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Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

From: SK


"A Lesson on Healing"

June 24, 2000

Let me welcome you, now, to this gathering. And, indeed, I would greet you all as those who choose to heal, both your own beings and any who may come to you in need. Consider this, my dear ones. That you are offering yourself in service as one who chooses to help others be released from pain. What pains can be suffered in this world now? There is such a broad range of suffering on this world. We can be healers of hearts, of minds, of our very souls. And so I would ask you to consider yourself a healer of many different possible components of a being, your own and those who may cross your path. In this broadly defined definition of healing, I would ask you, then, to seek to identify yourself as a healer in a way that begins to feel most comfortable.

Consider the pains of life. In what manner now do you choose to respond to this pain, to this suffering? Are you one who is willing to engage with another in physical contact? Are you one who can proceed to heal with touch, with contact, with a tactile embrace which can, indeed, be a means of connection to God's Love and Care? Are you one who can invoke the power of prayer to release others and yourself from pain? How much do you identify prayer, now, my dear ones, as a healing balm, as a means of empowerment that can, indeed, release the pain that is connected with an experience of life? Are you willing and able to call forth this power in a way which conveys its strength? If you are one who prays for another's healing, you must do this with a sense of strong conviction and faith, in order to overcome whatever fear and sense of anxiety exists in the one who seeks this healing. Healing prayers are petitions of strength, my dear ones. And for those of you who feel drawn to this level of service, I would ask you to seek for this strength to flow through you, through your voice, through your sense of commitment, through your trust ad faith in the process that you invoke by this healing prayer.

Are you one who is willing to become a student of the work that has already been done by others in this world through many, many centuries, millennia, I would say, millenniums of time, in which sacred information has, indeed, been offered to this planet regarding ways in which the works of nature can be utilized as a healing balm for those who suffer, whether it be in the physical, or mental, or emotional, or even spiritual sense? There is much information that has been provided to this planet, throughout time, which now needs to be rediscovered, revitalized, reincorporated, into the understanding of modern-day man. How much of a challenge is it to take a soul who has been raised in what we call "modern-day suburbia" and encourage them to connect with the natural herbs and flowers which grow by God's Grace in the fields and the woods? This is not a stretch of the imagination for one who has been raised within, shall we say, a tropical jungle, a Bavarian forest, the Hawaiian Islands, perhaps. There nature sings in their hearts easily. But, for someone who has been raised with the lawns cut weekly and the Ortho-Grow fertilizer thrown throughout the yard to help the flowers grow--what assistance might they need to incorporate more of the sense of natural medicine that can be made available to them? So often someone from that context looks at the idea of even, perhaps, herbal medications as possibly poisonous. Nothing of the mark of a pharmaceutical grade placed upon it, and therefore, they can be most trepidacious in their response to these things. And so, are you one who is able and willing to do the research, understand these things, in a way that you can offer this information to some who feel it is a very foreign and unappealing approach to their own healing and balancing processes?

There are other powers which you have also been quite removed from the ability to understand in this modern time. There are healing vibrations which flow toward this planet, even from the stars, my dear ones. There are ways in which this world is bathed in a melody of balance, and continuity, and a peaceful integrity to your being, which you are no longer clearly identified with. There is a reason why primitive cultures chose, at times, to sleep out under the stars. There is a reason why primitive cultures worshiped the sun and the moon and other clearly visible planets and stars, planets such as Venus, which reflect the light, as do the stars, because they were aware that there is truly a way in which even these things, in a subtle and yet powerful way, can help to balance our beings.

If you feel yourself drawn in any way to those areas I have just covered, I would encourage you to become more of a seeker of this information. It will be provided to you--I assure you of that--if you choose to become more open and available to this information. There are many, many, now, who would choose to work with you in this process, would choose to help you grow in your understanding, and would help you become empowered to offer this understanding to others in a way in which it will be well received. You are still, in so many ways, ground-breakers in this, my dear ones. This is still something which can be considered on the fringe, the edge of what we now define comfortably as "the field of medicine." But, indeed, if the field of medicine is to claim this ability to cure the pains of life, then I would ask you to help us to expand the borders by which we now define the field of medicine, and incorporate into it these many other natural, and beautiful, and subtle, and sometimes mysterious ways, in which, very surely, God will offer remedies to the painful experiences of life.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group