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11:11 Progress Group

Idaho, US of A

"No Name, No Number".

Subject: "The Fifth Epochal Revelation."

May 02, 2002

Received by George Barnard.

George: "I sit here sitting here for ever and three more minutes with a million things on my mind, and now I hear you, at last, vaguely, demurely. I'm battling here since that first faint signal."

A Friend: "We are here with you, and we receive you well. I am a friend."

George: "It seems to be my lot that I must hassle forever with this method. Would you be so kind as to repeat that last bit you said?"

A Friend: "I am a friend. It was the choice -- our choice -- to make known the Teachings of the Fifth Epochal Revelation in North America and from North America to the rest of your world. In part, this decision rested on it finding fertile ground, but also in part because it was right here, where it was most urgently needed.

"Thorough knowledge of the Revelationary Papers have the effect on some as to often encourage a more conscientious form of behavior. Although, many who read the Papers find confirmation of their past and present behavior patterns having been correct, having been honest, having been good, and having been appropriate, in their many dealings with their fellow men, and in the Eyes of our Creator.

"Others who are not so inclined, are, perhaps, more drawn to the (scientific) information that is contained in the Papers, and that deals with the development of this planet, the emergence of the human race from animal stock -- in short, the work that has gone into making the planet habitable for your occupation, the work that has gone into making your species an intelligent one that knows its Father, and this work by such Contributors as your good Life Carrier Friend, Orion.

"These individuals will later be drawn to the Papers that show the examples your Michael gave to all, in His life, in His occupation, and even in His death on the planet of His Bestowal.

"Although the Revelation is available to many, because of the high price to be paid, at a time when communication per word, per sentence, per paragraph, per chapter, is so inexpensive through the use of your electronic media, knowledge of the words of the Revelation, the values contained therein, and the examples set therein, will only slowly and beneficially spread across the globe from where you are.

"Each of you, in your small group of workers for the good of Progress, have a task to perform, have a task to see through. And it is an aspect of your lives that has always been among your goals.

"Those of you, who have taken the potential of Revelation further than to merely read what can be read, contain within your mind what you might learn, but to work for, and practice, and train routinely for contact with your Brethren of Higher Realms -- that contact which followed upon the mere printing of the Words -- the Correcting Time Teachings -- are performing a valuable, essential, critical task.

"And we want you to know, that not just in living the life the Urantia Papers portray, but also in your disseminating of the further Progress Work of your Midwayer Friends, the Seraphim in charge, and indeed of your Prince Machiventa, and Michael, Nebadonia, and the Father Himself, you are fulfilling a promise long-ago made, to do your part in progressing the work of the Commission, on behalf of which I speak to you now.

"You are looked upon by many. You are loved and cherished by many. You are valued by many of my Species, and you are well known to me.

"May the Father bless you workers."

George: "You spoke to me in the gentlest of voices. Might you be so kind as to give me your name, or your number?

A Friend: "I am of, with, and for the Commission, but I can give you no name, for I have no name. I can give you no number, for I have no number. I am "One Without Name or Number".

Notes: There would be many, more-fluent contacts, who could have "done a better job of this" than I have done, and, what's more, I really care precious little about what the Urantia Foundation does, or does not do on their long, slippery slope to Paradise. They are what they are, do what they do, and for all to witness.

I suggest "the Commission", referred to above, surely represents the selection of Celestials (not humans) instrumental in "ordering the Urantia Papers to be made a reality" in our dimension.

The 11:11 Progress Group