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Half Moon Bay Teaching Mission Group

Half Moon Bay, California

Teacher:  Olfana

Topic:  Receiving God’s Love

March 12, 2000

TR:  Susan K.

Hi Everyone,

This is an excerpt from a discussion Olfana had with a person who was struggling with feelings of being isolated from God's Love, and somewhat unable to open oneself to trust in the possibility of a relationship with God. Later, at the end of the transmission, Olfana closed with a prayer that also spoke to the Power of God to reach toward us with His Love.

Olfana: You have a right to be receptive to God now. You deserve this flow which comes to you. You are created as a receptive being, and there is no reason to deny yourself this invigorating reception of the Father's Love. You can stabilize yourself now by remembering that even the Master, himself, in a physical form, was a receptor of God's Love. He utilized this energy flow from one moment to the next, realizing that the Invigorating Force of God was, indeed, the Ultimate of Source of Power within him. His expression of God's Will was, indeed, dependent upon his great respect and appreciation for the way in which this Vital Flow coursed through Him.

Remember your own perfection! Allow yourself to trust that, at heart, in essence, you are already as God has created you "in potential." You are, in essence, the seed, now, of your eternal being, and even the seed contains "the essence of all." There is a perfect creature contained within this shell of imperfection we call the physical being. And you are correct in realizing that, when you remain receptive, that what is being plugged into is, indeed, "this perfect you which lies within." This is where, indeed, the Thought Adjuster resides, with the perfected pattern of you held in potential. Rest comfortably with the idea that just as you are growing and changing in the physical, that already there are ways in which this perfect soul pattern is beginning to create itself, evolve, and form delineations of who you will become, ultimately.

Student: What is it that, when all that energy pours in, and there's so much love, there's like this place where at a certain point I can't. It's almost like it's circuited with fear, at the same time, and I stop that influx.

Olfana: Because there is a "trust issue" operating here. There is a way in which you are not yet willing to fully surrender in all ways to this relationship with God. You hold something of yourself in reserve. Student: That's correct.

Olfana: You are scared, intimidated, by the thought you still hold of the possibility of rejection, as it were, even from the Divine Will in your own nature. (Smiling) And I am assuring you, my dear, that there is absolutely no reality to this limiting fear that you hold within yourself. I would ask you to, indeed, disengage from such thoughts, by these very mechanisms of the breath, and the concentration upon this act of respiration. Disengage for a moment from this "broken record" of anxiety which runs within you, at times, and you will be able to see it for what it is. When it captures your mind so, you forget the possibility that ultimately you are in charge of this pattern. You are capable of changing it. And empower yourself by realizing that all levels of God, from The Voice Within You, to your grandest possible vision of the Father Who Loves You, are intent upon helping you disengage from this nonsensical fear, my dear.

Student: That makes sense, but my fear is so irrational that I can't do it by myself.

Olfana: Then just --breathe--because you will begin to understand that you are not "doing it by yourself," in the first place. You are disengaging from the hold it has upon you long enough to be able to hear other possible perceptions within you. The Thought Adjuster longs to speak to you, capture your attention, instead of this overriding fear. And you can assist in this partnership. You are not helpless in this communication between your essential self and the God Who Loves You.

(Olfana speaks very slowly, breathing deeply as she speaks.) You can reach out from your side of the communication....and help to make the quieting yourself....quieting your simply breathing more deeply....and letting the tension be released from your physical being. Do not single yourself out. You are in the company of others who are trying in their own way to touch God, trying in their own way to hear The Divine, and connect with The Love that they do begin to sense coming through them.

(Smiling) You can gather strength, even, from accepting the proposition that you are no more or less vulnerable in this pattern than others. You are normal. You are acceptable. You are just as accountable, and just as --innocent-- as the next person in this process. There are ways in which your fear can isolate you even more, because you fall prey to this sense of being so much more sensitive to this troubling perception than you think others are. Student: Uh-huh. Yes. Thank you. Olfana: And out of this can come a sense even of embarrassment or perhaps, rejection; and therefore, you stifle it, and hold it even closer to your chest.

Student: (Laughing) Correct!

Olfana: (Smiling) And any of this is, indeed, much more self-destructive than you need to be. So I would ask you to not only breathe through some of these episodes, but breathe through this perception, and envision yourself being enlightened, heartened, and --enveloped-- enveloped in a sense of commonality with all others who come up against this very same pattern. You are one of many millions who have, indeed, worked their way through this process. And just as these many millions of brothers and sisters have had their moments of success, or even temporary failure in this experience, you are quite capable of managing yourself through this process, as are they. You can be released from this by definitely expanding your perception to allow yourself this sense of "normalcy" regarding any and all of this.

(Smiling) You are not the only one who cries tears in this process of reaching toward God. You are not the only one who feels emotional flux in your attempts to calm yourself. You are good enough, sensitive enough, vulnerable enough, decent enough, and light-hearted enough, to be able to attempt this in a more relaxing manner for yourself . Let the process occur --to you.-- Do not so much feel this sense of responsibility as to how you are responding. Just....simply....breathe....deeply.....And then let God be in charge of how all the rest of your experience will manifest itself.

At the end of the transmission, Olfana closed with this prayer.

Father, we stand before You now, In trust that Your Love flows through us Without any true resistance.

What we think are the barriers to Your Love Are, indeed, "barriers of nothingness." You can, indeed, drench us in Your Love. You can, indeed, flood our hearts With all of Your Creative Good And we now recognize the Power You hold over us, Father. We are defenseless to Your Love! We are without protection from Your Care. We are fully vulnerable To Your Protection, and Comfort, and Strength.

Let us remember, God, How much we are truly vulnerable To all that You pour down upon us As Your Blessings.


Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group