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Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

A Lesson on Self-Discipline

by Olfana

Dec. 12, 1994

The issue of self-discipline is one which many people struggle with in this life, on a planet especially such as this--one so imbalanced, and prone to mis-perceptions of healthy choices. You can always benefit greatly from the "tried and true" path of looking inward for this Voice of God, which continually reaches out toward you. You have so little encouragement, no one on this planet, to regard this Voice as the Great Guide which it is. It is as if those who chose this effort must do so by overcoming the prejudices which exist, regarding this process. They are often discouraged from such an effort by statements such as: "All you will hear is what you want to hear." "You will only be talking to yourself." "You cannot find the Guidance of God within the small confines of your own mind."

This is most incorrect! I encourage you to trust greatly in the ability of the Thought Adjuster's guidance, the Voice of God within you, to ring clearly within your mind and heart--if you will only come to this process with an open mind, and a willingness to listen, a willingness to ponder what you sense. Consider it from many perspectives. (Smiling) "Chew on it," as it were. This is an expression I enjoy within your language. "Chew" on this guidance. Savor the flavor of this Truth! Does it not only nourish you, but appease your appetite for Truth?

Self-discipline also requires an abandonment of the ego's desire to be in charge. If you are led by this voice which rationalizes, continually, the noble effort you might otherwise choose, or the noble effort you might make, you are being drawn down by the ego. It will, continually, attempt to convince you that such efforts, such choices, will not, indeed, reward you in any way--will go unappreciated...(Smiling, with irony)...perhaps, will be a waste of your otherwise 93precious time.94 It will operate from the anxieties which you can be so prone to suffer from.

Self-discipline can be motivated by, instead, saying to yourself: "I will make this effort for God." "I will make this effort for the good of my soul." "I will make this effort for the common good of others." "I will make this effort as an example to others of my intention to sincerely serve." I am speaking here, not only of issues of self-discipline that are those regarding one's use of one's time, or one's decisions which affect others. I am also speaking of those issues of self-discipline which involve the maintenance of one's bio-physical being, one's body, one's "Temple for the Soul." I would encourage you to regard yourself in this manner. Your physical body is a shelter for your soul in this life.

You can be encouraged in healthy habits regarding your body by, again, empowering yourself by such statements as:

"I will make my food choices in order to give my body strength and health."

"I will exercise my body in order to allow the beautiful Energy of God to flow through me with more ease and freedom."

"I will regard any chemical substance that I put into my body by high standards of health and discipline."

"I will not allow my body to become encumbered by choices which will only diminish my ability to use this body, this Gift from God in this world, which can, instead, serve the Father's Purpose." I hope I have conveyed to you encouragement, and a strong sense of purpose, in the reasoning behind choices of self-discipline with this lesson. Thank you very much for your patient attention to my words.

[Note: A student comments that she admires Olfana's lessons, and hopes that at some point in the future they can become more widely available. Olfana then responds...]

I appreciate, greatly, the kind comments you make regarding my teachings.

I do, indeed, put much care into my development of the Melchizedek Teachings. I savor the opportunity to take their great wisdom, and offer it to this world! It is a noble effort I am willing, and hopefully, able to make, in this work. (Smiling) And, indeed, I will say that, at times, the preparation of my lessons involves the very efforts of self-discipline that I just touched upon in my lesson! The reward, as I say, for the efforts of self-discipline, are moments such as these... when one is able to recognize that the service one has offered, from this high intention, is, indeed, regarded with appreciation by others. That is the invigorating motivation for one's desire to do one's best effort in one's work.