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Daniel; Tomas - Staying with Stillness Builds Spritiaul Strength - Feb 25, 1994 - Pocatello, Idaho

Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teachers: Daniel, Tomas

Topic: Stillness and Listening

February 25, 1994


Opening prayer

Tomas: Greetings my children. I am Tomas. I greet you thus inasmuch as you have in your prayer allowed yourselves to perceive of yourselves, momentarily at least, as being children in the Spirit; and according to my observation of your social time this evening, in the flesh as well. This seems to be good grounding for our subject of growth in spiritual and physical realms at once, unified personality aspects. Your teacher, Daniel, is here and is affording me the opportunity to act as your teacher this evening. I have long awaited the opportunity to hold forth in a varied configuration of students. I am deeply appreciative of your kind acceptance of my presence and my words.

All of you this evening spoke of frailty. This counterbalance to the earlier discourse on strength assures me you have taken our words to heart and are making them experientially your own by comparatively seeing your frailty in the face of your addressing your strength. Frailty, weakness, cannot be conceived of as an inferior condition as you are human and subject to all sorts of human quandaries, diseases, and foibles. These are expected in your ascent. Even Jesus wept.

Your atmosphere this evening is somber in spite of your gladness at once again being in session with each other; and I will construe this somber attitude as one having to do with attentiveness by the soul. Observe your atmosphere and recognize that when you come into these sessions with your teachers, both publicly and privately, you have put yourself in stillness wherein you are willing to listen with your heart, your soul, your essence. In this place you find peace and comfort, thus your craving for further connectedness and fellowship in these meetings.

It is possible for you to learn how to carry your essence in such a way as to find this peace wherever you go. But, no doubt, you will agree that is difficult, especially in certain jangled, confused environments. Even so the well unified personality, that one which is in tune with his and/or her spiritual strength as well as his and/or her personal weaknesses can, as you can see testified at this moment, also comport his/herself in those environments also. This is desirable and in this way you can stay in touch with your peace, your fruits of the Spirit, your grace as you know it in this moment, in all facets of your life.

Granted you would stand out like a sore thumb; and yet you are ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven, and were you to take your assignment with full responsibility you would, as Michael, be able to walk among throngs of confusion and sorrow fully composed, and in this composure affect the multitudes.

It is not what you say, and how you say what you say, but how you wear your reality that is seen by those who are ready to notice. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness have turned a deaf ear to pretty words, even words treasured to us as having ultimate reality. But as you are, as you perceive yourself, and as you perceive others is what moves our mission forward. I am not saying that kind words and graciousness is unnecessary or redundant. They are priceless embellishments to the true reality, that which is in you and is of the Father.

We work with you in order that you might learn to be, not that you learn to give speeches or prance and parade your God-given personality; but that you be in order that your being can be sensed and felt by those who would notice. It is therein that they will be drawn to you and to the Master. Thus I would ask that you observe this week in your coming and your going, in your public and in your private dealings and doings, observe your own atmosphere. Is it an atmosphere touched by the Spirit? Practice being aware of your entire essence, mortal and divine. My discourse is concluded. Are there questions?"

D2: "Yes, Tomas, this is D2. I want to say how much I appreciate being able to listen and that Gehrdean is here to help take over TRing duties once in a while. I appreciate your lesson this evening. The question that I have regarding is quite evident that we need to individualize and concentrate on our own individual growth and trying to change ourselves, and in changing ourselves bring about change in the world. And while that is an everyday struggle that we all go through I guess I get concerned when I hear about things that are happening outside my own atmosphere in other parts of the world. I am just wondering if prayer..or what can we do as individuals to help in those things? Is prayer effective in that regard?"

Tomas: "Child, you know in your mind that prayer is helpful. Evidently you harbor doubt that the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men. You are not alone in your anxiety about the condition of Urantia. We, too, have moments of alarm. And yet there are emergency measures protecting you from derailment. Primarily I would suggest that you not overwhelm yourself with conditions and situations which are beyond your influence. It is said, 'let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me'. And that is your biggest job. It is not asked of you to uphold the universe but to nurture your own flock. And, perhaps, not watch the news. It is their business to sell disaster. Their entire premise is based on fear inducing information. They, the media, are not conversant with the good news of the Kingdom, therefor when you allow yourself to believe the fear levels that they would have you believe you are outside of your sphere of reality. You know about this benign virus business [Ed. note: virus of love] and although it is your option to focus on what is wrong in the world, it is also your option to offer up your sincere prayer and turn your attention to your assignment and your own faith in your Father.

There are, yes, many, many ills here. And many of these ills are not going to stop right away as we have some time to go in this cause and effect phenomenon. You will recall the phrase, 'he has not suffered enough'. And I ask you to see that in the highest light and pray that their suffering be ended, that they opt to turn the course of their evolution toward higher value. I will not pretend that things are all fine politically, economically, etc., for this is one of the reasons the Correcting Time is in existence. Things need to be corrected! Those of you who are willingly correcting yourselves and learning to focus on morontia realities are those whom we regard as our helpers in turning the tide into this next era, for which we are grateful. Understood?"

D2: "Yes, thank you Tomas. I was a little confused at first when you were saying that we should turn off the news and all that kind of stuff. As you preceded I realize that you meant not to dig a hole and bury ourselves and become oblivious to what is going on, but rather than focus on the negative, see the beauty of the universe and to visualize goodness and truth. In doing so we will come to terms with what prayers we need to offer for those who have not turned the tide on their evolution, as you said. Thank you for those words."

Tomas: "My pleasure."

N1: "Tomas, I, too, would like to thank you for those words. Differently from D2, I heard you mean, 'turn off the news'. And I was very pleased to hear that and be reinforced in that because I have turned off the new and I don't get the paper. And sometimes I feel like I am really weird. Yet when I watch that I most of the time get left feeling yucky and my energy is down. And so I found other things to do with my time. In my job as an economist I am supposed to be aware of what's going on. Maybe I am in the wrong job because I don't want to track stuff. And I don't really want to be aware. And I felt like I was guided in this direction. I really feel like...although I made the choices...I sort of begrudgingly said, 'OK, if you are really forcing me I will go this way'. I don't really have a question, I suppose. I didn't mean to go off that far. I was just very deeply moved by your answer to D2's question and I wanted to thank you for that. Thank you."

Tomas: "Yes, and you are aware that a system of economic exchange is not of itself bad news; that much fraternity and resolution is involved in economics. Your heart will find a way to make your experience good in your field. Do not wholeheartedly buy into value as it is today, but bring your wisdom to the field and educate your peers and even your educators. When you are engaged in actively doing something about the problem, however it may present itself, you are acting in accordance with His will, since your integrity is at work and on the line.

When things are not as we would hope them to be in this world, take with you your spiritual troopers. Do not take this world by storm but by love; not a sentimental love, but the love which resides in you but is greater than you, which is manifest through you when you allow that to happen. You are all sensitive. Were you not sensitive you would not sit here hanging on each innuendo and studying each sentence structure of the transcripts. Give yourselves some credit for not wishing to be abused by the unpleasant aspects of this life. Do not buy in to the sickness of Urantia, but focus on its beauties, on its wellness; and do this not from a philosophic affirmative frame of mind, but from living conviction as you take your stillness with you into the world as if it were armor. Questions?"

B1: "I also thank you for that answer that elucidated on the issue of bad news verses good news. I have been of the opinion that you stated tonight, that it is not of monetary interest to the media to publish good news, at least not very often. And I tend to think that what we regard as news because of this monetary/profit thing is, as you said, definitely bad news, definitely fear producing. I don't want to get into an argument about whether we should turn off our tvs or not. I also agree with my daughter and don't watch the news very often because I know it is biased in the negative direction. There are some news broadcasts that are positive and it is nice when you discover that.

However, there is something in the book, Tomas, that has to do with the government of this planet. And I don't know if you are permitted or even want to address this issue, but N1 and I were talking about this. It has to do with the twenty four counselors that will continue in their present status until some big major change. And the book uses these phrases, 'some change in planetary status ensues, such as the end of a dispensation, the assumption of full authority of Machiventa Melchizedek, the final adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion, or the re-appearance of Michael on the world of His final bestowal. The present resident Governor General seems inclined to the opinion that all but Machiventa may be released for Paradise ascension the moment the System of Satania is restored to the constellation circuits.' According to what we have been told by the teachers, this has happened. The circuits have been restored. My question is this..are you permitted to or are you inclined to comment on the status of the twenty four counselors? Are they in fact on their ascension journey? Or is that something that you are either not allowed to or don't care to discuss with us? I am just curious. It is a curiosity question. I wondered if you could address it."

Tomas: "I have not been authorized to discuss celestial politics. However you will feel gladdened to know that those who have sat on that board are ensconced and are observing this development as we speak. It is in process that a vacant seat or two are vying for position. I understand that was not helpful and yet I do not see that it would contribute to your spiritual growth at any rate."

B1: "And I fully agree that it would not.(laughter) I do thank you for telling us that. I do have a more down to earth question, less celestial, more personal. This atmosphere that you want us to observe this week about ourselves. I have a sense that you you mean the effect that we have in a global sense upon other people, not anything contrived or thought out in advance, just kind of what some 'new agers' would say, the energies we give off, the vibrations? Are you referring to something more of that nature?"

Tomas: Your aura, if you will; your specifically electro-chemical system; your reality, yes, vibrations, if we must; your truth, beauty, and goodness made manifest. You might now reach out and feel and sense the charge in this atmosphere. There is a physical difference as we sit focused on spiritual circuitry. When we/you step out of this aura/atmosphere/vibrational level and put on your hat and drive your car you are normally setting aside this reality for another due the demands of that other. My request/assignment is for you to not leave it behind, but to take it with you, all of the energies of your spiritual circuitry/cosmic reality with you. You will lose it frequently throughout the day as you get caught up in other energies. As soon as you realize you are without it, take it back, until you can be in that state of grace and calm and divine energy consciously constantly. I do not expect you to complete that assignment perfectly this week, but only to practice."

B1: "Thank you Tomas. That really does clarify for me what you meant. And I know that experience you are referring to because it is my experience certainly. So, again, that was very helpful. And also I want to thank you for being our teacher tonight and giving both Daniel and D2 a break, I guess. It's very wonderful to have you as our co-teacher. With that I will stop talking."

Tomas: "Assuredly it is as much my pleasure as anyone's. I have studied to make contact with mortals. I have practiced on and with Gehrdean and am still under tutelage. And so I, like you, am learning; and we are in this together. Thank you."

V1: "Thank you Tomas. This is V1. I really appreciate your last remarks. My teacher said almost the same words yesterday morning that if she were perfect she would be on Paradise. It is just very encouraging to know that you all are here to help us. She gave a lot of comments on prayer yesterday, but, in my mind I questioned what pure worship was because the Urantia Book said that worship had nothing in it for the person who offered worship, so when I was praying the thought came to my goodness, even when I am so grateful for God's love I realize I am the recipient of that love. To separate me from that adoration and gratitude to me is very difficult thing. And she said that this is a good question to ask in front of the group. It might help everyone. And so I guess what my question is as she read my mind do we have pure worship when as mortals we are total recipients of God's love and God's very upholding hand and care and comfort and all the things we have because of God, the First Source and Center?"

Tomas: "By being thankful and simultaneously receiving to the extent that your ego identity is totally absorbed by Spirit, when you and your Father are one, this is pure worship. That you are the recipient is one of the benefits of worship. You could not receive His blessing if you did not give yourself to Him so fully in your devotion. Reunion between your evolving soul and its source is the goal and the joy and the adventure. Pure worship is there for the taking, for the giving. It cannot be otherwise since it is complete communion. How could you not receive? You were there.

Thanksgiving is another matter and one which can be done loosely, frivolously, gaily, irreverently, and often. Your teacher is wise and good. Your relationship with her is heartwarming. Shall we conclude this evening's get-together?"

Group: "No,no.."

D2: "Tomas I would like to ask another question since I don't often get to do this a lot. I have

one that...I am glad that V1 brought up this wonderful thing about love. I was reading this week a chapter from a book called the love connection and this book deals with education and talks about, as teachers, parents, and caregivers we need to primarily teach love; that everything in our schools needs to be built on the premise of teaching love and relationships between people. And I thought while reading this that I see this a lot when reading Montessori with her whole cosmic universal approach. And you know her being in the Corps of Destiny, so you know where that comes from. But to see this coming from someone other than Montessori just really stirred my heart and I got so excited. But I see this is idealism and I see the reality. And this is the same things that you were talking about earlier, what we would ideally like to have and what is reality out there. As I said, we can't bury ourselves in a hole, but anyway....Is there some point in our evolution where humanity will be the primary thing/subject taught in school, and from that humanity being taught that we will flourish? Is this what is taught in Light and Life schools? Is this an idealism that we will ever reach?"

Tomas: "Have you not read your teacher's transcripts? Are you not learning this today?(embarrassed laughter from the group) I do want to make a remark, however, about that word, 'love', and how it relates to my remarks earlier this evening in that I asked you to be for words are distrusted. And although those of you/us who have a frame of reference for supernal love have one concept of what that means, most people have no concept of what love is in its highest sense.

Love can be construed as being properly spanked, properly abused. I know that doesn't make sense on its face, and yet as I have discussed before if you are not familiar with love then any substitute can be construed as love to the needy. Therefor a child will make a ruckus for your attention and when you scold the child for making the ruckus he can be conditioned to believe that is love because he was paid attention to. Love is not understood on Urantia.

Also, as you all know, romantic love enters the picture and very, very few people understand romantic love. In marriage there is devotion in child rearing. There is responsibility. There is gratification. There are myriad feelings, attitudes, behaviors which are construed as love.

I am at a loss as to know how to teach love in a school. The only way that I know to teach love is to love, and therefor to teach by being. Ethics are becoming mainstream issues and other values are thinking about becoming issues. I am not familiar with any truly advanced curriculum on love. Marriage schools, parenting schools, those are methods of manifesting loving behaviors. Only our Father can truly teach us what love is for how can we know love until we know our Father and feel His infinite love rain upon us and infuse our beings with love? That is our goal. That is our assignment. That is our joy, to identify that which is love, to learn to accept it, to begin to wear it and to carry it with us wherever we go so to affect all by it, yes."

D2: "Thank you Tomas. Now you know what Daniel goes through with me, the stubborn one. Again we are back to the individual and becoming so that we can effect change. Some day that will become part of our being and not just our intellect, and that is something to pray for. Thank you for your words."

Tomas: "Thank you for your need to know more about love and your willingness to put it into effect."

V1: "I just want to say 'thank you' Tomas. I appreciate your answers and these comments here also."

Tomas: "You are welcome."

N1: "I have a question if it is appropriate. I will ask it and then you may tell me to save it. Recently, twice now, I have had a very dizzy feeling. The second time it happened was this afternoon and reminds me a lot of kind of what it is like when I go into the quiet. I feel this rush of energy and it sits me down and I decide to have quiet time. The dizziness intensifies. It is almost overwhelming, not unpleasant, but very, very strong. I was wondering if this has anything to do with spiritual things or is it a physical health problem?"

Tomas: "Your question is not inappropriate. However, without checking I cannot specify. However I would be inclined to guess that it has to do with both for feeling dizzy is a physical condition; and yet some disturbance as a result of your intimate work with spirit reality and your upstepping also can bring about physical disturbance, not to say distress. People have been known to faint and that can be both. Your dietary alterations of late could contribute. It sounds like it has to do with salt, and yet I would not rule out the possibility of being upstepped in your circuitry. If you feel concern about this in terms of your well being I would urge you to see a medical person and I would also ask for clarification from a teacher such as myself. I, however, cannot determine such without some research which now is not the appropriate time."

N1: "Tomas, thank you very much."

Tomas: "You might be interested to know that as you sit here with me I am visually, that is, with eyes to see, able to see your personal teachers in your vicinity. And it is not uncommon for at least myself to address your teachers as if to say, 'Cora, would your human like to speak?', or 'Alkon, how is Isaac?' and I perceive some sort of response from your personal teachers. I am discovering this as I experience a more sociable environment, and opted to share that tidbit observation with you for your curiosity.(laughter) My friend, Daniel, indicates that we are being indulgent(more laughter). I am, therefor, going to abide by his counsel and offer my final greetings to you this evening and express once again my full appreciation for your abiding with me in our effort to accelerate spiritual growth on this planet. I bid you farewell until our next encounter."

Group: "Good night, Tomas. Good night, Daniel."