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SpiritFest Conference, 1998

Half Moon Bay, CA

Teacher: Olfana

Topic: The Teacher and The Thought Adjuster’s Guidance

June 19, 1998

Group Session: SpiritFest 98 10:30 PM

Olfana: There is much energy in this room for such a late hour, and I am elated to be with you all this evening. (Smiling) I am the Teacher, Olfana, and emotions flow through me strongly, as you can probably surmise. I encourage all of you to experiment with yourselves this weekend. Let this be a moment in your life when you release yourself from any planned expectations of how this event will play itself out. Let there be an ease in your emotional response to all possibilities that arise. There are benefits to allowing yourselves to be in the moment with others, an d then let the energies that exist around you enter into the equation.

(Smiling) You can find yourself moved on the currents of this spiritual guidance so much more easily, if you will stop paddling, my dear ones. L et us move you down the river of life, every now and then. You are so busy paddling through most of your days that it is quite understandable that, even in a moment of recreation and camaraderie in these gatherings, you still find the need to slap the water [with your paddles]--take control of what you will do with your time. But, I am encouraging you now to just float, just lie back on this beautiful, fluid, support provided by the Father, and see where the currents carry you.

We are never at a loss as to the possibilities of growth which we can encourage within you, in these moments when you come together and allow u s to be the propeller. We have many possible choices, in fact, as to what may occur in any one conversation you may have, or the episode that may occur, if you do, indeed, choose to walk outside and enjoy the view. This is not an abandonment of your own free will. This is allowing us to orchestrate --with you-- the choices that you will make.

Rest assured that this is, indeed, a powerful model of growth within your life. I cite, for instance, the prophets of this planet, those who have been deeply inspired by Gods Knowledge, Gods Word, and Gods Gift of Guidance. And they, most certainly, learned to float with this current. They gave up this sense of self-determination that would guide their life. They often said, My life, Father, is now yours. Make of it what you w ill. What a beautiful gift to offer to God, my children--Take my life, Fath er, and make of it what you will.

So, if you can, indeed, take this that I offer as inspiration, and just f or this weekend, let yourself open up to many new possibilities. I believe you will find yourself both surprised and intrigued at what may occur, what m ay present itself in the way of new understanding, new relationships, new possibilities, that will bear fruit in your lives.

I have held the floor long enough, now. Are there any questions that you might like to ask, perhaps just one or two? And then I will most certain ly yield this focal point upon S for others in this room who also have much to offer in the way of their TR’ing skills. [Long pause] Is your silence indicative of the fact that there are no questions, now? This is perfect ly fine if this is the case.

Student: (Smiling) Im just trying to think of a question, Olfana.

Olfana: (Smiling) Very well. I am merely checking my audience to make sure that I am in synch with your energy. (Group laughter)

Student: Id like to thank you for your river imagery and your suggest ion to be in the flow.

Olfana: I tend to choose images from nature in my discussions of spiritual truth because I feel they carry a powerful impact, and deeply affect your ability to grasp the integrity of the truth I attempt to offer. Thank yo u very much for your compliment. I am encouraged to hear what works well w ith my students. It helps me to clearly refine my own abilities in this Teaching Mission, and my own role as an instructor.

Student: I have a question, Olfana.

Olfana: Yes.

Student: Its very difficult for most of us to tell the difference between inner guidance from the Father and our own intuition. Is there any means or mechanism that you understand that would help us to better know the difference between the two?

Olfana: This is a most challenging and important question to be asking yourself. And I appreciate your raising it as a point of discussion. We grow in understanding through a process of stages. (Smiling) There is very little in life where we move from point A to point Z with immediacy. There is always the sense of one step at a time as we move into a new zone, whether it is of our understanding, of our experience, of our physical capabilities, of our social expertise. We learn through process.

Therefore, I would encourage you to see this, again, as a scale, stages o f understanding, where intuition I would call forth the image, again, of the Adjutant Mind Spirits. There are always ways in which you are being impressed by God, impressed by the spiritual level of your creation. And therefore, where we begin in our development, perhaps, feels much more within an inner monologue. And then, perhaps, this monologue develops in to what we might see as dialogue. You have this stylized comedic image of t he good angel speaking into one ear and the little cute devil with a spiked tail speaking into the other ear. And definitely there is this back a nd forth that, occurs within ones mind as we face the more challenging , I would say, adult level choices that we make. And, more and more th is develops into the dialogue of the self with the self and can become , indeed, most complex, most sophisticated, while still truly remaining wit hin the confines of ones own mind.

But, in, I would call it, this mid-stage transition, as one is acquiring what would be, indeed, a more adult level of experience and understanding , there begins to develop this infusion of something more. There are those moments when suddenly the thought within our mind causes us to stop short -- Hummm, Where did that come from? That’s not the way I normally see things. That doesn’t feel like me. What is that? And for those who d o not choose a spiritually marked path, perhaps, there is no way to define what is this other thing. They lack the belief system, the terminology, th e reference points, to begin to say, The Divine, now, speaks to me. But, for those of you, clearly, in this room, you have reached for this furthe r ability to incorporate this into your understanding. And, I would say to you, that there is something truly experiential about this moment when Th e Divine begins to speak-- with some level of clarity, some level of authenticity and uniqueness--that you know, somehow, when you have been given an understanding that was more than your own mind possessed.

As those moments occur, then comes the free will choice--Will you develop this communication? Will you honor with integrity and respect what you k now you hear within your mind and heart, or will you pass on, and leave it as the echo that dies within your mind? This will never be forced upon a person. But, as we, again, know in this room, each of our Adjusters long s for this communication, longs for the sense of connection. And I strain to express the way in which you are embraced, reached toward, yearned for, b y this beloved Breath of God which also breathes within you.

Student: May I play out a scenario, and then ask for your input?

Olfana: Most certainly. I would merely interject that I had a further comment to make, beyond the Adjuster, on this other question of further celestial guidance, but please speak now. Student: There are times when Im absolutely positive that I am receiving guidance because, in those times, its in the form of words that I understand, and there’s no question in my mind where that’s coming from. There’s a qualitative difference in what He says, and the way He says it, and words from my Teacher. There’s always a dramatic difference. And for me, experientially speaking, I know that that was my Thought Adjuster. But, there are other times when, if Im struggling with a problem, and I suddenly get the answer, kind of like a light that goes on, that’s one level that Im thinking is intuition. There are other times when I don’t have a problem, but someone else has a problem, and I feel guided or nudged to d o or say a particular thing. When Im not cognizant enough of the Father , to question, Is this what you want me to do? And I just let that be, and I back off and go on about my day or whatever, within an hour or so I get t hat nudge again to go in that direction, make that phone call, make that contact, or whatever the case may be. And if I continue to ignore it, always through hindsight, Im shown that, I should have done that, it needed to be done. Im always disappointed in myself for not having asked the question or just gone ahead and done the thing. And that to me feels like Adjuster-leading because it does come back and gives me another opportunity to either go or reject. Its not the same as the second scenario where I suddenly just get this intuition, or whatever--the answer to my problem or whatever. Or, could they all be Adjuster guidance?

Olfana: (Smiling) I would say that, although we never can match the infinite patience of the Thought Adjusters, that those of us who attempt to offer guidance to all of you, also will repeat ourselves, if necessary. There is certainly this sense that you will be nudged, time and again, on many levels of guidance and direction. And, I would say that, perhaps, you would do better to simply respond, trust in the integrity of what you are experiencing and sensing here and, perhaps, analyze it less.

If there is integrity to your effort, to your reaching out, perhaps to another person, with this sense you have of something to be said, then, t his integrity will hold. This --integrity-- is the focal point here, and the re will be results based on Gods Justice and Mercy. The action is our s. The consequence is Gods. We must always hold to this in our efforts.

Therefore, I would encourage you to simply allow this process more and mo re in your life, if you are comfortable with it, because you will find yours elf greatly inspired and feeling empowered and increasing in your own potentials as you again ride this current. Do not, for the moment, worry too much about who is at the helm,--which level of this integrity is now asking something of you. You will do much better with your energy placed upon t he follow through, and leave the analysis to either a different stage of you r own growth here on this planet, or, trust me, you will have ample opportunities to analyze later in your eternal career, all of the choices that you have made, now, here on this planet.

Student: Thank you, Olfana.

Olfana: You are welcome. I have very much enjoyed this opportunity to join with you, and I will certainly be here participating in this event (SpiritFest) all weekend. (Smiling) And you may, indeed, feel me nudging you, now that you have had a chance to experience my personality. With that, I bid you all good evening, and offer to you the opportunity to speak with some of my dear companions.

Students: Thank you again. Thank you, Olfana.

Olfana: You are most welcome, my dear ones.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group