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Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Olfana & Tarkas

Topic: Lesson On TR’ing Part 1

April 14, 1998

Transmission Date February 08, 1996, 11AM

From the T/R

Hi everyone!

I have a friend named Kathy who asked me to participate in her Ph.D. thesis/project, which was a study of the phenomenon of channeling. She asked if she could interview Olfana and Tarkas as part of her research. I am posting excerpts from these interviews because they provide information about the process of TR’ing from the Teachers' perspective. In the interview, we had all agreed to us the term "channeling" interchangeably with the phrase "transmitting-receiving," so please don't be concerned about this term being used. (Some people in the TM are careful to make a strong distinction between these terms.)

During part of the interview, there were problems with the microphone, so some parts of the interview are inaudible. I've edited these passages to remove most of those parts because they hard to follow. I hope you find these passages informative. I have more material I will send in further posts.

Love, S.

Tarkas: Allow this connection to begin. Greetings to you, K. We are most honored to be a part of your investigation into this experience of communication with those who exist beyond the time and space limitations of your world.

K: Thank you, so much. This is Olfana?

Tarkas: This is Tarkas who speaks now.

K: Oh! Okay. Thank you so much. I appreciate your being here. It makes me very joyful.

Tarkas: I can sense this energy emanating from your being, and I wish you to know that I am most excited and appreciative of this opportunity, also.

K: Thank you. Thank you. Well, if you could describe what it's like for you, Tarkas, when you are speaking through S. What does it feel like? There may be aspects to it that I wouldn't know even to ask about. Can you tell me what it's like for you?

Tarkas: I have developed this ability as a discipline learned in the process of my volunteering to be of service to this planet in its reformation stage. I received training in the expressive capacities allowed by this process of communication by those who are most proficient in this ability. There is a period of time in which we participate as the receptors ourselves of this communication. We are the "channelers," if you will, of the messages of those who are more adept in this process themselves.

K: When you're being trained?

Tarkas: When we receive our training, we, therefore, have assumed the role that S, now takes.

K: Interesting.

Tarkas: This has given me a great sensitivity to the process of growth that S now experiences. I know, myself, the stages of understanding that I passed through as I developed my ability. And, it allows me to be most sensitive to those beginning stages in S. Is this not the pattern that we follow? I speak here, now, as a Teacher on many levels, K. I, as you know, have been a teacher of small children [on his native planet.] And, is it not, the appropriate model to, first, experience a process ourselves before we attempt to train or teach others this process?

K: Yes. Totally true.

Tarkas: Then, I would say to you, this is a most effective means by which one becomes a communicator to one who channels our words.

K: Is this a satisfying experience for you, Tarkas?

Tarkas: It has been as opportunity of great honor for me to express God's Truth to those who so clearly hunger for it, K.

K: Can you tell me the sensations you experience when you're transmitting the information?

Tarkas: Are you speaking here, now, of a level on which I would perceive this within my own being?

K: Yes.

Tarkas: I must attempt great clarity in my own thoughts and expression in order to pass this to S with a retention of the clarity and accurateness of my thoughts. I am focused in this process. I must put my full attention upon this experience as I communicate through her.

K: Does that take effort on your part?

Tarkas: [Smiling] I smile here because I am so charmed by the innocent, and yet, bright way in which you seek your own understanding, K. "Experience" and "effort" are synonymous words, are they not, my dear? Consider all experience you have gained in life. Have you not put your own effort into this process?

K: In a way that's true, but I'm thinking more in terms of a work-type feeling--an effort that takes some strength, and may not be a carefree type of experience.

Tarkas: You are correct in this assumption. There is a tension necessary. And, as I say, I participated in a training process in order to do this work and so, yes, I define it as "work." And yet, it is not something which I find onerous or difficult. It is a very fulfilling experience to participate in this process with S.

K: Good. Do you find that, over time, it gets easier for you, the process?

Tarkas: As S develops, our communication increases. I feel my own level of expertise is somewhat independent from hers. I am capable of this process of transmission and reception with many other TR’s, and I have experienced this process with many others, now, since my beginning assignment on this planet. And, I am never limited in my ability by the ability I find within a TR. However, certainly, as S and I communicate more frequently, there then develops this level of partnership, and I see the particular ways in which she flourishes in this ability. I come to know the ways in which she operates best. And, I willingly cooperate, given her needs and desires.

K: Thank you. That explains it very well. Do you require any preparation before a transmission? For example, how do you know that S would need to have you speak with her, such as just now when she wanted to begin transmitting? How do you become aware that she would like to speak with you?

Tarkas: Often, we are in observation of your activities and are aware that this is a choice made between or among you, as you gather. Other times, we are alerted to the possibility and opportunity which develops because there is a vast level of communication that exists within the guardianship of all mortals who live upon this planet. You are carefully watched and ably supervised in your activities. And, never are you unattended in your daily lives.

K: That's good to know that. So you may be alerted by the people who watch over us?

Tarkas: Most certainly, I work in partnership with others who will alert me to possibilities of Teaching Opportunities.

K: Oh, wonderful.

Tarkas: And, then it is, again, my choice, K, if I will, then, pursue this opportunity. [Smiling] Never are we put within the "yoke of slavery," as it were, in this process. S participates willingly, as do I.

K: That's good to know that. So, do you see us and hear us at the time of the transmission?

Tarkas: I am perceptually aware of your being, but to use a literal word such as "see," can compromise the meaning I convey here. I do not experience you in the way that you and S experience each other.

K: Okay. It may be more vibrational, or in another way.

Tarkas: It is question of vibrations, but I am "hamstrung" in my attempt to explain to you the many ways in which I perceptually receive your being by the language limitations.

K: Okay. I understand. So for you, it's not an emotional experience, either, of course, because you're beyond emotion, probably, right?

Tarkas: No. I question with curiosity, here, your statement, "beyond emotion." Can you express this?

K: Oh. I guess it was just an assumption, that since you're not existing in this physical plane that, therefore, you would not experience emotions the way we might. But, I'm certainly interested to know whether this is an emotional experience for you.

Tarkas: This is an experience where we are connected with mind and heart, K. There is a -greater- capacity, if you will, for me to discover expressive possibilities in myself and my relationship with others, now, than what I held as a time and space mortal. Emotions are more than the capacities that exist within the physical reality. There are mindal levels which increase our ability to have feelings and gather emotive responses to experiences as we evolve and grow. I am most certainly -not- removed from my emotions in this process.

K: Can you tell me what types of emotional experiences you have during the channeling sessions?

Tarkas: I am charmed by your personalities. I find you all to be most appealing in your expressive natures. Do you recall the way in which you respond to the emotional fabric present in a room of small children? They can evidence a range of possible emotions. And yet, you will remain drawn to them with a level of appreciation for what they are, and where they are in their growth at the time--whether they are crying, whether they are whining, whether they are quiet, whether they are shy, whether they are happy, whether they are exuberant. You are open and receptive to all possible expressions of their childlike natures. And, I would say to you, that this is very much the quality of relationship I experience in my interactions with those I speak with.

K: That's wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you.

Tarkas: You're welcome.

K: So, are there other aspects of your experience that I may not have the knowledge to ask you about, that are unique to the channeling experience? Are there things that happen with you?

S: This is S. Can I have that pillow for my back? Okay. I'm sorry, K. My back was hurting.. Could you ask that, again?

K: Yes. I wonder if there are other aspects to the experience that Tarkas has when he's transmitting through you that I haven't asked him about yet?

Tarkas: I am aware that I am in service to The Father in this process. And, I am most devoted in my attention to my efforts. I see the adventure in this process. I am intrigued continually by the means by which all grow in this experience. I am allowed great leeway and possibility in the way in which I will conduct my own sessions, and therefore experience much challenge and delight in the ways in which I can manifest this experience with others. I do not feel I have, in any way, exhausted the possibilities of my relationship with all of you, as I continue on as a Teacher for this beautiful Campaign of Redemption.

K: That's wonderful! Do you have to change your vibratory rate somehow in order to communicate with S?

Tarkas: Yes. And, this is a complex process that involves participation of other levels of being. There are Midwayers who facilitate this process greatly. They work with me, and I am beholden to their efforts in order to establish a clear connection in this process. K: Well, my next question is... (inaudible).

Tarkas: I would say, first, that I am a Child of God. And, in that regard I know that...(inaudible)...on many levels...(inaudible). I have come to know S well and experience a strong sense of intimacy in my relationship with her. But, there is....(inaudible)...and distinction between her...(inaudible)...and my own being...I am not a phenomenon of her mindal circuits.

K asks to describe himself. (inaudible)

Tarkas: I am an evolving mortal. . ...I continue to experience much growth...(inaudible). There is no plateau here. I am in a continual search of self. I view this experience [as a Teacher in the Teaching Mission] as temporary, although of a long-standing nature. I am not fully aware of my future possibilities. We speak now in the language of time and spacelimitations, not the "eternal now"--but I am not fully aware of my destiny. I desire fusion...(inaudible)...always.

K: So is any part of you connected with S?

Tarkas: I am in a blended state of vibratory energy [with S now.] There is no continuing connection when we are not in communication. In other words, I am fully capable of complete disengagement with the vibratory patterns of S. However, I am not capable of communication with her unless this vibratory pattern connection is made.

K: Okay. Thank you. That's wonderful. And, why are you communicating with S...(inaudible).

Tarkas: . ..(inaudible)...Christ Michael. I have chosen to be a participant in this Teaching Mission. And, have been asked to communicate with many who are willing to receive our words. S was matched with...( inaudible). . ..but it was... . ..There often or when...(inaudible). . ..the choice rests with both of us, I would say, although I am much more aware, of course, "in control," if you will, of this connection than S. She opens herself...(inaudible)...choose to knock on the door. In this regard, do you wish to speak to others present, now? Or, is this sufficient for your research?

K: Well, I do have three more questions, so I guess I could either ask them of you, or ask them of someone else.

Tarkas: I leave this decision to you.

K: Okay. Perhaps, if there is another one present, then maybe there's a reason for that, and perhaps, we should speak to the other one.

Tarkas: I will now close my connection and leave this remaining amount of time to my dear beloved sister, Olfana.

K: Thank you, Tarkas.

End Part 1 of 4 Parts