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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


Topics: Growth of the Gospel

June 15, 2003
(Jonathan TR)

Michael: I bring you greetings from Salvington from my associates at the headquarters. We each extend love and acknowledgment of your sincerity and devotion to the promotion of truth, the enhancement of beauty, and living in goodness. This is Michael.

My message to this world given many centuries ago then was simple and today remains simple: to love one another, to love God, to do good to one another, to spread this love far and wide. While busy at this task of fulfilling my mission you are to tend to the needy, to help the infirm, to educate the ignorant, to promote goodness, and not to battle evil. This message, this manner of uplifted human living, is finding root, is establishing itself on this planet.

Much turmoil abounds; hatred does exist, but in the hearts of many individuals there are now the prized ideals of love, of compassion, and the sense of duty to be of service, to minister, to put aside self in order that a brother or sister may be blessed with improved conditions physically, psychologically, and most importantly spiritually.

The message, my gospel, is growing. This growth is not in the manner of philosophical details; it does not grow in complexity. It needs no refinement. The simple statements I left with you when I dwelt upon this world are sufficient in themselves to greatly uplift civilization on Urantia. The growth I speak of is the enlarging of this gospel message in all my disciples. This enlargement is the transformation of your comprehension of the truth into your being, your presence, your embodiment of this very gospel.

My early apostles soon discovered what you each have also likewise discovered, and that is the knowledge of my message, your understanding. Your ability to repeat the words, while initially vitally important to your mission of being about the work I commanded you all to do, was soon followed by the discovery of its reality, the vital nutritious quality that it has for your soul, the transforming power of placing my gospel into action. I came to fulfill a mission mandated by the Father in heaven. Having fulfilled that requirement I left with my apostles and all who followed in their footsteps requirements, simple in statement, all-consuming in application.

To this world I was born as yet unrecognized as sovereign ruler of Nebadon. Subsequent to this bestowal life I became all that many, many ages taught and trained me to be. Each one of you undertakes this same pattern of personality attainment and
development, and you do so when you follow me, when you apply my simple message to your life. You become in your sphere a sovereign son, accomplished in the reception of and return to the love of God from Him, to Him and subsequently to all that you encounter each day at any moment. Your ability to do this makes you a king of kings within your personality arena. I understand human life well, and I know that each one of you encounters chameleon-like shifts in your orientation, your priorities, your emotions, your attitudes, your behaviors. These are the little kings in your lives, the small dictators who attempt to steal the throne of thrones. Slowly but certainly you are mastering the truth that is the slogan of Nebadon, love for Creator and love for all, love that is not static, love applied and mercy and service. When you, as you will, fully master this, fully possess it, you become the king of kings, a sovereign son in your own right. You can stand and say, "I am he, son of God."

I recognize your adoration of me as master. I receive your love and your devotion. I acknowledge you calling me "the Son of God". But remember I said "follow me". While you may adore me, you I likewise challenge to become a son of God, fully mature, ripened, and whole. I can hear my apostles of long ago one time asking, "But master, how can we live your message when we are so weak and frail, when we have not yet really learned how to do so?" I respond to you this day that when I came to this world I too was short of sovereignty attainment; I too was not Master Son. I was an undergraduate in the tasks I needed to fulfill. Therefore do not hesitate because you feel you are short of your goal; the goal is the end. This gospel is meant to be lived while reaching the goal, not demonstrated subsequent to attaining the goal. Self mastery is only attained through the living of this truth. Your ministry, your outreach to others, is not weaker or less efficient because you have not reached the highest of your potential. It is a critical ingredient to your full attainment and is relevant and applicable to those you touch in your life at your current level of development.

You have grasped through insight your destiny and the attainment of Paradise. When you are likewise received by the Father, as I was at the fulfillment of my bestowal missions, you will then realize that, while you are fully capable of great tasks in service to God, you have long left behind many opportunities of service that only a young ascending creature can fulfill. Recognize those opportunities today, each day. Be not burdened by adopting amendments and additions to this simple message. Insights will accumulate; definitions do not need to be applied. The gospel grows as you expand in your ability as a child of God to live truth, to be truth. I give you my peace.

* Elyon: This is Elyon. I am grateful for the message of Michael today and will not add to or detract from the content given. So I offer to you a period of discussion. I will gladly address questions.

Kirk: It's hard to come up with questions after hearing from Michael.

Elyon: I will comment that I observe that you are each deepening your sincerity and desire to spend time in stillness. You are meeting with reasonable successes. The reward of such undertaking is not often immediately realized. Just as an opening flower does not reveal its fruit for many months, so are the rewards of stillness. As you open in silence you receive spirit power, spiritual insight, and a connection. This connection is what Jesus spoke of in his parable of the vine and the branches. I applaud you for your efforts and encourage you to continue.

Evelyn: I liked in the message how we were encouraged to promote goodness and not distract by trying to fight evil. That seems a more positive and realistic approach to improving things.

* Elyon: Fighting evil often undermines its own purpose, for it ends up fostering evil in the very conflict it creates. Promoting goodness may be likened to sounding a horn in a silent room. Immediately the silence is removed. This is how goodness overcomes evil. It is attractive and anyone who may discover its potency will readily adopt it. But if one is only taught to battle against evil then many of the qualities inherent in that evil are reproduced in the actions of the contrary force, and that is not goodness.

Kirk: I just want to thank you for driving home the importance of stillness. In my life without your help I wouldn't have seen the importance of it. I'm grateful.

* Elyon: I value your appreciation highly. I will draw close to our contact today. I acknowledge your holiday of Father's Day. Let this day magnify in implication as you contemplate the Father of all.