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Half Moon Bay, California

Teacher: Olfana

Topic: Invigorating Faith

March 25, 2001

TR: Susan Kimsey

Olfana: Greetings, dear Susan. You are one of our dear ones, and we hold you close to our heart. There is much to discuss with you regarding this conference, and so let us get to the point at hand.

You [conference planners] can indeed color this conference with a warm tone of love and faith. Faith adds the sparkles and highlights to life's experiences, and love brightens the colors of life's palette from which we paint our daily lives. Faith joins with love to provide the glory of hope with which we transform the challenges of life into an education for our eternal destiny. Faith can be the transformer of fear and despair and the dark emotions, which can accumulate in our hearts. Faith can be the antidote to the disease of hopelessness, which lurks in the dark shadows of Urantia. Faith can be the elixir, which enlivens the soul and offers it new energy to grow and increase. Faith has this power, and faith combined with the free will of man can indeed transform this world.

Let your conference be a celebration of this power of faith to transform lives, and transform worlds, and deliver souls to the Father who are seeking His Light and His Embrace. Let your conference be a gathering together of souls who seek to grow more spiritually fragrant by anointing themselves with the Faith of Jesus, an aroma of such love and trust and power of belief in God that it enchants all who seek to experience it. Those who can help you discover this Faith of Jesus will assemble with you, and make of your conference a celebration that you will greatly appreciate having had the opportunity to attend. The Father smiles upon all who offer Him this gift of an exploration and celebration of their faith in The Divine manifesting in their daily lives. Such a conference can be yours to create together. Have faith in yourselves as being worthy of such an achievement, and the Faith of Jesus will manifest in you and inspire you, and in such a manner will your conference take shape and develop it's own unique potential to minister to all those who attend.