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SpiritFest 2000 Conference

Santa Cruz, California

Teacher: Olfana

Topic: Act Of Service

July, 2000


Hi everyone,The theme for this year's SpiritFest was "The Father's Loving Service." During our final evening of transmissions, each TR had a message that touched upon this theme of service. The final transmission was from Olfana, which is why she refers to herself as "the nightcap." :-) SpiritFest was a big success this year. We had a smaller group than usual, but the loving vibes were enormous! I'll write more about it later. . . . .

Love, Susan


Olfana: (Smiling) I am the nightcap this evening, my dear ones. I am here to give you my last little cup of cocoa, and make sure you are safely tucked into your beds. This is "Mama Olfana," who is here to wrap things up. We have had much on the table this weekend, my dear ones. There has been much important and meaningful discussion here among all of us. You, who are here as friends and brothers and sisters, and we, who are here as your spiritual mentors, we have all come together, now, in an opportunity to divest ourselves of the normal stresses and demands of the day. And to take this moment to nourish ourselves, and reconnect in our desire to be of service to the world, and to grow in our own understanding of ourselves as Beloved Children of God.

There are many, many ways in which you can be of service now in this world. Consider the smile on your face as, indeed, an important gesture of service to the world. Imagine the world smiling together. Is this too much to ask of this poor, tired world, now? That all the Dear Creation of God, those time and space mortals who now live here a day at a time, that there could be a smile on the lips of each and every child of this world, on each and every parent's face, on those who have lived long years and now rest comfortably in their chairs, observing their families, that have grown generation after generation, and these elders smile to see so many happy faces? Is this a possibility for our world some day, that we can be a smiling race of mankind?

What a beautiful service to the Father, that we could all smile upward toward Him, as a race of mankind, as Urantians smiling together into the Face of God. Consider this now, my dear ones. In what ways can we, indeed, serve God? Do you consider yourself capable of such a gesture, that you can provide a service to the Father? Do nor limit yourselves, my beloveds. Consider this even as a possibility for yourself. That you can serve, not only all those whose paths cross your paths in your daily lives; but, that you can indeed provide a service to God, on high, by living your life seeking out opportunities of love, seeking out opportunities of kindness, seeking out opportunities of helpfulness. That in all these ways, my dear ones, you warm the Father's Heart. You create pride and a sense of joy in Christ Michael's Heart when He sees you living your life with a smile upon you face, and a desire to create a smile in another's.

Will you please, as you consider this topic of service, remember that this one small act of kindness, joy, and beauty, can indeed be such a gift to Christ Michael and God? A smile on your face as you enter into the world is, in itself, a glorious act of service to those who love you--from God, through Christ Michael, to our beloved local Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, the angels who serve under her, the midwayers who love this world--to all of them, my dear ones, this smile upon your face is indeed an act of service which warms their hearts! (Smiling) That is my nightcap now, and I bid you good evening with a smile now on my face, because I care so much for each and every one of you. And I am so proud and honored to be able to connect with you in these moments when you sense me, just as I sense all of you. Namaste, and sweet dreams, my dear ones.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group