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From: "Susan Kimsey"
(On Fri, 5 Nov 1999)

Hi Everyone,
I share the following transcripts with a LARGE caution....This is material that refers to astral beings, and a few comments about reincarnation. I am including the whole transcript, so you can see the Teacher comments in context. Here is the caution...these transcripts are from April of 1993, and I had been tring for only ONE please realize that I was still a 'greenhorn.' :-)

I still feel I heard this information correctly, or I would not share it on the lists, but I want you all to know that I humbly concede that I was very new to tring at this time, and I may have 'gotten in the way' in ways that I didn't realize. I make no claim to be an expert in understanding all that the UB says about midway creatures, other spirit beings, the borderland, unrevealed orders of being, etc., nor am I any expert in theories of reincarnation. I am just sharing this material in the hope that it may help Joan and her group realize that they are not the only ones to confront concerns about all of this, as they begin a group, and attempt spiritual contact.

At the same time, my response to any concern that they have is if they offer a prayer like the beautiful one that Mary Ebben shared, they are safe in God's Care as they seek spiritual teachers. I also begin my tr sessions with a simple prayer/request that as I tr that I be surrounded with God's Love, Light, and Protection, and I ask this in the name of Jesus/Christ Michael.

Hope my comments help, rather than add more confusion to this topic. :-) My apologies if you have gibberish instead of punctuation in the text.

Love, Susan

April 28. 1993 Half Moon Bay, CA

About Astral Beings

Allow this connection to begin. Trying to understand so much, so quickly, is a great challenge, S. We respect your confusion and your doubts. We applaud your clarity and attempts to understand, more so. This work involves great effort on your part. Allow yourself time to digest all you are experiencing. -Germination- is the key word here. Processes take time to unfold. The flower essences you called about will further your knowledge. This was well done. I had called that morning to Homer, Alaska to inquire about some Alaskan Flower Essences that were mentioned in my Peralandra Garden Workbook. I requested the catalogue be sent to me. Remember that lessons reviewed are lessons well-understood. Much advice has been given to you regarding your body and your health. Listen as Olfana speaks...Dear One, regard for your health is important work for you. Lighten your resistance. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate to you the integrity of our healing. Animal flesh should be eaten lightly. Remember this tonight. I had just put a pork roast in the oven for dinner... Cravings for sugar or coffee can be helped by us, if you wish. Your face harbors a bacteria, streptococcus. Reduce the sugar in your diet. This will help your face heal. I have had a recurrent small patch of very sore pimples that breaks out intermittently on my chin by the left side of my mouth. The doctor has diagnosed it as -acne rosacea,- but the topical antibiotic I have used on it never seems to totally cure it.

Never question your ability to work with us on healing. Please have faith. We love you. Olfana.

Advice about the group is this: Proceed gently. Allow faith to grow. Bear no one resentment if they do not yet understand. Your support from them will come in time. The book you read gives helpful information about channeling in general. I was reading 'A Guide to Channeling and Channeled Material' by Lily Andrews, Cassandra Press, San Rafael, Ca., 1990. It purports to be a channeled work, and has a great deal of practical advice about judging the value and authority of channeled information. It also has lots of suggestions about asking questions, and how to conduct a group session. It also refers often to reincarnation, and talks about the problems of contacting -lower astral beings.- I had asked before this session if they had any guidance to give me concerning this book. The Teaching Mission is somewhat different because of the opening circuits. Trance channeling is somewhat akin to your experience. Astral beings are not validated. These are mind projections. Recover your faith in your experience with this work. Know that you know the truth in these sessions. Rest assured, we love you. Tarkas, Olfana, Signa, Others who care. Rest now, S.

More On Astral Beings

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

April 29, 1993

Half Moon Bay, CA

Allow this connection to begin. I asked, -Please tell me who is speaking to me. Give me your name.

I am Olfana. Purposeful actions to help your planet is our Mission. Do not doubt the value of our work. Allow us opportunities to demonstrate the validity of your trust in us. Recognize the laws of God bind us, as well as you. Benevolent service is our goal. Consider your experience thus far with these sessions, S. Allow time for your perspective to grow, and your defenses and doubts to drop away. Caring support is A's impetus for providing you with these books. A had given me 'A Guide to Channeling and Channeled Material' by Lily Andrews, and 'The Gift of Healing' by Worrall.

The channeling book discusses concepts, such as reincarnation, which are not well understood on your planet. The phone rang. I was going to ignore it, but I heard, 'Pick it up' It was my friend, Bob, who is also very involved with the Teaching Mission. After my call, I went back into the stillness. Regular efforts on your part to compose meaningful statements about the Teaching Mission in your discussions with others is acknowledged as helpful. You and Bob are forming a relationship with powerful implications for the future. Regulation...temperance, is called for in your divulgence of information about the Mission to others at this time. Willingness to cooperate with our instructions is appreciated. The book you read on channeling has concepts incompatible with our Mission. -Astral beings- do not interfere with this work. Recognize the integrity of this plan of redemption for your planet. Reincarnation exists differently from many historical explanations. The process of rebirth focuses immense energy on the present life. In a true sense, the only life that really matters is the one you are leading now. Too often, mortals cannot hold to this perspective when considering concepts of reincarnation. Let us help you heal now. I felt pulsations of energy in my hands, and held them up to my forehead and the bridge of my nose. These pulsations lasted for about 4 minutes. Then I said, -Thank you, Father, for helping me. Allow your body to rest now. Your trip will be enjoyable, if you allow relaxation to occur. This was solid advice...I was going to Lake Tahoe for the weekend... with four teenagers in tow Goodbye.

Olfana and Tarkas.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group