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SE Idaho, Pocatello, Idaho


Machiventa: Elevated Spiritual Realities; Michael's Birthday Weekend

August 22, 1997

Olen (Frosty TR): The desire has to unfold, the conscious effort be made into action, be it anything to do throughout your day that, if you do it with the conscious effort to do the righteous thing with all of your actions, you will be fulfilled at the end of each day. When you go through your day with the desire to do the righteous thing and it seems to be something that is in the future, you are taking away from the conscious effort that you could be making throughout the day. If you are doing the most mundane thing like putting away the dishes, if you make the conscious effort to do the righteous thing, you will find that your mind becomes much more focused on the day to day, mundane events that can turn into spiritual events, each and every one. This takes a bit of practice, but it will bring you into the moment, and you will not be living in the future or hashing over the past.

If you will sit for just a moment, think of something that you each did today that when you were doing this you were thinking of something else. Relive doing the action, think of yourself in the righteous act of doing the action, pulling yourself right into the act. You are one with the act. You are at one with the Father by doing the act. It could be driving your car, putting the groceries away, preparing a meal. Allow the energy to be one, the oneness with yourself, the oneness with the Father, and the oneness with the act you are doing. Pull that energy force into the very act itself that it magnetizes and energizes so that it penetrates into the day, into all the other acts that you do. You are getting more energized as the day is going. Know that by doing this you are doing a service because you are putting out this energy force into the environment. As you are sitting now, pull the feeling of oneness with the Father, the cosmic energy, into you. Feel the chairs you are sitting on. Feel the energy go through you into the furniture. Feel the energy go out from you into each other. Keep this alive in all your actions. This will keep you in the moment, in the wisdom. Keep this alive within you so that you know that you are full of this electricity that is going out into all your actions, going out with all your thoughts. It is going out with your throat and heart chakras which are alive with the energy and the oneness that you feel, so that you are not bored with your everyday events. You are very much alive with all that you do.

You know that your lives have purpose and meaning no matter what you are doing. As you are putting the dishes away, sweeping the floor, your life at that moment has all the purpose and all the meaning that it has if you are out serving in any other way. That aliveness and electricity that moves you when you keep it alive with every action will give you the foothold for and the (momentum ?) for the future, for the past will all become one moment in that which you live each day, each moment. Everywhere you go, everything you do will be alive because you have put forth the effort each day with each thing that you have done.

Are there any questions?

[Question inaudible: Something about concentrating on one thing at a time.] *

Olen: You would have the advantage to put that to use to stay in the moment, to put the one track into the moment of the action of what you are doing. If you are thinking of something, for instance, you are working on one thing, and you know you have several things lined up, instead of being fully into what you are doing at the moment you are thinking ahead to all the other things you have to do, pull the . .. into what you are doing with the oneness, the electricity, and pull it through you into what you are doing. It could be very helpful. Then fold with the day, with the movement of the day.

Every day has its own movement. Every day can be different and alive. One cannot (record?) when they move with electricity at the cosmic energy. The openings have been made in order for this to flow through you. Learn to pull it in and through you into whatever you need. The mind plays a great part in this motion. It takes discipline to program the mind so that it becomes second nature. At first you may feel stimulation. As you become accustomed to it, it will become natural. Your channel will become larger, more energy through the love of the Father.

This energy can help others to open up as it reaches them through your aliveness, like turning on a light. If you keep your switch on, you will allow the electricity to flow through you. It is not something which you must try to make happen. It is natural; you just allow it to happen. The energy flows through you, and as you energize it through your will and put it out into all things, your household gets full of it. It goes out into your furniture, your clothes, your food, your dishes, so that your whole house becomes energized. Everyone around you will feel this. It will help keep you healthy and feeling alive, at one with God and at peace with yourself.

That is all I have. Thank you. *

Machiventa (Mark): Be the voice, the next generation, the refreshing restatement of the message so devotedly brought to your world. You are all familiar with the current realities of your realm and with the effective measures to take with your brothers and sisters so as to impart to them essential aspects of this new gospel. By so commissioning you to go forward, you are also empowered to do something. Follow your inclinations and leadings and seek to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you through your action and your faith. Your awareness of these opportunities and your action to take advantage of these are related aspects of your effectiveness to spread this new gospel, this restated message.

Many of the truths that you dismiss in your reality as simplistic or basic are the very truths which others so desperately desire. Make your life experience available to others as an example for them to personally relate to. I call you to witness the advanced spiritual nature of your conversations earlier this evening. I would point out to you that very much of what was shared and passed back and forth between you was of a significantly elevated spiritual standard. Your observation that many of the masses around you do not reside in these spiritual realities is correct. You who are familiar with these are therefore compelled to give expression to these realities and to provide the seed for those around you to latch on to. This is your mission.

You all are compelled with an inner urge, an inner driving to be of assistance, to help facilitate what you perceive to be the good, the correct, the Father's will. This is no coincidence but rather a natural outworking of all that you have been given. All that has been given to you so freely should stagnate if it is not openly shared and given away. Therefore strive to increase what you have by giving it away.

It is also incumbent upon you, as those who are in a position to realize elevated spiritual realities, to also embrace the reality that you enjoy this particular status. This is not a means of rating an individual human on a scale of good or better, but rather simply an acknowledgment of a position on the ladder which you currently hold and the responsibilities related to that position. That is to say in plain language, to realize how very much you have been given and to realize what you possess and to be aware of the responsibilities incumbent upon you because of the position which you occupy.

You all are in earnest sincerity about an overactive self, ego. This is not altogether an inappropriate position. However, I now remind you that it is also appropriate to make earnest evaluation of your position and responsibilities and desires. Your desires are present as a result of your positions. Therefore, this weekend strive to more intently embrace your relative positions in spiritual ascension and to seek to discern your responsibilities as a result of your position.

I will remain in attendance with you throughout the weekend as you are in my classroom.

Frosty: I get that you are speaking of, as well as what was brought through me about the energizing process... [unclear] *

Machiventa: It is desired that the awareness of the interrelatedness of these aspects be elevated so as to further facilitate your effectiveness using these various energy descriptions. If you could but witness the myriad of energy fields which you might access at any given time, you would find it amusing that you as humans were not able to perceive these energy fields. It is our goal to present one and another of these options available to you so as to widen your horizons and facilitate your effectiveness.

This is Machiventa, and I am pleased to be of service to you this wonderful opportunity of Michael's birthday. It is a busy time for teachers, and we will make every effort to spread ourselves among all who desire.