benefit in this time of whirlwind mind activity to bring them together and focus them together and become what you are destined to be, do and become. We have many tasks, many assignments, many things, which you will be prepared to do when you have pulled in your scattered energies. You know that which interests you the most, you know that which pulls at your inner being and allows you to express what you are. It is time for you to express this through that which enables you to complete and enhance your community family.

I am well pleased with what you have accomplished. Go forth in peace and joy, knowing that you can do that which is asked of you. You need not be insecure. You need not doubt why you are doing it. But, know that you must focus your energy, your thoughts, your actions, and your words so that you can become that minister to my children which I know you will be. There are many ways to minister and there are many ways to accomplish that ministry. You know many. You have developed many talents. Allow them to unify.

It is the diversity of each individual's talents which unifies a community. It is the diversity of your experiences which enables you to unify that which you are. Focus upon the Father. Focus now upon unifying, on becoming harmonious within, and expressing this in your life experiences. No longer scatter your attention. No longer seek, for you have found. You must bring it together. It is yours, when you are ready to accept it, to recognize it, to know it and to be it.

I am Michael, and I love you very much. Know that you are loved. Know that you can go forth. Not defending, not pleasing, any but yourself. Learn to be in harmony and at peace in your inner being - and, all on the outer will be harmonious. (long, long, silence)

Julie:Thank you, so much, Michael. I love you too.

Christ Michael:

We know of your love. We know of your specialness. We know of your willingness. Many come to you under the disguise of wanting to teach you. Be humble but know that you have been selected to harmonize, not to scatter. Do not give attention to that which is causing you distraction. Know whereof the truth is. Recognize it. And, know that you know and all will work for good. (long pause) Be of good cheer!

Patije:This is Patije! That sounded like he was running out the back door as he said that. It felt like it.

Drue:That's cause it is 9:30 and he knew I had to leave.

Patije:Uh oh! Farewell, Teachers.

Maria:How beautiful. How lucky to get that kind of message!

Julie:Yeah, there's ???? (too soft to hear on tape) It's starting to make ....??? (Drue is leaving and mikes are noisy and static)

Marie:You received such a beautiful message! I think that was wonderful.

Julie:It sure was.

Maria:I was searching for the words and the strength to come to me, but they came to you. That is great! The answers are there.


Listen. JoEl gave me, I've been getting for the past few weeks, I have been getting lessons and messages and it..."you have all the answers within you. What you have to do is go into the quiet and ask." You may not get it right away, but maybe during the day, the answer to your question will come to you. All of a sudden you will hear Minnerrval saying "I am here to give you the answer" or if you sit down the next day, they will answer. Am I right, Patije?

(tape snapped off)




FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1993 (12:50 PM)

Dearest Father & Celestial Teachers,

You know what is in my heart and thoughts. I am most willing and open to do our Father's will.

Love and Light and Life, Julie


My Dear friend, this is JoEl. You need to be in the quiet more and rest more. You need to build up strength for what we have ahead for you to do. You are doing what is according to plan except for the above. This will hone in on your scattered energies.

Work with those who come to you. You will know what to do. Stay focused and quiet - more messages will be coming, shortly when you figured out these other ones.

You must sing more and play the piano. We will work with other vibrations when you do. Keep rereading all past lessons - there will be new revelations to you when you do, and also the UB. We are so pleased how you love the UB!

I will be with you today when you learn ear candling. All these things are most helpful.

Susan is so pleased with your Reiki package to her; she is so surprised it will help her. Just listen within you will know what and when to do.

I am always with you, just ask...JoEl


My Dear JoEl. Thank you for your lesson today. I will look - listen & learn. Julie



FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1993 (5 PM)


Dear Father, my faith is really stretched right now. How can we be in such a position as working for the Correcting Time with 100% of our hearts and have the kind of sorrow and disappointment that we suffered this afternoon?

My friends are all good people. All action is done in good faith of helping everyone they come into contact with and there is seldom anything done for personal gain in the activity of their business lives. What has happened to Maria and Ray has shaken me to the core. Do I have enough faith to resume working for the good of all humanity - or have I now realized that the evil released upon this planet is greater than any good any of us can do?

Help me, Lord. Help me quickly! I've talked to several people today about their griefs and their unhappiness and misunderstanding and that is a challenge which hurts my heart - but does not cut me to the center of what I am, like seeing the evil the inequity which has overcome my friend, Maria's faithful struggle. I tell you I cannot deal with this. Mary's very real hurt seems so petty compared to this devastation. I know there is no comfort, but I can talk to Mary and we can work through relationship challenges. However, there are no words to ease the pain of the unfair legal system in this country. What does one say? How does one help? Words are useless. The power is in the legal system which is against the innocent in so many instances. How can that be righted? Is there a way to "fix" the legal system which harms the victims and encourages the guilty? I wonder.

My emotions are out-of-balanced because I saw her go from a lively, happy, spiritual person into a defeated, and angry one. How do you fight evil? Apparently none of us are doing any good. Can you help me?

Be with Maria as she drives home alone. She has 5 hours of rush hour highway traffic and it will be dark before she gets there. Bless her in her sorrow. Show me if there is anything I can do to ease the burden. I am willing to be your expression.

Buki: (Thought Adjuster)

My Self, you are full of sorrow and sadness for the illusion of defeat which good seems to suffer at the hands of evil. However, I tell you this is an illusion. It can change your plans. It can cause conflict and sadness. It can irritate and challenge you, but evil can never defeat you. Lift up your eyes unto the heights of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. You will find comfort.


Your friends know of your willingness to comfort them. Your devastation is sympathetic, but not helpful. Shake this mood of negative energy. Replace it with love. Love does cast out all else. There can be none else but love when love energy is the decision and love energy is all that is wanted. Try it. Love works.


Maria is a strong one. She will be stronger than ever. We cannot alleviate her grief, but we can increase the recovery energy when the grieving is put away. This is a temporary setback, and her rewards for weathering this senseless storm will be forthcoming (pause) when all else is done.

Hope is not yet lost, as we are working in any way we can to reverse the actions of those who have secrets which affect others. Remember, there can be no secrets. All will be revealed.

Patije:Is the lawyer being brought up short with his neglect? Is the conscience of the one who lies on the legal signature being pricked? If the man who is so angry being soothed? Will this resolve itself in fairness? I know I do not see any way this can work out, but then I have not the full picture that you have, I know. I see only my friend, happy and content in the home in Jacksonville; ready to go to work for the study group there, to become the teacher she has been trained to be, and now she is faced with coming back here. How can I accept a healing of this for her? Can it be healed? I know something can be done. Will it be done in time to preserve her retirement plans? Something to restore her faith in the goodness in humanity? Help her, Lord. Let my angels help her if it is "manpower" that is needed. I give this to you and pray that it be resolved more fairly than it is at this time. Thank you.


I am yet working for Maria's highest good. Temporary discomfort can bring on so much progress in that which is eternal! If she remains steadfast in her faith, more will be accomplished by this experience than anything which could be temporary and worldly. Cling to that knowledge. I am allowed to tell you that either way this turns out, good will be produced, a life may be saved.

Patije:Life?!? Whose life? Is Maria's or Ray's life in jeopardy?

VanEssa:It is not for me to say at this time, but much will be avoided by the circumstances in which they find themselves. You will see.

Patije:Do you have a lesson for me now?


You are not ready for a lesson. Tomorrow will be soon enough. At this time your physical form needs rest. There is no pressure to continue when rest is needed. Rest now, My friend. I will be with you after your rest period.



FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1993 (AM)

We begin with a circle prayer of thanksgiving and affirm our desire to serve, then invite the Unseen Helpers to join us and go into the stillness.

Patije:This is Patije. I thank the Father for this opportunity. I offer my willingness to serve. I invite our unseen helpers of anything they wish to give us. Thank you!

Mary:This is Mary. I greet the Father and all of our unseen friends and helpers and thank everybody for all the work they have done with each of us during the last week. I am open and willing to be of service.

Maria:Minnervella has already spoken with me - with greetings anyway.


Maria:She started speaking when Mary started speaking but I cut her off. But, it was like: "It is me, Minnervella. I am here to help you." And, then I turned her off. (long silence)

Patije:Well, invite her back.

Maria:Alright, come on. We are here. I will not turn you off again. (long silence)

Patije:Perhaps you have to go through the mechanics of being willing, saying your willing?

Maria:All I am getting is "sorry, sorry, sorry." Nothing else.

Mary:Well, start the way we did it. This is Maria....greet the Father...

Maria:This is Maria. Greetings to you, Our Father and all of our unseen helpers. I've come here today to be of service to you. Help us to see the light so we can do your will.

Patije:And, we thank you for Maria's healing.

Mary:I thank you for Maria's healing.

Maria:And, I thank you for my healing.

Patije:Oh, wow! Did the energy go up just then!

Mary:Umhmmmmm. (long silence)

Aflana:(Patije, laughingly) Father's Light surrounds you and you know you are in the Light. Good morning, Dear Ones. Did you get a surprise wake up call from my other group?

Patije:Guess who that is! Hi, Aflana!

Mary:Hi, Aflana.

Maria:Hello, Aflana.

Patije:This is Patije. Why didn't I get that FAX he was going to send me? The computer is up and ready. (silence) Wrong number (?) Well, this is Patije and I welcome our cosmic brother. We don't know him but if you are teaching him, we are willing to know him. We offer our energy and our healing and our affirmation and our support and any teaching and counseling abilities we have to that group. (short silence) I heard: "This is Good." (more silence) Minnervella, do you have a message for Maria, or for us? We invite you to speak. (long silence)

Maria:Maria isn't contacting Minnervella...she is looking to Aflana. She is seeking a question. Minnervella, she knows, I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, but I hurt my feelings by what I did. (short silence) I would like Aflana, if you can give Mary a message - not me - because I've already said my peace. I want to know if those words spoken yesterday afternoon are true or not. If so, can you give some encouragement so that we can continue to proceed with the new thought about living? (long silence)

Mary:This is Mary. What words?

Maria:Are you speaking to me?


Maria:The words I spoke to Patije. I don't want to discourage her and I think she needs to know if they were spoken (pause) correctly or just my blurting out my own feelings that I don't want her to go down the wrong road. I want her to know that it is right for her at this time. And, if it isn't I certainly don't want her to be making a mistake and doing something she shouldn't be doing. (long silence)

Patije:Would it be ok for us to ask that as long as that truck is working in our neighborhood that the backup alarm doesn't work and no body will be hurt because of it? (short silence) Noise resumes. I guess the answer was no. (laughter) (Long silence with beep, beep, beep so loud we can barely hear each other...


This is Aflana. Do you not know that we speak with and through you at all times? Especially when you use your heart and not your heads. Do you also not know that all things happen in their time and there are no secrets and there are no (cosmic) accidents. We enjoy experiencing the love that you share with each other and all suggestions are made with love and for the highest good of each of you and the group, when you speak from your hearts. (pause) Maria gave a message from her heart. Fear not, there will be no confusion. Awareness is all that is necessary to promote the beginnings of an energy. Does this answer your questions?

Maria:Patije, do they answer your questions?


Maria:Do you have another question? (long silence)

Patije:I don't really have a question, I just reconfirm my faith that I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep doing what I need to do. But, I do ask that I have a little more evidence of support sometimes to help me through the low spots when I feel it is overwhelming and I can't seem to do it all. And, then, remind me as you have been doing with Maria here, that I need to not think about the work when I am not working.

Aflana: (Maria)

Roy is your re-confirment. You just don't know it.


Mary:Ummmmmmm... (long silence) (beep, beep, beep stopped!)

Aflana: (Maria) Use him to teach you ... (long, long pause)

(Mary) to relax.

Maria:I get: "more."

Patije:How to more what?

Maria:Use him more.

Patije:Use him more?

Maria:Use him more... "use him to teach you more. He has a light the two of you can share. It may not be the Light, the kind of light you are seeking or think you are seeking right now, but he is there."

Patije:Thank you. (short silence)

Maria:Last night, Julie saw a mask.I was told that mask was Ray. I never thought of it. Was that mask Ray? (short silence)

Patije:I heard: "the mask is anyone who makes us act in any way than what we feel within."

Maria:Then it is Ray. (long silence) I am sensing Minnervella. She is very happy.

Mary and Patije together:Ummmmmm!

Minnervella:You pulled your shade up, Maria. I can come back in. (long silence)

Maria:This is Maria. Your energy is working through and has now worked its way up to my intestines! Can you hear it?

Mary:Yes. We have Chanti here, and Anathia and Lutzia is here and the other 2 midwayers, Patije that you saw before.

Patije:I don't remember their names.

Mary:We didn't get their names and I didn't ask. (long silence) The energy just stepped up since we acknowledged them. Do you fell that, Patije?

Patije:Umhmmmm! Could one of them be... Hapsonessa?

Mary:Say again.

Patije:It kept coming to me. Like Hap's son Essa - except probably it is a daughter.

Mary:I think so. It is making me feel light headed. (short silence)

Patije:The other is VanEssa! We haven't heard from VanEssa for awhile. Hello, VanEssa!

Mary:Wow! (long silence)


Greetings, My children. I am VanEssa. I have been here, you have not recognized me. But, this is OK. I am not primarily your teacher. I am the Midwayer helper for this area, and I oversee what is happening. I am a part of your team - your team of teachers.

It is good to welcome Maria back to Sarasota. She has been a member of my flock for many years. And, it was I who directed Elaine to stop at the motel one day. (short silence)

Maria:Thank you for directing her.

Patije:This is Patije. Who is Elaine? Did I get that name right?

Maria:Elaine. Elaine is right.

Patije:I don't know any Elaine.

Maria:You don't?

Patije:I don't remember any Elaine that knew you.

Maria:What you are saying is true. VanEssa? Is this VanEssa speaking?

Patije:Yes it is.


VanEssa directed Elaine to stop at the motel. Elaine said that every time she drove by, she felt this crying coming from the motel, this energy crying "help". And it was me, when I was sitting at the window in the afternoon or when I was in the office - no matter what time it was. Or, I would sit outside and watch the cars go by and wonder: "Isn't there anyone out there who believes as I do? I need help." She just came in out of the clear blue and said: "I heard you calling for me." She came under a different pretence and then she admitted that is why she came. And, it is through her that I found the Course and the Urantia Book. She just walked into my life. Thank you, VanEssa for sending her.


You are welcome. I heard your tears. I knew your heartache. I felt your sorrow. You were of my flock. I attended to what needed to be done and I brought joy to you. Your prayers were answered. Now it is up to you . You have been prepared . You have been attuned. I rejoice that you are now ready to join the teaching staff, to know that you can be an emissary for the Correcting Time. (short pause)

Maria:I welcome this. I rejoice to know. I feel I am ready(?). (noise of airplane going over) (long silence)


It is true, you are ready. You have your teacher, you have your work before you. As you follow, focus on the Father, follow the heart leadings of the intuition and you will be led correctly.. When you are disappointed, get back in touch with your reality. Know that who you are has nothing to do with where you are, or what you are doing. But it is because of who you are that you can be there and do what you are doing. I believe the Master Jesus told us: "Be in this world, but not of this world." and this is confusion to any who are not enlightened. (long pause)


I heard something further, but I didn't quiet catch it. Something about your energy roots are here in Sarasota. No matter where you go you will return here for a booster, a battery charge, or something. (long silence) I don't know if I got that correct or not. (longer silence) Yeah, I did!


There are many who know you, yet have no idea who your are. There are those who know who you are, but do not know you. This is as it should be. This is as it will be. The fairy dust which you sprinkle as seeds upon those who you encounter in your life experience will nurture many, who will follow into the service of planting Light and Life upon this planet. Do your work. Do it well and willingly. Allow none to divert your energies, or distract you from your goal. But, continue to enjoy those activities and participate in those material things which bring you exposure to possible and real relationships. (pause) You will probably be working with HapsonEssa as your midwayer friend along with your personal teacher.

Mary:Umhmmm, yes.

Patije:Did you get any of that Mary?

Mary:Yeah! (coughing)

Maria:HapsonEssa will be my helper?

Mary:Your midwayer helper.


I am allowed to tell you that she will act as a liaison with the Thought Adjusters, and personal teachers for the other members, the other people who you will be teaching until they are able to transmit for themselves. (pause)

Patije: I don't know what that means but that is what I was just told.

Maria: This is Maria. These tears that just ran down my face. I felt they were tears of joy, but what were they? (long silence)

VanEssa:Tears of reaching a goal, of being just short of it, but seeing it and knowing that you will be there. (short silence)

Maria:I have this thing that there was water that I had to cross (too soft to hear on tape) (long silence)

Patije:I don't get anything on that.

Mary:I didn't either.

Maria:I probably didn't ask it correctly.

Patije;Do you wish to ask again?

Maria:they were just tears of joy, I am sure.


I kept seeing a runner, in a race and there was the finish line and the runner was back a ways from it. There were none running close by - there was no competition - and there was all the time in the world to get there, but there was an ecstacy to having completed what was set out to be done. And, yet there was the unfinished quality of not quite being there. I don't know exactly what all this means., but that was the vision I got. (long, long silence) This is Patije and isn't it interesting, Mary, that when Julie is not here I get the visions and when Julie is here, I don't?


Patije:It really is as if we pinch-hit for one another. They must need all of the energies, somehow. The diverse energies combined in a whole.

Maria:Why did I have the vision - and, not Julie last night?


Well, you are going to go as a satellite, a catalyst to another area and you will have to take all of the qualities, and channel them if you will. I don't mean transmitting, I mean that the energies will have to filter through you until the others pick up their individual qualities that they are to do for themselves and for the group.


I would suppose that was my function in this group. And I was prepared to do all of it in a pinch, but as others came into the community who could take a particular quality then mine became a support. I think ...(voice changes)


... each of us as we begin to do this, develops an ability to support any one or all of these different functions - perhaps not as well as the one who is naturally talented - and any one of us could be sent out of this group and into another area and be a filter for all of the energies until that group develops their own individuals with those qualities. I think that is how they are going to build it and spread it around the world. I think it is important that each person who goes out as a missionary, also have a home base, so to speak.

Patije: This is Patije and I am talking this, but I have not thought this out, so it must be coming from VanEssa or other source. (pause) I saw the tinker toys again -


...the centers and the sticks going out and more centers and more sticks - some of them are connected in several places and some of them just sort of go out by themselves. There aren't any connections for them yet. Some of them have the sticks going towards the center but they are quite complete, they haven't quite been put into the holes or whatever.

And each of these little centers are like little wheels and it is the turning of all the wheels that will create light and life. But, each has to minister to the other until it is strong enough to reach out on its own. (pause) And, each should make as many connections as possible with the others. There should be no jealousies, no one-up-man-ships, no competitions - those energies are not for this purpose.

Minnervella or HapsonEssa:These groups are to function as if all are at the same level even though some are not...

Patije:It just completely changed again as I was speaking - almost like some came in to add a thought of their own - HapsonEssa or Minnervella!

Minnervella: (Note: when I typed this up it came to me that it was HapsonEssa)

...Maria, when you return to Jacksonville you will be starting even before Phase I. Phase I is when all begin to pray for, and try to become aware of - to learn about what is happening, to learn about what Light and Life is, to learn about the administration, to learn how the Midwayers and learn how the Corps of Destiny reservists function. So, you will begin by asking your group to read those parts of the Urantia Book, your textbook. Until they become familiar with what can occur, use a study of possibilities of various passages in the Textbook which refer to what is occurring.

Then you will enter Phase 2, which is when you will begin to form your community, you will get familiar with, get acquainted with the unseen helpers., and all begin to actually try to live Light and Life in their own personal lives.

Each Phase after that will intensify it, will intensify what you have learned in the beginning phases until your group is functioning in a community and all is harmonized and all energies work for the good of the whole. No longer will individuals be separated or distanced from the functioning of the whole group, the whole community, the whole family.

Family is the basis of all good on the planet. Family is where you get your nurturing. The family unit has broken down somewhat upon Urantia but it is now being strengthened. Those families that can be brought together will be. Those families that are beyond cohesiveness, will be separated even further. It is now a time of intense energy towards creating family unity out of the diversity of the talents, the diversity of the abilities, and the diversities of the interests - and all will be used to bring a better complete whole.

Each member of the community or family must be able to be steadfast and work alone, in pairs, or as a group. This is not easily done with the mortals who still compete with egos and find themselves in competition gravity. It is best for all to concentrate on controlling their emotions. By controlling their emotions the chemistry makeup is such that the Thought Adjuster, the teachers, and all of the Unseen helpers can work more for guidance and direction, and for information.

Teach those you work with the Hot Pen method - or keyboard method - of getting in touch with the Thought Adjuster and Father. This will develop them on an individual basis as they are ready. Perhaps gently asking them to write their prayers, and then to write an imaginary letter back to yourself from your Thought Adjuster - about what happened to those prayers, where they went and how they are answered, will stimulate the imaginative, intuitive portion of their mind, which will enable them to grasp what is happening on a personal basis. (long pause)

Maria:Thank you for your message. I will go forth and do so.

Patije:I believe that was Minervella giving that but I'm not sure.

Maria:I think you said it was here to start with.

Patije:Ok. I didn't remember. (pause) I know Vanessa is very happy! She is so pleased that everything has developed the way it has. I just see her jumping up and down in excitement - figuratively of course. (long silence) I want to send lots of loving, healing, restful energy to Mary. She is precious to us, and we thank you for her presence in our community. (long silence) I heard: "it was time to put Mary to bed. Mary does her work very well" Oh my goodness! I heard JaEl!

Mary:Oh, what did JaEl say? I didn't hear her?

Patije:I heard something like: (with laughter)

JaEL:Isn't it delightful to see Mary broadening her viewpoints? Isn't it fun to watch her work through this "crap"?!? (laughter)

Patije:I don't believe a teacher would say that! (hooting laughter)

Maria:I have a feeling I'm a bad influence, or something.

Patije:No, has nothing to do with you. Mary has been going through "H.E. double toothpicks" as my aunt says - for weeks and weeks! (laughter) Thank you, teachers, thank you for lightening us so much - even in this hilarious ridiculous way.

Mary:Thank you. (laughter and long silence)

Patije:Do you have any messages for me? (after a long silence) I didn't think so. (laughter)

(long, long, long, silence)

Patije:That was good. I hope it recorded because I don't think the back up machine did.

Maria:Yes it did.

Patije:Oh, it is backwards. I can't see the lights from this angle.

Maria:Boy, I can hardly wait to get home and start to read that stuff in the Urantia Book. I am sure it is one I have been avoiding. (laughter)

Patije:They told us back in the very beginning of the large group of 28 people to read the Midwayer Papers, the Celestial Administration of the Planet, read about the Reserve Corps of Destiny. Then of course Aflana came and we went and read about Technical advisors. Manotia came and we had to find out who Manotia was - we thought he was a Melchizedek and we found out she was chief of Archangels during the rebellion and was attached to the Order of Melchizedeks. (pause) I think we went through a flurry all of us on an individual basis - it wasn't an assignment or anything which came up in the group meetings, but we began to find out that many of us were hungry to find anything in the UB to support what we were doing.

Mary:You got the energy! Boy! (Mary was almost spun away from Maria physically!)


(end of tape)



SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 1993 (11:45 AM)

Dearest Father and Celestial Teachers,

Another wonderful day. You know what is in my heart and thoughts. I am willing to do our Father's will. Are there any messages for me today?




Greetings, My Friend, this is JoEl. We are so pleased that you learned ear coning yesterday. That will also clear out the sinuses. You must rest more. Don't take on too much. If you use your strength on these things you won't have anything left for what you are about.







Dear Father, today I came up against the universal law of "reaping what you sow" - argument with my Beloved about why we couldn't spend another $20 for UB materials and why things manifested so well when I had nothing, but when I examine, count, and start to pinch pennies I seem to have more to pinch pennies about! That seems so odd. I don't understand the law, but I see it at work in my life.

I always had money in my purse and always a "can" of change in the house with was bottomless - mind you we are talking about a few dollars - not hundreds of dollars! But if the principle works on a little, why would it not work on a larger scale?

When I told my Beloved about the can of cash (less than $100) from which I paid for pizzas or newspapers or bought things from the children in the neighborhood selling cookies and things, or went out to lunch on the spur of the moment with someone from my study groups - it was always there - and for over 10 years! I never counted it. I never thought about it running out. Whenever I found money lying around the house or in the laundry, I put it in that can, of course, but it could not have been nearly as much as I spent from that can. My purse was the same way. However, my Beloved, was amazed and decided to prove to me that it couldn't happen and he counted the money and asked me what I took out of it each time and the "bottomless" soon reached the bottom - but the money in my purse in still bottomless - as long as I don't take inventory, count it and account for what I spend. What is this "law" - or is it magic?!?

Perhaps I have stumbled across the law of the universe in that everything we do comes back to us with interest - good or bad? Is it possible? Last night I added up the amount of bills Julie has left for me to find and I also added up the money I have spent (from my check book) on this UB mission - toners, paper, mailing expenses, recording equipment maintenance and batteries, organizers and computer disks, copies and such. I discovered I have spent more than 4 times my personal income and I haven't used my personal income because it barely covers the house expenses! And, I have no carrying balance on my 3 credit cards! (I've paid them off each month) It is impossible! It is mind boggling! What is happening?

When I told him how much I spent, he acted like it came out of his pocket and I think he secretly believes I am going in debt somewhere and he is going to have to bail me out! I haven't borrowed anything! Julie has generously paid for many things, and I've repaid her some but not nearly what she has spent! (however, since I added this up I don't feel nearly as guilty allowing her to spend this money.) Now I want to use the money I have budgeted (I have nearly $200 for that purpose) and buy a Sharp Copier at Sam's discount for approximately $500. My beloved tells me we can't spend money like water! I spent $40 yesterday at Sam's for cassette tapes and notebook binders and he tells me I am spending too much! I don't understand this. I told him that his money pinching ways will bring him more to pinch money about - am I correct?!? That statement coming from me to him amazed me as much as it did him! I have to admit I haven't thought that out too well.

I admit, I haven't seen what I was doing and how I was stretching those few dollars your other children in the mission send to me from love and understanding of the great expense that this work is. Our copy expense alone for 5 months (January through May) was $1,371.53! and my toners for the printer ran over $700! The cassettes to record our meetings have cost over $100! I certainly know all that is ahead for the rest of the year that I need to pay for and wonder how it will ever get done! Somehow I trust you to provide that which I need! Thank you, Father!

Anyway, I would like to know more about this phenomenon if you can share anymore with me. In the meantime, I am here to serve you. I await your messages or lessons, or just enjoy being with you! I love you, Father. I love this daily discovery of non-material phenomenon which affects my material circumstances!




Good afternoon, My sister and my friend. It has been 2 hours of family interruptions since you wrote your thoughts. From what I observe it is only a matter of minutes until the interruptions begin again. It is becoming very apparent to us on this level that you do your best work in the middle of the night because that is when you are allowed to work undisturbed. We will wait until a more level state of concentration can develop for you to receive and transcribe this to your keyboard.

I will tell you, however, that you have defined a law of the universe and are beginning to glimpse the reality of it working in your life experience. As events continue to unfold you will begin to become more aware of this each day. It truly is that as you sow, so shall you reap. It is an unconscious working of love energy which trusts Father so completely that there is no need to "count" and "inspect" and document each manifestation. As you have discovered the phenomenon dissipates as you inspect it. This is why your scientists and philosophers and religionists have been unable to pin-point its precise work. By the time they become aware of what is happening, they investigate and the reality becomes illusion and they are unable to teach it to anyone else, are unable to set up rituals to conjure it and are unable to put it under the microscope! You must...

Patije:I was interrupted 6 times in the last 3 sentences...when my Beloved is at home he is constantly telling me something about something he is seeing on TV or asking me something which I have answered many times. I am frustrated at the interruption because I tend to believe something magnificent was being revealed to me. Now, I am out-of-balance with the frustration and ready to throw in the towel and forget even trying to receive a communication.


It has been 15 minutes. Please keep him occupied elsewhere so I can have a few minutes to complete this lesson! Thank you, Father.

Where were we?


Calm yourself. All is working for good. There is no accelerated speed to receive what is happening to you naturally. Did you not already receive glimpses of this truth before you brought it to us? Trust yourself. All knowledge will be yours as you move into the level to accept and use rightly that what you learn.

As you are discovering this principle at work in your financial fields - do you not see it at work in relationships and in your service to one another? Think on this. I tell you truly, when you go about doing service for one another, there is some truth in that doing in secret that which you begin and not allowing the right hand to know what the left hand is doing. This is not confusion. This is to allow this law which you have stumbled on to work. Some practice it as karma - which is a very limited level of recognition. Some work on it to create what they want, and it is unable to produce that which they want.

The very attitude which causes them to try to get something without earning it, without serving,- or, in exchange for something - causes the action they take to be immediately neutralized, counter-balancing that service which they have given so that if a score were being tallied, they have broken even and not gained at all. You cannot "out-smart" the law. It works. All the time. You cannot control it. It happens when you are serving with no control, no expectations of return, no desire to receive. It works best when you are concentrating on Father's will. Focus on His goal for you, and intend to do for the other that which you want to do without any attention to yourself. It works best when you consciously embrace the reality of there being no "bottom" to its depth while continuing to use it freely. It is a law which cannot be explained. Each person stumbles upon it. It is not logical to the logical material mind working to prove it. It does not produce "magic" for the ones who use incantations and traditional rituals. It does not perform well while being examined. It is. It does. It will - if allowed. Any conscious effort on the part of the recipient of its manifested powers, will void its unfolding in their experience.

I tell you truly, this is a law of the universe also. Nothing can be gained without giving of one's self - once you have passed this level of material existence. Sometimes receipt of a gift is a surprise, or a co-incidence of being in the right place at the right time to receive the natural consequence of someone else's preparation. Rarely do human mortals become aware of this unwritten law. Yet it has been taught in your philosophies and your churches for many generations. It is the fault of the mortal who wants to see before he believes, which causes this rule of believing before he sees it, to be not forthcoming.

Remember, you cannot abuse the universal laws as you can the material and manmade laws. When you attempt to take advantage or abuse the universal law, you will find yourself the very victim of that abuse. I tell you truly there is much truth here. I bid you to think on these things.


The Pizza just arrived and I have been interrupted again twice. I must go or the interruptions will continue anyway. Thank you, for understanding, LorEl! I love you.




MONDAY, JUNE 21, 1993 (6:45 PM)

Dearest Father & Celestial teachers,

You know what is in my heart and thoughts. I am willing to do our Father's will.


This is JoEl. Dear friend, Look - Listen & Learn - for Truth, Beauty and Goodness. You have the powers to find the answers to all these things you are searching for. They are within yourself. Be patient and devoted, all will be yours. Do stay focused and get plenty of rest now so you can be healed.

I come to you in Love - Light & Life, and I know you have to get ready for your UB study group.




TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1993 (AM)


Dear Father, I love you and I am willing myself to focus upon your will right now. I feel deserted by my friends and used by others. I am still fighting to keep my head over the imbalanced emotions I felt when I heard that evil won the legal case Ray and Maria. I don't understand this. I can't figure out why the victimizer can tie up the courts for years and years and steal from people for ever, but the one who is victimized can't even cry "wolf" - it makes no sense! Our legal courts are a farce!

I offered to pick up things for Mary at Sam's on Saturday. I thought she would be here Monday night - her night off - for study group and pick them up. She didn't even call to say she wasn't coming. I'm really disappointed. Probably because I am so overwhelmed with unfairness and I just can't do and be anymore than I am at this time. Help me, Lord! Carry my friendships while I rest and regain my balance emotionally.

Julie's energy is so heavy I wanted to tell her to stay home this week, but I didn't. Besides the work she does here, and the help she gives our group financially, I also know she helps others and finances other projects. She goes around trying to help everybody and scatters her energy so far. I know she is suffering from burnout and has no idea how to tell me she doesn't want to work in this "office" any more. I know it isn't any fun - running constantly to try to get a step ahead and falling several steps back. Is it possible that she feels guilty when she doesn't work here? Is it possible that she is as into helping all people financially, as I am to help them learn the UB and attend meetings? My concern is that she is conjuring up sickness in order to have a reason not to come. I know that when we use illness as a reason, we actually get sick. When we use the illness of another person as a reason, they often get sick too.

This is part of that not-understood law of getting interest on everything we give. It is a feeling of knowing that I know but unable to prove it to anyone. I know what it is I know, however, and I am very concerned! Twice when I indicated that I was not feeling "normal" (possible energy adjustment or not enough sleep) in front of this dear friend, I knew instantly that "not normal" flashed through her mind as "Patije is sick" because both times I was really sick for up to 24 hours! That time I had that painful, itching rash, she diagnosed it as "shingles" and I couldn't get rid of it until I told her it was cleared up - then it cleared up overnight! I seldom get rid of headaches she knows about - regardless of her loving ministrations - until she thinks them gone - then they magically disappear. What power this is.

Her mind is so wonderful! She has no idea that she can put her faith into her words and they respond almost magically. How can we help Julie keep her mind in realms of perfection and what she wants to see (not what she is afraid to see) and help her to work only on altruistic levels? This is where I know she wants to work.

I can always tell when she has spent time with - or tried to help - her psychic friends. I don't want to judge them, but I can tell what it does to Julie - it scatters her energies and causes insecurity and she then projects it onto self. Thank you that I am aware and can protect myself from this. However, I love Julie and I know she will be a great apostle or ambassador for the Correcting Time, if she can but move above this I'm concerned that she cancels out her "good" by the very thoughts she sends out when she is disillusioned and feeling used. Is this a lesson for me?

Is this an affirmation for my constantly working even harder when I am tempted to give it all up and throw in the towel? I wonder. Since my anger and disappointment on Friday, I've done 5 of the transcripts from 1992 which have lain here so long! Normally those would take me several hours, but for some reason my adrenalin energy is keeping me working faster and harder than ever. I don't know what I will do for computer paper when I begin to print these up! I'm almost out and have nothing left in the "piggy" for miscellaneous expenses like this and in my present attitude I cannot even ask Julie to help. If her help is not spontaneous and full of joy, then it is such that I will feel I am using her, and it is also such that it creates a negative energy and the paper must not pick up this negative energy for the wonderful lessons which are printed upon it!

Now, I know I am being silly! Paper pick up negative energy! How silly. What rubbish! Where did that idea come from?

My beloved is trying so hard to not make demands on me but the very fact that he doesn't indicates that he is disappointed in my neglect. Sunday was Father's day and until 8 PM when his son arrived unannounced, he thought he had been completely neglected by both son and daughter. He says he isn't but I see the hurt. I feel so helpless and unable to ease that hurt for him.

Maria is so full of joy and laughter even in the midst of her "cross" and in talking to her I was totally unable to offer her any gems of wisdom or comfort.

I received Allene's newsletter in yesterday's mail - only one copy. It was another reminder that she has not shared anything with our group since January, and I still feel that gaping hole in the community.

What is wrong with me? I feel so alone with no one to talk to about all this stuff. There is no one who will listen to my out-of-balance emotional complaints - but they expect me to sit for hours and listen to theirs. Is this your lesson to me about living "as if" we are strong and full of joy until it becomes true? Will I one day be as poised and cheerful as we are encouraged to be? Will I one day actually be that which so many think I am - capable of ministering to others and never needing it for myself? Will I one day know that these seeds which I have not only planted but faithfully watered and carried in and out of the sunshine, will I see them grow and mature into beautiful plants! Oh, I see a glimpse now! Thank you.

Well, enough of by belly-aching. I am here to serve, you Father. I will do my best in spite of how I am emotionally feeling right now. So if you have a message for me I await. If none comes within a few minutes, I will tuck my disappointment into my pocket and go back to work on the transcripts! I love you. That I am certain of with no doubt! I love being in service to you and for that reason I am sure this is a passing cross which is part of the service. I put aside my disillusionment and selfishness, and listen to you and the unseen helpers now. Thank you, Father.


Don't you feel better now that you put it down on paper and got the energy out of the inside and onto the outside? You will recover more quickly now that you are not bottling it up.

Your encouragement and support would be undermined if those to whom you minister found you too vulnerable to attack and prone to depression over unfairness, don't you think? Of course, you think so! But it isn't true, you know. Somewhere inside you know despite the appearances of the scattering of your friends when you allow them to see the hurt and disappointment. Think about how you feel this way only when you are emotionally out-of-balance! Any other time, it passes unnoticed and you have perfectly logical reasons why you are working alone, and you need no one to talk emotional garbage to because you are thinking in higher levels of consciousness and emotionalism does not even glimmer at those levels.

You work very hard and remain steadfastly faithful in that which you have committed yourself to. All of the childish stubbornness which your parents tried to rid you of as a child and teenager, has flipped into a real virtue, can you not see it? When you fall into the byways of your emotional "nightmares" the stubbornness keeps you going! The prone to stubbornness enables you to stick-with-it when others would fall by the wayside. Because you can stick with it, you will be a leader when others can only follow.

My Self, you do well. Do better. I am with you always and we will lick this feeling of rejection and dejection which you are suffering - you will see. Get back to work and it will soon fade into the nothingness which it really is. I continue to stand within your mind and bring the interpretations of universe broadcasts to you and send out your pleas for help and affirmations of truth. We will conquer this as we have other fits of emotionalism before. You will see. Go forth in faith.


Good morning, Dear One. You are in a foul mood, aren't you! My goodness, when you fall from grace you really fall, don't you! Let's see what we can do to pick you up. First, clear your mind of what is wrong and begin to see all of the virtues and good traits of those with whom you are displeased. I Aflana, will be with you.

later after 10 minutes in the stillness

Patije:Thanks, Aflana. I do feel much better. These are really wonderful people and they have just learned to depend on me, and to take me for granted and I would have it no other way. (I wouldn't mind if I wasn't expected to live up to their idea of my perfection, because I am doing all I can to live up to my idea of potential perfection! I know I am not perfect, but I try awfully hard to live my potentially perfect self!) Thank you for reminding me of this.


Ah, yes. I am pleased. Just a few minutes in right-thinking can reverse so much negativity. Remember this. You know what to do when you find yourself in emotional foul moods. Don't neglect to do this.

LorEL:Hello, My Friend and Sister, I have something to share with you because you have put yourself in a place which causes you to ask.

You have been protected by the absence of your friends while you went through this recovery program. Every time you verbalize and go through these negative, (evil) emotions, you give them energy. Anytime you give energy to anything negative it is mushroomed into more! That energy is projected onto the one with whom you are complaining. Did you not feel the negative energy from your friend which weighed you down - even without saying a word? Well, think then, what would have happened if you had told her how you feel. Would it have brought about good? No! I tell you, at that moment it would have increased the ugliness 10 fold! Your friend would then stew over it and talk about it to many others of her friends and she would energize it even more and carry it around many days before she could rise above it. See you not, this truth? You must guard against this. When one in your group comes to you you can help them to see this, just as you now see it.

It is our desire to help you create a community where all these feelings can be shared and the group energy can transmute it to love energy and allow it to pass unbarbed by any ego of the group. It is imperative that when this sharing goes on in the group none must carry it away and share it outside of the group. The outsider cannot even begin to comprehend the tremendous power of the community family and will undermine the loyalty of the one who carries the energy outside of the group. The group will be purged of any who are disloyal in thought as well as deed.

Those of you learning to share and be totally open and honest within the community must trust. There can be no secrets and any one within your ranks who is keeping secrets will be exposed. That exposure will then cause that one to be faced with spilling it all out and asking for forgiveness or having to leave the group which will become so uncomfortable for her. See you not? I tell you truly, there can be no hidden agendas. All must be open and willing and loyal and committed to the highest energy of the entire group. There can be no self-centeredness. All selfishness will pass into oblivion because Light and Life have been established within the community.

You mentioned that one among you has suffered "burn out" but you know not what you mean by that. It is not overwork. Work causes a flow of adrenalin which carries one through that which must be done. It is not because she has picked up part of the price tag on the work being done because she has the means to do this without it causing any jeopardy to her life sustenance or life style. "Burn out" is usually caused by ill will, misunderstanding, or a desire to find solace for not participating. It is the result of feeling abused, used, or a feeling of not wanting to contribute anymore. When one's heart is in the work, one feels no abuse. One feels like contributing more and more and more! The feeling of team playing and creating and accomplishing increases more and more as you give more and more. You humans have a saying on Urantia: "you get out of something what you put into it." I tell you truly you get 10 fold or more returns of what you give - if it is evil (negative), then you deal with the interest you have "earned"; but if it is good it may give dividends as well as interest! You cannot out give Father! The universal law is unbiased and no respecter of persons. All get exactly what they give. If they give nothing then what they get will be taken from them - sometimes quite unexpectedly and rudely.

Look to yourself. You are faced with many tapes to transcribe - it is often overwhelming, yet you keep working at it and want to work longer and longer hours, and give up fun, recreation, sleep and walks on the beach to finish them. You have made your commitment to the Father, not to the people around you who misunderstand and lack the ability to help you. You have propelled yourself by love energy to do that which was impossible to do. Think not about that which you cannot do. Thank only of your focus and continue to work and it will be done - even that which surprises you!

I tell you truly. None can distract you for long - not even emotional imbalance!

Patije:Thank you, LorEl for this lesson....

interrupted by a phone call

Patije:Wow! What a phone call! I've never heard such enthusiasm! And, all because of my little paper on "reincarnation" which you found time for me to do last month! Wow! I just saw a seed grow into a beautiful blossom and a possibility of a new member for our community! Wow! Thanks! I'm recovered now. No heavy energy or misunderstood pout can keep me under! Thank you for this understanding! What can I do for you now?


Get back to work on that which you know needs to be done. The rest will take care of itself. You will see. Those in your community have water and nourishment and will grow strong and true without your constant fussing over them. They look to you as the sunshine of your group and well they should. But they will learn that it is within themselves to find their balance and then they will come with great energy and right thinking to help in ways you cannot even imagine. Trust the process, Patije. Trust the process. Your community is growing and is becoming Light and Life. It is not all your responsibility. Allow us to do our work. You will see. It is enough that you make yourself available and are willing to be there for those we bring. And, we will bring God's children as they awaken and ask to come.

later... 3 PM


Well, I've gone and done what I didn't want to do. I've dumped on Julie and bless her heart she still loves me. Thank you, Father. She does so much good in so many places and just because I feel guilty accepting all of her help and don't want to burden her with my complaints, doesn't mean she has done anything wrong. I am sorry, Father for abusing her. I know she knows I didn't mean anything by it, but I did lose my temper in frustration because she, like Roy, like Mary, do not understand that my joy comes from doing my work for Father, and doing it promptly and completely. I'm not able to walk away after a few minutes of work and "take a long break" and keep coming back to the work. When I walk away I want to be done and not have to come back! Ever - at least not to that job. I'm always ready for another one. But this same job has set on the shelf - some of it since last spring! I can't even pinpoint exactly what it is that I differ with them about - I only know that small breaks are one thing, but "making time" to enjoy myself when my responsibility is unattended, is just not my way. I am so close to being caught up! I only have 4 meetings left to transcribe for 1992 and then some to finish from the spring 1992 Trs only meetings to do and I will be current. All of my filing - except one little box is finished, my office and my UB classroom is completely organized and I finally know where everything is! It is wonderful not to have to look for things. I wonder if I can keep it that way with only one day per week help to sort and mail and put away? We'll see.

JoEl, please let Julie really know I am sorry for losing control of my emotions and blowing my temper in frustration and that she happened to be the friend who was there when it happened. It is not just words. I pray that someday I will be able to retain control of my emotions even when I am feeling depressed and overwhelmed. When I get that way I don't want all of the nicety words that sound good, (I want a Frostee!!!) I can rationalize myself out of my moods easily, but I can't tolerate other's viewpoints of my problems when I am out of sorts! And when I am helpless to help others...uh,oh. That's it. This is all coming from being unable to help Maria - and I couldn't rationalize an explanation for what happened to Maria. I put onto Julie what I was feeling because I couldn't help Maria - or myself! Oh no. This isn't the way it is supposed to be. Thanks for that insight. Help me remember it now when it happens in the future.


Your teachers are not far away but I can answer that as Julie is of my flock as well as Maria. You are all cosmic family and all will be working for good when you allow it to flow past you and not barb it to you with your emotions. All of you are far enough up the spiral to overcome this. In fact, it was encouraged by us to show you all how much progress you really have made. Go forth in faith and know all is in order. The misunderstandings which have been kept under a lid must be exposed to allow true harmony to come into its place. What happened to you is the beginning of a chain reaction which when completed should move you all into phase 7 of the Correcting Time. Remember Julie and Mary were not part of the group of 28. Also, they have not had the benefit of the lessons given before they joined the group - unless they read and study the transcripts and there were some that were not complete until this week. Remember in Phase 3 when tempers flared in the big group and there were misunderstandings? Those of you who survived where of stronger stuff than the ones who fell away. Those from the other group are much stronger today than if it had not happened. They are moving steadily towards their goal. When the event unfolds, they will be ready. You will see.

Put this from you for now. You have made progress this day and completed two more 1992 transcripts. LorEl's messages are ready to send to Sonny, unless you wish to edit them first. He will do the editing for you, you know.

Patije:Am I to share this with all?

LorEl:Of course. As in all the others, once time elapses, when it is not so fresh in your mind it will be unimportant that you have shared your feelings and emotional out-of-balance. The good which comes from sharing this lesson may never be known by you or any other in this group - but I will tell you there will be many who recover from fright to know that there are others so far on the spiralling pathway who experienced these same feelings. We've asked, and received, the Father's blessings on this, my sister and friend. Allow it to flow with the love energy with all the others.



THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1993 (10:00 PM)

Julie: Dearest Father and Celestial Teachers,

I am trying to become more spiritual and know the truth. I also am told I am scattered. Teach me to be more focused. I always felt that I was not of the psychic world and told that I am. I am learning a lot of lessons, and I am humbled.

I always listened within and did what I thought came from the higher level. I really prefer animals to people, but I know humans are more important, (but not to me) I told someone, in confidence or so I thought, about mutual colleague and it came back to me. I had hurt my friend very much, even though I thought to help her. Also learned not to say anything to this other friend. Am I learning that there are no secrets? A good lesson for me. I am told to be more opened and when I am, I am always criticized. I will try to do better. I wish to do only Thy Will. I ask for your help to guide me. Help me to keep my mouth shut and just to listen. I'm finding no one is really interested in what I have to say, it is of no value to them, they don't want my comfort, and I have to remember that. I know that's my mission. To listen and be there for them.

Perhaps in putting my thoughts in writing you can help me work this out. Everyone mentions my money. You know I don't have that much. I've earned it and did without and made do for years. I have always shared my abundance and perhaps that is wrong. Apparently many think I show off. I am more humble than most and try to be quiet. Only these few years I have joined in (perhaps because I am older now?)

I had one piece of joy today - Deborah called, and we had a wonderful conversation. She sounded happier and that made me happy. She and Bidu are the only ones that truly knows me. I am not devious and wouldn't hurt anyone. Bernice, Carol, Bidu, Betty, Clair, and Deborah - 6 very close friends - that's not bad. I love them too. It sounds like "I'm so sorry for myself" but I want to be a better person - show me the way.


You have been on the perfection spiral for a long time, you do well. These are lessons to learn, trust yourself and go within. I am always with you to guide you. You are on the spiritual path. Come into the silence more to be with me. You have my love always. --- Your Heavenly Father

JoEl: This is JoEl, Dear Friend,

We were waiting for your group this evening and you and Patije were the only ones willing, but had to call it off. We have some messages for all of you, but you all must be there for the energies.

Your perceptions are true. We will help you see the Light, Listen, Look, Love and Learn. These are the things to concentrate on now. The messages will come through. Help only when asked, you are misunderstood, but always be there for them. Live in Love, Light and Life and seek Truth, Beauty and Goodness in everything and that holds to answers you are looking for. Be of service and be in joy and created happiness.

You are tired now, get some rest. I am always here when you call. Always in Love, JoEl.


Julie:Thank you for your comfort.






Well, the meeting was called off by default. First Mary told me she wasn't coming (she works the 11:00 PM - 7:00 AM shift), then Wanda and Drue told Julie they weren't coming. Julie decided not to come since she had been here working all day - so that leaves me! I'm here. I asked Julie to join me at 8:00. I told Drue to try to go into the stillness at 8:00 and I suggested Mary and Wanda go into the stillness at 8:00. So that's what I am here for.

Can we have this meeting without the physical presence and microphones and be "together" in spirit and actuality? If so, I ask right now that Mary be supported in her recovery from overwork and no energy, and little sleep and her depression over the on-the-job-(police)-ministry to the lady whose husband suffered the tragic accidental death by being hit by a boat while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. What can we do as her family to help her bounce back from this emotional shock? It has been 2 weeks and she is still an emotional zombie ready to explode. I want so much to help her. Michael! Can we help? Show me what to do.

I offer my willingness to accept any lessons which might have been given to the group if we were meeting. I ask that Mary be comforted and her questions of why this is so hard for her right now to be answered, preferably by Lutzia or Rayson. I lift her in prayer to rise above the emotional out-of-balance place where she has been, and know that she is enclosed in love energy and filled with love energy and expressing love energy in all that she does! Can you "push" her just a tiny little bit over the edge of this emotional chemistry imbalance and find a way for her to know you have contacted her? Use me, my energy, if that can be done. I am willing.


after several minutes in the stillness



Dear One, I am Aflana. I greet you at this time in the stillness. I am attempting to reach each one of the members of the group in this moment of unified connection you have pre-arranged. I will continue to do this as long as any member of the group is willing to continue in the stillness.


Thank you, Aflana. Use my energy in any way you can to make this link.


It has been successful. Each has received something, although Wanda has some chemistry residual from her prescription medicine which is making it difficult and Mary's emotional chemistry is such that it is difficult. Both will realize later if they cannot decipher it immediately.

Your group is going through a transition phase and when they have moved through this difficult passage together they will arrive at a new level of awareness and ability. You will see. Although this seems impossible at the moment, the darkness from the shadows of emotion will shortly pass and the new light will be brilliant from your accomplishment. However, we caution that this is a passage that takes the cooperation and commitment of everyone in the group!

Patije, let me assure you that we did not put this upon you, but the right energies, the right circumstances in your life experiences and the right combinations in your relationships in and outside of the community/family were perfect for this experiment. If you all can surmount and remain loyal after this experience, you will be "bonded" in a way we did not think possible for humans to do. Twice before we have tried this in this Sarasota group, and each time there has been fall out. It is our assignment to "try" all who come to the group to prepare you for the great event which is coming. You must be impervious to attack and equipped to withstand any efforts to divide your loyalties from one another. This is the only way we can be certain you will not be the weak link in the chain of the Corps groups which is being constructed with groups like yours. The strongest links will be given the most responsible tasks to enable all of the other groups to perform their task. You see not, what is planned, but you will see after it is accomplished.


Hello, My Friends, I am LorEl. The important factor in all of this which you will have to accomplish on your own, is the ability to balance and control your emotions - regardless of what comes down on you in the animal material life. This is not easy - yet it is not difficult. It takes much discipline and commitment and loyalty to those of your community/family to stand together on this one. Remember this.

There is no greater accomplishment upon the face of Urantia than to successfully maintain and enjoy the loving support of a group relationship which remains constant for many years. During those years you will have many hardships and disagreements, but the relationship can be maintained as long as there is constant communication and loyal commitment to the values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Applied Love enables each to be merciful and understanding in the face of appearances of attack and disloyalty and knowing none means harm will see you through the questionable times. Allow each in the group to grow, hold no grudges and forget past mistakes. Look always to the future and not to the past. Be totally open, honest, willing and serve one another with unconditional love. Allow not expectations to fault the mistakes beyond repair. And, if each always goes the extra mile towards communication and understanding efforts, the relationship will flourish and bloom in ways none can understand! I tell you truly, this is so. You have the best ingredients, we have brought together and purged the qualities which will enhance your abilities to do this as a group. It is up to you. Are you willing? Are you open? Are you living the Will of the Father always - not just at your convenience? Think on these things.


I am Lutzia. I bring greetings to you all. You are flowers in the Father's garden. Drue is the rose, Patije the sunflower, Wanda is the Lily of the Valley, and Julie is the water-lily. Mary is very different and very delicate and very rare. I am not familiar with the species of the plant which represents the qualities of My Mary, but it is being researched and will be revealed to her. I can see it in my imagination but, alas, have no name for it.

My Mary, you are dear and special! Think not that we have forgotten you. Ah contraire there is a very special place for you in the Father's garden! The thorns and rocks in your sandbox are but disguised blessings. When you no longer need the thorns to protect yourself on the material level, the rocks will become bread for you nourishment.


Remember, dear Mary, you have tremendous powers and your awareness must be awakened for you to see what harm you do yourself when you project rocks and thorns in your sandbox for yourself. You are actually manifesting them for yourself by verbalizing and giving thought to them as actuality. Your words are your wand. Your thoughts are your wand. You create what you project. Your love and healing creations are beautiful, pure and full of goodness. Your emotional level creations are just as powerful, but cancel out the blessings being sent to you because of their un-like-God qualities. See you not? Awaken, my dearest child. What you give to others in even on its way back to you with multiple interest, but before it gets there, you slam the door of your consciousness by looking again at the rocks in your sandbox and projecting them as your due reward. How can we nourish your seeds when you keep digging them up to see if they're growing?


Hello, Julie, my dearest friend. It is a delight to see your resiliency as your self value is increasing as you find your place in the community/family. Your uncomfortable physical health will begin to dissipate as you gather your energies and focus your goals. My Dearest Julie, you do well. Keep in there doing what you know to do. Your efforts are appreciated.


I am MartineEl, teacher for Drue. Hello, Drue. I am here to develop a working relationship and open the communication channels between us. You know that you know this, as my friend, Aflana often says! I look forward to a long affiliation with you from now through Paradise.

Your sorrow will soon lift and the spells of depression will be as an illusion. You are beginning to turn into a beautiful soul as the eternal value records outshine your self evaluation material mind. Look up! Live up! You are the lightener of the community family which you have. You will be what you are now projecting. Can you not see this even as you look back upon your past experiences? We love to sing with you. You are a joy to our hearts! That is fun to say - you know when we use physical terms of "hearts" we refer to that within us which is our center of being? We look forward to the mornings in the car when you are on your way to work and you spend such delightful moments with us in the consciousness of the Father! You are protected and have many angels sitting on the 4 "wings" of your car! Grieve not. All is well. You have been selected to teach many how to "lighten up". You do well. We are with you.


Ask Wanda what she received during this quiet time - perhaps she will recall. Her personal teacher spoke to her. All is well. This too, shall fade away in the myriad of tapes of past experiences. Look up! Look for joy in your experiences. You are the balancing and neutralizing agent for your community family at this time. You are being groomed for more. Have faith and go forth in peace.

Farewell, my friends and sisters. This was a successful TR meeting. All of you need more confidence and more freedom to share with one another. Until we are again in communication, I bid you farewell.


Thank you all for coming. I look forward to seeing what the others received. I pray that it was fruitful.




SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 1993 (3PM)

Julie:Dearest Father and Celestial Teachers,

I feel so inadequate. I have been helping Patije for 6 months - sometimes in the beginning for 5 days (afternoons) then 4, mostly 3 and lately 2. Maria comes for 3 days and does 10 x more in 3 than I did in 6 months. I probably am not the kind of help she needs. She needs a Kelly girl and a computer operator, both of which I am not. I will still try to do the best I can for what time I can give.

Help me to get back to my creative self. That is what makes me tick. I have all these ideas and no strength and time to fulfill them. I do want to be a better person, to be more spiritual and to know the truth. Give me the strength that I can do for others what I am about. I am your willing mortal to do our Father's will.


Just call on me and I will give you the strength. Remember Love is all that there is. Love is. Your Father's love is all encompassing.

--your Heavenly Father



Greetings, Dear Friend, this is JoEl. You have done everything with love in your heart, you did it for the love of our Father and do the best you can. That is all that is necessary. You are better at other things, it all evens out. Just be willing and be about the Father's business and all is well.

There will be another big upstepping this coming week and be sure to get enough rest.

You are hearing different lessons from other teachers, and different view from me. Just put it together and blend them, as all energies should blend. You need different ones at times to suit your personality. Do not be confused. It all works out in the end.

All flowers are needed and blended. Some need a different fertilizer than another. Some need much Sun and Water - others do not.

Things are working for the better. Gradually all negatively and animal instincts will be alleviated - no more secrets, you see it happening now.

Keep planting the seeds of love energy, the effect will snowball. Keep coming into the silence as much as you can. We need to do our work on you. We love you and want to see your cheerie, singing self come back. -JoEl

Julie:Thank you for your lessons.




MONDAY, JUNE 28, 1993 (10:20)

Julie:Dearest Father and Celestial Teachers,

I do see the pieces of the puzzle fitting in. How could I be so oblivious all of these years? Now I know why a Melchizedek sent me to Patije to learn. Not only for the UB but for personalities. I am learning my lessons. I am reading people's minds and it isn't really so nice, and I'm sure they are reading mine, but it's ok, I have nothing to hide, only watching my words, my meanings are misconscrewed, and I'm glad to be aware of it. I hope the deal is finalized this week, it's been a big struggle - lawyers, insurance, IRS, etc. My own struggle is peanuts compared with what is going on all over. I will pray for them.

I have to work on my perfection up the spiral and to do Our Father's Will. Are there any messages for me? I am open and willing.

Christ Michael:Dear Child,

The seeds you planted some months ago are germinating now, and need care. Your friends are eager to hear more about the spiritual side now. You know which ones they are. Help spread my teachings. Know that you are loved and you are one of my special lambs. Keep re-reading all past lessons from the group. Know that I am only a breath away, call on me at anytime.


This is JoEl. I see my dear friend is learning many lessons. Your perceptions are also changing. It is you who are different. I see you are too tired tonight for some lessons. We are glad you are going into the silence more. We love you, JoEl.


Julie:Thank you, JoEl for being there for me.



WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, 1993 (12:30 PM)

Julie:Dearest Father and Celestial Teachers,

I hope all goes well this afternoon about the sale of 416 Burns Court. The way things have been going lately, I won't get excited until it's over.

I often wonder why people think that they are the only ones who work hard. I always think that anyone who lives to their potential is working. It is a privilege to be able to work. Even if one who entertains and visits, is doing something constructive. One chooses what they want to do, just do something. Perhaps I am wrong. I give this burden to you, so I am free to do the Father's will. I am willing. Are there any messages for me?


Greetings, Dear Friend, This is JoEl.

We are so glad that you are putting your thoughts down on paper, now it is easier for you to understand, and easier for us to help you.

Most mortals get into their own world and forget that life is going on in other places. They think what they do is the most important thing in the world. That is of their own choosing. Do not fret - open up your own vista and see the potentials, and other worlds.

It is most important for you to Look - Listen - & Love & Learn. This is the best way to help others. If they can tell you their problems they get it out in the open and answer their own questions by your sounding board. Mortals do not understand when you tell them how you understand them, by a similar story, they think you are playing one-upmanship. They are judging you by themselves. Just listen.

We are so glad that you are feeling better. Just rest and get ready for another adjustment. The next full moon will be a big adjustment.

Send all your dear ones Love Energy. Wanda and Bidu need it, they both are so special. We are all pleased with you and know you are getting "low blows". It is how you can take it and learn from this experience. Be of light heart and bring love and joy with you. Your dearest friend.


Julie:Thank you, JoEl for you words of encouragement. I will try to be better. I guess I need to be shaken up once in a while. I love you all.




WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, 1993 (8:30 PM)


Dear Father, hello! I have been in the stillness and have not found a satisfactory answer to my question. Although I didn't I enjoyed the time with you - the tenseness is gone from my shoulders and I feel refreshed. Thank you, Father.

I await any messages from you or the Unseen Helpers and Friends which you have sent to minister to me with enlightenment and guidance. I thank you very much for this opportunity to serve you in any way I am able - comfortable or uncomfortable.

I thank you greatly for the emotional recovery which Mary has shown. I thank you for our friendship being able to carry us through this. Thank you. I thank you for the healing which even now Wanda is receiving. Couldn't the symptoms be lessened or disappear during the recovery program. I suspect the cause of her problem has been healed several times, but the symptoms persist and worry her until the doctor prescribes more expensive drugs. Father, I pray for a healing for Wanda. I accept your Will for her and for the rest of us. Thank you, Father.

My question: We all know every child suffers from a stomach ache - if that is used as an excuse from attending school. There must be an unseen universal law about "instant karma" or something. I think this appears also in the adult who wishes to be free from "stuff" and sees the fire truck coming down the street to rescue their "stuff" This may seem extreme, but I am trying to outline my question. I have found that if I wish to be "free" of a burden I often suffer illness, accident or catastrophe. Even if the "wish" to be free is subconscious or unconscious.

I have also noticed that no matter how much we yearn for something - "treasure map" for it, beg for it, pray for it, want it so badly it hurts - we often receive it only after we have given up and given in and expressed a hopeless, helpless cry of "I give up."

My question is why only a vague wish with no emotion can bring on illness, but a yearning, burning desire for something doesn't make it happen for us? Are there any answers here?

....later after several interruptions


You are working hard to understand that one, My Self! Keep trying, you are not far from the answer. I have worked hard to reinterpret this "law" for you and you are beginning to awaken to my efforts. I stand by, continuing to interpret the communications and help you in all that you seek. You have "stumbled" over a good one. This will promote much understanding.

interrupted again for about 20 minutes


I am ready. Do you have a lesson or a message for me?


Hello, Patije! Just dropped in to tell you that I, VanEssa and HapsonEssa have been working together on our "project" for Maria. It is very difficult to work around the free will choices of mortals on your planet. It is especially difficult when the emotional egos take command. What we are allowed to do will be of benefit but the results may not be noticeable for a very long time. Have faith. All is not lost. Much is to be gained. One day you will see.

There is much change in the Sarasota area. Changes are going on in many levels some of them mortal and some of them not mortal. You are part of a very important process and the progress is not far off target. Many you know not of, are awakening and you need not know the seeds which have been planted and are even now beginning to sprout. Have faith and go forth in peace, knowing that you know all is in the heavenly Father's hands!

I am allowed to tell you that the results of Michael's efforts, the free will choices of those with whom Mary works are being changed. More will be seen as events unfold. Take heart, dear sisters, and go forth in loving service.

There is much before you, and we know that when you lose heart, you have not lost faith, and will again stand steadfast for Michael in this Correcting Time. This is true of all who have tasted the wine of the nourishment given by Michael. Sip on, dear sisters, you will never find your fill. As you go about your daily tasks, serving those who come into your experiences, you are making great steps in growth towards your cosmic citizenship. I urge you forward, even in darkness, you light the way for many. I go now. Another is needing my attentions. Farewell, and find peace in your heart regarding those mortals who know not what they do, as they turn away from, or reject the Master's immediate plan. They will not be forgotten. Many will be called even after the first forces are sent forth! Be what you are and continue in faith. There are many near you, to encourage and enlighten as you stay steadfast in your intentions.


Thank you, VanEssa. I haven't heard from you in a while and it is pleasant from time to time to have you tell me what you are allowed to do! I was happy to learn that HapsonEssa was working with Maria and that she has heard from her. I was also happy to hear that you have worked with Maria over the years and were instrumental in her awakening and coming to the Urantia Book study meetings! Thank you, for bringing me this friend.


VanEssa has gone forth to her work. She is attuned through my presence with you, to continue hearing your mind messages. I assure you that Maria's journey in this material life is one of interest and accomplishment. She is a willing participant in this Correcting Time and those loved ones around her are being prepared to help her, while probably not consciously participating in the mission themselves.

I am allowed to tell you that the seeds you planted among the 28 have grown and developed and are maturing well. We thank you for your willing attention to this in the beginnings. They need not your continued nurture, but are receiving it from many sources. Even those who have chosen to leave the obvious meeting points, are contributing by who they are. Fret not, dear. You did your utmost to help, and teach and encourage. As emotions are brought under control and detachment from the things which frustrated them comes, more and more appreciation of what they received in those beginning months is developing. Think not that you were forsaken. The material levels often seem to be else than the morontia levels actually are. You are loved. I go now. Farewell.


Farewell, HapsonEssa. Thank you for your encouraging words. I admit I sometimes feel as if I have failed. My faith tells me that I cannot see the whole picture and that many seeds can grow in ways unknown to me. So I continue to do whatever I am led to do by faith and leave the results in the hands of the Father and Michael and the rest of you, who serve so well. Thank you.


Hello, Dear One, I am Aflana. You are certainly having fun hearing from all of my students from around the world, aren't you? Norson does well in his area and LorEl has taken on many of my teaching tasks. Darin is attempting to establish contact with the one in Denver. I will remain as liaison for as long as I am needed. The midwayer contact, Oonalea, is also on the job in Denver.

It is not your fault that the mail has not been sent, but we urge you to encourage that task be done before all others when your helper comes. This is as important as any other thing your group does. It is your mission to help those who are sent to you in one way or another. Many will come by way of mail and phone call. Their inquiries are impressed by the teaching staff of Machiventa Melchizedek or Michael himself. Do not neglect this. You, your group, are the teachers of many.

You are concerned by the inability to get all of your group together each week with changing schedules, disheartened attitudes and urge for summer freedom. Allow this as is chosen by each. Do not manipulate, nor fight to maintain your meeting times. The opportunities will continue to exist and you are to be alert for them when they occur. Banish none, regardless of the encouragement you may hear. Allow all to participate. This is a community - not an exclusive group - and it can grow into full-fledged activation only by commitment and loyalty. Those whose hearts are not committed can only observe and not participate on the levels which they desire. Nothing is given to any. All must earn their own place in the Corps. Remember, this is not exclusive to Sarasota, but continuing to be filled from many around your globe! Many hear the call! Many are answering! Those who seem protective, will lose what they have. Those who go forth in faith to do all they can without recompense, will find themselves filled to overflowing with love and goodness. Love is not love until it is activated and bestowed on all, unconditionally. If there are conditions of any kind, then it is not unconditional and their ability to help will be hampered by their need to put conditions upon their service.


I am LorEl, my sister and my friend. I come to teach many through your willingness to spend this time with us.

Many think we do not know the hardship of full time work in the material world along with the work which we ask of them. What they do not understand is that the work which we ask them to do, is easily done when given in loving energy with no thought for self. Their step forward in faithful service will bring many fruits - many of which they cannot see. However, any attention given to "balancing the accounts" with what evidence they see resulting with what they think they are giving will cause frustration and depression, because we will not put forth undue efforts to affirm them in what they are receiving. They must accept this in trusting faith or it is as naught. If they see and enjoy the reaping of the harvest before they've even begun, then this is all they will see until they have reached the headquarters worlds, if they are still interested. However, when you steadfastly serve unconditionally, going forth with the Father's message of loving service and kindness, you are filling your treasure trough in heaven by unseen amounts, and often being surprised by evidence of those things unseen! Have faith. Build your bridge of faith well.

As you go forth in faith serving all who come into your life experience without question, without harboring judgements and without looking for rewards, even that which you cannot do, is done! It is not magic. It is the help of the unseen universal laws and your unseen friends giving you a hand in what is asked of you. Look not to what you have done and can't do. Look only to what is in front of you to do. We will supply the needed help. Worry not, lest you fall away in discouragement. Go forth always in faith that the strength of the Father's energy goes with you in all you do for him.

Build your community/family. Practice creating a place of Light and Life where all are safe from discomfort and harm. Love one another. Judge not with mortal eyes. Allow us to minister to all through you. You know not the talents and abilities which you have been given. Remember, none have anything more important than another. Each has many strengths, and talents, and abilities when all efforts are used for the good of mankind in service to Michael and the Father!

All parts of the body are equally important. So it is with the workers of the kingdom. All are important. All are unique. All are needed. All are valued. It is your choice to accept and teach and guide and assist each one that is brought into your life experience. Only your choice. It is not the Father's choice. It is not your unseen helper's choice. It is your choice to assist or reject. It is ours only to give you the opportunity. Remember this. It is important. Think on this wisely. I tell you truly, it is always your choice to do the Father's will or to go your egotistical protective self-interested way. Always. None will coerce nor manipulate you. Your circumstances may be manipulated to give you the opportunities. It is your choice to accept and use the opportunities to serve, or not.


I am Aflana. There are many who have been taken aside to serve the ones who choose to serve humanity. Patije, you are one of these. Do not think for a moment that you are working by convenience and without great hardship to your comfort. We see you burning the mortal "candle at both ends" trying to be all things to all people and you juggle well while your emotions are in control and you have the support of those of your community/family. Without the emotional support and helpful kindnesses of those who love you, you could not do most of the work which we have lain at your door. Not many would work hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, at such routine and almost boring jobs of transcribing and filing and sorting and "shuffling" as you call it. Even that unending routine is interrupted by the many phone calls bringing you news and asking for counseling and needing a shoulder to lean on. You do much, more than what is humanly possible to do. Time has been put into warp speed many times for you. Even when your regular work is done you sit here trying to communicate with the Father's helpers. We know in your heart you would like to spend some lazy days at the beach, and sleeping in late in the mornings and visiting others in their home. However, you have shown your willingness, and we need you where you are to provide the "hub" for the other functions to circle and move out from. We thank you for that. There is a great deal at stake. Although there is much time to accomplish it, the more we do now, the more likely will results begin to appear in the outer world where others work so hard, because you enable them to do so with the work which you provide, and the encouraging ear you are always willing to lend- day and night. Many nights have gone with no sleep because you are helping someone else, providing a sounding board for their temporary troubles, or assisting them in accomplishing a job. You have always been that friend in the back ground, always willing to step forward in a crises of any kind. None wonder about your faithfulness. None question if you will be there for them. All know you will be there to the best of your ability and that you have the abilities of many unseen helpers assisting you to assist them. All value your steadfastness, but envy you not. A few even pity you for being so caught up in all this stuff. But, think not that it will go unrewarded. All things have their time. There is a time to sow and a time to reap, there is a time to weep and a time to dance. All things in their time and your's has not been forgotten. Your faithful service is appreciated by many. Many think not about that which you do to enable them to be and do what they are doing in their own experiences. The community is to provide the safe base for this to happen and you provide the place for the community. For children, it is often arranged for a "safe house" for them when they think they are in danger. Your house has become the "safe house" for those attempting leaps in consciousness in their daily experiences. Think not that you are forsaken. We bring many to you.

You have been placed in a unique position, a position of trust and service not many can fill. You are to be what you are, living up to your potential in what you do. Know that the forces of Father's energies are flowing through and around you to help many on their pathway of service. There is a time for all things and this is your time to work behind the scenes doing what you are doing so many others can serve as they are able. There will come a time when you are freed from your desk and will have opportunities to mingle and teach among the multitudes. Look not towards that time, for you are highly prized where you are, doing what you are doing.

Minister to those who come to you for comfort. Abide not with those who condemn and judge others. Offer solace for the downhearted and accept the approval and appreciation from those who know what they see. Allow those who judge you as carefree and unemployed their sentiments. In time they will also see and appreciate the work which you do. This job is much bigger than any of the people involved. This is a great mission and will continue for decades and centuries. A foundation must be created for those who come after you are gone. Historical records, teaching materials, transcripts of the contacts, and free communication is a very important foundation for the Correcting Time.

We often feel remorse when mortals feel it is unnecessary for them to "take notes" on the great education they are receiving! Yes, we will again give them the information and they will remember much, but it is the diligence of those who return to study and think about the lessons given who learn the most valuable tools to help them begin the creation of a world of Light and Life.

We have not come here to entertain you at your convenience. This is a working mission. Those who are willing to commit themselves and their loyalty will be greatly helped to bring about the goals which are set before them. Those who turn away from loyalty and commitment will do much to help, but their attempts will be less fruitful and often less progressive in this process, but they will not realize it until much later.

Go forth in steadfast faith and know that you are assisted in any way and every way that the Corps of Celestial and unseen helpers can assist you. You are loved and appreciated and those who judge you harshly, or dismiss your efforts as unimportant will be awakened. They are creating circumstances to allow them to need that which you provide in ways they cannot imagine.

I turn this over to LorEl for now and attend to others who call. You do well, Dear One. Suffer not from the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of your loved ones who know not the commitment which you have made in loyalty to Michael and the Father. We know. We appreciate. We assist. We bring those who need your services and know you will serve the very ones who judge you wrongly.


My friend and sister, you have asked a question and it is difficult to answer it. Aflana just touched upon it with her last statement. When she said that circumstances are created to allow mortals (and celestials) to need that which they spurn or belittle. Their slightest wish is granted by their own willingness to allow it to pass in appreciation or acceptance. Their slightest judgements bring much interest to pay in retribution. Many do not recognize, nor admit, that suffering which they bring upon themselves is done by their own free choice.

Is it not your free choice to want to get out of that which makes you uncomfortable? Is it not your free choice to avoid that which will enable you to grow? Is it not your free choice to do things the "hard way" when there are more gentle ways to do it? I tell you truly, there is much in these words. Think on them.

You said yourself that a child using a stomach ache for an excuse to get out of a feared examination at school will often get a stomach ache. You have said yourself that the person "sick and tired" of everything often finds himself "sick and tired" of ills unimagined.

This is true. This is a law of the universe. That which you give in thought, and words, and deeds, and especially emotions, comes back to you with interest and dividends! When you give service, you receive many unexpected little services. When you give kindness, you receive kindness. When you give friendship, you receive friendship. When you give love, you receive love. Now - the interesting thing about his "law" is that it is seldom the place or person to whom you give, that returns it. You give to one and another gives to you. If you give good, then good comes to you from Source through someone. If you give ill, then ill comes to you through this same law. If you give patience, then you are dealt with patience. If you give ill will or anger, then you often reap the sting of ill will or anger. If you give of your inner self, then you receive with dividends! If you give from your outer self, then you receive only that which is asked of you. If you want attention, you will get attention. Perhaps not the attention you wish, but just the same you will get attention. If you want recognition, then you will get recognition. The quality of recognition may come from something you wish to remain hidden. There is no limit on the law of recompense.

Remember to pray rightly for quality and not quantity. The quality of sufficient and abundance is rightly asked for, while the quality of xxx number of "dollars" is adulterating your prayers. The quality of transportation is rightly asked for, while the exact type and means of transportation is not. The quality of help and assistance is rightly asked for while the exact type of help often hinders the answer to your prayers and desire.

You touched upon another truth in your question also. Why is that which you yearn for and desire with your whole self, even get emotionally upset and frustrated over, is denied you, while that which you make an almost unconscious wish for is quickly received? When you give up and accept defeat about that which you have been emotionally frustrated over, are you not often inspired with new insight, and receive that which you really desired for but could not recognize in your emotional state of mind? Think on these things. I tell you truly, there is much in this lesson.

The answer is very simple, my friend! You get yourself out of the way. The energy which you have been creating to "conjure" up the very thing you desire keeps it outside of your reach! When you allow the energy to dissipate, a vacuum is created to pull that which you desire to you with great haste. It is an infallible law. Watch and observe. Observe your own life experiences, and those around you.

Not many will want to hear what I am about to give you. It will be misjudged and misunderstood and rejected by many who wish to give control of their lives to someone else. But, I tell you truly, you are in control of the experiences which you have. It is your choice to accept and enjoy them for what you can get out of them - materially, or spiritually, or to reject and ignore them as you go about the Father's business of being love in action, and doing that which you are capable of doing, or what is asked of you, without thought for your self or your comfort.

Many illnesses are real and threatening to the life forms which you have. It remains true that the devastation caused by the illness is that which you have given your permission to endure. Allow the sense of the dis-ease, the emotional investment in the disease, the constant measurement of the devastation of the dis-ease, to pass. Just duck it with your sense of sonship with the Father. Know that nothing can get in the way of your true self as moving towards your perfection in the Father, and the sense of the dis-ease, the emotional investment in the dis-ease, the constant measurement of the suffering of the dis-ease, will pass by you - often unnoticed, with little suffering. The more attention you give it, the more you will suffer.

The dis-ease will pass as you give it no energy. Emotional energy is the best fuel for it to gain momentum in its devastation. Love energy and peace within stunts its ability to overshadow you; and knowing your true value as a servant of the Father eases your suffering until it passes.

Remember, it is also a law, that you get with interest that which you give and this includes your expectations of suffering. When you feel you are being taken advantage of for your goodness, you probably will be. When you feel you have been used by the mortals around you, you probably will be. If, rather than giving emotional energy to the illusions of mortal facts, you would stand faithful in knowing who you are and what you are about, any ill intentions of others will be reflected back to them and touch you not. It is when you acknowledge and accept them, count them and store them in your conscious mind, that they do their damage. How many times have you discovered someone's ill intentions towards you at a later date, and wonder that you did not know about them at the time? It is true! Your conscious mind was in a higher plane than the ill will which was sent your way and you missed it by being unaware of it, by not acknowledging it, nor accepting it for yourself! This is true on much higher levels of life experience! It is true! Guard the doorway to your conscious thoughts. Think about what you are thinking about. Weed the gardens of your conscious mind. Get rid of that which you do not want to manifest in your life experience. Allow the emotional limitations of that which you think you want to pass from your conscious mind and allow that quality which is real to come in! Reach out and meet your good even while it is coming to you. Why do you favor reaching out to the possible "bad" which might come instead? Think on this. I tell you truly, you have been blessed this day.

I will return when next you call me. Others are calling at this time. I bid you farewell from my presence, but not from my heart. I love you, My sisters and my friends. Share this lesson and think on it with your sincerity. It will do much to alleviate that which confuses you. Farewell.


Farewell, LorEl. Thank you. I will think on this lesson and probably ask more questions!



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