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Nashville TeaM Conference, 1998

Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: Olfana

Topic: Communication and E-Mail Lists

July 15, 1998 10PM

Note From the T/R:

This transcript is from the first evening at the Nashville TM Conference. Olfana says a lot about the e-mail lists, and all the other ways in which we communicate with each other. I'm posting this to TMtalk, because I thoug ht they would find it interesting, also. Enjoy! Love, Susan

Note: TR (S) was very tired after a long plane flight to the conference.

Olfana: Greetings to all in this room. (Smiling) I express, here, my own level of energy, and will hope that S can stay with me as I offer myself to you as one of your Teachers. I am the Teacher, Olfana, and I sense a strong familiarity with some of you in this room, and others I am just now coming to know. I would like to emphasize this point. It was recently discussed upon the E-mail list that you share, What type of connection is made, now, between yourselves and those of us who represent the celestial outreach o f this Teaching Mission? We connect with all of you. You are all bound together with us in this connection of understanding and affection. (Gesturing to a person seated close to the TR) I sense you, now. I sense you, over in the corner. I am aware of the overall tone, I would say, of those who are, now, in the room. And at the same time, I would encourage you who are seated in the room to feel this sense of a direct connection made, now, with me. It is, indeed, appropriate and hopefully a comfortable thought to recognize that we Teachers are, indeed, aware, to a great degree, of the thought processes of all of you in this room, now. You are our testing ground, as it were, and each one of you is precious to us in this process. We wish to relate to as many people as there are who choose to join with us, now, in this coming together of our hearts and minds, in our desire to improve and uplift the spiritual integrity of the planet. Having made this statement, is there any comment or question anyone now has in t he audience regarding this topic?

Student: Greetings, Olfana. Im one of the new ones that I don’t think you know yet. What you said was really curious to me. I was curious if you could hear each time that we thanked one of you for the wonderful, wonderful help we receive?

Olfana: We are, indeed, sensitive to the vibratory patterns which emanate from your beings. You are not merely the spoken words that are heard within the room to our own reception abilities. We sense you as an integrated and complete vibratory pattern which expresses the physical compartment which houses this precious soul which is the most essential view that we, now, reach toward. And, indeed, this current of thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation for the connection that is made, this sense of companionship which we offer, now, in our teachings, this sings from your souls. And w e hear it with great pleasure.

Member: Im glad.

Olfana: You will all in your own eternal destinies come to experience another being in this most beautiful and complete manner. Think, now, of so much that the Urantia Book discusses of the quality of connection that is made in this sense of how God brings us together. We are joined in so many marvelous and responsive ways. We reflect each others energy. We express this God Current which, indeed, fills each one of us. We bond in a community of creation and love and respect. All of these are patterns, potentials placed within us, by the Father with design. And to the degree that you feel strongly moved in this relationship which begins to form between you and your Teachers, I encourage you to savor and honor the integrity of this strong emotion. We wish you to recognize that this lev el of the sense of the brotherhood is what we have come to display. (Strong ly moved) We love you just as you are. You are precious in the Fathers Eyes, and we are here to help you to discover this about yourselves.

Student: Olfana? I think that is how you say your name.

Olfana: Yes.

Student: (Joking) Im just amazed at how you’re flinging those arms of S’s around without hitting that microphone.

Olfana: (Smiling) I am most appreciative that she took that nap in the corner. This allowed me something more to work with in her being.

Student: Thank you. I have a question regarding our E-mail communications, and its becoming quite a family-oriented meeting room.

Olfana: Yes!

Student: Do you have any advice for the Teaching Missions spread, and teaching and reaching out to those who do not have Teaching Mission group s in their local area, or the use of the e-mails, so that it could be poste d for all to read?

Olfana: I would be happy to have whatever statement I now make reproduced upon your lists. I enjoy, very much, the communications that occur there , and at one point, S made the joking comment that she felt the Teachers were, indeed, signed on with their own E-mail addresses-- , , etc.--and most certainly, S struck a note of truth in this. Anytime you are engaged in these communications, discussions, and discoveries of the ways in which you perceive us, what you wish to learn from us, what you are learning from us; this is the heart o f the matter for us as Teachers. And we study you all vigorously in those moments. Do not doubt that when you phone each other, we are conference calling in those moments, that the letters you write to each other are shared by us. The poems and personal journals that you write of your interest and ongoing research into this process, we are privy to these, my dear students. (Smiling) I hope you are comfortable with this thought because it is unavoidable. We are there with you, and we intend to remain so. I would say one brief point regarding this. We are not Peeping Toms. We do not wish to invade your own territory or personal zone, and therefore if, indeed, you ever choose not to have us observing or watching you, simply think the thought, I wish my privacy, now. And you’ll have it, I guarantee you.

But, back to this other point made about the E-mail lists. We are intensely pleased, overjoyed, I would say, to see the ways in which you have caught the ball and run with it yourself. You do not need us hand holding you at each step in this process. I would hope that you can understand that this is one of the gifts you have been given by being born a Urantian. Not much hand holding occurs on this planet. Is that not true? As a species, you would have died out long ago, my dear ones, if you had not had such an inner desire and urge for self-survival, and a creative response to the challenge of the moment. This is a great gift in the Urantian nature, and we are watching it manifest itself in your own interactions with us in this Teaching Mission. You know how to take this ball and run with it. Sometimes, we Teachers have a bit of trouble keeping up with you. Oh, my goodness! Where are they going, now? In what direction is this about to take off? We respond to this with joy. But, indeed, you present some challenges for us, also.

And in this regard, please remember, this is a co-creative process. We a re here as Teachers, but certainly, we are still students of the Vast Creation of God. And you are our textbook. And we are discovering much that we did not necessarily anticipate in your responses. I hope you can understand, in this regard also, what a remarkable leader Prince Machiventa is. That on the one hand, he has his sense of the campaign, he knows what he’s about in his plans, and his orchestration of our activities, and yet, he rides on the waters of the experimentation of this planet, as do the rest of us. We a re to remain flexible. This is a primary directive from our prince. We are to remain flexible in our responses and activities and efforts of outreach w ith you.

Therefore, these E-mail lists are something of an unplanned, but greatly appreciated, manifestation of your own ability to take this ball and run with it. And we watch the lists with great interest. Indeed, those o f you who feel The list is my group, now. This is where I go for the main sense of what is about with this Teaching Mission. We welcome you there! W e are certainly there with you. We want you to feel affiliated with this broad sense of the outreach and connection that can occur with these lists. An d we hope that you can, indeed, see that this potential for a sense of strong caring and bondedness, this brotherhood, sisterhood--S coined a word which we enjoy--this family-hood of Gods children coming together, exposing themselves, expressing their thoughts, their concerns, with the trust that they will be heard with appreciation and respect, not with a desire for condescension or attack but, I am listening. Please speak to me. We relish the way in which you are sensing this growing family-hood on the lists. And we feel as much a part of these groups as you do.

Student: Thank you, Olfana.

Olfana: You are most welcome.

Student: And I also want to thank Allen Vicks newsletter, which also unites our family so much.

Olfana: Most certainly. And I do not in any way mean to slight any of these other efforts of outreach. I choose not to make a complete laundry list, now, only because, again, this effort can tax S, and I’m holding her up, as it were, as best I can, now. But, you all know of your own efforts in this attempt to do this outreach. All those ways in which you offer our words to a broader group of your brothers and sisters that you hope will hear these words with a sense of joy, anticipation, expectation, and even a sense of relief. My God! This is there for me. This matters for the planet. If we can stir this in your hearts, then we are doing the job we have come to do. Is there any further question? Or should we draw this to a close because I can sense all of you, now, with this sense of lassitude. The hour grows late, and we have much to do, come tomorrow. How would you like to close? Is there a further question, or should we now, perhaps, close with a prayer? What is your choice?

Group: Prayer.

Olfana: Very well. I will stay, now, with this theme of communication and


Our Dear Father,

Who knows us so well,

Help us to come to understand

The beauty that you see in each of us.

Help us to learn the true meaning

Of loving each others hearts,

Each others souls,

Each others full beings.

Give us the words, Father,

To express our truest hopes,

Our greatest dreams,

Our highest desires.

Give us the ears to hear

When our brothers and sisters

Speak to us of these same things.

Lead us, Father,

In a joining together of our beings

Into the most beautiful and perfect plan

Which truly expresses

Your Will for us in our lives. Amen.

If you will all sit quietly for just a moment, I am the voice for this, but there are many Teachers contributing, now. S is feeling immensely strong vibrations in her being. Please, all of you, take this in. Absorb this connection. We are reaching to you with our hearts. Feel it, now . Feel us reaching to you. And now, my dear ones, we Teachers wish each of you a comfortable and blessed night of restful sleep. Namaste.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group