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Monjoronson’s Mission Within Months


Clear Channel Communications Circuit

From Salvington To Urantia Established


[Editor’s Note: Several days before the proclamation messages were actually delivered (there are twelve transcribed below), the following message was received by a group in British Columbia and sent to the Teaching Mission List for action:


January 24, 2004

T/R Peri

BC, Canada Grp


'This is a proclamation given by the Most Highs to your members at large.
Greetings: this is the second proclamation of this opening of a clear
channel whereby all who are interested within the group are invited to
participate. There will be a gathering of Celestial beings to discuss and
explain how this new channel can help in transmitting.

'This is a very momentous gathering. All Transmitters will be present.

'To enter in on the meeting, one such as you will need to clear your
calendars so that the evening of January 29 is open. If you will go into
group silent meditation and be open and receptive to what will be going on,
it will prove to be an exciting and informative meeting. Start at 7:00 p.m.']

The received messages (all dated 29 January, 2004 at 7PM Pacific Time):

Part I
January 29, 2004 7PM West Coast Time; 10PM East Coast Time
No Colorado Group

T/R: Daniel

Good evening, this is a voice from Ascendington. I am here to share with you the news that soon the Magisterial Son will walk upon your planet. Do not anticipate that he will come with pomp and circumstance, but appear as a stranger among you, unannounced. Some of you will recognize him immediately; others of you will not. To those of you who recognize this presence, greet him, welcome him and embrace him. In our terms, he will be among you almost immediately; in your terms, you may expect he will be among you before many months passnot years, but months.

This transmission is provided in concert with those other transmissions that are now being received. When you patch these together, you will have a much more descriptive, informative message. This is our means of providing a spontaneous global-wide communication that is not selective to any one group. Be at peace; be well. Good evening.


Part II -29 January 2004-

Monjoronson Announcement

T/R Peri

British Columbia, Canada

Teacher: Antethera

Greetings This is the time of Monjoranson. We gather together under the banner of Michael in association with your devoted Melchizedeks. We are gathered together to proclaim this time of joining for a concerted effort for the upliftment of your world and not only your world, but all the other worlds tied into this web through the rebellion. You will be affirmed in your (now the message starts to diverge as each of the various T/R's try and put their words to it) new faculties of communications. This is what this evening is about, is this ability to sense the others, to establish a communication network. It has been talked of but this is the best we have done so far. This message will reach over 700 people, closely and more loosely associated with the Teaching Mission. The excitement that comes with this kind of concerted effort may be disconcerting to some, but excitement is energy and this energy also empowers you and brings you into closer awareness of your interdependence. There is so much that can be done when we join together, hold each other, uplift each other, and then we will be shaking hands all the sooner. Your world is ripe now for the public proclamation of our mission.

So many of you have established personal connections, relationships with so many of us and the idea of our being alien to one another is superseded by our friendship. In this time of more overt communication and more intimate exchange in all things, let there be no fear. You have all been schooled and have learned each in their own way and to the degree you are able to discern, to substitute love for fear. And this is no new message. The only thing that is new here is the scope of communication, heightened sensitivity to not only your network, the communications with each other, but with the whole Mission to uplift and re-establish familial contacts with you, with your world. You truly are not alone. Feel this, the very substance of your being. This is your time.

Are there questions?

Question: What can we do best at this time to help the Mission?

Wake up. Wake up to the hearts and minds around you for there is no one that the Father leaves out. Uplift, empower, love. For each of you individually, the answer is always in the moment as you ask. Each step is a first one. Each breath is a last one. Begin anew and let go of the old you. Where as the whole world is being reborn, so too are you.

Question: I have a question about the Teaching Mission, how the transcripts are growing in volume but the members of the Mission are just stable, not growing. Is this foreseen, is this a problem? Is there something we can do about this. How do you see this please.

There needs to be a stable pool of people because the next shift requires there be a stable point of contact. As I said at the beginning, this is part of the public outreach and public contact and those of you who have been prepared, who have been making the aliens your friends are invaluable as a stable point of contact. Do you see this?

Question: Yes, thank you. There is another question that is going around the Teaching Mission list right now. Some people feel that to be a legitimate T/R you need to be part of a group that was sanctioned by Ham or one of the original teachers, but some of the teachings we heard early on were that anybody could be a T/R or get a teacher. Which is it?

There is a hierarchy. There are those who are in charge of maintaining and co-ordinating communication, but the level of vibration of that communication is available to any who attune to that vibratory level and there are teachers available, there are many, many volunteers who would love nothing better than to make contact with a mortal of Urantia. This is my way of saying that both are true. and remember that our Michael in his time on this planet turned no one away. All efforts at contact, at upliftment of growth and understanding are valuable and must be fostered. Turn no one away.

Part III

29 January 2004-

Monjoronson Announcement of Mission


New Hampshire, USA

Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek

It may be freezing out here in New Hampshire, but my heart is warmed by the sense of spiritual connection and community in the proclamation process. January 29th, 10 pm EST, Dave and I were meditating while I sat at the keyboard. Here's what came through - I understood the speaker was Machiventa:

Where there is sorrow let there be joy, where there is war let there be peace, where there is hunger, let there be plenty. May the earth and her peoples rejoice. The long awaited time has come for the arrival of a new Teacher son on your shores. His reach will be powerful and his weapons will be loving mercy, unfailing kindness, and joy everlasting. The fields are indeed white for the harvest and he comes to aid in the work of the salvage of lost souls. Great are the tidings of jubilation throughout Nebadon. Long may his reign on behalf of Michael, endure. 

Let it be known that this coming Son will come bearing the plans crafted by Michael himself, and charged with a commission to bring new hope to the planet. Look for his arrival anyday, for soon he will talk amongst you, walk amongst you and greet you as a friend and loving representative of the celestial administration on high. Our hope is to prepare you for His arrival by this proclamation, for the time is now very short for his appearance. Let the faithful stand ready. Let the women see to their tasks, and the men fortify their intentions. Let each look well within himself, asking the question, am I ready to aid in this great endeavor? Am I ready to march bravely forth when He asks? Am I ready to give my all, even as the early christians did to promote the kingdom of heaven on earth? The hour draws near. Let the faithful arise and stand ready to act on his behalf. There will be those among you who will sa! y they cannot believe until the mighty have fallen. There will be those who will prove fainthearted and run away at the first sign of ridicule or persecution. Only the pure hearted, the true, and the strong will survive the early times of this new visitation. We exhort you to let go of your fear and doubts, to move forward with new courage and purpose, to be prepared to die if need be in the service of the Son who comes. We thank you all for your loyal cooperation in this trial event. I bid you good night.

Meredith Tenney

Date: January 29, 2004 



Topics: Clear Channel Explanation; Teaching Mission Responsibilities 

Location: Northern West Virginia, USA 

Transmitter/ Receivers: Jim Hawkins 

UN-NAMED BEING: I see you are ready to go. It seems everybody's time is just a little bit different, but we wanted everyone - as much as possible - to be on the very same sheet of music before we began. Some people will be getting much more detailed information and instructions than you will, but don't let that concern you.

As was pointed out to you earlier, you will be getting exactly what you need. Let me explain to you just how this channel works. You are, I'm sure, quite familiar with the concept of multi-channeling, having had in the past a career in broadcasting. Multi-channeling is where many different messages can be sent in the same broadcast. That is just what is happening here... different messages, but precisely what people need to know, when they need to know it - all this is according to their openness, their ability to understand and act on what is given to them.

Unity in prayer is a very good example of many messages converging into one big corporate transmission, yet each message is an individual one with individual needs, a unique individual person whom the Father loves, cherishes and has an individual interest in. This is the unity inherent in group prayer: the seeming paradox that says I am many, yet one. Many individual paths lead to only One Destination. It is this kind of unity that one must strive for. Any mission requires this in order to succeed. That's common knowledge.

What we've been seeing is a great deal of fragmentation in this movement, and that's just what it is, a movement, just like the Christian movement. Christians started out on good footing, but soon split into denominationalism and factions. This is not to say that different expressions of that truth are to be discouraged, no. It means that all those within the Mission are to hold it high by living the revelation within themselves.

You have truly started to live what you believe. Your teachers used to say to you when something happened, or someone said something that bothered you, "Allow... allow... allow." In the overall scheme of things, allowing is not acquiescence, but a quiet spiritual strength that will prove to your benefit time after time. There will always be those who differ with you. That is their right.

The Mission is a body, but all parts have value and dignity, as well as a job to do that makes them indispensable to the rest of the body. Your particular part of the Mission has already been explained to you: of that you have no doubt. Each of the other members of the body has an assignment, like you. Either they are not aware of this or they are looking for some sign or indication to tell them which pathway to take. Very often the correct pathway is the one you decide to take based upon an "instinctual" understanding of yourself, your likes, dislikes and abilities. Very often common sense will open up those doors of opportunity to those who are still searching.

You asked about "clear channel" receiving where what you transcribe is devoid of any of your own mental processes and thoughts. That's exceptionally hard to accomplish. Seeing that this is a mutually cooperative effort, you know there is bound to be some of your own mental influence in this. You get the images we give you and translate them into the proper linguistic equivalences.

Little did you realize when you started typing this message you would have no name to pin on me, either. Why does that matter? If you know where I come from - and you do - why then would you have to know my name? I know you feel very comfortable with my presence; that should be enough. It took faith to find out your personal teacher's name. Not knowing mine forces you to accept what is said not based on my personality, which you either recognize or don't recognize, but on the merits of the content and energy of the message...

To you I repeat my concerns about the Mission. It must not fail. To put it closer to home, since you are an integral part of this Mission, you must not fail. I say this, not to put undue pressure upon you, but to emphasize that neither you nor the Mission are destined to fail. The Father has no intention of allowing the Mission to fail, and that's why this message is being sent to your circuit along with many other messages to the others in the Mission.

Yes, indeed, great changes are afoot, but then again, so are the challenges great inherent in any Mission you undertake. The Mission is a body with different parts, which must get along in order to accomplish the Mission. So be it and so it is.



Teachers: CELEBRA, SOLONIA; unidentified, probably Machiventa Melchizedek; ALANA, AHBARON

Date: January 29, 2004
Topics: "Clear Channel"
Location: Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Transmitter/ Receivers: Suzi Butterfield, Oliver Duex

[Note from Oliver: We were a small gathering of three, sat at a table with tall brass candleholders and the warm light of its candles engulfed us, while the wind played a soothing tune on the chimes. We closed our eyes and allowed ourselves to perceive the Eternal Nature. No expression of words should be deemed sufficient to capture the Divine reality of the Love felt when we entered a period of silent awareness. No concepts or symbols can possibly capture the total of the Love that was received by each.]

[Note from Suzi: David had talked to teacher Alana earlier in the day: "She was very happy, cheerful and glad we were open to any expansion of the message of love."

All three of us fell into a deep stillness.]

Suzi reported, "I have someone named CELEBRA here, who has been saying they are using our willingness, our energies, our openness, to enter into a broad streamed band of energy, and that incredible sense of expansion that I am experiencing in my transmitting body, which also sometimes feels like a weightiness, is part of this expansion that they are requesting of us."

Suzi: "I think I am hearing from an archangel, or arc-something or other, they are putting energy into the third eye of all those who are focused on this moment, focused upon receiving, and for some it would feel like difficulty breathing." [pause]

Oliver: I am hearing Solonia...

SOLONIA (OD): I am known to you as the "Voice of the Garden." Speaking tonight as the voice of the expanded garden of greater manifestation of love pouring down into your ready-made beds for spiritual fruitfulness. You have opened yourselves to an experiment of working in our spiritual garden. We honor your faith.

This work is a continuation of an ever-new and expanding manifestation of spiritual downpour of the golden-light rain to water the spiritual garden that together we tend to. You are asking what this experience is for

Our work is in preparation for the Son of Paradise origin, who will arrive some time. This is a time of learning how to become ready for such an occurrence. And so, we call all those together, who have shown interest in an event that is so magnificent, so different and all powerful, that it is beyond the imagination of any living human being.

So please understand that the phase of readiness is upon you, and that this evening is just a small part of what will be required of you humans, who, with your own free-will decisions, aid in setting the stage for this magnificent and saving event to occur. Certainly, you may have sensed from what you have been told so far, that your personal decisions can and will contribute to the time in your future when his coming, his arrival, will be observed by many around your world, as the rest of your universe looks on. We will continue to ask you to engage in experiences that will allow for clearer and wider and brighter channels of communications to occur.

We are most grateful for your trust, and the love you bring to this endeavor. Stay receptive, as you might be able to discern others...

[583§4 51:3.5 In the case of Adam and Eve, the angel of the Garden was none other than the chief of the planetary helpers then on duty. This seraphim, Solonia, proclaimed the miscarriage of the divine plan and requisitioned the return of the Melchizedek receivers to Urantia.]

[Suzi spoke for someone who might be Machiventa she got Ma...cha..., but nothing clear before the speaking began.]

UNIDENTIFIED TEACHER (SB): The joy of recognizing that only your voice can speak the love that dwells within your heart, is the new opening to God's love that I would have you know. As you grow in the lessons of this Teaching Mission, you will speak love more readily before the questions, doubts, and objections to the way of love sound you out. You must raise your voices for love. It is not a competition, as a debate, or a practice of elocution, but rather a co-operative bending to the will of God that love be manifested in his name.

Love, my beloveds, not names. Love, my beloveds, not categories. Train your voices to sing out to all the hungry and waiting, bringing forth to them the music and harmony, the beauty and the truth of love. Go forth from this moment with the garden of Solonia expanding in your heart, blossoming now, spilling petals of fragrant flowers from your mouths, and seeing the joys of love's fruitfulness through your eyes of love's perspective.

The moment of grace is now. Graciously accept. Graciously allow. Live your days with the dedication and focus that brought you here and now, into the promise, the promise of joy, the promise of God's glory blooming in your hearts. [pause]

ALANA (SB): Yes, this is Alana. Remember to love, my friends, through "thick and thin," whether high on the mountain or low. The task before you is great and simple: Remember to love. Yes? Thank you. [pause]

AHBARON (OD): Lend me your voice, my brother, as I want to compliment you for coming together at a time when many of you have heeded the call to come together in love, to experience more love, more of God's grace, more of the mercy-ministry of your Creator, who has ordained a long time ago that special circuits and channels be established for his love to flow into all areas of your existence that are in so dire need for the experience of love.

Without the mercy-ministry of your Creator the expression of this particular flow of love would not occur, and so join me in a prayer of thankfulness.

Beloved, Creator/Brother, beloved Mother, who continuously spreads her ministry via untold heavenly helpers. We bow in gratefulness with our hearts overwhelmed with the joy that the recognition of your love brings into our hearts. And may we be led to express the love, that flows so readily into us, to all who come across our path. May we learn, day by day, the many exercises of love toward those, who make it, at times, more difficult to love them as we would like.

We give thankfulness for the sturdiness of the mercy and grace that we are learning to experience. May we learn to minister more and more perfectly as you so perfectly minister to us. We thank you with the totality of our beingness.

Part VI

Laguna Woods, California, USA

29 January 2004 7PM Pacific Time; 10PM Eastern Time USA


Subject: [tml] Clear Channel

TR: Barbara Bolling

Hi Everybody, we just talked with Duane Faw of the Laguna Woods TM group and asked him to send us the transmission they received on January 29, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. Here it is: Subject : Report of special session At 6:55 P.M. PSTime, on Jan. 29,2004, the Laguna Woods Study Group met in a special session as requested. Our T/R was Barbara Bolling. Her teacher was Virgil. Virgil suggested that we turn down the lights, sit facing South, with feet flat on the floor, not with crossed feet or legs, and enter into meditation. We complied.

Barbara said at 7:00 P.M. she had a sensation of seeing a "big gathering" in a ballroom shaped like a coliseum, She "heard" beautiful instrumental music which reminded her of the song "Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel."

The meeting was called to order by a being whom she believed was Machiventa Melchizedek. Another being--who seemed to be in charge of the meeting--(a Most High?) extended greetings to those present and to the extended audience.

He said "It is my privilege to tell all of you--those who are here and those who are attuned (sic) in--that the circuit which has been closed since the days of the rebellion has been cleared and is open as of today. This circuit is one which will be used by the teachers to communicate with the children of Urantia. As a result the Children of Urantia can "be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect."

1. You will be able to speak more easily and clearly.

2. Inspiration from higher beings will be easier to perceive.

3. Transmitting will be easier, Teachers will be more clear.

4. The love of God can flow more the hearts of the children of Urantia.

This circuit is dedicated to the people of Urantia. May they be educated so that they can prepare for the future."

The meeting continued with Virgil as the Teacher for only a few minutes when he said: "Blessings to you all. We must join our peers for a talk session."



Clear Channel Reception.

From Contributing 11:11 Receiver, January 29, 2004.
Unknown Teacher. (Probably Gabriel).
Subject: "These Are Stirring Times for the Planet."

Courtesy of The 1111 Progress Group

Teacher: "This is a momentous broadcast from Salvington. In the interest of all assembled hosts of heaven, we bid you welcome at this celestial broadcast.

"Present are innumerable hosts to witness this auspicious occasion of the institution of the first official broadcast to Urantia. The time has come to officially pronounce that the Lucifer Rebellion has ended and the adjudication has now been completed. With the help of you mortals, we now set ourselves to the task of helping Urantia and her sister planets onto the path to Light and Life by eliminating the remaining causes and effects of the rebellion.

"It is with great joy and satisfaction that we see mortals awakening to this task, going about the assignment of self-correction, and, through the lessons of the Teachers, facilitating this correction in others.


"Bear in mind that this is only the very beginning of the Correcting Time. We ask all of you to have faith and trust, and to persevere. It is a momentous undertaking but not an impossible one. We shall all stand together for the Fathers sake, because his Will is being done.

"Be aware of coming changes, but let none of these unduly alarm you, for the old needs to pass away in order for the new to arrive, and we will be with you and of assistance in your tasks. We are most grateful for your dedication to be about the Fathers, and Michaels business.

"This is Michaels Mission to redeem the planet of His terminal Bestowal. He is in charge and stands shoulder to shoulder with you all, as you go about doing goodand manifesting the fruits of the Spirit.

"Each of you will know what needs to be done, and if not, turn within to the Guidance of your Mystery Monitors, who unerringly lead you God-ward. These are stirring times for the planets and even for the system and the universe itself. Be reminded that God loves you, as you are all His children. We pledge our co-operation, as you pledge yours."

"Your faith will grow exponentially in these stirring times. Stay focussed at all times. [A sudden break] This is a time of cleansing." [Now there is a sudden, huge surge of energy].

"This is Gabriel. We wish to thank all the participants in this, the Correcting Time."

Note: Clear Channel is an improved method of celestial/human communication through newly installed circuitry.

©The 11:11 Progress Group.

7pm Pacific Time
Colorado, USA
Re: Magisterial Sons Bestowal Mission

[Sirrus-Adam] Preparatory to receiving the message(s) (with our eyes closed), I was guided to do an energy manifestation. While seated, with upper arms by my side and forearms parallel to the floor, resting on the chairs arms, with palms directed diagonally inward/upward so that the energy from each hand intersected in front of my face, I sensed a ball of white light form and grow brighter. After it became intense, my hands then rotated around moving the expanding ball down to the earth. It continued to grow to cover the entire planet and out some distance, and then white light loving energy continued to pour into it until it was saturated. The feeling of overwhelming love brought tears to my eyes. At this point I seemed to hear:

Gaia is ready to receive.[Gaia is interpreted to be "earth mother". Earth's basal vibrational frequency has been increased allowing for improved reception for everyone - Ron B's note]

TR/JoiLin: I keep hearing a message, but I keep blocking it.

Greetings children of the Light, I am an emissary from the Most Highs, and I bring you tidings of great joy, for upon your world spreads an energy the like of which has not been known for many a long year. It will not come with the sound of trumpets or the clashing of symbols, but will spread out exponentially over and across and around your world, taking unto itself the very heart energy that has been nurtured for so many years. In each of you resides a seed that waits to bloom. The Light begins to shine, even now as I speak, allowing these seeds to burst forth, the Light of the Father
s Love. Be true to yourselves, for you are the hope of this mission; allow yourselves to be guided, for surely your guidance is now much more clear, and will be in days to come. Trust what you feel and know in your heart. Do not expect a time-line, for this I cannot give you. But know with each day that passes the time of His coming is closer, the time of your knowing is nearer. Allow your Teacher to work with you, open your minds and your hearts; allow the circuits to be connected for yours is a free will planet and naught can be done but through you. Enter your classroom each night as an open channel. As you are taught, you will teach, preparing the ground for your Teacher to step forward and be amongst you in physical form. I thank you for receiving my message. Stay in His Light and be at peace.

Eric: Is this Monjoronson or someone else?

Response: I am an emissary of the Most Highs. If you are willing I will now speak through you Sirrus-Adam.

TR/Eric/Sirrus-Adam: I bring you greetings from this receiver as well, for we are most pleased to work with everyone we can. It is an honor to be present among you in this new age or beginning when many lives will be changed, especially for those who desire it. It is time to be willing to go forth to serve to be willing to learn and express Gods will in your lives for everyone
s benefit. I can tell you that we are working, preparing the way for you to ascend to a more enlightened state, one where you can work more freely with the energies we are making available to you, and to prepare the way for many changers who will come forward in this hour of (this is the TR, Im not sure if its enlightenment or delight) but you will not need to be so concerned with knowing in advance what to expect, just know that we are working in coordination and cooperation with many agencies and personalities here and throughout the universe for the restoration of our dear planet Urantia. Bring all you have into this effort, and be especially glad for now is the time to be about your Fathers business. It is with no small (TR: it sounds like wonder, but Im not certain) that we bestow so many blessings upon each and everyone of you . Be of good cheer and know that we love you and you will begin each day with more than the day before. Benefactors are arranging for you to participate on a number of different levels so that you can be more prepared for what is to come. Be mindful/cognizant of new energies/leadings as they arise from time to time, for they shall weave together many threads which will lead to becoming the whole fabric that you comprise, also carry out your work with gladness and know that we are with of you every step of the way. I will leave this vessel now.



Proclamation Message

Arcadia Teaching Mission Group
JarEL, Freena(Most High Assistant), Monjoronson (Magisterial Son),

Machiventa Melchizedek, Corelli (Archangel)

Thursday, January 29, 2003, 7:00 pm
Arcadia, California

Larry: Dear Father thank you for this gathering this evening. We love you very much Father, Michael we love you, Nebadonia we love you. We are so grateful for our creation and the personality which you have endowed each one of us and the fact that you indwell each one of us. Open our minds and our hearts and our eyes to the wisdom which you would have us to know and as we now go into the stillness, let those who would hear the words you would want us to hear so speak them. In Christ Michaels name Amen.

JarEl: TR George. Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. I welcome all of you who have come to this special meeting tonight. The proclamation that you are about to hear is intended for those who are willing to listen and willing to see the new light. We have come very far in the Teaching Mission. Many of you have advanced to a superior level
of understanding and spirituality. We are very pleased with our students and their progress.

The Teaching Mission, however, needs to be taken up a notch. Up until this point all of you have been prepared in mind, body and soul to receive the messages that we are about to dispel on you. In order for you to fully understand our clear message that we send to you, we must open up new channels of communication so that you may fully understand and realize the concepts and values that we send to you. Over the next couple of months you will notice that the messages that come through will be taken up a notch, will come through with clearer and sharper imagery to which everyone can relate. Our goal is to facilitate the process between the teacher and the transmitter. Thus far, each transmitter has volunteered his or her time to participate in TRing and we greatly appreciate this effort. However, from now on participation will only be part of the experience. For the channels that we shall open from now on will allow you, the TR, and those who are willing to TR as well, to not only visualize concepts mentally, but you will also experience these concepts emotionally and intellectually. This experiential level will allow you to describe the imagery that you are experiencing to your fellow Urantians. This experiential level shall also be dispersed to the entire group. So when a communication comes through a certain concept is put forth the TR will act as a conduit which will allow all others in the same room to instantly visualize and recognize
this concept.

We are speeding up our efforts in this emergency Teaching Mission for the purpose of the coming of the Magisterial Son. It is perfectly clear that his coming will be sometime soon. Therefore we urgently need all of you to prepare for such an event and we urgently need all of you to practice the silence and allow for the communication to come through into your hearts and minds. I shall stress it again that it is all up to you to create changes. We are only here to help you and to make your transition easier. But, ultimately, it is your participation in this whole historic event that will bring changes to this world. Our efforts in the Teaching Mission have been very successful but we are aware that there is a need to further this Teaching Mission. Therefore, the decision was handed down by the Most Highs that new channels of communication shall be opened to your planet. You have proven yourselves worthy and therefore the channels shall be opened to all who are willing to communicate and who are ready to receive messages. These channels shall not be limited to those who are involved in the Teaching Mission, but shall be there for all who are willing to listen. Anyone with the Thought Adjuster shall receive new insight into his or her life. Your job will become much easier from now on for there shall be open ears and open hearts ready and willing to receive your message of love. If we are to open these new channels, it is for one purpose and one purpose alone, and that is to expand communication throughout and that includes you participating in this communication and allowing this information to flow through you. It is time to share this message with the whole world. For too long have you guarded The Urantia Book. It is time to allow it to free itself and to go freely through the hearts and minds of everyone. But the focus is not the book itself, it is in the words and ideas that you spread forward.

This world has reached its all time low of decadence. It is at an apex in which it is about to turn a new leaf (?) in which the next page shall be the return and renaissance of a new age in which all of you will participate. If for your whole life you have felt that you have been prepared, it is for this moment. You have all been chosen and you have all been prepared to receive this information and to disseminate it and to pass it on through and allow others to view it. There is a great thirst in which all of you will bring forth urns of water to the population and give them the water of life that flows through the universe. Do not worry about where this spring shall come forth, for it is already flowing in you. There is a great rush of water about to come forth in which all of you shall be stewards. I shall open it up for others to transmit now.

Floreena: TR Stella. This is Floreena, one of the assistants to the Most Highs. We have been anxious to contact you Stella and we have good news. As you have heard JarEl say, the Magisterial Son will arrive soon soon in your terms does not mean tomorrow, next month, but soon in celestial terms, which could be a year, two years and even ten. But you are all being prepared with this news so that you can arrange your lives to be ready when that great day comes. The change will be instantly observed. The world will be breathless with all the wonder of what this means. The Magisterial Son will appear on your TV. We have long waited for the day when we can use your technology for public appearances. Your world is ready technologically but it is not ready spiritually. Because of things lagging spiritually, the Most Highs feel that something must be done to bring about a change in human hearts and to know that there is a God who is working for you and with you. Your wars have been a terrible hindrance to the dissemination of this news. However, because you have lagged spiritually, your growth needs this help more than ever.

When he comes there will be a new spirit in the world which will urge the human spirit to be open to this new force. We look forward to this change in your world and we sincerely hope that all of you will be prepared to explain to the people what is happening. This is the most profound event in the history of your world. Nothing like it has been seen throughout the other worlds. Your world has been chosen as it was chosen by Jesus, by Michael, to bring about the Spirit of Truth throughout the world. The spirit that the Magisterial Son will bring will be something like the Spirit of Truth, however, it will be more. The change will be so profound that it will affect the rulers of the country as well as the rulers of other countries, who will no longer be able to oppress their people, because the power of God in the Magisterial Son is much stronger than the feeble plans of mortal men. We welcome this change because we know you will also.

So be not discouraged if you think you see no progress for the moment. But there is progress that we see from the other side. This, of course, for spiritual effect, will be most pronounced on those who are in power in your world and will also raise the hopes and desires of millions of people on your planet. Your planet has been in the dark ages, so to speak. However, that is about to change.

We greet you all with great love and great admiration for the fact that you have been so faithful to the Teaching Mission. We see your progress and we rejoice. You are not alone in your small group. We are reaching all of the people in the Teaching Missions throughout the world. Many are stunned that this could be happening in a time of their lives but indeed it is so.

Michael sends his greetings and urges you to wait for the coming of the Magisterial Son as the prophets had predicted Jesus
arrival. This time has been short by all reckoning but we will be here to help as much as we can. (I see your technology has interrupted our discourse cell phone was ringing.) But nevertheless, we are happy that you all came tonight to accept our greetings and our great news. Goodbye for now. There may be other people who may want to reach you but for me, Floreena, I bid you goodnight. Thank you.

Machiventa: TR George. Good evening, I am Machiventa and I bring you greetings. I wish you peace and I am very pleased with what I see and hear. We are very busy organizing this event and we greatly appreciate any assistance that you can offer. I am very enthusiastic and looking forward to the coming months where I can foresee that there will be great change on your world. And this change will be good. I have been involved in your world for many years and have seen much change and, overall, I am very pleased. However, in the coming months I foresee a great change one that has never been seen on this world and one that should rightly be so. My heart is filled with joy when I preview this era and I know how greatly all of you will benefit. I know because I have seen it. The reason I communicate with you is to remind you that we aren
t here at your disposal. We are willing and able to aid you in whatever means necessary. Allow us to know your intentions and help you realize your goals and dreams. Many of you have noticed recently that you have been urged in certain directions. Many of you have already been prepared to realize a particular project that youve had in mind for quite sometime. Many of you are beginning to barely receive ideas and concepts and ways that can help you help others. For all of you, everyone has different means of communication and expression, and we are here to facilitate your forms of expression. We are here to energize your love, your arts and your dialog. So be aware of these new opportunities that are available to you and when you feel that urge to go a particular way or to do something particular, know that it is partly due to this new energy that is flowing through the universe and is coming here to Urantia. I so greatly look forward to this new day and age.

Monjoronson: TR, George. Thank you for coming tonight. Hopefully this new energy that will spring forth from the universe allows you to communicate with God more peacefully, more fully. Hopefully this energy allows you to communicate with your brothers and sisters and to communicate to them with love and the utmost respect. Hopefully this new energy will allow your world to heal and the healing process is already on the way. We love you and more than anything we wish for all of you the love that you deserve. We hurt just as you hurt and we know that once you realize what love really is, it shall embellish you and surround you forever, always creating a deeper and more worthwhile sense.

This entire Teaching Mission has been commissioned because of the love of not only Michael, but that the entire universe has for you. There is a time when it was realized that you greatly and truly needed us to guide you; whereas our guidance was an answer, perhaps, that your deepest, most horrible nightmare, would not come true. But we are here to guide you and to protect you and to love you. We are here to hold your hand and take you out of this adolescence. We hold you truly and deeply in our hearts and we shall avail ourselves to guide you.

So fear not and do not allow others to instill fear in you. We do not bring to you any fear or doubt for it is not our intention to do so. In all our thoughts and intentions our number one priority is to show you that we love you and we deeply care for you. We would never try to scare you into anything. If we have called this meeting, it is to announce to you that something urgent and exciting is about to happen. It was never our intention to scare you into anything. And, no, the world is not coming to an end.

The world will change into something more beautiful and powerful. The world will bring new hope to those who have not. Those of you in this room have been very fortunate in the lives that you lead with many opportunities having convinced you (?) There is a reason why and that reason you shall find on your own time when you begin to take action in what you were destined to be. There are no accidents in this universe and every opportunity that has been handed to you was purposeful and had some long term effect.

We are all part of an orchestra in which God is our conductor. We all create a unique tune and when we organize ourselves we begin to create a beautiful melody. This is a moment of reorganization in which strains are being corrected and put into place. This is a moment in which great change shall come to the world, but it is not to be feared. It is an exciting time, a beautiful time, in which you will see many beautiful and extraordinary people rise and then their voices and the messages that we bring here tonight were all intended to facilitate and help you lend your voice and your thoughts.

For ultimately that is our goal, to bring the message to you personally and to invite you to participate in this great adventure. Ultimately it will always be personal and it will always come down to us asking you and by all means this, perhaps, is the greatest opportunity ever offered to any one generation and for you to be a part of will make your lives rich and extraordinary. If ever you
ve felt your lives filled with mediocrity, this is the opportunity to climb out of that mediocrity and join the ranks in bringing this new age of Life and Light. The world is ready and we are willing and we thank you all for coming here tonight and allowing us to communicate this message to you. We know that you lead busy lives. Thank you, goodnight.

Corelli: TR Stella. I have a message from Corelli: This is Corelli, you have been wondering who Floreena is. She is of a much higher order than I. She is a created being on the staff of the Most Highs who has been trying to reach you. She is glad that you were able to receive her message, which is valid, and I also concur with her message that the Magisterial Son will arrive. There will be great changes in your world. We hope we can communicate again as we tell you of the progress that you are making and that the world is making. We love you all. We send greetings from all of us. We will talk again soon. Goodnight and we love you.

JarEl: TR George. This is JarEl. For those of you who just listen to the messages, I would like to clarify who is speaking through the TR named George. Immediately after Machiaventa it was the Magisterial Son who spoke to you giving you his beautiful message. It was not made clear for he did not introduce himself and it was a beautiful message and I thank you all for coming here tonight.

This will allow you to talk to the leader and those that see someone leading them will always follow no matter what decision they
re in and you are a natural leader. Do not let the doubts and fears strip away this gift. Be decisive and be courageous and allow yourselves to make mistakes. Those are the qualities of a good leader. Does that help?

s message that I brought to you had a lot to do with encouragement and reassurance. This is something that you can give to one another and it is not hard to do. In fact it is very easy to encourage one another and to reassure one another. So I will leave you with that and allow you to take that into your hearts. Until next time, good night.

All: Thank you, good night.


1/29/04 Message from Andronason and Machiventa --

Over A Telephone Conference Call 

January 29, 2004

Began at 7:00 pm Pacific, 10:00 eastern
T/Rs Rick G, Bob D.

(Opened with a long period of stillness)

* I am Andronason. In the course of our Correcting Time mission we have completed our establishment of all programs within your entire system. Every world, once quarantined, has in place the mission administration and the projects that lie within their responsibilities. And therefore has (the system of) Satania become recognized as advancing, as fully directed towards Michael
s benevolent plan of creature salvation -- the outreach of the Divine towards the human soul and the realization of acceptance in the family of God. To you, my devout clan, I give you my honor and recognition of your sensitivity and your faith. Peace be with you.

(A long period of quiet, followed by group discussion, where we decided to tune in and see if there was any further information to be shared, followed by a stillness period.)

* I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I follow the address of my associate this evening by reaching to you, my brothers and sisters of Urantia, to share with you in this time of re-encircuitment that symbolizes connectivity with the whole and the turbulence of the past as just a memory. From here we will work together to bring light and understanding where darkness and confusion still exist on your world today.

We do not wish to speak at length with you this evening, at the risk that we may lessen the impact that the announcement this evening has
. May you ponder the significance; may you seek in the quiet, understanding and the gathering of resolve to work for the plan of our Father. The connections are increasing and your receptivity may become enhanced, but all this is accomplished through your dedication, sincerity, and your continued commitment to our Universe Parents.

At this time I will withdraw, but I stay here working for Michael for the betterment and the eventual culmination of light and life on this world. I bid you a good evening, my friends.

Part XI

Group: Denver TeaM

Topic: Announcement

Teacher: Monjoronson (TR’s, Jo Ann & Mary Jo)

[Transmitted by Mary Jo Garascia and Jo Ann Wiedman]

January 29, 2004, 8 PM Mountain time


[This message was received by two novice T/R’s on the night of Jan. 29, 2004.

We acted as a t/r team, so there are two voices. We were expecting everyone to receive the same message/announcement and agreed to listen in to sharpen our t/r skills, thinking we could actually check our work. We were chagrined at first to see that we did not receive the same message as our group, but enlightened by the directive to piece together the messages. Because of that directive, we offer our first transcription to our friends in spirit in the teaching mission.]


MONJORONSON (1ST TR): Children of Earth, I salute you! I am Monjoronson; I am he of whom you have been speaking. I have a mission and I have called you together because it is fitting that you should hear me as one. For those who read this message, you are here in spirit now. This message is for ALL who happen to come to it, in whatever way.


I shall sometime walk your earth, walk your soil. I remain aloft (?) for the time being. I am here in a very real way to each of you. I am accessible to you, each of you. No, this is not a dream. Your planet has been lovingly, carefully watched and nurtured, lo theses many eons of time, and it is no different now. Even more so are you watched, cared for and protected. This world of the cross is a very pivotal and intriguing sphere. Your Father/brother Michael sojourned here, as you know. He chose with deliberation this planet. Great and momentous occurrences are at hand. The Universe is poised with anticipation and joy to witness the re-balancing, the re-...(2nd t/r) . ..connecting of the circuit of light and life, as it is infused into the rebellious planets of your system. We come with light to scatter the darkness. We come with love to dissipate the hatred. We come with gifts to shatter the greed that exists everywhere on these rebellion-torn worlds. Come join with us to carry the light to those who sit in darkness. You yourselves have been drawn to this light. Absorb it and reflect [it] out to others. The path you take is your choice.


(1st t/r)


You are my beloveds. I am close to your Prince; I am here with his blessing and approval. The time is drawing nigh for the world to be informed and upstepped by the information. There will be confusion, disbelief, anger, [and] fear. For this you have been prepared, you are BEING prepared. I am not here to tell you the time or the day, only to gather you, as it were, to anoint you, to let you know these things are coming to pass and that your participation and cooperation is greatly appreciated and also greatly required (or needed?). It is time to take the prerogative of co-creation into the arena of the world. You have been testing and trying this for many years, many of you and manifesting truth, beauty, and goodness in your personal spheres. You must be witness now to the greatness and power of God, his loving kindness, and the all-encompassing love that is the Father. It has ever been thus, so many crying in the wilderness. You are to be the light; you are to be the water. You are to be the bread—not you—but God through you. Be humble, be patient, be tolerant and kind. Be kind to one another.



(2nd t/r)

Proclaim this message of saving joy: One is coming who will put aright many wrongs that have been on this planet for a long time! Magisterial missions are judicial; adjudication is part of my mission. Things being set right on the material level may cause somewhat of a chaotic interim. Let this not concern you, but know that it will be a fact. The anguish felt by those who trust not these messages, the consternation they will feel is not of Spirit.


Be one with us when these times come. When these individuals approach you, comfort them. Let them know that in the Father's Universe all is always well. Invite them into the Kingdom where the deepest of peaceful feelings is available to each of you always, no matter the appearances from the outside world. Peace is plentiful; light is bountiful; abundance is yours through this joyful work.


Deeper we ask you to commit yourselves to carrying the light forward with your hands held by celestials as you go. Fear not; you are not alone. We are with you always. Shining light into the darkness is what we ask of you at this time and from this time forward. Will you step forward with us at your side, all around you as it were, to continue this work? To pledge yourselves individually to helping people expect the good and experience the happiness that comes from the certainty of the Father's presence for each of us?


(1st t/r)

I will someday walk with you; I will someday meet you. We will all someday be together in the flesh, perhaps not for all of you but for many of you.


However you must be patient; you must live your lives as they are; you must not falter or faint by the wayside. Know that help is always but a thought away. Be not afraid; be of good cheer. Experience the stillness, even in your busiest time. REMEMBER the stillness. It is enough just to remember the stillness in order to experience it. This will refresh you, rejuvenate you, and prepare you to better meet your lives as they unfold in this time of waiting and correcting.


The "bottom line" as you say, is God-consciousness at all times. Strive for this. We are legion here, who watch and want to help. We all come in the Spirit of Michael and in the light of truth, beauty and goodness. We love you with a love that would almost astonish you were you able to truly appreciate and feel it. We understand your condition here and we love you all the more for it, for your willingness to seek higher experiences, the faith that there are such experiences to [be] had, even on this unfortunate but beautiful planet.


Fortunes change children, and your fortunes here are about to turn for the better. Do not expect immediate results, but do expect results. With your continued cooperation and help great things WILL happen, for we are not willing that you should perish—any of you. We are not willing that your planet should languish in error and ignorance, greed, depression and fear. The tide is turning; can you not feel it? You are on the vanguard, and we take the point with you in joy and true brotherhood. Talk with one another. Yes, compare notes. You will always find us faithful. Much love to each of you.


Part XII

Courtesy: The 11:11 Progress Group

January 29, 2004


Thursday, January 29, 2004, 7:00 PM
Mid-Willamette Valley Group



Transmitter: I hear many celestials singing a song in beautiful harmony.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye, we welcome the coming of an age on Urantia. Urantia is now on the strong path of being returned to the Universe of Christ Michael once again.


Hear Ye, hear Ye, to those who wish to hear. We welcome those who have been truly isolated for so long back into the strong fold of the Father’s will.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye, to those who will become a great credit to Urantia. For those who would hear and those soon to hear this Universe rejoice at the coming of an age for the people of Urantia.


Hear Ye, hear Ye, we welcome the coming of an age on Urantia.


Thank You Most Highs.


This message repeats.

Machiventa: Thank you Michael for the re-establishment of Urantia to the local Universe. We Urantians are pleased to have the status of ownership once again in our Universe. We welcome the Most Highs and offer gratitude for this broadcast from the Most Highs.


We welcome the Magisterial Mission to bring Urantia into the next stage of planet career "Light and Life." We welcome and give our gratitude to all those citizens in Nebadon who have come to aid those citizens who are on Urantia for the upliftment of the planet.


Thank you one and all for the dedication and stamina for such an up bringing of Urantians for the next level of Planetary and Spiritual growth.


Thank you one and all. Machiventa.



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