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Half Moon Bay Teaching Mission Group

Half Moon Bay, California

Teachers: Olfana & Tarkas

Topic: The Opening of the Circuits

November, 1994

Student: Was the reopening of the circuits in the adjudication, linked to the startup of the Teaching Mission? If so, explain.

Olfana: Much of the direct connection, re-connection of the circuits is only occurring, now. Indeed, even as we speak, re-connections are continuing to be made. However, from the point at which Christ Michael determined it was the Father's Will to proceed with the redemption of this sphere, and those others involved in this rebellion, there was an immediate outpouring of energy which heralded the beginning of this great Plan of Redemption and Love. The circuit-opening is a process which will unfold over time, because as the evolutionary wisdom of the beings on this planet increases, then the capacity for further infusion of circuit energy will increase. Is this clear?

Student: Yes. [Note: A clock begins to chime, which is a distraction to S.] But, is the amount of energy that transfers over the circuits...It seems like you're inferring that the amount of energy transferring over the circuits is directly related to the capacity on the human side, but the actual framework or installation, if you will, of the circuits is not. Is that correct?

Olfana: S's mind drew away toward the last of what you were saying, but I believe I spoke of the evolutionary wisdom of the planet, which is not merely connected to the human level. Please remember this is a planet of midwayers and other beings, also. Please repeat the last part of your statement.

Student: Is the amount of energy that is able to flow across the circuits dependent upon the capacity of inhabitants of the planet, both celestial and human?

Olfana: I would say, it is more dependent than not, however, the limiting factor is not directly the mere capacity to absorb the energy coming from these circuit pathways. There are other factors which govern the patterns and intensities of these circuits of energy.

Student: What patterns might those be? What are the primary determining factors of circuit energy flow?

Olfana: [Smiling] I will speak here of something that you may not, indeed, fully understand, but, the harmonics of love, the reverberations of mercy, the scintillating energy of gratitude, the song of worship--all these are the components of the circuits. I really cannot describe them in more scientifically-based terms, if this is what you are requesting.

Student: No. I'm listening.

Olfana: Ah. Then, is my answer satisfactory?

Student: Yes. I believe so. Let me ask you if the establishment of the circuits is also dependent upon these factors as well?

Olfana: Most certainly, yes. There is a reciprocity, a resonance which ebbs and flows, vibrates in a complimentary manner. There is a sense...S struggles here, but do you understand, all of you, the concept of a perpetual motion clock? Then, there is something of the sense of the perpetual motion involved in the undulation--to the Father, to His Creation, to the Father, to His Creation--in this path of the circuits. Is this a clear illustration to all of you of my attempt to express this concept?

Students: Yes.

Olfana: Then, may we proceed to the next question?

Student: Is the fact of the increasing establishment of the circuits, you talked about some of the factors that are linked with the functioning of it, was its actual dependent was that upon the actual adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion? Did that have to occur before the circuits could be increased in their installation and function?

Tarkas: You are, now, addressing Tarkas. Greetings to everyone in the room. As Olfana mentioned, the initial impetus of this circuit re-establishment was the decision of Christ Michael to begin this process of redemption. Therefore, the direct resolution of this rebellion was merely one episode within the gathering force of this circuit re-establishment. I am happy to be here this evening with you, and am enjoying my re-connection with the members of this group. Greetings to you.

F: Greetings, Tarkas. (End of excerpt)