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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Teachers: Olfana, Evanson


Material Manifestations of Spiritual Realm,



September 7, 2003

* Olfana (Ginny TR): Good morning, this is Olfana. As you gather during these times of spiritual searching desiring improvement and growth, it is good to see you reaching for the sky, so to speak, but, as you realize, you are bounded in physical reality. It would behoove you to apply these physical manifestations to your spiritual realm. They are all around you, especially as the seasons change: The blue skies, the clouds, the wind, the harvest, the green and the brown, the cleanup of things that are finished, putting them aside not because they are no longer useful but because they have another cycle, the cycle of becoming something else. Relish the colors, the smells, the movement, the changing of the light; all these things can be applied very easily to your spiritual natures. All of you have your hands in the dirt now and then, so you know whereof I speak. These material manifestations are gifts to you if you contemplate them as you work with them. As you realize by the cycle of the seasons, all things change, all things grow. All things have their season from the first poke of the crocus under the snow to the harvesting of the last zucchini, or squash, or potato only to begin again the following spring, to repeat the cycle.

Your times of light are wonderful indeed and are to be enjoyed. Your times of inspiration, your times of spiritual joy are certainly easy and delightful times to be in, but not to lose heart when times are rather dark, confused, and you feel like you may not be accomplishing much. Those are all human thoughts and human emotions which are valuable because they lead you to a time when things again will be clear, will be enjoyable, will be delightfully uplifting. Your spiritual nature, your spiritual standing never goes backward if you keep your eye on the prize, when you understand that these passing moments of confusion and doubt will turn soon into flowering growth and improvement.

As you progress along this path and as you become more and more familiar and as you live more and more in the light of your divine inheritance, you will more easily be able to weather the storms of insecurity and doubt. You will more and more realize that these things are but passing shadows and that they will lead you to stay firm and to stay focused on your eternal values.

Indeed a great day is coming when you will all be bathed in the light. There will be less fear, less hatred, less animosity, and more joy and trust and love. It is inevitable; it is far superior to the trials and setbacks of your human nature. Be kind. Be tolerant and be loving. Use all the colors of your spiritual accumulation just as it takes all colors to make your flowers beautiful.

I too rejoice at your progress and am delighted to partake of witnessing this fantastic event that is occurring on your
planet. I wish you all steadfastness in your pursuits, joy on your countenances, and cheerfulness in your words. I leave you with great hope for the future and a great certainty for the light. Good day.

* Evanson (Jonathan): I too greet you. This is Evanson. I take delight in visiting, undertaking this format of contact and share with you reflections upon a teaching brought by another teacher in this mission.

It has been said that the opposite of love is not hatred but rather fear. Love may be called an aggressive act, though I qualify it to be a kind, soft, act of aggression, perhaps more appropriately called assertion; and fear is a recoil, a retraction. It is one that avoids risk; love is willing to risk. Hatred, on the other hand, is aggressive; it is willing to risk. These two qualities alone disqualify it as an opposite to love. It is rather a distorted application of love in all its reverses but is not its opposite.

If fear is the opposite of love and not hatred, then what is the opposite of hatred? It is courage. You might think of courage as the opposite of fear. Let us look at courage and hatred.

Hatred is projected toward another person or thing, an external situation that is disliked. Courage, on the other hand, is an acceptance of your own values, your own worth, a trust in your own wisdom. It is like love in that both love and courage assert your value and the value of what you believe in, where fear and hatred are a recognition of a power outside oneself and an unwillingness to accommodate or reckon with it. Jesus taught that it is better to amplify the light rather than to advertise negativity; to search out, to comprehend, and to be transformed into goodness rather than discover, categorize, and condemn all evil, for in the end what is it that you wish to possess but truth and goodness? And what is it that you leave behind but error and evil? Therefore it is beneficial to the growth of the soul to put away fear, to abandon hatred, to develop courage, and to augment love, for these two are an investment in your own personal wealth. It is an acknowledgment of your own abilities, your own powers. It also allows you freedom, for both fear and hatred imprison you to either the values or the powers of someone other than yourself, and conditions your actions and limits your freedom.

Courage may and often is seen as an aggression, and it has been used wrongly in the forcing of beliefs upon others. But it is really passive, for it is willing to disregard the influence of others and to merely reside within the values held dear. Courage need not act, for many a courageous soul has gone to death simply standing for one's belief. Hatred, on the other hand, is the aggressive force which seeks to suppress the orientation of another.

When faced with feelings of hatred, or any other synonym
that you may choose to describe that feeling -- more correctly, a temporary orientation -- do not be concerned with replacing it with love but rather adopt courage, return to your home values, your personal beliefs, and stand by your orientation. Trust in the wisdom bestowed upon you through experience and the guidance of God that your position and your orientation are valuable. Leave the condemnation of another to the trials of time and the guidance of God that they may gain in wisdom and change their ways. Be courageous.

When faced with fear, it is not a time to muster courage; it is a time to amplify love. Fear is a distrust in your own ability to stand for who you are, whether it is in physical strength or in your personal beliefs or in your eternal welfare. Love, on the other hand, values your abilities, values your standing, and values all others likewise, and is willing not only to die for friends but to die for enemies. That love takes courage.

All we teachers enjoy canvassing the many lessons presented to you by our fellows. We reflect upon the insights of each within our teaching corps. We each develop our own perspectives and wish to share those with you, and so I do today give you my perspective on what is the opposite of love. If it is not what it was thought to have been, and what are the opposites for those. Thank you.

Ginny: When there are changes in our spiritual growth on this, or any, planet will there be a change in teachers, like a changing of the guard?

* Evanson: There is a turnover of instructors that does depend upon the progress of the human beings who are involved in the teaching outreach. This is not however a complete turnover of all involved. It is a reassigning of those who have volunteered to undertake certain aspects of the teaching program that they are best equipped to lend their services to, while others are retained as their roles are more comprehensive, more administrative, involved in oversight. This is also true of personal teacher assignments as it is with the progress of a planet.

It may be likened to your grade school instructors and then your higher educational instructors, for in your early years you have a single instructor and numerous topics. You do receive a change of instructor in a period of time, a school year, but as you advance and the specifics of your knowledge increase and the breadth of your knowledge expands, there come into your life many teachers given to one subject more specific and expert in that field, and you change your classroom hourly. This is the same pattern for your spiritual growth and for the growth of the planet, for as human civilization grows more interconnected, more globally expanded and complex in cultural interweaving, far more specifically trained instructors are required, and they will shift to the hot spots, those areas in need of that revelational touch, that input of celestial perspective.

When a milestone in planetary advancement is attained, when goals are reached that are held by many volunteers such as those in this Teaching Mission/Correcting Time, an announcement is put forth by the melchizedeks that any volunteer who has reached a point of fulfillment may retire from the program and do so with honor, with having succeeded in fulfilling that personal mission to which they volunteered, for at these crossroads it is recognized that human civilization has entered into -- if I may use my school analogy -- a new academic program. The grade school instructors are praised for their efforts, and the higher educational professors are installed to continue. This reflects not upon their worth but acknowledges the value of every celestial minister at every step in the planet's progress. Therefore you will see a change as the need arises, but it will not be a complete clearing of the staff and the installation of an entirely new set of beings.

I hope this has helped.

Ginny: Yes, thank you. This is not a totally spiritual question so maybe I shouldn't ask, but I have been reading about the "bilderbergers" in our government. Is that anything that is going to effect our world either governmentally or spiritually?

* Evanson: I am not aware of this terminology you speak of. Bilderbergers? I assume it has nothing to do with high protein hamburgers!

Ginny: Hardly.

* Evanson: The midwayers hinted that there is a great ideological struggle on this world, and that struggle is not with one governmental power and another as was witnessed so strongly in your era titled "The Cold War". It is rather with selfishness with superiority sensibility coupled with the wrong intention to implant one's values aggressively into another culture. That applies to opposite parties, polar governmental configurations, and trickles down to individual and personal relationships.

There are bodies of beings on this world, human beings, who assert that they have the "right" perspective on how the world ought to be run. It is driven most often from a narrow viewpoint, one of personal or small group interest and not taking into account the benefit of the largest, greatest amount of people. These pockets, these power bases, do not know when to relinquish their control, to turn over to more qualified leaders, as the celestial ministers know to do when their time has run its course. It may have been important at one time to stand for some values, to fight against oppression, but that very stance becomes oppressive itself when one fails to see that the time has arrived for a shift into a new paradigm to install matters of functioning that will promote higher values without oppression, without eliminating all from belonging rightfully to those higher standards of life.

Much tolerance and allowance and resolve are given over to governmental bodies for correcting the wrongs of societies, for upholding values of society. These institutions are not the leaders in world advancement. They are an inevitable outworking of the effort of a world to advance. Those who bring change within humanity are those who work within the many ranks of human society. These are the ones who apply themselves in a township, who apply themselves in a rural area, and some have the calling to a larger body. Some are within areas of human accomplishment such as literature, art, and science. These are the people who create the destiny of the world, and the many follow willingly because of its attractiveness. No military, no dictator, can hold the masses when these individuals are planting the seeds of light and of truth.

Does this address your question?

Ginny: Yes, thank you.

Evelyn: We trust our teachers, the melchizedeks, and the various program overseers that whoever they assign to us is who we need. If others move on that we have come to know and love, well, our friendship lives on, and we will have opportunities to get reacquainted at another time.

Ginny: It's one of the things I'm looking forward to when I get on the other side, seeing and re-meeting all the teachers we have become acquainted with here.

* Evanson: Such reunions take place, and you will be involved in a gathering of that sort. You will do so many times throughout your ascent, for while this world may have billions of people upon it, imagine the system, the local universe, and the worlds in spheres beyond. You will meet many of the brothers and sisters who inhabit these worlds. You will cherish those relationships forever, even while you may be light years distant from one another. But you are coming to know of forms of communication as your technology advances on this world which will give you a hint of your ability to stay in touch heart to heart with one another even across the galaxies.

I will release Jonathan. I give you my love. All the teachers care deeply for every one of you, even if their assignments are in other areas and on other tasks. So long.