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Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Olfana & Tarkas

Topic: TR'ing, Part 3 of 4 Parts

April 14, 1998

Transmission dated February 15, 1996

Half Moon Bay, CA Group Session

Olfana: Greetings, K. I come again to speak with you now on this topic of celestial communication to those who live a time-and-space existence. K: [Smiling] Thank you so much for being here.

Olfana: This is Olfana who greets you now. I gather you sense this already. Is that correct?

K: Yes. I certainly do.

Olfana: Very good.

K: Thank you.

Olfana: You are most zealous in your desire to collect accurate data. And, we wish to help you in this effort.

K: You certainly are of service. I'm very impressed with that. Thank you so much.

Olfana: We relish these opportunities of service for the way in which they allow our own growth and increasing understanding of the way in which God serves all of us.

K: Thank you. Well, to begin with, can you tell me something about who you are? If people say you are part of S, how would you answer that?

Olfana: I would say that I carry S in my heart now, as she carries me. We have become very closely identified in our feelings and understandings of each other. But, I will categorically state that I am a unique personality created by The Father, as is S, and our identities remain separate.K: Thank you. Tell me more about who you are?

Olfana: Do you wish this to be a statement of my responsibilities and capacities within this Teaching Mission, or are you asking me this question from some other perspective?

K: I would just like to know the general characteristics of you, your general qualities. And, yes, something about the Teaching Mission would be very helpful too. Yes. Thank you.

Olfana: I would first say, I am one who comes to understand myself better as I progress. In this sense, I am a progressive creation, a progressive being of The Father's Creation. My origins were as a time-and- space mortal, just as you are now. But, I no longer am limited by this definition. I have increased my range and scope of capacities, so that I exist now with The Father, in a sense from the Eternal Oneness of All.

[Note: Olfana is fused with her Thought Adjuster.] This is a concept which is not easily conveyed through S; but, I would refer you to the discussion within the Urantia Book, K, of a Fused Being of The Father. K: Okay.

Olfana: I am one with my Thought Adjuster, now. And, this has allowed me immense growth and discovery in my being. It is not easily conveyed through S, and I do wish you to research this topic within the book, if you would choose to do so. Is this enough in the way of a "definition of myself," as it were? [Smiling] Do you wish my "ranking" as a category or...?

K: [Smiling] I would like that, too.

Olfana: [Smiling] The reason I smile here, now, is that this is not, indeed, an appropriate way to delineate my scope and capacity within The Father's Creation; but, I do understand the human need to categorize. I am an ascended mortal from a time-and-space world, who has now developed God-Fused capacities to reach beyond all limitations of time and space. I can operate within time and space dimensions, but am in no way restrained by these parameters. I am well aware of much of the "Knowingness," the Wisdom of God's Ways, and am guided from this high level of His Design. I have "power" over other beings, if you will, in that my scope, capacity, and range is so much more all-encompassing than theirs. But, I would never, in any way, violate the freewill choice, and growth, of those within my "realm of responsibility," as it were. [Smiling] Does this give you enough of a sense of where I stand "below and above" others within God's Creation, K?

K: It illustrates things very nicely. It leads me to ask about the "power" that you have over others. Can you tell me more about that?

Olfana: I am capable of mindal connections, such as this, most easily. I am able to offer guidance and encouragement by other means of communication. I have great understanding of the powers and forces of the natural world, and am able to manipulate the energies of physical life through my training with this marvelous group, the Life Carriers. I am a master, K, in this manipulation of these energies, and now, train others, too, in this process.

K: Thank you. That's good to know that. And, also, another question that came to my mind is, "Is being an "ascended" person connected with a "fused" person? Is that correct? Or would that be explained in the Urantia Book?

Olfana: This is most clearly illustrated in the Urantia Book. And, I would say to you, these are two separate definitions of condition. K: Okay.

Olfana: "Ascended" refers to having encompassed the death experience. I have moved past the time-and- space world through the process of death, and ascend, now, in my path to The Father. [Smiling] My fusion with God's Being was a moment of creative bliss, which I earned through my efforts and desire to know The Father at this high level. It was an experience I committed myself to with great diligence, and encompassed a long "span of experiences," if you will, before I achieved this point.

K: Thank you. That helps. So I guess you explained, as fully as necessary, how you are connected with S. "You hold each other in each other's hearts."

Olfana: [Smiling] I would say that this does, indeed, explain, well, the way in which we relate.

K: All right. Then let me go on to the next question. Why are you communicating with humans in this way?

Olfana: I have chosen this "Missionary work," if you will, as an evolutionary path of my own. I see this Campaign of Redemption, proposed by our great Creator Son, as a momentous experience within this local universe of Nebadon, of which I am a resident, and I willingly offered my services to his Campaign.

K: Okay. Well that explains it very nicely.

Olfana: There was a call to service, K, to which I responded. [Smiling] That is "the short answer!"

K: Okay. Thank you. All right. Tell me, where are you, and what are you doing when you are not involved in channeling?

Olfana: Where am I at this moment, as we speak?

K: And, where are you when you're not involved in channeling? Both.

Olfana: [Smiling] Again, we will go first for "the short answer."

K: Okay.

Olfana: I am present now, in this room, with both of you, in this connection. By this I mean you [K] are literally in connection with me now, also. I regroup the vibratory forces of your beings in such a way that this connection frequency can be established. This is not the only means by which I can make communication connections, but, it is definitely the clearest process, to be engaged in the manner in which we now are connected. The second question you posed, "Where am I at other times?" [Smiling] I do not reside as the "genie in the lamp," as it were. I am given much latitude and initiative to explore this world, and have access to many other zones, or "planes of existence," if you will. Therefore, my short answer would be that "I am a free-ranging citizen of the local universe of Nebadon, and can be in many locations-- never at the same time--mind you." [Smiling] I am not Christ Michael. But, I am able to move quickly from one zone to the next or, indeed, one vibratory level of experience to another.

K: That's what I wondered about, yes. Oh, yes. And, the other part of that question was, "What are you doing when you're not involved in channeling?"

Olfana: I am participating within this Mission on many levels of administration and management. I work with other Teachers in their own training and development of their groups. And, I make individual connections with other living beings on this planet. I consult on a regular basis with those in power who conduct this Campaign of Redemption--Prince Machiventa, and his many administrative assistants directly under him, who are carrying out his orders. There are many meetings held among the Teachers, where we consult with regularity on the ways in which we will conduct this Mission, this Campaign. We are not committed, at this point, to any one fixed pattern of evolution. Prince Machiventa remains very open to change in this process. This is, indeed, a decimal plant, an experimental world, and we must not hinder that process of experimentation. Again, I would refer you to the Urantia Book, if you wish to understand this concept better. But, this Campaign must "float freely" upon the currents of experimentation which flow around and through this planet.

K: Thank you. Just a moment ago when you were telling me about how you communicate with people in this way, you said there are other ways you can communicate as well, but that this was the most clear way. What are some of the other ways?

Olfana: I am capable of a TR connection with S when I am not as "present," as it were, with her. I do not need to be within the physical vicinity of her vibratory pattern in order to communicate with her. I do, indeed, offer suggestions to S, on a regular basis, as to her own choices. I wish her to prosper in this process, and I am her "encourager" and guide in her own path of evolution. She has "taken me on," as it were, as her Teacher, and I intend to fulfill this role zealously. [Smiling] Although she does not always heed my advice, I do appreciate that she values my opinion.

K: [Smiling] Very nicely said. Thank you. What qualities does S possess that led you to choose her as a channel?

Olfana: I believe this question was, indeed, addressed in the previous session.

K: Yes. It was.

Olfana: But, you now wish further information. Is this correct? K: Yes. I don't think that I got the entire answer last time. [Note: Some of the previous interview was lost because of a defective tape recording.] Oh, maybe I did, actually. You did mention her willingness, and industriousness, and how she has applied herself in her studies. And, oh yes, it did break off when you started to mention the pineal gland.

Olfana: There are physical endowments that do exist within some humans that allow this connection to occur with greater ease. Just as in the case of a running contest, one would seek out a candidate as one's student, if one were to train in this sport. You, as a coach, would seek out students, participants, with strong healthy bodies and well-shaped legs, that offered themselves to the potentials of your training. You would seek candidates with capacities and clear, apparent abilities, and then work with those capacities in such a way as to train and encourage their development. And, this is very much the case in my selection of S. She was one who had committed herself to a path of spiritual evolution. She had contemplated ways in which she could devote her own life to a path of service for others, as she grew older. She had made strong attempts to develop her own abilities to communicate effectively with people, and rid herself of some of her more glaring character defects, through her "tutelage," if you will, in the Twelve Step Program. [Note: S has participated in the Al-Anon program since 1991.] I watched her in all these many endeavors, and I said to myself, "This is a Child of God who clearly wishes to grow, and I wish to help her in this path she has chosen." And it was on that basis that I made my interest in S known to Prince Machiventa, and with his own observation and assessment, he approved this relationship between us. It was only at that point that I felt it appropriate to move forward in my own communication with her. On my Prince's approval, I then established a connection with S, at the point when she made her intentions known in her prayer to us, [to participate in the Teaching Mission.]

K: Thank you. That's wonderful! Last time we talked about if you communicate through others, and a lot of that was lost. So, it you could tell me, again, please, do you communicate through channels other than S? If so, why? And, who are the others?

Olfana: I do, indeed, work with a number of humans, time-and-space mortals, who are residents of South American countries. I convey my communications in their native languages. But, this does not mean S is privy to this understanding, automatically. [Smiling] Because I understand the Spanish language, it does not mean S does fully, in case anyone wonders regarding this point. I have, indeed, made connections with this associate of S's, MG, and will continue in my work with him. He is one who has been selected to proceed with more experimental levels of communication. We are continuing to refine and develop the ways in which we will establish this communication with those on this planet. I do believe you understand that this will not remain an experience of only a small select group of individuals. We intend to have a very broad-based level of communication with people on this planet. [Smiling] You are entering a whole new era now, K, of spiritual guidance and connection. And, this world will know communication from us on a level that it has never yet experienced.

K: [Smiling] I'm so glad to hear that.Olfana: And this is why I say to you, my dear, your own role in this process is most valued by those of us who develop plans for the broader communication. We would most certainly appreciate your cooperation in this developing understanding of what this process entails--it's history, it's compatibility with a healthy psyche, the ways in which this process can augment and increase the personality potentials and creative capacities of any who choose to cooperate in this process. You are one who can speak with authority as to the evolution of this process. And, we would most appreciate any way in which you would work with us in this manner.

K: Oh, I'm so glad to hear that. I would love to do that! I believe very strongly in this process.

Olfana: Very well, then. [Smiling] "We have your business card," as it were, K, and, you will definitely be hearing from us.

K: [Smiling] Oh, that's wonderful. Thank you. Okay. So, you explained also why you are communicating with the others. It's the same, because of the Campaign of Redemption?

Olfana: Yes. Again, "the short answer" would certainly be--this Campaign of Redemption will be an all-inclusive, world-wide process of evolution and change.

K: Well, my last question, then, is "How has channeling affected your existence?"

Olfana: I stand ready to answer this question. But, I wish to make you aware, also, that Tarkas is here, now, and would be happy to respond to this question, also, if you wish.

K: Okay. Well, I will follow your lead then, and since Tarkas is there, perhaps, that is an indication that I should say, "Yes." Olfana: [Smiling] Well, I am proposing that we each will answer separately. K: Oh, fine. That's even better!

Olfana: That I will first proceed to answer this question, and then, if you wish, Tarkas would add his own statement.

K: Oh, thank you. Yes. I would love that. Olfana: Very well, then. Once again--this is for S's sake--repeat, again, precisely, the question.

K: How has channeling affected your existence?

Olfana: Very well. This is a level of communication which I have much affinity for. I am most experienced in this process, and I would say to you that this is, again, a reflection of the great understanding I hold of the ways in which The Father communes with all of His Creation, based on the status I hold as a "fused being." I am well aware of many, many marvelous ways in which God communes to His Worlds and Beings. We all have the Voice of God within us, K. It is merely a question, at times, of "degree," if you will, or clarity--the level on which we speak to each other within this "brotherhood of being," this sense that we are all created and loved by God. We can commune among ourselves in many ways, and with great variety. And, I have become most experienced in my understanding of this, also. Therefore, I would say that this channeling experiencing, for myself, has been one in which I can directly appreciate this marvelous way in which those who exist in greater darkness than I now experience, are able to "glimpse the light," as it were, when we proceed in this process of communication. And, therefore, my heart has grown greatly in experiencing the beauty of this relationship that develops between us. [Smiling] And, I would say that has been the greatest gift to me in my participation with this process. Now, would you like to speak to Tarkas?

K: Well, I just would like to know, just to clarify what you have just said--when you said everyone has "the Voice of God within them," is that related to your communicating with many people as well?

Olfana: Perhaps there needs to be clarification here. I used this statement as a means of expressing the idea that God has formed a connection with all levels of His Creation.

K: Okay.

Olfana: Among time and space mortals, there is this gift of the Thought Adjuster, which is, indeed, this Voice of God within you. Other levels of God's Creation have their own manner in which they can connect to The Father. What of this pertains to the statement you have just made?K: Oh, yes. And, then you said there are many other beings that you have communicated with, and I just wondered if that was related, somehow, to everyone's ability to perceive the Voice of God within them. That means that some of us also perceive other guidance, in addition to the Voice of God?

Olfana: Yes. And in the second part of my statement, when I talked of the communication among all of what I call the brotherhood, or the "bondedness of all levels of God's Creation"...we are able to communicate among ourselves--again, with lesser or greater degrees of clarity, based on many factors. This specific process you study, of channeling, is very specifically defined, if you will. S is having the imagery of bird-calling. Birds can communicate, within their own species, by their songs and cries, and can, through a broader range, communicate with many other birds--still with these same cries and songs. Is this not correct?

K: I guess it is.

Olfana: Birds can warn other birds of their territory, for instance, but they are not necessarily the same species that communicate at that time. Now I would ask you to consider the connection between a bird and a lion, for instance. Again, there is a certain communication that occurs, is there not? The bird responds to the lion's roar. And, indeed, the lion will respond, at times, to the bird's callings, perhaps, to alert the lion to the approach of other mammals, for instance. So, therefore, there is a defined relationship in the way these communication channels work. Is that not so?

K: Right.

Olfana: Well, then, I would ask you to apply this pattern, now, to the concept of many other "species of God," as it were--some existing as time and space mortals, and some on other planes of existence. And I say to you that, again, there is a very specific manner in which theses patterns of communication occur--and some are much more direct and easily understood--for instance, one species within it's own kind communicating, and then again, one bird to another. There is still much that can be understood [between these bird species] in these communications. And then, as we move from bird to beast, there develops a "greater distance," as it were, in the amount of information understood.

K: Right.

Olfana: [Smiling] So, there, I propose to you, K, is the best answer I can provide!

K: Also, you mentioned that you were very experienced in the channeling process. Does this mean you have communicated with humans in this way before the Teaching Mission began?

Olfana: I have been a participant within this specific Campaign of Redemption for --centuries--. I will say that much. We are refrained from discussing many particulars regarding this, for the time being. But, I have been an active participant for a great amount of the Campaign history.

K: But, the people you communicated to may not have let it be known that they were receiving information from you?

Olfana: We...(I pause here. S was contemplating a further part of my answer.) Let me respond to this point. I have been in communication with human beings for many, many years, now. That does not mean that there was any understanding specifically in their minds that I was a representative of what we now call "the Teaching Mission." There was no permission given for this to be defined as such, until most recently. I would refer you back now to the previous point we were making about the ability to communicate. [Smiling] And, I would say to you that, again, although I am not a bird species, it is as if I am one who has carefully and diligently studied many songs of many birds. And, I now know easily how to mimic and produce their communication patterns in a way in which I can, indeed, express messages to them with my voicing. So that is a way in which you can understand the ability I have as a communicator of channeled information.

K: Thank you. That's a wonderful illustration!

Olfana: You are most welcome. Now, do you wish to speak with Tarkas?

K: Yes. And, thank you so much, Olfana. It's wonderful for you to be here.

Olfana: You are most welcome, my dear. And, I would say to you that I always enjoy your company, also, and will return to pray with you and S, again, if this is what you wish.

K: Yes. Thank you.

Olfana: Very well. Tarkas will now speak.

End of Part 3 of 4