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Coeur D'Alene Teaching Mission Group

Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

Teachers: Olfana, Elyon, Lantarnek, Tomas


Olfana Visits,




June 4, 2000

* Olfana (Jonathan TR): Allow this to begin. I am Olfana once again with you, pleased to be in association. I perceive such luminous souls. It is a beautiful landscape; your personalities manifest such variety; your intentions are quite uniform. This diversity and similarity is what contributes to the beauty of your arrangement together. From the viewpoint of morontia eyes, it is quite colorful. To be as you are, such seekers for truth, those who are on the quest for goodness, you display an art that is cherished by those from our vantage point. Much as you enjoy a scenic viewpoint from the world whereon you are stationed, we also behold the beauty of your expressions and take delight in your discoveries, your emergence, much as you delight in the growth and maturation of spring into summer and fall. I will not occupy all your time today. I am visiting and send you my love and greetings. _________________________________________________

NOTE: T/R Susan Kimsey:

Hi Coeur d'Alene Group,

I just wanted to make a few comments on Olfana showing up in your group. Her first statement to Rick Giles is very consistent with how she starts transmissions with me. I always hear "Allow this connection to begin," over and over. When I repeat it myself, it means I am ready to begin tr'ing, and then the rest of the message begins to flow. Also, all this imagery about our "spiritual lights" is classic Olfana. She constantly talks about seeing us "glowing" in colors, and how beautiful we are to her. More follows below....

More from the Coeur d'Alene 06/04/00 transcript:

* Tomas (Gerdean):.....The message I would bring would relate to the charismatic presence of our sister Olfana, whose charm of character is such that she can represent for us in this setting today the divine equality of the feminine as Jesus taught was truth when it comes to sons and daughters of God. I won't go into the philosophic differences between formats and forums, for we could get lost in discussions of planetary administration and social arts and competitive skills ad infinitum. But the charm and strength of the feminine is a fact that is still undermined and overlooked in your world. The culture has a way to go before understanding and appreciating the strengths of the mother. The archetype of the male, administrative god and male dominated aspects of spirituality are in many ways obstructions to the full breadth of what spirit reality is, for there are realms of thought and feeling that will not be incorporated unless and until that element of reality is embraced. It is an encouragement, yes, but more than that; it is an invitation to balance.

T/R NOTE Susan:

Olfana and Tarkas both have discussed a number of times that one of the goals of the Teaching Mission is to help "right the balance" of the feminine/masculine energies of the planet, especially in human relationships. They also say that many powerful feminine Teachers, such as we see for example in Olfana, Will, and Signa, are intentionally assigned to the Urantia's Teaching Mission, to help right this balance by modeling strong, dynamic, and at the same time, nurturing and loving feminine personalities. Here is a Tarkas excerpt that discusses this concept:


Half Moon Bay, CA 11/10/94

Student: You'd mentioned a few moments ago that many planets were involved in the rebellion, and that for each planet there was a custom program, or some type of a customized program of ministry. Could you enlighten us as to what some of the variables were, relative to this planet, that determine that customization?

Tarkas: Your planet draws much of its solace from a humorous perspective upon life. Therefore, one criteria was to devise a plan which would allow for the sense of irony which exists upon this world--the mix of pathos and bathos which, which has expressed itself so often in the cultures of this world. There are many powerful feminine Teachers in our Mission here on Urantia. Your charming Teacher, Olfana, is one of these. And, I am sure you can already see she is an appealing expression of strength and softness mixed together. Is this not so?

J: Yes.

Tarkas: Then, this, indeed, was an important criteria. There was a concern for the experimental status which exists on this decimal planet. There is much flexibility and latitude allowed in the evolution of this particular Mission, because it suits the manner in which many other patterns occur on this planet.


I am sure we will be seeing many more very intriguing feminine personalities in these Teachers as the Mission progresses. I feel there already is a wonderful balance in the feminine/masculine energies in this Mission among the Teachers, and a very egalitarian attitude among the human participants as well.