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Daniel; Tomas - Humanity Is Seeking Prgoress - Jan 27, 1995 - Pocatello, Idaho

Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teachers: Daniel, Tomas

Topic: Humanity Seeks Progress

January 27, 1995


Opening prayer

Daniel: "Greetings, my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. To you faithful students and to our extended family, welcome, and may you hold now a sense of quiet peace within your beings. It is our purpose tonight to instill a time of quiet, a time of peace, and a time for reflection.

Often in your very busy lives do you strangle yourselves rather than allowing for that reprieve which will make sense of the outer world. It is important that the integration of your whole being be in alignment. And so for this meeting, for a time, we would ask that each of you come into that world where the busyness, the tension and stress of your mortal lives can find rest and can enjoin with the Indwelling Spirit.

My colleague, Tomas, spoke last week regarding the Indwelling Spirit and a sense of loneliness experienced by your Inner Guide. This week I will expand on the words of Tomas.

The world holds many diverse people, many diverse cultures, many diverse religions, many diverse thought patterns and reasoning. The world holds both the young and old alike, the rich, the poor. It is a world which mingles and interweaves all variations of life known on this planet into a humanity that strives to move forward despite the hardships of a mortal existence. Progress is a part of your inner characteristic. It is through the Indwelling Guide of mortals that progress continues and puts forth seeds for each following generation.

My words to you this evening are metaphoric in content. While it is not a new idea by any means these words are given that you can visualize and encapsulate an idea to strengthen your own relationship with the Indwelling Spirit, your tie and link to the First Source and Center.

Your world, your planet in this solar system is unique because of the aspect of water. And so, my friends, visualize the diversity of humanity all feeding and drinking from the many rivers, lakes, and water sources upon this planet. The water can be seen as a flowing river that passes by each individual as they drink from it. Diversity in nature means nothing to this water, for it bathes and provides nourishment for all.

If you will look at this water as the source through which God sees all then you can understand why the Indwelling Spirit not only connects you to the First Source and Center but also connects you to your brothers and sisters upon this plane. For the banks are lined with humanity but the Source touches all, feeds all, nourishes all, gives all. Those who maintain the daily communication with the Indwelling Source are far more likely to connect with the rest of humanity.

Those who are seeking to know the Source are fed in many, many ways. Those who truly begin to sense the presence of this Source will find that the barriers that keep diverse people from unity fall away. Intolerance, misunderstanding, unforgiveness, anger, hatred, greed, judgment, unreal expectations, jealousies; these kinds of things are not fed by the Source! Those who drink daily from the Source cannot serve only that which is nourishing to them. And so it is the lesson of stillness which is again presented to you today.

It is joyous, it is beyond your comprehension to truly appreciate what this planet would be like if all could truly drink from that river! Many fool themselves. Many only partially understand the real resource and the real source of that river. It is unfortunate when the river is dammed up, where it is limited and restricted. The Source cannot be limited; the Source flows through for all of humanity. Individually and collectively there can be error in damming the river. In silence seek to let down those things which dam up the Source for yourselves.

At this time Tomas has a few words."

Tomas: "Good evening dear friends. It is a pleasure to be in your midst, to acknowledge your recognition of our reality for you and your spiritual development.

The river which has flowed through this room has wet you all. And you know, too, that some people stand knee deep in water and are parched and dry out of fear for this abundance. You are sometimes called upon to help enable your neighbor to thirst.

The words which I would like to stress this evening are that although this font of refreshment is available for all mankind it is sometimes necessary for you to fill your pail and carry it to you neighbor in order for them to be sustained. And you might ask, as you have today, why I must carry water when it is all around us? The truth is that you have asked to be of service. And you know whereof we speak in this living water. When, therefor, you are called out, away from your customary place on the bank of the river to trudge into barren places of sand and stone, it is only a short walk and you may return to again refresh yourselves on the living waters. This lesson...(my transmitter/ receiver is having a good time on this play on words and wants to say things which I am not voicing. It slows down the process and lacks her humor).

I was interested in your socializing earlier for you have all been being about the Father's business. You have all carried your pail of water. And yet you have all stopped and wondered, 'what is this bucket for'? Now you know; for often your experiences are not for your own enlightenment and edification but for those with whom you have contact. Again, you have asked to serve and serve you will regardless of whether you understand why or where you are going.

Have faith, for in your moments of clarity you full well know in your heart your own competence as a transmitter of truth. You need only recognize that you are the vessel and that your job is to stay in touch with the water that is provided for the thirsty. Those are my additional remarks for this evening. It is now time to inquire if you have questions."

Virginia: "Good evening Daniel and Tomas. Thank you so much for that very visual lesson. A couple of things that I saw, and maybe I want clarification for, when Daniel was talking about the river flowing and should not be dammed up I thought in terms of me imposing my own thoughts or my own beliefs or my own whatever. And then when Tomas talked about the bucket I thought to myself, it is the kind word. It is very difficult to go beyond giving what someone asks for and know that you are not damming up the water. I hope you understand my thoughts as I say these things."

Tomas: "I am eager to recall to your memory...{TR blocks}.

TR: I lost it!

Daniel: "Your words are understood. Indeed it does seem almost paradoxical in nature but is not this part of the whole mystery of life, seeing one aspect and finding another way to look at it, seeing incongruities in the way either side is viewed? It is wise to remember Christ Michael's walk on this planet. By His very life, His manner, His beingness has there been a more dramatic change in the course of human history. Advice was given when asked. Often lessons were taught at the enquiry of those seeking to know truth. And so, indeed, is your life likely to follow in these same footprints of giving lessons when called upon, but living the lesson is the true teacher of truth.

Dams and walls are formed out of one's own judgement, one's own anger, one's own fear, one's own intolerance, individually, which can spread to groups, to various ways of thinking and patterning which become ingrained down into each generation. These barriers block the free flowing of the spiritual waters. All dams have spillways and so life still progresses because water can trickle down through the spillways. There is still nourishment being provided. But those individuals who can completely take away the dam flow freely in the Spirit. Christ Michael flowed freely in that Spirit. Does this help answer your question?"

Virginia: "Yes, I think it does, Daniel, and it did clarify the images that I had. Thank you."

Tomas: "I am eager to call to your recollection the tale of 'the boy who was afraid'[ed. note: Urantia Book, page 1437] as an example of Michael's methods of making contact with the Inner Life of those with whom you come in contact. For it was not through overt messages that He approached this young man but it was to longing looks and the pleading of his soul that Michael responded. It is as Daniel says, the willing seeing of the soul's needs of the individual rather than what is said, what is on the surface. And do not allow that exterior to block your connection with that soul of the individual. That is all."

Virginia: "Thank you Tomas."

Daniel: "At this time we ask that each of you now take some time to make that connection with your Indwelling Spirit, and thus to the Source, and vicariously to your brothers and a sister who also are partaking of the Source. Please prepare yourself now to sit quietly and tune your thoughts to that inner place where there is peace, quiet, tranquility, where you find solace, where you find love. Quiet and still those images. Visualize if necessary a lake stilled, of ripples reflecting back the light of the Source."

(long period of silence)

Daniel: "'Be still and know that I am the Source'. Listen that you might hear. Listen that you may understand and know truth, beauty and goodness. Listen that you may understand that which is necessary for your outer life.

Tomas and I will now take our leave. Peace and love. Good evening."