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Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

Teacher: Olfana

Topic: "Truth"

Apr. 5, 1994

The lesson for this evening is on truth. "Truth" is such a noble word, almost sacred. Often, we hear an expression such as, "It's the God's Truth, that such and such has occurred." How do we know "the truth" is, indeed, of God? We know this by an interconnection between our minds and our hearts. Another expression we say is, "This rings true in my heart." Indeed, it is as if the silent bell within our hearts reverberates when we experience truthfulness. Let yourselves trust in your capacity to know truth from this mind-heart connection. Many times those greatest truths are not substantiated by what we call "the facts." Instead, the substantiation for our belief in a truth comes from the integrity with which we are drawn to accept it by our minds and hearts joined.

Questions of the truthfulness of a concept need to be individualized--connected to the unique personality which conceives it. The truthfulness of a concept is best determined, not by the human mind alone--but when I speak of the "heart connection," I speak of the Thought Adjuster, the input, the clarity, the Wisdom of God, operating with your mind to understand the truth. Therefore, rest your faith in the truthfulness of a concept on this strong foundation of God's Guidance.

Facts can be deceiving. Your perceptions can be so clouded because of the animal nature that remains within you, the delusions of the ego--which draws you, pulls you away from truth. Deception from the ego will cause you to say, "My heart tells me this, but my mind cannot accept it." When you find yourself in such a quandary, turn back to quiet contemplation. Recognize you are not ready to decipher truthfulness at that time. Any time the conflict exists between your heart and your mind, that is the telling point that you need to turn your attention inward to the quiet contemplation of guidance from God.

If you trust this process, of seeking the truth with the mind and the heart joined, you will be in safe hands. You will be lead by God to the understanding that your particular soul, on it's particular, unique, path, travels toward. Imagine, then, this image--see yourself as reaching out to grasp the hand of God--the Father, the Mother, the Protector, the Guide. Say, "Lead me to truth. I beseech You." You can always trust that your supplication, your prayer for this assistance, will be heard. This is my lesson for this evening.